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From: Mark B.

Ever felt that sinking feeling in your stomach?

I mean the one you get when you lose money to the bookies.

Whether it’s footy, horse racing, or greyhounds, they always seem to have the edge.

Did you know that fat-cat UK gambling firms raked in more than £6 billion in pure profit last year alone?

The fact is, they’ve been profiting for years off the back of hapless gamblers and impulsive punters. 

It hardly seems fair. And that’s because it literally isn’t fair. Bookies go all out to rig the system in their favour.

But what if I told you there was a way for you to even the odds and grab a slice of the pie for yourself?


Let me explain how



How I Beat The Bookies At Their Own Game


I’ve been obsessed with sports betting since I was a teenager.

My dad used to take me down the bookies every few weekends. He wasn’t a big gambler, he just enjoyed the occasional punt on the footy or the horses.

I used to beg him to let me make a bet. He just laughed and told me I was too young.

But one day, after I nagged him all the way to the bookies, he relented and put my very first bet on for me...

Did I win? No! I picked a horse whose name I liked the look of at 20-1, and it didn’t even finish!

But I was hooked. Once I was old enough, I started to place my own bets on a regular basis. 


To begin with, any sport would do.  But eventually, I narrowed it down to a favourite three - horse racing, football, and greyhound racing.

For the first few years of my betting career, I was like most punters - a few wins here, a few more losses there. So believe me, I know full well what it feels like to lose.


But gradually, I started to grind out more wins than losses and began to experience the warm glow that comes with seeing my bank balance grow with each bet, rather than shrink.

Pure luck? No way. There’s no such thing as luck when you place as many bets as I do. Especially when the bookies rig the system.


Don't Rely on Favourites...


A knack, or gut instinct for picking winners? Nope. I don’t believe in that either.

Instead, over time, I started to develop a system. Or in fact, three systems - one each for horse racing, football, and greyhound racing.

And if I can’t tell you the exact specifics of how they work (that’s top secret!!), I can at least give you an idea of what my method is based on.


✅ Careful (some might say obsessive) study of statistics and form books.

✅ Constant watching and listening for insider news that might give me an edge. 

✅ Cold, hard maths for studying bookies odds and looking for opportunities to make a profit

Does my method work?

I’ve absolutely proven that yes, it does.

For the last five years, I’ve made more than a grand a month, averaging around £15,000 a year in pure profit

Over the last 24 months, I’ve made a whopping £38,900, and my profits are around £1.4k per month.


That’s with a modest £1000 starting bank and £20 stakes. 

You can check out the bets I made here.

And you can see my progress below:

Secure Your Place Now

I love the feeling of making money, especially because I know that it’s one in the eye of the big gambling firms.

But I’m not greedy. I want as many people as possible to benefit from my system.

For a couple of years, I ran my own tipster network. It was great. But I didn’t always have the time to find new punters to bring on board - I was too busy working out the best bets to place.

That’s why, since 2019, I’ve teamed up with BetInfo24. With their help, my tips can reach the widest possible audience, and win back as much money as possible from the greedy grasp of the bookies.


In partnership with BetInfo24, I now send out my Daily Sports Betting Sheet.

Every sheet contains the exact bets that I’ll be placing that day, based on my tried and tested system.

So all you have to do is copy my bets. That’s it

Just log into your online bookie and place the same bets that I’ve backed as winners.


Then watch your balance grow, day by day, week by week.

I’m not saying you’ll win every single time. I can’t see the future. (I wish I could…!)

But my strike rate usually holds steady at around 27%. So with more than 1 in 4 bets coming in as winners, you’ll easily make a healthy profit.

To put it another way, imagine if you had a savings account that paid an annual interest rate of 31%

That’s my average ROI (return on investment) across all my bets.

So investing in my system is a bit like having the world’s best savings account. Or owning high-performing shares.

In other words, your bank balance is only going to head in one direction - up

Worried it sounds complicated? It isn’t, I promise you!

Because remember, there’s no need for you to worry about the maths, odds, form, or anything else

You just need to place the bets I do.

Here’s exactly how my Daily Sports Betting Sheet works…


Check your emails every morning, Monday to Saturday, between 9 am and 11 am. You’ll find my betting sheet waiting for you.

It contains the exact bets I’ll be placing myself on that particular day.

Head to your online bookies and copy my bets on football, horse racing, and greyhound racing

Enjoy the rest of your day! You can keep an eye on results and winners if you want to, but there’s no need if you don’t.

At the end of the day, log back into your bookies and check to see how much you’ve won!

Watch your balance grow week by week. 


BONUS: My Daily 3pt Nap Service

Every day, I’ll pick out my top horse racing tip and include it in the DSBS. I put a lot of thought into this one, so make this your first bet when you log into your bookies!


Seems easy-peasy?

That’s because it really is.

