Im excited to announce the addition of our new and improved tipping competition. Previously the NAP competition has been run manually on this blog. Needless to say this took up a lot of time and effort from the members involved.

Now we have launched a brand new comp that is completely automated and free!!. Simply register once and the system will keep you logged in. You then select your NAP each day and our software will automatically create a league table.


What's new:

We have also added a new prize that will certainly get you going! The overall winner after each 6 month period gets a chance to run their very own tipping service, and earn an extra few quid too.....


I will keep this page up and running so that you can discuss and chat with other members as you did previously.

If you haven't already done so, register for the new competition and start selecting your NAPs > Tipping Comp



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2,787 thoughts on “New Tipping Competition £150 Prizes”

  1. A bit disappointing First Folio withdrawn from the Ayr Gold Cup. I left a few bob with the bookie, but there will be another day to get my money back. If the horse is not right ,its best not to run him until he is 100 per cent sound. John.

  2. As there is no one writing on this page , i thought i would write something for Colin &Paul. As the covid was about and it effected everyone, including the racing also holidays abroad ,i have not had any holidays abroad for two years. But fingers crossed for next year as i have booked. Anyway backed a ante post for the Ayr Gold Cup , First Folio at 20/1 e/w with William Hill 4places quarter the odds. First Folio is the owners group horse ,i feel he has a chance with a pull in the weights might put him bang there. Best of Luck. John.

  3. Hi Paul/Colin,
    I guess people were preoccupied with the competition to write anything and i think most of them are not interested in horses but in it as game like bingo/crosswords etc but no actual interest in the subject . Emma says today Gold Link is cantering and tightening up ,so we are hopeful that he will be jumping fences in early October also that he wins, as it is my birthday 1st October so it would be nice if he can win as he has had three 2nds hurdling and can get his head in front. He is a young horse still learning, Emma and ourselves are pleased with him, so fingers crossed. Colin i am going to finish with a joke, as you have a sense of humour. A fellow goes to the doctor and says to him i keep dreaming i am a bell ,the doctor replies go home have a lay down ,if you are not better in a couple of days `give me a ring`. Best of luck with the betting. John.

  4. Where have all the contributers to this page gone. It was a good read some days. I’m missing Paul and John who wrote in plenty and Sandra as well, but don’t think she has posted for a couple of years. Never mind it was good fun while it lasted. All the best for the future and hope Gosden keeps turning out the winners or Paul will be in the workhouse.

  5. I guess the competition has ended as there is no race cards on the nap site at my end today , not Surprised as every month there is a decline in competitors competing and if there is no one to update the site it is a waste of time especially when you have winners that are not registered , you cannot compete under them circumstances diabolical . John.

    1. John,

      It would be nice to have some update from Jason. The non publishing of cards happened some time ago as I recall & took a few days to put right. That was when Johann was looking after things.

    1. Colin,

      That’s lucky. The top four in the table all had winners which have not been updated. I am sure there were others but I only checked those four.

  6. Good Luck with that Colin. Now that Johann is not monitoring the results, I am not sure that Jason can rectify these issues. I note that results from yesterday have not yet been updated.

  7. Just thought i would drop a line about the owners group also gold link. The owners groups priorates are the welfare of there horses ,when there racing days are over they are offered to vetted people as pets to look after, those that are not taken for pets spend the rest of there days at equi-prep. Gold Link has come back to Emma from equi -prep from his holidays,she says he looks great and will be starting light work this week. We are hopeful he can win , as he is still learning and has got better with every race since wind surgery, so hope for the best. Good Luck. John.

  8. Paul, Gosden had 5 runners at Sandown. how did you manage to tip the only winner in the competition. It also paid better than mine. Only half point in sp but about 3 different with betfair. I remember that 95/1 winner and it was you that caused the rules to be changed, Trying to beat everyone this month with quality rather than quantity. Paul, looking through an old Barnsley directory I see a number ending 204. Is that you, if so I could ring you to get your mobile with a view to texting our opinions to each other.

  9. Hi Colin,
    Sorry to hear about Muftakker injury, but i guess leasing the horse is not so bad as you have given him back to the trainer & not have to sell him at the sales , which would be a big loss , if you had bought him yourself so no monthly training fees now. Gold Link is on holiday at present , he deserves it as he has run well & still learning, should be back in training soon. John.

  10. my computer has gone haywire all at once and i’ve lost my bookmarks. Paul I presume you won the comp last month but I had a chuffing second about 14/1. Thuought it was going tp sail incoming to last furlong. Anyway, the bad news first, Muftakker has hurt his leg again but not as bad as last time. The vet said not to ride him for 3 months so I added things up and decided to cut my losses. I’ve given him to John for the cost of Junes bill and thats me done as regards horse ownership. I’ll keep in contact about him cos i’m sure he’ll win again, but he wont be carrying my colours. The end of an era,unless I get a big bet up.

    1. Hi Colin John not been on for a bit far too busy picking winners Sorry to hear about Muftaker hope it ends well I’ve just had an hour looking back to 2015 when comp started no limits on odds won comp with 95/1 winner all the original players it was good days still plodding on we used to name our tips. On page Gosden day Saturday still top man anyway good luck Keep smiling

  11. Hi Colin,
    The reason i am not in the competition is there is no one to rectify any faults with the nap page E.G. last month i had a winner not registered, so it is difficult to win under normal circumstances , i finished 2nd, i would not have won anyway and Paul won lasts months competition well done to him. I will give it another go, as you say it don`t cost anything and it is a bit of fun, when the nap page is working properly . Good Luck. John.

  12. Hi John, missing your name on that tipping comp. Come on you cant win owt but it costs nowt. Its just the interest. Gone for Creative Force but went off early, so wait for another. Just set off.

  13. Hi Colin,
    When you are paying full monthly fees + the other expense that goes with training a horse, you would have to be winning 4or five races to cover yearly expense and more to make a profit also a good tickle with the bookie. Good luck with the Newcastle race on 24th July, hope he wins. Have you thought about sending him hurdling as he stays 2 miles might be an option ?. I think Gold Link will be having his summer break soon. I only need to have a small tickle with the bookie to get my money back on him when he wins hopefully in the future. Good Luck. John.

  14. didn’t like the surface but no excuses as same for everybody. Resting now till Newcastle on 24th July. Putting a bit away each week and having a good bet that day. Dont usually back him but think 2 mile at Newcasle is tailor made and if he doesn’t win it’s definitely time to get rid.

  15. Hi Colin,
    Hard cheese, from first to last was nearly 20 lengths, Muftakker won the wooden spoon in 8-50 pm race Kempton tailed off. On the brighter side ,prize money for last place as there was non runners and 4 ran . Back to the drawing board i guess. John.

  16. Hi Colin,
    Only five runners in the Kempton race , so you will collect some prize money to cover the round trip for the horse transport at least. What are his chances will you be having a ` Tickle`?. Good Luck. John.

  17. Hi Mr T,
    As you said before Jason is not a Computor technician , so i think writing to him is a waste of time. The monthly numbers of competitors is diminishing rapidly since the prize money stopped, so i guess it will shut down if no one has any interest in maintaining the site in the near future. John.

  18. John,

    Try writing to Jason as Johann advised me to do last month. I would love to hear his response. As i said to Johann, once problems appear with results, I am convinced Jason will finish the competition so you may as well continue playing till such time as that happens

  19. Hi Colin,
    When a trainer sends one horse from the north of England to the south hundreds of miles round trip, it makes you look twice. Earlier in the week Euchen Glen went to Sandown Park from Scotland and won a four horse race at 20/1. Your horse is down in weight &up in class, can he spring a Suprise at Kempton?. Good Luck for the 2nd June. John.

  20. Hi Colin/Paul,
    Gold Link beaten half a length the first two pulled eight&half lengths clear of the third horse. Unfortunately he met one too good again , three seconds in a row, he is a winner waiting to happen. He ran a cracker no disgrace in defeat finishing 2nd. Had him E/W so small profit. John.

  21. I guess it is a waste of time , if there is no one available to maintain the nap web page, as winning/losing naps not registering ,it is a bit of fun as there is no money involved but at the end of the day it is still a competition and people are in it to win it. For the above reasons i am out. John.

  22. Hi Johann,
    My nap Kilmington rose 7-00pm Warwick won 26th May but has not registered on the nap page as a winner or a loser. If you can have a look please. Thank you. John.

  23. Hi Colin,
    Thank you for the invite for Kempton ,i am about 15miles from Kempton. I wont be able to go as have leg/foot problems for walking, i mentioned this earlier on this page a while back. Thank you for the invite much appreciated . Gold Link racing Thursday amended time 4-45 Worcester extra half mile hopefully this will play into his strengths . I will be on E/W again, hopefully he can get his head in front, the last 2 times beaten by the fav`s fingers crossed. Best of Luck. John.

  24. John, how far are you from Kempton. I f you want to go next Wednesday I can arrange some free tickets.

  25. Hi Colin,
    Yes i am involved with Gold Link for another year. It is only a small fee for the year (one payment) for that you get videos of your horse racingalso other members horses/magazine in the post every month/text messages to your phone when the horse is running also info from the trainer and it is a hobby. Good Luck June2nd. John.

  26. Still here John ,but not backing many winner lately. Did you take a second year out for Gold Link. Muftakker still going on 2nd JUNE.

  27. Hi Colin/Paul,
    Are you still there?. No comments from the pair of you for a while. Anyway Gold Link entered Worcester 27th (class4) 2m-4f – 4-15pm. He is in good form,came out of his last race fine and is bouncing. He will be having a rest after his next race summer break. ( Emma) is looking after him & jumping a fence in the future. Would be nice to get a win before his break. Good Luck. John.

  28. Hi Colin/Paul,
    I am on Burlington Bertie he rises at 10-30- (100/30) . Ihope Gold Link passes the post first after 12-30. I have backed him to win+ place as a saver, hope he makes the frame. Best of Luck. John.

  29. Latest entries , 7th May Friday (class4) 1-00pm Market Rasen. 8th May 5-45pm Warwick (class 4). Hopefully he runs soon. ( Gold Link). John.

  30. Hi Colin/Paul,
    Emma thinks the race at Newton Abbot (class3) is very competitive on 5th of May, with the rated Tulin 128 so Gold Link is not declared for Wednesday. Emma is looking at further entries in the near future. Colin it would be good to win another race with your horse if he is going to the sales and get a decent price for him. Wishing you the best of luck. Enjoy your Holiday. I have had the 2nd covid jab ,so will be looking at holidays for abroad after the 17th of May, hopefully good news from Boris. Keep Kicking. John.

  31. Hi John, everything fine with Muftakker but no suitable races in near future. The two for him are Kempton on 2nd and 9th June.I have suggested 2nd. It’s a better race but worth twice as much ,so may as well go for that. Trouble is I am on holiday that day so wouldn’t be able to go. I was going to go and have a day out, and ask you if you fancied going, but unless we change our minds that plan looks out of the window. I am seriously thinking of one more run then selling.If he wins he will go up in the weights and struggle, if he loses, he has reached his peak and wont improve, therefore struggle to win. Best of luck with Gold Link.

  32. Gold Link likely to race at Kempton according to Emma 1-30pm May 3rd,ground conditions more suitable there. Colin not heard from you since your horse ran, has he come back sound?. Good Luck. John.

  33. Latest news Gold Link entered Kempton 1-30pm May 3rd also Uttoxeter 2-30pm Saturday 1st May. Will know in two or three days where running, what the trainer says. Keep Kicking. John.

  34. I am now convinced that Johann no longer monitors the competition. I have given him five days to respond to my query, not a peep from him.
    I just hope that the system does not crash as I am sure that Jason would then just finish the competition which would be a shame for the many that post a selection on a daily basis or like myself, posting when I have the time to look at the cards.

      1. Johann,

        Thank you fror your reply, confirming my suspicions. If I thought it would help I would contact Jason but I remember him saying just before you joined that he had no idea on the workings.
        It will be interesting to see what happens if problems arise.

  35. Hi Paul/ Colin,
    Gold Link wont run until May, stable says he is working well, and hope he wins next time out. Good Luck. Keep Kicking. John.

  36. Johann,
    I do not pick winners very often but when I do, I expect the system to record them. Yesterday, I selected a horse that finished last. In the evening, knowing that I would not be in when my selection for today would be running, I selected it last night & the system stated that ” My selection had been saved”. However, it is not appearing on today’s list & would like you to please check. The horse I selected was Jetaway Joey in the first at Perth.
    Thank you.

  37. Hi Colin,
    Just looked at the betting your horse , he is going Burlington Bertie 100/30 and he rises at ten thirty. He has top weight to contend with, looks E/W. What do you think?. Best of Luck. John.

  38. Hi Colin/Paul,
    Good Luck for Tuesday with your horse, hope he wins he has a good chance dropped in grade ,the grade he previously won in. Hi Paul Scottish National ,Coup De Pinceau is 25/1 hope he goes well for you. i will back Soldier Of Love & Nicholls other runners in Lucky 15 in the betting Shop later today. Good Luck. John.

  39. Muftakker going to wolverhampton TuesdayObviously trying his best and I’ve told trainer to drop him in about 7th rather than 3rd in the hope he can finish well.

    1. Thanks Colin looks a decent race if most stay in I’ll have a look nearer time Hi John scotty G N I’m on Coup De Pinceau. Good Sunday racing might try gosden second string when he puts two in a race ha ha he does it all the time good luck Keep smiling

  40. Daren’t look at this website today, but finally plucked up courage to see myself strung up but nobody seems to have bothered. I have had a special zip fitted to my mouth which allows me to eat but I can’t talk so in future I will keep my opinions to myself.Best of punting in future everybody. I know competition is only a bit of fun these days but I can’t put a winning run toether. Only 10 days gone but i’ve had 4 seconds [2 beat by short heads] all at big prices.Might change one day.Muftakker has come back sound and lives to fight another day. Thinking of running at Kempton and it would be be a great day out if I could pick Paul up at Barnsley and meet you John at kempton. Both think about it.

    1. Hi Colin John same as no luck in national but a good race and she’s not a bad jockey is she No problem with Muftaker not winning Colin and I for one like your info and your views same as with John s on his horses So carry on good luck Keep smiling

  41. Hi Colin/Paul,
    I had no luck in National also had backed Muftakker , he did not make the frame. As i said before the bookie always has the upper hand, but if you are not in it you cannot win it that is the game. Some better news from Emma, she has been praising Gold link ever since he arrived at her stable from France. She recently said he came out of the Wincanton race fine also the wind surgery worked, she is very pleased with him and wont be long before we get a win, she thinks. Good Luck. John

  42. 11/4 today. Told you they were giving money away at 5/1. I hope some of you stepped in and if you did, let’s hope he wins for us.

    1. Good luck for tonight Colin was a bit late got 4s so not bad Takingrisks for GN for me and little ew Acepella Bourgeois drawn it in sweep Think Garcia still going round ha ha missed cut anyway good luck Keep smiling

  43. Bookies giving money away tomorrow. 5/1 Muftakker is great value . If I wasn’t in the know I would be thinking there must be something wrong with it or it’s not trying. Believe me he’s never been better. How they can make Cloud Thunder favourite when we beat it fair and square at Newcastle by 2 lengths and we’re only 2lb worse off is beyond me.

  44. Hi everybody, I said last year that Tiger Roll only had to get round to win and if you know anything about racing you should know that Cloth Cap is past the post if it stands up.I.m going to have £50 on it with 365 cos they return half my steak. It’s like taking 9/1about it. You cant get better value than that. 9/1 about a 9/2 shot. Fill your boots. Regarding Muftakker, he’s never been better and I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t win. 7 runners and drawn 7. What can you do.The plan is to get to rails and lie about 3rd or 4th on 1st cicuit, then to crank it up a bit then press on and hope for best.Meant to say, the horse that beat it a centimetre at Newcastle skated in yesterday so the form is rock solid.

  45. Hi Paul/Colin,
    Good luck in the masters on Garcia. I have not done anything in the masters this year, Done Ok Corral in National at 40/1 six places with PP, next week will be good Barbers/ betting shop/ pubs/ gyms all open, be able to get out and about and maybe book holidays abroad in the near future as well. Two more good days racing ahead Aintree. Nicholls is banging in the winners. Good Luck. John.

  46. Hi John Colin Just had a little EW on Garcia for masters 50s bit of interest sticking with Tiger today good luck Keep smiling

  47. Hi Mr T,
    For some reason or another it logs itself out with out you knowing,so check when you place your nap that it has registered , if it is loged out the nap will not register, then log in. Good Luck. John.

  48. John,

    Apologies for the delay replying but we have been visiting our sons in the Dales all day. Thanks for your input. I can now see the players in the table. I must admit, I have never had to log in before to see the table. Is this something new?

  49. Mr T,
    It might be worth to check you have to log in , if not you can`t view the league table, hope this is of some help. John.

  50. One one winner from Harry today ,that is the racing game ,and the bookie always has the upper hand. Happy Easter to everyone also good racing coming next week , Irish National/English National at Aintree meeting starting Thursday 8th April. Good Luck. John.

  51. An old saying make hay while the sun shines. Harry Skelton has 6 rides Uttoxeter . Looks like winners on the cards again . Lucky-15-31-63 and all his mounts have been shortened up since last night. Is the bookie running scared?. I am on again today. Best of Luck. John.

  52. Johann,

    Have you been able to look at my request as to why I cannot view the actual table in the League Standings yet.


  53. Nice returns, Hurry up Harry were going down the pub. Three winners . Costly Diamond 11/8- First class returns 10/11- Say what you think again 7/5- Rockstar Ronnie finished 2nd 1/1 . Lucky 15 got the above three , nice little profit. Colin the only cert in life is we are all going to die. Skelton has drawn level with Hughes. The only other cert is when you pass the post first& weighed in , until then you have to keep dreaming. Don`t worry about pinching money from the bookie, they win at the end of the day and everyday. Good Luck to everyone if you had Harry`s three , money in your sky rocket (pocket) John.

  54. Skelton is a cert for jockeys championship cos I know a bloke who had £20 on Hughes at 6/5 two weeks ago when he was 10 in front.He thought it was pinching money but unfortunately it wasn’t. As they say there’s one born every minute. Another thing I learned yesterday Hughes has 2 days suspesion coming up. It never rains but it pours.

  55. Hi Paul,
    Skelton is in competition with Hughes for the jockey championship. It might be worth keeping an eye on his rides at Southwell today , he has good chances for lucky15 bets. The one that has been backed this morning is, Rockstar Ronnie now evens 2-50 pm Southwell. Best of luck.. John.

  56. Hi Paul,
    Conformation Bias was the best horse in Gold Links race had gold Link e/w , Confirmation Bias in a lucky 15 at 7/4 – Danny Kirwan 2/1- Kauto King 3/1 Fidelio Vallis at 4/9- three of Nicholls + three of Cobden`s early prices. 4 winners. Happy days for me today also they think Gold Link will win next time out. Nice to have a bit of Luck now and then. Looked like your horse Brunch had the Lincoln won until the French apprentice cruised past on Gosden`s horse. Anyway Good Luck. John.

  57. Hi Paul/Colin,
    The money was down on Gold Link, much improved effort since wind surgery, had a troubled passage through the race, but beaten fair and square so no real excuses, but we know he is useful and there will be a winning day hopefully soon also Jack Foley is a up and coming young jockey not long over from Ireland. Not worried about the 50p prize money as you say Colin. We are in it for a bit of fun also have a bet , made a profit today on my bet e/w on Gold Link, i am happy with that. John.

    1. Hi John Colin not a bad run hope you was on forecast with Nichols runner He’s had a good day along with Skeleton boys National not far off Takeingrisks for me. Thought I had got Lincoln winner sorted but who else to upset party but my mate good luck Keep smiling

  58. Mr T, what’s your problem. Superali leading Paul Hindmarsh by 12 and your 3 tips are down the swanee with mine.

    1. Colin,

      The problem is from the start of this month I have not been able to see where people stand in the table. I can see the headings & then nothing. I have even reset my laptop, to no avail. My last hope is Johann. At least I can make the odd selection, but you worry me as I thought I had made four selections, one winner & three losers.

  59. Hi John, could have had a bit better luck in running. Better luck next time.Don’t spend your 50p prize money all at once.

  60. Hi Paul/ Colin,
    Gosden has got a good apprentice claiming 7lb (they say a pound a length) he is only seventeen from France. they way he won the Lincoln, he coul`d have won it pulling a cart.Yours was 2nd mine was 4th Danah which was okay had it e/w at 11/1. Todays info from Emma, she is hoping Gold Link will make the frame and the wind operation will bring out some improvement in him. Wincanton 1-00pm Monday 29th March. I will have a small E/W. Best of Luck. John.

  61. Hi Paul/ Colin,
    Gold Link running 1-00pm Wincanton Monday 29th March, class 4 hurdle. Jack Foley riding claiming 7lb. We are hoping for the best. Good Luck. John.

