Matts Winning Strategy for the TPS ratings!!

After a cracking day on Wednesday when we gave the TPS ratings for free, also followed up with another day full of winners yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to share with you Matts Strategy to making a profit from his ratings!

The last 2 days alone have produce £300 profit!!



The strategy works as follows - (you can use what ever multiple you choose)

I bet either 10/20/30/40/50 or mostly 20/30/40/50/60 resetting back to 10 or 20 after each winner.

If the 1st rated is a non runner i often use the 2nd rated as this becomes the 1st rated by default. But you can choose to skip any races where the 1st rated isnt declared.

In addition you should set a daily profit target and if you hit it, stop regardless of where you are in the 60 or 90 min strategy.

For example, the 2nd race yesterday Azure Amour won at 5/1 - £30.00 x 5/1 banked £150.00 less the £20 from the 1st race loser means a net of £130.00. I actually stopped at that point as I like to make £100 a day if possible.

You must also have a stop loss - mine is the £50 or £60 last bet - it means there has been 5 continuous losing bets.

So I lose either £150.00 or £200.00 on any one day. I also dont bet EVERY Day - I rarely deploy the system at the weekends or Tuesdays (Tuesdays seem the worst day for racing)

There are plenty of examples on the Forum of me posting the selections and winning profit for the day. Some days can be £200+ others £500+

I havent got any spreadsheet with the results on as I just dont have time to do this as well as everything else i have to do. But save to say, its a proven strategy

The point i try to stress to everyone is that the Ratings will easily make you £20 a day. £20 a day is £7200 in clear profit each year. 
22/7/15 Example:

60/90 minute strategy

2.00 2nd – 20.00
2.10 1st 5/1 x 30.00 = 150.00
2.20 up -20.00
2.30 1st 2/5 x 30.00 = 12.00
2.40 1st 4/5 x 20.00 = 16.00
2.50 1st 10/11 x 20.00 = 18.18
3.00 1st 1/6 no bet!
3.10 up -20.00
3.20 1st 8/11 x 30.00 = 21.81
3.30 -20.00
Extra bet as missed due to no bet in 3.00
3.40 1st 4/5 x 30.00 = 24.00

Gross Profit: £241.99
Less (20+20+20+20) 80.00
NET Profit: £161.99



23/7/15 Example:

90 minutes today
2.00 3rd -20.00
2.10 up -30.00
2.20 1st 7/4 x 40.00 = 70.00
2.30 1st 11/10 x 20 = 22.00
2.40 up (2nd rated wins at 6/1) -20.00
2.55 2nd(nose) -30.00
3.05 1st 4/5 x 40.00 = 32.00
3.15 1st 2/7 no bet
3.30 1st 9/4 x 20.00 = 45.00
Extra bet for the no bet at 3.15
3.40 1st 7/2 x 20.00 = 70.00
Gross profit: £239.00
Less( £100.00)
Net profit £139.00 today.


The Ratings Service is a long term project. You will make money as long as you stick to a strategy and give it a proper go. Discipline and patience are key.

Its not a tipping service though some tipsters would kill for our strike rate. You must set realistic goals and accept some days you'll lose. BUT we have a massive core of members who have been with us from the outset. Denis has made well over £6000 since joining, others have made £6000 and £10000 in ONE DAY! I kid you not!

If you can stick to a plan and remain realistic, the Rating will be your friend. If you're looking to make £1000 a day, then this isnt the place for you.

Hope this helps


> TPS Ratings 


The TPS ratings service is just £34.99 per month and with this strategy you can easily make £7000+ per year!! You do the math


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