Im excited to announce the addition of our new and improved tipping competition. Previously the NAP competition has been run manually on this blog. Needless to say this took up a lot of time and effort from the members involved.

Now we have launched a brand new comp that is completely automated and free!!. Simply register once and the system will keep you logged in. You then select your NAP each day and our software will automatically create a league table.


What's new:

We have upped the prize money to £100 monthly to the winner and £50 for the runner up..... So all to play for

We have also added a new prize that will certainly get you going! The overall winner after each 6 month period gets a chance to run their very own tipping service, and earn an extra few quid too.....


I will keep this page up and running so that you can discuss and chat with other members as you did previously.

If you haven't already done so, register for the new competition and start selecting your NAPs > Tipping Comp



1,854 thoughts on “New Tipping Competition £150 Prizes”

  1. I’ve noticed that the races and the results are not getting updated. We might have again a problem with the data provider. It might take a few days until the problem is resolved.

      1. Hi Colin,
        The select page is working. We Have A Dream made it a Hat-trick Saturday 6th Jan now 7/1 for the triumph Hurdle March hope there is a good bit left in the tank for the big race as I said earlier on this page I am on at 33/1 e/w. Have you got any entries from your trainer yet when your horse is likely to run?. Good Luck. John.

        1. 10 furlong race at Newcastle on 28th Feb pencilled in but hoping to f
          ind one earlier in Feb.
          Bloke goes in chemist for a packet of condoms The assistant says small, medium or large.He braggingly says “large”, so she gave him a packet of 144.

    1. Dear Johnfrombuc,
      Will you be up dating the discuss page?. As there is no room for comments or problems that may occur to post. Thank You. John.

  2. morning everybody. Congratulations to the two winners for December and best of luck to all for January. I’m not a computer expert but I notice if I press the pg dn button in the top right hand corner it takes me to the bottom [comment page]quickly. Happy New Year Sandra, John and everybody else who comments to me or about me.

    1. 😎All the best CH for the new year and good luck with🏇 Muftakker will be keeping a eye 👀 on him and🗣 cheering him on😎

    2. To Colin,
      Happy new year also to the other competitors . Hopefully this page will be updated in the near future. Hope your horse goes well for 018. It will be interesting to follow. Also exciting times ahead for Cheltenham March meeting. Backed Firebird Flyer Welsh National at 40/1(corals) small e/w 4 places. Saturday 6th January. The alcoholic drinks are on Fuzzyduck The December winner . Quack-Quack. Good Luck. John.

  3. Happy New Year everybody. If you want to make a comment ,believe it or not, the box is at the bottom of the page. Unless anybody Knows a quick way of getting to the bottom, I wont be going again. Looking for a 20/1 shot today to sneak December

    1. Good Day,
      Harry was beaten fair and square by a surprise winner 40/1 funny old game racing. But to all his regular followers and my self he owes us nothing. I will be on again when he runs later this month. Well done to colin the winner of the nap competition. I expect you will have to send the few shillings to the head lad also stable staff who look after your horse Christmas box. You should have some entries from your trainer for future races?. What is the name of your trainer?. When is your horse running?. I will follow with interest. Hope he wins for you. good luck. John.

      1. John, horse is doing ok and should be ready to run in January. Trainer is John Norton. You might think he’s a poor trainer but he’s ok. Aiden O’ Brien wouldn’t win with the horses he’s got. His last two over hurdlers have just scoped bad on Friday. He thinks there is another race in Flying Power who runs on Monday at Southwell. He will jump out and hopefully make all the running.All his horses are always doing their best.

        1. Hi Colin,
          Looks like this page could do with up dating no space left. It would be rude to under estimate any trainers ability if they have tired horses to work with they can only do the best with what they have. The Adien OBrien team work there juveniles on the gallops to a stopwatch time if they don’t make the time required they will not run on the racecourse that is why all his horses win. Also millions of $ at his disposal which buys the best horses. Ihave backed a horse that had moderate form in France has come to N Henderson and bolted in class 4 hurdle hopeful of more improvement to come We Have A Dream I am on 33/1 Triumph Hurdle that wont be around for long. Two fellows talking one says to the other I was in the merchant navy and been round the world and other places to the other one says if I want to hear an asshole I will f–t myself. Two fellows took some batteries from a shop by the time the police arrived they had swallowed them the police are charging them in the morning. Good Luck with the horse. John.

      2. Back again John. FP is drawn 2 and the one on the inside is a hold up horse. FP is a good trapper and will jump out and try to make all. You would get a run for your money at 20s.

        1. To Colin,
          Christmas Crackers. A women goes to the dentist, says to dentist I would rather have a baby then have all my teeth pulled out?. The dentist says make up your mind as I will have to adjust the chair?. A fellow playing golf every Sunday for years . His wife says did you win honey, no he replies?. She replies cut six inches of the clubs?. He says will it improve my game?. She says I don’t know about that, but for sure they will fit in the dustbin. Two elderly women talking one says to the other what happened to your Bert?. The other one replies he died of a heart attack?. We always made love to the chimes of the church bells every Sunday morning until one Summers Sunday morning a ice cream van went by on fire followed by the fire engine. HA-HA- Keep Smiling. John.

    2. Where’s the space gone for comments. Have to use a reply space. Merry Christmas to all our punters and a reminder to Jason that November’s winnings are a bit slow coming.

      1. Hi Colin.
        I Posted the 3rd Dec We have a dream bolted in Sat16th now 8/1 from 33/1 for Triumph Hurdle. Have you a dream?, I am on at 33/1. Have you sent the few shillings to the head lad/stable staff Christmas box. Still hoping Youknowwhatimeanharry can deliver next Sat 23rd. for the Turkey/Bacon for Christmas. Have you had the few shillings from the nap Competition. Happy Christmas. John.

      2. Hi Colin,
        A husband says to the wife paint the front room for Christmas. Anyway he came back after work the wife is laid out on the floor sweating wearing a fur coat also a duffle coat he says to her what happened she replied it said on the paint tin for best results put two coats on. A jack the lad tipster says to a fellow do you want the winner of the next race the fellow replies I have no where to keep him I only have a small garden. Christmas crackers. John.

      3. Hi Colin,
        A Fellow looking at the holidays brochures says to his girlfriend I would like the three S Sex-Sea-and Sand. she replied you usually have the three s S–t-Shave and a Shower.I sat next to a girl in a French restaurant last night she had Frogs Legs and Chicken Breasts (most Peculiar) Keep Smiling the few shillings will arrive. Ha-Ha. John.

    3. My reply is way down the page. This will probably be as well, if it gets read by Jason, Where’s my winnings for November.

      1. Hi Colin,
        This page is a joke. One big joke. Needs updating. I left the few shillings with the bookie as harry finished 3rd. I have him backed Cheltenham hopefully he can pull it out in the stayers hurdle but he could be up against it with new rising stars. Looks like beans on toast and a bottle of pop Christmas(ha-ha) found a new star We have a dream for Cheltenham I am on 33/1 as I said earlier .Happy Christmas. John.

  4. Good Evening,
    Thistlecrack is the highest rated in the race and maybe a hard nut to crack but I am on our old hero as usual Youhnowwhatimeanharry at 7/4 with William Hill to bring the bacon back for Christmas. The long distance hurdle Friday Newbury at 3-00pm. a joke for colin.Ahusband sent his wife out to get some chops she went into the butchers shop and said you have a pigs head in the window he says that is a pigs head. Good Luck. John.

  5. To Colin,
    This guy Superali is pretty hot with the naps this month. I guess it could be worse it could be Clark Kent on your tail (superman). not much luck myself this month. Two fellows talking one says I hear there is a new topless ventriloquist in the club and no man has ever seen her lips move. A fellow was so ugly he could not get a girl so he thought I will join the monastery anyway he meets the abbot the abbot says to him you will be working in the gardens he also says there is not much in the way of entertainment my son but there is a barrel in the cellar with a hole in it to relieve your tensions of the outside world and you can use it six days a week he says to the abbot what happens Sunday the abbot replies it is your turn in the barrel. Ive heard roll out the barrel. John.

    1. Hi Colin,
      Murphy goes round to see Pat who has a broken leg. Pat says can you go upstairs and get my slippers anyway Murphy goes upstairs and sees pats two daughters laying naked on the bed he says to them your dad says I have to make love to you one of them says go-away-with-ya prove it?. Murphy shouts down one of them Pat no he shouts back F–K the two of them. Christmas crackers I am running out of jokes. You will have to post some. John.

  6. To Colin,
    Pat& Murphy reading a sign outside the Forestry sawmills tree fellers wanted apply with in. Murphy says to Pat said if only sean had been with us we would have got the job. Murphy I would like some nails requested of the travelling tinker?. How long would you like them asked the man.? For ever if that is all right with you said Murphy. Pat goes to the dentist. That’s my lot says Pat leaving the dentists ive just had all my teeth out never again. Conversation at Immigration Dublin airport (officer) your name sir Bakshish Abdul> sex > three times a day (officer)>I mean male or female >man doesent matter.A wife to her husband. Honey what ate you doing?. I am reading our marriage certificate what for>? . Im looking for the expiry date.Keep smiling. John.

  7. John, your jokes are getting a bit better ,but not much. I dont know any clean ones really. A man with one testicle got married and after 6 months she died. Not to be put off by it he married onother woman and after 6 months he died.The moral of this story is, you cant kill two birds with one stone. I’ll tell you another when I post a winner. Hope it’s tomorrow.

  8. Colin,
    Your leader of the table almost weighed in Christmas presents in santas sack for the festive season. A fellow goes in the newsagents .There is a beautiful buxom blonde behind the counter he says to her a lottery ticket please she replies there is a roll over next week luv he replies that better then winning a tenner. A man goes to the doctors he says doctor I need some sleeping tablets for my wife the doctor replies cant she sleep the man replies she has just woken up . John.

  9. Hi Superali, whoever you are, I must congratulate you on your tipping this month. I have always said you can’t win this competition tipping favourites. Every winner in the past has come up with a couple of outsiders and I don’t expect that to change. It’s getting towards the end of the month now so the regulars will be going for outsiders and believe me some will win. Anyway you have done very well, better than me in fact, but my 18/1 winner that paid 28/1 was worth most of your winners put together. Best of luck to end of month.

  10. Colin.
    Husband says to wife there is a terrible draught with the old windows/doors. The wife replies okay I will phone the double glazing company.Anway they came and fitted doors etc.Anyway after a year the husband got the bill he says to the wife I thought you paid the bill?. No she replies the fellow fitting the doors/windows said they would pay for themselves after a year. The husband replies I had a draught now I have a overdraught. John.

  11. John, Girl goes home and tells her dad she’s been graped. He said, don’t you mean raped. She said no, there was a bunch of them.

  12. To Colin,
    Your in contention to win the competition for the Christmas presents. A women goes in the garda station she says to the officer I have been raped the officer asks any details about the man she replies he was 5foot-8inches tall ginger hair wearing a cap anything else about him the garda asks she replies yes he works for the council the garda asks how do you know that. She replies he made me do all the work.( no offence to council workers). Christmas crackers. Good Luck. John.

  13. John, just for you, A mans wife died and he stayed in for 6 months and not having anything to do with women. He finally got over his wife’s death and ventured out.Course he met this woman, had a drink and one thing led to another and they ended up in bed. after his performance she told him he was the world’s worst lover. A bit upset he said, how can you tell that in one minute. Trying to make excuses he told her he hadn’t seen a woman for 6 months.She said why, where have you been.He thought he would get his own back and jokingly said, I’ve been in the vd clinic and she said, what’s the food like because I’m going in tomorrow.
    Posted a winner today and didn’t have a penny on it.Shows the stupidity of the competition. Betfair price 28/1

  14. Good Day.
    Yuoknowwhatimeanharry won Saturday giving weight to his two rivals 8lb and running at a shorter distance. Hope you got on at 8/1 for the stayers race Cheltenham March 018. His price in the betting shops is around 6/1 now . This horse never runs a bad race. A joke for Colin. An Irishman and a yank flying over Ireland. The yank says to the Irishman Gee what are them black spots down there the Irishman replies if they move there cattle or horses if they don’t they are council workers. a cracker. John.

  15. To harrygee61
    The monthly winner of the competition need to send their payment details to Jason. He is the person who handles “everything related to money”. I take care of the technical part. If you have sent your details already please resent them.

  16. Good Evening, For good reason a lot of you will remember our money spinning hero. Youknowwhatimean. I was going to tip him for Saturday but due to 7 absentees there is three left in the race and a price of 4/7 wont buy many Christmas presents. I have backed him for the stayers hurdle Cheltenham018 with paddy Power at 8/1 no25/1 around this time sad to say.Hope he wins tomorrow youknowwhatimeanharry. Might slip him in a L-15 as sometimes there are funny results with 3 horse races. Best of Luck. John.

  17. To johnfrombuc
    Sent two emails a week apart with my details for paypal but nothing put into my
    account.Can you check out whats gone wrong. Thanks Harry.

  18. To Colin Holder,
    The geldings breeding is impressive hope he lives up to it. He wont be ready for Christmas to get the Xmas presents. As a matter of interest what is his name?. So we can follow him in the future. I will put a tip tomorrow afternoon for Saturday for hopefully the Christmas gifts. Women says to friend I seen your frank going in the airport friend replies he was out of work for a while but seen a advert in the local paper saying there is a hundred jobs in Jeapody .John.

  19. Doing ok John. Could be ready end of December but looks like January. His half brother on mothers side [most important side] finish 4th in last years St Ledger so half as good as that would do. Posted a winner today but not showing yet. Somebody always manages to find a 33/1 and then everybody has to start looking for bigger prices.

  20. To Colin Holder,
    When is your gelding the trusty steed making his debut?. Will you be giving us the nod and the wink before he races on the all weather?. So we can get the few shillings on for Christmas presents. Like I gave you all the tip at Christmas last year for Youknowwhatimeanharry who had two wins just before Christmas. First win 7/1 next time 6//4. Paid for Christmas 016. Good Luck. John.

  21. To Colin Holder,
    Well pleased what I got back £10 e/w at 33/1 £92-50p nearly the same as backing a 8/1 winner.I might invest some of it on the Beano annual. As I am running out of jokes .I expect you will invest in the Dandy. A husband says to the wife that young lad next door is going to high school soon the wife replies are they moving to America he replies no he is going to the school on the hill. After a few weeks dating a young couple are in bed the fellow lights up a fag and looks at the girl and asks do you smoke after intercourse ?. she replies I never look. That’s all for now folks. John.

  22. Good Morning,
    When irish eyes are smiling They got the rub of the green Melbourne Cup first 3 past the post. Max Dynamite ran a cracker to finish 3rd at 14/1 as he had been race rusty but had been working well leading up to the race. I have got a 33/1 place over 8 to one. Max name sake Dynamite dollars should go close at Southwell 1-20pm today. Well done if you were on at 33/1 a lot were. John.

  23. Good Day.
    Latest news from Flemington Thomas Hobson just made the cut 24 and there is 24 runners . The Hong Kong based Jockey Zac Purton rides Max Dynamite now 16/1 from 33/1 will go off shorter on the day. A rough tough race the Melbourne Cup The foreign horses need the rub of the green hope Max puts is a explosive display(Dynamite). Good Luck if you are on at 33/1 I am. John.

  24. Good Day,
    Latest news from Flemington concerning the Melbourne Cup. Max Dynamite and Thomas Hobson worked well this morning. Max L400 in under 23 seconds needed a good blow out as he has been lightly raced….. Thomas Hobson is in danger of been balloted out as he is number 26 as there is 24 runners final cut4th. Max now 20/1 from 33/1 I guess he will shorten more near post time. I am on at 33/1 . The Hong Kong Jockey from Brazil Joao Moreira will be riding if Thomas Hobson is a non runner he is world class.Wrote this for the benefit of those interested in horse racing and those who have backed him. Good Luck. John.

