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Understanding the tips.. Dean will provide 3 sets of tips each morning.


Dean provides his top 2 rated horses for every race, these are called the 'ratings'. Now this can be a lot of bets so we have broken it down into...


'Top picks', this is the best 6-12 rated horses of the day. Most people just bet on these as it is much easier to manage and takes up less time.


There are also the 'Value Tips', These are a selections of the best value bets of the day from the ratings. again a lot of people stick to these or combine them with the top picks.


The first system is the actual ratings where the top 2 rated horses from each race are taken and dutched to 1pt this is the original system and the one i still use everyday.


Top Picks were developed because betting every race on the ratings system was too much for most people and consists of the top 6-12 rated horses backed to 1pt wins.
The value selections came about only a few months ago and these are some of our higher priced selections taken from the ratings, because they are higher priced they can have longer losing runs but the winning days more than make up for it. In only a few months of service they have been the most profitible system and are pushing Top picks for the number 1 spot amongst members.



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Dean will post his top picks and ratings in the comments section of his page. These are usually posted by 9am every morning.


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