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  1. As we all know, Williams called the Shanxi team’s soul, he is not only the team’s leading scorer, more importantly, he has a very good offensive team combed. Currently, he averaged 31.7 points, 4.9 rebounds, 3.7 assists and 2.5 steals comprehensive data. In the semifinals against Beijing’s two games, he scored 40 consecutive points. Despite the Shanxi team lost the last game of the Beijing team, but Williams scored 45 points the audience is still commendable. For the game, Williams is determined to win in the first game, the coach Shanxi Yang Xuezeng frozen double foreign aid, sent the whole class play. Although all Chinese classes placing full, but they still lost in the first section of the Beijing team 15 points. The first section of the Shanxi team dug down 15 points behind the pit, but this time live camera pointed at the sidelines for a relaxing massage Marcus Williams in the second quarter of the game, the Shanxi team come double foreign aid, and the team will pin their hopes on Williams’s body. After playing the team he did not live up to the hopes, the first ball hit on assists Ge Zhao Bao cast. But for two consecutive Williams scored 40, the Beijing team apparently made careful preparations. Chen Lei tightly wrapped in Williams, while Morris is also actively defend defense. Williams in a layup, and it was to recover the body under the hood Morris fiercely. But he was not affected, but to stimulate a stronger morale slightly adjusted first assists Pan Jiang Williams hit 21, then he hit the open 3 in the top of the arc. In the next game, Williams arise, Scatter. On the offensive end, he breaks rod layup strong play 21, 45-degree left-wing hit consecutive 3 points. And on the defensive end, he grabbed offensive rebounds in a row also gave Li Xuelin a big hat. With Williams 18 points and four rebounds in the second quarter outstanding performance, 5561, the Shanxi team will be sent out to six points in the crucial third quarter, Williams continued the good condition. Li Xuelin use illegal body foul, he made two free throws, but in the next attack round, he hit a driving layup to help the Shanxi team for the first time ahead score. When the Beijing team again will score gap to seven timeshare, Williams once again stepped forward, he has scored SCIENGE assists Lu Xiaoming and also the use of anti-foul free throws opponent. The third quarter ended, 8890, the Shanxi team will be sent out to 2 points tiebreaker despite drastic changes in the Beijing team crazy double teams, Williams scored status is interrupted. Marbury steals while he was always steady outside shooting and have lost sight. 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    1.45.AINTREE……UP AND GO…………… 115+
    …………………………UTOPIE DESBORDES..121
    2.15………………….SIRE DE GRUGY………..62+
    2.50………………….AFRICAN GOLD…………104+
    …………………………BEARS AFFAIR……………110
    3.25………………….OPENING BATSMAN…..102
    …………………………PROBLEMA TIC…………..82+
    …………………………..ON HIS OWN……………..88
    …………………………..ACROSS THE BAY………..56
    3.0 LINGFIELD…….UNSINKABLE……………..100+

  3. BARRY. My stop system sounded cleverer than it is Iwas just replying to a post from Richard who explained that he had lost£1000 in one day using my staking system. Iam not clever enough on a computer to use robots but as I aim for small daily profit and only back on single bets Icould never get into that situation as my max nunber of bets is 4 I have avery high strike rate from my selections and am content to let profit grow over a period of time.Iwas trying to point oUT to Rajid that single betting may be the way forward for him as he has not been very lucky with multi betting.The selections from William and Matt are very good and when they agree on a result even better this is what I am paper trading at the moment

  4. Norman i am interested in your loss retrevial system staking plan please tell us more particularly about how you set your stop loss for the day.does this mean your tied to your computer all day or have you set this up automatically using robots.
    regards barryx

  5. Richard. trying to help Rajmint by getting him to back single bets and stop when winning.with any staking system you still haveto find winners on a consistant basis and i have used this staking system to some good effect having had 4 accounts closed and another limited. sorry to hear you lost so much in one day that could not happen to me as I filter in a stop losses in any one day.Ithink the selections from william and the speed ratings from matt are consistant when they both agree on a selection and worth paper trading using that or any decent staking system today there were 9 selections the first lost the next 4 won thank you for your comments and good luck.n

  6. Norman that’s a martingdale system and is very dangerous I wiped out a £1000 bank in one day that way.


  8. 3.50 Southwell Even Stevens is now a Non Runner. Please replace with SIX WIVES

    As a result, there is no Best Bet of the Day.
    Sorry about that.

  9. Rajmint Today there are 9 races out of 22 which William and Matts speed ratings agree sould win.Try doing these in single bets and stop when you acheive a profit. Forget lucky 15s and doubles untill you build up your bank.

  10. Hi guys
    just a few selections befors I take my dogs out for a walk


    2.20 Marshland
    2.50 Mediterranean Sea
    3.20 Naalatt
    3.50 Even Stevens/Six wives/Lucky DAN ?????
    4.50 Olynard/Mucky Molly/ Mataajir ????
    5.20 Bentley/ McConnell/ Sofias number one


    2.10 Molon Labe
    2.40 Saroque
    3.10 Wayward Frolic/ Midnight Haze ??
    3.40 Theatrical Star/ Bury Parade ??
    4.10 Himalayan Express/ Noble Ben ??
    4.40 Mountaineer / Gizzit ??
    5.10 Kim Tian Road? Engai/ scales ???
    5.40 Lady from Geneva/ Jupiter Rex ??

  11. Hi William, is your double you tipped last night for Exeter still worth a bet,just wondering why they aren’t in your selections today x

  12. Southwell 14:20 – Marshland – Guishan
    Southwell 14:50 – Stentorian
    Southwell 15:20 – Flashlight – Naalatt
    Southwell 15:50 – Lucky Dan – Gladiatrix
    Southwell 16:20 – Mata Hari Blue
    Southwell 16:50 – Mataajir – Mucky Molly
    Southwell 17:20 – Bonnie Prince Blue

  13. Exeter 14:10 – Samtheman
    Exeter 14:40 – Bygones Sovereign
    Exeter 15:10 –
    Exeter 15:40 – Theatrical Star
    Exeter 16:10 – Robin Will
    Exeter 16:40 – Look For Love – Gizzit
    Exeter 17:10 – Scales
    Exeter 17:40 – Lady From Geneva

  14. My Course of the day

    Kempton 14:00 – Lytham
    Kempton 14:30 – Baron Run
    Kempton 15:00 – Speed Boogie – Keep Kicking
    Kempton 15:30 – Close Together
    Kempton 16:00 – Fleur De La Vie
    Kempton 16:30 – Unlimited
    Kempton 17:00 – Steelcut

  15. Hi Jo

    I just post my own on here. If you look at the following entries there is an explanation

    8.06. 17th march

    11.11. 23rd march

    5.30. 21st march

    So far the system I use has produced 19 tips with 18 wins so long may that continue.

  16. hi Jo i am currently trading through a broker Alpari with a micro account.At the moment i have had my successes and losses overall i have increased my capital by around 40%.I do not trade using binary options or spreadbetting but reconize it as a method of profiting from currency movements.Again if you are interested in trading go to babypips.com fantastic free website.
    regards barryx

  17. Bob where are the up to date football tips here as pn the football tip section it stops at 23 feb? Thanks for direction. Jo

  18. Good morning everyone.

    I will post some more football bets tonight, still to go through injury lists ,suspensions , fall outs, who has a new haircut, bla bla bla.

    Will post them later on but early doors looks some good bets amongst them.

    Good luck with today’s betting.

  19. Barry hi , good to see someone talking about forex here I. Trying to run alongside my other investments and learning at moment , Barry are u managing to be profitable and do u recommend binary options , if so any advice on how best to do these. Cheers

  20. Good morning boys and girls..back today havng worked over the bank holiday..been keeping up with all your posts though and I’m gutted that I haven’t been able to take part in all the activity..William and Bob you’re fab..I have a little theory of my own re: which horses to select so am doing a little paper trading today to see what happens..will let you know in due course what my thoughts are..will be back later with some selections xx

  21. On monday the buy trade audjpy was triggered the market moved against the position and was stop lossed at -20 pips bummer.Paul p if you want to learn about trading forex go to baby pips .com this an excellent web site where you can get free education and learn to trade currencies safely with out wiping out your capital.
    have a good day barryx

  22. todays picks dudes.
    ballinghow star exe 240.
    jupiter rex exe 540.
    elusive hawk s/well 420.
    good luck barryx

  23. Working backshift tomorrow so will post selections before 12.
    Will not be able to see races or check results till late on.

    Good luck to everyone tomorrow.

  24. Bob

    Thanks. Got your email.

    In my Accas there is always 1 horse that lets me down and it is usually the one that should have won.
    Well done to you.

  25. I couldn’t agree more bob. I see that Williams email address came through though so Jason doesn’t seem to concerned

  26. It’s the first one I have ever had up. Your right this is a great forum. I have looked at many and the friendship and help I have received on here is second to none.. To be honest Jason is lucky to have the people on here that he has. I have never been stuck for help form anyone that’s why I do the football tips as well. I pay for them but am happy to share with others as a thank you. The e mails I can understand where Jason is coming from but if for instance I wanted exchange e mails with you to discuss betting ” off” forum, I don’t see any problem provided we went through Jason.. He must have an idea who is who on here and the people genuinely helping each other. Web and forum integrity is essential I can understand that it actually protects us.

  27. Good on ya bob never had a 5 fold come in but I can imagine its amazing and the bet bank must be bugling nicely.
    I understand the point about emails but come on if the tips and systems were producing we wouldn’t need to consider looking for better options. Not that I am looking elsewhere as I am happy to make a little and have some fun. Theirs also chatting to the guys and gals on here which is always interesting and entertaining at times lol

  28. Rajmint

    I compared Williams tips to Matts speed tips and looked for any similarities.. Some win and some lost.. It’s really just guessing on my part and today I guessed right with the accumulator.

  29. Hi Bob I always wanted to put money on Williams tips, but I haven’t got any idea which one select or which kind of bet to put, bob please give me some idea. Really helpful

  30. Hahahah a like it Norman. Yattonred. It’s because I could take e mail addresses and then set up my own tipping service or products and take people away from Jason’s forum. Sort of poaching people. I could be wrong but I think that’s why. Lol

  31. thought email addresses where prohibited, this was why johns tips where stop and would hate to lose william as doing great job with his tips ,might be wrong if am sorry

  32. does any1 have any info on how to trade forex I.e do u need to download ne software for the stop loss and things like that. Ne info would be very much appreciated


  34. Keith panther claw was a decent place return cheers mate.

    William great results again mate keep it up

    To those interested in betfair domination, I have been running it for 4 days and am about even. Some people have been making good returns, but generally it has been hard going for everyone else mainly because of the end of the jump season and start of the flat.

  35. Evening all I must say William ur unbelievable I’ve made quite a bit of money from ur tips over the last few days. Well done

  36. William

    I had one of my best days ever betting today thanks to you my friend ..
    Using your tips I had 3 singles and a 5 fold accumulator come up. And to top it all off, I also had 2 out of 3 winners on Jason’s system. I’m totally speechless.

    Can you do me a favour my friend. I know that Jason does not allow us to exchange e mails now, but can you ask him to give you mine. I would like to send you something from my winnings as an appreciation for all that you do.

  37. Has any 1 signed upto deans service just wondering if it is worth £40 a month also wondering if any1 has some advice on how to start forex trading

  38. :30 Redcar – Phoenix Clubs – 3rd
    3:00 Redcar – Zaplamation- 1st
    4:00 Redcar -Fieldgunner Kirkup – 1st
    4:30 Redcar – Big Johnny D- 3nd

  39. 2:35 Plumpton – Sash Of Honour – 3rd – Whipcrackaway – 4th
    3:05 Plumpton – Venetian Lad – 2nd
    5:05 Plumpton – Absolute Shambles – 2nd
    5:35 Plumpton – Waarid – 2nd

  40. 4:40 Yarmouth – Punditry – 3rd
    3:15 Fakenham – Riddlestown – 1st

  41. 2:20 Warwick – Intense Feeling – 1st
    2:50 Warwick – E/W on Kellys Eye – 3nd
    3:20 Warwick – Prodigality – 1st
    3:50 Warwick – Mysterial – 1st
    4:20 Warwick – Alpine Mysteries- 2nd

  42. 2:10 Huntingdon – Kuda Huraa – 1st
    2:40 Huntingdon – Ubaldo Des Menhies- 2nd
    3:10 Huntingdon – Call It On – 1st- E/W on Trojan Sun- 3rd
    3:40 Huntingdon – King’s Road- 1st
    4:40 Huntingdon – Croco Mister 2nd

  43. Cheers as man it ran well dont know why she took it to front so early it doesn’t run like that it normally comes late near final fence and then pushes on bloody woman !