  25. John, I dont bother much when I’m away. You can’t bet serious without the Racing Post. The hotel we are stopping at provides a Daily Mail but I can’ bet with that. I think a Racing Post would cost about a tenner.I take my lap top and will post something blind that’s backed but I’ll need to be lucky. Posted a 28/1 yesterday that lead to last furlong and finished 2nd. 10 lengths to 3rd horse.Get a bit of info from Ireland at the weekend so just back them. Regular bookie 365 wont take bets from Spain.Cheers John.

  26. To Colin,
    There is internet cafes also internet in Hotels also English newspapers in Spain .You will have to take your laptop with you if you want the sporting life site. Where I go in Turkey there is no betting shops which don’t bother me as I enjoy the beach the weather the drink the food and a look at the women. English newspapers £2 each the sun etc.It is a nice break and rest.In the days of crossroads one of the locals seen Benny in town late at night he asked why are you so late in town Benny replied I went round to see miss Diana she took all her clothing off and said go to Town Benny and here I am. After that I could do with a rub down with the Sporting Life. Have a nice time in Spain. Adios Amigo. John.

  27. Good Evening,
    I was going to say elementary my dear chap but that joke sounds excrementry. The wife went into a public toilet years ago she said the lady in the next cubicle was reciting poetry. It went here I sit broken hearted spent a penny and only F—-D.The farmer says to his wife are you keeping chickens in the outside toilet as the smell is fowl she replied I did have a chicken curry last night. The jump season is kicking in nicely . p Nicholls in good form I have been backing him L15 last two weeks also A Obrien as he is going for the world championship most group 1 winners is equal at present worth watching him this weekend as he tries to win it. Finally a women says to her friend my husband got the D-C-M she replies that is the Distinguished –Conduct-Medal The women says not exactly he came back from the pub Friday and the foreman said Don’t Come Monday. That’s all for now folks. John.

  28. I was driving down the road the other day and had to pull up at the traffic lights. A beautiful blonde came alongside in the inside lane. I thought she looked a proper lady about forty and looked real class.She looked at me and I looked at her and I remember thinking I wouldn’t mind some of that.Anyway she wound her window down so I wound mine down secretly hoping for her best chat-up line and she smiled again and said “have you farted as well”.What a let down and remember all that glitters is not gold.
    Not as good as John’s.

  29. Swopped it to Breath of Blighty so waste of time. Time running out for me as going to Spain on Wednesday and no access to Racing Post.

  30. Hi Jason,

    A few days back I asked you to send me the price money for Septembers contest and as of today I am still waiting for this. You said you would take care of this but nothing yet. I could do with the 100 pounds price mate. If you could please send the money I would apprecciate it. I think I won this fare and square and it is now almost the end of October.


  31. To Colin Holder,
    A EGGstradinary joke. If the boys dropped there trousers it would have been EGGplicit but a kick below the belt is no yoke as your nuts EGGspand. The loser said as a EGGception I will have a poached EGG . In the nap table you have a EGG celent chance of winning.Do you get your tips from the daily EGGspress?. Good Luck. John.

  32. couple of jokes from John’s joke book.An englishman and an irishman live next door to one another. Any irish person reading this it’s not racist.Suppose you tell jokes about us english so you’ll just swop the characters around
    The englishman keeps some hens and one day one of them lays an egg on the irishman’s lawn. He asks the irishman for the egg only to be told it’s on his lawn so it’s his egg. The englishman claims it’s his because he owns the hens. After a heated argument the irishman says we’ll settle this the Irish way. What’s that says the englishman. Irishman says “you kick me between the legs [or words to that effect] then i’ll kick you between the legs and the first one to give in loses the egg”. The englishman kicks the irishman who falls to the floor writhing in agony.As he is getting up he’s saying” it’s my turn now” and the englishman says” I give in, you can have the egg.No room left I’ll tell the other next time I post a winner.

  33. Good Day
    I backed Max Dynamite for <Melborne Cup Flemington park November 7th at 33/1 e/w 4places quarter the odds(Betfred) . Unlucky not to win this race 015 flopped after that one year out. Came back recently and won small race at Killarney he could slightly be under the radar. A big price at double carpet.He is out in Australia ready for the big race. Colin has your comic arrived the wackey races. Penelope Pitstop-Peter Perfect-Dick Dasterley and mutley. I guess he does the greyhound tips as he is a dog. Good Luck. John.

  34. To Johnfrombuc,
    I am on annual holiday having a rest also re charging my batteries for the jump autumn season . Will be back in November with naps and corny jokes. A women retires from the shoe factory after 40years she said it was sole destroying. There making a film called Constipation there still waiting for it to come out. The wife phoned the doctor asking him has he anything for severe wind he replied get a kite. A man going to work on Sunday the wife says to him why are you wearing two wrist watches? he replies the foreman said it is double time Sunday. That is all for know folks. Keep Smiling. John.

    1. Hi John, looks like your Beano came early this week.One for Sandra. What are you playing at. Your “Secret” would have taken you to the top of the pile. That’s your big chance gone.

      1. Colin my precious , its worse than that , it was a free betting race for me , care of bet 365 a 4/1+ offer as I had wordismybond @1620 hrs and that was the next 4/1+ offer race @1930hrs and I missed out ,Sandra xx

  35. Hi Jason,

    I tried to contact you by email to claim my first price money for September but I have not yet received any reply or money for it. Can you please look into it?


  36. What happened, John King? No NAPs, no jokes in forum any more? Did a single losing month after a long series of profits discourage you so much? (I am joking, of course)

  37. Hi guys, new to this and just put my nap in, was wandering though as only two meetings were showing so is this the norm or can i access all the meetings daily ? Thanks in advance

  38. Finished 2nd in September competition. Emailed Paypal details on 2nd October and received £50 on the 3rd October. Thank you Jason. Superb. Love the compo.

  39. Regarding the winners of last months comp, I have not received any emails from you with your Paypal account details, please re-send


  40. Good Morning,
    Absolute beautiful day here in the south of England the sun beaming like a hot summers day. Unfortunate it is not the same at Ayr as the Saturday Gold cup meeting abandoned & my tip maybe a blessing in disguise .There is still plenty of meetings for Saturday to pick the winners and dare I say the losers. Good Luck. John.

  41. OK, looks like all up and running again, well done Pete French & Donkey, couple of really decent winners today just to put the pressure on. I’m only about £20 or so down so watch yer backs. Only 9 days to go but I shall try my best. Steve

  42. Good Evening,
    Good to see the competition is working again. I have backed Doc Spartello this afternoon at a big price 50/1 e/w six places at a quarter the odds with (William Hill) .He is a distance winner on heavy ground > I guess Ayr will be soft to heavy on Saturday.Good Luck. John.

  43. Jason,

    Last month I won the contest for the tipster competition and I have still not received the price money. I sent you a couple of emails about this but I have no reply yet either. Could you please contact me and send me the money to the email address I gave you?


  44. Good Day,
    I mentioned Strativarius at 10/1 ante-post for St Ledger July and backed him e/w he finished 3rd at 9/2 so made a small profit. Also had him Goodwood Cup at 12/1 e/w . Overall a profit. Well done to those that were on at big prices. Good Luck. John.

    1. There are some problems with our data provider. We are discussing with them but the solution might still take a few days. Sorry.

  45. Colin , this is not very comfortable to say the least , you don’t give up do you ! and to top it all yesterdays tip WON , I would have been well shot of you , that’s my luck , all the best , SANDRA

    1. Sandra, we’ve never been as close.What about me posting a winner[22s on betfair] on Friday then changed my mind at the last minute. I would have been shot of you.It’s all ifs and buts.

    1. It is not so much a technical problem but it requires also some discussion with partners. That’s why it takes so long. I am sorry to say that It sill might require a few days until everything works smooth again.

  46. Good Day,
    Hugo Palmers horses are just hitting form after a slow start. But I have backed Zhukova e/w this morning( corals ) 14/1 6-45pm Leopardstown irish champion stakes.Good Luck. John.

  47. Not easy today but going to try a E/W L15.Kem 3 15 Mustarrid.(Nap) Hay 4.45 Archis Affaire.(NB) Wol 7 30 Central City Wol 6 00 Maraakib.

  48. Its all gone bandy again.No horses or courses are available, was going to do
    BOBBY BISCUIT 7-20 KEMP.Iwill look again later.

  49. Who’s a dxxx- head. Posted Meadow Cross and changed it to Aurora’s Dream just at the off.On the plus side Had a fiver on Meadow Cross at 20s on the got to be a happy dxxx-head.

  50. Meant to say Graham, Tranquil Tracy is well capable of winning but it wont settle and has nothing left at the finish,If it could settle, it would have a chance.

  51. CH i used to live next door to Stanley Hinton had horses with Michael Blanshard well into his 90’s so plenty of time yet !!
    i thought first thing needed was to get it to learn english after Monsieur Head mademoiselles have been lovingly grooming it, a good bucket full of john smiths should do the trick.
    stay sound (both☺) and hope you have some winning racedays (both☺) all the best.

    1. Thanks Graham, you have to be lucky to own a winner these days but we are very hopeful. will keep you posted regarding his progress.Owned a winner once [about 40 years ago]. Ran at Donny one Saturday, had £20
      [worth more now obviously] on it. Nowhere. Came out Monday, won at 11/1. Not a penny on it.

  52. CH my guess ? if so is it another one for the jaffa Syndicate.
    hope you have more luck than Flying Power&Tranquil Tracy have had this year will keep an eye out for it good luck fingers crossed.
    BTW see FP entered for wolver this saturday .all the best
    Muftakker (GB) by Tamayuz (GB) x Qertaas (IRE)
    2014 Gr.C Consignor: Shadwell Stud | E268
    Purchaser: J.R. Norton Ltd £14,000.
    Previous-Trainer.F Head/Owner.Hamdan Al Maktoum.

    1. Graham, I’m nothing to do with Jaffa gang. Had horses with John before but all rubbish. I am 80 in November so not much pleasure left in life,so not much danger to Sandra. Decided to have one last fling and hopefully get a decent horse. Muftakker is a smashing looker and well bred, but that doesn’t mean he can run fast, so all I can do is hope. John can train if he gets the right horses but unfortunately he doesnt have rich owners to back him. Muftakker’s first job is to have his wedding tackle removed so it will be at least christmas before I get a run.FP is entered Saturday but expected to get balloted out.

  53. Sandra darling, you know this is not my favourite position, but if you promise to be gentle with me, I will close my eyes and think of England.
    Going to Doncaster sales today. You can watch on the internet. I am interested in lot 33 which should be selling just after 11. 21 is my limit.

  54. The root cause are some problems with our data provider. We are discussing with them and hope that the issues are resolved in a few days. I’ll let you know when everything is working as before.
    For the time being I need to update most of the data manually. Usually I update the data around 6am-7am. After the update the selection of runners and the league standing should be correct. If you notice some wrong results please let me know: I’ll check it out and fix it.

    1. Sandra, you spoke too soon. There you are on the top of the pile. If my Friday tip had won i would have been in my favourire lying on top of you. It was 10/1 and come over the last 2 lengths in front, 10/1 on in running and got beat. Thats me all the time. You have a good start so keep it up as the bishop said to the actress.

      1. Colin my precious , you have got no staying power , as the actress said to the bishop , your best bet is in the 1420hrs (3) Windsor , good luck ! ,Sandra xx

  55. Johann,

    Either I am not reading it right or the problem still exists. I take the price from the ATR site and in the results I checked from yesterday, totalling four, they were all different to the table. I have always read the results from ATR so either they have a problem or this site has, in which case it needs correcting before the month progresses.

  56. Good Day,
    For anyone interested in sport as a hobby I thought I would write about the ups and downs not only racing but football the team I follow Gosport got relegated last season disaster .My nephew who plays for them has been out with career threating injuries for two years operations on his legs .Now recovered and getting fit for Saturday 2nd Septembers FA cup round against Bridgwater at home. Need to win this one for a nice pay out from FA. Goooo-an the boys. Good Luck. John.

  57. Good Evening,
    I guess the August Competition will be void as there is a break in the system. I hope not for those in contention at the top of the table anyway look forward to September to the St Ledger etc, The wife said I was throwing my weight around I said I am not in the highland games shot put etc. She sent me to the ironmongers to get a long weight yesterday morning I came back last night she said I meant a long weight not a long wait. Anyway I came back from the golf early this morning she said how come you are back early I replied I stood on the rake in the bunker it was the only two balls I hit all day. OUCH-OUCH- it would make ones eyes water. Keep Smiling. John.

  58. I am travelling in this weekend. I will try to solve the problems using my laptop/cell phone internet connection.

  59. Sandra, where have you been for the last couple of months. From a daily correspondent to an unheard of I wondered where you were.Not a nice thought but I thought you must have kicked the bucket. I didn’t really but it’s nice to see you are still showing an interest. I can’t do anything these days. Keep backing a few winners but post losers.[mainly outsiders]. Might do better in September. Was buying a horse in August but the ones I fancied were a bit pricey. Trying again on September 6th. Godolphin sending a few. Fingers crossed. Keep posting, presume Peter is ok.

    1. Colin, everything is fine, Peter and children are ok , thanks for asking, I am doing very well on the horses, suffering with a lot of non runners though, just had two non runners now , I am like you, cant pick the right ones for the comp, now the comp is out of order its good bye to this months winners I suppose , keep well and watch me win again , love from all of us , Sandra

  60. I noticed that yesterday aldoddy 99 it only gave the York card luckily I still managed a winner but league table not updating either

  61. Ovdrum,

    At the risk of John telling me to keep my nose out but are you aware that your winner yesterday, Star of the East, appears to have been classed as a loser.

    1. Ovdrum,

      My apologies, I have just noticed that it was disqualified from 1st place. It is a pity the BBC cannot update their website.

  62. Good Morning,
    Apphia was disappointing again .The ground soft again .I had the few shillings on again .Hopefully get her next time if the ground and distance is suitable. The wife said this morning have I got a match. I said enlighten she replied you face and my A–E. Keep Smiling. John.

  63. Barry,
    You have no idea what I am talking about?. It is written in basic English. I have not disputed that you don’t follow the horses or written below that comment. I knew an oul lad who followed the horses for 20 years. He sais he had the best rhubarb in the area. He said it kept him as regular as clock work. HA-HA.

  64. Good Day,
    Apphia entered Newmarket 2,o5 she finished 4th last time .She would prefer good ground last time soft not ideal conditions but I have backed her today again and hope she is in the money. I am on e/w at 9/1. In the future I will not be putting up any more tip as I guess there is only a handful in the competition that follow the horses as a hobby .I guess they are not interested only pinstickers. When I tipped up the derby winner I mentioned if anybody had any tips for the derby but no reply what so ever. I doubt if you will miss my jokes. Good Luck. John.

  65. nokia09,
    If you work for Betinfo you would be automatically paid. I am just a contestant like many more in the competition. Early in the year I was second and was paid prompt . You must send your E-mail address also have Pay-Pal account for transaction. Joe Raggs has a lot of experience in this field last year concerning payment. Maybe contact him. Hope what I have written is of some help. Good Luck. John.

  66. MR T,
    As your user name is MR T I guessed you were a fan of the A- Team which is back on TV recently. The horse tack was meant to be a joke . Iwould not go as far to say it was a gutter comment depends on your sense of humour. I use my real name so I don’t get confused with anyone else. Sorry if it has offended you in any way. John.

  67. John King apparently the last two prize winners did not get paid?

    Not holding out much hope myself. sent 3 emails two days ago with no reply yet. was told I’d get a reply in 24 hours by twitter.

  68. MR T,
    Are you not taking part in the competition old chap if you are I think a eye-shield-blinkers-cheek pieces and a hood might help you concentrate on YOUR own naps. If not there is always the A-Team on weekdays on spike. Good Luck. John.

