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Ok, so the 'all by the book 2' system has had rave reviews from other sites, so it's time I took a good look at it. I actually purchased the original all by the book system when they released it a couple of years back, may even be longer, but anyway, It's not very often I write a review like this for other products.

But I have to admit, this is probably the most genuine racing systems out there and one of the only systems that I can honestly say - WORKS!

They don't have a flashy website and to be honest, it doesn't look great, but don't let this put you off, because this is a great system and you will get a detailed guide explaining how to use it + help videos.


Since public release on 7th April 2010 to February 2012, this system has produced +£15,982 profit, and the total risk was just £2,086.68


There is also very little risk by using 'all by the book' because of the strategy it implements. It involves backing more than 1 horse in a race and subsequently producing your own 'book' just like a bookie does. Now I cant reveal too much here but there is something that the bookies introduced a couple of years ago that allows us to make virtually risk free profits by backing all horses in the race.

I've probably said to much already so I'm going to get on with the results..

Over 3 months the system produce a strike rate of 66.6% winning days

Total risked = 1440

Total Profit = 1623

Return on investment +112%

Longest losing run = 3 days

Longest winning run = 6 days

Maximum loss in a day = 26pts

Maximum win in a day = 117pts


Very impressive as you can clearly see. There are actually 2 variations of this system and with the one above, you can expect to be betting on around 6 races per day, so it does take up a little time.


It gets even better, because the other variation actually produces less races for you to bet on (around half in fact) but your returns are increased dramatically, as you can see below:

Total risked = 385

Total Profit = 1049

Return on investment +272

Longest losing run = 3 days

Longest winning run = 7 days

Maximum loss in a day = 13pts

Maximum win in a day = 90pts


Now compare that to the first set of results and you can much more profitable it is doing it this way. All by the book does require quite a bit of capital to use it, but your risk is very low and you will quickly build your pot. Just like all other systems, there will be losing days, around 1 in 3 in fact, but your losing days will be minimal and you will definitely make a good consistent profit overall by using this.

If you don't have time to use the system during the week due to work, you can actually just use it at weekends and still get good results.


3 months profits - 100pts stake

MonthNo Of RacesProfitROIActual Risk


As I sais at the beginning of this article, its not very often I review other products but I think this deserves a mention as it is one of the few genuine systems out there that does actually work, and is a must have to any betting portfolio. The book is priced at £87 which I think is excellent value considering. The payment process is pretty simple and you are sent the download + activation code straight away.

I shall definitely be using it myself for the foreseeable future



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p.s. I will be adding this system to my betting portfolio long term

All By The Book

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All by the book review
Ok, so the 'all by the book 2' system has had rave reviews from other sites, so it's time I took a good look at it. .