  62. Hi John Colin Iam on Brunch in Lincoln and Queens Sargent in mile ew singles and double Plus a bit of gosden and son he will have a few winners today and tomorrow two wage bills now ha ha Like your confidence Colin watch it win on TV good luck Keep smiling

  63. Hi Paul/ Colin,
    Any tips for the Lincoln Saturday?. I have backed Danyah at 11/1 e/w- 6 places Paddy Power, so fingers crossed. Good Luck. John.

  64. Hi Colin,
    It is about the same distance for me Woking/Wincanton 200 miles round trip going towards Yeovil/ Devon , scrumpy cider country they call it. I wont be going to far also no atmosphere with present restrictions on. The horse is entered Monday 29th, i will know Saturday if the horse is declared for Monday, he is entered in two races 1pm also 2pm Wincanton, I guess he will be running in one of them with a bit of luck, have more info near post time. Good Luck. John.

  65. Only two allowed at Wolverhampton on 10th April means I wont be going. Not going over 200 mile round trip with two in car. May as well watch it win on tele. Going to races is crap at moment. I wouldn’t be allowed in paddock or unsaddling enclosure when it’s won and that’s what owners want to do most.Hope you get a run Sunday john. Will you go if you get chance. Doubt it, suppose it’s too far from Woking.[think that’s your town]

  66. Hi Paul/Colin,
    Gold Link entered in the 1-00mp & 2-00pm at Wincanton on the 29th March. From 29th March two owners per horse will be allowed in to the race track, where light refreshments should be available. John.

  67. Hi Colin/Paul,
    Disappointing from the british horses at Cheltenham. I backed the champion trainers horses Nicholls , not one winner, the Irish were winning races easy, made the english look one paced, very strange. i guess the old Irish menu for the horses oats/ Guinness / Raw eggs. I think the English horses need Epsom salts, to give them the runs.HA-HA. Had the first Irish winner &4 Nicholls losers. Did you have any luck?. John.

    1. Hi had little bet on tellmesomethinggirl Thurs. and Langer Dan. Ew today Trying Mighty Thunder at uttox in midlands national sat. Tues and weds were rubbish but keep trying Sunday Irish Lincoln 4-10 Maker of Kings for me (from a friend) good luck Keep smiling

  68. Hi Colin/Paul,
    Gold Link will not be running Kempton Saturday, Emma says he will benefit from another week, so she is looking for another entry for him, in the near future. John.

  69. Hi Paul,
    Took advantage of Paddy`s free £5 bet first race Appreciate it got 5/4 two days ago, bolted in at 8/11, good start to the festival. Good picking in the competition you had a 16/1 shot yesterday, keep up the good work, keep smiling. John.

  70. Gold Link, is entered for Kempton Saturday 3-50pm , as the ground is getting drier . He has had wind surgery, and working well ,according to reports, so hope for the best Saturday 20th March. Good Luck. John.

  71. Hi Paul/ Colin,
    The festival starts tomorrow until Friday, top class racing, I have done one lucky 15 with the horses i put up on this page earlier . Paddy power doing £5 free bets starting Tuesday first race same Wednesday and any race Thursday. It is usually a tough meeting for to get the winners, but great to watch on tv ,win or lose and a bit of fun if you like the racing game. You have to deposit £5 Paddy Power account to get free bets. I guess the same with other bookmakers. The irish might start with a winner Tuesday ,the Mullins horse, Best of Luck. John.

  72. I wasn’t sure whether he had just got up or not but unfortunately it was the latter.Said I was disappointed with the draw and the winner was on the rails after a furlong and we ran round on his outside all the way, so we travelled six yards further. Might not have made any difference but drawn 1 instead of 10 would have helped. He ran as I said, held up for first mile and then pick up.Prefer Newcastle but no available race for a while so looks like back to Wolverhampton on 10th April.

  73. As John says very unlucky great run all the same nice bit of prize money and nice price for ew cheers for info

  74. Hi Colin,
    Your trainer had your horse spot on, unlucky to be beaten by the fav by a nose, another few yards he woul`d have had his head in front, he was closing all the way to the line. Good run from your horse , he has improved, and a winner waiting to happen. John.

  75. Hi Paul, dont follow the Mr Candy bit [is it a bloke, a horse or neither] but I should imagine that you know that none of Elliott’s horses have gone to Denise Foster. She has just taken over Elliott’s yard while he’s suspended. Muftakker looks like he’s up against a mixture of a few decent horses with one or two duck eggs chucked in. As long as he gets in first eight I wont grumble but i’m hoping he can win. A think the cough was a bit of sumat an nowt so fingers crossed all goes well,

    1. Henry Candy trainer nice16 /1 yesterday shrewd old trainer pops up with big ones Here’s hoping for a good run good luck Keep smiling

  76. Hi Paul,
    Denise Foster, has had her first winner since taking over the reins from Elliot , so you might be okay Cheltenham. In the past Elliot , had 3or 4 horses in nearly every race at the festival. That was a sweet touch Candy getting one in 16/1 well done picking that one.Havent found anything like Youknowwhatimeanharry 25/1 when he won the Albert Bartlett, Done Barbados Bucks in that race this time around at 8/1. Good Luck also Colin & his horse Thursday . John.

  77. Hi Paul,
    Cheltenham next week, Paul Nicholls says he is sending a small team to the festival with realistic chances, i have backed ante post (money back non runners) Bravemansgame/ Barbados Bucks/ Frodon/ Bob And Co. Lucky 15, he is sending seven to the meeting and they are all fancied. So hope for the best , fingers crossed. I have had a little bit of luck in the tipping Competition so far this Month, Don`t know how long my luck will last. Good Luck. John.

    1. Good luck with them Looks like my man Elliot has shit it all his main horses moving some gone to Denise Foster so I’ll keep an eye on them think they will have a few winners Mr Candy just put me a bit in kitty for Cheltenham told you he was due one Good luck for tomorrow Colin Keep Smiling

  78. Garritty cant do weight or he would have been on it. Murtagh good apprentice, only claims 3. When he ran in bumpers he stayed on well so hoping he’s ok.Plan is to drop him in for first mile then see how it pans out.You wouldn’t think draw made much difference but one would have been better than ten. He wont be able to get on rails and every yards from the rail means an extra six yards on a circuit.

  79. Hi Colin,
    Your horse up in trip, up in class down in weight, also apprentice on board . I see you have had a change of heart as you said in the past you prefer a jockey. I guess common sense prevails if it helps the horse to win. If there is no ill effects from coughing ,he looks an e/w chance. Best of luck. John.

    1. Hi Colin Looks a good race will 2 mile suit him got bottom weight and outsider in betting little EW for me hope he goes well good luck Nice tipping this month so far John Keep smiling

  80. Hi Colin,
    i learned that tip ( Don`t buy a racehorse after my first horse) as soon as you buy a horse it devalues in price, I was hoping for a good horse, but it does not work out. I buy small shares in horses just for fun , so no big outlay, one payment for the year contract and can opt out if the horse is no good.I have only one share this year, that is Gold Link, he will be out racing this month hopefully all been well.Glad i am not a horse i have had a foot infection for the last 7 days, can`t walk. COVID wise looks like improvements in everything. Hope your horse makes a quick recovery, he wont be racing if still coughing no way. Anyway good luck. John.

  81. Good tip. Dont bye a racehorse unless you have some money to chuck away. They are nothing but trouble. Ready to run four weeks ago and knocks its leg. Ready to run next Thursday and decides to cough on Thursday anf Friday. John has bought some powders, not beechams cos they were 38 quid for ten, so hoping they can make him recover ready for Thursday. If he runs he’ll be trying his best but I dont like the coughing. I’ll ring up tomorrow and hope the powders are working.

  82. Hi Colin,
    Did you back Forest Of Dean 4/1 Saturday Lingfield 2-40pm. It won at Burlington Bertie he rises at ten thirty 100/30 , i got 4/1, nice to get a winner now and then. John.

  83. Hi Colin,
    Sorry my mistake Felix was not a non runner, he finished 2nd , i had the winner Forest Of Dean at 4/1, backed near the of into 100/30 in my l15 with the Nicholls horses. John.

  84. Hi Colin,
    I have experienced the ante-post game with non runners, it is annoying but when you get a good winner at ante post it is worth it. I will be backing Nicholls in the morning after 8am best odds Paddy Power l15s also one in the lingfield Derby trial 2-40pm Forest Of Dean. Cheltenham offers Paddy Power non runners money back ante post. Good Luck for tomorrow . John

  85. John, i’m always on about the folly of ante post bets and how I never do it. On Tuesday this week a horse [forgot its name, but it’s mothre and father aren’t married] in the Winter Derby was 7/1 with 365 and 25s with betfair. Must be worth a couple of quid ew only 7 entries and 4 days to go, it’s bound to run. Get Racing Post today non runner. At least it only cost me £4 but I will say for the last time I will NEVER EVER have another ante post bet as long as I live.

  86. Hi Paul/Colin,
    Gold Link worked well last Saturday, he is fit ready to go , so they are looking for races for him, looks like March, dependence on ground conditions. Colin is Muftaker racing in the near future?. Good Luck. John.

  87. Hi Paul/Colin,
    Had the jab last Friday, next one in 12 weeks, have you had the second one yet?. Temperature has risen but the ground is heavy in a lot of places. Hopefully to get Gold Link racing in March , his work reports are good, so hope for the best. Paul Nicholls looks to have some good chances Saturday Ascot/Haydock/Wincanton, for the lucky 15s /31/63/ Yankees /etc. Good luck whatever you back.. John.

    1. Hi John not had second jab yet Gosden on fire at minute won big race yesterday in Dubai bit of spending money for him On Polish and Gumball today little EW hope Muftaker is coming on Colin good luck Keep smiling

  88. Hi Paul,
    Gosden`s horses jumping out of there skins ,two wins& second, yesterday& today. Backed Aureum e/w at 13/2 unlucky not to win drawn out wide, just touched of. His horses are very fit worth following. John.

  89. Hi Paul,
    I was watching the 7-00pm race Wolves , 7 runners one withdrawn the fav was 1/4 on 6 runners. for a bit of fun i had 50p e/w at 7/1 on Queen Charlotte she was getting 7lb from the fav who ended 2/7 out of the frame. The best i was hoping was 2nd, it just goes to show the odds on favs get beat. Were you on you normally do Gosden`s . John.

    1. Hi John I was on , He likes his bigger priced ones upsetting odds On his two today with Sanctified ( H Candy’s first runner for a bit he likes an outsider Hope Muftaker is coming on Colin Cheltenham not be long keep smiling good luck

  90. Hi Paul/ Colin,
    The two horses finished 2nd beaten by better horses on the day, they were trying to win that was the positive side of it, unfortunate they were beaten. John.

  91. Hi Paul/Colin,
    The owners group horses are fancied to go close Saturday in Scotland Musselburgh Accala 4-19 pm- Getaway Trump 12-57pm. Good Luck. John.

  92. Hi Colin/Paul,
    Update Gold Link, he is in fast work hopefully back racing mid March if the ground is good. A big drop in the competition only 26 in it now. I guess it sorts out the lottery type from does interested in horse racing as a hobby also with the prize money gone has put a lot of them off. I expect they have gone playing bingo. John.

  93. Hi Colin,
    Sorry to hear your wife had passed on, i did not know. The woman i stayed with in Oxford was in her seventies and slightly disabled, that is why i took her to Cheltenham for 2 days. I slept in one of her bedrooms a big old stone house with string latches on the doors. Her father were involved in the horses Morston/Blakeney/ Derring Do. My horse was my Derryln who was by -Derring Do. That was the connection between us. I sent the horse to Ian Mc kie in Oxford after the flat season to be turned out and she woul`d visit the filly everyday. It made an old lady happy. We both had the same interest Horses, it brings people together. John.

  94. Hi John, sorry to say but wife has been in heaven [if there is such a place] since 2005.You didn’t say but did you sleep on the sofa at Oxford in 1983.Muftakker’s imflammation has cleared up so 20th Feb lined up.

  95. Hi Paul,
    My last visit to Cheltenham was 1983. I had a flat horse called Rathdowney May. A woman had a share in it, she lived in Churchill Oxford ,i stayed at her place for 2 days and went to Cheltenham races , seen the Queen Mother. but no profit on the horses, came back to Woking 3rd day. I was buying my first house in college lane Woking& there was a horse going called Scot Lane , i backed it at 20/1, it covered me for the three day Cheltenham meeting expense. Those were the days my friends when we were young and full of fun. John

  96. Hi Paul/Colin,
    A fellow come on the itv3 racing Saturday, he had won the itv 7 , he was asked what was his tip for today ,he said Give Me A Copper.( he put the mockers on that as i had it E/w at 16/1 also in my lucky 15 had two losers in that Bint al Anood but had 2 winners Armitiyaz 85/40- Miranda 3/1 so got a few shillings back. Did you have any luck Paul?. Racing not that good at present like everything else, a lot of meetings called off frost/flooding. roll on Cheltenham March & good times ahead. Keep Smiling. John.

    1. Hi just The Cob yesterday enough for a little ew double on Poppy Jag and Viola Park like you say not much racing next weekend should be good with the Irish racing on itv . I stick with G Elliot horses Cheltenham not be long went in1974 ( The Fellow) only horses I saw were police ones 60,000 people there could not move prefer telly nowadays any way good luck Hope Muftakker is doing ok Colin Keep Smiling

  97. Hi Colin,
    I know what you mean with this lockdown, no one can socialize. I think we will all end up like robots. Backed Give me a copper at 16/1 paddy power E/W 5 places one fifth of the odds, he is fit and ready, so i have heard, lets hope he is good enough to win it. Best of Luck & the same for your horse 20th February , it will make your wife happy also you if he wins. John.

  98. John. i should have been in contact before but this lockdown business makes everybody lose interest in everything. Muftakker had a bit of imflamation in his leg [ not the one that caused all his trouble]. Must have given it a slight Knock. Touch and go whether we ran but didn’t want to risk if he wasn’t 100%.He was entered today but I think both divisions went to horses that had been laid out and I dont think we would have won. Next race is Newcastle on 20th feb.He won the day before my birthday and my wife’s birthday was 20th Feb. So hope lightening can strike twice.

  99. Hi Paul,
    I don`t want to keep blowing my own trumpet, if you don`t no one else will including the bookie. Ok Coral won last J anuary at 9/1 , i had it backed at 20/1 ante post. The only 20/1 i backed all year. Good horses win good races.The same race is coming up Saturday Sky bet handicap chase at Doncaster 3-15pm, i Fancy Give Me A Copper the Alex Ferguson horse E/W at 14/1. Best of Luck. John.

    1. Still here John remember it well doesn’t seem like a year ago we used to go this day to donny only half hour away from us. I am on The Butcher said and The Cob little ew double and gosdens of course Good luck Keep Smiling having my Jab Monday 💉💉

  100. Hi Colin,
    I remember reading on this page, your horse was racing 28th January. I was looking at the entries today but can`t see him entered for tomorrow . Is he okay?. Gold Link his breathing is better also back in work, so hope for the best in the spring for him. John.

  101. Joe

    If you try it on a PC or laptop you’ll see all the horses (I assume you’re on a phone or tablet). I think it’s a flaw in the web page design.

  102. I want to pick a horse in the 2-50 at Lingfield called
    Ahorsecalledwanda but it wont scroll down for me to pick it.
    Does anyone know how to get it up on the page
    Many thanks
    Joe Raggs

  103. Hi Colin,
    The Competition was a no pressure fun game with no outlay to join it and prize money if you won or runner up. Well done to those that won it in the past, as not easy to win. I will continue with it as it is a bit of interest also the horse information , the jokes the banter. The riddle ufbcbh i guess is my favourite drink first thing in the morning (Teabag) cup of tea. A riddle. What goes up the road and down the road and never touches no part of the road at all. ( The council Workers). Keep smiling. John.

  104. Bad news for tipping competition but understandable as I always said it was mostly won by non serious tipping ie looking for outsiders at big prices that might just connect.It brought plenty of friendly banter and I think this will sadly come to an end.So before it does, stop reading as the following paragragh is for John’s eyes only. John are you good at riddles. What is dry when you put it in, wet when you take it out and you only use it once for fear of bursting. Answer ufbcbh this is coded to give you time for your answer. Substitute each letter with the one that comes before it in the alphabet. In a class of 7 year olds a pupil says “please miss there’s a condom under the radiator” and the 2nd pupil says “please miss what’s a radiator”‘Finally a man goes to doctors and tells receptionist that he suffers from premature ejaculation and it is ruining his sex life and threatening his marriage.He must see a doctor but it cant be in the afternoon as he watches the racing. The receptionist says “well we open in the morning at 7 and there is a vacancy at 7-15. Can you come early”.

  105. Hi Guy’s

    It comes with great regret that we will no longer be offering the monthly prize money, it’s just sustainable anymore.

    We will however keep the NAP comp running and any tipsters with a good record over 6 months will be offered a place on our tipster network

    All the best


  106. Latest update on Gold Link, he has put on a good bit of weight, so he will be back in work the next few weeks to shift it. Hope he improves this season on better ground. It is hard for us old timers fighting the flab to lose the weight ,with the restrictions that have kicked in again with C-O-V-I-D Gyms closed ,Betting shops/pubs closed. All you can do is go for a walk, if the weather prevails . Keep Smiling. John.

  107. Many thanks Colin
    It really is just like losing a child
    Absolutely heart wrenching
    We had her from 12 weeks old and she was 12 when we lost her
    They are just so loyal and family friendly
    Given time we shall certainly be getting another one but probably a rescue one this time

  108. Belated Happy New Year to you all
    To be honest 2020 quite simply the worst year ive ever known right up to 6pm new years eve when Sadly i lost my wonderfull black lab Kia.Through illness.
    Good luck and stay safe everyone and lets hope for a great 2021
    Greg (Joe Raggs)

  109. Hi Colin,
    Happy birthday to Muftakker your horse today. Guinness/ oats/raw eggs, should be the order of the day, as he has done you well, hopefully more wins to come in 21. Last January 25th i was in hospital minor operation on my finger. I asked the nurse to turn on the tv to watch the races as i had Ok Corral backed at 20/1 and he won felt a lot better straight away. I think you backed it Paul?. Anyway anything i hear of i will put it up on this page. Good Luck in the new year. John.

  110. Hi John and Paul, Muftakker ok. Draw no help last time and used too much energy early on with 6 horses trying to lead.Not many suitable races coming up. Talk to trainer next Tuesday when rehandicapped. Looking like Newcastle on 28th.

  111. Happy new year all Colin hope muftaker came back ok and runs soon John keep us updated with your info good luck all for new year Keep Smiling roll yer sleeves up for 💉

  112. A happy new year to all, a few new year quackers, courtesy of – The beano/Dandy. A fellow sent his girlfriend a huge pile of snow. He rings her up and `said did you get my drift. What has ears but cannot hear?. A field of corn. I bought some shoes from a drug dealer, i don`t know what he laced them with, but i have been tripping all day . ( keep taking the tablets) HA-HA. Colin are you keeping your horse in training 2021, as i remember you saying you were hoping to win a couple of races with him then send him to the sales?. Hopefully the new year improves also restrictions are lifted, so easy travel to abroad. Best of luck for 2021 we will need it. John.

  113. John, if you like cocktails, I could tell you plenty.Just had a look at form in Racing Post for tomorrow and there is potentially quite a few well handicapped and we will do well to win. Quite a few have good chances on there best form but John assures me we have more to come so I am hopeful. Cheers Colin..If we hadn’t run last time the 3lb would be handy tomorrow.

  114. Hi Colin,
    The piston joke is as old as the hills, must admit i haven`t heard the screwdriver one before it is a cocktail. Clan the man was 3rd. Good luck with your horse , he has a chance. John.

  115. John, regarding your little joke, I wander if it was the same breakdown I heard about. He had his head under the bonnet and a woman passerby said” Would you like a screwdriver” and the bloke replied ” No thanks I’m busy with this breakdown”Muftakker drawn 11. Still hope to jump out and be prominent, then kick on with about 1/2 mile to go. Fingers crossed.

  116. Hi Colin,
    Got the Beano & The Dandy for Christmas, unlimited hours of reading fun. A fellow`s car breaks down outside the pub ,he gets out opens the bonnet and is looking at the engine, a drunk comes out of the pub and say`s to the fellow what`s wrong with the car?. The fellow says : piston broke`. The drunk replies i know the feeling LoL. Good luck tomorrow with your horse, he looks a E/W chance. I am on Clan the man 3-00 Kempton, If he gets over the last ,i think he will burn them off fingers crossed. Best of Luck. John.

  117. Hope you are all enjoying christmas. Looks like John’s beano came early for christmas and he’s been reading the joke page. Just to remind you all you are advised not to bet in the 4-10 at Wolves on Sunday as Mufftakker will be out to thwart you. He will be trying his best and an ew bet should return something.Dont know the runners and draw till morning but hoping for a low berth.I’ve had a very good month in December but I cant send a winner in to the competition. No good bothering till January, when I will try to do better. Havent posted a winner since October.

  118. Christmas crackers
    What do you call a small tree surrounded & covered in slices of pork?. A hambush. A fella sitting opposite a young lady wearing a mini skirt and no knickers on the train, he says to her is that a hedge hog up your skirt? No she replies,is that a spanner in the front of your trousers?. No he says it is my wage packet also my boss give me a bonus, she says i can see you have had two rises since i have been looking at you.Keep Smiling, Christmas is coming. He-He-Ho -Ho _ Ha-Ha. A time to be merry. John.