  69. Congratulations to n0kia09 who had us all fighting for 2nd place well before the final furlong. Superb napping. Steve

  70. Good Day,
    I said to the wife are you on the fiddle she said of course not well I said get yourself down the bookies and back Stradiviarus 12/1 e/w also I backed him for the St Ledger 10/1 I recently displayed this information on this page and hope some of you took the hint and done you a good turn not a bad one. I guess he will be fav for the St Ledger hope you were on early. Good start to August. Good Luck. John.

  71. has anyone got paid prize before ? i read that people were not getting paid prizes. I will see If I get paid and put my feedback here.

  72. To Colin Holder,
    As you say I am chucking my weight about also you are welcome to meet me anytime you want. I don’t suffer Walter Mitty stuff. I have written I believe to be true. You want to get your facts right. Have a look at your previous E-Mails. As far as MR T goes he is not competing in the competition I was wondering why he is interfering . MR T questioned my my points with Jason when I was in 2nd place £50 in the past and got me demoted to 4th place . Other players have not been paid due to the server operator not the players fault. all these problems seem to be ironed out now good for every player. I hope this puts you in the picture.Good Luck. John.

  73. To John King, John, you are a person I would love to meet but you appear to be chucking[ a yorkshire term] your weight about. Mr T hasn’t done anything to you but you are slating him. I think he has a point. Regarding my posts being outsiders, I’ve been forced into it by the system. I don’t back them. Regarding the horse I was looking at, we rung the trainer and there is a £35,000 reserve on it so that just counts me out. I’m looking for a 8/1 today which might put me 2nd.
    Nearly risked Hot Hannah but got chicken although I backed it. Best of luck for Goodwood.

  74. Dear Mr T,
    It amazes me that your making comments about points not fair etc. You don’t participate in the contest also you are not on the league table. How does it concern you that is what I would like to know?. The mind boggles. John.

  75. Johann,

    Just to emphasise my point as to why I feel so strongly about BSP & only getting 33 points for selecting winners over & above that price, along comes a result yesterday, the 4.30pm race at Pontefract, won by Kings Will Dream at 10/1. The price declared on BSP was 27. My point is that anybody who was lucky enough to select that horse would have received an extra 17 points. Had it won at say 40/1 you would only get 33 points. Is that fair, I think not.

  76. Dear Johnfrombuc ,
    As the competition is based on winner/runner up most points it gives everyone and anyone a fair crack of the whip. A more skill full way would be the contestant that naps the most winners without the points system. This would eliminate players moaning about players napping big price winners. The winner would be the most winning naps. What do you Think?. Good Luck. John.

  77. Dear Colin Holder,
    In any month your points would be good enough to be in a winning position. The guy at the top has gone well clear incredible scoring gone beyond recall. If I remember correctly you said in a previous E-mail Back a couple of 33/1 in a month would win it. If you look back in the archives most of your naps were big prices. Now I see you have changed your tune. Good Luck for Goodwood (don’t come back with a shire horse they wont catch any pigeons) HO-HO_HE-HE. John.

  78. Dear Colin Holder, Dear John King,
    I wonder if we should consider the winner of our Champions League one way or another?
    You know the Champions League are the users with gold label. They submitted the most profitable tips in the last three month – not just guessed one or two winners at high odds.

  79. Good evening,
    I have had three 33/1 winners in the last three months one each month which I think is a feat in its self but have not won the competition surely it is a bit of luck and study to find horses under the radar. I have my pin tuned into radar like a metal detector it Bleeps when I run it across the racecard and it bleeps when it comes to a double carpet(33/1) shot. May the force be with you. Good Luck. John.

  80. Morning everybody, I’ve come to the conlusion that this tipping competition is a complete farce. I would not be paying £150 a month out to people who just drop lucky.People start each month genuinely and them somebody’s lucky pin drops on a 33/1 winner causing everybody[me included] who wants to win to resort to outsiders as 3 and 4 to 1 winners are no good to you.I don’t know of a solution,maybe restrict winners to 10/1. Only a thought. I will carry on, but I’ve always said you can’t win this competition tipping fancied horses, you just have to tip outsiders which doesn’t involve much skill.Who will be lucky next month? Good punting everybody.Might be buying a horse at Doncaster on Tuesday 8th August.Keep you posted.

    1. I am sorry to disagree with you to a point, Colin, but I have always felt that the bugbear with this competition has always been BSP!
      Take, as an example, this month’s present leader who has selected eight winners. If you look at the prices of these winners, five are no larger than 7/1, the three remaining winners were 14/1,16/1 & 20/1, three relative outsiders. If you then look at the BSP on all these winners, the largest of the winners at up to 7/1 only paid 8.75[taking the 1 point reduction into account], the other three winners paid 22.21,24 & 26.70, a total of 22.91 over the SP price. Therefore, it has always been my own opinion that prices should be settled to the SP price & not BSP, after all if a 40/1 winner can only be paid 33 points, then the same should be applied to all other prices.
      I do agree that picking outsiders is the only way to win the competition most month’s, other than that you would have to select 8/1 winners for 15 days & get fancy BSP prices for them.
      All the best.

    2. I put a lot of study into my selections, the price does not matter. it is horse racing I had 9 winners from just 26 NAPS for an LSP of 85+ I would have made £850 backing them all to £10. half of them were under 7/1 and basically I deserved to win. of course luck is involved

      1. I don’t really know what you are complaining about. i see your tips also and you basically had a lot that were similar prices to me. from very early on in the month too

    1. Right now I am travelling. I am going to turn back tomorrow evening or Sunday morning. Then I will have a look at the problem.

  81. Hi the last two days my horses have been classed as non runners but one of them have won and another lost please could you check it out for me

  82. Hi, can anyone tell me what exactly is BSP and how do I do my own bets at these prices. I’m assuming Betfair but when I look at results on their site all I find is industry SP’s. Regards, Steve

  83. Top of the Morning,
    The wife said it would be good if you could fill in the winners after the races. ? I said there would be no bookies after a week it might work in competitions but it would be playing the Stradivarius . As a matter of fact Stradivarius is entered in the ST Ledger September. Might get a tune out of it best price 10/1 at present Go An My San. John.

  84. Good Afternoon,
    I left the few shillings again with the bookie on Apphia. The ground changed to soft. Hopefully third time lucky for her there is a nice race waiting for her and she will win. Good Luck. John.

  85. Good Day,
    I backed Apphia the Ribbersdale Ascot last month at double carpet (33/1) she finished a creditable fifth in defeat she is entered at Newmarket 2-40 Saturday. The value has gone as she is a short price for the fillies race which reflects her chances. Hoping to get the few shillings back Saturday. Good Luck. The wife said I am reading a book on Kings/Queens she said did I know Lady Jane Grey was on the throne for nine days I replied she never had a chicken curry from our indian bruvs. HO-HO -HA-HA-HE-HE. Keep Smiling. John.

  86. Good morning Johann
    I dont appear to have been awarded my winning selection for yesterday 6th
    it was Pastoral Player 8-50 Epsom
    Thanks Joe

  87. Can he fly in for the Derby double at the Curragh tomorrow . All the value gone wont be 40/1 again now 2/1 Favourite with Ryan Moore in the saddle on Wings Of Eagles to glide in. Go On My Son. Best of Luck. John.

  88. I looked at the horse betting this morning and found Apphia had drifted to 66/1 and moe in places she finished in 5th place not hard driven one for the notebook in the future. Get my money back another day. Palmers horses seem short of a gallop hopefully hit form soon. The wife said the tour de France is a good race?. I replied the winner gets thousands of euros. She answered what are the rest of them doing in the race. I said you are a bike short of a race. HA-HA. Good Luck. John.

  89. Anybody any tips for the five day ascot festival?. I have backed APPHIA in the Ribbersdale Thursday at 33/1 E/W this morning at (Betfred) . The wife said do I mind if she goes to Ascot with a old flame from the jet set I replied it sounds a posh outing I said why not. She said it is with the fire brigade. Laugh I nearly passed my fags around HA-HA. Best of luck for the week . Keep Smiling. John.

  90. Dear colin holder,

    We had a feature in place which rejected all naps in the last 2 mins before the scheduled off.
    When I implemented this feature I had in mind that the clock on the server might be a few second too early or too late. Many times the race does not start exactly at the scheduled time (usually later).
    It should not happen that a participant of our competition takes an unfair advantage that he or she can submit a nap when the race has actually already started.
    So far I have not heard of issues with this feature.
    For the moment I deactivated this feature. Lets see if it works better this way. If we hear sources that users managed to work around the restriction and could submit naps after the actual start of the race we might need to turn back to the two minutes buffer before the race.
    Note, however, you cannot submit naps after the scheduled off – even if the race has not started yet. Don’t rely that you can submit a nap in the last minute before the off: The clock on the server might be slightly imprecise.

  91. John King, Having a desperate time of it lately. Went to post Bell O f the Ball[ won at 8/1] 2 mins before the off but couldn’t post.[ Said the race had started but it hadn’t].You woundn’t believe how I keep missing with the posts. Today is a perfect example. Never mind I’ll look for something later and there’s always Ascot coming up. Cheers Colin.

  92. The tip for June 23rd (commonwealth Cup) is a N/R The horse was Mrs Danvers Trained by Jonny Portman who trains in Berkshire next county to where I live (Surrey) Had a tip from that yard earlier this year Ickymasho which won at Chelmsford . I backed it and Napped it on the Competition it won at 6/1 Japanese name meaning in English Go-On-My-Son. Also earlier this year a tip Mrs Danvers Won she is a speedy Mare. Anything that comes up for Ascot I will display here. As far as the Competition goes I have not napped a winner since the Derby winner June 3rd gone into relax/sleep mode anyway that is my excuse. As I have a few shillings in the coffer. I see Colin Holder is back with all guns blazing. Go-On-My-Son. Good Luck. John.

  93. To Johnfrombuc, Jeremy’s Girl paid 16 on betfair and only credited 13-32. Will you sort it please.Only 2nd winner since February and then I get short changed.Cheers Colin.

  94. Any body got any tips for the up and coming Royal Ascot meeting. I have a tip for the 23rd of June but the full betting for the race is not fully displayed yet as soon as the full betting arrives and I get my bet on I will display it on this page. Anyway the wife said to me this morning did I know she was part of the Jet Set I replied you mean you mixed with Film Stars-Actors -Lords & Ladies ETC, Well not exactly she commented I worked at the petrol station in the car wash. I said Jet Set my A- – E. HA- HA. Keep Smiling. John.

  95. Good morning johann
    Do we have to still send our PayPal address to Jason or does he just do it now
    He does already have mine as I’ve won on here previously
    Many thanks
    Aka Joe Raggs

  96. really chuffed to win may competition as a pensioner the money will come in useful does anybody know how long it gets to pay out it does take a lot to beat john king he certainly likes is outsiders good luck to him thank you

  97. On May 24th on this page I tipped up Wings of Eagles. I had heard it was a definite Derby runner with 139 entries. It opened 100/1 then 50/1 I got on at 25/1 £10 e/w .The vibes were not good this week as if his wings were clipped drifted to 40/1 anyway I am happy with what I got. The wife gone to the off licence for a bottle of champers. If you took the hint and was on well done. Cheers. John.

        1. No afraid not stuck with gosden Enable oaks Cracksman Derby don’t know if you do other free comps but racing telegraph has one for Ascot 3 trainers 3 jockeys then pick 1 horse in every race on day you got a good start with this months comp good luck PH

  98. Picked my nap 1st of june air of york won 7/2 but not showing on naps table which happens every time I pick a winner

  99. Dear John King,
    Dear Joe Raggs,

    At the top of the league table you find a calendar navigation: “From” and “To”. There you can specify an time range. If you specify May, 1 – May, 31 you see the results of May:

    jack bentley 37.05
    Joe Raggs 32.07
    john king 27.22

    The first day of the month we display all users in the league table. In the other days we display only users who submitted at least one winning or loosing nap this month. The reason is that there are many users who have not been active for a long time. Listing all these +/- 0 in the league table makes the screen difficult to use.
    I expect that Joe Raggs will appear in the league table by tomorrow morning.

  100. Good Morning Johnfrombuc
    having looked this morning to see the leader board for the first days racing yesterday, my name seems to have disappeared from the board altogether
    I did Marshall Aid in the 9-10 at Chelmsford last night but the race never took place as it was abandoned .
    Also i agree with John about putting the winner and runner up on the discuss page as the league table is taken down around midnight on the last day and no one actually knows who won what.
    Thanks Greg
    AKA Joe Raggs

  101. Dear Johnfrombuc,
    In the past the competition results were displayed on the discuss page winner/runner up. Could this continue in the future so every one can see the Monthly results. Thank You. John.

  102. Dear My lil pony

    In the late evening of Feb, 28 you submitted a winning nap for Symbolic Star @ 29.1 – Newcastle 2017/03/01 18:30
    The confusion came from the computation of the 3 month time horizon.
    May, 31 minus 3 month leads us to February, 31 – which is impossible, of course. The server “repaired” this impossible date to March, 3. This is kind of default behavior on Internet servers. It is somehow plausible but not what we expected. According this computation of “3 month back” your winning nap had moved out of the time horizon.
    Today I’ve changed this behavior and implemented a workaround. Dates like Feb 31 are changed to the last valid day of that month – in this case Feb, 28. This way your winning nap is still within the time horizon but will move out tonight

    Well, the notation of “3 month back” is inherently slightly ambiguous and imprecise – due to the varying length of the month. Lets go on with the new formula and see if there will appear again issues. In this case we might change to a “hard” definition like “90 days back” – which avoids any ambiguity, but is less obvious to compute.

    After all the precise meaning of “3 month back” is not so important as long as the formula remains unchanged and is applied in a fair way to all participants. One month you might have a bit of bad luck because your winning nap moved out of the time horizon just one night before. The other month it is exactly this formula which helps you a few percent.

  103. Johann
    Hi just looked at my points for the last 3 month section and yesterday I was in profit, today I’m -19+ points, could you check it out please. Ta

  104. It is ten days away from the Epsom Derby. Anybody got any tips?. I have backed Wings of Eagles e/w at 25/1. He ran a bit green in the Derby trial that cliffs of Moher won finishing third he was running on well at the end .A big striding horse that I think will improve I hope. Good Luck. John.

  105. Hi Johann, Sorry for wasting your time. I now know BSP is the Betfair price. I was looking at William Hill results. So you can forget my last post. Thanks.

  106. Hi Johann,
    My score should be +9 not +14
    Was Naps 7 Wins 0 Losses 7
    My Nap Street Art won at 16/1
    Should now be Naps 8 Wins 1 Losses 7 and +9

  107. As I have previously mentioned Zubayr been beaten SHD 2nd . He is going Haydock 3-10 today . I have backed him this morning at 8/1 e/w got 4lb extra from last run to carry but hopefully he can go close. Best of Luck. John.

  108. Dear Johnfrombuc
    Napped Indian Rupee yesterday and it lost not registering on the nap table . Thank You. John.

    1. The league table updates in the early morning of the next day. It does not update exactly at midnight.
      I see Indian Rupee registered in your nap table.

  109. Dear Johnfrombuc,
    It must have been my error when I selected nap and not hit the confirm button to register nap that is all I can think off. Answer to your question concerning napping horses that have not won for a couple of years if there running with the same form then you have to check each ones form .Are they C&D winners is the ground right is it a good draw have the horses weight dropped to a winning mark fro there previous wins if you find one of the three with these stats also a market move then back the horse E/w. I partly use this system for this competition. I keep a few aces up my sleeve for backing with bookie for L 15 etc. The most unlucky loser was ZABAYR at Ayr a few weeks ago he had dropped 7lb in the handicap backed from 25/1 in the morning to 12/1BTN-SHD hit the last hurdle lost his action. That’s racing. Best of Luck. John.

  110. Hi betinfo johnfrombuc many thanks for payment for runner up in last months comp , not had time to post on here CH off on holiday thanks to mr gosden good luck this month thanks again Paul.

  111. Dear Johnfrombuc,
    My points on the league table read two losers I think it should read three losers as Cool Music lost on the 2nd of May. The League Table looks nice and neat as the non playing contestants have been removed and it is easier to read. Good Luck. John.

