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Bet365 have an excellent offer on the Champions League tonight in the match between PSG and Chelsea. If we place a bet of £50 before the match starts and then another £50 in-play they will credit us £50 in cash if the in-play bet loses. We can use the normal matched betting techniques to ensure we make a guaranteed risk free profit and I will show you how to do this below.

First we need to place our pre-game bet of £50. Look for a bet that is very similar in price between the Bet365 odds and the Betfair odds. For instance a bet that was odds of 2.0 on Bet365 and 2.05 on Betfair would be close enough. We then use our matched betting calculator (these can be found online - however if you set up a free Profit Accumulator account using the link below you will get use of their calculator) to calculate how much we need to lay on Betfair. In this scenario we would place or £50 bet with Bet365, and then lay the exact same bet on Betfair for £50 (giving us a liability of £2.50).

Whatever happens to the outcome of these bets we make an initial loss of £2.50.

We now wait for the match to go in-play and find another bet that has very close odds. This is normally easiest if we do it at half time as the odds will fluctuate quite a bit when the game is playing. Let's say the bet we have found this time is odds of 5.0 on Bet365 and 5.1 to lay on Betfair. We would use our calculator to calculate the lays odds required to give us the same return no matter what the outcome. So we go ahead and place our £50 bet at 5.0 and then lay on Betfair for £39.60 (giving us a liability of £162.36). Obviously the lower odds we use the lower amount of liability we would have in our Betfair account but also the lower the return we will get overall.

Now we have placed these two bets we are guaranteed a return of £37.62 not matter what on the in-play bets. If we deduct the initial bets loss of £2.50 if gives us an overall return of £35.12 for only a few minutes work and completely risk free.


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Matched betting is something that can be used on a daily basis and Profit Accumulator have a fantastic website that details all of the bookie bonuses that are out there together with detailed instructions on how to profit from them. They have several members that make over £2,000 a month on a regular basis so it is definitely worth a look. As mentioned above, they let you set up a free account and run you through two bookie sign up offers which enable you to make £40 before you need to sign up to their paid service. I use it personally for myself and am over £1,000 up so far this month using it alongside my full time job.

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As always, if you have any questions at all, about any of the above, leave a comment below and I will try and help.

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2 thoughts on “£35 Guaranteed Risk Free Profit Tonight”

  1. I am already doing Bonusbagging matched betting and have used up some bookies opening offers. Would Profit Accumulator still work for me. Many thanks.

    1. Hi Sean, yes Profit Accumulator would still definitely work, you just wouldn’t be able to do the sign up offers again. There are loads of reload offers added every day and the majority of the profits are made from these.