  119. Hi Paul/Colin,
    Horse news. I have renewed my contract for another year Gold Link, take a chance on him ,hopefully the wind surgery will have improved his breathing problem and he will race in the spring. I have backed Clan-Des- Obeaux with Paddy Power at 15/8 for the King George theV1 chase Boxing day, i was on at 5/1 last year when he won. Colin best of luck with your horse 27th December Wolves. Happy Christmas to everybody and you have winners over the Christmas holiday& a happy new year ahead. Merry Christmas. John.

  120. Here is a summary of the “champions league” 2020
    Please note: The list does NOT refer to the winner of
    the competition in that month. Instead this is the ranking according
    the three-month profits.

    I am happy to congratulate Bazbuz on
    four times “Pole Position”

    Dec: Rosey99, ian, Martin, Superali, sandra, tango, amito1814, Ziltiod, Bazbuz, Bob

    Nov: Rosey99, Zack, Ziltiod, Superali, sandra, Emma, ian, Aleandro245, Lizzy158, bobby60

    Oct: Ziltiod, Zack, Bazbuz, Emma, Hissing Sid, Aleandro245, Lucky32, tango, Superali, Pete French

    Sept: Bazbuz, tango, john king, sirspread, Jarold, Ziltiod, Lucky32, Emma, Graham, Hissing Sid

    Aug: john king, Jarold, Hissing Sid, Bazbuz, 400noctre, Joe Raggs, Bongodrongo, barryb, tango, pendrem

    July: Bazbuz, 400noctre, pendrem, Joe Raggs, tango, Jarold, Donkey, harrygee61, sirspread, Bongodrongo

    June: Bazbuz, pendrem, Joe Raggs, 400noctre, sandra, Zack, salahsyh, toptips4you,harrygee61, Mr T

    … no racing …

    Mar: Bazbuz, harrygee61, Fuzzyduck, jenky13, FRANNY, sandra, GedTips, jack bentley, toptips4you, salahsyh

    Feb: harrygee61, GedTips, Bazbuz, Popsie52, Martin, jack bentley, jenky13, toptips4you, FRANNY, nicole1975

    Jan: Martin,harrygee61, Popsie52, jenky13, Fortunf, Fuzzyduck, GedTips, Bazbuz, amito1814, Dotties Dreamers

  121. I have emailed contact@betinfo24 with my paypal details for winning the November tipping competition but have not received any acknowledgement Any info would be appreciated.

  122. Muftakker ok. Running on 27th. With hindsight he shouldn’t have run last week. He got beat and he’s gone up another 3lb.Regarding tipping comp I couldn’t send a winner to save my life. Todays tip set off, ran 100 yards and managed to get tripped up. Unbelieveable and I haven’t sent a winner in for six weeks. Had 3 bets so far today and backed 2 winners but try sending a winner in I just cant.

  123. Hi Paul/Colin,
    I tipped up Clan-des Obeaux on 6th December 019 for the king george the V1 chase Kempton boxing day at 5/1 he bolted in winning by over 20lengths a nice Christmas stocking filler. I think he can go in again, shorter price this time 9/4. Colin how is your horse?. Gold Link has had wind surgery, he has come out of it okay, they think the spring before he next run`s again. We have not renewed our contract with Overpriced Mixer he does not seem in love with the hurdling game also quirky. Blame it on Sally injury seems serious., so we wont be caring on with them two. It is good having one year contracts so you are not stuck with horses that have problems.Emma say`s Gold Link need`s good ground now as it was said he needed soft/heavy like his runs in France, just have to play it by ear with him. Good Luck. John.

  124. Hi Colin,
    Nothing wrong with that run under top weight+ a penalty, just touched off, game try , extra rations at Christmas maybe a bag of oats. Condolences to your trainer at difficult times with the loss of his parents. John

  125. see he’s 4/1 with hills. Should drift a bit but definitely good ew bet as he’s trying his best. No none trying to get some weight off.

  126. Hi Colin,
    I guess your horse`s Christmas menu will read , Bucket of carrots/ Bucket of Guinness& polo mints for pudding, he deserves it, if he can go in again, it be great,they always say strike while the iron is hot, has a good chance of making the frame despite the extra weight, as he is in good form. Best of Luck for Monday. John.

  127. Running Monday and same running plans will operate so fingers crossed,Trainer wants to run at 14 furlongs and this race is the only available one til next year.

  128. Happy birthday Colin and congratulations on a very good win
    Im gutted but i had to stick with Cafe Sydney so did a RDForcast after talking myself out of doing the Tricast with Splash of Verve
    Paying £98.11
    All the best for Monday aswell
    Greg (Joe Raggs)

  129. Happy days Colin thanks for sharing on here best birthday pressie you could wish for 🎂🍺 bit a cake and a pint good luck for next run. Keep Smiling ( bet you are tonight).

  130. Well Done Colin,
    You horse won nicely, big improvement from last year. It is a boost for you & your trainer to get a winner. You stuck with it now it has paid off . I guess it is time to pop the champers. Cheers me dears. John.

  131. Hi Colin,
    Had a little e/w with paddy power at 5/1 Muftakker, he is on the drift in the betting, but the horse don`t know that , Hope he runs well and the champers is flowing for your birthday. Good Luck. John.

  132. Muftakker update. I see he is 11/2 with bet365. This is good value cos if you had a fiver ew with them and it wins you can have a free £10 bet on the 7-30 race. I have spoken to the trainer and the plan is to jump out and be handy and to kick on at the 4 furlong marker and say to the rest “catch me if you can” and I hope they can’t.

  133. Muftakker was freely available at 4/1 for quite a while. This represented good ew value as you would get your own back if it got placed which he should manage if something comes out of the woodwork.I put £35ew on for friends but I haven’t backed him as I’ll be glad if he wins the prize money.All I can do is keep my fingers crossed and hope I get smiled on from above for my birthday. 83 and not 21 unfortunately.Muftakker entered next monday but better get tomorrow out of the way first.

  134. Hi Paul,
    Good luck with your Gosden`s horses , they have pretty smart breeding and look future winners if one of them don`t win today. Happy birthday Colin , you must be the oldest swinger in town HA-HA. Your horse has a good chance of going one better Tuesday , Best of Luck. John.

  135. Colin,
    I will send this now as I will not have my laptop shortly until tomorrow night. As Paul says, all the best with your horse for tomorrow, hope he comes back not only a winner but safe & sound. Also, all the best for your Birthday. You must be the oldest 21 year old I know!!!!

  136. Hi John and Colin (good luck for tomorrow) 4.45 Chelmsford looks a good race 6 derby entries and a Gosden puzzle little.tricast 3-7-1 permed. some expensive horses on show good luck Top tipping this month John keep smiling

  137. Hi Colin,
    It is well known fact trainers are not going to tell you your horse is no good , all the time they are collecting training fee`s every month ,Emma had been talking up Gold Link since January his work was good good reports from Fenton also Timmie Murphy who had been riding him. James Bowen who rode him today said he is Whistling/breathing problem, that is why he eased up on him. Emma says breathing operation and put him away until next spring. Hopefully we have a answer to the problem or he might not be any good, iguess time will tell. Best of Luck tuesday. John.

  138. Very disappointing Gold Link, they said it was a weak race, we were expecting a win or making the frame, but well beaten out of sight. Have to wait for the aftermath. Colin hope your horse steps up to the plate Tuesday and wins. John.

  139. Hi Colin/Paul,
    Gold Link is racing Friday at Chepstow 12-30pm, two furlong shorter then his last run. This race is 2miles with James Bowen riding. some of Emma`s horses had not been finishing of there races. Hope Gold Link he is straighter for this race and a lot fitter as the going is heavy again. Best of Luck also for your horse next Tuesday Colin. John.

  140. Muftakker in good nick and has his best chance next Tuesday. We know we have backed horses in the past and think they never tried, but I can assure you mine will be trying his best and unless something comes out of the woodwork he will have a real chance. I wont be going cos owners can only go in 3/4 of an hour before you run, then leave after race. I’m not going over 100 miles for that. I’ll watch it on the tele.Fingers crossed Colin.

  141. Well done Colin you deserve a winner, just need your horse to win now for the double. You may say Tiger is a old timer ,but age in golf is not a concern as he won the Masters 019. Tigers problem is back injuries which took it`s toll again as in the past. Good Luck Paul, your turn will come soon. John.

    1. Nice one but I have to keep trying never know I might win something one day. Gosden EW double today Keep Smiling and good luck

  142. A fellow says to the wife i am of to play golf, shortly after he returns, the wife says , your back early darling ?. He replies i stood on the rake in the bunker and it was the only two balls i hit all day. Paul Casey doing okay, also the Tiger is growling also Dustin for Colin is doing all right, hope they they are all in contention , for Sunday, should be TV coverage last day. Keep Smiling. John.

  143. Hi Paul,
    Gosden two winners already Kempton 4/9-6/5, i guess more to follow, hope you are on. I had a flu jab in October, was not aware of the coronavirus vaccine jab, i presume that is the one you mean?. Woods is on the drift in the betting and they haven`t hit a ball yet, Woods won it 05-019 not one to underestimate , he has had operations on his back , it seemed to have worked as he won 019. Mc Ilroy is consistent when he is on a going day not one to underestimate either, Casey big price but he has been backed. Overpriced Mixer -Ludlow 2-50 Thursday ran green last time but managed to win. Should go well again. Fingers crossed if you are on the Gosden

  144. Not a golfing man but chucked a tenner ew on Dustin. Not a big price but 17/2 winner better than a loser. Golfers are a bit like boxers, they never come back. Woods no chance and I don’t fancy Mcilroy.Never have a flu jab, but suppose I’ll have to try the covid one.Might get a christmas yet.

    1. Think you now more about Golf than horses CH he’s on fire today No one will catch him good luck Bit. drunk this lockdown is crap. Let’s get back to normal. Keep smiling Small EW on Thinking tomorrow

  145. Just a mention for those that follow the golf , the masters starts on 12th November until 15th . I am sticking with Tiger Woods 30/1 e/w 10 places Paddy Power. Backed Tiger when he won 019 ,had him at 20/1. It is best to put up the tip before the event as anyone can be wise after the event. Good Luck. John.

    1. Hi Paul i was 16/1 in lucky 15 Youknowwhatimeanharry with one more winner. Had Modus in another l15 7/1. JP Mc Manus had winners everywhere. Betting shops closed again. I am on line with Paddy Power. Like the betting shop atmosphere . operating online is like virtual/ robot, not inter acting with humans. Harry is holding his form for a 12yr old also the young irish jockey is good claiming 7lb Kevin Brogan which helped Harry win, he is good value for his claim. Good Luck. John.

  146. Next race for Muftakker is 24th November at Wolverhampton. You can all have a bet cos he’ll have a great chance off top weight but sorry to say he wont be 22/1 like last Saturday. My birthday on the 25th so would be a nice birthday present.

  147. Hi Paul and Mr T, sound as a pound this morning so hopefully in the winners enclosure before long. Might go up a lb on Tuesday but we can stand that cos I think he’s well handicapped. Brilliant run to say he’d been off for 15 months.

  148. Well Done Colin. Feel sorry for your trainer who must have thought that after 5 1/2 years he was going to have his first winner which would have lifted morale in his yard. Hope this bodes well for the future.

  149. Hi Paul/Colin,
    Gold Link Finished 3rd, he looked a tired horse ,the ground like a bog. His first run for over a year, so not disgraced finishing in the frame. Will have to wait to hear the verdict from the trainer to see what distance he wants etc. Good Luck with your horse Colin Saturday there is nine runners in your race , so the jockey only needs to beat one to get the eight prize money £300 so you look booked for collecting that. Good Luck. John.

  150. hi Colin Paul,
    It is the welsh government that created a lockdown from 23rd October and conclude 9th November , The Bangor entry was 27th October, so no owners allowed in. Anyway that has changed to Newton Abbot 2-28pm-Gold Link/Adam Wedge riding also no problem with owners attending the meeting on 29th October. The horse has a bit of form on the flat France 2nd on heavy ground , so Emma says he needs soft ground. N/A should be soft ground Friday. He is fit revved up ready to go, hope for the best he is priced up at 3/1 at present.I wont be attending the meeting, it is a long way away from Surrey. Paul good racing Saturday ,a couple of races Down Royal one been a grade one televised also English racing. It is horrible times ,stay safe how long as you have plenty to eat/drink stay in the warm, watch the racing TV. And hope for better times to come.Best of luck. John

  151. Hi John Colin thanks for info will look out for them not been on much been to Greece for a few weeks away from all the crap it is a rubbish time at the moment we’re in tier 3 but still got a bit of racing on TV good luck. Keep smiling

  152. Hi Colin,
    Sorry i did not explain properly the entry of owners to the meeting , as i said earlier in a e-mail . No owners allowed in to the Bangor meeting 27th October, Emma has gone for entries Friday-Newton Abbot or Stratford where owners are allowed in to these meeting`s hope that explains it. Racing is a expensive game and if your horse has been out for 15 months training fees/ vet fees/etc soon mounts up. Hope he runs well you deserve a bit of luck. They think Gold Link is a nice horse he is fit been jumping hurdles . It will be a new adventure for him on the race course Jumping hurdles in public. Don`t know what meeting he is running at yet on Friday. Good Luck. John.

  153. john,when you say there is no restrictions on owners, I think you’ll find only four can attend. Muftakker is in on Saturday. Only running 12 furlongs but John thinks this an ideal start after 15 months off. We hope to run well but as long as he comes back sound I wont be bothered. I’ve told John to tell the jockey to try and finish in first eight which would cover expenses for the day. 300 quid is 300 quid to me.

  154. Hi, Paul/Colin,
    Gold Link is likely to run at Stratford or Newton Abbot, there is no restrictions for owners to attend either of these meeting`s on Thursday but will know sooner the time which meeting Emma has chosen. Colin have not seen your horse entered for Saturday 31st at Wolverhampton, hope he is all right. Good Luck. John.

  155. Hi Colin/Paul,
    Gold Link is entered at Bangor 27th October 2-35pm hurdle race. The firebreak lockdown due to commerce in Wales on the 23rd of October and conclude 9th November means owners will not be permitted to attend this meeting. There is restrictions in Yorkshire as well, Everything is effected , hope everything gets back to normal in the near future. John.

  156. Hi Paul,
    I had a small bet Overpriced Mixer, he looked to have the second well held coming to the last hurdle, but tried to duck out almost unseated Nico as he had to ride him out with no irons american indian style. Luckily he held on to win. Hope you were on?. Short price i got 15/8 but a winner that`s what counts. The fav was well beaten.

  157. Hi Paul/Colin,
    Overpriced mixer is entered sunday 18th October at Kempton Park 1-15pm. Nicky said he made a error running him on soft ground over a mile and a half. He has been working well and jumping the hurdles okay. They are hoping he will develop into a useful juvenile hurdler this season. Paul it was desperate ground in the Arc for Stradivarius, can he bounce back at Ascot Saturday?. There is no doubt that he is a good horse and ground conditions better. Good Luck. John.

  158. Hi Paul/Colin,
    Latest news about Gold Link,he is fit really working well and hope he can transfer it to the race track , Emma says he is a verastile horse so any race course he can run at, which is a sign of a good horse, he will start of two mile novice hurdles, he will like a cut in the ground. Hopefully we will see him performing in the next two/three weeks. Thats all for now. John.

  159. Hi Guys

    I will promote the tipping comp and forum to get more interest and people taking part, if we make them aware of the forum then I think more people will join in the discussions

  160. Hi Colin,
    It is a page for everybody to state there horse racing tips etc. But it appears no one else is interested ,i guess most dont have a interest in racing as a hobby as we do. I guess they treat the Competition as a lottery. Anyway Gold Link is now jumping hurdles, hopefully he will be on the race track at the end of October according to Emma the trainer. Good to hear your horse will be making a appearance on the race course about the same time. John.

  161. Hi Paul and John,you two have shared the last 13 postings. I’m supprised you dont just swap mobile numbers and text at will. Muftakker running at Wolverhampton on the 31st according to present plans.

  162. Hi Paul,
    Gosden has a good chance of a winner with two good entries in the arc, as obrien has withdrawn his four runners. I think gosden will win it, unless the French have something under the radar. Best of Luck. John.

  163. Hi John looks like Gosden had Arc handed to him but which one ? I’m on a 1 2 reverse Stradivarius and Enable. Good luck Keep Smiling Some good tipping in this month’s comp already

  164. Hi Paul,
    I know you are a Gosden fan. Al Ruffa looks to have a good e/w chance at a big price also drawn well 22 with Frankie in the plate. I am backing him E/w in the betting shop in the morning. Newmarket 3-35pm. Good Luck. John.

    1. Hi John it’s got a good draw but only run over 7f but Gosden top man so will get a good run a little ew on data protection for me as well plus double and treble on his other two today good luck

      1. Hi Paul ,
        I am on E/W al Ruffa Paddy power paying 7places one fifth of the odds also done him in a l15 bet, the only doubt is will he stay the distance?. Good Luck. John.

      2. No Luck Paul,
        On any of Gosdens yesterday, Al Ruffa out the back all the way ,must have been something amiss with him. John.

  165. Hi Paul,
    Is it Rory for glory or will the Tiger roar at Winged Foot ( I have a lame foot). Both good players they deserve to be in the shake up. Tiger is in his veteran years but capable as he showed winning the masters . Rory is still young and has a good chance of winning this. I will be happy if Tiger gets placed (10) places. Best of Luck with Rory Paul. John.

  166. Hi,
    I backed Tiger Woods masters at 20/1 e/w when he won April 019 . Backed him for tomorrow at 40/1 -10 places one fifth of the odds, us open finishes on Sunday. Good Luck. John.

  167. Hi Colin,
    Not to worry, I will catch him another day ( Al Assy) when he runs in another good race. These good horses always have a good race in them. So patience is the name of the game. Good racing today Curragh/ Chelmsford. on itv 3. Good Luck. John.

  168. Hi, Paul/Colin,
    Sorry to say Al Assy is a non runner in the St Ledger, so there will be another day for him to get my money back. As Blame it on Sally goes my contract with him is up in two months time, i am going to opt out,as he wont be back in training until next summer. The vet says it is a tendon injury, which i think is quite serious and maybe a threat to his racing career. Got Gold Link to follow, hopefully he will be racing October and hopefully he stays Sound. Colin when will your horse be racing?. Good Luck. John.

  169. Johann,
    Thank you for correcting my score. However, could you please explain how the BSP price on my selection was 16’s when it actually went off at 7/2 Fav?

    1. Mr. T
      The data provider has sent us two records for this runner: One with the correct price and the correct result. In addition a second record with a high price and marked as non-runner. This was obviously an error. However this was the record, which was displayed in your score. Sorry.

  170. Johann,

    My selection for yesterday has been put down as though it was a non runner, whereas itran unplaced. Would you please check & correct.

    Thank you.

  171. Hi Colin,
    Overpriced Mixer ran too free , and ended up second from last. Havent heard the full report yet.Blame it on cally picked up his injury when finishing 4th (Sandown Race). The vet report says the tendon was stretched like a elastic band. She says time is a healer, one year off. He is working on the horse walker at present. I guess the injury is the same as your horse picked up in training?. I notice young Fallon is doing okay a contract Quatar racing rode his first winner Saturday John Gosden trained. He is riding for the top trainers now Haggas etc. He was champion apprentice. I recommended him to you to ride your horse claiming the 7lbs, but you said there claiming for a reason?. Your horse needed a 5lb drop in the weights to win, if you had used Fallon the 7lb claim might have got your horse past the post 1st. But at the end of the day you are the owner who makes the decisions. In my day the trainer made the entries/Jockey bookings to give your horse a best of winning. Anyway hope your horse is back racing soon and you win some races. John.

  172. Thanks John looked at Ledger only 2week away so not likely to run before then for Al Assy O,Brien still got 10 entered and Gosden 5 I’ll wait a bit but thanks all the same. Colin are you skint your giving it a good go haha anyway Good Luck Keep Smiling

  173. Hi Colin/ Paul,
    Overpriced Mixer entered Newmarket Tomorrow 7-35pm. He has been backed & fancied , Favourites chance i guess, been gelded , longer distance, new trainer, fingers crossed. Al Assy is a non runner again Saturday. Good Luck. John.

  174. All I send in is well backed horses.I dont think anybody can cheat but you have to be lucky to pick a 20/1 winner but then to send it in for your tip you have to be double lucky.Keep trying there are 5 days left.

  175. hi Colin,
    I dont do that many ante-post bets, i like the small outlay at big prices rather a big outlay at odds on favourites that don`t always win. This year i have had only one ante post winner January 18th Ok Corall at 20/1 e/w, I think Paul backed it as well. I had the winner & 3rd place in the Ebor 019 Mustajeer 16/1- Desert Skyline 3rd 40/1 e/w the pair ante post, nice touch. All tipped up on this page. For my ante post St Ledger Al Assy runs Saturday he has been backed from 7/2 to 5/2 hope he runs well to enchance my hopes for the Ledger. The mind boggles where they find these big priced winners in the Competition. As the professionals havent got that form tipping Favs/2nd Favs Templegate/newsboy etc and most of them lose. It makes you wonder?. You are back on form in the Competition keep it up. Good Luck. John.