    1. Dear John King,

      I could not find your losing nap on May, 2 in my records.

      A few weeks ago there was a discussion, if the naps are recorded correctly. At that time I implemented a logging system which records all submissions, no matter if they were successful or not, no matter if they replace an older nap or not, all error messages – simply everything. However, My logging system does not display anything from you on May, 2.

      This is what I found:
      May, 1, early in the morning, 2017/05/01 02:01:03 you submitted successfully “Beyeh”. It appears in your league table.

      May, 3, around lunch time 2017/05/03 11:27:50 you submitted successfully “My Girl Maisie”
      However, a bit later at 2017/05/03 12:24:48 you replaced your nap with “Until Midnight” – which appears correctly in your league table.

      I cannot find anything on May, 2.
      I should find records in my logfile even if the submission failed. If you got an error message I should see the error in my logfile. Did you see a message that it was recorded successfully? Did it display an error message?

      By the way: In your last posting you mentioned how you select runners with high odds. I did not fully understand your explanations. For example: a runner starts today with weight 9-3. At its last start it carried 9-5. This means it decreased weight carried. Are you backing all horses which are carrying less weight than they carried at their last start?
      Or, horses which have not won for a couple of years. Lets say we find today three runners which have not won for 2 years. Are all of them candidates for backing?

  112. The best way to find the best tipster is to pick one race [maybe two] and everybody only tips in that or those races. I can back myself against anybody but
    I haven’t posted a winner since February as I keep posting fancy priced ones. Is there anybody who backs all their own postings. I don’t back a lot of mine.

  113. Dear John King,

    I completely agree with everything you said. I might not have expressed my point clear enough.

    I started from the idea that the champions league should be a group of users who are submitting successful naps in the long run. Then I asked what could be a selection criterion for the champions league.
    The performance in the last month is not a good candidate for the selection criterion because the time horizon is too short. One user can win the last month competition just by good luck. Another user who knows very well about horses can just have a weak month – as it happened to you in April.
    So, I looked out for another suitable selection criteria. After some experimentation with various formulas I came to the conclusion, that the three month profit produces a reasonable result: The highlighted tipsters form a group of users who submit successful naps in the long run – thats where we wanted to arrive.

  114. Dear Johnfrombuc,
    I agree with what Colin Holder said in a earlier E-mail You cant win the competition on napping favourites or 2nd favourites as anyone can pick favourites he said you need a couple of big priced winners to put you in winning contention. And believe it or not there is a skill that goes into picking big prices. I follow horses that have slipped down the handicap that have previous won at the distance or horses that have not won for a couple of years. That’s where studying form comes into it not just a stab in the dark. Best of luck. John.

  115. Selection Rule for the “Champions League”

    For the moment we use a simple formula: I have sorted the league table according 3 month profits and took the top ten.
    The idea is that the “champions league” should be a group of users who are submitting winning naps in the long run, not just guessing one or two runners at high odds – and, by chance, this time it won. In time we can think of a more complex selection rule for the champions league. For the time being the simple selection rule appears to match the criterion of “long run successful tipsters”.

  116. **Update**

    As you may have noticed, some players are highlighted in gold. This is a new feature we have added to show the top 10 players in terms of profit and contribution over the past 3 months. These are what we call our ‘Champions league’ players!

    Hopefully this will give players a bit more incentive to take part and we will come up with some rewards for our best players. We will also continue to add new features to enhance the competition.

    Hope everybody is enjoying it 🙂

  117. Hi Colin,
    It is not easy to get the big price winners. I hit the post yesterday Zubayr beaten a short head ayr 2-45pm. Planting my beans in the garden at the moment. Going to Turkey around September/October time. The wife said if you keep going to Turkey I will dance on your grave I replied I don’t mind I am getting buried at sea. HE-HE-HA-HA . I hope the winners come soon for you. Best of luck. John.

    1. Hi John, I can’t grumble lately.Finding plenty of winners but posting wrong ones.Elesian Prince let me down for a yankee yesterday. Backed them in singles so had a good day but loser did me for another 400. It’s these near misses that keep us looking for the pot of gold.Talking of near misses I remember[ and I’ll never forget as long as I live] having a 50p yankee and £1-50 accumulater at Royal Ascot about 50 years ago. The first three Pitskelly, Bitty Girl and Tara Broach won at 9to2, 11to2 and 10to1 so I was waiting for Bywater at 9to1 for what would have been a life changing fortune in those days.I remember being in the bookies and saying to a bloke “I want this for 13,000 and he said do you mean 1300 and I said no 13000”. Needless to say it didn’t win. You have to keep trying.

  118. Has everybody gone on holiday. I haven’t posted a winner since February so i’ve nothing to shout about. Got to be better next month.

  119. hi johann
    I picked a winner last Friday april 7th balinaboola at 11-1 it shows on the league that I have picked a winner but my score hasn’t been updated its still -10 thanks
    ryangina3 username

  120. Dear Johann,
    All the horses at all the race meeting today have no prices beside there names reading zero. Don’t know if this will effect the naps?. John.

    1. Hi John,
      I checked the race meeting in the morning and I saw prices. I checked it right now and there are prices again. I suppose it was a temporary problem.

  121. Hi johann my username ryangina3 i napped a winner yesterday but it hasnt added onto my score. It says 7 naps 6 losers and 1 winner but still -7 score thanka johann

  122. good morning Johnfrombuc
    there appears to be a problem with the website at the moment
    All sorts of data coming up on the screen and wont allow me to select a horse it was like it yesterday as well
    many thanks

    1. I can confirm that your winner Ace of Diamonds @ 20.56 appears in the database. Note, however, it is not getting displayed the same day but the next day.

      1. hi usernames ryangina3 I had a winner on Friday 7 april 2017 it shows that I have picked a winner but has not added the score to my total thanks

  123. Johann
    I napped san benideto on Sunday when I went back on to check after it won it said I hadn’t napped today when I had, not a big price winner or owt so fair enuff s@it happens. Today’s winning nap was halcyon days, I screen shotted it in case there’s a prob with my account, if there is could you check it out please. Cheers

    1. I can confirm your winning nap Halcyon Days of today.
      I am sorry to hear what happened on Sunday. Usually you should get a confirmation on the screen that your nap has been saved. Did you see this confirmation on Sunday? I suspect, you might not completed the submission but closed the page before the submission was completed.
      My suggestion: I could send you an email whenever you submit a nap. This way you get an additional confirmation (and evidence). If you don’t receive the mail few minutes after you submitted the nap something went wrong.
      If we see after a few weeks that everything goes well, we switch off the email notification (to avoid too much spam in your inbox). Do you want me to setup the email notification?
      BTW. I studied what happened with your two naps at March 1. You submitted two naps referring to March 1. One was submitted on Feb 28 the other was submitted on March 1. There was still a bug in the software and it was possible to submit 2 naps referring to the same day – as long as they are submitted in different days. However this bug should be fixed now. I uploaded a new version on Sunday.

      1. It did say it was confirmed but never mind, split milk n all that. But yeah an email would be good please. Cheers

  124. Dear Jason,
    I sent a e-mail with pay pal details yesterday. Today I received a e-mail saying £50 was in my account. Thanks for the prompt payment. Happy Easter. John.

  125. Easter Crackers,
    I said to the wife are you looking at the boat race today she replied I look at it every day in the Mirror.I then said to her don’t you ever sit down she replied I am your long standing wife. Her friend came around for coffee and said I believe you two met on the net I replied we were both failed trapeze artists. When I first met the wife we went into a pub she said I will get the drinks I said I will have a pint of bitter anyway she came back with the pint and a slice of bread. I said what is the bread for well she said I asked the barman for a pint of bitter and he said WHITBREAD and I said one slice please. HE-HE HA-HA. Happy Easter. John.

  126. Do tipping table updates happen a certain amount of time after the race as i had the 8.15 winner but it’s not on table yet ,have messaged a couple of times before when similar happened and it eventually has been adjusted but i am still not sure whether they update automatically after a certain time,will not message if i get an idea of how long to give it before contacting,cheers.

  127. Hi Colin,
    I tipped Kings Tempest in the 2-20 w but came so near yet so far to winning it just a fraction would have won it 0.50 . Todays nap lost. Thanks for the tip anyway. I guess I came 2nd as it stands at the moment. Best of luck .John.

  128. Hi John King, it look like yiur opponent is playing crafty and not tipping. You need a winner, any price above 1 to 2 should do so I can only suggest Cheval Blanche in the 6-15, but who am I to suggest anything when I haven’t tipped a winner all month.Cheers Colin.

  129. Latest bit of racing news for anyone interested .Patracia Thompson who bought Party Politics two days before he won the National. She was looking for a horse with solid form that fits the bill for 017 National. She bought Le Mercurey I hope her luck strikes twice.I tipped up Le Mercurey in a previous e-mail on Febuary 21st when the weights were declared for National and backed him at 50/1 e/w . Hope the ground is good for the race. As a fact party politics won the 19 92 National. April 8th I will be shouting go -an-my-son. Will you?. Best of Luck . John.

  130. JOHANN
    just been looking threw my naps for the month and my points for ” symbolic star” have not been added to my league,was on the 1st of the month @ 29s

      1. You are right. It should not happen that 2 naps are registered in a single day. I thought I had tested this feature but it seems there is still a bug there.
        I shall retest this feature tonight, after the racing. In addition I will watch your account in the next weeks if I notice anything wrong.

  131. FAO Johann -Are tonight’s evening results updated now as i selected one in the 7.50 race which has not been put on totals as yet.

  132. Johann
    In the Tipping Competition I thought I had selected Swing Hard in the 4.00 at Wetherby yesterday. Can you please check for me?

  133. Hi Colin,
    Lucky codd did not go in the fish&chip shop after the foxhunters race he would have got battered. Ha-Ha. The guy leading in the competition seems well clear and will take some catching. There is now problems with the web page points etc and all working well which is good. You are due a winner soon so best of luck. John.

  134. Hi Colin Holder,
    You were right about on the fringe past the post in the foxhunters yesterday only problem he went past in 4th place at 11/8. I backed Pacha Du Polder at 20/1 with (betfred) Finished 16/1 also napped it in the competition. Lovely Jublee. John.

    1. Hi John, Well done. I haven’t been breaking any pots lately.Ballyandy let me down for £1400 at Cheltenham but broke about even on the week.Thought Codd rode a bad race on On The Fringe. He had it too far back. I haven’t tipped a winner this month. You are doing ok but you’ll have to go a bit to catch the leaders. I hope you do as you are a regular contributer to the site.Best of luck Colin.

  135. The bubble finally burst on youknowwhatimeanharry eight on the trot winner. He managed third yesterday beaten by two better horses on the day. It was the hottest race he had ever run in and run to his usual best. As I had him e/w at 20/1 made a small profit. Happy St Patricks to all who celebrate it also best of luck for the final day of the Festival. John.

    1. Thanks Joe,
      Don’t know what happened to your tip carter mackay did not reach the frame. It is a tough meeting. There is a lot of horses under the radar which makes finding the winners difficult. Good Luck for the rest of the meeting. John.

    1. Dear Paul,
      It is over three months since I placed the bet any way Harry has got to the races today without any injury. If he gets in the frame I have a quarter the odds 5/1 but it would be nice if he can win it he has a favourites chance. Good luck for today thank you. John.

  136. At last the festival day one starts tomorrow a tough meeting to pull a few winners out of the hat. The wife said she knew a ould lad that went greyhound racing he said he could pull a hair out of his A**E. What ever happens I will be shouting/singing C-MON C-MON URRY UP ARRY C-MON- C-MON – C-MON – URRY – UP -ARRY -C-MON- WERE- G-OIN DOWN THE PUB= WERE G-OIN- DOWN- THE- PUB . As Harry is coming up the Cheltenham Hill Thursday afternoon hopefully in front.The wife said she will have a drop of the Cratur win /lose/or draw I will have a pint of Guinness . Will you?. Best of Luck. John.

  137. I think if no selection is made in naps then 1 point should be deducted as most of us try to do a nap every day.

  138. Le Mercurey Did not go in the heavy ground Saturday also giving weight away to the two in front of him did not help . Hoping for good ground National. For the backers of Youknowwhatimeanharry for Cheltenham March 16th Noel Fehily will be riding him now 5/4 fav from 20/1 as I said earlier I am on at 20/1 cant wait for Cheltenham. John.

  139. How can I see the NAP table .. what people selete as a NAP .. before the race . Is there any chance ?? Thx

  140. Hoping for a big run from Le Mercurey at Kelso today 4-00pm to boost his chances in National . Backed him today. Ground not ideal but I guess it is the same for the rest of them. Best of Luck. John.

  141. hello I came second in last months tipping comp anybody know how the cash prize is paid out or do I have to email bet info 24 thanks

  142. Hi CH Comp got even hotter yesterday I’m in Carlton just outside Barnsley this month looks too hard to call Good Luck PH

  143. Well done PH in grab a grand comp. I didn’t know you lived in Barnsley. I was born in Barnsley area [South Hiendley,nr Hemsworth]. Live in Wakefield now.All the best for Cheltenham. A few hot tippers in Feb competition. Looking for a big priced one today because Desert Strike will lead all the way tomorrow.

  144. Dear Joe Raggs,
    Wonderful Charm is a confirmed runner in the Foxhunter (festival) also Katie Walsh will ride him in the race. Don’t Know about National yet?. Good Luck. John.

  145. Hi CH ,Greg ,JK. Don’t know if you have a go at at the races Grab A Grand comp (it’s free). Look who won last week only seen it this morning

    1. Dear Paul Hindmarsh,
      Did not know grab a grand existed. But had a look on web page and seen you won. Well Done the drinks are on you bottoms up. Good Luck with the betinfo comp for the double. John.

  146. Hi Joe Raggs,
    Wonderful Charm is not a definite non runner in National I know he is a 100/1 in places. The same could apply in the Foxhunter. You will have to check the racecards leading up to the races. Best of Luck. John.

    1. Hi Colin
      Oh S##T
      Ive backed all the said horses on my Sky Acc and i have just looked and ive mad a bad mistake. I thought that it was no runner no bet in the National as well as Cheltenham but it wasnt it was only for Cheltenham my mistake. I just hope that none of them pull out because ive layed out quite a few quid on the National and i cannot see Sue Smith running all of hers either
      That will teach me to take a good look before laying out money on horses without looking properly GUTTED
      All The Best

  147. Hi John King, On The Fringe is past the post in foxhunters. Joe did well to get 16s Carter Mckay for bumper. I’ve backed it both times it’s won but not backed it for Cheltenham. Got 9to 2 On The Fringe with PP a few weeks back.

    1. Hi Colin,
      On The Fringe Won the foxhunter last year at 13/8 well backed. As you have backed it recently at 9/2 for this years event should have a good chance again and a good price. Best of Luck. John.

  148. To John King
    Hi John yes i have got one horse already backed at a good price as well
    Its Carter Mckay in the Champion Bumper on the Wednesday
    I had him early at 16s and is now 7/2 Fav and to be honest i cannot see anything even getting close to him

    1. Dear Joe,
      Just looking at my ante-post slip 24/11/016 Youknowwhatimeanharry Ladbrokes 20/1 now 5/4 fav . Yours carter Mc Kay 16/1 to 7/2 fav they look like a couple of festival bankers with fav chances but on at big prices . Cliffs of dover a n/r runner. Harry is the only one I have backed so far and a little e/w Le Mercurey 50/1 Grand National. I like to get them on early when there is good value about. Best of luck. John.

      1. Hi John
        Yes ive also done Blaklion, All Of That and Wonderful Charm in the National as well . Took all the early prices
        Ive Also backed all of Mrs Sue Smiths horses in the National but only as
        money back if a non runner.
        All the best

        1. Dear Joe,
          Wonderful Charm won last Saturday (hunters Race) He had to win that or be 2nd to be eligible for the Foxhunters at Cheltenham Currently 9/2 for that race and I guess that is the race he will go for but if you got money back non runners National no problem. Best of Luck. John.

