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293 thoughts on “Brians Selections July”

  1. dam it wasnt a boy it was a girl ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol 2nd that me back to work monday not a bad night 335 of me bet 3rd day of my system nearly won 3 grand phew good luck alll

  2. hi all 2nd itus to day some canny bib prices evenig racing bit better waiting for big one back all my horses lucky 15 doubles trebles and so on so to night i did a 1 pound patent on avonrose transfer waiting for 1 so far 2 winners just the 3 grand if it wins away lad shout it in

  3. cheers bri think your right bit more home work needed last day of tipping to much work and to many tipsters spoil the broth lol hers the last ones for tonight
    6.40 sorrel blue
    7.15 suggar hiccup
    7.45 bayan
    8.15 transfer or naive
    8.50 yes its a boy

  4. Brian / Kevin
    Great tipping guys. Got Switzerland for a place at 6’s and finished for the day. Will paper trade until I get more confident. Really appreciate the work you all put in.

  5. Hi Guys, the site is almost back up, still looks a mess but should be fine by tomorrow. I have created a new page for Brian’s tips for August.

    Kevin, if you would like your own page to post your tips then just let me know.

    Likewise to Simon if you want a page also then let me know


  6. cheers brian sorry for posting on your page and thank for the info do u just write it down or u got a spred sheet or somthing like it anyway seem to be working near miss first three races 3 2nds 25 20 and 100.30

    1. No issue Kev, use an excel sheet, and just copy everything onto that, once you have a few months you will see a pattern emerge, get your own thread mate, I am pleased for you.

    Well, hopefully we can get another page titled August, anyway things will improve as we move into the month
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.15 16,15,18 – 8,10
    3.05 9,7,11 – 8,2
    3.15 8,7,5 – 1,10
    3.45 2,7,4 – 8,3
    3.55 10,7,8 – 5,1
    4.55 4,9,7 – 10,1
    5.50 13,9,12 – 2,4
    7.15 4,7,3 – 5,6
    8.00 3,2,6 – 4,1
    8.15 10,11,7 – 4,1
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.45 7,4,3 – 1,2
    3.40 16,12,7 – 6,9
    4.15 9,4,6 – 1,3
    5.25 4,2,6 – 5,3
    5.40 5,7,6 – 1,2
    6.20 6,4,5 – 1,8
    7.45 5,7,8 – 6,2
    8.50 13,8,7 – 1,5
    Irish Selections
    3.00 12,2,9 – 3,1
    3.35 4,6,11 – 7,8
    Good Luck

    Aug Official +1.5
    Aug Unofficial +1.8
    Aug Irish -1

    @ Kevin, well done mate, please keep a note of your system and ALL results including , race type, class, number of runners, ground and days from last run, eventually you will see a pattern appear and concentrate on that type of race, you may even find other systems from your hard work.

  8. 1.50 silerhand
    2.25 dazzling susie
    3.00 maundy money
    3.35 after
    4.10 tune to catcher
    4.50 benash
    5.30 the drucken dr
    6.05 coopers dream

  9. 2.15.switsland
    3.15 saddlers walk
    3.45 twin sole
    4.20 botanica
    4.55 jakes destiny
    4.55 lord of the shadow
    5.25 juipter storm

  10. Thats good picking Kevin but i tend to miss out on some as they r done thru the day? Welcome back Brian I tried picking a few myself but with little success.Looking forward to more winners with weather changing.

  11. 3 rd and 3/1 winner hughes what was he doing horse got him out of trouble next three ratings alice rose ….moqin dane hill sundance

  12. hi first time back on page been off anyway brian been doing some home work ,have you noticed bottom weights top rating go in a lot had some good winners ,also did my own rating ,s its a lotta work though lol 14 placed horses and 15 winners yesterday 33/1 14/1 6/1 7/1 carnt be bothered to put all on though lol to days bottom weight system see how thay go saint irene..solway dornal .chatterati thanks for your info bri made me start my own system and i agree its a lot of work and time good luck

  13. Glad they got the guy, Brian. Shooting a few burglars over here would be a big step to cutting crime. Unfortunately we molly coddle them instead.

  14. Hi Brian when I have made my pile from your winner remember me not to come visit you if thats the kind of neighbours you have. lol


  15. just to say i am 60 points down in the last three days, now you say paper trade, would have wiped out what you said you were up in june, only started this month getting hit hard.

    1. No way should you be 60 points down if you. clearly followed Brian’s system, you must be laying to big a price.

  16. Friday 27th July
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.55 8,10,7 – 5,1
    3.30 5,6,9 – 1,2
    4.40 7,8,1 – 2,4
    5.15 9,10,12 – 3,11
    5.55 5,11,10 – 1,4
    6.00 10,6,11 – 1,5
    6.30 4,5,16 – 9,2
    7.10 11,8,6 – 4,7
    7.50 12,10,9 – 5,3
    8.00 10,12,4 1,6
    8.10 3,6,5 – 1,7
    8.30 12,10,1 – 9,6
    8.45 7,5,6 – 3,2
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.20 19,2,20 – 1,15
    4.05 2,8,6 – 1,9
    4.50 5,1,8 – 4,2
    6.40 6,5,4 – 1,2
    7.20 4,11,10 – 2,6
    8.20 15,12,6 – 11,3
    8.55 9,8,6 – 4,7
    Irish Selections
    6.35 8,7,9 – 3,4
    6.55 16,13,10 – 5,2
    7.35 16,5,17 – 1,10
    7.55 9,8,6 – 1,7
    Good Luck

    Cheers guys, yesterday I did not see anything at all, the police were at the house, anyway long story short, the guy who held us up at gunpoint is dead!, policeman is very happy, as we are. Seems he was robbing another house and was caught by police who shot him!, just love justice!!.

    Anyway will have everything sorted soon enough, a few winners and reasonable runs from some selections, but not good enough. I await my replacement pc’s so will be paper trading only.
    Have a good day.

  17. Hi Brian
    A Few winners today and I thought we were a little unlucky in a couple of races! The ground is getting better now and drying out.

  18. Hi Brian sorry to hear about your break-in you could give the site a break for a few days until you get things sorted, I thought it was only us who had these kind of rat bags I hope your insurance will cover some of the loss, it’s not the monetry value it’s the fact that they have been in your home that gets to you. all the best mate.


  19. Thursday 26th July

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.50 12,7,3 – 4,1
    3.40 1,8,2 – 6,3
    3.50 8,9,3 – 2,1
    4.50 9,10,12 – 6,1
    5.30 6,10,5 – 7,2
    5.50 3,10,12 – 1,14
    5.55 11,9,12 – 5,2
    6.35 7,5,9 – 3,1
    6.45 8,19,10 – 2,3
    7.15 15,6,12 – 5,3
    7.40 7,5,13 – 1,2
    7.50 1,6,8 -2,5
    8.25 16,12,6 – 2,5
    8.35 8,2,5 – 1,6
    8.45 10,8,9 – 7,2
    8.55 12,4,8 – 6,1
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.30 6,8,9 – 3,2
    4.35 2,3,5 – 4,1
    4.00 5,11,6 – 3,1
    4.25 10,9,15 – 2,6
    7.25 6,7,5 – 3,1
    Irish Selections
    6.40 13,4,9 – 5,1
    6.50 2,9,8 – 1,3
    Good Luck
    Sorry I cannot update the results as yet, been working from an internet cafe the last few days as house was broken into at the weekend.

    1. Lousy bas***ds Brian, hope they didn’t get away with to much! Still decent weather here in NW England drying out nicely!

  20. @ John F, I go through all the races manually at the start of my day, although I post my ‘value’ selections here I have about 5 lists that I will use to achieve my goal of around 10 points a day. Always have a ‘portfolio’ of income possibilities. Backs, LAYS, Trades, Lay the field, Value selections, is my lists.

    I trade and also back to win, usually I will trade ‘scalp’ using the geeks toy, about 5 mins before a race, I do scalp my own selections and often end up with free bets before the off. If scalping ALWAYS back before the offset lay, not as dangerous if your internet gets cut off or pc fails!.

    Never been interested in ‘inrunning’ scalping to be honest, prefer to watch the race to learn some more to be honest. I agree it is intense and many have failed as the markets seems to go against them, so they say!.

  21. Hi Brian.

    When u start out each day do u use some set criteria to analyze each race to narrow the field and then just home in on certain horses or do u manually go thru all races and horses and do your stuff?

    U mentioned previously that u also trade! Do u trade the selections u give on here or other picks and by trading do u mean backing early prices and then laying/greening up before the off?

    Do u ever scalp the horse markets before the off like I have seen people on betangel and geeks toy do, u know the fast pace, 1-2 ticks in and out. I have heard people say that’s where the money lies but it seems very intense similar to financial trading.

    Thanks for any advice. Much appreciated.

  22. Wednesday 25th July

    A few closer to the net, one day we will hit it really big, anyway lets see what today brings.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    4.30 4,12,5 – 7,1
    5.00 8,7,9 – 5,1
    5.20 10,11,3 – 2,4
    7.30 8,5,2 – 6,1
    8.05 10,5,11 – 9,4
    8.20 1,4,10 – 6,8
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.20 10,3,4 – 8,9
    3.30 1,6,7 – 5,2
    4.00 10,6,11 – 1,2
    4.10 6,8,7 – 1,4
    4.40 3,6,4 – 2,1
    5.10 9,12,7 – 8,1
    7.45 3,6,4 – 1,2
    8.40 5,9,8 – 3,1
    8.50 7,9,8 – 1,3
    Irish Selections
    7.25 3,11,10 – 6,4
    9.00 6,7,3 – 1,4

    Good Luck

    @ Norman, yes agreed, but as ground gets better we will have more consistency and you will see some juicy priced winners, not just placing.