  176. Hi John, you still can’t resist your ante post bets. Good luck and hope it wins for you. Sent a few winners in the comp lately but the leaders keep finding winners at fancy prices. I can’t understand where they get ’em from.

  177. Hi Paul/ Colin,
    Al Assy has been entered Saturday 29th August 3-00pm Goodwood ( Group 3) . Will need to run well as a stepping stone to the St Ledger. I hope so as i am on St Ledger bet 16/1. Good luck. John.

  178. Hi Paul/ Colin,
    Al Assy was due to run at York last week ( group 2) but did not run, it looks like he is going to the St Ledger next race. I backed him yesterday at 16/1 e/w for the Ledger September a few weeks time with Paddy Power 3 places one fifth the odds. Good Luck. John.

  179. Hi Paul/Colin.
    The horse has been backed from 11/2 to 100/30 now 3/1 expecting a good run ,only six runners, so hope for the best. Good luck. John.

  180. Hi Colin,
    I think the flat season ends October, but the all weather is on all the time so there will be races for your horse i guess. I have Plantar Fascitis at present and find it difficult with pain to walk on one leg, i know how the poor horses feel they cant speak. If your horse is cantering it is good,hopefully the injury does not occur when in fast work. Good Luck. John.

  181. hi John, not commenting much these days. Nothing goes right for me in the tipping comp. Posted a few good seconds but they’re no good. Muftakker cantering and everything ok but wont be fit till October.

  182. Hi Paul/Colin,,
    Overpriced Mixer is a non runner due to the firm ground at Salisbury. He is entered Newmarket Saturday 15th August remains a option at this stage. John.

  183. Hi Paul/ Colin,
    My brother has a share in overpriced mixer, i bought him for his birthday. Anyway he is racing Salisbury Tomorrow 3-20pm. He has been gelded since last season ,upped in distance tomorrows race, hoping for a good run top jockey booked. His future plans are hurdling that is why he is with a top jump trainer. Best of luck. John.

  184. I have implemented a way how you can display your own tip of today:
    Navigate to the league table “” and click on your own user name. It should display your tips including the tip of today. This way you can verify which tip is currently registered in the database.
    Note that the NAP of today will be displayed only for your own account.

    The most likely reason if there are problems and you cannot change or register a NAP is that the time is already to close to the scheduled race time. As we all know the races don’t start exactly at scheduled time (usually a bit later). The script cannot find out the exact time of the start. For this reason we don’t allow adding or changing NAPs a few minutes before the scheduled race time (typically something like 5 minutes).

  185. Hi Colin/Paul.
    The horse Gold Link, will be hurdling next month, he is working well at home, lets hope he can transfer it to the race course . I guess your horse will be making a appearance on the race course next month?. I notice Hissing Sid has not entered the competition this month strange after his extraordinary luck in the competition last month. Might have entered under a different false name. HA-HA. Every one a winner. Keep Smiling. John.

  186. Paul
    There are two calendar controls at the top of the league table. There you can enter a “from” date and a “to” date. This way you can study old naps of any participant.

  187. Hi johnfrombuc I am still here can you not put the calendar bit back to how it was I need to have a cheeky look at ZACK tips just for reasearch purposes On a serious note you cannot change a nap 5 mins before race time tried it it will not let you hope you sort it something went wrong today I got a winner

  188. In these two specific examples I could not find any indication in the database. Sorry! I’m going to try if I can construct a satisfying solution for the future and come back asap.

  189. Hi

    Jason has asked me to forward this to you…..

    In the 2nd August competition I selected Fiery Breath (Leicester 5.10) but when this was withdrawn, before the race went off I changed my selection to Camphor (Galway 5.20) and received a confirmation back to say Camphor was now my selection.
    However I have noticed that my selection has been left as Fiery Breath.

    Fiery Breath was obviously a non-runner whereas Camphor won at BSP £3.59


  190. I tipped solitary in the 16.45 on monday. No record of this is shown. I have a photo of it being accepted.?

  191. i think if you cant pick your own naps and have to copy others naps in the competition it is sad. Going back to tje days when Youknowwhatimeanharry was winning every time he run i would tip him up on this page. One of the competitors tipped him on the nap page against me. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. If i ever win the competition it will be my naps to win fair& square without cheating. John.

    1. Ha ha ha 🎣 I always pick my own and won it a few times before the days of the 16 /1 cap As you know I like my outsiders or Gosdens good luck. Keep Smiling

  192. It should not be possible that participants of the competition see the NAP of other tipsters in the SAME day. Only yesterday’s and older NAPs should be displayed. Otherwise it might influence the decisions of other participants and lead to unfair advantages.
    I’ve not been aware of the problem of NAPs being displayed TODAY. I have changed the scripts and the problem should be solved now. Let’s see if NAPs of today are still being displayed.

    1. Oh no I liked to have a nosey at what others are on especially hissing Sid he’s red hot at minute Looks like back to my lucky pin. Keep smiling

  193. Hi Colin,
    That horse Muscika , i guess you were unlucky if you did not back it the second time at 10/1 . According to your last e-mail on the 25th July , you were of to Blackpool this week with 2 to 3 thousand in winnings. I know it is not the £22,000 you just missed with Muscika finishing 2nd you said all the same it is a nice amount to go on holiday with. Have a nice holiday. John.

  194. John, what about Muscika, couldn’t win at Ripon then wins at York at 10/1 two days later off 3lb more weight. Was I lucky or unlucky.

  195. Mr T if you put todays date in it gives todays. If you put yesterday’s date in it gives two days.

    1. Colin,
      You are correct in what you are saying but I suspect that you tried that later today when most selections would have been made. What I would suggest is that you try again tomorrow just before racing starts, type todays date in the from column and leave the to column blank.
      I cannot say if Paul H’s idea will work as I have never tried it but I will give it a go tomorrow. Best of Luck.

      Mr T.

      1. Yes it works Mr T and you can also see all their months winners and prices Also if you are near top of table you know what price the horse is they have picked on the day if you are trying to catch them on the last day put the first of the next month in Good luck

        1. Good morning Paul,
          I have just tried your method and it does work, so there you are Coilin, two methods for you to try, the Lancashire way or the Yorkshire way.

          Mr T.

  196. Hi Mr T, these blokes from Manchester know some stuff. Ok to put todays date in. I pick my own but it might help others. Cheers and good luck.

    1. Colin,
      No, it does not work just putting todays date in. However, I have not tried putting in a date before yesterdays to see if it still works. I would have thought it would though.

      Mr T.

      1. If you put the first of month in column 1 then tomorrow’s date in column 2 it show what they have tipped on the day try it keep smiling

  197. Hi John, another unlucky loser but not as good as Lady Nectar for Monday at Windsor is Tanex. Reared up and lost ground, then finished second, but he has been put up a few pounds. I told you I was unlucky at the moment. Backed 6 horses yesterday in 3 lucky 15s, 6 5folds and an accumulater. 5 winners and Muscika 5/2 fav got beat and did me for 22 grand. picked up 2-3 so can’t grumble and going to Blackpool next week , taking better half, my daughter and two grandchildren so it will cover that expense.

  198. Hi johnfrombuc, is there any way you can show people’s tips before they run cos some people might fancy following some of the in form guys. Anybody following hissing sid would be quids in this month.

  199. Hi Colin,
    Will it be amber nectar tonight?. Lady Nectar won, well done and you were on at 11/2 finished 3/1 good pickings . Holly Doyle good lady jockey, she rides for some of the owners at Alan Kings stable.Latest news from there Sally is out for one year, shame thought we would have got a couple of wins out of him. Have to rely on Gold Link for the Autumn, hope he stays sound. John.

  200. Hope a few of you stepped in at 11/2 as it is now 11/4 and 5/2. This horse had the worst draw at Beverley[on the outside]. The jockey dropped it in behind others on the rails, but when it came to the last furlong he had nowhere to go. A small gap appeared which he went for but that closed and he was forced to switch round a few horses and finished like the proverbial train to lose by a neck. He has been raised 4lb from Saturday so he will be trying his best today.He is entered again on Friday but I think today will be the day and they’ll think about Friday after the race.Knowing my luck lately and the fact that I have told everybody will contrive to get it beat. Anyway fingers crossed I have £20 on at 11/2.

  201. Hi Colin,
    Every now & then, the site logs its self out so it is best to check and log in again otherwise sending e-mail/nap selection wont register. It has happened to me before. I think the competition is slipping away from me,hissing sid has struck with a hat trick of wins. I have looked at Lady nectar in with chance at Catterick Wednesday a good trainer Duffield also George was not a bad jockey her husband. Good Luck with it Hope the lady brings the nectar in. John.

  202. Hi John, I sent this message yesterday but it didn’t register for some reason. Lady Nectar was an unlucky loser at Beverley last week and it runs tomorrow at Catterick. I think it will be about 3/1 but I am hoping for more if I jump in when betting opens.I see it has gone up 4lb from Saturday so it will be trying its best tomorrow.

  203. Hi Colin,
    Looking at the race cards ,noticed your trainer J Norton has a runner Uttoxeter 3-50pm Thursday 16th it is double carpet X2 -66/1 Black Market. Has it got any sort of a chance?. John.

  204. hi Colin,
    Good News for your horse if he is cantering,that is a sign he is better and going in the right direction. Dont think we will see Sally for the rest of this year. Gold Link is doing okay Barry Fenton has been riding him and likes him, so hopefully he will be racing in the Autumn. At the top of the table in the Competition, but it is early days yet only half way through the Competition , so likely to slide down the greasy pole, need a bit of luck. But with the ground Good/Firm a lot of short prices horses are winning. Good Luck. PS. Lady Elanor lost. So hope your next selection is a winner. John.

  205. Hi John, sorry to hear your bad news, but you may as well forget about that one cos he will obviously need a break and then he will have to be got fit again by which time your year will be up.See you are doing ok in the competition this month so try and keep it up. I am having a terrible run at the moment and nothing is going right. Too many seconds and 4th when I back em ew. Just backed a winner so hoping things might get better.Going to back Lady Elenor at 2-10 so you will know if my luck is picking up or back to usual. Muftakker cantering and having scan on 22nd. Cheers Colin.

  206. Hi Colin,
    A bit of bad news ,the horse has a minor tendon injury .Looks like i am in the same boat as you as it will be a substantial period of time on the sidelines i guess. He has moved from Alans to equi-prep stables today. The horse is not in any pain, will have to await the next vets report. Anyway we have gold link to look forward to for the Autumn. Fingers crossed for him. John.

  207. Hi Colin/Paul,
    Alan says the horse seems okay but the vet is coming to give him a scan on his leg this week. Gold Link is back with Emma he has put on a lot of weight during his holiday and will be back in training for the Autumn. Good Luck. John.

  208. Hi Johann,
    I thought ” For Good Measure” was a loser on the 6th July. It is showing as a non runner in my column. If you can check please. Thank You. John.

  209. Hi Paul/ Colin,
    The horse is not 100per cent sound this morning and Alan has declared him a non runner. John.

  210. Hi John, hope you run well tomorrow. As i’ve said before the horse had a good year last year and will probably need to lose once or twice to get back on a good mark.Keep your fingers crossed.

  211. Hi Paul/ Colin,
    Kempton is just 10 miles from me, its a pity we cant go. Anyway the horse is racing 8-15pm 6 runners 1-2 places . The trainer says he needs a career best to win it. I am not as confident as i was last time when he finished 4th. The horse is fit/stable in form so hope for the best Wednesday 1st also on this day Southwell jumping starts gradually getting back to normal. Good Luck. John.

  212. Hi Paul/Colin,
    The horse is entered in 8pm Kempton park 1st july two mile race/handicap. more news to follow near race time. Good Luck. John

  213. Hi Colin,
    Incidentally Gold link was placed in two bumper races in France, so says Emma. I thought he was placed in a flat race & N/H flat race. Gold Link will be back with Emma in July, the plan to train him for hurdles for the autumn campaign. Sally is fine Alan thinks he will improve from last run. A few years ago i tipped up a horse on this page & backed it at at 10/1 finished 6/1 he was almost unknown then, but how well he trained on. In the gold cup Thursday, should win if the rain stays away, but a odds on fav Stradivarius. Good Luck. John.

  214. Hi Colin,
    The trainer says , he will be sharper next race, he should be racing again in two or three weeks time. He had been of for a while since his hurdle race. The trainer says he got tired inside the last furlong. Good racing coming up this week. Good Luck. John.

  215. John, he ran wll, but I mentioned a month ago that he had gone up quite a bit in the weights for his running last season and thought he would have lose a time or two to get a bit of weight off to win again.

  216. Hi Paul/Colin,
    He run well with out winning finishing 4th, which was a saver for e/w backers, as most bookmakers paid first four. I was on at 5/1 Friday night, but then there was a non runner 20p in the £1 anyway got most of the place money back. William Buick had three winners, ours finished 4th that`s the way it goes sometimes. John.

  217. Hi Paul/Colin,
    I live 10 miles from Esher ( Sandown Park). A bit of bad luck ,racing behind closed doors would have liked to have gone to the races as it is so near. The trainer says track ideal/top jockey booked/ 0-80 handicap Sally is rated 76 so a little improvement needed, a visor on/ don`t want anymore rain. Alan says E/W chance. I will be on E/W. The horse is fit, so hope for the best. Best of Luck Sandown 4-50pm. Good Luck. John. Good to hear the bookies is opening Monday, don`t like online betting, like the betting shop craic.

  218. Good Evening,
    Colin/Paul Blame it on Sally done a nice piece of work last Saturday and will be out on the flat very shortly says Alan King. Gold Link will be coming in soon to do some walking soon. A cracking weekends racing coming up guineas meeting will be a joy to watch. Grade one action over the three days. Good Luck. John.

    1. Are we on Sally tomorrow’s John looks a good race decent races tonight and tomorrow on TV then all next week from Tuesday Ascot. Bookies open Monday all looking up good luck. How’s your horse Colin hope he’s on the mend

  219. Hi Every one,
    Nice to hear from you boys, furthermore the racing is back on track today, but it looks like no one has had a winner. I guess we are all a bit rusty since the break but it can only get better. Colin your bet on Ben Curtis looks good at 40/1 now 10/1 if it comes off best of luck. Paul i done Good Tidings in the competition (Gosdens Just caught inside the last furlong 2nd well backed. I hope the racing is back on television Saturday ( ITV) My Fights have been cancelled June 18th To Turkey so no holiday at present, maybe later September hopefully. Expecting some news this week on Blame it on Sally when he is running. Good luck with the Competition and your bets . Weather here sunshine every day glorious ,don`t know how long it will last. John.

  220. Hi Paul,we’re all ready but think a bit of caution advised. Had a silly bet on jockeys championship at end of Jan. £5 0n Curtis at 40/1. Now 10/1, wish I’d had a bit more on.Thinking about you as well John.Also Sandra but I think she’s deserted us all.

  221. Hi Colin/John are you all set for comp decent racing today and a good weekend racing Gosden doubles and a treble for me today good luck Keep smiling

  222. Hi Colin,
    As there is nothing going on ,just thought i would write a insight into the company. They own 126 acres where they operate it is called Equiprep they have 18 paddocks there in Wiltshire. A lot of N/h horses have come back early from there trainers, ten horses from P Nicholls / Dan Skelton/ Mark Johnston /Emma Levelle etc. They say they are sustanstical losses but riding it. All the trainers in the same boat especially the small trainers. Blame it on Sally is still in training with Alan King. Fingers crossed the flat starts soon and get a run into him as he is fit ticking over.Good Luck. John.

  223. Hi Colin,
    You are correct about gold link 2nd the 8th November 019, but also he was 2nd of 7 in a three year old maiden flat race the 30th June 019 . According to Emma. Gold Link is at the company stables ,turned out in a field enjoying the sunny weather. He will be back in training at the end of the summer for the winter campaign. Blame it on sally is waiting to go for a spin on the flat as soon as that is possible. The news is France are back racing 12th May. Boris is making a statement Sunday 10th May, Hopefully a date for sport to resume . Good luck. john.

  224. John you say Gold Link has run twice on the flat in France but its not the flat you might be thinking. It’s national hunt flat racing ie bumpers. If he had run in flat races he wouldn’t be able to run in bumpers in England.I still maintain he has only run one race[according to attheraces website]. I think it was 8th November last .He started favourite and finished second.

  225. Hi Colin,
    I agree with you about the return to racing. I cant wait. Blame it in Sally is fit and ready to go, it is a skill to keep them below the boil as there is no races to run in yet. The two horses look good on paper,hope they have trained on. The reports from the trainers say they have. We will find out when the races start. Incidentally Gold Link has been placed second two times in France on the flat. I am due to fly to Turkey 18th June so i think that could be touch and go. Reading today Boris says back to work 26th May also premier football returns 12th June. They say Germany 4th May racing resumes. No news about british racing dates to resume. Good Luck. John.

  226. Hi John, your Gold link looks a good prospect.From what I can see He has only run once and finished a good second.As he looks good, I think you might find he’ll have one or two bumpers, then go hurdling but will be looked after and could be a better horse in 2021. I think you’ll get more races and fun if you keep him for a second year.Cheers Colin. Every day that passes gets a day nearer to racing.Just mention had a lucky 15 [50p]. agir cait, marmalade,bessachi and still schemin.

  227. Hi Colin/Paul.
    Just a bit the other horse Gold Link, He is the son of Rail Link the Arc De Triomphe winner 2006. He has been placed in two flat races in France lightly raced. Still a maiden under all codes,he can complete in bumpers/novice hurdles/chases with out a penalty. When he came to Emma from France , she said he needed to put on weight/condition also he was fiesty, Emma set him out wearing a hood ( normal in French Stables). Timmy Murphy has been riding him in work and is excited about him. Emma says that horses that come from France often need a season to acclimatise also put weight on . Gold Links target will be bumpers in the Autumn. So hopefully exciting days ahead. I hope life and the sport we love can return to normal soon. Good Luck. John.

  228. Hi colin,
    I dont think you can blame anyone for your horses injury, these things can happen anytime regarding what ever ground conditions . As your horse came from another stable it could have been an old injury that has flared up?.Moving on, Blame it on Sally is working well , it is likely he will race on the flat as the hurdle races was going to be his future as he has previous flat experience he will start there hopefully next month until the N/h resumes. Gold Link is having his summer holidays is out in a field with his friend ,wearing fly sheets/masks . The hot weather down here has brought out a army of insects . It is a waiting game now waiting for the racing go ahead next month. I will keep you informed on the horses. Good luck to your horse. John.

  229. John, we want to run mainly at wolves and newcastle cos the going is standard. I told you before he would run on grass if “soft” was in the going.The trouble is it might be “soft” when entered but can dry out in 5days. Thats what happened last time he ran. It was soft on Monday but Paul Mulrennan rang John Friday evening and said it was firming up. John asked me what I wanted to do and I said”let him run”. I’ll never know if that was a mistake on my part. I’ve told you he will be back in on 1st June, have a scan and spend a month on the walker then build up steady and hopefully be readyy for beginning of October. Believe me John i’m pissed off with the whole business and would prefer not to discuss it again till September. Cheer Colin.

  230. Hi Colin,
    I am just writing a little bit ,concerning my horse owner experience if it is any help to you. In my day if you employed a trainer,the main object was to win a race. His duty was to train the horse also enter your horse at a meeting/race that has a realistic chance of winning.There is a old saying you cant have your cake and eat it too.I note you said your horse will only race at two meetings Wolverhampton/Newcastle. Surely it is up to your trainer to decide what race/meeting is best for your horse to get a win. There is about 60 race courses in England. You want your horse to win 2 races yet you have narrowed his chances to race at two meetings?. I dont think that will happen ( Common Sense) . I think you should let your trainer decide what is best for your horse, after all thats what you pay him for if you want to win. Good Luck. John.

  231. Hi Colin,
    It looks like there is not many interested in writing there points of view on this page,only us two and Paul. I guess the rest of them are gamblers and not interested the horse racing as a sport/hobby. Blame it on Sallys first run for Alan King his prep work was behind due to muscle soreness caused by jumping hurdles. His first run was grade 2 , the jockey Tom Cannon looked after him as it was first time over hurdles , he got tired with two to jump. I backed him E/w. Tom said he would come on from that. As said earlier the owners group have stables /motor transport/qualified work riders/vet. As they buy expensive horses , when they come from the sales ,the vet checks them. The are ridden on the gallops for a month or two before they go to the trainer to make sure they are sound. For the layman to check his horse after a canter. Is put your hands around the horses legs just above the hoofs , if they are cold sound if they are hot tendon trouble basic testing , but it is best to use a expert vet for all other checks. I hope the horses win mainly for you as you have thousands invested and deserve a win. A couple of wins each would be grand. It is good a bit of banter until the racing resumes. Good Luck. John.

