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9th September

Todays Selections:



1.40 Gambol / Flash Crash

2.10 Dusk Till Dawn / A Little Magic

2.40 Parish Business / Shantou Tiger

3.15 Kalifourchon / Hawdyerwheelsht

3.50 Standing Ovation / Princeton Royale

4.20 Ladfromhighworth / River Purple

4.55 Empty The Tank / The Kvillenken

5.25 Cruise in Style / Bumble Bay




1.50 Jam Jar / Just Fabulous

2.20 Cosmopolitan Girl (nr)  Muntadel / My Two Scoops

2.50 Ahdaf / Cupatee

3.25 Thetis / Golden Strummer

4.00 Star of Lombardy / Good Run

4.35 Jacob Black / Ingelby Angel

5.10 Tectonic / Guaracha

5.40 Liberty Red / Air Squadron




2.00 Tidal Wave  / Ferryover

2.30 Elronaq / Venturous

3.00 Cotai Glory  / Monsieur Joe

3.35 Gannicus / Commissar

4.10 Mr Brightside / Heartbreak Hero

4.45 Fredricka / Confessional

5.15 Elhaame / Nafaqa





5.50 New Leyf / Angelito

6.20 Key on Kodiac / Brave Archibald

6.50 Persian Breeze / Pecking Order

7.20 Knight Music / El Campeon

7.50 Twentyone Choice / Showtime  Blues

8.20 Hawkbill / Dutch Heiress

8.50 Bazooka / Sweet Dancer

9.20 What a Dandy /ZedCandy Girl








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One thought on “9 Sep: TPS Wednesdays Free ratings”

  1. tps wed 9th matts stratergy

    mate youve dangled a huge carrot here . paperwise only ,i followed the whole day .and from 1.40 till 2.40 i was down 270 then whammo in comes at c240 and d300 to take me to 125 up..

    so should have stopped there according to the 90min rule but just kept going .then keep going 3 more first in a row take me to +355.followed by 8 more losers in a row takes us to -85 BUT!!!! cruise in style 525u comes in at 5/1 now with £100 on it so we are suddenly up to 515+…and if i then ignored all your rules and followed the evening throughout at K then we end the day on 725 !!! starting with a sinle £20 bet dropping to the lowest at -2709 and picking up again to this is unbvelievable !!!

    what are people moaning about !!

    now ive been with loads of other services for months and this is good ..but only 1 day ..and ive gotta get off cuckooland

    mate send me one more day as a teaser cant happen again BUT even if it only made £100 across the whole day im in !!

    all the others i use have a proofing site . have u you anything similar ?