This page has been created for Deans forex advice and also to discuss the football pools idea, please keep comments within the subject..

Dean has kindly offered to share his expertise in forex trading.

Please see comments below.....

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229 thoughts on “Deans ‘Forex’ and ‘Football’ page”

  1. I know it’s a bit late but there is a free trading website which people can signup for a and show there trades in real time for followers to copy.

    I was also more interested in the forex, pity we can’t subscribe to that part only, although I would like to see some past results.

    Also dean might have to be careful if giving trading signals for a subscription as you have to be registered to do this I believe, but I might be wrong.

  2. Jason,
    any chance you can do the the new subscription service (especially forex)
    for a small nominal fee to start with, then people can try it to see if it suits them


  3. Hi Jason

    Good news that Dean is returning. However, disappointed that the forex is only going to be included as an ‘add on’ to the horse racing subscription; and it will only be a daily summary. I’m more interested in forex than the horses so was hoping this would be a separate dedicated service with live feed or a copier.
    I appreciate Dean will have is hands full with the new horse racing service but I’m sure from this thread there’s enough interest for a dedicated forex service if Dean will consider it.

  4. Hya all just to let you know Jason has started a football blog for anyone who is interested to share their tips or systems for football bets.

  5. Hi Dean

    I would be very interested in joining your forex service, just let me know what I need to do and when.


  6. sounds a good idea lads,but think we’d be looking at 30 quid plus per month each for the copier,then it’s only right Jason and Dean’s charges go on top of that

  7. Hiya Jason

    This all sounds really good but most people will probably be tied up doing there 9 to 5 grind, would a txt message service not be better as most people have smart phones or a trade copier service that everyone can set to their own level.

  8. Hopefully we will be up and running very soon. Dean is a little busy at the minute and I’m still working on the site so I will let everyone know as soon as it’s ready to go. In the meantime if you are thinking of joining but don’t have any experience then please learn as much as you can about forex and how to place trades.

    Dean will be posting his trades in the members area and you simply copy them. There will be an alert box that pops up on your PC every time there is a new trade.

  9. Hi Dean and welcome back I seem to have lost the earlier posts on this page but definately interested in signing up as long as the cost is not too high will be looking to build a modest bank say starting at £3k can you send me some details of what you are proposing

  10. I am still interested things might be difficult for me due to time difference and small starting bank hopefully hAlf a dozen to a dozen trades a week will be enough

  11. Whats the price going to be Jason? Also how does the live feed work? There seems to be a few people thinking dean is going to be placing trades for us through our accounts,which i know is possible but im guessing he will be telling us what to trade and it will be up to the individual to place there own trades.

  12. No problem with me on that Jason,i wouldn’t have expected Dean and yourself to be setting it up for nothing,count me in 🙂

  13. Update regarding the Forex service

    We are setting up a new site for Deans forex to keep it separate from BetInfo24 and horse racing. Now when the new site is ready there will be a free trial period but then I’m afraid we are going to have to charge a monthly fee. For 2 reasons..

    1) We only want serious people using the forex service because as some of you may know, it’s not straight forward and you will need to learn a bit about forex before you start to trade real money. If we did the service for free then every man and his dog would join and there would be a lot of people who havn’t got a clue what they are doing, which will only have a negative affect on Deans trades let a lone waste a lot of his time. We can only take on a limited number of people.

    2) Dean will be putting a lot of time and effort into this on a daily basis, and he will also be trading for us all in a separate account, as well as giving us successful trades each day.

    But anyhow, the new forex site should be done soon and I’m sure it will be very profitable for anybody that joins. I will let you know as soon as its ready.

    I’m sure you can appreciate why we are having to charge for the service, and Im sure you understand that this is a very good opportunity to make some good profits from forex trading


  14. Hi Dean defo interested in that Forex idea. Just to get things straight this new company your talking about. Will it place trades on our own account identical to yours but based on our own staking per pip?

  15. Hi Dean,
    Just to introduce myself, Lee from ireland here.
    Watching yourself and Brian’s selections for a while, some good stuff,thanks

    Have previously studied stocks and paper traded, learnt from a j monte,market guys. And just recently forex nial fuller.
    So would be very interested to join the live trading.

    Think it might be best if you suggest the bank and realistic expectations

    Thanks again


  16. Hi Dean

    Yes definately count me in will be looking to make £30-£50 per day would be quite happy with that and have a start bank

    Appreciate all your efforts and time………really hope we hope we can make this work

  17. i’m away for 2 weeks from tomorrow Dean,but you can most definitely count me in…my bank will be between 2.5-3k for starters,and i’ll (hopefully) put the other 1k in when it becomes second nature to me,and as i mentioned earlier,if i could aim at £50 to £60 a day,that would be fantastic,if not,then i’ll look at building the bank up a bit first.