  44. Hi guys – wonder f you can help me. I see to remember there’s a clever little trick to bet less than £2 on betfair.
    Something about placing 2 bets and one being cancelled to leave the wanted small stake.

  45. 2:35 Plumpton – Sash Of Honour – Whipcrackaway
    3:05 Plumpton – Venetian Lad
    3:35 Plumpton – Turbo Du Ranch – E/W on Inner Steel
    4:05 Plumpton – Laterly
    4:35 Plumpton – Overdante
    5:05 Plumpton – Absolute Shambles
    5:35 Plumpton – Waarid

  46. 2:30 Redcar – Phoenix Clubs
    3:00 Redcar – Zaplamation
    3:30 Redcar – Beckermet
    4:00 Redcar – Classic Colori – Fieldgunner Kirkup – RFC
    4:30 Redcar – Big Johnny D
    5:00 Redcar – Angelo Poliziano – M J Woodward – RFC
    5:30 Redcar – Twilight Pearl

  47. 2:25 Newcastle – Victor Hewgo
    2:55 Newcastle – Matthew Riley
    3:25 Newcastle – Sleep In First
    3:55 Newcastle – Mootabar – E/W on Dickie Henderhoop
    4:25 Newcastle – Mcmurrough – No Planning – RFC
    4:55 Newcastle – Crowning Jewel – Rumble Of Thunder – RFC
    5:25 Newcastle – Quacity
    5:55 Newcastle – Mrs Eff – Mini The Minx – E/W Both

  48. 2:20 Warwick – Intense Feeling
    2:50 Warwick – Dutch Heritage – E/W on Kellys Eye
    3:20 Warwick – Prodigality
    3:50 Warwick – Mysterial
    4:20 Warwick – Alpine Mysteries
    4:50 Warwick – Dancing Primo

  49. 2:05 Yarmouth – Yahilwa
    2:40 Yarmouth – Silver Alliance
    3:10 Yarmouth – Mumeyez – E/W on Minimee
    3:40 Yarmouth – Mudhish – Spin Again – RFC
    4:10 Yarmouth – Smart Spender
    4:40 Yarmouth – Punditry
    5:10 Yarmouth – Young Jackie – E/W on Norwegian Reward

  50. 1:40 Huntingdon – Midnight Belle
    2:10 Huntingdon – Kuda Huraa
    2:40 Huntingdon – Ubaldo Des Menhies
    3:10 Huntingdon – Call It On – E/W on Trojan Sun
    3:40 Huntingdon – King’s Road
    4:10 Huntingdon – Escort’men
    4:40 Huntingdon – Croco Mister
    5:10 Huntingdon – Java Rose

    4.50 YOU MUST KNOW ME.


  52. Morning all

    Just going through the race cards and will put my system selections up soon.

    Time to earn some beer money for the week

  53. Craig it is a good simple system. Some people are up 40pts. I am 13pts down after 7 days. I keep selecting the wrong horse. Well nothing new there as I have been doing it for years!! I wouldn’t put you off as you can make a bob or two from it.

  54. Guys if you are offered a racing tipping service google them and read the reviews this business is full of crooks.This is what makes this website so good as most info is free and we try to help each other sharing our considerable knowledge.
    dont get conned barryx

  55. hey dudes i am currently considering entering the following currency trade.
    buy eurjpy @ 118.75 stop loss 118.59 take profit1 119.75 take profit2 121.25.
    all other trades cancelled.

  56. ROY,

  57. progambler and martin bishop also keeps texting non stop although has poor results please do not respond to their text, you will lose more then you win

  58. hi dudes tommorrows picks.
    duke of clarence warw 450.
    mcmurrough newc 425.
    victor hugo newc 225.
    good luck dudes barryx

  59. Cork 14:45 – Chiltern Hills -2nd
    Cork 15:15 – Whiskey And Rye -2nd
    Cork 16:15 – Roi Du Mee- 1st
    Cork 16:50 – Dul Ar An Ol -3rd

  60. Plumpton 15:00 – Ballyman-2nd
    Plumpton 16:00 – Court Minstrel- 1st
    Plumpton 16:35 – Looking On – 1st
    Plumpton 17:05 – Soutine -2nd
    Plumpton 17:35 – Edes – E/W – NR

  61. Fairyhouse 15:55 – Sammy Black – 1st
    Towcester 14:40 – Doubletoilntrouble- 1st
    Towcester 15:10 – All Annalena – 1st
    Towcester 16:45 – What Of It- 1st
    Towcester 17:15 – Devenish Island- 1st

  62. Musselburgh 14:20 – El Bravo-3rd
    Musselburgh 15:20 – Lightning Launch- 1st
    Musselburgh 15:50 – Mica Mika -4th
    Musselburgh 16:20 – Guising – 1st
    Musselburgh 16:55 – Skytrain- 1st
    Musselburgh 17:25- Greenhead High – 1st

  63. A very happy Easter to all of you… Feel like I’m missing out… At work but catching up on your posts…good luck today x

  64. Saint-Cloud 15:10 – Fairly Fair
    Saint-Cloud 15:40 – Roxy De Vindecy
    Saint-Cloud 16:10 – Estarquefigue

  65. PJN

    I was Gutted with the Burton score…. Everything was spot on for a win,
    Both Burton and Northampton are fighting for a promotion spot to League 1. All to play for and both playing well lower placed opposition.
    Northampton win their game and the Burton players bottle theirs and lose 1-0.. Should have been as easy win for them.

  66. Plumpton 15:00 – Ballyman
    Plumpton 15:30 – Lough Coi
    Plumpton 16:00 – Court Minstrel – E/W on Home Run
    Plumpton 16:35 – Looking On – E/W on Ministry
    Plumpton 17:05 – Soutine
    Plumpton 17:35 – Edes – E/W

  67. Musselburgh 14:20 – El Bravo
    Musselburgh 14:50 – Rio Cobolo
    Musselburgh 15:20 – Lightning Launch
    Musselburgh 15:50 – Mica Mika
    Musselburgh 16:20 – Guising
    Musselburgh 16:55 – Skytrain
    Musselburgh 17:25 – Alpha Tauri – Greenhead High – RFC

  68. Towcester 14:10 – Tracking Time – Dont Be Late
    Towcester 14:40 – Doubletoilntrouble
    Towcester 15:10 – All Annalena – Valrene – RFC
    Towcester 15:40 – Kilvergan Boy
    Towcester 16:10 – Cornish Ice
    Towcester 16:45 – What Of It
    Towcester 17:15 – Devenish Island

  69. Roy – thev reason he tips in small fields is he sends out all the runners to people on his lists.Lets say he has 500 people to send to.He will pick a 5 runner field and send horse 1 to a 100 people,horse 2 to the next 100,etc,etc.

    You can imagine what would happen if the outsider of the field won @ 33/1 can`t you.He`d be the dogs whatsits to those people.

  70. Lay bets
    3.50 muss the bull hayes
    5.25 muss greenhead high
    3.10 tow all annalena
    Ew bets
    2.50 muss hoppys flyer
    3.50 muss lady kashaan
    4.00 plum cloudy bob

  71. Fairyhouse 13:50 – Kingclip
    Fairyhouse 14:25 – Missunited
    Fairyhouse 14:55 – Pride ofthe Parish
    Fairyhouse 15:25 – Pencilhimin – E/W on Whispering Hills
    Fairyhouse 15:55 – Sammy Black – Raise Hell – RFC & Singles
    Fairyhouse 16:30 – Mount Benbulben – Mikael Dhaguenet – RFC
    Fairyhouse 17:00 – Sizing Silver

  72. also ignore texts from racing telegraph,lee bollingbroke,A1racing and tycoon,all CRAP,more losers then winners, once youtext them back and get a tip you are compelled to back it, my advice is do not entertain these tipsters

  73. any one recieving tips from paul jefferys should ignore it he will lose you money, yesterday he tipped shadows lengthen, guess what, it lost in a 3 horse race, always seems to tip in a small field race.

  74. Bob cheers for the football bets mate made a wee profit on acc on the games. I think the burton game was always cursed !

    William good day for you today did you land any acc?

  75. Hi all

    Quick update on the last 2 football results of the weekend

    German Bundesliga
    Bayern Munich vs Hamburger

    Bayern Munich 9 – Hamburger 1
    Bet Won

    Central Coast vs Melbourne Heart

    Central Coast. 2 Melbourne. 1
    Bet Won

    That’s the last of this weekends bets.
    We had – 8 Bets. – 7 won and 1 lost

    The system has now produced in total,

    19 bets with 18 wins and 1 loss.

    I will post more next week if people are still interested in them.

  76. Doncaster 13:20 – Spinatrix – 2nd
    Doncaster 15:05 – Global Village – 2nd
    Doncaster 15:40 – Space Ship-2nd
    Doncaster 16:15 – Snow Trooper -2nd – E/W on – The Lock Master- 3rd
    Doncaster 16:50 – Hillview Boy – 3rd – Star Lahib-2nd
    Doncaster 17:25 – Zaplamation -2nd
    Kempton 13:45 – Hedy – NR
    Kempton 14:55 – Buckland- 1st
    Kempton 15:30 – Strictly Silca-2nd
    Musselburgh 13:50 – Micks Yer Man – 1st
    Musselburgh 15:00 – – Tangerine Trees- 1st
    Musselburgh 15:35 – Newstead Abbey – 1st
    Musselburgh 16:45 – Galician – 3rd
    Musselburgh 17:15 – Rothesay Chancer- 3rd
    Carlisle 14:35 – Aibrean -2nd
    Carlisle 15:45 – Humbie- 1st – E/W on Premier Sagas-2nd
    Carlisle 16:55 – Gleann Na Ndochais -2nd – Classical Mist- E/W on Both
    Carlisle 17:30 -Bobs Lady Tara – NR
    Haydock 14:40 – Mubrook – 3rd
    Haydock 15:15 – Cloudy Too- 3rd
    Haydock 17:00 – Dare Me- 1st
    Haydock 17:35 – Salto Chisco – 1st – Jean De Florette-2nd – RFC
    Newton Abbot 14:45 – Jupiter Rex- 1st
    Newton Abbot 15:20 – Sonoftheking -2nd
    Newton Abbot 15:55 – Falcon Island – 3rd
    Newton Abbot 17:40 – Cevaro – Loyaute- 1st – RFC

  77. Hi all

    Quick update on 2 more football results,

    That’s the two English games just finished.

    UK League Two
    Burton vs Chesterfield

    Burton 0. Chesterfield 1
    Bet Lost

    ( Gutted with this result)

    UK Premiership
    Manchester City vs Newcastle Utd

    Man city 4. Newcastle 0

    The system has now produced

    17 bets. 16 wins. 1 loss.

  78. thx for that info anita,ive been quiet lucky hes nearly 7 and first time hes needed treatment so ive been lucky really,altho id sell the house for him if he needed it, ty tc

  79. Afternoon everyone..just got in busy doing housey stuff today so no bets, havent even had time to have a look through thecards for todayy, back tomorrow hopefully unless theres unexpected visitrs..sa man I hope your dog is Ok..vet bills a nightmare..the best insurance for a dog like a shepherd is John Lewis, 10,000 a year cover every year. Had to shop around myself when my lab got sick..most policies only have a certain amount for the whole lifetime and its not enough. x

  80. hi can anyone help, put bet on lincoln friday before the lincoln was cancel left my bet as it was global village which came 2nd when to collect at william hill told my bet was void has anyone heard of this

  81. Hi wizzy sorry my friend.
    The treble and trixie together usually bring the odds up to nearer the 80% ROI mark.
    I will put more bets up next week

  82. Hi Bob,

    I went for the win in both the German Liga 3 games as the odds on double chance were just not worth taking.

    Unfortunately, I’m out! Good luck to anyone that had the double chance though.

  83. Hi everyone,

    Quick update on more football results,

    That’s two of the German games just finished. (Hopefully you went with my 1X home win/draw recommendation.)

    Germany 3-Liga
    Arminia Bielefeld vs Darmstadt

    Armenia. 0 Darmstadt. 0
    Bet Won

    Karlsruher vs Stutt. Kickers

    Karlsrucher. 3 Stutt kickers. 0
    Bet. Won

    On top of last nights 2 winners, that’s us 4 bets 4 wins so far.
    4 more games on this afternoon so fingers crossed.

    The system has now produced

    15 bets with 15 wins.

