Matched Betting - Guaranteed £34 profit for you...


This weeks guaranteed risk free profits come courtesy of Ladbrokes. For new account holders they will give a free bet matching the initial deposit of up to £50. Just follow the instructions below and you can grab yourself an easy risk free £34.


When we have opened our account and deposited £50, we need to find a suitable qualifying bet. To qualify for the bonus our bet needs to be at odds of at least 1/2 or 1.50. The closer to these odds we can get for the qualifying bet the better.

Man Utd play Aston Villa tomorrow and are available to back with ladbrokes at 1.66 and are available to lay with Betfair at 1.7. First place your £50 bet on Utd to win with Ladbrokes at 1.66 and we then need to calculate how much we need to lay Utd on Betfair. If we lay them for £50.30 then our liability will be £35.21 meaning we stand to lose £2.21 whatever the outcome of the match. Now this bet has been placed we will be credited with out £50 free bet.

We now look for a selection to use our free bet with. I like to look for a selection with odds of at least 4.0 so we can generate a nice return. Mill Springs run in the 15:55 at Salisbury today and is available to back at 4.0 with Ladbrokes and available to lay 4.0 with Betfair. So we put our £50 free bet of Mill Springs to win with Ladbrokes and then calculate how much we need to lay it on Betfair. If we lay it for £37.97 our liability will be £113.91 meaning we will collect £36.09 whatever the outcome.

If we deduct the loss of £2.21 from our qualifying bet then we have a guaranteed risk free profit of just under £34 for very little work.

Alternatively, those with larger Betfair banks could back Jason Day to win the US PGA which starts tomorrow. He is 15.o to back and lay which would mean a liability of £655.48 on Betfair but an overall profit after deducting the qualifying bet of over £42. Again, this is totally risk free, it just requires a larger betting bank.

The larger the odds we use for the free bet the greater our profits will. Of course this also means we will need a larger amount deposited in our Betfair account to be able to lay the bet.


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