Thanks again to Dean for running the tipping comp. If you would like to get involved just enter your tip each day on here. Please make sure to follow the rules below:


March winners:

1st = Graham = 20
2nd = Lee (with pic) & Palerider = 18.5
Then the other profiteers were -
Ziltiod = 16.5
Jarold = 15.25
JohnG = 7.75
Andrew = 3.64
Ray = 2.75
Ronaldoh = Evs

Here are the rules:

- 1 bet only per day

- Must be posted on here before the start of the first race of the day

- UK Racing only

- If you post AFTER the start of the racing then you will incur a 1pt loss

- 1pt loss if no bet is posted at all

- 1pt loss if your horse loses

- No Each Way Bets allowed

- NAP only

- Prices are calculated to SP

733 thoughts on “Tipping Competition April”

  1. Hi guys I’m going to be away for the weekend so I’m making early postings for Saturday and Sunday

    Newmarket 3.50 War Command

    Newmarket 3.50 Kiyoshi

  2. I’ll post an update as soon as I can. I have been spending the week with my wife and baby before they go to full time work/nursery.

    An early selection for Friday – Bangor 20.05 Ganbei

  3. bit late today had loads of nymphets dancing round my pole this morning for some reason
    luckily i kept [Sedgefield 3.45] Doyenthedecenthing.

      1. Thanks nearly a good start but keep trying Two for tomorrow can’t. decide ( just Paul or Mason Hindmarsh).

  4. Early selection for tomorrow and lets hope for a much better month than the disaster that was April.

    Towcester 5.20 Moulin De La Croix

  5. It has been a terrible month for most of us but great for some. With only one winner today, the beautiful Sandra with her non-runner replacement at 15/2, there wasn’t any change to the leaderboard from yesterday.

    So congratulations to Paul H (his third comp win since I’ve been playing back at the beginning of November (which he duly won and followed up with in December).
    Also, well done to Greg for coming 2nd after his massive 50/1 winner.

    The final standings are as follows –

    1st = Paul H = 41.75
    2nd = Greg = 22.5
    Markh = 4
    Julie = 2

    Paul and Greg, please contact Jason directly and he will credit you with the winnings.

    The month of May begins tomorrow (my birthday month so it should be lucky for me). I need to throw in some ‘bull-ish’ selections to charge down the courses and get some good results.

    The first race comes from Lingfield at 13.35 tomorrow.

    I’m making an early selection for tomorrow – Lingfield 16.05 Right of Appeal

    1. i know it’a a woman’s prerogative but two bites of the cherry is a little greedy leave some for me !!!

    1. its a forlorn hope you can’t, we bow at the greatness of the guru and follow in his wake, maybe one day we can touch the hem of his golden cloak.or set a cunning trap!!!

  6. We are down to the wire and I have been keeping a keen eye on things as they pan out.
    An amazing 50/1 winner from Greg over the weekend has made the comp interesting, but with Paul H pulling out all the stops, can anyone beat him with one day to go?

    Well done to Greg, Paul H, Julie, Johnz and Lee (with pic) for their recent winners.

    After the penultimate day of April, the leaderboard looks like this –

    1st = Paul H = 42.75
    2nd = Greg = 23.5
    Markh = 5
    Julie = 3

    The final day leaves the stalls from Southwell at 13.50 tomorrow. Will Paul hold on? Can Greg sneak up with another big priced winner? Will anyone have a surprise up their sleeve and come from a negative position to take the spoils at the last minute?
    I’ll let you know tomorrow.

    I have to give something on the last day and it needs to be big – Cheltenham 19.50 Fourth in Line

  7. Have to post tonight away tomorrow morning might get back to update if non-runner.
    taken Andrews advive and had a shower possibly to cool as I seem to have endid up with a,
    (Yarmouth 4:40) Funky Cold Medina.

  8. i’ve lost the plot i don’t know where to start i’ll have another go with{Kempton 3.10} Breakheart.