  84. My Scoop6 for today

    1.55 – Ocean Tempest ( 10)
    2.40 Cloudy Bob ( 5)
    2.55 – Buckland ( 5)
    3.05 – Chapter Seven ( 3)
    3.15 – Cloudy Too ( 2)
    3.50 – Rouge Et Blanc ( 2)

  85. Doncaster 13:20 – Spinatrix
    Doncaster 13:55 – Yojimbo – Ocean Tempest — E/W on Both
    Doncaster 14:30 – Regal Parade
    Doncaster 15:05 – Global Village – Chapter Seven– E/W on Both
    Doncaster 15:40 – Space Ship
    Doncaster 16:15 – Snow Trooper – E/W on – The Lock Master
    Doncaster 16:50 – Hillview Boy- Star Lahib
    Doncaster 17:25 – Zaplamation
    Kempton 13:45 – Hedy
    Kempton 14:20 – Robin Hoods Bay
    Kempton 14:55 – Buckland
    Kempton 15:30 – Strictly Silca
    Kempton 16:05 – Belgian Bill – Dance And Dance – RFC
    Kempton 16:35 – My Son Max – Crew Cut — RFC & E/w on Both
    Kempton 17:10 – Ready – Red Refraction — RFC
    Musselburgh 13:50 – Micks Yer Man
    Musselburgh 14:25 – Lupin Pooter
    Musselburgh 15:00 – Hamish McGonagall – Tangerine Trees – RFC
    Musselburgh 15:35 – Newstead Abbey – E/W on – Fraserburgh
    Musselburgh 16:10 – Hawdyerwheesht
    Musselburgh 16:45 – Galician
    Musselburgh 17:15 – Rothesay Chancer
    Carlisle 14:00 – Rupert Bear
    Carlisle 14:35 – Aibrean
    Carlisle 15:10 – Ajman
    Carlisle 15:45 – Humbie – E/W on Premier Sagas
    Carlisle 16:20 – Forty Crown – Gwladys Street
    Carlisle 16:55 – Gleann Na Ndochais – Classical Mist- E/W on Both
    Carlisle 17:30 -Bobs Lady Tara
    Haydock 14:05 – Rhum
    Haydock 14:40 – Ultimate – Mubrook – Lifetime – E/W
    Haydock 15:15 – Cloudy Too
    Haydock 15:50 – Rouge Et Blanc – E/W on Reginaldinho
    Haydock 16:25 – Big Society – E/W on Smadynium
    Haydock 17:00 – Dare Me
    Haydock 17:35 – Salto Chisco – Jean De Florette – RFC
    Newton Abbot 14:10 – Tolkeins Tango – Lost Legend – RFC
    Newton Abbot 14:45 – Jupiter Rex
    Newton Abbot 15:20 – Sonoftheking – Cloudingstar – RFC
    Newton Abbot 15:55 – Falcon Island
    Newton Abbot 16:30 – Majestic Bull
    Newton Abbot 17:05 – Backstreet Billy
    Newton Abbot 17:40 – Cevaro – Loyaute – RFC
    Cork 14:35 – Eusepio
    Cork 15:10 – Inxile
    Cork 15:40 – Bainne – Lady Giselle – RFC
    Cork 16:10 – Cheval Rouge
    Cork 16:45 – Davanti
    Cork 17:15 – Maundy Money
    Cork 17:45 – Frozen North

  86. Morning all, I also received text tips from
    10 Star Nap. Mount Gunnery. Warren Greatrex
    Westland Point the second one due today, a job jockey called Steve who wants odds to bets for info. Free trial for 1 month worth £250 from U K Racing which I can’t remember asking for, its supposed to start today but haven’t anything yet. I also received a text from Form Expert (Jonathon) today, Meydan 2-25 Lines of Battle plus a circular from Private Investors promising huge returns. Has anyone else received simular?

    Manesh…further to NOB ROTHMAN he will keep on at you and has probably flogged your details on, I believe he is in cahoots with
    LEE BOLLOCKSBROKE, you will soon find out if you start to get texts from him. Be strong

    Hi LARRYD Friday has come and gone don’t like to bang on but any news of your staking plan …regards

    I hope you all have a Happy Easter and a prosperous one at that, I have had a lucky escape the Mother-in-law was due on a flying visit but it was cancelled as her broomstick is in for its MOT!!!!

  87. 4.10 contador, mogoks,desire 12/1 ew
    4. 50 seal soul master sf
    5.30 emirates links, n again chance 20s,
    thats the lot gl

  88. Fantacise,Muss 3-35 missed this earlier,again R Fahay was with B J Meeham
    to recap

    Farlow 1.20 Doncaster
    Garde Cotiere 1.55 Doncaster
    Fantacise 3.35 Musselburgh

    All first time out for new trainer
    with good strike rate

  89. I fancy the following in a little cheeky acc

    Our Jonathan
    Canary wharf
    Gladys street

    Ew fingers crossed

  90. My Asian handicap prem games

    Sunderland +0.75 evens
    Reading +1.75 4/5
    Newcastle +1.5 5/6
    Norwich +0.5 5/6
    Stoke +0.75 evens

    Good luck everyone.

  91. 12.15 mayonna,arcetri pink,favs cant see past them really,
    12.55 jimmi choo,kings soldier 25/1 place
    1.30 cherry on cake,blu route,hawker,im doing a combi tc myself
    2.10 slumdog
    2.50 cherry on top, orrators, do you remember combi fc for me
    3.30 top 3 again im afraid,gitiano,war horse,tellina.
    sort the rest out later gotta get some bets on gl

  92. Im testing a new system. These are the ones I like for today:

    2-20 kem Robin Hoods Bay
    3-05 don Esthibaak
    3-00 mus Marys Daughter
    3-15 hay Shoegazer
    3-50 hay Noble Legend
    4-10 mus Hawdyerwheesht

  93. yes we are pete i just got in had to take my german shepherd to vets so hoping to win some today cover the bill lol. give me half hour plz. and thx to all the posts re yesterday ty

  94. Farlow.was with R M Beckett,this is frist run for R Fahay who as a good record with first time runners from other trainers

  95. Morning everyone.Not here til about 10 tonight so will have to miss out on the 0-0 ht thingy.

    Just had a text off Jonathan(form expert) who has given LINES OF BATTLE 2-25 Meydan.

    Do with it what you want cos I`ve never heard of him.

  96. happy easter for today.
    jupiter rex newt 245.
    lost legend newt 219.
    micks yer man muss 150.
    mental mey 520.
    good luck dudes barryx

  97. Good morning all

    Got a tip for

    3.35 mussleburgh. — Fraserburgh
    (good price for each way/place)

    My last tip bombed so my tips might be worth actually
    Lay betting instead of backing !!!

    If this one turns out to be a donkey dressed like a horse again, its my last horse tip and I promise no more..lol

  98. Morning Dave..I bet on Teaforthree ages ago, that should help you make up your mind..i.e go for either of the other 2 x

  99. Hi All has anybody looked at national?
    Cant make my mind up on three horses.
    Teaforthree, across the bay, tofino bay.

  100. Bob good results I have them in an English treble and others 5 timers wish I had gone for the acc. You made you picks for tomorrow horses wise?

  101. That’s why I suggest the double chance to reduce the sweating lol. Wait until tomorrow and hopefully you will be 7 up waiting on the 8th then you will know about sweating my friend . Off to finish this bottle of red… Before I open the next one of course lol catch up tomo

  102. Ah I know bob ffs I picked 10 winners in footie today n have nothing to show for it!!!!!
    Had them in 3 bets ill be honest was using 2 diff apps n only realised today I had done it but was pretty confident Leicester would win
    Usually never put the same teams in diff bets…

    Nhampton n PSG made us sweat for a while…

  103. Lol Leo lesson learned never use the same team
    On 5 bets my friend. Your better picking other teams
    So that if one dips you get something back.
    2 down 6 to go for the 8 timer fingers crossed.

  104. Leicester screwed me over for 3 different 5 timers tonite… I know I know why did I have them in the 3 diff bets but was certain they would win n prob would have only for having a man send off in the first 5 mins ffs….

    Got my money back on the bets through willy hill but disappointed!!!

    Bob, 8 timer is still alive lol!!!!

  105. Hi all

    Quick update on tonight’s football results,

    UK League Two
    Northampton vs Torquay.

    Northampton 1 Torquay 0
    Bet Won

    France Ligue 1
    Paris SG vs Montpellier

    PSG 1 Montpellier 0
    Bet Won

    At least that’s another double up for us.
    System so far has now produced

    13 Bets with 13 wins.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s games.

  106. saman Not to terrible I managed to back national forest and desert breeze only wish I had done rfc as it paid over £100.also backed the other winners so finished with a profit. Thanks for posting and good luck for Tommorow.!!

  107. Many thanks sa man for tips today you say not the best but with a combination of singles doubles trebles and accas and a few punts thrown in turned a nice profit today many thanks bring on tommorrow

  108. 11.40 major mcdonald, 1st
    12.10 cavalar, nowhere
    12.45 valvada, nr, danavano 2nd
    1.25 skippy john, 2nd
    2.05 strike alight, 3rd
    2.40 hazel jay 1st
    3.15 national forest 1st,desert breeze 2nd
    3.40 royal denise, nowhere
    4.15 breeze by 1st
    4.50 corredor 1st
    5 25 king neptune, nowhere
    6.00 cherry tripper, nowhere
    6.35 put kettle on, nowhere, flitter 3rd
    7.10 trimontium 2nd, golden dynasty 3rd
    gotta be honest that was terrible,but tomorrows another day.

  109. Anybody interested in doing the 0-0 ht thingy I just done this 4-fold.


    They are short prices so this might suit everyone.

  110. sorry greyville
    3.40 royal denise
    4.15 breeze by
    4.50 corredor
    5 25 king neptune
    6.00 cherry tripper
    6.35 put kettle on
    7.10 trimontium gl guys, hagd

  111. 11.40 major mcdonald, 1st
    12.10 cavalar, nowhere
    12.45 valvada, nr, danavano 2nd
    1.25 skippy john, 2nd
    2.05 strike alight, 3rd
    not pleased with that tbh,next 2 are hard races too

  112. Leo

    Good luck with your acc. I have one as well

    Nothing ventured nothing gained. I usually just do trebles and trixie.. Give it a try this weekend

    Fingers crossed

  113. no result will stand i think, takes a pecentage of payouts not to sure tho, dan 2nd valvada classed as nr i think

  114. Sa man,

    What do u base your tips on if u don’t mind me asking… Not much info to go on on William hill Around 3 words for every horse lol….

  115. if you want some better odds/value
    12.10 curly locks, izaanazama
    12.45 danavano our dizzy emblem
    1.25 crytal kirsten, silverano
    2.05 victor sylvestor
    2.40 la salle
    3.15 desert breeze

  116. fairview picks today
    11.40 major mcdonald
    12.10 cavalar
    12.45 valvada
    1.25 skippy john
    2.05 strike alight
    2.40 hazel jay
    3.15 national forest

  117. and same at greyville
    3.40 nicholson finding 10/1 storm coat 25/1
    4.15 surprise me 16/1
    6.35 flitter 10/1
    7.10 golden dynasty 10/1

  118. hi good morning,gl
    some long odds horses to keep an eye on today,not necessarily back.
    11.10 fathom five 28/1
    12.10 curly locks 12/1 izaanazama 14/1
    1.25 crystal kirsten 12/1
    2.05 victor sylvestor 10/1

  119. Bob,
    I did your selections too but I’m greedy I did them all to win lol…. Just a £2 Acca…. Good return on that too if lucky but did it for an interest n kept the money small…

    Yeah the footie is crazy at times esp the foreign footie, some of the results are ridiculous at times…. like last nite 2 nil up n conceded 91st n 93rd lol…..

  120. Good morning every one, I got a free tip from a football site , their strike rate is 20%. Crystal palace,crawely,Rotherham to win treble 11/2

  121. Know what you mean Leo.Had u2.5gls in the S Korea game this week.The score was 1-1 and I thought that was it at the 92nd min.Not f#&5 likely.Korea scored in the 97th min!!!

  122. Yeah duff result Alrite lol!!!!! Couldn’t believe it was only returning about 2/1 but was gonna be 15 quid for horses tomo…

    Have to delve back into the bank unless footie bets touch today

    C Palace
    N’ hampton

    B’ mouth
    Derry city
    Derby……. £5

    Good return on both if successful!!!!

  123. What about this for luck… Did 2 games in play Brazilian league…. Both teams winning 2-0 n 2-1 at 89 min mark,..

    The team winning 2-0 conceded twice in injury time… You couldn’t make that up ffs!!!!!!

  124. evening all audusd buy trade triggered today and got stop lossed -17 pips market then reversed and trended higher typical.still you cannot stress importance of money management when financial trading.cypriot fiasco weighing heavily on markets.
    goodnight godbless barryx

  125. Dundalk 17:50 – Collingwood – 2nd- Hes Got Rhythm- crap – E/W both
    Dundalk 18:20 – Pearl Of Africa – 2nd
    Dundalk 18:50 – Maundy Money – crap
    Dundalk 19:20 – Kalacan- crap
    Dundalk 19:50 – Toberton – 3rd
    Dundalk 20:20 – Fairylike- crap – E/W on Wrekin Rock- 2nd
    Dundalk 20:50 – Denny Crane – Tribes And Banner – E/W both – crap
    Dundalk 21:20 – Buccaneer Bob- 1st

  126. Bad night for the 1 2 3 at Newcastle tonight, but that’s the way it goes Keith we have had some good days!

  127. Oo la la rattonred,a bad day in office,only put on here for those who wanted to know,I take it you didn’t so get back in your box and close the lid.