    @ John, No probs mate, of course your invited, everyone that wants to come along can do, no dates as yet as I do not get the last say in my house!!.

  23. Think we have got the Seconditus Virus Brian. I have had it before its just like flu it will pass in a few days. Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do!.

  24. Wow this interesting stuff Brian.

    Thanks for sharing that info, its good to get a feel for the type of people that you are interacting with.

    I have a few more questions but il leave them till tomorrow.

    Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge.

    PS. Count me in (if invited) to meet up at a Racecourse when you return to the UK, that would be great.

  25. @John F, I moved to Joao Pessoa 2 years ago, with a business partner we had 9 bookies in Marbella Spain, looking to take things easier.

    Yes originally from Ayr, brought up in Maybole, Grandfather and Father were both bookmakers. I moved in 1986 to London to run pubs for S&N, 5 years later started my own company and bought my first pub! Sold out in 2004, retired but worked for Ladbrokes in Gibralter as an odds compiler. Met my business partner there and opened our own shops along the coast of Costa Del Crime!.
    Never be envious of anyone, many things I have missed in life, but also many I have done, its just a balance, as long as you have your health and well being, that’s good enough.

    @Gary, yes mate hard work when it should be easy, but just have to get through it I suppose. Just reduce stakes or paper trade until you feel it worth getting involved.

    @Larry, I like to try find the ‘value’ races and give the big prices if I can, we will just keep going and hopefully make it all back over the next 2 months.

  26. Brian – Would be interested to learn a little bit about yourself.

    When did you move to Brazil? Why there?

    Your originally from Ayr right? Is that where you made your money?

    You say you have 3 years of records for these selections – what did you do before that?

    If the above questions are too personal you dont have to answer. Just curious I guess, and envious lol.

  27. ditto Gary H Brian. you’ve got a great system and we all appreciate your generosity. you’ll be back on track in no time.


  28. Hi! Brian/Gary

    yes the old Scottish weather showed up the horses that cant handle the bog like courses, this will take a while to dry out. If you can get through a day and break even then tomorrows another day. Keep oicking Brian the winners will come.

    Cheers Ian

  29. Hi Brian
    Sure you will turn it round if not this week then next month, keep the faith you know better than anyone that it will come good again.
    No coincidence that your worst month coincides with the wettest July and a month that has seen nearly 50 meetings cancelled!
    Keep the faith and thanks again.

  30. Tuesday July 24th

    Lots of non runners today, so ground is not as expected for the trainers, Yarmouth should be fine, anyway disappointing the way a few ran yesterday.
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.10 10,3,5 – 1,6
    3.20 9,5,7 – 1,2
    3.50 6,9,2 – 3,1
    4.00 1,6,2 – 5,3
    4.20 3,7,9 – 4,2
    4.50 12,2,10 – 6,13
    5.00 6,11,7 – 1,2
    6.15 12,6,2 – 11,3
    6.35 6,9,2 – 1,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.00 13,5,7 – 2,1
    3.30 10,8,6 – 1,3
    5.20 7,4,3 – 6,1
    7.45 9,5,7 – 8,6
    9.05 2,6,4 – 3,5
    Irish Selections
    4.35 12,8,9 – 3,1
    8.25 8,7,16 – 2,1
    Good Luck

    July Results
    Official +2
    Unofficial -19
    Irish -6.5

    Well 7 days to turn around the worst month I have experienced since keeping my results over 3 years, but a few big prices will change that. Personally if there are non runners I stay away from the lays( unless there is money for them, BACK IT!).

  31. Hi Jo
    Lay the ones that are under 11s whether that is 1,2 or 3 of them. The last 2 numbers the backs, you back them both to win using level stakes. If one of the backs is a none runner just delete the race and forget it.

  32. Your Comments

    GARY h thanks for explanation, to confirm do u mean…

    first 3 numbers u lay all 3 if under odds of 11 or do u lay the lowest just the one thats the lowest under 11, and last two numbers mean u back them to win, again do u back both or just one?

    tks again

  33. @Gary, ditto mate, was involved with most of the ‘banned trainers/jockeys’, many a plan went astray, but many many good days, but cannot mention on here.
    Planning on heading back in next few months to see family and friends, we will arrange a meet up at a convenient racetrack for all interested.

  34. @ Raz Cheers for that mate, Its been dry here the last few days in the North West England! I thought it was countrywide!

    @ Brian Yeah i have owned horses in the past Brian both on my own and as part of syndicates, we used to try and have a monthly plan best laid plans and all that! Lol.

  35. @Gary, takes a while to get the animals race fit tho, a trainer looks about 2/3 weeks in advance and plots a route to success. If its really bad, just watch them slow down on the final bend, its always ‘soft’ there really dangerous at times. But cheers for the heads up.

    @Raz, agree mate, just talking to my sister who lives across the road from the racecourse, and I would say it will go slower as the day progresses, her daughters work in the restaurant so say hello if your there!

  36. Afternoon all

    Beverley should be fine today. 27c here at the moment and its been dry for a few days.


  37. Hi Gary H, ground won’t be drying out in Ayr – been p-ssing down all morning and still very wet as i write this. Surprised web racesites are still showing the going as good – be wary!
    Good luck.

  38. Hi Brian
    The ground should be drying out nicely now 3 good days here and another 3 or 4 forecast up to now lets hope it stays like that.
    Thanks again.

  39. Monday 23rd July

    Well the golf, talk about throwing it away, pity as he played really well, Els was fantastic, thought Mac Dowell would have done better last round, but great TV.
    We started well and had a few hit the bar going low inrunning but no fat cigars!.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.30 9,2,7 – 5,8
    3.05 12,11,7 – 1,3
    4.30 5,4,7 – 6,2
    4.45 7,5,10 – 1,3
    5.15 13,10,5 – 3,2
    5.45 8,10,9 – 2,6
    7.00 12,6,10 – 1,3
    7.30 12,15,5 – 1,2
    7.40 16,13,12 – 1,4
    8.10 8,5,7 – 10,3
    8.30 16,15,14 – 1,4
    8.40 9,12,13 – 1,2
    9.00 3,16,9 – 6,2
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    4.10 6,10,11 – 4,2
    4.55 9,11,8 – 1,2
    8.00 12,10,2 – 4,6
    Good Luck

    July Results
    Official + 12
    Unofficial -14
    Irish -6.5

    Sorry couldn’t find an Irish race that had form lines for a go at today, sorry Malcolm.
    @Ian, hope you feeling better mate, don’t worry about ” stephen” I have my ideas on that.
    @ Gary, cheers mate saved me rewriting them.
    Onwards and upwards as they say.

  40. Hi Jo
    These are Brian’s rules from his initial thread:
    You will see 5 figures below which are after the race time, the 1st 3 are my LAYS if below 11 on betfair, the 2 to the right is the order I expect the race to finish! so example 7.55 4,9,5 – 2,1 …. means I will look to lay numbers 4,9,5 if below 11 on betfair( usually not!) and horse no2 to beat no1. I have been doing this for 3 years and it is profitable, I split it into 2 groups and have found the ‘unofficial’ is 2 times more profitable than the HCP!!, reason being smaller fields and AW is profitable. Anyway have fun and do not forget a cheeky R/F on the backs!

  41. Your Comments
    hi brian as joining in this late could u refer me to somewhere or tell me again how your tips work? i.e what is method by giving me example of what horses numbers refer to ect cheers

  42. Hi Guysand Brian and except the puke!

    Unfortunately I Have missed the past few days due to illness and have just logged in tonight Sunday 22nd. I have noticed a number of the punters are having to slap down this puke for being critical of Brian.It would be interesting to see if the powers at be would consider barring this individual from Brian’s site for his consistent criticism of Brian?

    Happy punting

  43. Hi Brian,

    Hope you are enjoying the beer and golf, don’t have too many, you may miss the play off between Scott and McDowell…

    Gt. tip , 16.30 Curragh Bubbly Bellini, 1st 5f win since 21/06/10. 7.26/2.37, great work!

  44. Yup, cheers guys yesterday over +12 points up over the 3, (+19, -8,+2.5), today +5.6 after the first race, bank the profit , watch the golf, feet up, cold beer!.

  45. Thanks Brian , I got Tannery at 10.5 and also did a place to cover my stake so just over 10 points up. Will call it a day and take the profit. Thanks again.

  46. oh and “stephen” think theres a saying about biting the hand that feed you….

    im sure there are plenty of chat rooms you can go and play your games in..
    leave the selections to those that can handle them… 🙂

  47. Sunday 22nd July

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.25 11,7,10 – 1,6
    4.00 2,11,8 – 1,9
    5.05 10,19,23 – 1,2
    5.15 11,9,6 – 4,8
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    4.45 10,5,9 – 6,7
    Irish Selections
    2.10 2,3,1 – 7,6
    3.55 7,2,4 – 1,5
    4.30 11,10,8 – 3,4
    5.00 9,7,11 – 4,2
    5.30 7,9,2 – 8,1
    Good Luck

    July Results
    Official +15
    Unofficial -15
    Irish – 5.1

    Well we hit the target with a few yesterday, a nice 33.38 and 29.9 BSP forcast as well, which I did not do,as the majority know I go for VALUE and glad you understand that, not every one will win but over proofed time we have. Lets hope for a similar Sunday to last week.

    Well it seems my ‘troll’ is still spouting his absolutely childish remarks, does he not realise gambling is for adults. But again why is he wasting his time following?. as for being self important, I think not, I give my time for free, advice the best I can, never asked for anything at all, not even a thanks for posting. As for calling a truce?, didn’t know there was a war!. Now trot along little boy and let the men take the risks and hopefully the rewards that goes with it.
    Have a great Sunday and lets hope we get a few in at the golf as well.