          1. Hi John
            Yes like you say no run money back no problem and i thought that if he did go to Aintree he would stand a good chance and i took 66s for it
            i normally do very well in the National as a rule, Now that the fences are smaller its not like it used to be when anything in it stood a chance ,i believe the better horses stand out now
            All the best

  149. To Paul, well done with Alejandro, but where the hell did you get it from. It’s been going to win for ages but kept getting beat. I back about 15 horse a day and may be 4 or 5 winners but you have to be lucky to post the right one for the competition.Anybody seen Sandra, I can’t get to sleep at night for thinking of her.

    1. Still alive and doing well , yesterday got a bonus, hughs understudy as he is away , 11/1 & 8/1 only two selections , cant beat that , hope your doing ok, now get some sleep in , Sandra xx

      1. good morning darling,glad you are still alive. saw them 2 yesterday after they had won[no good obviously] but not doing bad lately. have to do something quick to catch Gosdenpaul.

    2. Hi ch put it up a few times just got lucky on right day I notice you creeping up the table so need to find another biggie Not today though going for Try It Sometime( JUDICIAL Monday at Wolves good luck

  150. Dear Joe Raggs,
    Have you picked the festival horses yet. I am a great fan of P Nichools top trainer. I noticed Le Mercurey has bypassed the festival for the National April 8th . The 66/1 disappeared yesterday morning I am on today at 50/1 with (corals) He is off a mark of 151 allocated 10-9lbs a good weight. Normally humping big weights. He beat Bristol de mai 7 lengths also second to Many Clouds . Serious form If he gets the distance with a clear round should be in the mix. Prep race Kempton Sat 25th if he goes well the 50/1 wont be around for long. Best off Luck. John.

    1. john,never mind Cheltenham, 6to4 at Gowran is better than evens at Cheltenham. My Irish mate assures me that Mall Dini and Shimmers Rock
      both ew and an ew double could be profitable.

      1. Colin,
        You tips seem to have good chances at Gowran park 11/4-4/1 are a bit short prices for e/w betting I like 5/1+ for e/w betting if they get placed you get your money back. Anyway good luck with them. John.

  151. Dear Johann,
    My nap from yesterday has not loaded on web nap page Ding Ding 3-00pm Plumpton also I think the whole page has not loaded. Maybe you could have a look . Thank You. John.

  152. Hi joeraggs I have received payment from tipping comp Many thanks Jason and rest of betinfo team for keeping it going. Going with Einstein 8-15 wolves today ?

  153. Dear Johann,
    My nap select page. The horses read zero price all meetings today > This happened again Friday when I napped cloudof finished 2nd it returned zero price in my name box. Thank You. John.

  154. Thanks Jason for your generous award. You kept your word. Appreciate very much your hard work and efforts to keep the forum happy . I simply say that you are a man of principle & policy.

    Yes, Joe. Jason has send the payment as soon as I send the details to him via the correct email. ( of Betinfo24 ) Also I thank you for your kind concern for the benefit of the forum members.
    Best Regards & Good Luck to All

    1. Not yet but said they received ppal email address also email just come with update from last month winners well done great tipping

  155. Hi JK
    don’t know if you ‘ve noticed but all scores are 1pt lower than shown in boxes presume stakes not included.all the best.

  156. Dear Johann .
    The points remain the same as yesterday. so not fixed .Martin napped the same horse as me he has same points 6-37 . In our name boxes it reads 7-37. I would appreciate you to have a look again. Thank You. John.

      1. Thank you Colin,
        I was getting mixed up with the decimals as the sp was a higher price. Thank you for your help. John.

  157. Dear Johann,
    Runasimi River won yesterday .Could you just check the points are correct 6-37 it shows on nap table should it be 7-37?. Okay Thank You. John.

      1. The points are still the same as yesterday 6-37 also Martin he napped the same horse he has 6-37 in our boxes it shows 7-37 points . I would appreciate if you have a look again. Thank You. John.

  158. tango, had a 9/2 winner today MEHDI.
    and it is not on the leader board,
    plus can you tell me if tango was second in the tipster comp,
    as my internet was not working last night,
    thank you

  159. To Joe Raggs Well done you won again good tipping. You run them Ragged(pardon the pun) . If you keep up that form the rest will be scrambling for the crumbs. And the golden eagle wont need Epsom salts. Joking apart some fantastic racing coming March the festival. Looking forward to it. Good Luck. John

    1. Thanks John
      Yes i had another good month and i also cant wait until Cheltenham
      I think its going to be a good week for a lot more trainers that week also now that Mr Mullins has not got as many horses in his stable.
      To be honest i have normally by this time got 5or6 horses that i fancy at Cheltenham at odds of around 16/25s but so far ive got absolutely nothing in the pipe line at decent odds, so best i start looking soon
      all the best
      Joe Raggs

      1. Dear Joe
        I have youknowwhatimeanharry laid for the stayers 20/1. I will be looking for a ante post L15 and one that intrests me at20/1 is Cliffs Of Dover a ordinary horse on the flat since joining P Nicholls showed massive improvement over hurdles got to find three more but a lot of horses double/trebled entered for different races and days so have to be careful of non runners. I think Harrys has beaten most of the English horses that are entered. so the danger might be the Irish Horses. Best of luck. John

  160. Johann, is it possible to show peoples tips bfore they run rather than have to wait until the next day. We used to be able to see them but things seem to have changed. Not for the better in my opinion.

  161. Dear Paul Hindmarsh,
    Did you back harry?. No one on the site said they backed it. I guess because he was a short price but a winner is a winner.Old saying back a horse on a winning streak until he loses. I am glad I have followed that proverb . eight on the trot incredible form. Next the festival March. Win lose or draw harry owes me nothing. he has put a good few shillings in my coffer. He is now 7/4 Fav for the stayers hurdle. Lucky I got 20/1 and happy with that. Youknowwhatimean.The nap site seems back to normal. Good Luck. John.

    1. Yes 2 winners on a lucky 15 Harry and many clouds ( shame about horse though ). Your bet is looking really good hope all goes well up to big race. Good luck Paul also good news on competition front

  162. Hi Johann
    I have a winner yesterday in the 4-10 Fontwell LETEMGO that has not been added on to my score
    When the league table is amended if the horse is a winner the selection changes colour to blue. If its a loser it goes pink . If its not updated it stays neutral.
    i hope this is helpfull
    all the best
    Joe Raggs
    aka Greg

  163. Johann,

    Welcome to the forum. Just a point but is it always going to be that results are only updated every three or four days!

    1. I will look into this problem and resolve it.
      First some questions:
      According my records your last tip is from January, 27. Have you posted anything more recent?
      Now I looked in the results and I saw some tipsters with tips from yesterday. So, it appears that it updated recently. What do I have to do to see this problem now on the screen? Or, expressing the same question in other words: what do I have to do to see the problem on the screen?

      1. Johann,

        Apologies for the delay in replying as I have only just turned on my laptop. My last selection was indeed on 27th.
        I think Joe has explained the problem very well & the site is looking correct.

  164. Well done to those that backed Harry. What a exciting race to watch. When Cole Harden made his efford Barry was looking for dangers between his legs on the run in and just pushed out to win it. Six weeks to the Festival cant wait as I am on at 20/1 world hurdle. Youknowwhatimean. Good Luck. John.

  165. Jason asked me to take care of the correctness of the results in the competition. If you notice some issues just post them in this forum here. Then I’ll have a look at it and fix them


  166. *********UPDATE***********

    Guy’s. I have some good news! I have hired our developer (Johann) who built the comp, to keep tabs on this page and the tipping comp. So if there are any incorrect results, missing results or anything else a miss, just post it on here and Johann will fix it it 🙂

    This means we can re-instate the prize money and hopefully make this a more enjoyable competition for yourselves and get more people involved!!


    1. Good news l have emailed to address shown Glad you can keep the comp going Brilliant tipping Greg by the way good luck Paul

  167. Hi Paul
    I did tell Jason last month that you had won Octobers competition and the runner up
    I also gave him a reminder of Novembers winner and runner up and in his e-mail to me he said and i quote ” i can only process peoples winnings if i have their Paypal e-mail address. If they e-mail me with their details i will happily process the winnings as i have always done. ”
    He also said in a later e-mail that he had not received anybody else,s details. So i would send him your details again if i were you annd any other winners
    I have e-mailed him myself this week about the league table that has not been updated since 19/01/17 ive got other winners to be added and im sure other players have too. This is how it all went bandy last time .
    Regards Joe Raggs

    1. Thanks Joe for your kind reminder. I did send my details earlier to contact desk. Also today send an e.mail to the address quoted below.
      Very Best to you and all other members

  168. Dear Paul Hindmarsh,
    The saying in the last moments of the game by Ken Welstenhome 1966. The boys near the top of the table will be hoping the golden eagle excretes a couple of nuggets at the end of the month as it is the final payout before he gets constipation . Good Luck. John.

    1. Here’s hoping still not paid me for October comp but never mind still keep having a go it was really good comp and good bit of banter , Are you on Harry Saturday looks a good race if they all stay in at the moment good luck Paul.

      1. Yes Paul I am on harry at e/e today I think he will run Saturday. Unless the ground gets desperate I think it will be good to soft. Saturdays race is a stepping stone towards Cheltenham world hurdle (stayers) I am at 20/1 for that race as I said in previous e-mails. Saturdays race is no walk in the park. But the old warrior is up to it. Come Saturday he will be odds on. Hope you get your nap winnings okay. Best of luck. John.

  169. Hi Colin
    Yes i am having a good start to the month but it is only the start and i should really have had another three winners as well
    Jan Smutts at 12/1 Smooth Stepper 13/2 and another one that won at 6/1 but i cannot remember the name of
    Today im going for
    4-30 Wolv PERSUN @ 12/1
    All the best
    Joe Raggs

    1. Also i am keen on a few more today so i am going to do a super yankee
      4-30 W PERSUN 12/1
      2-35 P LETMEGO 10/3
      4-10 P SIR HUBERT 10/3
      4-00 W STEVE RODGERS 10/1
      5-00 W ELLAND ALLY 10/3

      Joe Raggs

    2. Best of luck with your bets today,Greg. I bet all day, every day, but I just follow the money, so I haven’t a clue what I’m going to back or send in for the competition until the live betting opens up. After years of experience I usually manage to keep my head above water and, being retired it’s my favourite hobby.There appears to be money for Trancient Bay 2-45A and Portrate King 2-10A. When there’s money for Kirby’s horses it usually pays to back them.

      1. Ive already backed portrait King, Colin .
        I always back a horse that has not got a win on the board
        (not necessarily never won before) and every other horse has a win against it. You would be surprised how many times they pop up and win

  170. Morning Greg [alias Joe Raggs], with the tips you have been giving lately you ought to be working for the Racing Post.Any chance of you putting them up on this page before they run and then nobody would be bothered with the competition to win £100, they could just have £10 each day on your nap and win £200 a month. All the best for the future Colin.

  171. Morning all, Got my money this morning for December, so hopefully everybody else got theirs and everyone is happy. Don’t know what the future holds, so just watch this space.

    1. Hi Colin
      Yes i got mine last night as well.So thank you Jason
      Everyone else needs to give Jason their details and he will do theres aswell.

      1. Hi Joe

        I trust that I won the November 2016 prize.
        However, not received yet. Hope Jason will do the needful at his convenience. I have already send my e.mail address – my PayPal account.
        Best of Luck

        1. Hi Paul
          yes it was due a win and i had done a lung on it
          Had a nice £20 EW on it yesterday and was well pleased that it was 33s
          Had a £10 EW double with Top Cop as well but that blew out
          (Shocking run) But that is also worth keeping an eye on
          Joe Raggs ( Greg)

  172. Dear Joe,
    I Guess if he said he is paying out for the 4 months hopefully his word is his bond. It would be nice if you had a payment date for something to work too. I backed youknowwhatimeanharry twice before Christmas and collected twice had a nice Christmas. I have him backed for World hurdle £10 e/w at 20/1 price now 9/4 March 16th Cheltenham. One thing for sure if wins or gets placed I will be surely be paid out with Ladbrokes. Backed him in the Albert Bartlett last year won I was on at 25/1 with Paddy Power.I wrote all this in previous e-mails before the races were run and hope you were on .Good Luck. John.

    1. Dear John
      Yes i have also been on younowhatimeanharry.
      Ive backed him for his last 5/6 races all winners . A friend of mine is a good friend of the trainer or someone at the stables and he gets some good info given to him. I also backed him at Cheltenham last year but only on the day and got 16s at the time had him in a very very nice treble with Blaklion and Ballyandy
      Cant wait for this years festival to start
      Joe Raggs

  173. There is a old saying the night is darkest before the dawn. For those in waiting for the golden eagle to excrete. Some will be hoping he has Diahorrea . HA-HA-HA-. John.

    1. We shall see John .
      I for one 100% believe him when he says he is going to pay everyone who won in October,November,December and January.” Cough Cough”

  174. Has anyone been paid yet for winning October,November, or December competition, Because Jason said if we gave him our PAYPAL E-MAIL ADDRESS he would happily send them their winnings . As of yet i still have not received my winnings and was wondering if anyone else had received theirs .
    Joe Raggs

  175. Hi Jason, I have just posted a reply but it might be too far down to see, so I will say again that I think I was among the winners in December and if you want to pay me out I believe you have my pay pal details from previous months.Looking forward to new installation.

  176. Dear Jason,
    I think it is your duty to reply to the competitors as you are in charge of the competition also the buck stops at you. We all haven’t arrived on a banana boat. As for paying out thousands of pounds for no return don’t make sense to any business men. What about the bookie adverts that are dotted around the site. Do you put them up for free?. As you say you created this competition for our benefit only. I think you created it for your financial gain. hoping punters will sign on to on line bookies. What ever twist to it no body works for nothing that is running a business. My points of view. John.

  177. Ok, I better reply before you all put me in front of the firing squad!!

    Firstly I would Like to put a few things straight! I don’t know what some of you think I am doing here! accusing me of ‘false advertising’, Getting paid sponsorship from bookies’..

    ‘Jason has not put up the site for his own health’

    Well actually I did. This Tipping comp has cost me thousands to set up and run and I am not getting anything out of it whatsoever!! (apart from a headache)

    No paid sponsorships or rubbish like that.

    As for paying out winnings! I have always paid out winnings since we started. As I have said before. If the winners email me after they have won with THEIR PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS I will happily send them their winnings!!

    I really don’t have time to monitor this page everyday, especially when there are only 4 or 5 people using it.

    We have recently had our second child too which means my time has been very limited and unfortunately spending time on this page has not been high on my priority’s

    There is obviously a lot of bitterness on here and I guess the fact that money is involved is creating this unease.

    I created this whole competition for your benefit only!!

    I have no technical skills for amending results etc.. and I have to pay the developer to do this!

    I feel because of this and all the unkind remarks from Joe, I will be removing the prize money for the time being. After January there will be no prize money on offer as this is getting out of hand.

    As I have said before. If you want to email me your Paypal email I will pay out any winnings. Im not sure what you want me to do regarding the month where results were incorrect.

    Im sorry its turned out this way and I now realise why other such ‘Free’ comps have closed down.

    I will re-install the prize money one day when I have the time to work on the competition and grow it into better things!


    1. Hi Jason
      I have e-mailed you earlier on your contact us address as you know because you returned an e-mail to me.
      a part of what you have said in the above e-mail is surly where the problem lies
      ” im not sure what you want me to do regarding incorrect results ”
      I e-mailed you on this Discuss site, on your contact us site and we will reply within 24 hrs site as well, and you eventually got back to me today almost 2 weeks later.
      and lets be honest here, if the winners have not been paid for 3 months what do you expect people to think? Even worse is when the winnings are given to someone who did not win because a horse as not been registered, which happened to me last year after telling you countless times that i had 3 winning horses not registered in one month.
      It is a shame that you are removing the money but at the end of the day what is the point in paying out money to people that havent won anything anyway and i do understand that
      But I think you will see from the amount of people that stop playing next month just how many are playing just for the money
      Regards Greg AKA Joe Raggs

    2. Jason, I think I was among the winners in December and my pay pal e-mail is the same as my e-mail, which I think you have. Any monies will be gratefully received.

