WIN £200 CASH!!

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This year at BetInfo24 we are running a Cheltenham Fantasy Stable competition where you have the chance to win £200 in Cash!!

Simply choose 5 Jockeys and 5 trainers who you think will excel at this years festival. Points will be allocated for every win......

Rules, Scoring and Prizes

Simply select 1 trainer from each box on the left and 1 Jockey from each box on the right. In total you will have 5 Trainers and 5 Jockeys. Once you have made your selections simply hit the submit button!

How do you score points?

  • Winning jockey - 20 points
  • Winning trainer - 10 points
  • Winning trainer and jockey combo – 10 points
  • Top festival jockey - 30 points
  • Top festival trainer - 30 points


The winner will receive £200 cash! In the event of joint winners, the prize fund will be split equally!!

League Table

A league table will be available on this page from the 1st day of the Cheltenham festival

How much does it cost to play?

BetInfo24 Cheltenham Festival Fantasy Stable is FREE to play.

How do you play Betinfo24 Cheltenham fantasy stable?

Simply pick five jockeys and five trainers from each category who you think will excel at the festival this year, the more winning jockeys and trainers you have the higher you will score. Check the points scoring system below to see how to score points.

Can I enter more than 1 stable?

No, only one stable per person.

When do I have to register by?

Registration closes at midnight on Sunday 8th March 2015.

Can I register Via my mobile device?

Yes. The BetInfo24 website is mobile friendly and you can still access this feature via mobile.

I am under 18, can I still enter

No, BetInfo24 Cheltenham Festival Fantasy Stable is not available to those under the age of 18.

Can I make changes to my stable during the game?

Once you submit your entry your selections will be final. Should any of your selections not participate, you will score points for their replacement. example: A jockey change!

Can I compete with my friends/family/colleagues?

Yes - just make them aware of the competition and you can have your own little battle with family and friends. You could even have a little wager with them on who finishes the highest!

When will scores be updated?

Player points will be updated at the end of each day of racing.

No More Entries

Results table will appear here during the Cheltenham festival

Congratulations to our WINNER Dave Turvey, winning £200!!!! 

Dave Turvey300
Howard Goddard290
Eric O'Driscoll290
Daniel Smelt290
Paul Baker290
Jamie Hughes290
Colin Farrelly290
Rich Kenyon290
Dan Mcdermott290
Scott Corrigan290
Barry Lee290
Eoin McDonnell290
Paul Hutchings290
Dean Prior290
Paul Smith290
Daniel Guoite290
Paul Taylor290
Terry Duffy280
Tony Ryan280
Peter Dixon280
Ian Hogg280
Mark Kilbride280
Stephen Mcgugan270
Tomek Langner270
Jake Perry270
Declan Mansfield270
Chris Goodrum270
Peter St John270
Gavin Dolan270
Pauk Tutt270
Lee Bradley270
Craig Howard270
Craig Winters270
Ben Wiggins270
Michael Booth270
Tim Hollins270
Martin Summers270
Andy Lansbury270
David Samuels270
Daniel Evans270
Mark Britles270
Killian Stockil270
Dan Hanley270
Joe Boyle270
Geraint Williams270
Martin Dowdswell270
Paul Rooney260
Paul Vicary260
Ciaran Fitzsimmons260
Michael Roberts260
Kerrie Ibbotson260
Mike Griffiths250
Nigel Sheldrake230
Steve Durando230
Ryan Powell230
Neil Bower230
Aidan Currie230
Paul Hindmarsh230
John Dickson220
Clinton Cassidy220
Tommy Lawlor220
Craig Bradley200
Martin Meighan200
Jordan Fitzgerald200
George Forbes190
Rob Huxster190
Terry Platt190
John Mcardie190
Gavin Simmonds190
Luke Perry190
Mike Burke180
Bernard Southern180
Chris Stephenson180
Matthew Cunningham170
Paul Darville170
Dave Sloan170
Les Gough150
Brendan Mcavoy150
Adam Murray140
Liam Dye130
Nick Taylor130
John Hardman130
David Allen130
Lianne O'Donnell120
Elva Bosnan120
David Hughes120
Terry Kirby120
Phillip Reed110
David Hughes110
Scott Lamb110
Richard Thompson110
Scott Fairgrieve110
Russell marshall110
Tom Bascombe100
Wayne Lovelock100
Johnny Evans90
Luke Madden90
Aaron Minshall90
John Doherty90
Jack Sayers90
Ashley Perry90
Dean Fitzgerald80
John Smith80
Lee Cooper80
Ian Cross80
Natalie Hollands80
Tracey Doxsey70
Nadine Tate70
Ricky Ross70
Gareth Abbot70
Guy Bryne70
Dan Bull70
Henry Guiry70
Richard Horne60
Martin Masaros60
Dan Rawlings60
Oliver May60
Orfhlaith Gribbon60
Michael Lance60
Jason Chest60
Kelly Ramsay50
Phil Reed50
Matthew Walker50
Marie Moore50
Susan Hogg50
Mark Cadger50
Terry Morey50
John Chapman50
Grant Treviss50
Andrew Sercombe40
Paul Richardson30
Adam Powell30
Matthew Butt30
Mick Parker30
Derek Moar30
Mark Potter30
James Buchanan20
Chris Hawkins20