  48. just to add my bit…. well said to the previous posts,and to let brian know there are plenty of us genuine ones here that appreciate the hard work that goes into finding the selections.
    But the selections as was said earlier is only the ammo… up to use which gun we pick… ie how to bet and percentage of bank etc.
    I took brians advice early on and betting level stakes to win, happy enough getting 3or4 points daily..
    keep things simple guys, the emotions stay out of it then.

  49. ok guys if you can stop cuddling Brian for a minute, I will explain in very simple terms what my problem is as I have previously if you bothered to actually read my posts.
    I merely expressed dissapointment at a poor day ( DID NOT CRITICISE BRIAN, OR NAME CALL, OR DOUBT HIS BETTING RECORD OR HIS INTEGRITY)
    I was answered in an infantile and aggresive manner, which did the man or this site no credit, and was totally uncalled for.
    Good luck to all of you, I hope the man from Brazil one day grows up.
    Good bye

  50. Stephen – what is your problem?

    As mentioned lots of times, Brian does this for free and the majority of us are extremely grateful for him giving up his time.

    It’s because of people like yourself Stephen with your constant negative attitude and comments that will eventually lead to Brian calling it a day.

    It seems u don’t have the correct mentality for gambling cos with all types of gambling there will be losses and u seem unable to accept this by coming on here giving it ‘ouch’

    No one likes losing but u don’t need to rub it in. It’s negative energy. Please do us all a favour and STOP POSTING!

    Brian, please just ignore this guy’s comments, there is always one on every site that loves to see people fail.

    Keep up the good work buddy.

    1. Stephen
      Where are you coming from with this? I did ask you this earlier on your last post but you chose not to respond.

  51. I agree 100 percent with Raz Brian supplies the ammo it’s up to us to use it properly as for Stephen he will be enjoying the attention so this is the last time I will mention his name and I suggest we all do the same keep up the good work Brian

  52. Stephen, I thought you’d called a truce? As has been said many times on this site, Brian provides his tips for free and the final choice of how you use them is entirely up to you. I was fortunate enough to use them to my advantage today – 9.5 points up after the 3.05 race, so stopped for the day (ignored the 1st race but backed Sugar Beet for a place at 5.87 in the 2nd (returned at 20/1 – wish I could pick one of those every day !).
    Cheers, Brian.

  53. Thanks for persevering through difficult times Brian.Have taken your advice and cut back on investments , but fancied some of your selections today and have been rewarded with a profitable day. Hope the rainy season is over in England now. Once more thanks for all your hard work Good Luck. Best Regards

  54. excellent on the official brian, 4.55 returned at 32-1 at bsp of 33.38, don’t do f/c but well done to those that do.

    weather fine as well


  55. Hi Brian
    Hopefully the ground is drying out nicely this weekend! I decided to keep with the paper trading today, some nice winners today! Great forecast in the 4:55 at odds of 20s and 16s, paid £316 to the £1 would have been nice to be on that but i will wait for the consistency as advised and reap the rewards then!

  56. Sat 21st July
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    1.35 14,2,22 – 4,11
    2.00 12,7,2 – 1,5
    2.35 9,6,5 – 2,1
    2.45 11,6,8 – 2,9
    3.05 8,15,7 – 4,3
    3.10 10,8,11 – 1,5
    3.45 6,10,2 – 1,9
    3.55 17,19,21 – 2,7
    4.35 6,1,3 – 4,7
    4.55 9,15,10 – 4,6
    5.10 9,10,11 – 2,1
    5.55 1,6,2 – 4,5
    6.05 13,8,12 – 2,6
    7.00 10,9,8 – 7,1
    7.15 13,12,18 – 9,6
    7.30 13,6,11 – 1,2
    9.00 14,9,5 – 1,4
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.20 6,1,4 – 2,8
    3.25 5,13,16 – 1,8
    4.50 8,5,6 – 2,3
    5.30 12,10,8 – 1,5
    5.35 6,7,2 – 3,5
    6.30 8,7,5 – 1,2
    Irish Selections
    4.45 3,4,6 – 1,2

    July Results
    Official -4.75
    Unofficial -8.4
    Irish -7.8

    From the sublime to the ridiculous, ‘couldn’t hit a mule on the ass with a banjo’ springs to mind.
    Agreed Gary, very difficult and I will be trading only today, best to paper trade until we get consistency.

  57. Hi Brian
    I took your advice and have been paper trading today, might have a stab tomorrow! Following on from your comments about the number of races run on soft ground, i was reading an article in the Racing Post saying 47 fixtures have been cancelled this season since the 01/06/12.

  58. Friday 20th July

    Started off reasonably well and then a few that ran close but overall, disappointing,

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.55 8,5,11 – 4,2
    4.30 10,7,14 – 1,9
    5.05 4,7,9 – 1,2
    7.00 10,2,4 – 1,7
    7.35 2,13,10 – 1,4
    8.10 9,8,3 – 1,6
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.05 6,3,2 -1,4
    3.40 2,5,3 – 4,1
    5.25 4,6,5 – 1,3
    5.35 10,7,5 – 2,3
    6.45 9,13,7 – 4,2
    7.50 10,5,7 – 1,3
    8.40 6,7,8 – 2,11
    8.55 13,15,14 – 1,2
    9.10 6,13,5 – 2,9
    Irish Selections
    8.30 2,11,16 – 13,15
    Good Luck

    July Results
    Official +9
    Unofficial – 22
    Irish -1

    My ‘old’ horse (No2)is running tonight in the 9.10, he has done well at Rae’s yard and should go very close, he will be held up and finish like a train.

    The golf bets are looking good at this stage, hopefully get at least 2 or 3 in the top 10 will be just fine.

    I will be trading the selections and finishing as soon as I have around 5 points today, looks tough to be honest.

  59. Ouch…made 10 points profit today used my brain to back the ones I wanted and lay the ones I wanted… All from your hard work, cheers Brian appreciate what yur doing for us.(by the way did anyone c the favs flying in at leopardstown

  60. stephen, looks like you do this ouch message on deans site as well, you will give dean and brian reason to stop tipping with your negative attitude.

  61. Have never doubted or questioned either your integrity or your long term record, nor resorted to petty name calling.
    I’m ‘coming from’ nowhere, other than to express dissapointment at a bad day ( knowing ful well there will be some ), and seeking reasons or angles we may look at to minimise the effect of such days.
    I that so wrong Brian ? – you have me all wrong, i,m neither an ‘internet troll’, nor an incessant moaner – just a normal guy tryin hard to make a bob or two on my betting after being made redundant.
    Really hope, we can come to an understanding on this, and work together to the success of this site.
    And I promise…………..no more ouches !

  62. @ stephen, I am not here to debate with you, you mentioned aggression, I have never mentioned the word, I do my best and have a proven track record, update my results daily, everyone feels the loss as much as you, no more so than when I post selections and feel responsible if they do not produce what it has done previously.
    If you were a regular on the thread I would see where your coming from, but only posts are ‘OUCH’, so I suggest you find another thread / forum or site for your comments, Thank you.

  63. what agression ! – was really just asking your opinion on what happened yesterday – if thats negative, then i apologose.
    I have been more than happy with your service previous.

    1. Should take the poor days as the good days far outnumber them
      Brian gives his time and selections free and the majority of us are very grateful, please do not take issue with his free time and advice or we may loose him.

  64. @ Tom, no your exactly doing the right thing, cannot win every single day, I do try but of late its been difficult.

    @ Stephen, what was constructive about your negative post in the first place?, as I said we never hear a word from you unless we have a poor day, what was wrong with Sunday or Monday??, but please do not follow any of my posts, that way we will all be happy.

  65. Puzzled by the aggresive reply and name calling Brian.
    Did ‘nt do any lays yesterday as suggested, but the back bets recorded 16 out of 16 losses – a loss of 16 points.
    A more constructive answer might have been that yesterday was a temporary blip, or the weather once again played a big part in the results.

  66. Hi Brian , I’m new to this and followed your advice not to do any of the lays. I did all the backs except the 8.55 which was abandoned. I also put a ‘mine’ of 1.3 on all the backs but lost more than 3/4 points as none of the backs won. Am I doing something wrong ? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated , Tom

  67. Thursday 19th July
    As I thought with the unpredictably of the ground and horses never experiencing anything similar we were right to stay away from the Lays until we have consistency.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.30 2,7,6 – 5,1
    5.00 9,7,4 – 1,3
    5.30 9,8,2 – 1,3
    6.00 1,3,4 – 9, 7
    6.20 15,14,13 – 1,3
    8.10 14,17,8 – 1,3
    8.50 4,8,3 – 1,6
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.45 5,6,7 – 2,1
    4.00 6,2,7 – 3,5
    4.15 8,10,9 – 2,7
    5.50 10,5,4 – 3,6
    6.40 8,5,3 – 2,4
    7.05 1,5,7 – 6,3
    7.35 9,1,5 – 2,7
    7.45 3,5,7 – 1,4
    8.20 7,4,6 – 3,5
    9.00 10,11,5 – 3,2
    Irish Selections
    2.55 9,10,3 – 1,5
    5.45 7,4,8 – 2,1
    7.50 4,5,3 – 6,1
    8.25 2,3,5 – 6,4
    8.55 6,1,4 – 3,5
    Good Luck

    July Totals
    Official +17
    Unofficial -19
    Irish -1
    As I said I will include the ‘mules'(lays) as always in the totals, but do not do them until the ground/weather improves.

    @ Gary, Craig, yes very interesting, and the reason why everyone is finding it difficult, just adjust your stakes accordingly or paper trade for a week or so I would suggest.

    @ stephen ouch????, please explain can you, as I never see any other posts from you that do not include ouch?. Internet troll springs to mind. If you had done as suggested you would have lost 3 /4 points yesterday, if you cannot budget your betting bank around that I suggest gambling is not for you.