    1. Graham my lover, as they say down Bristol way , take a leaf out of Ronaldoh`s tip,I had to laugh, well it is 28/4/14 , Good luck

    1. typical logic of a female,keep calm she says then starts talking about bristols!!! not doing my blood pressure much good either,have to join you in the bath with a cool glass of vincentti .fingers crossed .xx

  9. Who knows what it means but what dose it matta i’ll go for [Leicester 4.15] Diletta Tommasa

  10. Colin, you are not alone – there are 4 of us without winners this month, but still 5 days left to get one.

    The only winner yesterday, with his hat trick and to cement his lead at the top, was Paul H and today we have Johnz and Julie. Well done to you three.

    Current standings with 5 days to go –

    1st = Paul H = 39.25
    2nd = Markh = 9
    Julie = 4.25
    Henry = 1

    The first race is from Haydock at 13.20 tomorrow, and this is where my selection is running – Thistleandtworoses.

  11. Can this month get any worse, not only do my tips running like they got 3 legs now I’ve forgotten to post a tip today. Now I know it won’t count but I’m having such a crap month that I need the satisfaction of picking a winner, any winner so I’m going to post one anyway cause sods law states that today’s is bound to win.

    Doncaster 1.50 Votary

  12. Graham, I think I might join you Indepub to drown my sorrows because after no joy with my 200/1 shot yesterday I certainly won’t be in Millionaires Row (16.25 Sandown) anytime soon.

  13. I must be the only one without a winner in April.Must stick with outsiders. 12/1 second yesterday.
    Idle Curiosity 7-25 Brighton

  14. I am taking a BIG gamble as I think 200/1 is way too good to miss for a CD winner and when trained/ridden by the same person.

    Warwick 15.10 Steel City Boy @ 200/1

  15. my e/w bet it saved the day
    I did`nt have to move away
    now my odds it grows and grows
    who will win it
    NO ONE KNOWS (5-05 N/castle)

  16. Thanks for offering to send a search party Graham – I got lost looking for my golf balls last week..haha.
    Hopefully Andrew has had better luck and kept hold of his balls – and enjoyed his golf too 😉

    I have just caught up after the long weekend and what a group of winners there have been!!!
    I’ve been having a nightmare picking anything remotely worthy – typical as my blog seems to be picking winners quite well at the moment.

    There has been a 25/1, a 20/1 and a 12/1 amongst the biggies (and that’s just between Paul and Ray).
    But well done to all winners since my last update – Julie has won twice, Johnz has won twice, Paul H has won twice and the others to mention are Ray, Palerider, Peter RJ and finally Lee.

    There are only 4 players in profit so far this month and the last 2 days have produced the winners needed for the leader to go in front –

    1st = Paul H = 38
    2nd = Markh = 11
    Henry = 3
    Julie = 2.75

    We are now into the last week so what will happen next?
    The first race is from Beverley tomorrow at 13.55.

  17. anyone free to join search party for DEAN last seen chasing a RHEA across southern england.

  18. 1 Down.Cryptic Clue:New balls on Deck to keep Angry Moggy quiet
    A. [Epsom 1.45] Tennessee Wildcat.

  19. yesterday`s e/w, saved the day
    should this one lose
    we`ll be ON THE MOVE ( 5-25 Taunton)

  20. I’m on top of world today guys! It may have taken 22 days but finally I have a winning nap this month. Now for number 2 lol!

    Southwell 6.15 Fairyinthewind

  21. An early shout as I am playing golf AGAIN!! Shame I won’t have time to run my system tomorrow, as it hit a record 54pts profit today!! (Shame I am still only paper testing!)

    Catt 2.30 – Madrasa

  22. finding losers i cant resist finding winners i need some detective who can assist,
    kojack,columbo,rebus and morse would help with this, but i’ll endeavor (get it!) with his sidekick
    [Wetherby 5.20] Lewis.