    3. Jason,
      Congratulations on the birth of your second child. We have three & I can just remember how hard it was, especially after the third because my wife developed PND.
      I have two points to raise with you regarding your mail.
      1] You state “There is obviously a lot of bitterness on here and I guess the fact that money is involved is creating this unease”. I would say to that, the majority of people who have written on here are more upset that you have not responded to the criticism levelled at you. I agree that the prize money is an incentive to play but for most it is fun & if you can select a big price winner even if it is restricted to 33 points, great.
      2] Again you state “I have no technical skills to amend results etc., and I have to pay the developer to do this”. That is fine but why has he not amended the result of Joe & Graham from 22/12/16 especially as Joe said he contacted you via the “Contact Us” button. Also, why has he not amended the results from previous months since some of these have occurred since you appointed him.
      I am not trying to sound as though I am having a go at you & I am sure most of us appreciate that it must cost a lot of money to maintain the competition but just recently you have let it go. Lastly, how do you plan to market the competition when you cannot offer any prize money?

  178. Hi gang
    Shame they clearly have given up on this comp so if you have not joined and like free to enter daily tipping competitions the here’s a few i play
    Hope you ALL had a good xmas(including old gang Sandra-CH-Paul(guru)) and have a profitable new year,i remember saying when new comp started it was the end of the fun seems i got that right even if i can’t pick winners!!all the best?

    1. ?note have to type all games together as it won’t post if there are spaces in between probably to stop links to other websites!!?

    2. It certainly appears that they have given up on the competition Graham
      Probably because there is no money in it for them.
      Now they have got people paying to get tips for short priced horses which to be honest anyone can do putting up two or three odds on horses per day .
      Also i wonder what happened to the other part of the competition about the best tipster getting their chance to run their own tipster site
      That looks like another load of Bull S**t does it not?
      Joe (STILL UNPAID) Raggs

      1. Dear Joe,
        It is beyond me why anyone would want to pay for odds on fav tips. When you you can go in the local library read all the national papers get access to professional tipsters Templegate etc. use the computer free access to racing post all free go in the betting shop read the racing post free access to Tom Segals tips (pricewise) one of the worlds best tipsters who was born near me in Esher surrey. Timeform ratings (favourite backers) all free.I Pick my own selections also follow top trainers/jockeys also study form and it pays off. Hope you get your money from the competition and the matter resolved. good luck. John.

        1. Hi John
          Yes i could not agree more about paying for tips.
          As for getting paid from Jason i certainly wont be holding my breath, as he has not paid anyone since Sept and now owes 3 months worth.
          All the best
          Greg AKA (Joe UNPAID Raggs )

          1. Dear Joe,
            I think the only one that can tell you why he is not paying is Jason. We can all guess! Maybe the bookies who sponsor the nap site have pulled the plug on the site. Jason has not put up the site for the good of his health. All though you get the impression it is free everything cost money. It is a mystery why he is not answering anyone. on a brighter note Sandown is televised Saturday ITV moved from ch4 They are thinking of bringing back the ITV7 which was on in the 19 eighties a good bet small lay out but chances of big wins. Good Luck. John.

    3. Graham,

      ATR also do one but it is restricted to All Weather. I know some members off here are playing because I have seen their names & the prize money is decent.

      1. ??Yeah i have a bash at that as well+Get In on friday nights, but i must admit i prefer Racecaller which over time have had more than 80 daily wins+monthly/festival wins which admittedly is in free bets and as for Betdaq for instance have never needed to deposit any money since doing the comp just use freebets each month and withdraw any winning bets!!??

    4. As the saying goes “The party’s over” but whilst i’ve got chance I’d like to say thanks to all the peole that have been involved in the banter over the last couple of years. I’ve enjoyed all the comments and will miss you all, especially Sandra.She’s always been my favourite ever since she posted Tight Fit at Sals a couple of years ago, and I replied that I hoped it wasn’t too painful.Joking apart, I hope you all have a healthy and wealthy future and bye for now.

      1. Same to you CH it was good while it lasted Trying a couple of £ on Einstein she’s due one good luck for future Paul

      2. Same to you CH
        Its a shame because it did start of great .But as you say the party is well and truly over and ruined by the same person that started it” JASON ”
        If he has not got the balls or decency to answer the questions put to him ,and he must have seen them because ive sent messages to his
        “CONTACT US” AND WILL WILL ANSWER YOU WITHIN 24HRS ADDRESS at the top of the page. HA HA HA. Thats a joke as well.
        What a fools he is taking us for. He should be reported for FALSE ADVERTISING also, as he is still saying that they are paying the monthly winners £100 and £50
        which as we all now know is a LIE.
        Im going to keep going now until the end of the month and see if there is any response from him NOT HOLDING MY BREATH THERE
        and if there is not well we shall see what occurs afterwards
        all the best
        Greg AKA Joe STILL UNPAID Raggs

  179. Hi Everyone
    Just to let you all know i have today sent Jason another message about the way this competition is being run or not depending on your point of view
    I have mentioned about winning horse being classed as non runners ,Not responding to questions on the discuss page, Non payment to competition winners in October Paul and Graham. i can only assume that Novembers wasnt paid out either but i do not know who won in November so cant put up their names.
    As soon as i hear from him (IF) i shall let you all know.
    But lets hope he answers on here
    Greg AKA Joe Raggs

    1. A Happy New Year to everyone.
      Greg / Joe,
      Best of luck with Jason, most of us know that you won the competition last month & Graham came 4th. However, if Jason no longer has a developer working for him, I think you may find that he will pay out on whoever is 1st & 2nd in the table which he has done before because he does not have the technical knowledge to change errors.
      I can tell you that the winners in November were Chasmon14 & Jack Bentley. I have to agree with you that if you are not paid it will make a mockery of this competition & I must say that Jason’s customer relations skills need a lot of working on.
      Can I ask how you are able to put a post on here without using the reply button?

      1. Hi Mr T
        Happy New Year
        If you go down to the bottom of the DISCUSS PAGE page there is a post comment box and its there that i am able to post from,but having just looked again there now seems to be a advert there covering the post message box .
        I did also mention this to Jason about not being able to post comments on here so lets just see what the outcome is
        Many Thanks

      2. Happy New Year to you & Everyone.
        Yes Mr. T. November prize not paid to me yet.
        Anyway, this is a free game. Will just wait for Jason’s answer

    2. Happy new year to everyone. Dear Joe. I withdrew from the completion . December as my points were wrong and was constantly sending Jason e-mails but no response to my questions. I cant be doing with it. I prefer to place my bets at the bookie it cost money but no problems with the bookie. I notice there is about 200 on nap page who are not participating in the competition. Anyway good Luck. John.

      1. Hi John
        Well i can see why you pulled out it is getting stupid now the amount of people registered as you say.But have you noticed just how many play in the competition? Or should i say do not play, mainly ghosts i think just to make it look good.
        I find it very suspicious that Jason has not responded to any of the questions about points or payments. I think hes bitten of more than he can chew to be honest and cant afford to keep paying the £150 per month.
        But he should at least let everyone know and not treat them like idiots which he is undeniably doing.
        By not telling people that there is no more prize money to be won he is technically breaking the law through false advertising and that is not very good adverting for his company either
        So its now 3 months of missing payments = £450. Personally I cannot see it being paid
        Joe (unpaid ) Raggs

  180. Hi Jason
    I still have not had my result updated for 22/12/16 in the 5-00 at Wolverhampton
    I selected Pipers Piping that won at 25/1 paying 33s on the exacter
    I do appreciate that it is the xmas period, but it has been almost a week since i first contacted you about it and i dont think that its fair that the other participants in this competition dont know what points that they need with only a few days to go .
    I have won this competition before and ended up being unplaced because a few of my selections were not counted in that particular month
    I do hope that this is not going to happen again because if it does i dont see any point in anyone getting involved in it if the final results at the end of the month are wrong. When i won it before i was playing under the name Greg62
    Looking forward to your reply
    many thank
    Greg (aka) Joe Raggs

    1. Hi joe ( Greg) I won it in October and not heard a thing don’t know if Graham did he was 2 nd I think so good luck if you win. I did get paid the first time but as you say comp has gone off the radar with no answers to any one. Good tipping this month well done Good luck Paul

        1. Paul , I’ve always said, you can’t win this competition without putting silly tips up. I didn’t have a penny on that 16/1 shot that paid 80odd to one on BSP. I just put a silly one in to try and boost my total. I backed that one yesterday along with about another 10, so it’s a matter of luck which you post. Joe Raggs as a point and it’s happened to me before today.


  182. There is a old saying, you do not have to know anything about racing to tip up favs but when Willie and Ruby get together at Thurles I sit up could it be a four timer. Lucky 15 looks beckoning all favourites. Good Luck. John.

    1. Mixed fortunes for the Wille&Ruby Combo. First one fell- 2nd Won- 3rd pulled up injured-4th Won, I guess it could have been worse, Good Luck. John,

      1. ##Advent Day 14## (r/t-23.60).
        [Newbury 1:30]
        Time for Roxy & Dandy Dan to get their “splurge guns” out again At Fat Sam’s speakeasy,

          1. ##Advent Day 16## (r/t-24.60).
            [Uttoxeter 1:10]
            Vanessa-Mae ?& Nigel Kennedy? try out Ryanairs new Ukulele service ?.

            CH the jaffa boys have got the norton ready for a trip down Gorey Lane for day out at uttox,a shade to far for FF ground perfect ??

          1. Graham,
            The wife said this morning had I seen her little pussy?. I said I would not go as far as to say it was little. John.

          1. The old boyo Syril from the valleys said after winning the Cheltenham gold cup at 100/1 said I have to get back to milk the cows. He wont have a 100/1 shot repeat performance today. Unless lightning strikes twice . John.

        1. ##Advent Day 20## (r/t-30.00).
          [Southwell 2.00]
          Here we all are sittin’ in a rainbow
          Gor blimey hello Mrs. Jones,How’s old Bert’s lumbago?
          ?Root-de-doo-de-doo, a-root-de-doot-de doy di
          A-root-de doot de dum, a-ree-de-dee-de-doo dee – doo doo ….?

          1. Graham,
            They bang on the ceilings they bang on the doors I will you a song with no words or no tune lazy sunday afternoon got no mind to worry close my eyes and drift away. Just started at Guildford college when this song was number one. the small faces . Great Days. John.

          2. ?Agree “itchy” better, still (when will they learn) they backed it down 20/1>13/2 ?? ?Mustn’t Grumble somebody lost lot more on it than i did? !! ok now where did i put Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake.?

          3. Dear Graham,
            Over bridge of sighs to rest my eyes in shades of green under dreaming spires to itchycoo park that where ive been (what did you do there) I got high (what did you feel there well I cried) but why the tears there tell you why its all to beautiful. from the late Steve Marriott & Ronnie Lane (number3) Lazy Sunday (number1)Wishing you all a happy Christmas Best wishes for the new year. Best of Luck. John.

        2. ##Advent Day 21## (r/t-32.00).
          [Ludlow 2.40]
          ?Did you hear the one about,i did, i’ll tell you another,ok,it’s a cracker!!!?
          RP Spotlight.
          ?This 11yo has a fine strike-rate in points while he is interesting on pick of his form over regulation fences off what is a decent mark on very best efforts..?

          1. ?if anyone is interested i will continue tomorrow on link at the top of comments the next page as shown below ?
            ?NEXT POST

          2. Graham,
            Christmas crackers. I went to the doctors this morning .Isaid can you help me out? He replied which way did you come in?. I said to the wife do you want any bets put on?. she was getting dressed putting her bra on. I said that looks like a five pound e/w . She said did I have anything for wind?. I replied get a kite. If you can have a good laugh& and back a few winners that it is what it is all about. Roll on Boxing day. Good Luck. John.

      2. HarryGee61,
        Harry is entered at ascot tomorrow not a working mans price never the less I am on at 11/8 also 6/4 this week. All the value gone from previous wins. All those who have backed him through out the year should have a good few shillings in your coffer as he is unbeaten and I have been backing him every time. When Barry met Harry I hope it is a match made in heaven on the way to Cheltenham 017 Best of Luck. John.

        1. Harrygee61,
          Hope you were on last Saturday Ascot youknowwhatimeanharry won again unbeaten this year onwards&upwards for Cheltenham 017 he has improved by 40 pounds amazing. I would like to wish you all a happy Christmas. Unfortunate the e-mail option needs updating so cant send e-mails without clicking on replies. Best of luck. John.

    2. dunno if it’s just my computer but no form on page so try reply instead ??
      of to a flyer with 16/1 Shan Dun Na Ngall which of course we all know is gaelic for found the light bulb…i jest
      ##Advent Day 2##.( r/t -2.00)
      [wolver 4.10] for goodness sake give the dog a bone!!

      1. ##Advent Day 13## (r/t-21.60).
        [Wincanton 2:40]
        go on don’t be a scrooge give us a lick of your gobstopper..or is that Aphid doing sheep impressions.

    3. ##Advent Day 4## (r/t-6.00).
      [Kelso 1:50]
      Boo!!! to a barrow boy.
      i’ll soldier on even if Jason and his Argonauts couldn’t give a Figgy pudding..

    4. Jason,

      Why have we lost the new mail option? All I can use is this reply to a mail which has nothing to do with what I want to ask.
      What I want to report is that already on day four I have found two mistakes on the Nap Table. I won’t mention which accounts but I would have hoped your developer may have picked these up.

      1. Mr T not ignoring you just don’t know when post works been trying,
        BTW register for free on The Guardian website and go to talking horses pagesi’m doing same on there same passport photo different name !!
        ##Advent Day 11## (r/t-17.60).
        [Carlisle 1:35]
        Taylor made for the oche..? bullseye!!!

          1. Graham,

            I will make this the last one in German but have you noticed that the reply facility has been removed from our last mail’s. Anyway,
            Haben Sie versucht eine Website namens racingto profitieren. Die Autoren ein bisschen hit & miss aber die Blogger sind ruhig kenntnisreich

    5. Dear Harry Gee61′
      The horse you tipped a couple a weeks ago Bishop Of Bling is going at Donny 3-15 Saturday. Is it Fancied?. I Think I will Vera Lynn it the Cliffs of Dover . Who is entered in the triumph Hurdle March. Don’t forget our old mate Saturday 17th Dec. Best of Luck. John.

        1. Always in a rush MISS NIGHT OWL i know you may at times be a LITTLE DOTTY so don’t forget your BANJO GIRL and whatever you do don’t say GOODNITEWSEETHEART to me as CH might get a little jealous ? xx

    6. Dear All ,
      I would like to wish you all a happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year also the followers of youknowwhatimeanharry who is unbeaten this year and done us all a good turn. Last win last Saturday Ascot brilliant win hope you were all on again and he has put a few shillings in your pocket. Onwards&upwards for March 017. Best of Luck. John.

  183. MR T,
    I Contacted Jason three times but no answer about my points for the horse Clic Work which you say are short. Also the nap site is not up to date at the end of play 30th November Which I think should be updated by Midnight ready for December. As you Know many months ago I thought I finished 2nd but points problems.Anyway moved on from that. By not been given the correct points is a handicap and makes it difficult to compete for 1st-2nd places. I think I will give it a rest this month. andbet at the bookies the weekend no problems. John.

    1. I have tried a few times no results from last month either (October) still on it this month but it would be nice to get updated good luck

    2. John,

      If you put in the parameters from the 1st Nov. to 30th Nov., the results are there. It shows that with the points that have not been awarded for Clik Work, you would have finished 3rd.
      I am worried that Jason may have lost the services of his developer as he has not updated your results. He has always maintained that he cannot change the prices because he does not know how to.