  232. HI John, back again. Muftakker will be having a scan when he comes in from the field. He has never limped so I am hoping he will have made a complete recovery after his rest. My fingers will be crossed but in future he will mainly race at Wolverhampton or Newcastle or on grass if there is “soft” in the going.Not to put the damper on Blame it on Sally, he is a better horse than mine but whereas mine has a good handicap yours has gone up 11lbs for winning two races and might have to lose a few times to get back to a winnable mark. Anyway time will tell.Colin.

  233. Hi Colin,
    The owners group, must be doing something right. Every time they put up shares in one of there horses ,they are snapped up with in a week.They are horses bought in France/ Ireland/ UK. That have proven form. They use top trainers/Jockeys To train/ride. And at the end of the day every one wants a winner,what ever way you look at it, they supply the winners thats what people want. Every one a winner. Blame it on Sally is a gelding who has won flat races up to two miles. Alan King says he has been working well and was primed to go well after his first run, But the virus put the block on the racing. We are hopeful he will win flat/hurdle races. As he is a fairly expensive purchase £70,000 for a gelding. If my two shares dont win Blame it on Sally/Gold link. It wont financially worry me as i have only paid out peanuts.But never the less i am expecting winners, you have to look on the positive side.Have you had a vet report on your horses condition concerning his injury?. Knowledge is listening to trainers ideas. Small trainers would get there horses 110 per cent fit ,ready for the flat season start,send them up north Beverly/Hamilton to snatch a small race. As the big trainers bring there good horses on slowly. It is better then having duck eggs after your horses name. I hope your horse makes a full recovery, as health is your wealth also goes on to win races. I have respect for people who have invested in horses as it gives a lot of people employment in the racing game. With out owners there would be no racing. Good Luck. John.

  234. Hi John, I realise you have this share for a bit of fun and the e-mails and reports you get obviously make interesting reading. Your Blame It On Sally is a better horse than mine but the fact is,she runs in class 4 races worth about 6000. If she wins and I hope she does for you, the trainer and jockey will take seven and half % each leaving 5100 to share between 30 shareholders so you would get about £1.70 back.If you keep it another 12 months its cheaper next year as you’ve already bought your share of the horse.this company is on a good thing with all money paid up front. Probably 20,000 per horse each year.Nice work if you can get enough people involved. They are laughing all the way to the bank. On the other hand John, if you are happy its a bit of interest for you.

  235. Hi Colin,
    Any company that is operating has to make a profit otherwise you cant operate, when you have staff to pay weekly/monthly.The owners group own stables/land /horseboxes etc. When horses come from the sales they are checked by the vet also freshened up before going to there future trainers. There aim is to bring the racing dream to everyone as the share price reflects and what you get for it .Colour magazine monthly/fortnight updates on your horse on video working/phone text messages when your horse declared. Meeting the top trainers/stable visits all for just over a £1 a week. Just think of the fun they must have had when Pentland Hills won the triumph hurdle at 20/1. Trained by Nick Henderson. Living the dream. All there horses are winners. So i am hopeful with my little shares for a bit of fun and maybe wins. Good Luck. John.

  236. Hi John and Paul. Firstly to Paul, take no notice of what you read about Newcastle. All racing is abandoned up to 1st May so even if lockdown eases there can’t be any racing before then cos its already abandoned.To you John i looked at your website and see that horses have about 3000 shares costing on average £50 each.That’s 150,000.If your horse was bought for 70,000 it still leaves 80000 for everything else which is more than it will cost to keep so someboby is making a good living out of the job, especially with the number of horses involved.

  237. Hi Colin,
    It is a company that owns the horses they have about 46 horses . They buy at the sales. Blame it on Sally cost £70,000. They buy £50,000 upwards there horses which gives you a chance of a winner. The share payment is a one off payment for the year. I could write a whole page about this. So i think it is best if you go to there web page. It is owners group it tells you everything about there company and horses. I think the shares are exceptional value for money. As you know i have 2 shares my brother 1 overpriced mixer with Nick Henderson. It kills you having a horse on your own with the bills. Trainer/farrier/vet/transport/jockey fees/silks/ tips/gifts stable lads/entries/declarations. It all mounts up which i have experienced in the past. Paying peanuts for shares in top notch horses is good value. When you have read there web page tell me what your opinion is as a bit of interest. Good Luck. John.

  238. Hi Colin,
    It is a company that owns the horses they have about 46 horses . They buy at the sales. Blame it on Sally cost £70,000. They buy £50,000 upwards there horses which gives you a chance of a winner. The share payment is a one off payment for the year. I could write a whole page about this. So i think it is best if you go to there web page. It is owners group it tells you everything about there company and horses. I think the shares are exceptional value for money. As you know i have 2 shares my brother 1 overpriced mixer with Nick Henderson. It kills you having a horse on your own with the bills. Trainer/farrier/vet/transport/jockey fees/silks/ tips/gifts stable lads/entries/declarations. It all mounts up which i have experienced in the past. Paying peanuts for shares in top notch horses is good value. When you have read there web page tell me what your opinion is as a bit of interest. Good Luck. John.

  239. Hi Jon. how many people have shares in the horses you have shares in.I’m not a believer in these syndicates cos somebody is getting paid for running these things.A horse costs roughly a thousand pound a month with entries and a few races but these clubs usually charge a fee up front, then an annual charge for upkeep.A club might have 100 members all paying about £150 per year which means somebody is profiting out of it. A syndicate of a dozen mates is ok, then you get the bills and all pay the same but my trainer used to tell me these aren’t a good thing as there is always somebody wanting to drop out causing everybody else to pay more. Just wondered how many sharers were in your horses.

  240. Hi Colin/Paul,
    The weather down here ,sunshine ,birds singing almost normal except not a lot to do so that is why i am writing this paragraph .Latest news from Emma Lavelles yard her horses are working fine as it is outside fresh air and the horses are not close together. Hopefully by the end of the month the flat season will continue. Good idea Colin to turn your horse out to grass, winter months saves on training fees.I done the same years ago at the end of the flat season until a month before the flat season started. No point paying training fees when the horse is not in training,Common sense as it is a expensive game if your horse dont win. Money going out and nothing coming in. If you operated a company like that it would not be long before you are broke. My two shares are low risk and are a hobby for a bit of fun win/lose/draw.Lets hope the sun keeps shining also brighter days ahead and everyone back to work also everything resumes to normal. Good luck. John.

  241. Hi Colin,
    I have two shares in two horses . Gold Link-and Blame it on Sally. Gold Link came from France. Timmy Murphy rides him on the gallops and likes him. The plan for him is a flat n/h in the autumn . Blame it on Sally is ready to run flat or hurdles when racing resumes .I am hoping for a few days outings at the races also have a little bet on them, as a bit of fun with a small outlay. Win or lose and can bale out after a year if i wish if the horses dont work out.I hope your horse makes a full recovery and stays sound for the racing season also hopefully get a couple of wins to balance the books. We are all living from day to day not knowing what the future holds for us. I booked my holiday last November for June this year but i have a feeling this might not happen but who knows?. Anyway good luck. John.

  242. Hi John, regarding my horse he has been out in the field all winter so i’m glad it’s been mild.He will be coming in on 1st of June.He will have a scan to see all is ok, then he will be on the walker each day then start cantering on 1st July,then hopefully take it from there.Horses are like kids, there’s always something wrong with them even though they get well looked after.I am hoping to win a couple of races ,then sell him as I can’t afford to keep him after this year. It’s a matter of fingers crossed but that’s the plan. If he goes wrong again that’s it i’ll just cut my losses.Been having a few bets in America. Only small stakes but low numbers at 3/1 and less seem to do well.

  243. Hi Colin,
    Just a update on our horse who had extracoporel shock wave therapy treatment has proved most effective in areas of soft tissue that attach to the bone and therefore difficult to medicate in other ways. A common area shock wave treatment is used in the sacroiliac joint in horses. Our horse is sound and been in fast work. We are hoping our horse has an exciting future over hurdles also on the flat. So a set back with the shock wave treatment and more recently covid-19 forcing the cancellation of british racing. How is your horse Colin?. It sounds if your horse has a serious injury, if he is out until October. I have had Plantar Fasciitis in my foot, i am now walking okay. Injections dont last long so shock treatment can be used on this problem if it comes back. This was caused by fast work on the tread mill in the Gym as the gyms are closed now my foot healed. If any of the above information can be beneficial to your horse all well and good. I wish everybody a happy safe Easter. Good Luck. John.

  244. Hi Paul,
    There hoping to get racing back in action May (flat) Jumping in July. Horses are been trained behind the scenes . The plan for our horse is a run on the flat as he has previously won on the flat so fingers crossed. As grub goes a good stew pot on the go. is better then the chinese take aways Last time i went to one of them ,there was sewer everywhere outside when i enquired the said it was Hu-Fung -Dung. Saturdays has become a boring day-no sport and most of all no racing. So i settle for a few pints. Keep Smiling. John.

  245. Just a quick line[ if anybody tunes in these days] to wish everybody the best of health in these terrible times. I wish it was all over so we can back to the banter which a few of us miss.Good luck everybody.

    1. Hi still here keep having a look I’ve read Newcastle trying to get racing behind closed doors in next two weeks but will wait n see one for John here Tried to order a takeaway from local Chinese last night could not do it on Wokdown ( keep smiling)

  246. Hi Colin,
    You can get the racing post free on the internet also in the betting shop so buying it is not a sensible idea. As the club goes it is better to buy decent beer rather then the cheap gut rot club beer you only get what you pay for. The supermarket beer is pretty good real ale very good. Paddy Power shops are closed. So it will save us a few bob in the long run. So treat your horse with some treats with your savings and hope he is back racing this year. I have plantar Fasciitis in my leg painful as i cant walk on one leg . So i know what your horse must feel . Good luck. John.

  247. Paul, it’s a terrible state of affairs and will get worse before it gets better. Everybody is a bit scared but by all accounts if you get it you are poorly for about 3 weeks. Well that’s not the end of the world.On the bright side not buying a Racing Post saves me £24-50 and not going to the club another £50 a week. Have to grin and bear it but not much to grin at.

  248. Bit of a bugger when I am looking at Hong Kong racing ( happy valley) 😂 when they started all this crap. Keep smiling and god luck

  249. Hi Colin,
    My run of bad luck started Sunday , as you know i backed France to win six nations at 6/1. They had three wins in a row until the french player punched the Scotland player in the face and got red carded, it was game over for France playing with 14 men. Captain Guinness brought down yesterday. Sporting John today ran a rubbish race no excuses. Thats me done Cheltenham this week. John.

  250. Hi Colin,
    My run of bad luck started Sunday , as you know i backed France to win six nations at 6/1. They had three wins in a row until the french player punched the Scotland player in the face and got red carded, it was game over for France playing with 14 men. Captain Guinness brought down yesterday. Sporting John today ran a rubbish race no excuses. Thats me done Cheltenham this week. John.

  251. Hi Colin,
    Captain Guinness was cruising with two to jump ,when he was brought down. Sods law as Henry De Bromheads horses went on to win two races. Sporting John is my hope for today as you say Envoi Allen has a favourites chance ,but the uphill Cheltenham hill finds them out. Hoping there is a bit of improvement left in Sporting John. Good Luck. John.

  252. Hi John, we all know you have a good bet standing with Sporting John tomorrow but I think you could have done with Envoi Allen running today cos I think that will spoil your party. You’ve still got a good bet so I hope it comes up for you.

  253. If the irish maestro wins the 1-30pm Cheltenham there will be irish Champagne flowing . Captain Guinness 11/1 e/w 7 places William Hill. Just missed the 14/1 in the shop this evening. He has been backed across the boards.Sporting John Wednesday they are my two fancies Cheltenham. Anybody else got any tips Cheltenham?. Good Luck what ever you back. John.

    1. P.S. You can always find out who won the competition in a certain month using the calendar controls at the top of the league table. (Enter first / last day of the respective month into the calendar control)

      1. Send four emails to Jason between the 2nd Mar/16th Mar no reply.
        yes i have got the right email address. Thanks Harry.

  254. tipped my first winner for six weeks today [Chalky White] and it hasn’t registered.Bit strange, all my 30 odd losers registered.

    1. I am sorry to hear that, Colin. I have checked the database and I did not find anything wrong. You might have submitted it too late.

  255. Hi Paul,
    Ballymore hurdle 11th March Sporting John now best price 4/1 hope you got on at 16/1 i did?. our horse entered same day Huntington 5-05pm dependant on weather conditions. Have more details nearer race time. Good Luck. John.

  256. Hi Paul,
    The only racing paper i read is Favourite Saturdays (The Sun) . I usually follow the Sporting Life on the web during the week. I have not seen that paper you mentioned , but i will buy it when Cheltenham arrives in March. I got 16/1 Sporting John, Ballymore money back non runner Paddy Power. Our trainer thought our horse should have got third Saturday and he is pleased with him,also expecting a good spring with him. Good Luck. John.

    1. Hi John. Sporting John tipped up in Racing and Football Outlook for ante post 10s forsupreme 6s for ballymore don’t know if you read it Great weekly paper cost £2-80 but has tips for all week and good write ups not bad on golf as well

      1. Hi Paul,
        The only racing paper i read is Favourite Saturdays (The Sun) . I usually follow the Sporting Life on the web during the week. I have not seen that paper you mentioned , but i will buy it when Cheltenham arrives in March. I got 16/1 Sporting John, Ballymore money back non runner Paddy Power. Our trainer thought our horse should have got third Saturday and he is pleased with him,also expecting a good spring with him. Good Luck. John.

  257. Hi Paul,
    The trainer was pleased with the horses he jumped well getting tired last two hurdles. Tom the jockey said he will come on a lot from that run looking for better ground next run. Left a few shillings with the bookie,but there will be another day. Paul if you have backed France at 6/1 three out of three looking good but you cant count your chickens before they are hatched. Barry Geraghty videos on the Racing post talking about his Cheltenham rides . Sporting John Mentioned as one of his rides. (Racing Post News) Good Luck until next time. John.

  258. Hi Colin& Paul,
    At last the horse is racing at Kempton Saturday 22nd. The trainer Alan says he is aiming him high for his first run over hurdles also may need the first run but he is in good form Tom Cannon rides. There is other Triumph hurdle entries in this race. So it will be a fact finding race for our horse to see if Cheltenham is on the cards. I am on e/w Paddy Power 12/1. Good Sport Saturday Rugby bbc1 wales v france looking for france to win to continue there unbeaten run so far and my six nations is still alive France at 6/1. Ps our horses 1-50 Kempton itv4 . Best of luck what ever you back. John.

  259. Good Day,
    A bit disappointing Market-Rasen is rained off due to flooding, I guess cant have all the luck. Had Sporting John in a single bet, then 3 of p Nicholls in al15- Sabrina 11/2- Sir psycho 6/5– Alcala 4/1 nice touch. So a good weekend. Our horse is entered at Warwick 21st Febuary, running out of time to get a run into him to see if Cheltenham is on the cards. Hope the weather improves. Next weekend the six nations continues France are 9/4 from 6/1, i have them backed at 6/1 two wins from two games. England Favourites 13/8 They have played two lost one. Cant understand why they are Favourites. There coach has been talking them up but all that chat ends when the action starts. Sporting John is double entered Cheltenham Supreme/Ballymore . I have him backed no runner money back Ballymore at 16/1 that is all gone around 8/1 now after Saturdays performance winning by six and a half lengths. He has an engine that horse. That is all the news for this Weekend. Good Luck. John.

  260. Good Day,
    To Colin, Paul etc,
    Sporting John entered Ascot Saturday, there is a chance the Ascot meeting might be off due to ground conditions. My shared horse with Emma Levelle is coming on fine he is half fit bringing him on steady as he is a young horse. Timmy Murphy has been riding him and likes him .Emmas husband Barry Fenton ex jockey has been riding him, he says he has an engine. It will be a little while before we see him at the races. Emma says she will have a couple of horses at Cheltenham one been Paisley Park. She will be targeting Aintree. For our other horse will run 2-05 M/R Sunday if the ground dont get heavy. Tom Cannon rides ,hope for the best to see if the Cheltenham dream is still alive, he is in good form. Best of Luck. John.

  261. Good Day,
    Sporting John, entered Ascot Saturday 15th. Our horse entered Sunday 16th Market Rasen , more news to follow regarding declared horses Friday. Good Luck. John.

  262. Good Day,
    To Paul and anybody that is interested. Cheltenham Ballymore hurdle 11th March Sporting John e/w at 16/1 Paddy Power money back non runner or you can have 20/1 Paddy Power non runner lose stake. Sporting John is racing Sunday at Exeter in the 4-05 race. should go close. I am on e/w Cheltenham 16/1. Best of Luck. John.

  263. Hi Colin,
    I have backed the horse i have the share in e/w Triumph hurdle at 100/1. It may seem a crazy bet but if he runs well in his first race he will go for the Triumph Hurdle. A gamble of course. Morrisons from your neck of the woods, who have a supermarket near me, are selling a case of draught Guinness at £12 (15 cans) good deal in aid of the six nations Rugby. Got a case this morning also a free Guinness pint glass. You will have to get to Morrisons to get the Guinness for your horse and yourself. It will cheer your horse up mixed with raw eggs he would be bucking like a rodeo horse after that. Good luck. john.

  264. Hi Colin i know you are not stupid. I dont have a on-line account with any bookmaker. so i dont know there internet rules except you cant get best odds the night before. I bet across the counter in the betting shop and there rules are basically simple,if not sure of anything ask the assistant that is what i do. My bets Saturday. L15s best odds all races Ireland/ England + 3 times one winner L15 also a bonus on 4 winners. I find out these details before i place my bet then you cant go wrong with Paddy Power they give the best deals then any other bookmaker. On to the weekend to the six nations rugby. I have backed France to win at 6/1 a young side and they could win it. Best of Luck. John.

  265. Sandra, you have been going mad this month, but don’t you realise you have to send in 15 naps in the month and you can’t do it.

  266. As I said John, I’m not stupid. I complained but customer services told me it was a traders decision and there was nothing they could do about it. I know you only get best odds on bets that are put on that day but my account didn’t qualify for best odds. You don’thave to believe me but it’s true so closing my account was the only option.

  267. Hi Colin,
    Everyone that bets with Paddy Power are entitled to best odds ,the only way you wont qualify for best odds if you struck the bet the night before, then your bet would be void from best odds. I guess it is best to check there rules before you bet,the same applies with other bookmakers. When i placed my bet with Paddy Power Ok Corall there were over 20 runners when i struck the bet at a quarter of the odds e/w . On race day there were 14 runners PP changed the odds to one fifth of the odds a place. But i got paid the win 20/1 also a quarter the odds so cant complain. our horse is fit and will be in strong work soon. So at the races February all been well then maybe Cheltenham on the cards all been well. Good Luck. John.

  268. Complained but told it was a traders decision.
    When I checked my Paddy Power stats I had had about 300 quid on and got 700 back so I put it down to that.I know best odds at PP’s have to be put on the same day and not the night before. They said they sent me an e-mail last year to say I didn’t qualify for best odds but I didn’t see it or I wouldn’t have bet with them.

  269. Hi Colin,
    Thank you for the compliments,it is good to get a nice winner now and then.I bet with Betfred also Paddy Power . Mainly Paddy Power as they pay 3 times the odds lucky 15s also honour best odds all races England/Ireland. I bet in there shops mainly Saturdays. Betfred only pay best odds on there 2 selected race meetings. I guess you should complain to customer services if they have not paid you best odds at Paddy Power. Under the rule offer services as described by the company not been honoured . Paddy Power now own Betfair. Hope the information is of some use?. As soon as our horse is entered i will post on this page. Good Luck. John.

  270. Well done John. As you say you have backed it before and it lost but you got all your money back with interest. Glad you kicked the arse of Paddy Power cos I just closed my account with him. Backed horse at 15/4 which won at 9/2 and was told my account didn’t qualify for best odds.Once again, well done.

  271. Good Evening to everyone that was on Ok Corall . By your e-mail Paul, i guess you were on hope you were on at 20/1 i was as stated . The saying every dog has his day , i believe every good horse has his day. Todays was Ok Coralls day at a good price. I got my money back from his last defeat+ profit. Patience is a virtue. I am keeping a eye on the horse i have a share in,should get a run into him February ,then Cheltenham we hope with a bit of luck. Sunday roast with a bottle of bubbly lovely jublee. Good Luck. John.

  272. Hi Colin,
    Sorry to hear about your horses injury and long lay off, hope he makes a full recovery.Our horse had a set back jumping hurdles for the first time got muscle soreness. The fred winter at Cheltenham was the target , but the horse needs three races for to be handicapped before Cheltenham. Due to the setback thats not going to happen ,so the entry is the Triumph hurdle if he shows promise when his first run over hurdles comes. Ante post Sky bet chase Saturday 25th January backed Ok Corall 20/1 e/w Paddy Power 4 places one quarter the odds. Best of Luck. John.

  273. Hi John, wont be running before October. Just one of them things. Wish I’d never seen it ,but that’s life.Hop e you have better luck with yours.

