Ever heard of a betting portfolio or wondered why some people have them?



Many 'professional' gamblers and successful punters using a betting portfolio, by this I mean they have several different methods/systems for making money through betting.  A lot of people see this as a safer investment, rather than having all your eggs in one basket. Over time all strategies will endure winning and losing streaks, and the danger of relying on just 1 income method is that if it hits a bad run, you have no money coming in. The idea of having 4 or 5 successful system is that if 1 hits a bad patch, you have others to fall back on.


Building your own profitable betting portfolio

There are a number of factors you need to consider before going about finding sinning strategies to add to your portfolio....

- What is your initial starting bank

- How much time do you have

- What type of bets are you going to use (win, lays, each way, place, doubles etc..)

- What ROI do you want

- What sports will you use


Getting started

These are just some of things you need to think about before building a portfolio. Another important factor is that you must fully test each method you choose with small stakes. I know it can be very difficult finding consistent winning systems, but I am here to help and I will share with you some of my experiences....
How to get a £2000 betting bank for free

First off you must have a reasonable sized betting bank. If you don't have one or you wish to add to one you already have, then I suggest the first thing you should do is to follow the bookie loophole system. This is a guaranteed method of making an extra couple of grand. It works and I have many members that are using it to boost their incomes. Click here to start the bookie loophole system




Ok, you now have your starting bank and you are ready to go...

As i said above, you need a number of profitable betting strategies to add to your portfolio. You want to mix it up a bit. For example, use 1 or 2 tipsters, use a couple of systems and maybe something you have developed yourself.



Here is my personal betting portfolio that provides me with a decent income from betting.

- I use 2 systems that I have developed myself using Betfair. 1 involving horse racing and the other involves football betting (sorry but these systems are not available to purchase). These 2 systems generate around 40pts profit per month

-UPDATE:  The Football service is now available. If you are interested then click Here for Pro Football Tips

- I also use Placebetpro, A 'place' betting system that I developed myself. Place betting is great and offers a different approach to your betting. Even when your horses don't win, you can still make great profits from Place betting - Click here to get placebetpro. If you want to read my guide on 'Profiting from Place betting' then click here

- Aswel as my systems I also follow Matts Race Card Ratings - This is very good ratings service. If you are looking for a solid base then this is it. Matt also explains different strategies that you can use and there is a forum which you can interact with other members. It's also great value for money - Take a look Here


 Discipline is key

If you want to be successful at betting then you must not let your emotions get in your way. Always have a plan and a target and never bet for the sake of it. Lets say your plan is to even money events and accumulate them until you reach 5 winners in a row. So your target is 5. You must stick to that number no matter what. Don't think to yourself, oh this is easy I may as well go to 6, or don't get to 4 and think, 'oh I think ill take my profit now. If your target is 5 consecutive winners then stick to it. If you get to 4 and you cant see a bet that stands out or theres nothing you fancy that day, then don't just bet for the sake of it. Take your time and wait until the next day. Always put the same amount of time and effort into each bet, because believe me. If you rush into a bet without doing your research and the bet losses, you will be kicking yourself. If you did your research and were confident, but the bet still lost, then you wont feel as bad as you know there was nothing else you could have done.



Dont be afraid

If one of your systems has not performed well for a few months then disregard it and find a new one. Don't be scared to add new systems to your portfolio and gradually build it and make it stronger. Make sure you keep records of all your bets so you know exactly what each system or service is providing. I usually use an excel spreadsheet to do this.

Smart people spread their investments across many different industries or markets. You can do the same with betting. Find a few methods that work for you and build yourself a profitable income stream today.