Systems and Strategies That Have Been Proven To Win


We only like systems that can almost guarantee us profit. Its not often we come across one that meets our standards, you can be assured that the systems here are genuine and work very well.

We are only interested in systems that make profit. You won't find many systems on this page because there simply aren't many systems around that live up to expectations! The products listed below are proven winners.


Profit Accumulator GUARANTTEES Profits! This is the only 'proven' method of making guaranteed profits we have come across

Profit Accumulator is the best 'Match betting' service out there. If you are looking for a guaranteed way of making money then we can highly recommend Profit accumulator.

Take advantage of bookmaker bonus offers to guarantee profits on all of your bets!


100k-Trader bags a minimum £900 per month by using a simple but very effective trading technique on Betfair.

The 100k-Trader software scans the market and identifies horses that are likely to drift in running. We take advantage of this by 'Laying' before the race and then backing at a higher price during the race.

Spaces can be limited on this service! Click the button below watch a video on how this method works!

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Accumulator Generator: A new way to lock in profits with this sneaky little method

A 100% legal loophole to win your bets every time. With Accumulator generator, all of the work is done for you. They provide the bets and the software too identify all of the possible combinations.

Their 'Bet finder' also shows you how much profit you will lock in. - Special offer trial for just £1

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Each Way Sniper: Exploiting a bookie loophole with E/W bets - Works every time!

Each Way Sniper works by exploiting a little-known pricing loophole within bookmakers Each Way bets.These rules are built right into the horse racing rules…… AND CANNOT BE REMOVED!

Which means, it is 100% legal! (although as profitable as it is, it almost feels like cheating…)