  128. Thanks Mark and to evreyone on here for the feedback.
    Hope to improve the selection process for the flats.

    Better luck tomorrow I hope.

  129. I didn’t mean any offence Bernard, but if you know it’s crap what’s the point in telling people? You will not help people on here, that are new and are not aware of these types of people. So climb back in your box and loose the attitude.

  130. Totally dun in today…must be work..will be back tomorrow bright and brezzy..good luck with everyone betting on th edogs..same about the acca William I could do with a week/end in Dublin..take care all x

  131. Bob I like it and sounds like a splendid idea. We could all pull sickies for the punchestown or aintree festivals? Come on William we need a break away

  132. Thank you for reply William, you are a credit to this site.
    Ive followed your selections by aiming to win a certain amount daily, it doesn’t take long before I reach it.

    Discipline is a must because I trust your selections.

    Many thanks

  133. If we all get Williams tips up tonight why don’t we ALL go to Dublin. Have a horses weekend treat for him on us. AND a few drinks of course.

  134. I have got to say beware of all these tipsters the latest one filling my paper bin is Colin Brown had a few from him lately! The only one I have ever done any good with was Kevin Booth’s Isiris.

  135. Bernard I’m not what results you have had with him but generally the feeling on the site is that he churns out crap and you may win or place a few but you get rich.

  136. Ditto Bob..if it happens William I’ll also contribute to a fab week ( why only the weekend)to a plce of your choosing except monte carlo !!!! Bummer about your other results today just saw your post v sorry

  137. Just got in for the 5.40 at Southwell..bloody Dr and Always Bold…never mind lets hope Williams acca comes in that would be lovely xxx

  138. Wolverhampton 13:40 – Silcas Dream – 1st – Alhaarth Beauty – 2nd – RFC – Won
    Wolverhampton 14:10 – Annaley My Darling – crap
    Wolverhampton 14:40 – Mazij- 1st
    Wolverhampton 15:15 – Murcar – Mcbirney – RFC- crap
    Wolverhampton 15:50 – High Troja – 2nd
    Wolverhampton 16:20 – Ishikawa – 1st
    Wolverhampton 16:55 – Qeethaara – 3rd- E/W on Local Singer – 2nd
    Wolverhampton 17:25 – This Ones For Eddy- 3rd
    Ffos Las 13:50 – Regal County – crap
    Ffos Las 14:20 – Qualviro – Bamboleo – RFC – crap
    Ffos Las 14:50 – Waltzing Tornado- 1st
    Ffos Las 15:25 – Bellflower Boy- crap
    Ffos Las 16:00 – Stow – 4th
    Ffos Las 16:30 – Sankyouplease – crap
    Ffos Las 17:05 – Crannaghmore Mist – crap
    Clonmel 14:00 – The Crafty Butcher – 1st
    Clonmel 14:35 – Coolnagorna Giggs – 2nd
    Clonmel 15:05 – Pretty Happy- crap
    Clonmel 15:40 – Chasing Shadows- crap
    Clonmel 16:15 – Rubert- 2nd
    Clonmel 16:45 – Hillman – 3rd- Killcara Boy – RFC- crap
    Clonmel 17:20 – Ellaway Rose
    Southwell 14:25 – No No Mac – Pastoral – RFC- crap
    Southwell 14:55 – The Foxs Decree – 1st- Billy Cuckoo – 3rd
    Southwell 15:30 – Red Not Blue – 3rd- Ostland – RFC – crap
    Southwell 16:05 – Pampelonne – 4th
    Southwell 16:35 – Annas Arch- 1st
    Southwell 17:10 – Natural Spring- 1st
    Southwell 17:40 – Dr Livingstone – 2nd- Always Bold – RFC- crap
    Ludlow 14:30 – Descaro – 1st
    Ludlow 15:00 – What A Warrior- 1st
    Ludlow 15:35 – Midnight Appeal – 2nd- Dunlough Bay- 1st – RFC – Won
    Ludlow 16:10 – Niceonefrankie- crap
    Ludlow 16:40 – Leviathan- crap
    Ludlow 17:15 – Explained- crap
    Ludlow 17:45 – Rumbury Grey – 2nd

  139. Ok William that’s my 4 fold on for tonight. Good return for £2 I must say.

    Here is the deal. If I actually win the estimated £8,913.73. I will treat you plus 1 other to a weekend in Paris.

    If i loose you treat me ? Does that sound fair hahahah

    Good luck my friend make this a happy Easter

  140. Ok for me so far.

    Hope you didn’t work too hard.

    I am working tonight

    15 hour shift.
    Then off till Tuesday.

  141. Hello boys I’m back from work and straight onto the computer to see what I’ve missed…alot by the looks of things William..how are things going today for everyone x

  142. Well I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you William. That would be an amazing bank holiday weekend result

  143. Putting an ACCA on for tonight

    Dundalk 18:20 – Pearl Of Africa
    Dundalk 18:50 – Maundy Money
    Dundalk 19:20 – Kalacan
    Dundalk 19:50 – Toberton

    Accumulator (4)
    Acc. Odds: 7616.00 for £1 E/W stake.
    Of course they all have to win for that.

    I hope

  144. Dundalk 17:50 – Collingwood – Hes Got Rhythm – E/W both
    Dundalk 18:20 – Pearl Of Africa
    Dundalk 18:50 – Maundy Money
    Dundalk 19:20 – Kalacan
    Dundalk 19:50 – Toberton
    Dundalk 20:20 – Fairylike – E/W on Wrekin Rock
    Dundalk 20:50 – Denny Crane – Tribes And Banner – E/W both
    Dundalk 21:20 – Buccaneer Bob

  145. William youre doing well again today mate I hope the unhappy bookies will be handing over a few shillings

  146. Leo- click on the 2 horses you want to do and they`ll appear in a separate box to the right.At the bottom of the box there`s a heading of `Forecasts/Tricasts`.Under that is the names of your 2 horses and immediately under them is 2 green boxes with `straight & reversed forecast`in them.

  147. Mark

    I wrote my own software.
    It combines speed ratings, Ranking, jockey-trainer combination,CD winner, and a few other stats.
    My software checks the internet for all the ratings and predicts 2-3 horses that are likely to win. That is where the RFC comes from.
    Sometimes there is only 1 horse that stands out in a race.

  148. William, are your selections through form study or system??
    Im sure you have been asked many times but very impressed with them.
    Kind Regards

  149. Can’t do them on William hill n just wanted to know was it worth while to start using a site that does the forecasts …

    Yeah a win is a win

  150. With forecasts is it just like a double.. The first race at wolves for ex.. 11/10 winner n 9/4 second… What kind of return do u get on that for a forecast or a RFC?

    Well done William by the way

  151. Bad day yesterday!!! Hoping for better today

    2.55 stormyisland ahead
    Thomas junior
    Fosters road
    Beau select

    2.55 billy cuckoo
    3.30 lucky landing
    4.35 mashaari

    4.10 henry hook
    4.40 pearls legend
    5.15 bravo bravo

  152. afternoon bob fingers crossed for today.

    Afternoon William good luck with the system today. At least the weather has held for some decent racing today.

  153. HI ANITA,



  154. Harry


    Try this when you go to the site

    Click Football
    Double chance
    Scroll to man city game double chance bet is there

    Hope this helps you

  155. HI ANITA,



  156. Harry. I just checked sky bet for the ones I listed.
    Best way to check is use an online site like oddschecker.com. Put in the double chance bet you fancy and odds checker will give you the bookies with best odds and a link. Then try the treble with them .
    Some bookies don’t offer double bets because its advantage us and bookies don’t like that lol

  157. Ludlow 14:30 – Descaro
    Ludlow 15:00 – What A Warrior
    Ludlow 15:35 – Midnight Appeal – Dunlough Bay – RFC
    Ludlow 16:10 – Niceonefrankie
    Ludlow 16:40 – Leviathan
    Ludlow 17:15 – Explained
    Ludlow 17:45 – Rumbury Grey

  158. Ok folk this is my confirmed list of football bets for
    This weekend, there are 2 additional games I have added.

    My Recommendation is double chance home win / draw. 1X for all the games (that offer it.). A treble and trixie on a random pick of 3 teams last night returned 1.46 and 1.42. A straight forward home win treble on Northampton burton and Armenia returned 5.52. Just to show you differences. Fingers crossed for this weekend.

    29th March

    UK League Two Northampton vs Torquay

    France Ligue 1 Paris SG vs Montpellier

    30th March

    UK League Two Burton vs Chesterfield

    Germany 3-Liga Arminia Bielefeld vs Darmstadt

    Germany 3-Liga Karlsruher vs Stutt. Kickers

    Germany Bundesliga Bayern Munich vs Hamburger

    UK Premiership Manchester City vs Newcastle Utd

    Australian-A-League Central Coast vs Melbourne Heart

  159. Morning have used tips from all of you good people for a couple of months thanks very much for your hard work….new to this game so still learning but today I’ve got a couple for you 3.15 wolvohampton fosters road 9/4 and a double Silcas dream 1.40 wolvo with fosters road ….. Good luck

  160. Good morning all

    If any of you have a spare few shillings try this wee tip I got

    Ghost Opera 2.25. Southwell Was 30/1. A small place way bet might be a bit of fun for today

  161. Wolverhampton 13:40 – Silcas Dream – Alhaarth Beauty – RFC
    Wolverhampton 14:10 – Annaley My Darling
    Wolverhampton 14:40 – Mazij
    Wolverhampton 15:15 – Murcar – Mcbirney – RFC
    Wolverhampton 15:50 – High Troja
    Wolverhampton 16:20 – Ishikawa
    Wolverhampton 16:55 – Qeethaara- E/W on Local Singer
    Wolverhampton 17:25 – This Ones For Eddy
    Ffos Las 13:50 – Regal County
    Ffos Las 14:20 – Qualviro – Bamboleo – RFC
    Ffos Las 14:50 – Waltzing Tornado
    Ffos Las 15:25 – Bellflower Boy -&
    Ffos Las 16:00 – Stow
    Ffos Las 16:30 – Sankyouplease
    Ffos Las 17:05 – Crannaghmore Mist
    Clonmel 14:00 – The Crafty Butcher
    Clonmel 14:35 – Coolnagorna Giggs
    Clonmel 15:05 – Pretty Happy
    Clonmel 15:40 – Chasing Shadows
    Clonmel 16:15 – Rubert – &
    Clonmel 16:45 – Hillman – Killcara Boy – RFC
    Clonmel 17:20 – Ellaway Rose
    Southwell 14:25 – No No Mac – Pastoral – RFC
    Southwell 14:55 – The Foxs Decree – Billy Cuckoo
    Southwell 15:30 – Red Not Blue – Ostland – RFC
    Southwell 16:05 – Pampelonne
    Southwell 16:35 – Annas Arch
    Southwell 17:10 – Natural Spring
    Southwell 17:40 – Dr Livingstone – Always Bold – RFC

  162. 2.40 Wolves
    Mazij (1)/ Lady Of Burgundy (2)

    2.50 Fsos
    Billybo (5)/ Waltzing Tornado (6)

    1.40 Wolves
    Silca’s Dream (5)/ Alhaarth Beauty (6)

    Forcast Patent (Singles, Doubles, Treble)

    5.15 Ludlow Esteem
    4.10 Ludlow The Chazer
    4.20 Wolve Brown Pete
    3.05 Clom Faranadooney
    E/W Lucky 15

    2.40 Wolve Mazij (Nap)
    4.20 Wolve Ishikawa (NB)
    Singles & Double

  163. hey anita you have been busy i will have to extend my mortgage to back that lot.
    good luck with your picks.