  23. it`s off to the bookies to make a mint

    if it don`t work out,

    well both be SKINT, ( 3-00 Lud )

    Sorry Graham

  24. This is proving to be a really tough month guys, here we are 21 days into the month and still not a winning nap.

    Market Rasen 4.05 Roman Flight

  25. who was that actor i saw this morning ? Robert,Vaughn no Redford no not him umm i know
    Robert [Redcar 3.20] Mitchum.

  26. with the rain around it’s not a day to be out in,but who cares we’re on a
    [Towcester 3.45] Jolly Boys Outing.

  27. win loose or another non-runner i’ll still have a grin, after a glass or two of [Bath 7.30] Baltic Gin.

  28. Had a great day today, so riding my luck and going early with:
    Hay 2.05 – Beforeall.

    Good luck everyone! 🙂

  29. There was only one winner on Wednesday – well done to Jarold – but yesterday was jam packed with winners. Well done to Markh, Palerider, JohnG, Andrew, Julie and Ronaldoh.
    And despite Ronaldoh’s confusing post, no winners were selected today.

    There has been a return to the top for a previous leader –

    1st = Markh = 16
    2nd = Henry = 8
    Paul = 4

    Just over halfway through the month and all still to play for.

    Tomorrow starts early with the first race from Carlisle at 13.20 and the day is packed with racing.

    I am making an early choice for tomorrow – my starsign, Taurus Twins (17.45 Nottingham).

  30. What a busy week. I’ll put an update on later today. It’s also going to be a busy weekend but I’ll post another update as soon as possible.

    I forgot to post yesterday but nto today. My selection today is totally out there in price – Lingfield 14.20 Bold Ring

    Have a good Easter everyone.

    Good luck in your golf competition today Andrew. Where are you playing?

    1. At Goodwood, Dean, and I only went and won it!!
      There were some tasty prizes on the prize table, but I won’t find out til Monday what I won as I had to leave before the last group came in, so wasn’t there for the presentations.
      I guess my golf is better than my horse selecting!

  31. Having a rough time this month still haven’t picked a winner yet but I’m confident that today’s the day

    Musselburgh 3.50 Bow Creek

    1. Ronaldoh, I don’t know what has happened but Rothesay Chancer is not running today and the 2.55 race is at Lingfield, not Musselburgh.
      Unfortunately, this will need to go down as no selection.

  32. it’s not a pretty site sitting here wearing nothing but a bandanna
    watching the fate of [Newmarket 2.55] Emaratiya Ana.

    1. Know the feeling !! to make matters worse i’m old enough to remember your older sister’s

  33. with losers abound and in need of glory i seek help with a doft of a forelock and bang on the gates of [Cheltenham 4.25] Squire Trelawney.

  34. Only a single winner today – JamesC – well done. This has brought him into contention but has not changed anything at the top.

    1st = Henry = 11
    2nd = Markh = 9
    Paul = 7
    JamesC = 2

    There are 5 meetings tomorrow – and the first race is Beverley at 13.25.

    There is a horse running tomorrow which is apt for the way my tips are getting – (Thomas) Crapper – but I’m going to take a gamble on another in the same race –
    Cheltenham 15.15 Wintered Well

    1. Well Dean if there was a prize for the most losers over the last two months i surely would have won it hands down

  35. There wasn’t an update yesterday as there were no winners and no changes in the leaderboard.

    My selection today is for Colin, as I hope he has a – Jaunty Journey (15.00 Exeter).
    Have a good time in Newquay mate. Enjoy the surfing 🙂

  36. King Boru 2-30 Ex
    On holiday this week at Newquay so pin out and posting early.

  37. I have caught up after the weekend and here are the results –

    Friday – well done to Paul H and Peter RJ for their winning selections.
    Saturday – only one winner, well done to William.
    Sunday – well done to JohnG and Henry, who won on the same selection.

    Here is the new table –

    1st = Henry = 13
    2nd = Markh = 11
    Paul H = 9
    JohnG = 0.25
    Julie = Evs

    Get your selection in before 2pm today, as per the first race from Hexham.

