Wales v Belgium

Wales take on Belgium tonight in the European Championships quarter finals and we are set for a brilliantly entertaining match.

Bet365 are back with their wonderful offer - place a £50 bet pre match and get a risk free bet up to £50 in-play. We can use to this our advantage to make some lovely guaranteed risk free profits in the region of £35-£40. Below is the process you need to go through and I advise signing up to a free no strings attached trial to Profit Accumulator, as they have a fantastic betting calculator which means we are able to calculate the stakes we need to use in seconds.

The first thing we need to do is place our pre match bet of £50. The main thing to concern yourself here is to find a selection that has close odds between Bet365 and Betfair, as we are going to be laying the bet we make on Bet365 using the Betfair exchange.

The prices at the time of writing this on a Belgium win are 2.50 on Bet365 and 2.52 on Betfair. If you put these figures into the Profit Accumulator calculator, along with the £50 stake, you will see that is calculates that we need to lay Belgium for £50.61, giving us a liability of £76.93.

Now, whatever happens in this match, we will make a loss on this initial bet of £1.93. Please see the calculation below which explains it in more detail.

If Belgium win -

£50 @ 2.50 = £75.00 profit with Bet365.

£50.61 @ 2.52 = £76.93 loss on Betfair.

£76.93 - £75.00 is £1.93 overall loss.

If Belgium fail to win -

£50.00 loss with Bet365.

£50.61 * 5% commission that Betfair charge on net winnings = £48.07.

£50.00 - £48.07 = £1.93 loss overall.

Now we have got the initial bet (qualifying bet) out of the way we need to wait for the game to start before we place our second bet. It's worth noting that in-play odds during football matches can move rapidly so what I always do if to wait for half time, as the odds are always a lot more settled then.

For our in-play bet we are going to look for a higher priced selection (if you have enough money in your Betfair account to allow this), as this maximises the potential profit we can make from this.

So the game is at half time and we find a selection that is a selection that is 6.0 to back with Bet365 and 6.1 to lay with Betfair. Using the Profit Accumulator calculator again, and this time using the bet type as 'FREE BET(SNR)' we enter the stake of £50 and the back and lay odds of 6.0 and 6.1. This will show that we need to lay the selection at odds of 6.1 on betfair for a total of £41.32, giving us a liability of £210.73. After placing the back bet of £50 on Bet365 and the lay bet on Betfair, we have now ensured that whatever happens we will make a profit of £39.27 on this bet. Please see the calculation below which explains it in more detail.

If bet wins

£50 @ 6.0 = £250.00 profit with Bet365.

£41.32 @ 6.1 = £210.73 loss on Betfair.

£250.00 - £210.73 = £39.27 overall profit.

If bet loses

£50 loss on Bet365 (however as part of the offer this £50 is refunded by Bet365) = £0.00

£41.32 * 5% commission that Betfair charge on net winnings = £39.27

Overall profit = £39.25

If we then deduct our loss of £1.93 from our qualifying bet we have made a total profit from this offer of £37.34.

If the liability on the second bet is too high for your Betfair balances using those odds, then you can look for a close match of odds that are lower so it will give you a lower liability. The only drawback of this is that the overall profit will also be lower.

I hope the above is clear, however if you have any questions at all, please leave a comment and I will come right back to you with an answer.

The above offer is just one of hundreds of offers that are posted on the Profit Accumulator website every week. I strongly advise you to set up a free account with them and see for yourself. They will talk you through exactly how to do two offers in which you will make around £40 risk free, it is then up to you if you want to sign up to their paid service and continue to make risk free profits. I have personally made over £7.5k since signing up to them in mid January 2016 and really recommend them.

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Enjoy your risk free profit!!

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2 thoughts on “1 Jul: Wales v Belgium – Guaranteed £35-£40 Profit”

    1. Hi Rodger

      If you mean for the first bet, then if it is a draw the lay bet wins as you are betting against Belgium to win.