  164. A very good morning to everyone..my selection today:


    1.40 A J Cook ew/ Alhaarth Beauty place
    2.10 Annalay my darling ew
    2.40 Mazij ew
    3.15 Murcar ew/ Marmas ew
    3.50 Open letter ew
    4.20 Exceed expectations ew/ honey of a kitten place
    4.55 maz ew/ tooley woods place
    5.25 crucis abbey ew

    Ffos las

    1,50 Ball rone ew
    2.20 stony road ew
    2.50 stormy island ahead ew/billybo place
    3.25 firebird flyer ew
    4.00 Den of Iniquity/the bear trap ew
    4.30 in the gate ew
    5.05 garnnaghmore mist ew


    2.00 tudor fashion/the crafty butcher ew
    2.35 Andiamos ew
    3.05 cheap as chips ew
    3.40 back in a tic/chasing shadows
    4.15 immediate response ew
    4.45 killcara boy ew
    5.20 angel chorus ew


    2.30 malaise lad ew
    3.00 what a warrior ew
    3.35 midnight appeal ew
    4.10 nice one frankie/cootehill ew
    4.40 leviathan/seventh sky ew
    5.15 market option ew
    5.45 the general lee ew


    5.50 slipper orchid/collingwood ew
    6.20 zadawan/rose angel ew
    6.50 esytopolishadiamond ew/Maundy money place (why not!!)
    7.20 beart ew
    7.50 toberton ew
    8.20 raydari ew
    8.50 asian wing ew/ denny crane place
    9.20 noah webster ew

    All the very best of luck today folks x

  165. todays picks.
    niceonefrankie lud 420.
    what a warrior lud 300.
    qalinas ffosl 400.
    wednesday http://www.speedratings gave the following winners for the lingfield meeting.
    homeboy evens.
    you da one very short.
    billy red 6/1.
    thecornishcowboy 10/1.
    definately a useful aid in making your selections and carrying the war to the bookies.
    good luck dudes barryx.

  166. todays picks.
    niceonefrankie lud 420.
    qalinas ffosl 400.
    what a warrior lud 300.
    wednesday i suggested using the ratings given on http://www.speedratings.net to aid selection i used only lingfield and they correctly gave the following winners.
    homeboy evens.
    you da one very short.
    billy red 6/1.
    the cornish cowboy 10/1.
    if matts system is based on similar info it could be good for us all in the war against the nasty bookies.
    be lucky barryx

  167. Hi Bijumon your post looks very impressive and scary..do you ever win anything from the and do you rather do patents than accumulators x



  169. Hi bijumon,

    Do u advise e/w on the individual bets?

    If yes, do you prefer to bet on races that pays 3 places?


  170. HI ALL


    1 Alhaarth Beauty 1.40 Wolverhampton
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds SP To Run
    2 Lady Of Burgundy 2.40 Wolverhampton
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 4.50 To Run
    3 Mcbirney 3.15 Wolverhampton
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds 3.75 To R

    Ishikawa 4.20 Wolverhampton
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 4.50 To Run
    2 Munaawib 4.55 Wolverhampton
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 10.00 To Run
    3 Justcallmehandsome 5.25 Wolverhampton
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 8.00 To Run

    Ishikawa 4.20 Wolverhampton
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 4.50 To Run
    2 Munaawib 4.55 Wolverhampton
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 10.00 To Run
    3 Justcallmehandsome 5.25 Wolverhampton
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 8.00 To Run

    1 Bellflower Boy 3.25 Ffos Las
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds 2.75 To Run
    2 Western Xpress 4.30 Ffos Las
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To Run
    3 Crannaghmore Mist 5.05 Ffos Las
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds SP To

    1 Pastoral 2.25 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To Run
    2 Roi De Garde 2.55 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To Run
    3 Masterful Act 3.30 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To

    1 Shivalric 4.05 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To Run
    2 Mashaari 4.35 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To Run
    3 Dubaianswer 5.10 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To

    1 Dr Livingstone 5.40 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To Run
    2 Descaro 2.30 Ludlow
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds SP To Run
    3 Elenika 3.00 Ludlow
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds SP To R

    1 Canadian Diamond 4.40 Ludlow
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 8.00 To Run
    2 Bravo Bravo 5.15 Ludlow
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/4 Odds 8.00 To Run
    3 Lightening Style 2.00 Clonmel
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To

    1 Faranadooney 3.05 Clonmel
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To Run
    2 Rubert 4.15 Clonmel
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds SP To Run
    3 Bennys Girl 5.20 Clonmel
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 28/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP T




  171. following currency trades cancelled.
    usdcad 1.0150.
    gbpaud 1.4680.
    new trade buy audusd @1.0415 stop loss 1.0398 take profit 1.0485.
    back in morning with gee gees goodnight godbless barryx

  172. William indeed I’m hoping that things can turn around and I’m tempted to go back to a decent place system I have. Then just have a cheeky bet on others now and then. This gambling lark is never going to make me rich lol

  173. You have to pick 6 dogs in 6 selected races to finish first or 2nd it’s done to a £1 stake so tonight it paid £7.90 per £1 stake so if you staked £10 you would have won £79.00 the kitty is £10k so if you are the only winner you win the £10k if more then one it gets shared out between all the winners and only paying £7.90 there must have been a lot of winners !

  174. MY WINS





    Tornado Force




  175. Not bad but not good William but positive about the possibilities of tomorrow . How about yourself mate?

  176. hey all, there’s one big bet left for tonight. 9.19 at Yarmouth. I cant resist huge odds on greyhounds – this is a huge 33/1. even each way in a 6 runner race – this has got to be value???

    anyone have any views on this which might enlighten me?

  177. Wolverhampton 17:50 – Outback Lover – 1st
    Wolverhampton 18:20 – Haywain – crap
    Wolverhampton 18:50 – Multisure- crap
    Wolverhampton 19:20 – Ozz – crap
    Wolverhampton 19:50 – Illustrious Forest- 1st
    Wolverhampton 20:20 – On With The Dance – 1st
    Wolverhampton 20:50 – Spirit Of Gondree – Lieutenant Dan – RFC – crap

  178. very well done William…I placed both of them and got a couple of quid out of it..any win is a bonus is it not?? Thanx for all the time you put into this site and the same to everyone else too…it takes the sting out when some of us lose..plenty of jokes flying around…good fun..nice group..many thanks x

  179. Wolverhampton 20:50 – Spirit Of Gondree – Lieutenant Dan – RFC

    I am on night shift tomorrow So I will be doing my selections early tomorrow and Saturday.

  180. Yes hopefully a better day tomorrow…wont be around early afternoon as I really must go to work..coffers low..around in the morning tho with my special tips…any thoughts on the last race x

  181. Just waiting for my RFC to come in and I will be set for betting the rest of the week thanks to Marys pet

  182. William I think all that booze went to my head especially after the ‘Bubbly’, I’m already dancing..when I stop I’ll start to cry….bad day lol x

  183. Anita / Karlos
    I thought the idea was you backed 123 as singles as long as they were over 3-1 each to secure a point profit if any of them won?
    If there under 3-1 then do the combination forecast.

  184. Stop William you are leaving me in a dilemma lol… You ever look at GG Tips… It’s tips ok some times esp each way selections… I look at get your tips out as well… I like seeing consensus when I fancy a horse lol…

  185. Ta Karlos that makes sense now…Leo I’ve gone for Green Special too…but as my lucks going you may want to change your mind x

  186. Leo
    Wolverhampton 20:20 – On With The Dance
    After Anita hogging all the drinks earlier It is time to dance.

  187. Did OK last one let me down but profit is better than lose.
    OK when keith says 1/2/3 he simply means selxtect trap 1,2&3 and do a reverse forecast it will be in the bet slip on PP under multipuls. There’s 6 different bets so ur stakes x 6 I normal do small stakes £1 so £6 on a race if u had 46&2 in last race u would of won £32 for the forecast. Does this help?

  188. Hello Karlos you had some good selections today..I think between us we all we could have won everything….maybe we we should all put into ahuge pot and bet on everything and split winnings at the end of the day…kinda takes the fun out of it tho…..also non the wiser about the 1/2/3 thing x

  189. Ron
    I agree with you about paying for tips.

    I looked into this and was not impressed with the overall strike rate.
    The selections on here have a better strike rate and they are free.

    I will try and pinpoint an ACCA for you tomorrow. £1 E/W 4 horses.

    I have been so busy between work and writing the system software I do not have much chance to analyze all my results.

  190. Keith can I just ask what exactly do you mean by 1/2/3 at the dogs..do you mean you bet on all 3 traps and if so are you placing them?? Apologies for the dumb question x

  191. 734 at Yarmouth has a dog. #2 @ 20/1. not often you get odds like that on dogs – might be worth a tenner

  192. horrible day all round. I had a 16/1 winner but I had it in a set of trebles and doubles which let me down.

    good fun, but may have to go to work one day soon as funds getting low.

  193. Manesh..funniiii….any response William. BTW William sorry it’s been such a s….y day but if its any consolation I’ve done really crap although started off OK. Can’t seem to make any money don’t know where I’m going wrong…just got in so missed Wolves till now..PP acc down to a couple of quid!!

  194. ron- think that is warning about these so called con men selling there so call tips . cannot beat getting your free tips on this site keep it up guys and girls

  195. The point I was making, William was about an individual track. Southwell seems to be giving you a bad time at the moment. Today’s Lingfield results were also good, but I do not touch bets worse than 4/6, so 1/8 & 1/20 were no nos for me.

    Keep up the good work.

  196. Evening Guys/Girls
    BEWARE, if anyone has received a circular from IAN BAILEY RACING than watch your step, he wants you to place an odds to bet for him if it loses you can have two months of his Private Service advertised in the Racing Post for £295. I had this last November and stupidly bought into it, the horse lost I was promised 3 months of his private service, there was no bets in November and he went off for all of December which counted as part of your free trial. He was rapped over the knuckles for misleading advertising in December, he came back on line Jan and using a premium line many times you had to ring back as he was waiting for ‘further info’ from his ‘contacts’ long story short his results were 2 E/W places 4-1 and 10-1 no winners a very expensive experience so don’t fall for these lying swindling b……s, you can’t do better that this site and we should warn everyone of the con men out there. Be lucky!!

  197. Al
    Here is Mondays results

    Lingfield 14:10 – Alhaban – 1st
    Lingfield 14:40 – Hidden Link – 1st
    Lingfield 15:10 – West Leake – 2nd
    Lingfield 15:40 – Catalinas Diamond – Crap
    Lingfield 16:10 – Mysterial – 2nd- – Limit Up1 – st – — RFC — Won
    Lingfield 16:40 – Irene Kennet – 1st
    Lingfield 17:10 – Sail Home – Crap

  198. Southwell not good after they layed new track.

    take a look at Monday selections.

    I usually put them on multiples
    ie Lucky 15 or ACCAS.

    And yes I do win.

    My strike rate since January has been 33% overall.

    The weather does not help with the racing so hoping for better ground over the next few weeks.

  199. Wolverhampton 17:50 – Outback Lover
    Wolverhampton 18:20 – Haywain
    Wolverhampton 18:50 – Multisure
    Wolverhampton 19:20 – Ozz
    Wolverhampton 19:50 – Illustrious Forest
    Wolverhampton 20:20 – On With The Dance
    Wolverhampton 20:50 – Spirit Of Gondree – Lieutenant Dan – RFC

  200. William
    You do tip winners, for which I congratulate & thank you. However, I am finding it hard to make money from your tips. Do you make anything and if so could I persuade you to put in brackets after your selections the points you invest? Example: Compton Silver (1 1/2)
    Do you keep records of your own win/lose tips track by track? I only started recording yours on Sunday. Southwell tips for example, had one 2/7 winner on Sunday’s seven race card, nothing yesterday & nothing today. I shall give this track a rest for a few days, so you will probably score 6 out of 6 next time!
    Again, my thanks for your good work, but any additional help along the lines of the much lamented John Lewis system would be much appreciated.

  201. I had second in that race if only this page refreshed quicker on the I phone William lol….

    Any more tips for wolves tonite anyone??

  202. Lingfield 13:30 – Marys Pet – 1st
    Lingfield 14:00 – Patavium Prince – 4th- E/W on Blue Deer – crap
    Lingfield 14:30 – Athwaab – 3rd
    Lingfield 15:00 – Sweet Ovation – – 1st
    Lingfield 15:30 – You da One- 1st
    Lingfield 16:05 – Go Nani Go – crap
    Lingfield 16:40 – Bright Strike- 1st
    Lingfield 17:15 – Wheres Susie – crap
    Southwell 14:10 – Right Stuff – 4th
    Southwell 14:40 – Limit Up – NR
    Southwell 15:10 – Copperwood – 2nd
    Southwell 15:45 – Miako – Sewn Up – RFC – crap
    Southwell 16:20 – Desert Strike- 3rd
    Southwell 16:55 – Tight Knit – crap
    Southwell 17:30 – Buckie Boy – crap
    Wetherby 14:20 – Ueueteotl – Firth Of The Clyde – RFC – crap
    Wetherby 14:50 – Flying Squad – crap
    Wetherby 15:20 – Neptune Equester – 1st- Westward Point – 2nd- RFC – WON
    Wetherby 15:55 – Majaales- 3rd
    Wetherby 16:30 – Categorical – crap
    Wetherby 17:05 – Bobs Lady Tamure – 3rd- E/W on Caddells Row – crap

  203. I did a small bet leo/anita . I have also seen allot of backing for this too, Lieutenant Dan 8.50. anyone??

  204. Anybody know any thing about Dermatologiste in the 4.30? I have seen a few comments from others about this horse running well today.