  184. Back by no demand whatsoever, all 1pt E/W.(small loss £3.45 last year)
    ##Advent Day 1##
    [Chelmsford 7:15]
    Blimey it’s dark in here,behold our lord said,
    nice trick might have been easier just to flick the switch !!

  185. Great Day yesterday a lot of people were on from 7/1 to 7/2 uknowwhatimeanharry. I am on as well for World hurdle Cheltenham at 20/1 now 2nd fav 5/1 bookies running for cover. Next prep race two weeks at Ascot I think.Well done to everyone who backed him. nice to have the rub of the green now and then. Good Luck. John.

  186. Well done John King,couldn’t believe I got 11/2 early doors,backed Harry every time his run. Had a great month so far but lost my way a little on the nap selection picking winners but making wrong decisions on nap.
    Love November proper winter racing underway.
    Best wishes and good luck Maurice

  187. MR T,
    Thank you for your help. I was not aware the points were incorrect, I have sent Jason a e-mail concerning the points . So will have to wait and see what happens, I mentioned you spotted the problem. He did say many Months ago for you to contact him if there is any queries with the system. Thanks again. John.

  188. MR T.
    Please feel free to state your opinion. If I placed a £1 win bet to win I would expect £13 returns in the betting shop on chic work who won at 12/1. But I guess returning at 1099 is decimal betfair odds so have to put up with it what we are given. Good Luck. John.

    1. John,

      I was trying to help you. If you check Betfair’s or the ATR website you would find that your winner paid 19 points, not what you have been credited with. That should put you 3rd in the table. Next time I won’t bother.

      1. MR T,
        Sorry you got the wrong end of the stick as they say . Yes i am thankful for your advice as i did not know the points should be 19 instead of 10-99 . What should i do.? Thank you John.

        1. John,

          I don’t why you have worked out that I got the wrong end of the stick but I would send a mail to Jason under the ‘contact us’ which is on the right at the top of the page. I also think I miscalculated as the difference would put you second.

  189. John King,

    It is I, putting my nose in whereas I should leave well alone. Are you happy with what has been credited for your winner yesterday ?

    1. MR T,
      Please feel free to comment also state your opinion . Ifyou backed clic work who won at 12/1 you would get £13 returns in the betting shop. It returned 10-99 which is short but I guess it is Betfair decimals prices . John.

  190. Good Afternoon HarryGee61,
    Youknowwhatimeanharry absolutely cantered up on a tight rein at 7/2 as I said I was on 23rd at 7/1 also on at 20/1 world hurdle Cheltenham can lighting strike twice?. What a horse a six timer incredible . Hope you were on?. A Champagne cork hit the ceiling the wife shouting lovely bubbly I said I will drink to that. Good Luck. John.

  191. Dear Jason,
    Thursdays nap 24 has not registered on nap table it was Clic Work winner of the 2-20pm Taunton 12/1sp . If you could have a look please. Thank You. John.

  192. Morning HarryGee61,
    Our old hero is going tomorrow . Got on yesterday at 7/1 e/w (corals) .Could not resist a e/w for Ryan air world hurdle March 16th at 20/1 with (Ladbrokes) this morning .Best to mention before the event win/lose/or draw. Good Luck. John.

    1. Hi John,
      Yes i am on today.Racing is good so its time to pay for xmas.Harry Fry’s horses + 3.10 Don Harry Hunt. Good luck with your bets Harry.

  193. CH..Hope the old Norton ready and fired up with a good chance of a decent run at sludgefield (1.40) today,flying high with a violin !!

  194. Dear HarryGee61,
    Just a quick update to tell you what is going on in the real world. Bishops Bling wont win the triumph hurdle as he is not even entered. The irish horse is FAV Landofhopeandglory 10/1. The race is 17th March ST-Patricks day. I think some EE-GIT was coddin you. Youknowhatimeanharry is entered in the World Hurdle ante post price 16/1 it is 113 days to Cheltenham. I think a bit early to be getting Cheltenham bets on yet. My opinion only. Good Luck. John.

  195. Dear HarryGee61,
    Bishop of Bling did not make the frame maybe needed the run. But as you say 7/1 for Cheltenham race March very short price at this stage I would not be running up to the bookie to get on maybe 33/1 would be the right price as over three months to Cheltenham. Every Saturday I do three l15 50p (12 horses ) the top trainer P Nicholls also Ruby Walsh Eire . Yesterday 1st L15 blank 2nd L15 Lets Dance 4/6- Tagrita 6/1- Haymount6/1- 3rd L15 one win Life boat mona 3/1 pprox about £90 to come .Youknowwhatimeanharry all been well will be going to Cheltenham Not sure which race yet?. Good Luck. John.

  196. Hi John King,
    No luck yesterday but lets try again.Heard a good word (from the stable cat) so if it loses dont blame the messanger,the horse is Ex 3.00 Bishop of Bling.They are talking about theTriumph Hurdle at CHELTENHAM in March.Its around 7/1so will have to win to be good enough for that race.Good luck. Harry.

  197. Graham,you should be working for FBI when you can crack such difficult codes and John there is more than one John on this planet. Graham get your facts right. That horse has won 8 times, 7 at a mile and a half.I’ve come to the conclusion it’s peed off with the game and will win when least expected, and without any of my money weighing it down.Good punting everybody. I’m finding plenty of winners but not in the competition.

    1. Correct !!!!for some reason (thick most probably) read 12f as 1m2f ,still think watching last run he be better running over 1m2f nowadays,anyhow i’ll get back to peeling my orange!!

  198. Graham,
    Thank you for your reply sorry I am not fully versed with the slang lingo. But I agree you would want your Norton firing on all cylinders . Why don’t CH put up the name of the horse he keeps talking about .Like Jarold otherwise boring conversation. CH a Jaffa?. Iguess it means firing blanks out of your organ .I am thankful my three piece suite is fully functional .Good Luck. John.

    1. JK put mind at rest,
      see who finish last 8.15 wolver last night and “jaffa” take a look at the owners !!!
      and why they are running it over 1m4f when it’s won all it’s races over 1m2f or a 1m lord knows, know wonder it led over 7f out then faded to finish last!!!

  199. CH hope this is’nt to personal (sorry if your offended by this question) but are you by any chance a “Jaffa” ?
    also notice since 48 hour declarations Racing Post has adjusted ratings so it’s not top rated any more, now 2lbs lower than top rated!!!

  200. Colin,
    I don’t know what you are talking about that I will be giving Fray Bentos a call. They are a worldwide corned beef factory in Uruguay what do you mean.? Most people put the name of there tips on web page. But you and your sidekick keep talking about this horse with no name utter nonsense maybe it is MR ED the talking horse you are on about HA-HA. And who is PP you signed ?. The mind boggles. John.

    1. Poor old JK let me help you
      it’s all to do with the Power of Flying and a good old Norton engine for speed !!
      and when (if) it crashes again its more likely to go to glue factory than a meat pie !! there that makes it clearer

  201. Sandra, I haven’t got the best of draws and my favourite jockey has opted for something else, but I’ll still be trying my best, If I can’t get in the first three I think John might be giving Frey Bentos a call.Cheers PP.

  202. Dear HarryGee61,
    Are you still in Eire?. A fantastic Saturdays racing up Ascot/Haydock. Uknowwhatimean has 11st-12lb to carry a tough task but he is a class act. The owner JP has two other runners in the race .Iwill have a e/w on him he won me £300 in March so win-lose -draw he don’t owe me anything. Best of Luck. John.

  203. Afternoon Sandra, if you pick this message up, I’ve been to see our old friend today.Although he’s had his last chance he told me he was feeling great and he was sure he was going to run a good race on Saturday.Thanks to a new bit,cheek pieces and his favourite jockey he felt he would do much better. I am hopeless with this tipping lately. Classic case today, i’ve waited for the last two races and backed Agamemon won at 10/1 and posted a stupid loser in the last at Lingfield.

    1. Hi Colin, thought you were annoyed at me , we all get down now and again, Peter picked a nice winner then lost his password and cant seem to replace it , he thinks its it was on the old , now we are both .com ,win some lose some, I am doing very well but not picking the right one for the COMP ,good to hear from you again , will do our old friend sat , good luck Sandra xx

  204. Dear HarryG61
    Modus just got touched off ran a cracker in defeat. Not getting the rub of the green. Drew a blank at Cheltenham Saturday. Yesterday done 3 lucky 15 50p win. Cheltenham one win le- Prezien 8/11. 2nd lucky 15 double lakaik 9/2 navan-Ariel 12/1 3rd lucky 15 -More Bucks 3/1 Peak toPeak 4/1 double again. So made a small profit over two days. How did you get on?. Looking forward to Saturday if he runs you knowwhatimean. As modus came up the Cheltenham yesterday I was shouting C-mon-Arry -C-Mon Arry. It was great racing the last weekend. Best of Luck .John.

  205. Dear HarryGee61
    Cheltenham is a tough meeting .Sunday is going to be difficult with the ground going soft to pick winners. I fancy the nichools trained Mc Manus horses Movewiththetimes – Le Prezien- Modus .Modus ran well recently at Ascot getting stopped but finished 3rd . Harry Cobden claiming 3lb he should go close. The last horse for the L15 is Brams de clerment 3-40pm. Best of Luck. John.

  206. Hi John King,
    Great days racing but just a couple of bets for me. Done UTT 4.00 Old Harry Rocks got 7/2, was a eyecatcher last time out and got a good chance today.My other bet is an E/W at Cheltenham 1.50 Shotgun Paddy,10/1.Also done the e/w double. It wont be easy to get winners at cheltenham with the big fields.Good luck with your bets today. Harry.

  207. Hi my points for the win at 2:15 Chepstow yesterday have not been added, but todays losing nap has been taken off owed 2.4 points I think it was. Ta

  208. Dear HarryGee61,
    I don’t know where (ROI) is?. Youknowwhatimeanharry is entered November 19th Saturday Fixed Brush Hurdle. Early doors 6/1. But might be best to bet nearer the time as he could be a non runner. Name sake tomorrow Harry Hunt 7/1 at presentNewbury 1-30pm should be fit from the flat could be a e/w chance. C-MON ARRY C-MON ARRY Two. Best of Luck. John.

    1. Hi John,
      (ROI) stands for the Republic Of Ireland. Will keep an eye out for Harry seeing as the trainer is waiting for the rain to come. The NH fields are small today so not a lot of value. Good luck with your punting. Harry.

      1. Dear Harry,
        ROI I thought it was Romania anyway my cousins live in Waterford Eire. Which county is your holiday home. My holiday home is in Turkey town Altinkum the name of home is Cead-Mile- Faitle it is advertised on Holiday Lettings UK. Harry Hunt 7/1 finished 3rd at 5/1 e/w would have made a few shillings. The rain is coming so no problems for harry has won on good ground. Best of Luck. John.

        1. Hi John,
          I was born just 18 miles outside Waterford got a sister in Kilkenny just 4/5 miles away. Noticed Harrys trainer got a well fancied runner today at Aintree 3.10 Thomas Brown. Got a few quid on. Good luck. Harry.

          1. Dear HarryGee61,
            Well done Thomas Brown won 4/1. I missed your tip as I went to town to place bets at Betfred best odds 11am to 1-30pm also 3times the odds on lucky 15s backed Nichools in lucky fifteens had winners but two fell Zakandar-southfield Theatre which spoiled my bets for profit they looked likely winners but fell. My Father was born in Ballianboola outside Waterford City .There are two horses in traing with T Mullins Ballianboola Lass also Ballianboola in Eire. It is a small World. Harry Fry has horses at Sandown today with likely chances. Best of Luck. John.

  209. Dear paul Hindmarsh,
    You have been plugging away all year with big price winners . So you are not winning out of turn. A clear winner. Well done and good luck. John.

  210. Dear Harry Gee,
    Youknowwhatimeanharry non runner Sat . He has a new owner John P Mc Manus. So will be interesting to follow N/H seson .Let you know when he is running in the future. Good Luck. John.

  211. Brilliant stuff PH. I appreciate the last one was your mate Gosden’s, but you seem to drop on the right ones. I suppose the first one was down to the lucky pin I was on about at the beginning of the month, but still well done. I’ve had too many hard luck stories this month and I am in Spain until the 4th, so with no access to any form I’ll post a few silly ones till the end of the month and start again when I get home.

    1. Don’t know what you mean sticking with Gosden today all 3 put Illaunmore on here biggest price He puts 2 or 3 in same race and wins with outsider regular

  212. Dear Harry Gee,
    How are you.? I think youknowwhatimean is entered at erby Saturday 29th 2-45pm. Hope he continues the good work where he left off in March The biggest priced ante post winner I have had this year 25/1 .It is wetherby price at present 7/2 C- MON- ARRY C-MON-ARRY I will be on will you?. Best of Luck. John.

    1. Hi John,
      Been to (ROI) doing up a holiday cottage the last couple of months
      the only problem is no WIFI signal. Had a look for Harry on Saturday must be a NR. Time now to catch up on the racing as i have been having a quiet time on the gambling. On a E/W lucky 15 today Nm 2.25 Charismatic Man.
      3.00 Spy Ring. 4.45 Grumeti. Nc 6.45 Innocently.Good luck with your punting. Harry.

    1. Just seen your joke.Very funny. Did you get the twitch while you were in the bath or was you at Bath. Either way i’ve got out of your way. Can’t do with risking getting a twitch by being on top of you. It’s a while since we were in that lovely position, but with so many players these days it’s difficult to get close to you.I also suppose you find it difficult keeping pace with me. Only a joke, I’m not a chauvenist pig.

      1. Wishing you well Colin my precious ! but is it , was you at bath or were you at bath, is it not available or not applicable, whatever don’t fall down the well , good luck Sandra

        1. Suppose it’s was for one person and were for more than one.Stop picking on my english as you drop clangers from time to time.

          1. Sorry Colin, my fault, I just love to press your buttons, I was here and you were there, and as you say , you don’t really care! ,GOOD LUCK SANDRA

  213. Question/explaination !. Does anyone know why there were approximately 90 names on last months web page with the letters N/A beside there names which I presume means not-available. This month there is 200 names same again N/A beside there names. If they are not participating in the competition what are they doing on the page?. I think a waste of space on the web page. John.

  214. Paul, I think you have had your pin out already with todays tip.Picked Mad Endeavour in that but only for small stakes.

    1. I had a tenner on that winner with a tenner on my tip for the day and a tenner double which cost me about 200 notes. The tip was Gaelic Myth which led for about 2/3 of the race and then pulled up for some reason. will be posting Memories Galore today. 9-10 at Kempton, dropped in class and drawn1, so real chance.

  215. Hi everybody,I see there are no comments lately and only John and Graham had anything to say in the last 3 weeks. Is this a sign that everybody is losing interest in the site.Regarding the competition, I think it’s great that so many people send their tips in. but more I think about it. it’s more of a laugh than a serious competition. People start the month off ok and then after a few days without a winner they get the pin out and send silly tips in. these happen to connect now and again and win at silly prices leaving them to win the competition with 1 or2 winners and about 28 losers. Next month somebody else gets their pin out and does the same. I’ve always said you can’t win without finding some outsiders. Genuine racing men in the Racing Post tip horses between 3 and 6 to 1. None of these tipster would win our competition, even Hugh Taylor.We have a 33/1 limit on tips and I would like to seea 10/1 limit which would then invite players to send in genuine chance horses with the best man rather than the luckier ones winning.Only a suggestion, but I think a good one.

        1. Nice one Good start to comp by the way keep it up Only thing I would like is to see other peoples selections before they run Trying with Lucky Louie 4-20 Leic today. Then I’ll get me pin out

  216. Graham,
    Batman says to Robin I have put the champers back on ice. Robin replies it will be vintage by the time you have a winner. The Dancing Lord last. Will a winner ever come?.