  274. HI Colin,
    How is your horse coming along any improvement with his injury. The horse i have a minute share in ,has had a minor setback with muscle soreness ,but he is back working okay. he is entered in the Triumph Hurdle March 13th at Cheltenham . Just in case he shows promise when they get him on the race track hopefully soon and see how he performs. (Blame it on Sally). Good luck. John.

    1. Thank you Joe,
      It is worth knowing for punters that back ante-post, like myself. Will bear it mind. Good Luck. John.

  275. Hi johnfrombuc

    According to your summary I won the May competition but as far as I am aware I was only runner-up.
    I certainly only received the prize for runner-up.
    You may need to check your method for producing the summary table.

    Regards jenky13

  276. Champions League Summary 2019

    Jan 2019 Popsie52, Joe Raggs, damo6309, harrygee61, pendrem, sexysallie, Meachies, iron24, jack bentley, dlangton24
    Feb 2019 damo6309, Popsie52, harrygee61, wingy, Fortunf, Meachies, Martin, Wee Jimmy, TLDEYES, nawoo
    Mar 2019 damo6309, wingy, Fortunf, Martin, FRANNY, colin holder, TLDEYES, ovdrum, Meachies, Cuecoach
    Apr 2019 damo6309, wingy, TLDEYES, jenky13, Fortunf, ovdrum, FRANNY, harrygee61, Swagger1, Wee Jimmy
    May 2019 jenky13, colin holder, Dotties Dreamers, TLDEYES, ovdrum, FRANNY, Meachies, wolfy3594, Aleandro245, Wee Jimmy
    June 2019 Aleandro245, Paul Hindmarsh, jenky13, wolfy3594, Lizzy158, Dotties Dreamers, TLDEYES, Cuecoach, Meachies, HEADMAN
    July 2019 tango, Paul Hindmarsh, Meachies, Lizzy158, Bob, FRANNY, HEADMAN, amito1814, Fortunf, Jeff2060
    Aug 2019 Paul Hindmarsh, Bob, tango, amito1814, Meachies, Lizzy158, Fortunf, sandra, harrygee61, Jeff2060
    Sept 2019 harrygee61, amito1814, Zack, Popsie52, Dotties Dreamers, Woody, FRANNY, nicole1975, Bob, n0kia09
    Oct 2019 harrygee61, Zack, amito1814, Superali, pendrem, Woody, Fortunf, Procalc, Joe Raggs, Martin
    Nov 2019 harrygee61, Martin, Fortunf, pendrem, Zack, amito1814, Superali, jenky13, Joe Raggs, Popsie52
    Dec 2019 harrygee61, Martin, Fortunf, pendrem, Popsie52, jenky13, Procalc, amito1814, Fuzzyduck, Zack

  277. GoodDay the two mc manus horses made mistakes . Champ made one and ended up on the floor when he had the race at his mercy. OK Corral made two enough to put him out of contention and finished down the field. I left a few shillings with the bookie, but there will be another day for OK Corral. Good Luck. John.

  278. Johann,
    Would yo please check my naps as my selection for yesterday has not been registered on the Naps Table. It finished 2nd but is not on my list. Please check. Thanks.

    1. Mr T
      I could not find a Nap for Dec 29 in the database. There might have been a problem in the transmission in Internet – or you just forgot to click submit 😉

      1. Johann,
        I do forget things at my age but could I say that when your site tells me the name of my selection and that it has been saved in the system, then perhaps your system of recording naps has a worse memory than myself!
        Had my selection won ( very rare ,I know ) then I would have been annoyed with your comments. The only clue I can give you is that I placed my selection the night before as I knew I would not have had the time on the 29th. Has any other member had the same problem?

  279. Good Day,
    Like a spring day ,sun shining here down south. I put on this page a while back OK Corral a n/r. He ran on 30th November ran down the field had a 263 day absent. The vet report said about his last run lost a shoe during the race. . I have backed him e/w 11/1 for thePP chase 2-00pm Cheltenham January 1st with PP 3places one quarter the odds. It was a good job we did not back Colins tip he advised on this page Flowing Clarets for a Christmas box.( A bookies Christmas Box). Hope there is not a gunfight at the OK Corral the bookies win most of the time but not all of the time. HA-HA. Hope You enjoyed the banter Colin?. Best of luck with the new year bets whatever you back. Happy New Year. John.

    1. Have done a (e/w) L15 on J. Ps horses which includes O K CORRAL Fingers crossed for a good start to the new year. Have a happy and prosperous 2020.

  280. Hi Colin,
    I put up my ante post early so people on this page want to back it. It is okay been wise after the event. You are welcome to get your dig in clan won i have filled up my wallet that is what it is about living in the real racing world not the fantasy world of racing. It is hard to get winners so good luck for those who had backed Clan-Des Obeaux . Happy new year. John.

  281. John, I’m pleased the clan won for you but I must get my dig in and say your bet would have returned more on the day. Admitted you had 3 places but you wouldn’t have had the dreaded non runner worry.All the best for the New Year which goes for you and everybody who reads this page. including ex authers and poets like Sandra.

  282. Hi Colin,
    Clan des Obeaux delivered the Christmas box won by 21 lenghts. The racing critics also so the jockey deserted him for Cyrname who had never won at 3 miles before. I was on Clan at 5/1 he drifted to 11/2 a big price for a course& distance winner in a 5 horse race. He hacked up easy. Hope you were on. I wont be drinking adams ale tonight something a bit stronger and bubbly. Good Luck. John.

  283. Hi Colin,
    The three horses we have shares are very cheap so it is for a bit of fun also a low finance risk as we can opt out after a year. The horses we have shares have form the one with Emma has been placed in bumpers in France so exciting prospect ( gold link) The one with Alan King has won three times on flat ,now been trained over hurdles exciting Prospect( Blame it on Sally) .My brothers share (overpriced Mixer) is with N Henderson he will remain on the flat until next Autumn then hurdling. All a bit of fun for 2020 and maybe some days at the races also hopefully some winners if they all stay sound. Hope your horses injury is healing also he is back racing in 2020. Best of Luck. John.

  284. All the best to you John and best of luck with your horses. Be ok if you got some info from those yards especially with Emma Lavelle cos I think she’s a bit shrewd.Hoping for a good New Year myself as i’ve been crap lately. Hope the Clan goes in for you.

  285. To Colin &everyone concerned with the competition, wishing you all a happy Christmas also a prosperous 2020. Apoor turn out King George V1 boxing day only seven runners left in. I am on Clan the man to bring the bacon home at 5/1 ante post. I was given a nice Christmas present from my brother a share in a 3year old gelding in training with Emma Lavelle a bumper horse at present. we have three shares in three different horses also with Alan King/Nicky Henderson. Watch this space 2020. Best of Luck what ever you back Boxing day also the new year. Good Luck. John.

  286. Hi Johann,
    I looked at the league table earlier this afternoon,i noticed i was in 16th place with +1 point, i looked again at 5-30pm . I noticed i have dropped to 23rd place and the points changed to minus 1.31 is it a error with the system?. Thank You. John.

    1. Hi John,
      I checked it out and the league table appears to be okay. You won yesterday 13.69 with “Just call me Al”. In December you submitted 15 naps. So, your total for December should be
      13.69 – 15 = minus 1.31
      This is what is displayed in the league table.

  287. Hi Colin,
    I do not wish to upset you,good will to all men at Christmas time. Ante post Clan Des Obeaux e/w 5/1 William Hill 3 places one fifth the odds King George V1 December 26th Boxing day. I have the few shillings on. My horse hopefully will be hurdling in the new year and we have a bit of luck. Best of luck. John.

  288. Hi John, you wont upset me whatever you say so dont worry. Just carry on as you are. You’re ok and I like to think I can look after myself when it comes to punting. Regarding the competition, I dont know what’s gone wrong. Whatever I tip run Crap, fall or slow away.Things can only get better.

  289. Hi Colin,
    I am not a green horn to the racing game. As Henry De Bromhead goes he trains in Waterford near my family .Henrys family have lived there for over 300 years his father was a trainer before him. So he knows the time of day regarding racehorses. Sarcasm is the worst for of wit in my book, i speak the true facts. If you look at the form of some of them horses it is in black and white there form so no getting away from that.So excuses about distance/left handed track/ ground too soft/hard / did not like the track. These excuses dry up in the end when your horse dont win and your bank balance is lighter. If you think they are snidy remarks it is up to you?.The horse i have a share in is on a yearly contract so all been well i can renew for the next year or opt out. Your horse is out until October so you say?. so it wont run next year as theflat season will all most be finished, it sounds a serious injury only the vetinary can tell you that. You have done well in the Competition winning a lot of times.I like betting with the bookie which i do every Saturday+ ante post thats how i like to make my money or lose it.Sorry if my facts have upset you. Good Luck. John.

  290. Hi John, I treat you as a friend ,but who likes his little digs and bouts of sarcasm but says stuff that he knows nothing about. Regarding Black Market, he went to the sales because it was bought at a previous sale and the buyer didn’t pay for it so it went back to the sales. John is happy with it but isn’t sure of it’s right trip.Regarding your comments on my tipping prowess, I have won the tipping competition at least 5 times which is quite a few more than you so I should keep quiet on the subject if I was you. Regarding my horse I wish I’d never seen him but I’m stuck with him and he wont be runnig until October so I hope you have better luck with your investment.Await your next snidy remarks but I still hope we are friends and you and your family have a good christmas.

  291. Hi Colin,
    Have Faith is all well and good. Henry De Bromhead got rid of the horse Black Market to your trainer. It looks a bum steer to me,maybe i am wrong?. I guess time will tell. If that wins it will be a miracle. There are two types of horses that go to the sales winners that sell for a profit and ones that are useless that havent got a prayer of winning a race,but people still buy them,more money then sense some never learn. Good Luck. John.

  292. Have faith John. I seem to remember saying The National winner and the world hurdle winner were both past the post barring accidents.

  293. Hi Colin,
    I know you criticise my ante post betting but i have winners and placed horses ,football ,golf now and then. I cant ever remember you tipping up a winner of any description on this page. The horse you tipped up Black Market,that run 3-05pm southwell finished tailed off 44lengths last. Not been disrespectful but truthful every time your trainer runs a horse the only winner is the bookmaker. I think horses that cant win should be turned away in fairness to save everyone money. As i said before top trainers dont get rid of good horses. It is not rocket science. Good Luck. John.

  294. Hi Colin still alive& kicking but old age is a sentence for a crime you have not done.(aches&pains etc). How is your horse getting on, the longer he is out i guess it would be a worry if he ever runs again?. I have bought a small share in a three year old gelding that has come out of Sir Marks Prescott yard and has moved to Alan Kings yard 7th November is in training now jumping hurdles also getting fitter,should be on the race track early new year all been well. He is a three times winner for Sir Mark on the flat. So fingers crossed. Watch this space i will tell you the name and date when he runs. Ante post horses i know they are a risk non runners also losers but i do have winners if you look through this web page you will see. I now looking for the next ante post. I will post the weekend. Hoping to get a few shilling on at a good price soon dont want to be drinking Adams ale. Good Luck. John.

  295. Hi John presume you are ok, I know you like your ante post bets but I still maintain they aren’t worth it. Assuming you had a fiver each way on the two at 12/1 and 25s 4places, if you had waited until the day and one wasn’t running you could have had a tenner ew on OKCoral at 8/1 6 places.
    .Everybody pleases themselves but I haven’t had an ante post since Adam was a lad.Catch you later and happy punting. Black Market is priced up at 33/1 at Southwell tomorrow and could out run those odds.

  296. Good Afternoon,
    I wrote on this page 11th November ( The Worlds End now a N/R) but Ok corral is still in for Saturday 3pm Newbury Should go of about 6/1 i am on at 12/1 e/w 4places. Best of luck if you are on. John.

  297. There has been a problem with the site but it is fixed now. I could login and submit a nap. Please try again.

  298. Good Morning Johann,
    Sunday 10th November completely lost contact with your site until yesterday your web page is up and running but you cant log in your daily nap. Thank You. John.

  299. Hi Colin,
    Looks like the site is up and running for tomorrow for the competition . I have put up a couple of horses for the Ladbroke chase 30th November hope they get in the frame or win . It would be a Christmas box for Christmas. Both of them have been backed. Ok Corral 12/1 to 8/1 -Worlds end 25/1 to 20/1. I have the few shillings on. Good Luck. John.

  300. Good Day,
    Backed two horses for the Ladbroke handicap trophy (chase) 30th November ante post when the betting was recently put up. Ok Corral 12/1- The worlds End 25/1 William Hill quarter the odds e/w 4 places. Best of Luck. John.

  301. Good Morning Colin,
    Sorry to hear the predicament you are in with your horse.I wrote a long time ago about the OBrien horses if they dont make the time on the gallops they dont run on the racecourse as they wont win. You have to be wary of millionaire Arabs sending tried horses to the sales that have not won. It should send out alarm bells as they dont keep horses that are no good. In the past i have bought into untried yearlings and when the race as two years it is fun and the have won.As i said earlier about Flowing Clarets running in class 6/7 races he is on the downgrade as he could not win a claimer which is the same as a seller. So no Christmas box from him. Before your horse runs again half the flat season will be gone. Must be disappointing paying out and nothing coming back. Anyway Good Luck. John.

  302. Morning John, Flowing Clarets has won for the last 4 years in October so it was natural to expect it to win again. The trainer supposedly knows what he’s doing but maybe he didn’t place it right. He should have stuck to handicaps. My horse is doing ok but i’m obviously not pleased with the way things have turned out. If I could turn the clock back I wouldn’t look at him but i’m stuck. Can’t run and can’t sell so have to grin and bear it. Got to hope he can win a couple of races then sell.Fingers crossed when he gets fit but that wont be for a while yet. About August I suppose.

    1. No and yes CH Gosden top man I think he will have plenty winners this month chasing money for top trainer also O’Brien sending over a few to all weather meetings so could get interesting Keeping an eye on Mohamed and Moubarak as well good luck with horse for future

  303. Hi Colin,
    You wrote on 22nd of September Flowing Clarets will win in October. He has 2days left to to win thats if he is entered to run in the last two days of October. How is your horse getting on ,has he recovered from his injury.? Will he be back in training for the next flat season. I mentioned young Fallon to you earlier when your horse was running , he was claiming 7lb then you said there claiming for a reason. Cieran Fallon is now champion apprentice Jockey and one day be champion jockey like his dad. Sometimes it pays to take notice of claimers with ability as your horse needed at least a 7lb drop to win a race. Something to think about if your horse ever runs again. John.

  304. Hi Colin,
    Hit the crossbar 2nd 14/1 fair play to you your notion was not far adrift. Hope you were on mate e/w. Good Luck. John.

  305. Hi John,Horse was entered in first race and might have had a chance in that but I cant see it having a prayer in the claiming race. Would be pounds better off it was a handicap.Was 33s with 365 but now 20s so somebody must have backed it. I have backed it last twice so had to have a nibble on Ladbrokes at 20s boosted to 22s but I still think it hasn’t a chance, but you only have to look at competition league table to see what I know about racing.

  306. Hi Colin,
    D-Day today for Flowing Clarets,you said would win this Month?. A big price 18/1 . You have put your neck on the block with this tip. Good luck if you have the few shillings on. Windsor 3-00pm. John.

  307. Hi Colin,
    Flowing Clarets dropped in weight ground conditions will suit but the trainer has 2 more entries in the race so it is taking a chance which one is fancied to win out of the 3. That’s if any of them will win. It will be flowing vino if Flowing Clarets goes in 18/1 at present if you are on. Good Luck. John.

  308. Bridger is doing my head in. Flowing Clarets is running again on Thursday. He has 3 runners again and it is 6 furlongs but I’ll have to back it. It is well drawn, so that’s a bonus.Still think next Monday might be the day.

  309. Good Day,
    The two horses I wrote up for Cesarewitch were well fancied reflected by the betting . Sneaky Geataway got 8th place a bit ulucky as some Bookmakers were paying seven places . The two of them were in contention at the 2 mile pole but were tapped for speed the last 2 furlongs ( didn’t stay the Distance) . Back to studying for the next big race. John.

  310. Hi Colin
    Its a pity the trainer did not answer your text it would have saved you the money you put on Flowing Clarets as he won with his other horse Firenze Rosy 11/2 5-15 Brighton. You said Flowing clarets will win this Month. I would not want to be chasing it with my money . A lot of these class 6/7 horses are on the downgrade and are slow that’s why the race in that grade. John.

  311. Good Afternoon,
    Next Saturday Ceserewitch 12th Saturday two horses I backed yesterday -Darksideoftarnside e/w 66/1 also e/w sneaky Getaway 25/1 hope they both run as they are good prices and make the frame. good luck. John.

  312. Afraid the trainer of Flowing Clarets is cocking my arrangements up.I was thinking in terms of 21st October for a race it has won the last 2 years.He has now decided to run at Brighton on Tuesday in a race it ran 2nd in in 2017 before it won at later in the month.As i’ve already said it is well handicapped and could win twice. It will win in October, but when? I will have to back it on Tuesday.

  313. Flowing Clarets had me worried. Backed from 16/1 in to 8/1 came 2nd in to straight but weakened to finish next to last. Perfect for getting a good price when its on soft going on the grass. I’m guessing Windsor 2 weeks next monday giving everybody a chance to stick a bit away each week and pounce as soon as betting opens the night before.Perfect to get your christmas money.

  314. Good Morning Colin,
    Thank you for complementing me on my birthday today. I read your e-mails regarding backing ante-post races. I wont be changing my system as backing ante-post grade 1 races a chance to back big price horses where as backing class 6 horses is a bit of hit and miss. The Cambridgeshire last Saturday King Ottokar was a N/R price 14/1 but Mordin was 4th E/W which I had backed at a quarter of the odds this recouped my loss on the N/R and I made a profit. Mordin 25/1 finished (12/1 . Also recently as you know I had ebor winner Mustajeer at 20/1 also 3rd place Desert Skyline 40/1. Came back from holiday last night to the English winter weather. I will be watching the horse you think will win in October Flowing Clarets. Best of Luck. John.

  315. Flowing Clarets is out again tomorrow but I wont be backing it.Keep an eye open for Windsor on the 21st. I have a feeling that could be the day. As I’ve said it’s never won on the sand so I dont think it will start tomorrow. Happy birthday for tomorrow for John.

  316. Hi John, sorry to see both your horses scratched, but I wonder why you bother with ante post. Unless you know something it seems a waste of time.There were 66 entries and 30 are running so you are more likely to get scratched than run.I’m sure you’ll change your ways sometime.

  317. This post is for John and anybody else that might be interested.The horse I am talking about for October is Flowing Clarets. I have no connection with the horse but its past record tells me it will win in the next six weeks.He is so well handicapped that he might win more than once.He is entered on Tuesday and twice on Wednesday, but you have to read between the lines and decide when to back it. It is entered at Lingfield Tuesday but has never won on all weather so I would let it run. It is entered Goodwood Wednesday and it could run there if the rain comes. His ideal conditions are 5 furlongs and soft going. When these occur get on it.

  318. Not meant to send winners in. Just sent a 7/1 that lead all the way, still a length in front at furlong marker then tried to pull itself up. Lost by neck. Try again tomorrow.

  319. Hi Colin,
    Backed two for Cambridgeshire 28th September. King Ottokar E/W 14/1 also Mordin E/W 25/1. I will be on holiday when they run . Where I am going there is no betting shops or gambling. So I will have to wait until I get back to Blighty to collect the winnings I hope, never know lighting could strike twice. Look forward to your tip in October. Good Luck. John.

  320. Hi Colin,
    Thank you for the complement .There was 70 horses entered when I placed the bet 25th July so very lucky to get the winner&3rd place 22 ran in the race. I am off on holiday last week September to where the East meets the West be back 1st October my birthday should get a birthday mention in the Racing Post. When I am back I will be looking out for your October tip on this page as you seem confident it is going to win. Beautiful hot day here down south great for the tomatoes/runner beans I have growing. Good Luck. John.

  321. well done John. You deserve it after a few of your latest ante post failed to run. I have been watching a horse that will win in October. Watch this space.

  322. Good Day,
    The Ebor horses done the business – Mustajeer 1st 16/1 got (20/1 ) Desert Skyline 3rd 25/1- got (40/1) hope you were on. As the A team would say I love it when a plan comes together as one of them lights a cigar up. For anyone that knows anything about racing fair play to the trainer that put up Ciaren Fallon the 5lb claimer to secure 2nd place on RedGalieo and claim the £179.900.00 prize money and give the boy a chance. As I don’t smoke I wont be lighting up a cigar but cracking open a bottle of bolly tomorrow dinner time. Hope you got the few shillings on at big prices. To get the 1st&3rd don’t happen very often in a big race so I am very happy. John.

  323. Good Day,
    The ebor horses for York Saturday have been backed Desert Skyline pony from 40/1 -Mustajeer -16/1 from 20/1 lets hope they run well and hit the frame at least . I am on the two of them E/W. Best of luck if you are. John.

  324. MR T,
    If you don’t get a reply to your query, contact the A Team. ( they love it when a plan comes together ) HA-HA . John.