  68. Hi Brian
    How are you? Interesting statistic about the weather but sunnier climates are apparently going to descend on us next week! 🙂 Only managed to back in 4 races today before losing signal, I was at Uttoxeter races for the day.

  69. Hi Brian

    That certainly makes interesting reading. The forcasters are saying the weather should change to more summer like as of next week. Let’s hope so!


  70. Here is an interesting fact just look at the number of races that have been run so far this flat season with the official going soft/heavy, compared to the previous four years
    2008 214
    2009 72
    2010 70
    2011 61
    2012 483
    Is it any wonder the results are so unpredictable and poor of late.

    If anyone likes the golf here are my selections for the Open, look for value as some bookies are paying 7 places 1/4 odds.
    Luke Donald 20s
    Ricky Fowler 40s
    Matt Kucher 66s
    Zach Johnson 80s
    Kevin Na 300s

    Good Luck

  71. Wednesday 18th July
    Two steps forward and one back at the moment, again a mule on the edge @10.38 wins, I would suggest you guys just watch the ‘Lays’ at the moment, I always include all qualifying bets in the results, but do not put your cash on them until we get more consistency, no use the backs winning and giving it back too quick!.
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    4.10 13,12,1 – 2,7
    7.30 8,7,5- 1,4
    8.35 8,7,1 – 3,6
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.10 1,4,6 – 3,5
    5.00 5,7,9 – 2,8
    5.30 12,1,2 – 11,13
    6.30 6,3,5 – 1,4
    8.05 5,8,2 – 1,4
    8.55 1,4,3 – 6,2
    Irish Selections
    6.10 3,9,6 – 4,1
    Good Luck

    July Results
    Official + 21
    Unofficial – 11
    Irish ( from 16th) 0

    @Craig, I think Johnny covered it, but really only lay mines at evens if the price is at least 14s, but put a mine at 1.3 (ish) to recover your stake back on all the backs.

    @John F, Many variables, but start by watching the parade ring and then the race, read the racing post, listen to what is being said and see IF you agree, then choose your own selections, you will make mistakes but from that you will learn.

    @Mark w, ”systems”, well there are thousands out there, guess how many are in the bin?, there are a few guys who sell ‘ratings’, they will always find a winner for every race as a ‘stat’ will be there. Honestly just do as I have said to John F, you will learn more and be successful longer.

    When I was younger I was always at the horse racing, ‘Freddie Fearless Williams’ was the bookie that taught me some of the finer parts of what to look for when a horse is in the parade ring, we both made our own tissue(prices) for the race, then compared, I would then go and put a few quid on with the lazy bookies who couldn’t be bothered and just followed the big companies, they were not pleased but if your not prepared to put the work in.

    If any of you want to make your own ratings, based on your own ideas, and feel confident about it, try Horse Race Base, there are others but these guys are very very good.
    Best of luck

  72. @Craig- if I may so bold,I’ll try and give my thoughts on your question,I think a ‘mine’ is a small safety bet you can put to keep in play when backing big priced horses,so,on betfair,if you back a horse at,say 32/1,you can put a lay bet on it and alter the lay price in the box to 2/1,which obviously won’t get matched unless it looks like it might win.

    You put enough on the lay bet to ensure you return your original back stake.So if it doesn’t win,but goes close,you don’t lose any money.

    Hope that helped and not confused!

  73. Same here, would love to develop my own system but wouldn’t know where to start ?
    That’s why everyone has so much admiration for the likes of Dean, Brian and Jason, between them they must have so much knowledge and experience that the rest of us just find it easier to follow there lead.
    Perhaps someone could give us a few pointers in what stat sites and publications would help us understand the game much better.

    Best Regards

    Mark W.

  74. Excellent work again Brian.

    Would be interested in trying to learn how to form read but there just seems so many variables to consider. I’m not against putting in the effort but I’m not sure of what things are important. Ie is draw bias really a big factor and is days since last run as key as it used to be with current training facilities, then there is how far a horse has travelled etc.

    I realize that these things are what makes it an art form and just wondering where to start? What books to look at etc.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  75. @Dan, do not worry about the price!, we had a 75s that went to evens last week just didn’t hold on, always LEVEL stakes, put in some ”mines” ie some LAYS to get your stake back if you wish
    I always ”mine” at evens and 1.3, with the betfair price your always infront of industry sp anyway.
    You will be amazed at how many do not win but you do not lose on the race!.

  76. @ Craig, you will find with Chester is more to do with the Draw, with better quality animals on display, it is very tight but you will find through time that there is little movement of the ‘inrunning market’ until after they come round the final bend towards the lollypop stick, by that time one maybe two have flown the group, ending usually in the red, its a break even track over the 2 years I have done it.

  77. Thanks for todays tips Brian, your mrs sounds like mine with the shopping. Last week someone stole her credit card but i told the police not to catch them as they are spending less than her haha

  78. @Dan, the numbers are the saddle cloth numbers of the horse, sorry I do not put the horse names down, but I do all my work manually and its easier for an old guy like me!.

    1. That’s fine,I was just checking some selections on betfair and they only had the draw numbers which was showing a 4.5/1 & 80/1 back which made think a little. Cheers though


  79. Cheers Brian,
    I thought i would try to find them myself rather than relying on somebody else to do the spade work.
    Thanks for the tip of Hamilton and Southwell in the winter, had discounted Southwell.

    Mark W.

  80. Tuesday 17th July

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.00 11,1,9 – 6,2
    3.00 13,17,6 – 8,14
    3.30 7,5,10 – 2,3
    4.00 6,4,8 – 9,2
    8.20 9,8,4 – 7,5
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    4.15 2,7,4 – 1,6
    5.15 2,4,6 – 3,8
    6.20 8,6,4 – 1,5
    7.20 1,6,5 – 2,4
    7.50 12,1,11 – 3,4
    8.50 3,7,1 – 2,6
    9.00 1,10,4 – 2,3
    Irish Selections
    6.40 10,3,7 – 2,9
    8.10 8,9,5 – 1,4
    8.40 16,13,8 – 9,5
    Good Luck

    July Results
    Official + 22
    Unofficial + 3
    Irish + 1.2 (From 16th)

    A bit better yesterday, some good priced winners as well which was pleasing. I know a few stopped after bagging their profit for the day to see a 16 & 19s winner win the next 2 races, do not be overly concerned about this, last year I was up 96 points in the day racing not content, I did the night racing only to lay 3 mules that left me with 10 points profit!.

    @Peter s, I do this everyday there is racing, I am retired early in the sun, but the missus needs to go shopping often and she is expensive!, should know better after 25 years lol.

    @MarkW, well done for researching the courses, Lingfield does not show much profit, add Southwell for ‘winter racing’ only, Hamilton can also be added (only because of uphill deceptive finish), it’s more profitable to look at the lower grade races Mark, just use the ‘training mode’ and you will do very well.

    @raz, larry, pat, burney, craig, gary cheers guys need to get you to 100 points profit and half a month gone already!!

  81. Hi Brian,
    So far I have come up with these courses for laying the field,
    Kempton AW
    Lingfield AW
    Wolverhampton AW

    Does this list look good to you as you are the expert.
    Thanks for all your past and continued help.


    Mark W

  82. i am realy enjoying my time with you Brian, following your tips is great fun, and winning money, cant say enough thanks, but keep up the good work, do you carry on in the jump season?

  83. Monday July 16th Results

    Official -3
    Unofficial +26.5
    Irish +1.2

    Well a blooming lay spoiled the Hcp Official party, but good day at the office.

    Cheers guys have a good evening.

  84. Great selections again Brian. I took 5 points profit and finished after the 4.05 selections – only to see Mazovian steam through!! Best play the long game though!

  85. Hi Brian

    Started following your advise today and placing one bet at a time, and stopping at 5 points profit. Done and dusted after 4 races.

    Thank you so much.


  86. Thanks very much Brian, with Dubai Dynamo winning that makes nearly 6 points profit , thats me finished.

    Thanks for the tips.

  87. Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.35 +5.1
    4.05 +3.6
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.15 -2
    4.15 +10.5

    Well 1st four races again and nice profit, time to paper trade guys!!!

  88. Hi Gary H, thanks for your reply. That is exactly the way i want to play it too. I prefer the cautious route.

  89. Hi Burney
    Personally I follow both and when they have collectively hit 5 points profit I stop! Today if I had an early win of between 3.5-5 points I would stop with the weather the way is but that’s just my cautious nature when its wet.

  90. Hi Brian, thanks very much for the tips today.

    I am starting to back the tips for the first time today ( small amounts), i was just wondering what the best way to go about it would be. I like the idea of stopping when 5 points in profit as i can see the benefits of the bank building up on a regular basis.

    This is a question to everyone who stops at profit, do you follow both Brians official and unofficial tips until such profit is met or do you just stick to one or the other?

    Thanks for any advice

    Thanks again for posting your tips Brian, much appreciated

  91. Afternoon Brian
    I hope you are well, there is no relent in the rain here im in Cheshire! Its rained since about 8am an still Coming down!!
    Good luck today!

  92. Monday July 16th

    Well very satisfied with yesterdays results, 4 Irish races rated and 4 top rated won at combined odds of £503.63 for your 1 quid at betfair!, one lucky follower, who has a hangover today did a lucky 15!!, a 10p lucky 15 paid £113.17.

    Well back to planet earth now, today is well, poor at best, being longer in the tooth and of less hair I only rate the races I think we can achieve long term growth to the bank, also I have included an Irish race for any followers ( will try to do at least a few every day).

