I have decided to set myself a little challenge. Im going to turn £50 into £200 by betting on football. I'll be backing at low prices and rolling my winnings over to the next bet. If I lose,I will start again, If I win, I'll repeat the process. It seems like a fun challenge so feel free to join in. I will be posting my selections on here.

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27 thoughts on “£50 to £200 Football Challenge”

  1. hey j dude when we going to turn this 50 quid into 200 mate long time no bet? Great site thanks for the work you put in.
    regards barryx

  2. Ok, we are £50. down I will start again and give it 4 runs. If we dont reach our target after 4 attempts I think it’s time pack in.

    1st Bet – Basel to Win tonight @ 8/13 – Stake £50

  3. 2nd Bet – Juventus v Real Madrid ‘Under 3.5 goals’

    Stake = £60 @ 1/2

    A little more risky than the first bet. This fixture has averaged exactly 2 goals over the last 15 meetings. We can afford up to 3 goals so Im hoping for a tight game!

  4. falkenberg 1.37
    mariupol 1.46
    doxa 1.38
    sweden leauge ,ukraine leauge ,cyprus leauge im going to try 20 pound treble roll over try five times

  5. I did experiment with short price favourites using top teams throughout Europe and I did feel, as with your placebet pro (as in short prices), there was something to be gained from selecting the right short-priced teams. Not really had time to look at it again but now that teams are settling this might be the time to have another go.