In fact, the hardest part is going to be…


Deciding how to spend your winnings!


You could pay off your mortgage that little bit faster…

Treat yourself to that exotic holiday you’ve always dreamed about…

Go part-time and enjoy more leisure activities with your family and friends…

Or… whatever you like! There are a million and one ways to spend the extra cash you’ll earn through DSBS.

We Have You Covered

7 Day Support

With DSBS, you’ll enjoy full email support 7 days a week. If you have questions or run into a problem, just drop send an email, and the team will be happy to help.

Winning Tips

That’s what you’re here for and that’s what you get! With a 27% average strike rate you’ll be able to beat the bookies at their own game!

Money Back Guarantee

I’m 100% confident you’ll be happy with your tips. But if for whatever reason you want to cancel, you can claim all your money back within 30 days, no questions asked.

Super Simple

Open your daily email or access the tips via your member’s area. Place your bets online. Watch your balance grow. It’s really that simple!

Consistent Results

I have been making £1,400+ per month average for the last three years. I made +92pts profit this July and +116pt profit in August. My system shows no signs of slowing down!

Honesty and Integrity

DSBS is part of the Betinfo24 Network. That means all results are fully proofed and verified so you always get a trustworthy service.

The Points System Explained

If you’re new to this kind of service, you might not understand why I sometimes talk about ‘points’ instead of always £££.

It’s simple. Because different people bet different amounts, we translate profits into points so it’s easier to track how people are getting on.

So for example, if you place a £10 bet and make £50, that’s 5pts. But if your friend bet £30, 5pts for him would be £150.

A typical betting day will be between 15-20 pts staked. I suggest you start at £1 or £2 per point stakes until you’re used to the service, but it’s entirely up to you.

Even 50p per point will get you a generous return on your investment! I recommend a starting bank of 200 points.

If you still find this confusing, feel free to ignore it entirely. Just keep following my bets and counting your winnings!

Need more proof that this really works? Take a look at what DSBS members are saying!

Since I started this service, I’ve been bombarded with messages saying “thank you” for my tips.

Honestly, it’s what motivated me to keep going and put in the hard work that goes into DSBS. 

Here are a few snippets from some of the emails I’ve received…

How Much Is This Going To Cost?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of tipsters (or so called tipsters) in this industry who disappear like the wind. 

Luckily, you have finally found a long standing, reliable and profitable tipster that has proven himself over a number of years! 

I want this to be accessible to the true and genuine punters out there!

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That’s compared to the £360 you’d usually pay for a 12-month membership. 

So you’re saving £263, which works out as 73% off!

That’s a pretty fantastic deal, I’m sure you’ll agree.


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This one is for anyone who wants to try out DSBS before they commit.

You’ll get one weeks' worth of my Daily Sports Betting Sheet - 6 in total - for less than a fiver.

At the end of the trial, you can sign up for a full subscription, or walk away if you decide it isn’t for you.

Can’t say fairer than that!


The Clock Is Ticking…


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And that means you’ll have all you need to begin making serious money. You’re welcome!


Yours sincerely,

Mark B.



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You will be sent login details immediately after signing up so that you can access today's selections.

Your FAQs

How are the selections sent?

You’ll get them straight to your inbox via a daily email that arrives between 9 am and 11 am. You can also access them in your BetInfo24 member's section.


How many tips do I get?

Your Daily Sports Betting Sheet will contain up to 10 tips per day, so you’ll receive 250-300 tips per month.


If I need help or support do you provide it?

We certainly do! You can contact us 7 days a week via email, and we’ll always try to get back to you within 24 hours. You can also message us directly from your member’s area.


What is the recommended starting bank?

We recommend a starting bank of 200pts. Our results are calculated at £20 per point level stakes. However a point can be any amount you wish, so you could start with small stakes and reinvest the profits. For an explanation of the points system, see further up the page.


What types of bets do you provide?

DSBS will send you Win, E/W, and ACCAs. Bets range from 'Evens' to 16/1.


How do I cancel my subscription?

All payments are made through ClickBank. which is a secure online merchant account. You can cancel anytime you like by stopping your subscription payment via Clickbank or emailing us directly.


Is this risk-free?

If you are not satisfied with our service, you can get a full refund within 30 days. It’s important to remember that betting isn't risk-free, so only bet what you can afford to lose.


I've followed tipsters in the past and haven't made money. Why should I trust you?

In a nutshell, because my tips get results. You can see a complete breakdown here. Plus, this service has been fully proofed and active on the Betinfo24 network for 3 years and has always achieved great results for our subscribers.

Please Note: Your credit card statement will show a charge by ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM as opposed to a charge directly related to Betinfo24 or the service you have joined.

At Betinfo24, we have a full 30 day money back guarantee in place. Should you be unhappy with the service you have joined then you will be entitled to a no-questions-asked full refund.

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