  205. Hi all my tips for today

    Dorothys dancing 4.05
    Harvest mist 8.50
    Big sylv 7.20 I keep backing this donkey so I hope today is the day it gets its head infront.

    Right stuff 2.10
    Elusive hawk 4.20
    Luv u whatever 4.55
    Categorical 4.30

    Hoping there might be few winners there for everyone if they fancy them.
    I done trixie on top 3
    And trebles on the others.

    Good luck

  206. hi all

    TIPS FOR WEDNESDAY 27/3/2013
    ——————————-Big Sylv @ 3.25
    Illustrious Forest @ 4.50
    Florida Beat @ SP
    Lieutenant Dan @ 5.00
    Sunshine Superman @ SP
    Lady Farah @ SP
    So Lyrical @ 5.50
    Upswing @ 1.72
    Categorical @ 2.62

    Silentplan @ SP
    Ueueteotl @ SP
    Blazing Bull @ 6.00
    Teo Vivo @ SP

    Spitfire @ 9.00
    Makinson Lane @ 6.00
    Goldmadchen @ 6.00
    Limit Up @ SP
    Mutafaakir @ 26.00
    Miako @ 5.50
    Severiano @ SP
    Thecornishcowboy @ 10.00
    Tornado Force @ SP

    Russian Bullet @ 7.00
    Spymistress @ SP
    Falasteen @ 8.00

    Athletic @ 2.62
    Cuthbert @ 13.00
    Athaakeel @ SP

  207. thanks Ron. I’ll keep away from him and his dodgy dealings. I rang his number a couple of times to see which horses he quotes and just watched – then thanked myself that I didn’t bet.

    good to have my suspicions confirmed

    Good luck everyone!

  208. Afternoon everyone I hope we all have a profitable day today.
    My picks for the day are:
    Intomist/royal acclimation 1330
    Spinning ridge/teen ager 1400

    1510 copper wood/flying picketts
    1620 spitfire/desert strike
    1730 peace in our time/nippy nikki

    I have selections of these on various singles, doubles, trebles and accumulators. Fingers crossed

  209. William I got a text tip from some free tipster re Copperwood..did you get that or is it your own selection from your system?

  210. Going to have a dabble in the Geylang/Hougang match and go for +2.5 goals.This match tends to produce goals and both teams tend to score most of their goals after the 30 minute mark.We`ll see.

    +2.5 @ 11/4

  211. Yes, got the same tip fot Westward Point. From the Warren Greatrex stable, say they have another one later in the week. Another text last night from “Jack Maxwell”, Elusive Hawk 4.20 Southwell, he says, ‘Been informed of a winner, have another one for Saturday’. Never heard of the guy or has Google!

  212. Yes and second a second free tip in the week.I have 4 lay bets for today, wolv 720 Big Sylv, wolv 750 Illustrious Forrest, wolv 820 Green Special, wolv 850 John Potts,only bet if odds are between 2/1 and 6/1.

  213. Manesh. Don’t touch BOB ROTHMAN with a barge pole, you have got it right he gives out every horse in the selected race to different punters ensuring he never loses.
    His circular is very convincing with photocopies of his ‘winning bets’ how he has been banned by all leading bookies and how his office girls fly around Hampshire to get his bets on. Keep your money in your pocket pal and use this site which gives so many winning bets for FREE.

  214. yes np pete good to see ppl make money did you get on the 14/1 yesterday rebel queen,stuck some up but was busy think we got a 2nd, 1st and a 23 in the last so all good.lookin forward to friday double meeting.

  215. ive lumped a bit on for girls best friend but could go any way so wouldnt advise doing that.14s at the moment.

  216. girls best friend worth a shot for win /place imo good price
    sage of savana,ashton park,supersonic
    tricast combi
    game over,lancelin,entrador,tricast
    2.05 fly by,miss saigon, girls best friend

  217. This weeks golf and remember that this is the last time they are being put up.Mind you some of you might be saying “thank God”.In all fairness to the guy you cant do anything if a golfer bottles it on the final day.

    Shell Houston Open

    2.5 Points Each Way Hunter Mahan 18/1 Stanjames 1/4 odds 5 places

    2.5 Points Each Way Carl Petterson 100/1 Ladbrokes 1/4 odds 5 places

    2.5 Points Each Way Bryce molder 100/1 Paddy Power 1/4 odds 6 places

    2.5 Points each Way Gary Woodland 150/1 Paddy power 1/4 odds 6 places

    Trophee Hassan 11

    2.5 Points Each Way Tommy Fleetwood 33/1 Stanjames 1/4 odds 5 places

    2.5 Points Each Way Stephen Gallacher 33/1 Paddy power 1/4 odds 5 places

    2.5 Points Each Way Mark Foster 80/1 betfred 1/4 odds 5 places

    2.5 Points Each Way Gary lockerbie 150/1 Betfred 1/4 odds 5 places

  218. My lucky 15 for the day:
    Dorothy dancing
    Sweet ovation

    Also have singles:
    Free island
    Right stuff
    Lt dan
    Flying squad
    Luv u whatever ……

    Good luck everyone

  219. Wolves

    Sunshine Superman/Gin Time ew
    Bubbly Bailey/Compton Silver ew
    Big Sylv/Romanticisize ew
    Ilustrious Fores/All the Winds ew
    Green Special/ On with the Dance ew
    Alluring Star/ Lieutenant Dan +/or John Potts ew

    All these drinks…Jack Daniels, Gin, Baileys whats a girl to do!!

  220. Lingfield 13:30 – Marys Pet
    Lingfield 14:00 – Patavium Prince – E/W on Blue Deer
    Lingfield 14:30 – Athwaab
    Lingfield 15:00 – Sweet Ovation – E/W on Kyllachy Storm
    Lingfield 15:30 – You da One
    Lingfield 16:05 – Go Nani Go
    Lingfield 16:40 – Bright Strike
    Lingfield 17:15 – Wheres Susie
    Southwell 14:10 – Right Stuff
    Southwell 14:40 – Limit Up
    Southwell 15:10 – Copperwood
    Southwell 15:45 – Miako – Sewn Up – RFC
    Southwell 16:20 – Desert Strike
    Southwell 16:55 – Tight Knit
    Southwell 17:30 – Buckie Boy
    Wetherby 14:20 – Ueueteotl – Firth Of The Clyde – RFC
    Wetherby 14:50 – Flying Squad
    Wetherby 15:20 – Neptune Equester – Westward Point – RFC
    Wetherby 15:55 – Majaales
    Wetherby 16:30 – Categorical
    Wetherby 17:05 – Bobs Lady Tamure – E/W on Caddells Row

  221. morning all just going through card now think im going to have a very small double on
    11.35 rush for roses 16/1
    2.05 girls best friend 14/1
    bit of a long shot but you never know

  222. Morning Boys and Girls hopefully a better day today..my selections are:

    Reiterate ew
    Teenager/Blue Noodles ew
    Russian Bullet/Kyllachy Storm ew
    You da One
    Dorothys Dancing/Ryleee Mooch ew
    Bright Strike
    Kent Ragstone/If I were a Boy ew


    Right stuff/Jack Daniels ew
    Caledonia Prince
    Hannahs Turn
    Rio Cobolo/ Ace Master ew
    Luv u Whatever
    Dubara Reef/Al Amaan ew


    Discovery Bay ew
    Eyre Apparent
    Westward Point
    Upswing/ Bow Badger
    Catagoriacl/ Rebel Swing ew
    Silentplan/ Caddells Row ew

    will look at Wolves later

  223. yes rajmint i prefer singles i find at times its hard to find one winner let alone 4 still if the odds are skinny it makes sense personally i wont take a bet worse than evens.
    whatever you decide be lucky mate.x

  224. morning dudes for today,
    dorothys dancing ling 405.
    upswing weth 355.
    caldercruix s/well 310.
    you da one ling 330.
    financial traders no trades triggered as yet.
    good luck barryx

  225. bijumon – I have taken some of your tips from yesterday night. Do you pick all of them or do you do any lucky 15. Do you have anything for lucky 15?

  226. TIPS FOR WEDNESDAY 27/3/2013
    ——————————-Big Sylv @ 3.25
    Illustrious Forest @ 4.50
    Florida Beat @ SP
    Lieutenant Dan @ 5.00
    Sunshine Superman @ SP
    Lady Farah @ SP
    So Lyrical @ 5.50
    Upswing @ 1.72
    Categorical @ 2.62

    Silentplan @ SP
    Ueueteotl @ SP
    Blazing Bull @ 6.00
    Teo Vivo @ SP

    Spitfire @ 9.00
    Makinson Lane @ 6.00
    Goldmadchen @ 6.00
    Limit Up @ SP
    Mutafaakir @ 26.00
    Miako @ 5.50
    Severiano @ SP
    Thecornishcowboy @ 10.00
    Tornado Force @ SP

    Russian Bullet @ 7.00
    Spymistress @ SP
    Falasteen @ 8.00

    Athletic @ 2.62
    Cuthbert @ 13.00
    Athaakeel @ SP

  227. 15:00 lingfield Johnny splash
    15:10 southwell caladonia prince
    16:20 southwell elusive hawk
    16:55 southwell luv u whatever
    17:15 southwell syncopate

    My doubles for the day

  228. Stiffed on the btts footie bets tonight, just glad i didnt get chance to post them and help anyone else lose some cash. Roll on english league football at the weekend, this time of the season teams are fighting to go up or stay up so theres a chance of some rich pickings coming up with plenty of goals flying in.


    TIPS FOR WEDNESDAY 27/3/2013
    ——————————-Big Sylv @ 3.25
    Illustrious Forest @ 4.50
    Florida Beat @ SP
    Lieutenant Dan @ 5.00
    Sunshine Superman @ SP
    Lady Farah @ SP
    So Lyrical @ 5.50
    Upswing @ 1.72
    Categorical @ 2.62

    Silentplan @ SP
    Ueueteotl @ SP
    Blazing Bull @ 6.00
    Teo Vivo @ SP

    Spitfire @ 9.00
    Makinson Lane @ 6.00
    Goldmadchen @ 6.00
    Limit Up @ SP
    Mutafaakir @ 26.00
    Miako @ 5.50
    Severiano @ SP
    Thecornishcowboy @ 10.00
    Tornado Force @ SP

    Russian Bullet @ 7.00
    Spymistress @ SP
    Falasteen @ 8.00

    Athletic @ 2.62
    Cuthbert @ 13.00
    Athaakeel @ SP


  230. Cheers bob catch you tomorrow and let’s hope so for the footy could do with a few shillings to raise funds

  231. Hopefully our teams will come up at weekend and give us something back. Right I’m off so catch you all tomorrow

  232. Sometimes the safety of a mbs is worth it’s wait In Money back. With risk comes great reward! I really should stop watching sky movie trailers lol

  233. I have lost my way with the footie recently after winning regularly at the start of the season but this weather doesn’t help… I also went to 5 timers from quads… Get my money back with William hill a lot but if I had stuck with quads I would have been quids in……

  234. Leo join the club I had a decent system going on the prem.

    Bob the French speaking countries let me down, France and Belgium one nil so missed by two, down 25p lol

  235. Red how did your bets go.. See I was right 2-1 France ……….not lol
    That’s why I don’t touch internationals

    Hope you were up

  236. EVENING,

  237. Until you kind people set my mind working, I have never attempted late football bets on BTTS.
    Tonight I settled down at the computer just as the Turkey match started the second half and shortly after I took 3.75 on BTTS. Win number 1.
    I was then considering Ukraine & Denmark matches and soon took Denmark at 3.5 BTTS. Win number 2. The Ukraine match was being streamed on Bet365 but Moldova was playing so badly that I could not see them ever scoring. When the odds reached 9.0 I could not resist a dabble. Win number 3. Decided to call it a day! Thanks to those who woke me up to the chances on offer. Pity I could not do them as a treble, but the ko times were all different.

    Incidentally, for those new to betting and wanting to have a little fun on doubles etc without losing too much, remember Betfair. They accept bets down to 50p and that includes 25p each way.

  238. Course I bloody wasn’t… I did intend to back Rooney but had to pop out for a Chinese for the kids so didn’t get the chance…. Mores the pity

  239. Nothing doing with the last 3 qualifiers.There is a treble but it comes to just under 1/2 so not bothering.I`ll be back later for the Chile match.

  240. What a double that would have been.. Rooney n bale to score first both around 4/1…. 9/2 mark….

    Damn blast it lol!!!!

  241. Thanx William you’re a star as are all of guys, thanx Bob for footie tips, will watch carefully, maybe even a little flutter

  242. Done the same as before on the Turkey game because the prices sre not much good.That is I`ve laid the `No` option on btts.It still means I want both teams to score.