  325. Johann,
    Just a query,
    When did the format change regarding the Gold Label? It used to be based on 3months results but changed to I month in July.

  326. Tango appears to be under the impression that he won the competition in may. After checking it appears he was 2nd. He should have got £50 but he has to have a pay pal account. Don’t know what i’ve done but I can’t buy a winner. Had some leading to last few yards but they don’t count if they can’y get to the line. Unlucky Saturday, went to post a 10/1 winner 2 mins before race but it had gone off.Will come good soon.

  327. Assuming that she is a female, well done to Rosey99. I think that is the first female winner of this competition.

  328. Good Day,
    Backed ante post for Ebor August Mustajeer e/w 20/1 also Desert Skyline 40/1 E/W 4places quarter the odds Betfred. Hope I get a run for my money. The wife said to the husband whats that Tour De France about?. He replies it is a cycle race where the winner wins thousands of euros she replies what are the rest of them doing in it?. Keep Smiling. Colin your horse must be enjoying the life of riley out in the lush grass with the sun on his back a good tonic not quite the same enjoyment as a stallion would have but I guess you cant have everything in life . Hope he makes it back to the racecourse for next season and it don’t prolong the agony for you. Good Luck. John.

  329. If you won the competition you need to send your PayPal details to

    contact (at)

    Be sure that you used the correct e-mail address. Only this e-mail address can be used. Don’t use any other e-mail address (which you may or may not have in your contacts). If you didn’t get paid within, say, one or two days the most likely reason are problems with the e-mail address.

    To find out who won the competition of a certain month you can use the calendar controls at the top of the league table. There you enter the beginning and the end of the month you are interested in.

  330. hi I am tango I won top tipster for may 2019. and I have still not been paid the £100 is there a problem.


  331. Hi Colin,
    Our filly had a leg injury,she was given time to heal then put into fast work and the injury reoccurred she was done we had to send her to the sales and sold her for peanuts her racing days were over. Experience is knowledge and if it can help someone in a similar situation all well and good. You have persevered with your horse in hope he races again. The acid test is when he is put back in training/fast work. from your e-mails you say 2nd time leg injury has occurred which is a bit worry I guess for anyone. All you can do is keep the faith. John.

  332. John, I told you, he is going out to grass for 12 month then, hopefully , he will make a full recovery.

  333. Good Day,
    John Constable did not make the frame, a drop in weights first time visor did not work the oracle . He should be turned out to grass,looks like his best days are behind him. Colin how is your horse doing?. Have you retired him?. Or will you be keeping him in training for another year>/ He must have eaten a big hole in your pocket with the time he has had off ?. More holidays then a lord would have. John.

  334. Good Day,
    Can he paint the jam stick at Market Rasen 2-10 first time visor John Constable at 14/1. Good Luck. John.

  335. Also received competition prize (15th). Many thanks Jason. Congratulations to Bob on his win. Really close call in latter stages and was gutted to be beaten by 32p.

      1. Just a thought but didn’t you post on here sometime ago, that Lizzy158 was your new username for Paul Hindmarsh who also plays the competition?

  336. Sorry to hear about people not getting paid as I have won a few times and always got paid.Sometimes waited a couple of weeks but always got it,You have to have a paypal account.

  337. If you win the competition you have to notify Jason and send your PayPal details using contact (at) If there are any problems regarding the payment the most likely reason is that something went wrong with the email.

    To find out who won the competition of a certain month you can use the calendar controls at the top of the league table. You enter the beginning and end of the month you are interested in. Then you get the league table for this specific month.

  338. I note Colin Holder , when he wins the competition he gets paid straight away and writes it on this page. I guess Colin needs all the money he can get as his horse was out with injury for 8 months last year. Back in action this year but struck with another injury he says his horse is out for another 12 months. We might have to have a collection for the poor chap.I always maintained he should give his horse a bucket of Guinness mix /barley/ 12 raw eggs mixed in. It works with the irish horses ( lucky there is no breath tests for horses) . After that mix they would scorch the turf like a bolt of lightning . John.

  339. I came 2nd once previously in 2017 but remember no problems then. Perhaps others could share their experiences.

  340. Keep us informed Lizzy158. I came 2nd in June’s tipping competition and have heard nothing despite sending P P details and 2 emails.

    1. I also came runner up in 2017 October i think but have up after several email a and messages on the page

  341. I won May s tipping competition and never heard anything despite numerous e mail’s and messages to your site and sent P P details so good look to any winners Lizzy 158 thanks

  342. Hi Colin,
    Just writing a paragraph for people who have not had the experience of horse ownership. When you buy a horse you are hoping for a winner. I bought a 2year old filly untried with good breeding (Derrylyn-Derring-Do) we were all hoping for big things . She finished 4th in a nursery then 2nd in a seller.There is a old saying in racing it cost the same to train a bad horse as a good horses. Whatever excuse you hear under the sun about distance/ground conditions/ left handed/right handed tracks in the end when the excuses run out also your bank balance is eaten away. You realise your horse is no good and no one wants to tell you that especially your trainer . Near the end of the flat season we would turn out our horse to grass for 6 months to a farmer no training fees only stable/food in (oxon) Then back in training again. (common sense) as we were working class people. I think if my horse was out for a year injured I think I would throw the towel in as he don’t look like a world beater. Good Luck. John.

  343. Just not meant to be an owner.Leg trouble returned after RedcarI was asked if I wanted to take it out but said risk it.Now out for 12 months and sick as a parrot.Nothing else to say on the subject.

  344. Hi Colin,
    Iknow you joke about the 1lb drop in the weights a women peed in the sea every bit counts. A 1lb drop in the weights is like P—–G against the wind. I think your horse would struggle to win a seller/claimer of the present weight. I maintain you need a 7lb drop in the weights to a class6 to win. I call a spade a spade some people don’t like it but I think I am not far wrong and only time will tell. I live in the real World. John.

  345. Hi Colin,
    In my day in the game it was a 100 a week training fees + vets/horse box travelling expenses etc. Reavey would say if you cant train a horse in 6 days you wont train them in 7days I would go to the stable on Sundays ,the head lad would get the horse out walk her around and I would give him a £10 ,then across the road to the pub with Eddie and his wife Jocelyn Reavey. Enjoyable Sunday. Years ago to enter horses was cheap I think it is when you declare it is a higher fee.Variety is the spice of life, the more race tracks to target is more chance of finding a small race to win. And when you win turn your horse out for a months rest. Whitbread who owned the London Brewery would send his shire horses that pulled the drays on two weeks holiday in Sussex & his workers. A Irishman went into a pub in London years ago said to the barman a pint of bitter? the barman replied Whitbread he replied two slices please?. It is nice to go down memory lane sometimes win/lose/draw but keep smiling. John.

  346. john, you talk about being well entered up. Do you realise it costs about £60 to enter a race. I am only working class and only enter when I intent to run.

  347. Hi Colin,
    Year ago when I was in the game trainers would have a horse well entered up . Soon as they would hit a place the trainer would have them out the next week and most times they would win. You leave a long time between races they can go off the boil. Your horse needs a drop in the weights to win. It depends if you want to win or not?. When Tony Mc Coy was a apprentice He would ride for John Mc Manus. Mc Manus said about the skill of Mc Coy he should be handicapped not the horses he rode to win. There is good apprentices about they have to learn there trade like any qualified tradesman. Trainers use apprentices to give the horse a chance of winning in handicaps it seems common sense to me. Anyway good. luck on the next adventure at Wolves . John.

  348. Next race Wolverhampton 17th July.Take your point about apprentices but I prefer a jockey on mine.They get 7lb for a reason.

  349. Hi Colin,
    When is your next race for the horse at Newcastle?. I hope you don’t mind me making a suggestion. The winner of the race had a claimer up in the race where your horse finished 3rd. There is a up and coming young apprentice called Ciarian Fallon claiming 7 pounds (Kieran Fallons son) .They say I length to 1lb. If you can get the weight down in one of these small races,he is a good thing to win. My opinion only. Best of luck. John.

  350. I think winner was laid out for that race. Won easy after not much form. We beat all the fancied runners and John still thinks Newcastle will be our best bet.

  351. Hi Colin,
    Thanks for the tip, I had a little e/w , your finished 3rd. Black Corton lost also K MC Evoy only had 1 winner at Newmarket and I guess he will be heading back to OZ soon where he gets good rides. Your horse is getting closer to winning. I guess it is only a matter of time and finding the right race for him. John.

  352. Hi Colin,
    On your horse at 14/1 E/W likewise Black Corton 14/1 EW. K Mc evoy drew a blank at Royal Ascot.. Good book of rides today Newmarket I am on lucky 15s on them. Best of Luck your horse today should make the frame at least I think. John.

  353. Trainer rung me up tonight and asked me if I wanted to withdraw tomorrow as Mulrennan had rug him and told him the ground at Redcar was drying up fast. I told him no I want to run.Cant see that the going can change from good to soft today to good to firm tomorrow. Even if its sunny tomorrow, our race is 2-05 so it cant dry out by then and if it does quicken up its more likely to affect the later races.Fingers crossed now. 14/1 as I write but might get 20s in the morning.

  354. John, if he doesn’t win tomorrow I will be very disappointed. I will be unhappy if he finishes second. It’s a bad race with a lot of old horses running and if he can’t beat them I can’t see any future.If you see a double figure price anywhere, jump in.

  355. Hi Colin,
    Reading the sporting life comment on you horse for the Redcar race. they say best watched goes on better ground. I am not a great lover of racing critics. There is a old saying speak to the organ grinder not the Monkey ?. I guess your trainer knows what he is doing.? Number 7 is my lucky number your horse is 7 on the Race card I believe 13 is unlucky like last time race card 13 -13th day. Will have a look tomorrow again and decide if I put the few shillings e/w on. I guess the ground could be a factor. Anyway best of luck. John.

  356. Hi John, everything in place for Saturday. I’m sure he’ll run well.Never told you to back it before [ always tried his best] but I’m sure you’ll get a run for your money if you fancy having a bet. See what price I can get but will probably risk a few quid.

  357. Good Evening,
    Houtzen beaten fair&square no excuses also Chatez a non runner. Ante post is a jinx for me this year. Lets hope Colin has better luck at Redcar Saturday with his horse the ground has come right for him. So could be a big run on the Cards?. John.

  358. Good Day,
    Don’t know if any of you have any tips for Ascot?. I have backed the aussie horse e/w Houtzen 25/1 King stand stakes 18th June. Also Chatez hunt cup19th e/w 25/1 also e/w double (betfred) . Top Australian jockey aboard the two of them Kieran mc evoy. Best of Luck whatever you back Ascot. John.

  359. Hi Colin,
    Good to hear you also your horse are Tickety -boo. The racing game is a game of perseverance finding the right track/right ground/on the day also a bit of luck and hoping the opposition is not too strong but what you say sounds promising from your trainer a future winner so onwards and upwards to Redcar on the 22nd of June. Good Luck. John.

  360. John, don’t panic, i’m still here.Trainer considered ground was too firm at Donny and advised me not to run.It looked ok to me on the tele but you have to listen to your trainer. He considers we have a winner on our hands and doesn’t want it to jar itself up on firm ground. Looks like next suitable race is Redcar on the 22.

  361. Good Day,
    Has anyone seen Colin Holder?. His horse was entered in the 1-20pm Doncaster hope he has not got loose and Colin is running around to find him. John.

  362. Hi Colin,
    You wrote (8th May) and said your trainer said your horse would improve for the run which was his last run. So he would have been spot on for Donny fitness wise also would have gone close on the above assumption to hit the net. Shame he is a non runner 1st race Doncaster on the 1st June. Old saying in racing you should strike when the iron is hot. John.

  363. Hi Colin,
    Just a quick one regarding horses running not fit. Trainer Ken Payne (window Payne) would put up Lester Piggot on a odds on favourite another jockey on the outsider and win with that one. Lester said to him one day you want to get your horses fit. Payne was the King of the sellers and running horses not fit also doping. If it went on years ago there is no reason it don’t go on today. If you had a talking horse like MR ED you would never be with out a win. HA-HA. John.

  364. Hi Colin,
    When a horse has had a long lay off (7 months) sometimes they need a run and I guess you would not know if the horse is 100% as the horse cant talk I think this reflects the price he was 16/1. He was only beaten a head by Magna Grecia last year. Magna Grecia was favourite and blew right out don’t make sense. I guess if phoenix of Spain had not won Saturday he is entered at Royal Ascot /Coral Eclipse etc . Good efford for a horse to win a group 1 first time out this season he has trained on from last season. Good Luck. John.

  365. John, why would trainer want to sent it all the way to Ireland if it wasn’t fit. Horses cant run if they are not fit.

  366. John,I would have to guess at Steve Cauthen. Hoping for Doncaster next weekend. Need some rain. It’s raining as I write and hope it rains all day. Unusual to want it to rain.

  367. HI Colin,
    Iread Ryan Moores column last night he said phoenix of spain would not be fit enough to win been off since last October. So I did not back it today . I guess in life you should follow your own gut felling and ignore the racing critics sometimes. I have missed my chance at a good price my fault. Lack of concentration . I had him backed at 33/1 English 2000 non runner that’s life. Tempted to go to Sandown Park 6th July champions day Coral eclipse . Sandown 10 miles from me Ascot/Kempton/Epsom/Fontwell Brighton But have been to Nottingham/Bath when I had a horse. A quiz for you this jockey rode my horse to finish 2nd at Bath in the eighties he was called the Kentucky Kid any ideas ?. Travelling long distances to race tracks is very tiring as you spend most of the day on your feet also if you add a drop of amber nectar into the mix you sleep well for sure. I have been blitzed with non runners this year but Tiger Woods got me my money back winning at 20/1 on non runners also made a profit so not too bad. I guess your horse will be running at one of your local tracks?. Good Luck. John.

      1. Morning Jenky.
        A walk down memory lane . You were spot on Steve Cauthen and the trainer was Matty Mc Cormack.

  368. John, after a bit of study I dont think I fancy travelling all the way to Chelmsford. I’ll ask John to look elsewhere.

  369. Hi Colin,
    Chelmsford race track is about 11 years old . So I guess your visit to it will be a new experience for you. I am about 80 miles going south from Chelmsford . I think you have to find a track with a chance of getting a win if it means going south so be it. Best of Luck. John.

  370. Hi John, Coming down your neck of the woods. Horse planning to run at Chelmsford on Thursday 6th June.Ground looking a bit too firm at Wetherby and Donny next week.

  371. Excuse me John, but I seem to remember telling you that the national winner was passed the post if it stood up. I told you the stayers hurdle winner was a good thing and I mentioned that 8/1 winner at York, although admittedly you wouldn’t have had time to back that. I had a tenner ew on Koepka at 10/1. He was favourite but 10/1 ain’t bad. In fact I could have had 20s to lead on the 1st day but my theory about golf is that anybody could lead after day 1. I can’t put tips on here John because I follow the money and i don’t know what I’m backing until the last minute.Believe it or not but the winner I sent in on Saturday wasn’t noticed till late. I posted it and then didn’t have time to back it.Anyway I must go now to look for a few winners for today.

  372. Well Done Colin,
    First time you have tipped a winner on this page Golf/Horse racing. Koepka won the golf and was favourite to win it as he won the pga last year. Tiger Woods was ill that why he did not play his game. It would be nice if you could tip up some big price winners before the races on this page like you do in the Competition. Big Juicy Prices not Favourites HA-HA. John.

  373. Cheers Jason, April money sent to paypal and was transfered to my account within seconds.Down the field a bit this month but keep trying, you never know.
    John don’t usually bet on golf but think Koepka wont be far away.

  374. Good Evening,
    Can lightning strike twice ?. For the Tiger after masters win. I was on at 20/1. 019 PGA championship starts the 16th May. I am on at 12/1 £10 E/W William Hill 7 places one fifth the odds . Will the Tiger roar ?. No flash in the pan last time. Well done if anyone backed him last time 20/1. Shame Colin Backed Justin Rose. He could have had a few shillings in his pocket if he had been on the Tiger. Good Luck. John.

  375. Johns worry before the race was that he hadn’t run for 8 months. He told the jockey to jump out and drop in about 6th for the 1st circuit and then make a move about 3 out and ride him to the line. the jockey did what he was told but with hindsight, having watched the race when I got home,the jockey ought te have been 2 off the fence so that he could move out when he wanted but he was on the rail and couldn’t move out till in the straight and the leaders got first run. I was satisfied with the run considering the lay off and as I said before will be better for the race. I had to put 17pound each way on for my son and two friends but I had it on at 20s with William Hill 1/5 the odds first four.I dont know who backed it on course but it certainly wasn’t me and the trainer doesn’t bet.

  376. Hi Colin,
    Your horse was backed across the boards 25/1 to 12/1 he just failed to make the frame. I guess you left the few shillings in the bookies satchel . A seven pound drop in the weights should put your horse bang there in the same grade. Nevertheless a definite improvement best run to date. John.

  377. Dont think I’ll be punting. Prize money will be ok. In 1st 8 would cover expenses for the day but I’ll be disappointed if he cant get in 1st 3. Fingers crossed.

  378. Hi Colin,
    Good luck for tomorrow . 13 runners on the 13th day unlucky for some hope not for you. There is prize money down to eight places so there is a chance he can pick up some crumbs if not 100 per cent fit. Are you putting the few shillings down?. Best of luck. John.

  379. Hi Colin’
    The late Eddie Reavey ( ex jump jockey / Trainer) would say if you had a horse that can finish in the first six in a maiden should be capable of winning a small race or seller. Looking at the form of your horse he falls into that category and a chance of winning. Best of luck whatever happens Monday. John.

  380. All ready for Monday. Trying his best, but so will everybody else. Its a matter of sifting through the form and see what you fancy. I would hope that muftackker could be better than 60 rated. His half brother[ie the foal his mother had the year before him] won the Ebor laast year so you can see why I have my fingers crossed. Whatever happens on Monday John says he will improve for the run.

  381. If anyone was interested, which looks unlikely, sorry you are too late, as I am taking two more friendsfrom home.

  382. Hi everybody, if any of you guys live in the midlands and fancy a free day at Wolverhampton on Monday the 13th, give me a shout. I will have a couple of spare tickets and anyone is welcome to come with me. I am not a rich owner, born with a silver spoon in my mouth. Just an ordinary working class bloke who has worked all his life.

  383. Hi Colin,
    I thought youknowwhatimeanharry was getting past his best but it looks likes his trainer has freshened him up and back to his best. I was thinking taking on the Mullins team in there back yard was a tough task and at 16/1 was not fancied on his recent form but what do I know. You will have to give us the nod and the wink to get the few shillings on your horse when he runs if he is fancied. John.

  384. Hi John, it always comes to those who wait, so I hope you got stuck in to unwhatimeanharry. Before I look at the competition I am expecting you to be top if the pile.

  385. Follow the money John. Only way to make it pay. Talking about Muftakker, this could be his best chance so far as the handicapper dropped him 8lbs after his last run. Having a ride up to stable next week. I’ll give you an update then.

  386. Hi Colin,
    What a Extraordinaire man you are winning the competition again. I think it is a bit more then luck. you say your horse ( Muftakker) is the best in the Trainers stable?. Lets hope he follows in your footsteps and you get the double up. ( Double Bubble). John.

  387. Commiserations to Jenky13 for being second in the competition two months running. You will have to try a little bit harder this month. You must have thought you had it in the bag until that lucky colin holder came with a 10/1 winner on the last day. All the best for May. Hope you haven’t burnt yourself out with your last two efforts.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Colin.
      Yes I fear I may well have burnt myself out but will keep trying!!
      Good luck for May


  388. Hi Colin,
    Good to hear your horse will be back in action May 13th and hope for a big run. Just a mention if you contact the racing post and mention that you are a registered racehorse owner and on the day of your birthday you will get a mention in the birthday Honors list for owners past and present in the paper. I will be in there in October !st. It is a little something for those that have invested in the game past and present with out owners there would be no racing and a difficult game to show a profit. I guess it is better then a kick up the A– E. Good Luck. John.

  389. Hi Colin,
    Good to hear your horse will be back in action May 13th and hope for a big run. Just a mention if you contact the racing post and mention that you are a registered racehorse owner and on the day of your birthday you will get a mention in the birthday Honors list for owners past and present in the paper. I will be in there in October !st. It is a little something for those that have invested in the game past&present. I guess it is better then a kick up the A–E. Good Luck. John.

  390. John. I stopped backing ante post years ago. It ain’t worth it.Muftakker definitely runs on 13th. One mile six at Wolverhampton. 0-60 race so will be top weight but going ok at home and will be trying it’s best.Should get a good price as it’s from a small stable that hasn’t had a winner for over 3 years. That’s not the trainer’s fault, he hasn’t got the horses. Muftakker is the best he’s got. John has had plenty of winners in the past and todays lot are fed and trained the same but they aren’t good enough so I’m hoping mine changes his luck.Paul Mulrennan will be riding if he is at Wolverhampton that day. Need a 10/1 winner tomorrow. Had some bad luck this month.