  217. Graham,
    Leicester 5-30pm the Dancing lord. Will he quick-step into the winners enclosure ?. Price 10/1 six horses to beat handicapper has given him 9-10 pounds a tough task for a selling plater but who knows?. Adam West hopes for the best. Robin says they can forget the rest.

  218. Dear Graham,
    Not Gotham City but Chelmsford City 9-20pm Burning Love will he scorch the track . Placed in a claimer for Adam West.Double carpet at present(33/1) will you be on it old chap. Thursday Night. Holy Smoke. Said Robin.

    1. I actually think the one in 8.20 is better e/w definitely would not be that price if still with Richard Whitaker,what chance a 33/1-/40/1double ha !!!

      1. Burning Love had a first time visor on I think it was Batmans helmet fitted back to front and she finished last also ice blue was last. Old saying the last will be first. And when he has a winner it will be a big price . Good Luck.

    1. Had it’s last chance. Probably win now.Told him to get rid two years ago when it won a couple of races. Worth 30k then. Not worth a light now.

  219. Jason,

    There is something wrong with your BSP. At the start of today, I had +2.8. My selection today won & according to the Betfair SP on At The Races, paid +5.64, so with the 1 pt deduction this would have been 4.64 & my total should have risen to +7.48. However my total is showing +11.9.
    Please correct. Thanks.

  220. Dear Jason,
    Colibri won Brighton 2-30pm today but has not registered as a winning nap on League Table .Would you have a look please. Thank You. John.

  221. Hi Sandra,in Blackpool for a couple of days and not had chance to post today but I’ll probably find something at Galway. Who cares anyway,just had a lucky 15 while we were out. 7/1 5/1 4/1 and a non runner so I reckon a nice little £755 pick-up.Who needs the September competition. I’ll still give it my best shot now I have got a foundation.

  222. Sandra, what was your post on the 27th all about.Just looked at our standings for the month and thought maybe on the 27th I was lying on top of you or vice versa. On a serious note I’ve had acrap month with a few placed at big prices plus one winner at twelve to one that I couldn’t get on in time.Hope we both have better luck next month.The person that won for August was a bit warm towards the end of the month.

    1. Hi Colin , sorry wanted to wake you up a bit , it was the winner SANDRA`S SECRET, my silly jokes ! hope your ok, missed you , Sandra , PS good luck for september

  223. Graham
    You said Donal Nolan the trainer two winners in I 10 years and his horses wore white blinkers that is like waving the white flag (I surrender) I think Donald Duck would have been quicker and you would have heard him coming QUACK-QUACK .The Dancing Lord finished last beaten over 100 lengths in 5-25 Epsom yesterday if there had been a race after that he would have won that. I think his horses are selling platers or class 6 or they should be put out to grass. That’s been polite.

  224. Graham, My noble Lord will you be placing a wager on the dancing lord 5-25pm Epsom.? The Batman& Robin are wearing a bit thin so I am going to give them a rest and hope Adam West has a winner soon and you back it I guess it will be at a big price as his horses are not world beaters . A bit of laughter now and then is the best tonic. Good Luck. John.

    1. World beater !! even a tortoise is pushing it,no pennies on till he get’s one placed at least,reminds me of old scottish trainer Donal NOLAN who had about 2 winners in 10 years,horses always used to wear white blinkers,made them easy to see going off in front and slowly ending up last. proper racing..

  225. Graham’
    Batman backed the horse at 10/1 it finished at ten past four.Batman said to robin I was hoping to nip down the jug for a few pints but disappointment again all the horses have duck eggs beside there names .Robin says gee batman I have a idea as we train in Epsom why not put some Epsom salts in the horse feed it might make them run faster. Good idea boy wonder batman replies. Robin says holy potty pooo-ss

  226. Jason,
    Can you check my nap for Thursday 25/08
    3-10 Leicester Rosebride it hasn’t been added to table.
    Thanks and best wishes

    1. Maurice,

      A number of players have not had their selections recorded for the last couple of day’s. I know that my last two selections have not been recorded, both losers, but when I checked a few others some had & some had not been updated. If you read this Jason, I would expect ALL players standings to be checked, not just those that inform you that something is not right.

  227. Graham,
    Robin says to batman may I come around for a drink as I am broke due to the horses losing?. Certainly batman replied I have Adams Ale on tap. Robin replied HOLY- WATERFALLS.

  228. Graham
    Batman & Robin were pushing the batmobile after the races no money for bat juicer the two horses lost. Robin says to Batman I hear Cat women has taken a shine to the Penguin. Batman replies not surprised they both stink of fish cat women was around last night sitting with her legs open saying frying tonite. Robin replied. HOLY CATFISH.

  229. Looks like he should have stayed salmon fishing with his brother,(early days)
    ADAM WEST,Epsom,Surrey,Career Statistical summary:
    2016 3 0 0 0 0 £0 -3.00
    24Aug16-4:10Burning Love LINGFIELD (Overnight),
    24Aug16 -6:40Pinwood KEMPTON (A.W) (Overnight),
    27Aug16-7:35Doc Sportello WINDSOR (Four Day),
    28Aug16-2:05Nip Down The Jug GOODWOOD (Four Day),
    29Aug16-5:25The Dancing Lord EPSOM (Five Day),
    As the Riddler might say;
    I have billions of eyes, yet I live in darkness. I have millions of ears, yet only four lobes. I have no muscle, yet I rule two hemispheres. What am I?
    must start using mine if i have one!!!

  230. Graham,
    6-40pm Kempton park Wednesday Pinwood 28/1 the Penguin is not riding he eats too much fish and fishcakes also wobbles across the track said Batman Robin replied HOLY MACKEREL.

  231. Finally posted a winner for August but it’s the only winner so far today that Bsp is shorter than official Sp. If your luck is out it’s out and mine is this month.

  232. Graham,
    I think the next entries for the horse are Chelmsford city or Gotham city. Robin wants to put a monkey on it. Batman said I don’t care who is on it except the Penguin otherwise we will have to pay his riding fee in fish and we don’t trust him. Robin replied. HOLY MACKREL. John.

  233. Graham,
    Robin said to Batman would you adam and eve it (believe it) .I had a bet on the horse. Looks like that bet gone west as your name sake Adam West. Holy Smoke. John.

  234. Graham,
    The bat mobile was outside the post office Batman said to boy wonder why have you got your pension book in your long johns Robin replied I like to feel the benefit. I did not see the bat mobile outside the bookmakers as there horse finished nearer to last then first. John.

    1. To be honest i didn’t give the horse much thought (i’m sure it’s a nice enough nag which does plenty of charity work in it’s spare time),it was just seeing “Adam west” as trainer a sort of blast from the past, a bit like wednesdays cabbage&onion soup..

        1. You betcha rich,vegetables picked straight from his Lordships dustbin.not saying it was tough back then but i I had to get up , half an hour before I went to bed, lick the road clean with my tongue.had half a handful of freezing cold gravel for breakfast, worked twenty-four hours a day at the mill for fourpence every six years, and when we got home, my Dad would slice me in two with a bread knife.But you try and tell the young people today that… and they won’t believe ya’

  235. “HOLY COWPATS” don’t know if anyone else as seen “BATMAN” has started training (Chepstow 3:55 # 3)not sure how long he’s been at it!!..but “To the Bat Mobile, Robin!”..

      1. Answer (Explanation)
        Having a “low mentality” refers to someone who acts like he has no class, manners, or proper values,if you are one of them,
        Chepstow 3:55 # 3 means,horse racecard number 3 (Burning Love) running in the 3:55 (time of the race) at chepstow (the racecousre). and batman refers to the actor who played batman (Adam West) in the 1960’s TV program of the same name,which is the same as the trainer of horse #3.
        slightly sarcastic apologies ,Holy Mackerel !!! Robin.

          1. Yeah me too because when i was a kid back in the 60’s i use to hate tom&jerry,wacky races and thunderbirds, i just could’nt get enough of Pinter,Checkhov or Bertolt Brecht…:)

  236. Dear Sandra,
    What ever you say. The jokes I put on the web page you will find are old Ken Dodd- Jim Bowen jokes. Nothing personal to anyone . John.

  237. Dear Sandra,
    You have not offended me or insulted me in any way. You are entitled to your opinion like every else. So when you make a statement to other contestants you do not have to use me as a excuse for your comments. John.

  238. Sorry Maurice, didnt want to get John going again, and to see that DEAR to start with gets me going , whats up with HI THERE ! or maybe SORRY !!! Sandra

  239. Collin,
    Thanks for enlightening me on Captain Beaky’s previous win.I don’t follow every months tipping competition although I’ve been close a couple of times myself.
    But I would like to say one or two of you regular posters show some nice monthly profits.
    Keep the good work up.

  240. Well done Captain Beaky.
    You have been knocking on the door a few times in the past
    Good luck for this month

    1. I think he has won it before, so well done. I said at the time I was hoping he was flying his plane or sailing in his ship.the following month but he didn’t take any notice.

  241. Congratulations to the July winners

    1st = Captain Beaky winning £100
    2nd = Colin Holder winning £50

    Please email me with your paypal address so that I can process your winnings

    Well done


  242. The reason we brought the price cap in to place was not to stop people going for the 50/1 shots, but to stop inflated prices.

    Our results are calculated to BSP. So if a horse is 20/1 in the bookies, it is likely to return much higher on Betfair. So people were picking 20/1 winners and getting credited with 50 or 60 points because of the bet fair price!

    Then everybody else was out of the competition so to speak


    1. Fair comment Jason, but you still can’t win this competition tipping favourites as the price of them is similar to the BSP whereas the BSP for an outsider can give you as much as a 10pt bonus. A couple of these put you well on the way.No system will suit everybody, but at least the present system is the same for everybody but please give horses over the limit 33 points and not 32.

  243. Jason, just to repeat what I said earlier in the month, the rules state there is a 33 to 1 limit on winners.This means a BSP of 34. As I said before my 33 to 1 winner should have credited me with 33 pts but I only got 32. I hope you have this in mind if the 1 point is needed at the finish.
    Regarding the limit I agreed with it before as people were getting different prices for the same selections, also original prices if there were non runners later on, but as everybody is now getting the same price, I would be in favour of doing away with the limit. If anybody fancies a 50 to 1 shot, good luck to them.Anybody else got a view on the limit.

    1. No limit for me as you know , then still a chance on last day with a big priced one , Charles Molson for me today 33 s and a Gosden lucky 15 ha ha just in case

  244. Hi John , did you get on my winner WAR DECREE, WHAT A JOKE 6/4 YOU COULD SEE IT COMING COULDNT YOU ! THATS RACING FOR YOU , Sandra good luck

  245. Dear Harry gee,
    Good winner.Gereaghty fell at the last fence brought down henryvile also my hourse when running on would have got a place at least yours won very easy. Aidean o brien said at the races yesterday he fancies Dick Whittington 3-05pm the curragh today 9/2 I have napped it. Best of Luck. John.

  246. Dear Harry gee,
    I napped Monsieur Gibraltar on 3rd July finished 2nd at 7/1 had a big weight going Saturday Market Rasen 2-45pm got a feather weight 16/1 at the moment could be worth a small e/w. I am backing it. Best of luck. John.

    1. Hi John,
      I backed Long House Hall in that race but yes yours has a good e/w shout at a great price. Also like Newbury 3 35 Buratino + Richard Hannon could have 2 or 3 winners today. Good luck with your punting. Harry.

  247. Sandra,
    If you are a male why are you using a female name (Sandra) I reply to Sandra not Sandra2 on e-mails the mind boggles .I can read between the lines on some e-mails this site it seems one person is using different names/different e-mail addresses. All the e- mail addresses are private so you cannot contact anyone. Anyway I said to the wife your breath smells fowl she replied I had a chicken curry last night I said that is a game. John.

  248. Jason, Regarding my post the other day. The rules state there is a maximum cap of 33/1 on winners, therefore anybody tipping a winner above 33/1 should be credited with 33 points not 32. You owe me a point which could be important in the final reckoning.

  249. Sandra,
    Iheard a knock this morning, looked out of bedroom window and saw a post office van outside, I said to the wife quick get your bra also your things on the post man is at the door, she replied I expect he has seen many knockers in his time and wont worry him. That odds on favourite you gave me war Decree Saturday is it still running? cant be any worse then my jokes. John.

    1. Moore said he did not see Kirby coming, and he only lost by 3/4 length, you had better go to specsavers, and it is not then my jokes , its than my jokes , and don’t be rude about Sandra 2 , we are not transvestites, 50 years married two girls both married , three grand children ,you could not have got it more wrong ,please brush up on them jokes, like my tips there CRAP !!! LOL Sandra xx

    2. Sorry John , there was a Sandra 2 which was used on a new computer when old comp broke down , old comp now working and I use it with Sandra, I am a lovely LADY, that I am sure Colin H will vouch for, MY HUSBAND IS PETER , he uses new comp now and again under Sandra 2 , is that not aloud , I’m Sorry!! this is Sandra xx LOL PS stick to the jokes there getting worse !!!

  250. Hi Paul, at least I picked it out myself and not like you, having to rely on Gosden. Only joking. When I saw your big priced winner last week, I thought to myself it must be Gosdens, but why pick that one, but when I checked it was his only runner that day.Just like your 90+ winner from a few months back.

    1. My top man JG I always back his outsiders even more so when 2-3 in a race Obrien does it as well good luck with the big price ones we keep trying

  251. Been out snookering and got in at about 11-30 and then watched the racing from Thirsk and couldn’t believe my eyes when it was time for the last race and Tan Arabiq was going off at 80/1. I couldn’t believe them again when it won as I had sent it in for my tip during the afternoon and taken 35/1 on the exchanges for £13. I will have to count myself lucky as if I’d seen it at 80/1 I would probably have left it alone.Believe it or not the BSP is 269.72. I think I deserve a gold medal.I do have a slight complaint in that there is a 33/1 limit, but I have only been credited with a 32/1 winner. Are you taking note Jason.

  252. Dear John take no notice of Sandra 2 she is my husband having a laugh , you have a good win on WAR DECREE 1600 N/M , all the best Sandra xx

    1. Dear Sandra,
      Are you a transvestite .? Just wondering by your e-mail words . As on this site you would not know who you are writing to man or women as false names false e-mail addresses are used I guess to gain advantage on nap league table. Your Saturday tip is still running should be back in Ireland by now. The wifes friend has a racehorse I said ask her to ask the trainer is it worth putting a monkey on.? The trainer answered it would be better putting a Jockey on.

    1. John , I’m sorry I keep on putting my foot in it , I don’t mean any arm but there was this man at the races yesterday he had a boil on his nose I said does it matter , GGGGGGOOD LUCK on the GGGGGGGG`S

  253. Dear Sandra,
    If the horse falls out of the stalls or runs .It has come under starters orders so not a non runner. John.

    1. John,

      Unless i am reading Sandra’s blog wrong, then you have not got the joke that it was intended to be.

      1. John your lovely, you beat the bags off your jokes , have had a good laugh eyes watering nearly wet myself, can you see the funny side of it really hope you can lots of love Sandra xxx

    2. John my love it was a joke , to make someone laugh after your non laughable joke , I am really sorry you did not see though it, never the less good luck to you and your jokes at least your using the bloggers page LOTS of luck Sandra xx

  254. Dear Sandra.
    When a horse comes under starters orders .It is classed as a runner if it walks or runs makes no difference. Does that answer your question?. Backed a horse at 10/1 finished at ten past four ( old Tommy Cooper Joke) Ha-Ha. John.

  255. Jason,

    It is now 9.22pm and my selection ran in the 8pm but still no update on the Nap Table. Why is taking so long?

  256. The last comment on this page was 3/7/2006 you sad lot of punters ! may I wish you all the best and good luck for July you really do need it , Sandra

      1. God Bless you Mr T , YOU HAVE a sense of humour even if you don’t have any patience, I love IT !! my excuse is I have arthritis in my feet ,love you all Sandra xx

  257. Hi Harry,
    I tipped up Friday night penglai pavilion at !6/1 ,Saturday morning line ch4 Tom segal tips it backed from 16