  243. hey dudes you remember jason used to use the speed ratings info provided by w.speedratings.net and post on this website before he was stopped reproducing it well every wednesday they make it available free of charge for every race meeting in the uk and ireland and they select the two most highly rated horses in every race they often find some very good priced winners.good source to check your own selections.
    every little helps barryx

  244. Evenings guys and gals.

    Gerry did you lay the bet on both to score? That was a win wasn’t it only Czech’s scored

    Bob thanks for the consideration and review mate. I hope the France Spain game isn’t a 0-0, the only thing is Spain need to win as I think they don’t want to finish second. But I’m sure one game will let me down, fingers crossed as I have three games home so far, seven to go lol


    gabriel the duke at 2.5
    flavious victor at 3.8
    little indian at 8.00
    ascendent at 6.5
    won 20.8 points and 2/3 in patent with ascendent and little indian.
    patent kept me going


  246. Hi red

    International games are hard to predict to be honest. I tend to avoid them. Your pics look good. . I tend to analyse things to death though lol for instance French game tonight , they have played each other head to head 10 times both win 4 each with 2 draws. So I would not being be going for a draw. Over the 10 games 8 have been over 1.5 goals so I wouldn’t bet 1 nil. Both playing well and scored and let in almost same amount of goals. France have home advantage so I would bet that game 2-1 France. . So your prediction for the french game is spot on hopefully. Lol watch this space you just know its now going to be O-0 to embaress me tomorrow lol good luck anyway my friend.

  247. Yatton – forgot the game oops! It was the Armenia/Czech game.A small loss.The prices for btts & u2.5 weren`t very good that`s why I went for the lay instead.I`m trying to get 4/1 & 1/4 for btts & u2.5 min.

    Anita – couldn`t think of what to call it and had `thingy` in my head for some reason.

  248. Hi William , you could try picking the 3 or 4 highest odd Fav and put them on a trixie and a treble. Not sure about your return though.

    I liked the first one I checked
    Estonia odds 1.2 V Andorra odds 67
    Small bet on Andorra ? Naaaaaaaaa lol

    If you picked highest odds favourites and trebled up you might be lucky to hit 50 % Return on your initial bet.
    Odds seem too low to risk I would say

  249. Hi everyone I’m pretty much wher I startde this morning..a little up. I think I’ll have a look at the footie stuff. William does Betfair let you do RFC because I cant find it..maybe I should use PP … your tips were great..have had a lot of fun today..bit of a rollercoaster tho x

  250. Hi folk just in I will check your footie William and red

    My system does not cover international footie games but give me 2 mins till I check them any way back shortly.

  251. Fontwell 14:10 – Westaway – E/w on The Informant – Crap
    Fontwell 14:40 – Sustainability- 1st – Cool Cascade – 2nd – RFC WON
    Fontwell 15:10 – Jupiter Rex – 1st – Fortification – 2nd — RFC WON
    Fontwell 15:40 – Bounds And Leaps – 1st
    Fontwell 16:10 – Just Spot-3rd
    Fontwell 16:40 – Chestnut Ben -3rd – Join The Navy – 1st — RFC
    Fontwell 17:10 – Unowhatimeanharry – Crap
    Lingfield 14:20 – Gabrial The Duke- 1st – Brick Rising — RFC – Crap
    Lingfield 14:50 -E/w on Continental Divide – 2nd
    Lingfield 15:50 — Little Indian – 1st
    Lingfield 16:20 – Xinbama -3rd
    Lingfield 16:50 – Ascendant – 1st – Wordiness – 2nd – RFC — WON
    Lingfield 17:20 – Young Jackie- – 2nd E/w on Frosty Friday – Crap
    Southwell 14:30 – Handsome King – Crap
    Southwell 15:00 – Indias Song – Crap
    Southwell 15:30 – Steel City Boy-3rd
    Southwell 16:00 – Sian Gwalia- Crap
    Southwell 16:30 – Northside Prince – 2nd – Jacobs Son -3rd — RFC
    Southwell 17:00 – Perfect Shot – Unlucky
    Southwell 17:30 – Gebayl- 2nd

  252. ok thanks william
    i will put a 5 fold on the teams to win bets and a double on the both teams to score bets

  253. Get in there dolly Colman for a win, win, and third treble. Should have been on it on the single at 25/1

  254. Still doing well we had two Up here over the weekend so that 11 out of 11 so far. See how next weeks games go

  255. yes, I see.

    has anyone on here received letters from Bob Rothman? if so, is he just one of those that tips every horse in the race- to different people – so he gets his commission guaranteed? Or, is he genuine?

  256. major martin in at 12-1 from 33s. does this mean anything? or am I just looking for clues that aren’t there?

  257. Right boys 1st bet on the 0-0 thingy.Have laid btts -no @1.36 for a tenner.If it dont come in it`s cost 3-60.

  258. 17:00 Estonia to beat Andorra
    19:00 Ukraine to beat Moldova
    19:30 Netherlands to beat Romania
    19:45 Germany to beat Kazakhstan
    19:45 Italy to beat Malta

    Got an email from
    Betting Rant
    With these. Better asking Bob about them

  259. fred

    9:30 Serbia v Scotland BTTS YES (5/4) – Both Teams To Score

    19:45 N Ireland v Israel BTTS YES (11/10) – Both Teams To Score

  260. Will be looking at your footie tips Bob

    Hey William great call…your tips are fab..keep up the great work…loving your tips too sa man..and yattonred will be following you with interes…well done guys you’ve really made this the best tipping site x

  261. No bother Maurice.

    I will put up some more tips up around Friday but it gives you lots of options to play around with. I usually write down what odds i can get for what option then pick it.

    It won’t make you a fantastic amount of money unless your a big gambler but even if we make” steady “money it means the bookies are paying at least our petrol money for the week lol.
    Glad the double bet stuff helped you. Odds checker is a Great source.

  262. Just need fairy mist and/or dolly Colman to get home in the last at lingfield on two trebles I have. Come on the outsiders lol

  263. Bob thanx once again,just got up working nights.Info a great help.I have alittle dabble at weekend footie and like to perm 4-5 or6 groups of 3 in a yankey/canadian or heinz,you still need results to go right but can make good profits for relatively small stakes.My problem is not to good at predicting footie results had a few touches & near misses.

  264. As Jupiter has it and there is a lull in the racing William I have a cheeky 10 acc on the footy over 1.5 goals in the game as follows:

    The Jordan game is already in as they are two nil up. Only nine more to go lol

  265. Sorry to see india’s song mate, I think a combination of poor tactics, poor riding and a poor effort.
    How you doing on the rest of your bets?

  266. William sustainability was different class and cool cascade was a really game second. Any who come on pochahuntus in the next mate fingers crossed

  267. Good shout on Gabriel the duke William. One of my acc gone with the poor show on day in day out. However Hamla managed the second to keep my hopes and dreams alive lol

  268. Hi. Maurice

    Sorry for the delay just home. As Gerry has covered
    You need to shop about for double chance. Easiest way I have found is through odds checker on line. It will give you not only the best odds but a list of bookmakers offering the bet. Hope this helps my friend

  269. Southwell 2.30 THEREABOUTS
    Fontwell 3.40 WILD GROUND
    Lingfield 4.20 MAFI
    Southwell 5.30 MOES PLACE

    Results so far 11 winners 26 losers +0.02

  270. Sorry Richard

    Just back on PC and noticed your post.

    As Yatton said.

    It means Reverse Forecast.

    ie. Horses will either be 1st or second.
    In any order.

  271. afternoon had to go through these real quick, real busy sry, so may not be any good but hopefully they are.
    2.05 merhee,uncle tommy,(napoleon dynamite)16s
    2.40 aljawhara,shattered image,(rebel queen)14s
    3 15 henry higgins, kudos,

  272. yattonred
    No it doesn’t…
    A Reverse Forecast is essentially two bets. That horse A will beat horse B, OR that horse B will beat horse A. You get a return if either outcome happens (but not necessarily a profit).

  273. Richard rfc stands for reverse forecast. Which means William is betting that the lesser fancied horse will beat the favourite or better fancied horse. Hope that makes sense?

  274. Hi All
    Hope everybody has a good day bookie bashing, is Will away at the moment? and were is Keith I use a mixture of everybodys tips especially williams at the moment so keep up the good work william

  275. Going to do an Indian Double

    Just a small bet though

    Southwell 15:00 – Indias Song
    Lingfield 15:50 — Little Indian

  276. I know I have been a little anti the bookies/odds but you got to go with what you fancy. I may regret that later lol

  277. Good luck to you Anita and William. Mine are small ew way multiples. Results willing mine could be a couple of hundred notes for a quid bet so makes me think I should be a little more with the market lol

  278. My 4 horse E/W Acca for today

    Fontwell 15:40 – Bounds And Leaps
    Fontwell 17:10 – Unowhatimeanharry
    Lingfield 16:20 – Xinbama
    Southwell 15:00 – Indias Song

    Accumulator (4)
    Acc. Odds: 396.00

  279. Morning Yattonred

    Going for a safe acca…if there is such a thing

    Jacobs son
    Indias song (thanks William)
    Jupiter Rex
    Just Spot (again thanx)
    Chestnut Ben

    Return about 110.00 but its better than a kick in the teeth. Will be a little more daring as the day progresses I imagine x

  280. Hi bob cheers for that mate will take a look later.
    William how’s it going mate? Got a few similar selections to your good self today. Going for lingfield I have picked the following:
    Day in day out
    Buy art
    Fairy mist
    Acc ew

    And the second chance:
    Desert monkey
    Dutch old mas
    Norfolk sky
    Dolly colman
    Acc ew

    Fingers crossed as I could do with a return to get some of bobs footy bets on.

    Stay lucky everyone

  281. Fontwell 14:10 – Westaway – E/w on The Informant
    Fontwell 14:40 – Sustainability – E/w on Cool Cascade
    Fontwell 15:10 – Jupiter Rex – Fortification — RFC
    Fontwell 15:40 – Bounds And Leaps
    Fontwell 16:10 – Just Spot
    Fontwell 16:40 – Chestnut Ben – Join The Navy — RFC
    Fontwell 17:10 – Unowhatimeanharry
    Lingfield 14:20 – Gabrial The Duke – Brick Rising — RFC
    Lingfield 14:50 – Ihtikar – E/w on Continental Divide
    Lingfield 15:20 – Bint Alzain
    Lingfield 15:50 – Carina Palace
    Lingfield 16:20 – Xinbama
    Lingfield 16:50 – Ascendant – Wordiness — RFC
    Lingfield 17:20 – Young Jackie- E/w on Frosty Friday
    Southwell 14:30 – Handsome King
    Southwell 15:00 – Indias Song
    Southwell 15:30 – Steel City Boy
    Southwell 16:00 – Sian Gwalia
    Southwell 16:30 – Northside Prince – Jacobs Son — RFC
    Southwell 17:00 – Perfect Shot
    Southwell 17:30 – Gebayl

  282. Consider SUNDELAND to be relegated Paddy power have it @ 7/2 They have a very difficult run in and now they have lost Fletcher

  283. Hi all

    My selections for today are

    Wordiness 5/6 4.50 ling
    Lily edge 9/4 4.20 ling
    Wild ground 10/3 3.40 font really like this one and its CD 3 times on a tricky track.

    Bold Marc 9/2 2.30 sout
    Cecily parsley 9/2 5.00 sout
    Peterbrown 15/2 2.10 Font
    Join the navy 11/4 4.40 Font

    Good luck all

  284. Hello and Good Morning everyone, now that I’m awake proper my selections for today are

    2.40 Sustainabilty
    3.10 Mastercardorvisa/Jupiter Rex
    3.40 Wild Ground
    4.40 Chestnut Ben

    2.20 Gabriel the Duke/Ladylunchalot
    2.50 Ihtikar
    3.20 Bint Alzain
    4.20 Dutch old master
    4.50 Wordiness/Ascendant
    5.20 Young Jackie/Hollywoodallstar


    2.30 Royal Holiday
    4.00 Relentless
    4.30 Jacobs Son/Lexington Bay
    5.00 Scribe
    5.30 Suspension/Moes Place

    Once again feel free not to follow,,,Good luck today x

  285. morning dudes todays picks brocklebank ling 420,sustainability font 240 and wordiness ling 450.none of mondays currency trades have triggered yet i will keep you updated.two further trades to consider.
    aud/usd buy @ 1.0415 stop loss 1.0398 take profit 1.0485.
    eur/jpy boy@ 118.75 stop loss 118.59 take profit 1 119.75/tp2 121.25
    have a profitable day barryx

  286. Guys/ Gals

    I know double chance is new to a lot of you
    And I get asked lots of questions
    So try this it should make it easier,
    Go to sky bet
    Click football left hand side
    Uk long list
    Scroll down Friday 29th march.
    League 2
    You will see our first team Northampton with 36 bets to the right of it
    Click 36 bets
    Scroll down to “full time”not the first heading which is full time results
    Here is the double chance bet.
    The odds are reduced because you are covering 2 out of 3 outcomes.
    That’s why I suggest treble trixie or whatever. You could also consider lay betting the opposition on betfair. Or as I say if you like risk and hire odds just go for home win and forget double chance .
    Hope this helps.

