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+ Receive Our Weekend Banker From Our League 2 Expert WON last week (WON 9 from 13)

Next Round  2nd Dec

Join The BetInfo24 Football Pool Syndicate and massively increase your chances of winning a share of the £800,000 prize jackpot every Saturday!! As you know, picking the correct outcome for 15 games is an extremely difficult task and the odds are hugely stacked against you....

Well with our weekly syndicate we massively reduce the odds by placing hundreds, even thousands of lines to give us many different combinations of results.

If you are serious about winning the £800k Jackpot then this is the only way to give yourself the chance of landing all 15 results!

In October 2019 - We WON £148,836 With 14 Correct Results From 14!!

We only went and did it!!

On Sunday 29th October we were waiting on Osasuna to beat Valencia to land the Jackpot!! the game ended 3-1 and we WON a MASSIVE £148,835.......

YES.... £148,835

Just 1 X £15 share returned £2,325 profit

This was a huge return and members were delighted with the win. Our team produced the goods and the hard work paid off. This really shows the benefits of being involved in a syndicate!!

Had the Nottingham Forest v Reading Game not been abandoned we could have been looking at a whole lot more!!

Buy Shares In Our £800k Football Pool To Massively Increase Your Chances Of WINNING The Jackpot

How It Works And How We Increase Our Chances Of Winning

It's no surprise that the majority of Jackpots are won by syndicates and clubs. The reason is that when you play as part of a syndicate you can place many different lines and combinations which in tern massively increases our chances of winning.

What is the 1x2 15 bet Jackpot?

It's pretty simple, there are 15 football matches each week, you have to pick 1x2 which is either a Home win, Draw or Away Win. If you get all 15 correct then you win the £800k prize, or if there is more than 1 winner then it is shared.

There are also prizes of £20k for 14 correct, £4k for 13 correct, £6k for 13 correct and £8k for 11 correct.

The £800k jackpot is almost out of reach for a single punter, unless they get extremely lucky, as the odds of getting all 15 correct are huge!!

If you were to play alone, it would cost £2 for 1 line and the chances of winning are almost impossible

If you play within our syndicate, you will have hundreds, even thousands of different combinations!

Example Of How It Works

Here is an example if you played a single line, Your chances of getting all 15 correct are minimal.

Here is an example of our syndicate, as you can see, there are many different outcomes. 1536 in fact!

As you can clearly see, we stand a far better chance of winning as a syndicate.... But there is a lot of work that goes into the selection process, and this is why it's impossible to do on your own...

  1. We spend over 20 hours per week studying the matches, if you do not put this work in, you are essentially throwing your money away.
  2. Even if you take on this herculean effort, you will find you need to cover several selections in every race… the size of stake required to fund your ‘perm’ is beyond the reach of individual punters… which means yet again, you risk simply throwing your money away.

Our expert team spends 20-30 hours each week analysing the fixtures, maximising the chances of us picking the correct outcome in all 15 games. Even this does not give us the winning result,  so we have multiple selections in each match (sometimes all 3 outcomes are covered). On average, we spend around £3,000 each week covering our selections.

We cover a huge amount of combinations which you simply wouldn't be able to do on your own!

We Can Even Reduce The Games From 15 to 9 and less:

We can essentially back all 3 outcomes in a number of games, which means instead of trying to get 15 correct, we can reduce it to 10, 9 even 8 games!!

Now you can start to see the power of playing in our syndicate!


What Do I get?

  • You can choose to buy 1x Share £15 | 2x shares £28 | or 3x shares £38
  • You can buy as many share packages as you like
  • We place the bet for you as part of our syndicate
  • The more shares you buy the higher stake of the profits you will receive
  • You will receive all of our selections via email so you can keep track of them
  • Bonus: You also receive our League 2 NAP of the weekend from our expert
  • Lets not forget, this is great fun too


How Much Can I Win?

Here is an example. Lets say we have a stake pot of £1536 which would be 96 share holders (each share is £8). If we won the £800k jackpot, that would be divided by 96, so each share would be worth £8,333. So lets say you had purchased 2 shares, that would give you winnings of £16,666.

All significant winnings would be transferred directly to you

Small winnings will be re-invested on your behalf unless you wanted to withdraw them.

There are no subscriptions or memberships, you simply choose to purchase your shares each week if you wish to do so.

Buy Shares In This Weeks £800k Football Jackpot + You Will Also Receive Our Weekend BANKER From Our League 2 Betting Expert WON again last week(Won 9 from 13)

We landed a share of the jackpot in October - £148,836

Saturday 2nd Dec

(Closes 9pm Friday)

1 X Share = £15

(Equivalent to 4 lines)

2 X Shares = £28

(Equivalent to 8 lines)

3 X Share = £38

(Equivalent to 12 lines)