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.35 5,8,6 – 1,7
    4.05 9,5,7 – 1,2
    5.05 2,5,6 – 4,3
    6.10 8,6,9 – 2,3
    8.10 11,9,12 – 1,2
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.15 10,1,7 – 9,6
    4.15 9,8,7 – 2,5
    4.35 7,5,8 – 4,3
    7.30 3,11,6 – 1,9
    Irish Selections
    7.20 5,2,9 – 7,4

    Good Luck

    July Results
    Official + 25
    Unofficial – 23

  93. For those of you still learning, i discovered a novel and enjoyable way learning the tracks and general guide to racing, its starters orders 5, cracking little game with good course diagrams etc.

    Have a good day everyone i’ve got a stable to look after. Byeee

  94. Have been a avid follower of Brians selection have yet to dip my toe in due to the state of the weather so to show a profit in these conditions all i can say is well done Brian hope the weather is better in Brazil this is the first dry day we have had up here in Scotland for weeks and by the look of it the UK is the same all over have to start building a bank up and move somewhere sunny and warm once again Brian well done

    Regards John

  95. Brian,

    If you can spare the time I am sure that many site users would appreciate it. There was a time when you may have thought it was wetter in Ireland but I don’t think we can say that any more.

    I realise that you cannot post early but sure they would be well received anyway.

    Many thanks.

  96. Glad that brought a smile to our faces at the end of a terrible weeks racing.

    @Gary, been on the wrong end of ‘Irish gambles’ so many times I rarely even look at it now!.

    @Ian, could write a book about the times I have missed my own horses running or selections I have chosen, always tomorrow my friend.

    @Malcolm, Mmmm yes I may have to go back into the fray of the Irish racing, if you guys have a need for it, personally I cannot put selections up early for you as I am on other side of the world, but let me know.

    @Jim(leeds) well done mate, know you are selective and it doesn’t always pay off, but that makes it all the sweeter when they all hit the net.

    Cheers guys

  97. Hi all no just did the first picks avid follower of Brian’s but due to work commitments have to pick and choose his selections fingers crossed for Chicago but win or lose well up today

  98. Hi Ian
    No i’m not gutted at all, many years ago i stopped betting in Ireland altogether. I just hope some others are on them along with Jim.

  99. Hi guys bet the 1st one in Ireland then fell asleep and wakened at 4:15 just looked at results I am so dissapointed but tomorrows another day u must feel gutted Gary mate hope it comes for u Jim.


  100. @ Jim (Leeds)
    Well done! Great return even if Chicago blows out! Did you do likewise on 2nd selections?

    @ Brian,
    Simply stunning! 13 pts up from 6 pt outlay dutching both win selections to level stakes. Sadly I was not on any of them. Any chance that such incisive judgement could encourage you to set aside your prejudice towards Irish racing?

  101. Hi Brian
    Real poor days racing today! Well done on the first one in Ireland it never leaves you! Lol forecast as well to boot! I didnt back it i don’t bet in Ireland at all!
    Enjoy your day.

  102. SUNDAY 15th July
    Well yesterday was eventful, 1 jockey dropped his hands on a winner for us and got 28 days holiday, and 3 races with only one back won, 14s 6s 2s!.

    Official +2
    Unofficial +6.8
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.50 6,3,2 – 1,5
    That is it, nothing to go at , I have done 4 irish races for you, this took me back to my Ladbrokes days,hate the racing there and still do, anyway lets see what happens.(will not be included in any results)
    3.05 8,7,4 – 5,2
    3.25 3,7,14 – 4,15
    3.35 10,7,4 – 2,6
    5.35 6,5,2 – 3,4

    July Results
    Official + 25
    Unofficial – 17.4

    @ Gary, glad you are just stacking the points up, does make a difference if you stop when you ‘feel’ you have enough profit, well the lays, if you had backed them yesterday you would have had a nice 59/1 winner.

    @Ian, been a tough week mate, but glad your hanging on, if your using any software to put the 10p bets on, and you had backed the lays for that and the ‘backs’ for 50p you would have a good few quid this week(not recommended!). Yes I have sources for most sports, fixed odds as per bookies?, try Vernons for that Ian they give on average 40% better return every week.
    I will be able to send you selections for the Premier League no problem.
    Cheers guys have a great Sunday.

  103. Hi Brian still hanging in there and in profit for the week. The weather fcast for next week is not looking good. It is good to see there are a number of guys who have started a forum with plenty of questions and answers. Brian do you or any of the others have anything for the fixed odds on the football?

    successful punting Ian

  104. Hi Brian
    Ouch for you yesterday!! Well done today, i have decided to stop before the night racing as Towbee winning pushed me to +8 points on a difficult day weather wise.
    Well done on some nice lays as well.

  105. July 14th

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    1.55 5,10,1 – 7,3
    2.40 19,14,17 – 3,4
    2.50 3,10,4 – 1,2
    3.00 20,17,1 – 5,2
    3.10 7,5,8 – 9,2
    4.35 12,10,4 – 1,8
    4.45 12,9,7 – 4,11
    5.05 6,14,10 – 4,5
    5.10 6,8,10 – 3,4
    5.20 8,10,7 – 2,3
    5.30 11,10,8 – 1,4
    6.40 5,7,6 – 2,4
    7.15 16,3,15 – 1,8
    7.50 10,8,11 – 3,1
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    1.40 11,9,4 – 8,5
    2.35 6,3,7 – 1,4
    3.20 14,4,3 – 11,8
    3.25 6,1,2 – 7,5
    3.35 12,1,10 – 5,8
    4.20 7,2,6 – 4,5
    4.30 9,6,2 – 4,7
    8.50 6,4,1 – 7,8
    Good Luck

    July Results
    Official + 23
    Unofficial – 24.1

    Ground doubling for rice fields at the moment, just be careful with the non runners. Remember if the 2 backs are not running the race is deleted.

    ‘Lay the field’ you can use Gruss for this as well to quicken the process, I am not in the least interested in any Irish racing whatsoever, but well done Mark W. Never used a bot to ‘lay the field’ as many variables to take in before the race.

  106. Brian / Johnny

    Lays worked a treat at downpatrick yesterday, made up the losses of the day before plus a profit of 2.8 points.
    Thanks for your help with this.

    Best Regards

    Mark W.

  107. Friday 13th July
    Well it lived up to its name, glad some of you guys are ‘learning’ how to maximise your profits.
    Following the ‘Official’ the 1st race was deleted as only 1 back, so the 3pm gave us a winner @11.9 Betfair sp ( I got 17s) just don’t know how they got that price, but anyway you would have had 9 points profit, If your following the 2 systems well head for the bar as it was terrible!, no excuses just terrible.

    Please remember that you need the 2 backs to run and if you see a lay being backed, stay clear or have a cover bet on it!, remember I cannot always work out what the trainers have planned!.

    Glad Mark S is getting the hang of the ‘lay the field’, you right about the course and so glad your working to find them out, I will give you a list after you find 3 courses Mark.

    Gary mate what can I say, the weather here is terrible, similar to the racecourses in the UK. Never seen a run like this before, so reduce bet size or ‘paper trade’ until it gets better.

    Pat well done mate, just stick to the Official at reduced stakes for a while.

    To cap it off I lost 4k yesterday when the power went off, as I trade the selections before the race!!

    Roll on the summer!

  108. In addition to my previous message done a double check, silver tigress which won the last at chester was infact part of the lay selections so whoever backed it nice one!

  109. Peter H
    Sorry Peter i did not realise that you only do the official handicaps, I thought I had done something stupid and missed something lol!

  110. Thanks Brian, really enjoying following your selections. to anyone who got out of jail with the winner in the last at chester tonight well done!
    i myself never as i went with previous advice given by brian to void a race were one or both of the win selection’s are nr’s. (doubt it’ll be included in the results summary?!)

    Followed all selections today for a 10pt loss with a similar loss the previous day, deciding now to follow win only part of system maybe recoup losses over the next few days? good luck to everyone tomorrow hopefully there’s a couple of big priced winners to be had..

    Once again thanks Brian..

  111. Hi, Gary. The 1.50 had one of the back selections a non runner and I follow Brian’s advice not to play if only one back selection running. That made the 3pm race the first trade for me and that was a nice big odds winner Number 4, Giofra. Then I packed up for the day.

  112. Hi Brian
    The weather is still shocking and I was tempted not to bet at all today but i did, the weather forecast for the next 6 days is not much better either.

    @ Stephen conditions certainly don’t help but as you know it’s not a science and there are so many variables and the old rule if it’s wet do not bet! Also do you bet to industry sp and not betfair because the 10-1 winner was 12.5-1 on betfair just before the off i dont know what the betfair sp paid.

    @ Pat I lost about 5.5 points today, never watched the last race because of it being a no bet so missed the steamer well done to you!


  113. Brian/Johnny
    The “lay the field” is great.
    I have traded two days now and made nice profits.
    Thanks for a great system/idea.
    Part of the secret I believe is picking the right races and a tight track helps.
    I had just one race today 7.05 Chester (didn’t look like a bet earlier on but 30 mins to the off it looked brilliant and duly obliged).
    I noticed no suitable races yesterday, which suggests that my criterea is stricter than others who lost money yesterday.
    I think part of secret to success is wait for the right race.
    thanks again Brian for a great system…

  114. don’t understand any big losses today,
    I was about level on unofficial and slightly down on the official, quite a few no bets and only one lay came in, and I noted the steamer in the 9.10.
    cheers brian

  115. ouch ! – great 10/1 winner in the 3.00…….but then nothing til the last race. 10 point loss, plus 3 on the lays.
    Conditions ? – or just a bad day at the office ?

    1. Sorry for the delay, but who is this question from. My name shall be Pete B from now on as there is more than 1 Pete cheers. Can anyone confirm if laying the field can be done via a bot. I do not understand the system and the courses to use/why but I would like to learn please. I will try and follow what has been suggested via the Geeks Toy. Thanks for your time in advance.
      PS My email address is avalible if required. Pete B.

