Greyhound Select Service


Inside information with a high level of success!

This service is strictly limited to 100 members



The information we provide is strictly confidential and is provided from sources with inside information

Since the 21st February we have been running the Select Service for free. A combination of regular and Professional bets which has shown a consistent profit. During the last few days we've had 5 from 7 winners - We only narrowly missed out on a massive payout on the lucky 15 and again we were very close in landing the trixie.

On the 21st February we landed a maximum 5/1 winner netting us £250.00 to suggested stakes. On the 23rd we had a 4pt win at 2/1 giving us £80.00 profit. As you know, on the 1st March we bagged the lucky 15, paying over £881.00 in net profit, not to mention over £200 profit betting on the singles. On the 4th we had a 4pt 4/1 winner paying over £160.00 to the recommended stake. On the 11th we had another lucky 15 come in netting us £647.25 to a 1pt stake.

The recent bounce back to form over the last few days shows the strength of the service, long term.

If you want to continue to make regular and sustained profits from Greyhound racing, we have two options for you:

1. You receive the regular greyhound bets called 'The Greyhound Standard Service'

2. You receive the regular greyhound bets plus ALL the Pro Bets and all the MAX bets (remember all 3 have won this week!) called "The Greyhound Select Pro Service"

Both Services are being offered to you at a heavily discounted rate.

Places on BOTH services are limited mainly to protect prices. Information will be provided by 2 new Telegram channels. If the places are not all taken, they will be offered to our full database at full price. The discounted price will remain open for the next 4 days. The discounted rate will not be offered again.

Those that join the Full Service will also receive regular Dog info from the Pro and be invited to Meetings - Romford, Sheffield, Monmore, among others. There will even be the chance to own a share in Greyhounds.

Please note: The free service will cease in 4 days.

Important: We offer 2 levels of membership, the standard service includes all standard Greyhound bets. The Pro service includes all standard bets + our 5pt max bets. Our max bets are extremely strong.

Please follow instructions after payment, YOU MUST CLICK  'RETURN TO MERCHANT' you will then be re-directed to a new page after payment has gone through

Discounted Offer When Joining Before April 6th

Standard Service

12 Months Access


£174.99 One off Payment

Pro Service

12 Months Access


£224.99 One off Payment

All selections will be sent via Instant App Notifications, full instructions are available after payment. Be sure to click the 'Return To Merchant' button.