    My selection today is – Pontefract 14.40 Thatchmaster

  38. I know I am slightly late but as my selections don’t count towards the comp, I am posting one for fun.

    Thirsk 14.15 Klynch

  39. Backing a few winners so can’t complain but i can’t post one.
    Going for Ted’s Brother 5-45 Thirsk

  40. my selection today is one for DEANO to try and google the name (followed by translate)
    [Ayr 3:50) BAILE ANRAI. may give him a surprise iii

  41. I have 3 options today –
    The obvious shortie – Fontwell 13.50 Shubaat
    The more likely and sensible – Wolverhampton 20.35 Secret Millionaire (what I wannabe)

    But I am going for – the long-shot name association selection – Fontwell 16.35 Harris Garden

  42. A couple of big winners have come in and it’s all change at the top again.
    Well done to Julie and Paul for their wins yesterday – and well done to Markh for his big 16/1 winner today – well, guess what that does…. all newbies do well in their first month 🙂

    1st = Markh = 14
    2nd = Henry = 10.5
    Julie = 3
    Paul = 1

    It’s an early start tomorrow, the first race is from Fontwell at 13.20. Don’t get caught out and miss the early deadline.

  43. I’m a bit behind with updates, my apologies. I should be able to get it done for tonight. If not, definitely tomorrow.

    I was going to stick with the same process that got me a 3rd yesterday (which would be The Happy Warrior, Taun, 14.20) but today I am going with my little boys number, 777 (he was born at 7am weighing 7lb 7oz – in July as well).
    So today’s selection is 7th in the forecast, came 7th LTO and is aged 7 –
    Towcester 14.40 One for the Boss
    (and just as a little add-on, I’m going to stick it in a double along with it’s brown-nosing brother – One for the Guv’Nr, Taun, 17.55)

    1. Dean, your a little bit behind with your winners ,I don`t know about anything else, what is going on in your head ! , is this your new system or are you cracking up

      1. Haha, thanks Peter. If anything works, I’d like to know how.
        It seems I picked the wrong brown noser though – and from now on Guv’nr is the way forward, not Boss…haha

        What are winners again?…. it’s been so long.

  44. just phoned Mr Meldrew asked if he could pick me up, sure no problem he said, where and when
    i replied Taunton 3:50 Railway Vic.

  45. I am trying something new from now on – short priced but hopefully consistent.
    The selection from my blog didn’t work yesterday so looking at something else from my blog instead.

    Nottingham 14.10 Art of War

  46. Lady may was in dismay as her husbands hair fell of his head
    and every where he did go the people would say there’s {Catterick 5.20} Lord Buffhead.

  47. Unlucky to Joseph with a 20/1 selection being beaten by a neck – only to a 100/1 outsider!!! Champagne would have ruled if anyone had selected that one.

    Only a couple of winners today – JamesC and Woody – well done.
    Greg tipped a winner to replace his non-runner, but unfortunately this was too late an entry for today.

    So this means no changes at the top –

    1st = Henry = 12.5
    2nd = Julie = 2.5
    Ronaldoh = 1

    There are four meetings as usual tomorrow, starting with Lingfield at 2pm.

    1. Dean, I had both of them down on my list , {top jockies one ride) the SP put me off , I bet the 20/1 e/w but not the 100/1, we never learn do we,

  48. My bet for tomorrow is going to be

    1. Sorry Greg, unfortunately, even replacements for non-runners need to be before the start of the first race.
      It’s the same for everyone and non-runners seem to be too common at the moment.

      It’s typical that your replacement then went onto win.

  49. Not much luck so far this month. Today’s selection comes from one of my blog tips.

    Southwell 17.05 Chapellerie

  50. n/r saturday ,could’nt be bothered to run yesterday,deano laughing at me.
    you’ll find me drowning my sorrow’s again {Carlisle 4.25} Indepub. (hic!)

