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Many people claim they are 'professional gamblers', but is there such a thing as somebody who does this 'professionally'?

The answer... Yes

But.....  very few make a real living doing so. It requires enormous amounts of discipline and self control. But don't worry, I have all of this covered in my 'Professional Gambling' pdf. Whether you want to make a small amount to cover the bills or you want to be a seasoned pro! You must read and learn the fundamentals to professional gambling:

In this guide you will learn:

  • What it takes to make money via gambling
  • Exactly what sports to bet on to give you the best chance
  • What to avoid at all costs! Most people bet on them and they are guaranteed to lose
  • Top 10 Betting mistakes made by punters
  • Staking Plans
  • Portfolios
  • How To get a free betting bank!
  • My Portfolio of winning strategies!
  • Useful Tools and Calculators
  • Why You need a betting bank and how to use one
  • Professional Gamblers daily routine
  • Useful free site!



Running a Free tipping service for the past 10 years has taught me a lot, not just about sports and gambling, but about other people! It's amazing how many people jump in head first with no clue of what they are doing. They expect it to be easy, they expect all of our free tips to win and when they don't they throw their toys out of the pram.... Well I can't be doing with these people. They just expect to feed off the back of somebody else and they don't put any effort into learning for themselves. Often these people will give up at the first hurdle and move on to something else..... That's just what they do!

I have learned in life that if you want to succeed at something then you have to stick at it and learn everything you possibly can!

Do you think Tiger Woods couldn't be bothered to play golf when growing up? Do you think he went off and played basketball because he had a bad day on the course? No, because he's a winner!

Did Richard Branson give up when is first business was struggling? No!



Want an extra edge over other punters? 

Im not saying you need to devote your life to becoming a professional gambler because it's not for everybody! but as you are here you do like a punt on the horses or the football, so just by reading this guide you will gain more experience and knowledge that will help you with your future 'betting' decisions!

Even if you only enjoy a flutter at weekends, there is something to take out of this guide!


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