  116. Hi Burney,it sounds like you may have the box for ‘confirm bets before placing’ ticked,its just below the bet box,it’s like a safety net so you can double check the bet before putting it on,but if you’re doing the bets with software maybe it doesn’t check for that,so try and untick it and see what happens

  117. Hi Everyone, I wonder if someone can tell me where i am going wrong using the geek laying the field please.

    I am using the multi tool like Mark. I have clicked on back/lay the field ( highlighted) Stake ( highlighted) Postoff ( highlighted). I then put my price in the price coloumn and then put my stake in the stakes coloumn , then i click bet. I do this for all the odds, ie 3.2, 2.7. 2.2, 1.7 and 1.5.

    I am right in thinking that this should now work and go straight to my betfair account and the bets should be placed 10 seconds after the off. The thing is though when the race is off and during the race all theses pop ups appear on my screen asking CONFIRM BET?

    so none of my bets are going straight to my account and none of my bets are matched.

    Help as its doing my nut in now lol. ( before i have a nervous breakdown)

  118. Friday 13th July
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    1.50 13,8,16 – 12,1
    3.00 1,10,7 – 4,6
    3.45 1,5,14 – 10,7
    4.00 12,13,11 – 1,2
    4.20 10,5,9 – 1,2
    5.30 8,2,5 – 3,1
    6.00 15,16,4 – 1,12
    7.05 9,6,,7 – 1,4
    8.10 2,10,8 – 5,7
    9.10 9,8,6 – 7,5
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    1.20 6,14,3 – 1,2
    2.35 10,3,6 – 4,1
    2.50 8,3,7 – 2,1
    3.10 8,6,5 – 2,4
    5.20 14,10,16 – 3,11
    8.40 5,7,4 – 3,2

    July Results
    Official + 36
    Unofficial -22

    Sorry I have not been online but we had a massive storm and it wiped out all the power to the area for the last 24 hours.

    Right guys, I cannot answer your questions as I would need to know why you selected the races for ‘laying the field’, Please use the ‘VIRTUAL BANK’ IN TRAINING MODE on the Geeks toy until you get the hang of it, also I have never mentioned any other horse racing outside of the UK, The racing post does give a ‘course guide’, but please remember I did all this without any help, I watched the prices before the race, the movement of in running prices collecting all the relevant data from the Betfair results page, length of the races etc etc.

    Good Luck

  119. Hi Burney/Mark

    There is also a web site called inform racing, they have a brief description of each UK racecourse. It shows a diagram Of each course and describes type of bends etc. it’s under pages of interest. Can’t help you with the camera angles I’m afraid. I guess that comes with experience of watching races.

    I did a test run using the Betfair site and it was quick just using the lay all tab.


  120. Burney, you are right using multi bet tool, then highlight back/lay field at the top line, down to your left says lay or back, if its says back click on it.
    Then highlight post off, this keeps it in play after the off, when entering odds make sure main screen is pink, if its blue you are backing not laying, hope that helps mate

  121. Mark, i have only just starting using geek, how do you lay the field on it? i have gone into the multi bet but dont know how to “KEEP IN PLAY” the bets and then get them onto betfair if you know what i mean?

  122. Sorry Burney, didn’t see your post, i’ve just repeated it basically.
    Even tried an aussie race this morning lol, losing streak 11 now.

  123. Mark w, i am in the same boat as you mate. All the races i am laying the field are mostly losing so could do with some help.

    Its knowing which races to get involved in and which races to leave alone . I havent a clue about which courses are tight with poor tv angles and which courses have short run ins.

    I really want to make this work and have joined geek to help with laying the field.

    Brian help lol.

    1. Burney
      If you are unsure on the courses to lay the field at maybe have a look at the racing post website as an initial indicator. Look at the courses and it has a very brief write up about them and shows the different starting points for each of the different distances that way you will have a bit more of an idea which tracks to lay at. There isn’t a quick fix to it really.

  124. Hi Brian,
    On a ten race losing streak with the laying, think i need a tutorial, thought i had it sussed 4 winning bets straight off then it all went tits up lol.
    Keep up the great work.

    Best Regards
    Mark W.

  125. Hi Brian

    I have decided to stick with what i have got with 3 races to go and the 8:30 not being a player i nearly stopped before the 8:15 but thought we were nailed on for that one but best plans and all that! Lol so decided to stop now with 5 points in the bank, all adding to the monthly profit, slowly but surely wins the race.



  126. Hi Brian,

    I really appreciate your time and patience, we all had to learn sometime, I still am.
    I am looking at the threads on ‘Laying the Field’, tried 5 races yesterday, made profit on 1, where outsider won but lost money on other 4, think I was picking wrong races, principally odds range. There is no simple answer to ‘suitable courses’ since it can vary with the distance. Can you be more specific on ‘long straight run-in’?
    More or less than 2f? or proportion of race distance?

    Many thanks


  127. Brian, thanks for the reply. I was just talking about the lay selections trading out in running but you have started to make me think. I have a not can I use that to achieve laying the field.
    What do you think about trading out the lays for a little bit of profit? Thank you for your time to reply.

  128. Hi Brian. I have started to do the lay the field and have lost £6.00 last night on the 21.20 at Kempton and have just lost £15.30 on the 2.20 at Newmarket. I layed all the horses for the amounts you mentioned mate but dont know where i went wrong or am i just jinxed haha.
    Am i picking the wrong races to back as i am a racing novice and dont know which courses have a tight course with poor tv angles and no long run ins.
    I would love to find out which courses work best and will be selective but just need a bit of help mate.
    Thanks for any help but will soon be in the poor house at this rate lol.
    Regards Burney

  129. @ Stephen, Most have ‘free’ start up periods to become accustomed to the software, personally I use https://www.geekstoy.com/
    You can also use Gruss ‘Betting Assistant’, but look around and you will find many, depends on what you want to do with it.
    Those 2 are the ones I personally like.

  130. July 12th Selections
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.25 10,8,11 – 3,6
    4.40 16,17,19 – 2,10
    4.50 7,2,6 – 11,5
    6.15 7,9,8 – 3,1
    7.20 2,8,9 – 5,6
    8.15 8,5,2 – 1,3
    8.30 3,7,6 – 2,8
    9.00 12,9,7 – 1,5
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    1.20 4,6,5 – 2,1
    3.00 2,3,9 – 1,4
    3.45 7,8,1 – 3,4
    4.05 3,1,6 – 8,2
    4.20 6,3,1 – 7,4
    5.25 12,9,2 – 1,6
    7.05 13,6,5 – 3,2
    7.55 10,1,9 – 2,4
    8.45 11,7,9 – 3,6
    Good Luck

    @Pete, Cheers, Are you talking about ”laying the field” as those races are different from the selections above. The lays numbered above only qualify if the Betfair sp is below 11, I put the lay on about 1 minute to the off IF its around 9 to 10 as the prices sometimes jump for the sp, I used to do any prices but filtered it down to maximise the profit( hard work the last week tho!).

    ”Laying the field”, use the software available for this, its painless and takes less than a minute!, INVEST in your future, the races most profitable are from 5f to 14f, more the 8 runners, tight courses with poor TV angles, no long straights to the finish.
    Choose races have the fav around 3s with at least a couple more close in price ie 4s to 7s.
    LAY ALL THE HORSES, at 3.2@ £3, 2.7@3, 2.2@£3, 1.7@£5, 1.5@£5, once you see it working for a few times increase your stakes in the same ratio, be selective and its easy money.

  131. Brian, Thanks very much for sharing 1st of all you are the man. When it comes to trading the lays can you please give some advice if I should look to trade those lays which are 11 or under or those which are above 11 also. And could you please advise on the trade out price if it should be a few points below and set across the board or very low like 3,2 or below.
    Thanks in advance for your input, it’s nice to have an account which makes slow steady profit, keep up the good work.

  132. Many thanks for explaining that, Brian. And many thanks for the selections and your advice, you are incredibly generous sharing with everyone. I can only bet small stakes but the extra income is helping to pay the bills and keep a roof over my head! I will be forever grateful.

  133. @Peter H, your talking about the ‘premium’ charge, if you trade and do over 1000 bets a day you will start to pay this, from your winnings, all explained in the T&C on the Betfair site. If your just doing a few bets say 100 a day in normal betting there will be no problem, I average around 500 bets a day on each of my accounts to stay under the charges.

    @Stephen, yes very profitable, just hit a spell where the unreliable and inconsistent mules are running on poor ground with weather conditions that suits the winter mules. Just leave the lays out until conditions improve, ‘paper trade’ them and you will see when it improves, we will have very few ‘lays’ that win.

    If any of you guys ‘lay the field’ or trade I use ”The geeks toy” there is 14 days trial with many training video’s to help you get started.

  134. Hi Guys / Brian – ouch again with 4 more winning lays spoiling some great winning back bets.
    Does the system make money if we ignore the lay selections ?

  135. Wednesday 11th Results

    Official + 11.7
    Unofficial – 9.2

    July Results
    Official +45
    Unofficial -25

    Poor show with a few lays winning and one just outside the range which would have spoiled the ‘Official’ result. But again if your not greedy, you will have secured your profit for the day, on the 1st race.

    You can see how poor racing is when the trainers have pulled their horses from the 9.10 because of the prize money on offer. Monsoon weather and ground conditions, still turning a profit but not as good as expected.

    Have a great evening.

  136. Hi Brian, I read somewhere that if you are lucky enough to be a regular winner on Betfair that the commission they take can go up to as much as 60%. (I should be so lucky!) Is that right? Sounds a bit odd to me.