  51. Graham, you had my attention – until your ‘Announcement’ got withdrawn…haha

    There were 3 winners yesterday – well done to Markh, Ziltiod and the lovely Sandra.
    But there was only one winner today – well done to Henry, pulling away further at the top.

    1st = Henry = 13.5
    2nd = Julie = 3.5
    Ronaldoh = 2
    JohnG = 0.75
    Markh = Evs

    The first race tomorrow is from Southwell at 2pm.

  52. Despite two losses, I’m keeping the regal theme going and, along with Jarold, choosing –
    Windsor 14.40 King of Macedon

  53. Another 2nd 7/1 lost in photo.Bound to change sometime.
    Shadrack 3-00 Kelso.

  54. Spending tomorrow morning beside a swimming pool, watching my boy racing, so going early with:
    Ffos 4.10 – Tullyesker Hill (think my son has more chance of winning!)

  55. Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone for their Grand National selections. What a race!! I hope you all enjoyed it and got some returns on any bets placed.
    For the bonus points, there were 3 2nd places (Balthazar King – already my fancy to go one better next year) and 3 3rd places (Double Seven – another place for AP McCoy).
    No one selected the winner for the bonus, but well done to Palerider for noting it in his top 5.
    (I managed to get lucky and get the winner in my wife’s family’s sweepstake – a different bonus for me).

    Secondly, well done to all the winners from yesterday – Julie and Keith – and for today – JohnG and Joseph.

    Finally, the leaderboard after the first 5 days has had a little change in the top 2 –

    1st = Henry = 11.5
    2nd = Julie = 5.5
    Ronaldoh = 4
    JohnG = 2.75
    The rest of us, after the bonus points from the Grand National, are fighting for the minor places between -2 and -5.

    The first race comes from Market Rasen at 13.45 tomorrow.
    I am making an early selection again – Ffos Las 16.10 King of Dubai (a theme of Kings for me at the moment :-))

  56. After 3 seconds and a 3rd i’m due a change of luck. Munfallet 2-25 Ling.Tidal Bay for national[class will tell]. Backed 8 winners yesterday but couldn’t post one.

  57. – 13:30h Aintree Kilcooley (IRE)

    – 16:15h Aintree Grand National Double Seven (IRE)

  58. GN Pick.-Aintree 4.15 : Teeforthree
    Daily Pick.-Wolverhampton 7.20 :Mark’s Whisper

  59. UDL (Usual Daily Loser) GNL(Grand National Loser)
    Wolverhampton 6.20;Avonmore Star 4.15 The Rainbow Hunter

    1. These are my TOP5 for the GN
      Double Seven, Big Shu, Rocky Creek, Pineau de re and One in milan. I probably wont even find it with those 5 but my money is on those 🙂

        1. I managed to find the winner 2 years in a row but using more than one selection obviously. I made a good bit of money since I played 30 quid on each of my top 5 to win and got the winner at 34.0 on betfair so good stuff all together. Im not doing great on the contest this month went for big prices so far but nevermind cause at least I made a few quid for my self today. I hope everyone made a bit of money today. Cheers

  60. I’ll post an update tomorrow or Sunday evening to cover today and the weekend.

    My comp selection (were it to count) – Lingfield 13.50 Bertie Blu Boy

    My bonus selection for the Grand National – Aintree 16.15 Balthazar King

    Good luck with your selections tomorrow.

  61. Look !! theres a tiny little mouse scuttling around the floor at
    [Sedgefield 3.55] Marlborough House.

  62. Ronaldoh was off to a flyer with wins on the first 2 days and now Henry has taken over with back to back wins yesterday and today. Other winners yesterday include Julie, JohnG and Greg. Well done to all of you.

    So this is the current leaderboard –

    1st = Henry = 13.5
    2nd = Ronaldoh = 6
    Julie = 3.5
    JohnG = 0.25

    The first race is from Leicester at 13.50 tomorrow.