  391. Hi Colin,
    Would you Adam & Eve it another non runner. Phoenix of Spain withdrawn today from the 2000 guineas Saturday. I guess it was a big ask for a horse to win a big race without a run this year. There will be another race another day there is a big race in him I believe . Is your horse running on the 13th May you mentioned it was earlier in a e-mail on this page. I like to get in early to get the big prices as you know sometimes it pays off other times non runners . That’s the name of the game. Good Luck. John.

  392. Dear Trevor Deyes,
    The deadline for changing a tip is about 3 minutes before the scheduled off of the race. After this deadline the tip cannot be changed anymore. The reason is that I don’t have data about the exact time when the race goes “in-play”. That’s why I have to use the buffer of 3 minutes.
    This hard deadline is valid no matter if the tip refers to a runner or a non-runner. The reason is that I get the results of the races in the night following the races. At the time when the race goes off I don’t have data about non-runners.
    This rule is applied equally to all participants. So it has implicit a certain degree of fairness.
    All change requests are processed like this: When we receive the change request, we check first the deadline (3 minutes before the off).
    Then we update the database and double check if the technical update was successful. Only then we send the confirmation message to the user. Perhaps you did not read the message with attention.
    I have double checked the database again. Unfortunately I have to confirm that your tip for this day was the non-runner. Right now there is
    little I can do. Any change which is not clearly technically motivated could be considered an unfair bias.

  393. Hi John comment taken but I received an email stating that BOTANI HAD BEEN CHANGED AS MY NAP AND I OK IT

  394. HI John Not heard anything back from you regarding my change of a non runner

  395. Dear Trevor Deyes,
    I have checked out the database. It appears that the results are displayed correctly.
    The winner of the 20:10 Kilbeggan race was Botani. It is marked correctly as winner in the database.
    I found your selections as Addeybb at Sandown 15:35 (Non-runner, as you said). You might have seen an error message when you submitted the second tip. I am sorry to confirm that I cannot change anything based on emails.

  396. His John Can you look at my selections for Friday noticed I had a non runner 3.3S Sandown Changed to a W Mulling horse in the 8.10 Kilbeggan which won 5/6 thank you

  397. Morning everybody, six days left of the competition and plenty in with a chance. Get tipping and best of luck to everyone. Most open ever, I think.

  398. Good Evening,
    Goes to show no nailed on certain Favourites 2 winners 1 second one PU. Disappointing . That’s why you never see a poor bookie . The way my horse luck is I think I might stick to the golf if the 2000 guineas tip fails. Good Luck. John.

  399. Good Day,
    The p Nicholls team have good chances last 4 races at Chepstow I guess popular with the lucky 15 players. Happy Easter. Good Luck. John.

    1. Many thanks Johann.
      Is this not just my email address which I gave when I registered for the competition?

  400. I was runner up in the March competition but haven’t received the prize.
    It’s the first time I’ve won a prize in the tipster competition so is there something I need to do that I’m not aware of?

    Regards jenky13

      1. Thanks for the reply Mr t.
        No I didn’t know I needed to.
        What information does Jason need and how do I send them to him?


        1. Jenky13,

          As I have never got near to winning I am not sure. It seems that when people have a problem collecting their winnings, that is what Jason always ask for. Probably Colin is the best person to ask as he is a multiple winner & has problems himself collecting his winnings on occasions. Other than that, try sending Jason or Johann an e mail via the ‘Contact us’ button at the top of the page.

          Best of luck.

  401. Just sent Golden Birthday 8/1 in for my tip. Two lengths in front at last and fell.What can you do. Answer. Try again tomorrow.

  402. Good Morning,
    Made a mistake yesterday. Phoenix of Spain is a colt not a filly he is in the 2000 guineas 4th May 3-35pm. Backed him (double carpet) 33/1. Good Luck. John.

  403. Good Evening,
    The 1000/2000 guineas coming up in May 4th/5th. Phoenix of Spain (1000 guinea entry) Beaten a hd end of last season group 1 by Magna Grecia after been hampered . Backed her today 33/1 E/W Betfred . If she has trained on must have a decent chance. Good Luck . John.

  404. Hi Colin,
    Don’t forget to enter your horse for 13th May otherwise he cant run?. As Tiger Woods goes I would not say the sports injuries he has had was brought on by himself they were sports injuries brought on by playing golf and he became addicted to pain killers the last fusion back operation seems to have worked going on the way he played in the Masters a true champion. I am in constant pain in my knees when I walk but fortunately I am not addicted to drugs/ or drink. Good Luck with your horse when he runs. John.

  405. Hi John, Glad Woods won for you but I was pleased for him as he has gone through a lot in the last 10 years. Unfortunately a lot was brought on by himself.

  406. Hi Colin,
    You cant say I did not give you the tip Tiger Woods in advance at 20/1. Brilliant golf entertainment Saturday/Sunday BBC 2 12 hours Tiger played a great game up with the leaders all the way. Shame you backed Justin Rose as you said you did. Got a few shillings in the kitty now after Tigers win an recouped ante post non runners at Cheltenham. Football bets I expect you know anyway . The betting shops do football coupons select your team win/draw/away all fixed prices in a accumulator 4 teams upwards hand it in get the receipt tells you how much you have to come if you win also the teams you selected a fun bet for a couple of quid or whatever you want to put on. I notice you say you horse is running 13th May, Must be 8 months he has been of long time. Hope he wins a few races for you to recoup training fees/vets etc.They say patience is a virtue . Good Luck. John.

  407. Just typical. Had 6 £2 doubles, 4 £3 trebles and £10 4 fold,Got £162 back but Forfar cost me over£1500.Honestly I haven’t had a full football bet up this season or last.

  408. Hi John,I backed stupid Justin Rose.I only saw him take 5 shots yesterday and he made a balls of 4 of them. Cant win at football either.My luck is so bad at football, I’ll give you an example. I have backed Brentford to lose away twice this year and they are the only two matches they have won away.Dont laugh too much when I tell you I have backed them to lose tomorrow. I have backed 4 that look good value Charlton, Reading, Alloa and Forfar. 6 doubles 4 trebles and 4 fold.Yes I had 20ew on Tiger Roll with 365. As I said they gave me 20 back but I am disappointed because I was expected a free £40 bet on the first televised race tomorrow but they tell me I dont qualify as I put it on on thursday and they teated that as ante post.

  409. Hi Colin,
    You were right about the national fav and I guess you made a few bob. The ground change went against my selection. They had heavy rain at Aintree then watered the ground keeping the going soft crazy. Not much luck with non runners ante post this year. One of my selections on this page last year was Tiger Woods (masters) he was placed so got a bit back. Backed him today at 20/1 e/w 6 places Betfred quarter the odds for the tournament tomorrow. He had a back operation so if it holds up he should be there abouts and capable of winning. Good Luck. John.

  410. John, if favourite stands up it’s past the post.It’s 7/2 with 365 and if it loses I get half my money back.That makes it a 7/1 chance. You’ll not get a better bet this week.

  411. Good Evening,
    I know the grand national is a pin stickers game but over recent years better horses are entered in it. The favourite is very short at around 4/1. I backed Warriors Tale in December at 15/2 under top weight at the Aintree course he won well. I think he is worth a E/W squeak at 66/1 (William Hill) 5, places. I backed him today. Good Luck with what ever you back. John.

  412. Assuming the answer to Colin’s question is that winners are still paid, do I qualify as runner up for March as the two people in 2nd and 3rd did not make the required minimum 15 selections?

  413. I have sent Jason two e-mails this month and as yet I haven’t had a reply. They were regarding the February competition. Do winners still get paid or is it now just a fun competition.Whoever wins the March competition would be advised not to buy their partner a present on the strength of getting £100 pounds within a few days of March ending.

  414. Good Morning,
    What a palaver at Sandown Saturday in the 1-50 race. Two winning posts one for chase course /one for the hurdle course. The judge called the winner on the chase course ( should have gone to specsavers) instead of the hurdle post.The poor bookies had to pay out twice A hhhhhhhhhhhhh. Backed Malaya at 5/1 betfred Saturday e/w best odds guaranteed pleasant surprise returned 7/1. Cheltenham Tuesday will need our thinking caps on a hard meeting to get the winners. Best of Luck. John.

  415. Good Day Colin,
    Went in Betfreds this morning to back Extra Mag would you believe it a non runner. Lucky I was not on ante post like many were on during the week at 20/1. Hope your horse is not a non runner next Month after that long wait?. Good luck. John.

  416. Good Evening Colin,
    Thank you for your concern yes I am alive and kicking. Sorry to say my two horses are non runners at Cheltenham which has put me a little bit behind. There has been quite a a lot of horses this year with setbacks some well fancied. I will now wait until the day to bet. Anyway Saturday Extra Mag has been backed 20/ to8/1 for the imperial cup Saturday Sandown Park. Martin Pipe would farm this race in the past and go for the double at Cheltenham. The value has gone on Extra Mag I guess he will go close of 10 stone. Two women talking about going to watch the boat race one said if Oxford win I will buy the winning team a drink the other women replies I will kiss the winning teams cox. COX I said. Keep Smiling. Good Luck. John.

  417. Morning everybody,I hope you will all join me for the concern regarding the whereabouts of John King. Nobody has seen or heard from him for over a month and it is completely against his nature.Anyone with information should contact this page asap, as he has two ante-post bets running next week.

  418. Hi Colin,
    I back ante post every year. I have two 33/1 shots backed already only way to get the big prices but it is a risk. The flu equine could be a problem as it will hold up the Cheltenham training programme . I have some lucky 15s on hold at the moment ante post. The only way you can get your money back is if the meeting is withdrawn , Fair play to Sky Bet festival money back non runners Cheltenham races. They say racing could be back next Wednesday but who knows for sure . Good Luck. John.

  419. John, be careful with your Cheltenham betting. Most of the bookies are non runner no bet on the championship races ie Gold Cup, Champion Hurdle, Stayers Hurdle and Champion Chase but only Sky Bet are non runner no bet on all Cheltenham races.

  420. Good Day,
    Watched casko D airy at Sandown recently travelled well on the bridle all the way a round until the final stages until got boxed in. Could be more to come improvement entered Albert Bartlett backed him today 33/1 e/w . The Albert Bartlett spuds are not bad will have some in my colcannon on ST Patricks day also some of the black stuff washed down might stretch to a couple of bottles of bolly if the horses perform at the Festival. Best Of Luck John.

  421. Hi Colin,
    You have to have a sense of humour in the racing game ups and many downs . You say your tips getting caught on the line you might need another part time hobby fly fishing and get some trout caught on the line. I might join you. Studying form for Cheltenham at present. Good Luck. John.

  422. Only one meeting this afternoon and one tonight, so more time to study. Anybody want the benefit of my experience might fancy a couple of bets namely 4-45 Sajanjl, Quantam Of Solace 2-20 andMuratello 2-55. 3 singles and a treble. Loch Linnhe 4-30, Archimedes 5-45,Macs Blessing 6-45 and Windforpower 7-15. Lucky 15. Other fancies are 3-25 Way out West[small ew] 4-00 Royals and Rebels [small ew] 4-10 Flood Defence 5-15 Grey Destiny 6-15 Pearl Spectre [small stake].Fingers crossed and good luck[you’ll need it] to anybody backing any of these.

  423. Just not meant to post a winner. 8/1 today. Length in front inside last and caught literally 5 yards from the line.Try again tomorrow.

  424. Usual start to Feb competition. 11 to 1 took lead in last furlong then collared close home. Then backed Nonios 15/2 in last. All about luck which you send in. Haven’t posted a winner for ages but backed a lot.Fingers crossed for rest of month.

  425. I am sorry to tell you that we have again problems with the data update. If somebody posted a winner which might have an impact on the results of this month competition then please let me know. I shall update it manually. Again sorry!

  426. Hi Colin.
    Thank you for your kind remarks also invite to phone/text you. I prefer to write comments/tips on this page as it is a wider audience and it don’t cost anything on this page. Before Uknowwhatimeanharry ran Saturday I did mention I had backed him for the stayers at 33/1 March. You think the Fav will win it certainly has a good chance. Sometimes that uphill finish at Cheltenham finds them out.I haven’t lost hope on harry he has been there and done it. Maybe not the force he was but I have not given up on him yet. the competition page has gone Kaput as they say in Germany. Good Luck. John.

  427. John, I can tell you are a good bloke with all your comments , but to tell you the truth I get a bit peed off with all the comments about the tipping competition. I’m not really bothered how it’s run cos at the end of the day it’s only i bit of fun. Admitted Sp would be better but if you want to play you have to abide by the rules. I hope you haven’t chucked any money away on Unowhatimeanharry for the stayers cos I think Paisley Park is a good bet.Ring me up sometime I’d love a natter with you about horses. Phone call are cheap and texts are more personnal than writing on here.That horse isn’t running tomorrow.

  428. Hi Colin’
    I think you misread what I said concerning the 50/1 sp that a competitor napped in the competition none of the other punters failed to get in winning distance. I said to Jason to cap the price to 33/1 which he did it is now capped again to 16/1. Would it be fair to say you won the competition with big price winners?. It may be shite to you but it is common sense to me. The competition is like a lottery you don’t have to know anything about horses to enter it so it gives everyone a chance. Unnowwhatimeanharry did not run well Saturday as he is getting long in the tooth but he is a 11 times winner I back him out of respect as he won me a good few shillings and the punters on this site in his hey day notably 25/1 win Cheltenham 016. I will be looking out for your tip Tuesday hope it wins and breaks your duck as you have not tipped a winner before the race on this page . Good to hear your horse is back in work and he goes on to win races he will need to cover training fees/vets bills/grub/ etc. I guess he has eaten a big hole in your pocket already. Good Luck. John.

  429. There isn’t have some shite talked on this page.The leader of this month’s competition has tipped 8 winners and the second 10 winners.Do they honestly deserve to be caught by somebody sticking a pin in a 50/1 shot and sending that in. I don’t think so. In case anybody checks and says I don’t know what I’m talking about cos I haven’t sent a winner in for ages, they would be mistaken. I bet all afternoon every day and would fancy myself against anybody. I honestly show a profit from horse racing, but you cant win the competition without a few outsiders and they aren’t the ones I tend to back. I do study form and pick a few outsiders out ,but you can only send one tip in. You might back 6 winners and a couple of losers in a day but if you then send a loser in, that’s how it goes.I’ve finished for this month but will be raring to go in FebruaryFor anybody interested Muftakker is doing one canter a day until the end of January building up to two in Feb then proper work in March. Hopefully be ready end of April.Got a tip for horse on Tuesday. Cant think of its name so will look up and post in a minute.

  430. Mr T,
    Quoting your comment on November 26th to Johann saying if you gambled you would use a site like Betfair.It makes me wonder what you are doing on this site as it is a gaming site and you don’t gamble as you say. What is your interest in the site?. Colins comment on the27th November says the company is tied up with Betfair.They are running a business not in it for the good of there health. Are you sure you&Colin are not tied up in the A- Team. As he puffed on his big cigar he said I love it when a plan comes together . HEE- HO-HO-HA-HA. Good Luck. John.

  431. 33/1.16/1.10/1
    I can’t believe that we are still banging on about this. Surely
    The only way to make it fair for everyone is to go by SPs
    That way no one can argue the toss
    As the meercats say

  432. Good Morning,
    For the fans of Youknowwhatimeanharry he is entered at Cheltenham 3-35pm as a trial for the stayers hurdle March festival meeting. I have backed him at 33/1 for the stayers on 26/12/18 Betfred ante post. Win/lose/draw he don’t owe me anything. Hope he goes well Saturday. Have not found anything under the radar yet for the festival meeting. Let you know if I find one at a juicy price. Best of Luck. John.

  433. I am a technical person. I know about databases, software structures and that like. Jason is the person who knows about horse racing. I am going to discuss this issue with him – again.
    My personal impression is that the rule of 16/1 is fair as it helps persons who know very well about horse racing. If we use a high cap (or no cap at all) there will always be a few participants who just submitted outsiders with high odds – and won by chance. Then these persons are at the top of the table – for one month.
    I have been thinking about the question for a longer time: How should look a rule that the winner of our competition is a person who submits profitable tips in the long run. Not just submitting outsiders – and sooner or later one of them will win and bring the participant at the top of the table.
    There are many participants in the competition and almost every month one will be at the top of the table – just betting on outsiders, who won by chance. In the long run this strategy leads to losses. However, in one month it might bring you at the top of the table – if you know about horses or not.
    To some extent I agree to Colin’s point: Colin suspected that they don’t back their own tips with real money.

  434. MR T,
    I addressed my e-mail to Johann not you. I don’t think me or any of the other competitors have to accept your comments unless you work for the company it is up to Johann. I mentioned a long time ago about putting a cap on 50/1 shots that don’t win very often and if some one naps one it wipes every one out in one go. I did say 33/1-16/1- 10/1 did not make any difference. Over the last two months there seems to be a divide between the top and bottom of the league table caused by the 16/1 restriction my opinion. John.

  435. Hi Johann,
    Just a mention about the restricted price of 16/1. Captains inn won at 20/1 yesterday yet the price you can have is 16/1 a couple of the competitors had it as there nap. I don’t know who the bright spark who wanted to change from 33/1 to 16/1 then wanted to drop to 10/1 crazy. If 33/1 was in operation it gives the competitors at the bottom half of the table to get in to contention and have a chance as the leader is on 46 points a big gap to make up many 16/1 shots I guess. The Cheltenham Festival is coming up soon March where many big price horses win 20/1-25/1-33/1-etc. At 33/1 it gives everyone a fair crack of the whip no matter what way they pick there horses. Good Luck. John.

    1. John,

      I do not wish to be drawn into an argument with you but your comments are hypocritical to those in your posting on 28th November at 9.16pm. I am afraid, like myself, you will have to accept this restriction.

  436. Hi Colin,
    Been sarcastic is a low form of wit not in my book. Racehorses in Ireland have Guinness ,Oats , Barley , Eggs, in there feed high protein . Maybe that is why the irish have the best racehorses . Having the craic in racing is well known, watch I,T.V, racing Saturday?. As you say I Know F,A, about Muftakker. I do know he was in Freddie Heads stable (France) and owned by a top arab owner a Sheik. Top trainers/owners wont keep a horse that is unlikely to win as they want a good stallion for breeding that’s why Muftakker went to the sales. You have had him gelded to bring out improvement hope it works. I live in the real World. Good Luck. John.

  437. Many thank’s for comp payment winnings received,a nice way to start the year,sorry Rosey99 for just nicking it on last day.
    hope all have a health and wealthy new year🎄.

  438. John, I don’t know whether you are trying to be nice, funny or sarcastic but the truth is you know FA about Muftakker. You know his results which could be better, but you don’t know how he has been pushed to his maximum potential or not.He is going for his scan at 1 o’clock on Monday. After that it’s all systems go hopefully. I think what I said was that he wouldn’t be ready until the grass season starts. There’s no reason why he wont be suited to Newcastle.Doesn’t matter whether you race on grass or sand you have to have the will to win and the necessary handicap to give you a chance. Happy punting John. Cheers Colin.

  439. Hi Colin,
    Happy birthday to your horse (January 1st) . I guess a bucket of Guinness /oats/barley/6 raw eggs all mixed in would be the order of the day after that he should be bucking like a stag. Not -ucking like a buck as he is a gelding . HA-HA. You said in your earlier e-mail that he is going back on the turf?. I would say he would have his work cut out on the grass as it is fast my opinion only . Anyway hope he wins for you. Happy new year to everyone . Good Luck. John.

  440. No racing for three days so the perfect time to wish everybody who visits this site a lovely christmas and a winner loaded New Year. The best of luck and good health to all of you and finally a clean bill of health for Muftakker.Cheers Colin.

  441. Good Day,
    Harry fell when in contention . He would have had the favourite beat who knows if he would have won that is racing. The Christmas craic. What does santa suffer from if he gets stuck in a chimney Claustrophobia . What is green and goes Ribbet-Ribbet a Mistle Toad. Happy Christmas. John.

  442. Good Evening
    Looks like there is a few shillings down on Youknowwhatimeanharry ( 9/2) sunday now Burlington Bertie one hundred to thirty and 3/1 in places. Best of Luck if you are on. John.

  443. Good Day’
    It is a good felling if you can tip up a winner on this page and you picked it yourself well before the race and it wins or placed so you win money. I highlighted the Skelton boys during the summer a real money winning combination. They went on to beat Martin pipes record for fastest 100 n/h winners. Our old money spinner Youknowwhatimeanharry over the last 2 years has been a good servant winning recently 11/4 .He is entered for the long walk hurdle Ascot Saturday 22nd. I have backed him at 9/2 (Ladbrokes) Christmas humour. What do you get if you cross santa with a duck a Christmas Quacker. The wife was laying in bed reading a history book she says once a King always a King once a Knight is enough I replied at my age once a week is enough. HE-HE-HE-Tee-Hee. For those that are here /there/everywhere for those that are not all there. A happy Christmas and be lucky. Good Luck. John.

  444. Ever been had. Just had £2 forecast on Mauna Key and Getadollar at 110 to 1. Watched the race and cheered the first two home. Won £220. Checked my balance at 365. Nothing credited, thought something had got disqualified then realised it was Dollarmix that was 2nd. What a walley.