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A couple of years ago I released my secret Football formula that I use to make a living from football betting. It's a 52 page guide that retailed at £77. If you want to make an income from football then this is a must read for you. I don't know what has come over me but I have just decided to give it away to my BetInfo24 members for free!




Whats Included:

- A complete 52 page guide

- How to make £20k per year betting on Football

- Real life examples

- What to bet on and what not to bet on to profit from football

- How to identify bankers EVERY week!

- 1 simple bet that 99% of punters ignore every week!

- I will reveal a powerful free tool that predicts the outcome of every Premier league with over 75% strike rate

- No confusing betting methods or staking plans


It's Amazing How 99% Of Punters Completely Ignore This Style Of Betting, It's

The Easiest And Most Consistent Way To Profit From Football, And Nobody

Seems To Realise It!


Now its time to change and start betting like the pro's do. Keep it simple, keep it straight and win big!

I'm going to reveal to you everything you need to know on how to make an income through football. There are claims that only 1% of punters actually make money through betting, and to be honest, it's probably true. Now it's time for you to be apart of the 1% club.

Football is a great sport to make tons of cash from. It's the most popular sport in our country and widely published across the media everyday. We have access to a vast amount of information and knowledge.

The benefits are great!

tick You only need to work 30 minutes per week

tick  The selection process is easy

tick  No complicated staking plans, a child could do it

tick  All your profits are Tax FREE, that's correct, no tax to pay whatsoever!

tick  You can do this from anywhere in world, even whilst on the beach.

tick  You do not need to be an experienced gambler, I will show you everything you need to know

tick  You can make as much profit as you like.


I don't need to gone on, Just download the book for free and see for yourself! I really want to create a great community on this blog. So it's only fair that I give you as much quality free stuff as I can. The only favour I ask in return is that you share this with your friends. To gain access to this £77 book for free, simply click one of the social share buttons below to unlock it. You will then have instant access!


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