  287. Hahahah no time for sleep Anita we have bookie bashing to do..

    If you have any problems with these just ask. Double chance betting is new to a lot of people.

  288. Hi Bob and everyone else who posted last night..do you guys ever sleep??

    Thanks for that Bob, will try it out x

  289. Ok here are this weeks football bets.

    I’m just putting a mixture of hits from the system up.. That way you can pick and chose which ever ones you like. My advice is double chance bet – win and draw -where possible, that gives you a 2 out of 3 chance of winning and the bookie 1 out of 3. If you prefer higher odds and higher risk just go with the win. Consider trebles and trixie’s.

    29th March
    UK League Two – Northampton vs Torquay. – Northampton WIN
    30th March
    UK League Two – Burton vs Chesterfield – Burton WIN
    Germany 3-Liga – Arminia Bielefeld vs Darmstadt- Armenia WIN
    Germany 3-Liga. – Karlsruher vs Stutt. Kickers- Karlsrucher WIN
    Germany Bundesliga – Bayern Munich vs Hamburger – Bayern WIN
    Australian-A-League- Central Coast vs Melbourne Heart- Central WIN

    Hopefully get another result like last week. Good luck and any problems, questions just ask.

  290. 4.50 Lingfield – ASCENDANT, 2.40 Fontwell – sustaianability,4.30 Southwell – Jacob son, 2.50 Lingfield – Nautilus. Lucky 15 e/w

  291. Hi yattonred

    These would be home wins except dutch game which iis away win BUT DON’T BET ON THESE. I really just put them up for interest of people who follow footie.. The system could give me better ones and these ones won’t be used.. As I say I do some other checks before I put them up mate. I will hopefully post the strongest ones tomorrow for us for betting on. I could actually put up every hit I get which might be about a dozen or so and just let people pick which ones they fancy.. With my 3 recommendations that might give people a bigger choice of selections might do that what do you think.

  292. Hi bijumon,

    Do you recommend placing individual e/w bets or trebles/trixies seeing as you’ve put your selections in threefolds.


  293. Hi Mark, I have been following your lucky 15 tips last 2 days . It was good , did you post any today? keep up the good work mate. And thanks for every one putting their effort and time.

  294. HI yattonred






    Selections Event Event Date E/W Terms Odds Result
    1 Gilbert 2.10 Fontwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To Run
    2 Sustainability 2.40 Fontwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 None SP To Run
    3 Master Cardor Visa 3.10 Fontwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03

    Twilight Legend 4.10 Fontwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To Run
    2 Chestnut Ben 4.40 Fontwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds 2.62 To Run
    3 Major Martin 5.10 Fontwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP

    1 Gabrial The Duke 2.20 Lingfield
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds 2.50 To Run
    2 Ihtikar 2.50 Lingfield
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds SP To Run
    3 Flavius Victor 3.20 Lingfield
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds SP To

    No. Selections Event Event Date E/W Terms Odds Result
    1 Little Indian 3.50 Lingfield
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds 6.50 To Run
    2 Xinbama 4.20 Lingfield
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 8.00 To Run
    3 Ascendant 4.50 Lingfield
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds 6.50 To Run

    1 Count Ceprano 5.20 Lingfield
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 3 Places
    1/4 Odds 13.00 To Run
    2 Imtithal 2.30 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 10.00 To Run
    3 India’s Song 3.00 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds SP To R

    1 Chateau Lola 3.30 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 11.00 To Run
    2 Relentless 4.00 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds SP To Run
    3 Light The City 4.30 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds 11.00 To Run
    1 Neil’s Pride 5.00 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 6.00 To Run
    2 Gebayl 5.30 Southwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 2 Places
    1/4 Odds 6.50 To Run
    3 Orange Nassau 3.40 Fontwell
    (Win and Each Way)
    Live Stream 26/03/2013 3 Places
    1/5 Odds 9.00 To Ru

  296. Yea mate I take it you have no objections if you have purchased. I only signed up to access and do my own work. What do you have

  297. Just out of interest a 5-timer at odds of 1/4 will pay a smidgeon over 2/1 so I`m gonna make this the cut off point when looking for games at h/t.

  298. Thanks for that gerry, if i’m quick enough i’ ll post mine as well, hopefully we’ll get some cash back off the bookies

  299. That sucks! Plenty to go at tomorrow with games starting at 11-00a.m. If I get chance I`ll post the games that qualify at h/t.

  300. No Dave,forgot about btts!!What were the odds for btts in the Russia game?

    Bob – just post the games it`s up to us how we profit.By the way did you deal with Emily when signing up for these?

  301. Gerry, as i I have said before, unless your a big better you won’t get rich on my bets but should give a steady income of between 46% 85%(or thereabouts ) R.O.I. Hopefully more often than not…
    If you like a gamble then the higher odds are obviously just picking one outcome and ignore the double chance and then double or treble them up mate.

    What I can do when I post my next football is maybe look at all various odds we can get for the various combinations if that would help people.

  302. Gerry, did you have both to score as well? Just stuck to both to score on tonights bets, wish i’d not bothered!! Would have been better if i’d followed your advice. Oh well theres always tomorrow!!

  303. It has predicted 11 out of 11 so far. What I will do next week is just put up the bets and leave it to individuals how they go ie single double treble trixie etc..

    The double chance treble and trixie throws the odds in our favour I think of it in outcomes
    Away win

    If we can cover win and draw the bookie only has 1 chance of winning and we have 2 if that makes sense.

  304. Hi guys & gals,

    Been making some tidy profit from this forum/thread since I joined last week.

    The William/sa man duo are definitely rocking with their tips. Hats off to both of you.

    Re: Betfair domination, I bought the system last Thursday night and between Friday & today I’ve had 5 winners, 3 places & 1 lost out of 9 bets placed.

    The system is really easy to follow and if you are unsure of your selections, there’s an interactive members only forum where people compare their selections and discuss amongst many other things like the best time to make the day’ s selections, etc.

    Overall, I’ll say it’s definitely making profits day after day.

  305. Hi Gerry

    I use odd checker for my first stop see who offers best odds on double chance markets. Some bookies don’t advertise and its phone calls. Betfair are good as well and sky bet. To be honest I tend to go high risk and take the home win only a lot of the times but when it’s other people’s money I am risk averse and go for the safest option of double bet.. Some games I will say just go for home win just depends what I find and gut feeling.. I lost the blooming russian bet cause I was stupid lol sometimes I need to follow my own advice

  306. Hi guys/gals for those interested in following football here are the
    Early games my system has thrown up as very strong contenders for predicting a result.
    PLEASE PLEASE do not bet the now , here is why, although the system identifies them, I need to go onto numerous websites, official club sites etc and do a fair bit of research before the game. I look for suspensions, injuries, manager fall outs with players, European or country games coming up, how far into season bla bla bla. Basically ANYTHING. That might alter the outcome of the game for us.
    I will post the 3 strongest teams with the best chance of winning same as i did last week nearer the time.
    Australian A league
    Central coast v Melbourne
    France ligue 1
    PSG v Montpellier
    Dutch eerste
    Eindhoven FC v volendam
    Germany 3 liga
    Karlsruher v stutt kickers
    I just put then up early in case anyone follows football.

  307. Re Betfair Domination, I purchased Jason’s system on the first day but due to a glich I coundn’t download it, probably because my computer is a ‘Stonehenge’ model..it only works properly during the Summer Solstice.
    Anyway with Jasons kind help I got it sorted and could only start from Friday. I decided to paper trade for the first week, it has been in profit every day however selections do differ according as to when you do your selections. Andrew you do have to have some input but it definately works and as they say practice makes perfect and look at in the long term you have it for the rest of your punting life, remember that famous Geordie saying ‘You might as well have bad luck than no luck ar all’
    P.S. This isn’t Jason in disguise!!!!

  308. Dave – have done u2.5 in the Brazil/Russia game @ 1.25 or 1/4.

    Bob – what prices were the two bets on the Double Chance market?

  309. I have only won a couple of times but pays better than the placepot which costs the same.

    I also do an E/W lucky 15.

    Hope for better luck tomorrow Anita

  310. William I dont seem to have much luck on accas,the only one I ever won was Frankels last race on a 4 fold…I’ll keep trying tho, for the sake of £1/£2 ew I’ll keep at it. You obviously like the accas do you win them often or is few and far between? with the help of you lovely folk you never know!btw I should have know better on the chrissycross thing

  311. Anita

    If that was your reason for picking it no wonder it lost.

    Ha Ha
    I only do Small bets as well.
    £1 E/W Acca can return good money.

    Building my betting back up for Aintree and Punchestown

  312. William, can i ask what time do you usually put your selections up here. Think you provide a good service along with many others.

  313. Hi Brian,

    My selections today were
    1510 Valdaw Lost
    1640 Irene Kennet won
    1710 What Boderick Placed

    Small profit from system..
    Been using it for 3 days and not had a losing day yet. time will tell as its early days. However i highly reccomend it.

  314. Thanks Bob much appreciated.

    William I also had Understay and conducting as singles…only £2 ew tho…as i said teeny weeny bets for the moment….and when I saw Chrissycross I thought of the other halfs ex whos always cross…guess what her name is!!!! you did ask x hope that made you laugh x

  315. Fingers crossed for tomorrow indeed William. Returns are money in the bank and much better than losers

  316. Anita

    I was just thinking the same after you posted earlier.

    Only joking.

    Catalina cost me
    On my Acca. Would have won it. There is always 1 that let you down though.

  317. Ah Willliam I had a treble on Limit Up, Irene Kennet and Chrissycross….bumber but never mind I’ve really enjoyed today and cant wait till tomorrows racing…maybe I jinxed you…hope not!!!!!

  318. Hi All. First day of jasons system was good. 2placed and 1 winner. Total profit of 13 points. I am on low stakes at the moment but profit is profit. I will post again tomorrow for anyone who is interested.

  319. Lingfield 14:10 – Alhaban – 1st
    Lingfield 14:40 – Hidden Link – 1st
    Lingfield 15:10 – West Leake – 2nd
    Lingfield 15:40 – Catalinas Diamond – Crap
    Lingfield 16:10 – Mysterial – 2nd- – Limit Up1 – st – — RFC — Won
    Lingfield 16:40 – Irene Kennet – 1st
    Lingfield 17:10 – Sail Home – Crap

  320. Hi William I see the system is still producing the good wins, fingers crossed for sail home. I have a cheeky fancy ew on ogaritmo

  321. I could actually put up about 15 tips a week the system gives me from all over the world.. But I would rather do a wee bit extra work myself then put out just 3 strongest ones to give us best chance of winning.. Pity the English one was cancelled cause of snow that was the strongest one at that time for the treble.

    Put more up tomorrow for us.

  322. Well played Bob, keep up the fantastic and generous work.
    I feel a summer get together might be in order to buy these guys a drink ??

  323. Hi folk

    That’s our second football bet just up for the double.

    Russian game just finished.
    Ural vs R. Volgograd.
    Home win Or Draw 1X
    Result — Draw

    If you took my advice with double
    Chance bet were up.

    With our other bet Caen winning last night, That completes the double.
    The system has thrown up some good bets for this week
    so I will post during them tomorrow night.

    So far, thats 11 bets i have placed with 11 wins from the system -100% success. long may that may continue for us.

  324. Hi Bob, just seen your footie tips for the weekend just gone. Being a bit of a novice to betting savie does a 1X bet means double your stake.

  325. Cheers Anita.

    Hope the rest win now.

    Yesterday was a crap day for racing.

    Good luck for the rest of the day

  326. William 2/2 loving you guys,,only put teeny weeny bets on but have made up what I lost yesterday already…I dont know how to thank you x

  327. that makes it 6 sa man what a lovely finish 8/1 ,lingfield can do wnat it likes now, hope to see you tomorrow thank,s peter d

  328. sa man what can i say!!!!!! i put place bets on for Tobes Lass and Surging Secret thanx soooo much….will be placing more bets in SA now, never tried before x

  329. wayne

    I used to.
    But fafter getting 5 winners and a 2nd and only getting 20.70 back I now put them on an Accumulator. Gives you more money back.

    4 horse Accumulator can pay big money.

  330. Lingfield

    2.40 MUDAAWEM
    3.10 WEST LEAKE

    Results so far 9 winners 24 losers -3.78