  137. Hi Brian, thanks very much for your reply and tips. I have to go out to my sons parents evening now but will be on tomorrow and have a go at this system, so hope you meant ask more questions as i am sure i will have loads. haha

    Thanks again for taking the time to help, and i like the idea of taking the money from the ” PUNTERS”

    kind regards


  138. @Burney, if you increase your stake to what I suggest the maximum you could lose will be 21.60, thats very unlikely that will happen.

    So 3.2,2.7,2.2, @ £3 and the 1.7,1.5 @£5 will work better for you, you can of course increase as you become more experienced with the races to look for.

    At those stakes when I started ‘tinkering’, I was winning on average about 10 to 15 quid a race, best I had was 73 quid, worst was about 8 quid loss.

    Good luck and if any other questions just ask, be happy to help you take money from the ‘punters’.

  139. Hi Brian, thanks for your message. I have done 4 races, i won £1.60 in 2 races and lost 40p and 58p in the other 2 .
    I will have to look at what the courses look like as am a racing novice but thanks for the info.

    While i am on Brian what could i hope to win and what are the max losses do you think can happen?

  140. @Gary , exactly as I have done just over 5 points profit in the first, JOB DONE!.

    @Burney how did you get on?, infact increase the stake on the 3.2, 2.7 and 2.2 lays to £3, keep the 1.7 and 1.5 at £5, total exposure is £21.60, I cannot list all the courses but suggest you look at courses that have tight bends, with poor TV angles and NO long straight finishes.

  141. Hi Brian
    Well done today in the opener! I am sticking with what i have got 6 points profit after the first race and did the R F/C as well.

  142. hi everyone, just looking at Brians lay system. I hope i have got this right.
    I have done the 2.00 at Lingfield 1 mile 1 furlong. I have layed all at 3.2 for £2, then all at 2.7 for £2, then all at 2.3 for £2, then all at 1.7 for £5 and finally all at 1.5 for £5.
    What courses and what distance should i be looking for please? I think i am right that the system is best with 8 runners or more. I would be grateful fro any help, thanks

  143. Wed 11th July Selections
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.00 11,14,7 – 1,8
    3.50 4,5,3 – 8,1
    4.10 11,14,13 – 2,1
    4.20 12,13,9 – 2,1
    4.40 4,11,10 – 2,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.40 4,6,5 – 2,1
    3.00 2,5,3 – 4,6
    3.40 8,7,2 – 6,4
    5.10 6,1,5 – 3,2
    9.10 12,11,10 – 2,3
    Good Luck
    July Results
    Official +33.5
    Unofficial -16

    @Gary, yes today is no better to be honest, but winners are there somewhere, but the variables just now are difficult to handle for consistency.

    @Ian, well done mate, I stopped also as was pleased to take profit from yesterdays racing, all adds up at end of the month.

    @Stephen, yes a BIG ouch although I had stopped playing for cash, I do watch the races, IF you see a ‘gamble’ on one of the lays, just leave it out.

  144. Hi! Guys & Brian,

    I fell asleep on the chair and missed the 2:15 race the next race was the 5:15 so did that ,checked the result @ 5:35 now 5 points up retired for the day. Lucky or not. Have never tried this lad Dean seems a big outlay for little return, can anyone convince me otherwise I see a lot of the guys on here seem to follow him?

    Happy Punting Ian

  145. Hi Brian

    Hard work today with such low grade racing and the none runners etc i decided to play on sadly lol but that’s the way it goes take the rough with the smooth! Tomorrows another day and we fight on.
    Thanks for all your efforts.

  146. In a word, terrible if you played on, if you took a few points profit and stopped, well done.

    Official 0 – no qualifying bets
    Unofficial -14 (2 lays won!)

    Official +33.5
    Unofficial -16

  147. @Arnie, a ”green screen” will happen when the lays are taken up, every horse will then have profit shown beside them usually in green, that’s why ‘traders’ say ‘green screen’, no matter the outcome they have profit.

  148. @ Stephen, yes all are level stakes providing they qualify at under 11 on betfair with the 2 backs running around 1 minute to the off. ( I used to do them all to start with at any price, but when a big one hits the post first its no fun)

  149. ”Laying The Field”
    Idea behind this is we become the ‘bookmaker’, do this without emotion!, we are betting the horses to get beat, but selectively at prices we decide not the ‘punter’.

    Handicaps up to 12/14 furlongs work best, infact 5f(usually a straight sprint with no bends) are the least profitable, reason being, if a horse blasts out the stalls, it will invariably win without being headed, small tight courses with poor TV angles are a dream!. Watch also if there is a ‘steamer’ especially on the A.W. these gambles rarely miss.

    Try to make at sure you have at least 8 runners, with a few horses around the same price. Do not worry if you have one under 3.2 on betfair with others around 4 or 5 , just LAY EVERY horse

    3.2, @ £2, 2.7@£2, 2.3@£2, 1.7@£5, 1.5@£5

    Best time is around 5 mins before the off, the software that is available make this a painless task.

    Watch a few races before you jump in, ‘laying’ is not for everyone, but this method will give you a ‘green screen’ around 90% of the time.

  150. Tuesday 10th July
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    7.45 10,9,3 – 1,2
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.15 4,2,8 – 1,3
    5.15 10,1,8 – 3,4
    5.45 10,8,12 – 2,7
    8.15 7,6,1 – 8,11
    8.35 9,7,2 – 1,4
    Good Luck

    Cheers guys, there is no value today at all, sorry about the number of selections but the quality of racing is terrible.
    In fact the unofficial has performed really well over the last few years, best month was 419 points, but of late has struggled, but soon we will be back with a bang again.

    Only consider the race if you have the 2 backs running , bet at level stakes, if any lays qualify about 1 min to the off if under 11 on betfair and 2 backs are running you can lay them if you wish.
    Cheers guys

  151. hiya David (its not is it?!),Brian normally put his up on here around 1 pm,so nothing today as yet,if you click on Deans system under categories at the top of this page,then click on his July tips

    hope that helps

  152. @ david gray

    Hi David, just bring up the page ( Brian’s or Deans) and go to the BOTTOM of the page. Dean puts his up about 9.00am normally, and Brian about 1.00pm.
    What I do is open each page on a separate tab and just refresh every 10 or 15 minutes. In due course the days Selections will appear there.

  153. Well done on some cracking tips today, Brian, (and the same to Dean as I know he follows this thread). With both of you plus Jason highlighting Luctor Emergo, I thought I would have a bit extra on it.
    All your hard work is greatly appreciated!

  154. Hi how do i place these bets on betfair. How do i put horse2 to beat 1 and should i still be laying the 3 horses if there above 11. Thanks.

  155. Well done and thanks for posting Brian…followed u on paper and started for real today only doing the backs til I build enough of a bank to lay and what a day and stopped after the 18.5 trade with odessey and thanks again appreciate it massively as should everyone

  156. Monday July 9th results
    Official +2.5
    Unofficial +8

    Cheers guys, I also got 16s, but as you know I settle everything to Betfair sp, which was 9.29!!, anyway its about beating the bookie and building your banks.

    July Results
    Official 33.5
    Unofficial -2
    Have a good evening, off for a few cold ones.

  157. Brain

    Great work on that pick at 5:00 I know I should of stopped after that but I have put the next bets on

    Many Thanks

  158. Brian
    Well done today like Pat I got Oddysey at 16-1 I missed the 18s!! I then watched the odds tumble to 8-1 just before the off!
    Some nice lays on the afternoon racing as well job done!

  159. July 9th Selections

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.30 7,8,6 – 2,1
    4.30 4,9,2 – 7,8
    6.10 10,6,11 – 9,4
    7.10 8,3,9 – 1,5
    7.50 3,9,7 – 1,2
    9.20 15,14,13 – 3,7
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.00 9,3,8 – 5,2
    3.30 3,1,5 – 4,2
    4.00 6,2,7 – 5,4
    5.00 8,7,6 – 1,2
    8.20 10,9,7 – 1,3
    8.40 11,8,12 – 7,3
    Good Luck

    Cheers guys, some small trappy races in soft/heavy ground, oh the joy of summer racing!.

  160. Brian
    Well done today, nice end to the day! Re the rain I have asked wimbledons cover makers to make 60 XXXL covers! Lol

  161. Sunday 8th July
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.00 12,14,13 – 3,4
    3.30 9,5,6 – 1,2
    4.00 8,7,4 – 3,6
    4.30 1,2,3 – 4,6
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    1.45 5,10,6 – 1,9
    2.15 11,10,7 – 4,5
    Good Luck

    July Results
    Official +20.5
    Unofficial -8

    Never seen weather for the time of year that the UK is getting, it’s here as well now, but its the wet season, oh joy!.

    @Lee, personally I back at level stakes, all qualifying selections until I get a profit which I am happy with, around 5/6 points a day.
    Some have there own opinion on that, but I know from experience and contributing to a few published articles myself, that you are correct right Lee. (People only carry on because they see more selections, IF only one at a time was given until say 5 points was achieved they would be delighted).

    @Sean, cheers mate, it will turn around, always has, been too much of a roller coaster this last month tho, but still showing profit.

    @Gary, what can you do about the weather mate?, its a joke, called my sister as she stays across the road from Ayr racecourse, says its a ‘bog’, so be careful.

  162. Great Stuff Brian , and thanks for posting mate .

    Sure the weather aint helping on some selctions but like you say soon turn it around

    Good luck and cheers again

  163. Hi Brian,
    Watching the page last few days,certainly some great tips, you know your stuff.
    My question is to you and others following your selections…. Do you bet all selections level stakes, stop at certain points gain, stop at a winner,etc etc?

    I like the idea of a target 3/4 points a day…90-120 over the month.

    Thanks for posting

    1. Hi Lee
      I back all selections to level stakes and the lays to win a point each! If I get to 5 points profit I usually stop for the day and just watch with interest but that’s my personal choice.
      Gary H

  164. Totally agree guys, would have saved cash taking the missus shopping!, yes -26 on the official, -2 on the unofficial, doing all bets by the rules, your results may differ if you avoided the lays!.

