(I thought that headline might grab your attention!!)






(Well maybe not £100k, but i will show you how to make a reasonable amount)



Now you may have heard a lot of stories going around about people making massive sums by trading on Betfair. There was a lad called Jim Makos who made 100,000 Euros in 1 year by trading  the horse racing markets. Jim started in 2004 with just 500Euros.

There are other people who claim to have made hundreds of thousands doing the same thing. But is it actually possible?


The answer... YES!!




Now making this kind of money is more difficult these days than it used to be when Jim Makos made his 100k. But there are still a lot of people out there who are making a living by trading on Betfair.


"What if I told you that there is a crafty little Trading technique that you can easily use to source a second income?"



Sound good? Well listen up....


A couple of years ago I came up with an idea that I though could make me some decent money on Betfair. The logic behind my method was good, but I had no idea of the practicalities.   I had a great idea but not a clue how to implement it, therefore I went off on to a quest to learn everything I could about Trading markets on Betfair.

I also came across some very interesting people that taught me lot. It also opened my eyes to what I was letting myself in for. By this time I had already learned everything I need to learn, but for some reason I wanted more.

I started to learn advanced techniques and played about with different tools and software. I was trying to trade like the big boys and eventually found it a bit much. Maybe I wasn’t cut out for it, I don’t know. But I had to take a step back.


I had completely gone off track from my initial idea. So I thought it was time to give my idea a shot, now that I understood how to place the bets and what software to use etc…


I remember the first day I put my method to the test. I did 12 trades and all 12 were profitable, I couldn’t believe it. I was buzzing, it gave me a sense of real accomplishment. (silly I know, especially after just 1 day)



Anyway, I continued to use my method and kept tweaking it as I went along. I soon realized I was spending far to much time trading. It takes up a lot of your life and this is something I didn’t want. I just wanted to make some money and then enjoy my free time. So after a few months I had built a bank large enough to start increasing my bets. I decided to reduce my trades to 5 a day. This meant I could still make a decent profit yet it wouldn’t take up to much time.


I value my time more than anything. As you probably already know, I give out free tips on my site everyday and like to follow sports betting. One of my goals for 2013 was to make this site better, so I have been adding new features and resources that hopefully have helped you out. This is just one of the new features and Im sure you will use it to learn a successful and profitable trading strategy.



How much Can I make Using This Trading Strategy?


With anyone starting out I always suggest a modest £30 profit per day. Once you learn the ins and outs and you are comfortable then you can increase it to £50, £100 per day.


Get used to seeing your screen like this, because with this system you will win regardless of which horse wins the race



Ok, I’m going to keep this short as I know you are eager to try out my trading strategy.

So How much does it cost?...


I could quite easily charge £60, £70 £80+ for this system. But as this is a free site, I would like to show my appreciation for you being a member. Therefore I have decided to give it away for Free…




So here is the link for my Betfair Trading strategy. Have a good read through it and I hope you can take something from it. Feel free to share it with your friends.


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If you are having problems downloading. 'Right' click the link and click 'save as'

'When clicking the Download button above, a pdf will open. You can then save it to your pc'


 If you can not access the download using the link above, You can click here to get a 'none 'zipped version






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  1. Clicked the twitter button and re-tweeted your post but no access to the promised system – What am I missing? how do I get the system?

  2. I am not a user of any social website, I am in my seventies and have no use of them. Can I download another way

  3. Hi Jason,
    I have downloaded your horse trading system today & am looking forward to seeing how it works. My first question is: how close to the off do you place your lay bet?