    And I am going to make an early prediction for tomorrow –
    Wolverhampton 18.25 Profile Star

    1. Sorry to see you missed BOTTI ’16/1 and I let PARSNIP PEAT go by @16/1, a right pair of April fools, hope your luck changes soon

  63. Sorry for not posting an update yesterday. I’ll post one shortly or after today’s racing has finished.

    So far, 2 losers out of 2 – let’s see what happens today.
    Lingfield 15.30 Don’t Have It Then

  64. there is a sane reason but you may think i’m loopy,for selecting tonight at
    Wolverhampton 8.45 Harpers Ruby.

  65. Hi Palerider, that is a good question and I don’t see a problem if your selection on the day is a GN selection. It will cover both the SP for the comp and bonus points for the GN were it to win. If it places you only get the bonus points but be aware you will still lose a point as per the comp for it not winning.
    Well done for last years winner though. That’s a great 100/1 selection.

    The rules will be the same as normal – add your selection before the first race of the day, include your GN selection too, and if they are the same, they will count for comp and bonus points. SP and bonus for winners, bonus only for places, minus a point for non-winners (comp selection only).
    Good to see some interest. I won’t make a note of any selections posted now – just remember to add them on Saturday 🙂


    1. To be fair I had money on 5 horses on last years Grand National and it will probably be similar this year. I had 20 quid on each and I won big with that 100/1 winner. And also I didnt pick that particular horse that was someone elses selection. Sometimes I pick my own horses and sometimes I use selections from a couple of services I like and it paid off that day. Hopefully I will be able to win again this year but quite frankly it is very difficult to win the GN with just one selection even the pros usually have a few that know should go well and then hope for that bit of extra luck. I will give it a go nevertheless and hopefully I will post the winner on the site on Saturday lol

  66. My selection for today, will be [Southwell 15.05] Sir Geoffrey, will it win, let’s hope and see.

    With the Grand National being this Saturday, what does everyone think about adding a little bonus fun to the comp for this month?
    As well as tipping up your nap for Saturday, include ONE selection for the GN too and I will give bonus points to the top 4 places – ie. anyone who selects the winners gets 4pts each, 2nd place selected get 3pts each, 3rd place selected gets 2pts each and 4th place selected gets 1pt each.
    Firstly, is this allowed? Secondly, does everyone fancy it?

    1. Dean. I see a couple of problems here with missinterpretation. Rules should be very clear before this is added. For instance my selection on that day would probably be a grand national selection anyway so if I want to put two selections on that race I should probably specify wich one counts as daily and which one as grand national cause if it wins as a daily selection I would get SP points and if it wins as a grandnational selection it would only be 4 points according to your point system and not SP points. I have no problem adding this up as long as rules are clear before we add it. Can the daily selection and the grand national one be the same selection? I dont think I will be so lucky to find the winner of the grand national again this year ( I found it last year for the first time ever) but in any case it is always fun to try.

    1. had a thought i’m probably wrong,about the song the best is yet to come in a way whether it’s lee.fitzgerald.sinatra.vaughan,buble or bennett (can’t think of anymore who sung it !!)
      like them i still do it my way. you probably meant something else.though slightly put off by quickee and johnny splash for some reason.

  67. as the clash once said should i stay or should i go and look elsewhere,
    or stay with the old grey mare,in my hand i still have my pills so i stay loyal to my old friend
    (Wincanton 2.45) Withy Mills.

    1. My money is on Breaking Bits on this race so I really hope you dont win today mate lol. Sorry but money goes first and then the betinfo competition after that. You can win tomorrow instead if you like lol.

  68. A good start to April for only one person – well done Ronaldoh. A good result at 11/2.

    First race is from Wincanton at 14.15 tomorrow.

  69. Couldn’t find the page this morning and had to go out.Just got back and found it, but with only 11 responces it looks as though others have had the same problem. I hope you will accept my late entry on this occasion. It is First Class 3-20 Kemp.

      4-20 KEMPTON

  70. pinch punch first loser of the month, with a wack is (Kempton 5.20 ) Gung Ho Jack.
    thank’s for kind words it was all down to my pin de lucky as they say in france .

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