    Just hope that nutter on Deans thread hasn’t seen this lol.

    Not worried to much as I will soon get it back, just annoying when its 2 steps forward then 1 back.

    Enjoy your evening guys, were having a massive beach party tonight and it looks like rain!!, unbelievable.

  165. Bit of a setback today Brian, but the weather can’t have helped! You have to take days like these on the chin and carry on. Back to winning ways tomorrow!

  166. Hi Brian
    Really difficult day today with a lot of none runners and some races becoming void for us! Today has been dry so hopefully we will get some more dry weather and the ground will start to dry out at last! Tomorrows another day!

  167. @ Stephen, Just the way I split them up to be honest, unofficial includes less than 8 runners and AW, no real reason to be honest , was just going to call it 1 and 2!

    Yes if less than 2 BACK bets just delete the race, less that 5 runners also as no value.

    Most bookies will do r/f, the exchanges do. I always use Betfair to be honest.

    Good Luck

  168. Your Comments And again…..am I right in saying that if less than 2 back bets, we also dont play the lays bets ? – and does there have to be 3 lay bets ?


  169. Saturday 7th July

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.05 10,2,11 – 4,9
    2.20 1,5,3 – 2,6
    2.30 2,10,4 – 1,7
    2.40 4,6,16 – 17,11
    2.55 7,2,8 – 6,4
    3.10 6,7,5 – 9,4
    3.25 17,3,16 – 1,13
    3.35 9,13,12 – 5,4
    4.00 7,10,6 – 3,1
    4.20 9,8,2 – 5,7
    4.45 4,1,8 – 2,3
    4.55 8,11,9 – 4,7
    5.40 8,3,1 – 7,5
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    1.30 2,16,15 – 4,9
    4.10 6,1,5 – 2,4
    4.35 4,7,2 – 3,1
    Good Luck

    @ Gary, well it will be a late summer for the UK I think, at least no hose pipe bans!.

  170. Gary

    Can see your doing well again just a little question with your FC do you do a Straight FC or do you Reverse it?
    I have been on holiday you seem to do well when I don’t back owt ha

  171. Gary

    Can see your doing well again just a little question with your FC do you do a Straight FC or do you Reverse it?

    I have been on holiday you seem to do well when I don’t back owt ha

  172. July 6th Results
    Official +5.5
    Unofficial -4

    July Results
    Official 46.5
    Unofficial -6

    No racing tonight, have a great night, off for a bbq and a few cold ones, oh the joy of living in the sun!.

  173. you can bet/lay on betfair without £2 minimum.get racecard up and press back on your horse.when betslip comes up put £2 in stake and change odds to 1000.press place bets.press continue.change stake to say £3 if you want to end up with a £1 stake.press update,press continue .left with 2 bets,cancel £2 stake by clicking X next to horses name.press update,press continue.you are left with £1 stake at 1000-1.alter odds to odds required or press at in play if you require betfair sp.for laying put odds at 1.01 and repeat procedure.you soon get used to it practice it with paper trading.it revolutionised my betting

  174. Yesterday we had terrible conditions for the horses, Newbury was described as good to soft, well 100+ horses running 7 secs outside standard and maidens 12 secs, is not good to soft ground!.
    July 5th Results Official +21 Unofficial +5.3

    July 6th Selections
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.20 8,3,11 – 6,13
    3.35 6,12,2 – 7,9
    4.00 4,2,9 – 6,7
    4.35 14,5,6 – 1,7
    5.05 11,12,8 – 6,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.30 5,4,1 – 3,2
    4.10 1,11,10 – 4,7
    5.15 1,4,9 – 6,7
    Good Luck

    OFFICIAL + 41

    I have not considered the evening racing as yet, if the courses pass the inspection, I will then filter out any selections that represent ‘value’ and post them later.

    @ Gary, well were still finding value and winners Gary in amongst all the poor ground and weather, British summer lol!.

    @Ian, well done mate, it all helps, just be careful today as it will throw up a few surprises I think.

  175. Hi Gary/Brian some good winners today and a profit made by stopping after the afternoon meetings. Gary you were very fortunate to get 31/1 some of us who cannot afford to pay the betfair minimum had to make do with the ordinary bookies who do not have a minimum but i am over the moon with the profit I made. Brian this was very good picking today keep up the good work!
    happy punting Ian

    1. Hi Ian

      Have you tried http://www.racingtraders.co.uk I am almost sure I have mentioned this to you before! You can bet on there from 10 pence a race and get Betfair odds! Give it a try!
      Glad to see you had a good day and made some good profit!



  176. @Gary, cheers mate, a few other winners since that, told you I will get you the profit every month, I only got 26s, ah well!!…………….

  177. Brian

    BOOM! Well done Brian job done in the first! 31-1 winner! feet up and paper trade for me for the rest of the day! Good luck to anyone playing on!



  178. Thursday 5th July
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.10 7,12,9 – 3,4
    3.40 12,13,11 – 15,9
    3.50 14,9,15 – 7,6
    4.10 9,8,10 – 6,5
    4.20 3,6,7 – 2,5
    6.20 12,13,8 – 10,7
    8.00 9,6,12 – 11,2
    8.50 8,3,4 – 1,7
    9.05 3,4,10 – 6,5
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    4.40 12,10,5 – 1,3
    4.50 6,5,7 – 1,3
    5.10 6,3,9 – 2,1
    6.05 8,7,4 – 5,3
    7.10 6,12,7 – 2,3
    7.45 7,11,5 – 1,8
    Good Luck

    @Norman, correct even the AW and Frankie cannot bring that mule home in front.

    @Gary, just the variables that we cannot control, slowly slowly we will get there that I know.

    @Big Bob, Kevin a small adjustment on the ground variable should help, we will see soon enough.

  179. Even Frankie Dettori cant get a1/3 shot home in these conditions so no worries if the selections are not up to your usual expectations onwards and upwards it will come right .good luck, regards

  180. Hi Brian
    Difficult day today, the weather is being a great spoiler and lowering the class of animal running! Really difficult to get any consistency running when it’s like this! On the plus side no real damage done today! However more rain is forecast over the next 6 days god knows when we are going to get some dry weather and good ground!!

  181. I have put t he wrong date on the selections above its the 4th JULY, jeez whizzing past this year!!

    @Gary, yes mate just be careful, too many variables at the moment, but were still heading the right way.

  182. July 5th

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.20 2,10,11 – 7,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.50 7,4,1 – 2,5
    4.10 7,6,8 – 1,2
    4.40 6,2,5 – 3,4
    4.50 10,8,6 – 3,7
    5.50 9,7,8 – 4,1
    6.20 12,6,1 – 3,5
    9.05 8,2,9 – 5,3

    Good Luck

    July Results
    Official +18.1
    Unofficial -13

    Hope the weather improves as the quality at the moment is terrible, a lot of trainers are struggling to find the ground for the horses.

    @ Pat cheers, its been a tough week or so but slowly we will get the results.

  183. Good luck today Brian the weather is still wet! Catterick had light rain forecast but it’s been quite heavy there not sure about what the other tracks have had today!

  184. @Kevin, yes its good to have a different insight to others ideas, ask Jason for a ”page” when your ready and post them, best of luck mate, its more difficult when you post them for whatever reason.

    @ Michael, The lay price is only applicable if under 11 on betfair the selection qualifies, as long as the 2 BACKS are running!, No bets if 1 back running or less than 5 runners. So yes your correct in what your doing, I am only playing small stake R/F at the moment as no consistency.

  185. Your Comments hi bri thanks for that info .think ill follow my system a bit see how it goes 2 winners yesterday and f/c only 2 out to day first one third ..yes i agree about the weather carnt you adjust your rating to soft ground horses ? just an idear when i get some stake mony will try your system out …be lucky bri

  186. Hi, I have been looking through the threads on this system and all credit to you Brian for sharing it. I am going to paper trade for the next couple of weeks but I am a little unsure on a couple of things.

    1. Do you still back the 2 horses to win if there are non-runners or some of the lay bets are not under 10/1?

    Eg. 2.45pm – Brighton today

    3 non-runners
    Lays – 5,12,8 are all above 10/1

    Would I place win bets on 3 and 2, with the RF and lay no horses?



  187. July 3rd ( When its WET do not BET!)
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    5.00 8,9,7 – 1,2
    5.15 10,5,4 – 3,6
    5.30 10,11,13 – 1,4
    5.45 9,7,4 – 2,8
    7.40 14,5,9 – 8,13
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.45 5,12,8 – 3,2
    3.15 9,10,12 – 3,5
    3.30 7,6,5 – 1,4
    4.00 3,6,1 – 4,5
    4.30 7,6,2 – 1,3
    4.45 6,4,1 – 8,5
    6.40 4,15,10 – 2,5
    7.10 11,12,3 – 1,2
    9.20 10,5,14 – 4,6
    Good Luck
    Official +3.1
    Unofficial -3

    @ Kevin, although there can be many selections, you do not need to use them all or any, its entirely up to you, I give the results doing ALL the selections but cash results are different as I stop most days when I feel its right.

    @ Gary as you are aware my family were bookmakers and I worked for L********, the bookies love ‘multiple bets as its the biggest % profit for them, so your right, single bets that consistently win will get your account reduced.

  188. That’s also where most punters fail Kevin! Going for huge wins on bets like lucky 15s and 31s! It’s hard enough getting winners without having to get 4 or 5 together!
    Gary H

  189. Your Comments hi guys not bad systems but to many most punters go for the big win lol u all agree ,, any way stumbled across this system to day see how it works out 2,15 bri tenancy and scottish vespers …and the f/c as well tenancy and imjin river …scottish vesper and schoolmaster