    I’m hoping to get online a few times while i’m away so should be able to keep tabs on any progress.

  18. Your Comments
    ok count me in dean, looking forward to it, not clear if you mean i can just follow or will i need to study stuff first? If so let me know what and will do while your on holiday. Cheers

  19. To be honest Jo if yr not 100% sure how it works you will probably lose that $100 pretty quick ive mentioned in previous post that im in contact with a company who are gonna give us all a free £100 no deposit bonus +30 bonus on whatever you deposit. if we all do it then all on the same platform with the live feed should be excellent cant wait. Also ive asked jason if he will put up another page while im on holiday and if i could ask all who are interested to put yr details on that page just things like yr starting bank how many pips a day you would like anything else u think is relevant then when i get back we need to come to an agreement about how many pips a day were going for and stick to it once i have all yr info then we will get set up with the fx company and we should be ready to make some cash. Lots of it hopefully.Dean

  20. nope,as you say,following you in with the time delay could be a mistake,i’ll wait for the live feed,i’m sure IG won’t miss my 50p trades…anyway,have a great hol 🙂

  21. Your Comments
    almost forgot Dean, have u heard of fxgm, they recently emailed me offering tutorials and advice and live demo on phone for free only asking i deposit 100 dollars which they would top up by 30 percent , into my account. If you have heard of , do u recommend or is it necessary if following your tips now.
    thanks again, from joe

  22. Hi Dean

    Currently on buy Gbp/Usd. Are you still on it? Are your indications still the same? I really can’t wait for the live feeds so we can get on it sooner!!!



  23. Your Comments
    thanks for your reply dean, looking forward to it, can u just confirm that it will be possible to just follow without having to read and study the info u suggested.
    Dean as i now have the time im also interested in horseracing /tennis and football, are there any systems u recommend to follow for these?

    Best wishes and good luck today with your horse tips

  24. Hi Jo sorry i missed yr question and is gonna set up a live feed on the site so you can follow my trades exactly should be starting in a couple of weeks

  25. yeah i did johnny if you notice with most my trades i quickly counter if things go other way and what a counter it was rode it all the way up to 12276

  26. thanks Dean,did you get out of the eur/usd yesterday ok? it shot the other way fairly sharpish,using yesterday as an example,do you have a set damage limitation,or go with your instincts and experience?

  27. Morning johnny had pretty early start this morning after closing the sell then bought @12258 currently around 12267 expecting/hoping will rise to around

  28. Your Comments
    hi dean, with all your post u may have missed mine, any chance when u get minute to reply as would like your help if poss to do way i suggested. feel free to email if prefer. Again thanks

  29. closing the sell +12pips
    looks like it could be on the rise again but my signals reckon its gonna top out at around 12310 so not much left in it

  30. as for todays trades guys think i’ll have to wait till later to advise as i already bought eur/usd at 7am then closed 27 pips up i then opened a sell on the same pair which is still open currently +14 pips but think i’ll be closing very soon if anything comes up i’ll let u know asap

  31. Hi steve i supposse you could say its a combination basically after so many years in the industry i developed my own software which will give me a signal when a pair is about to move and will tell me which way to go depending on the price at a certain time.

  32. Good morning all,hope you’re enjoying the sun Steve,it’s far from glorious oop north,another wet n miserable morning,ah well here’s to a profitable day,best of luck with the trades and the hosses everyone 🙂

  33. Morning dean

    Hope your well on this glorious day, in the south east anyway. Ive been reading up on baby pips about all the different strategies traders use to decide when to trade which I’m finding very interesting.
    I was wondering if you have a specific method you use (sma, ema, bollinger bands etc etc) or combine all of them to decide on your entry and exit points.
    Good luck in your trading today and thank you for all your time and unselfish work that you put in.


  34. yeah nelly jason said it will take a couple of weeks to set up and yes people will be able to join anytime

    see ya in the morning johnny

  35. Dean

    Is this all going to happen after your hols and can people join in as we go as a few friends would be interested

    Thanks again

  36. Hi guys sorry ive missed some of your questions been mad busy. i dont like doing this cos i could be just making it up but i hope you will trust me i just didnt have time to post closed sell eur/usd@12230 +36 pips@£50pp +£1800
    opened buy eur/usd@12218 closed@12259+41pips@£20pp +£820 think thats me done for the day.

    @dan i only stick with forex dont touch binarys

    @alex your starting bank is entirely what yr comfortble with and how much you want to make but before we start everybody who,s gonna be in on this i will need to know there starting bank and i can estimate how much you should be winning per month. obviously its not gonna be the same every day its not often you get days like today where it something like +100 pips i think we all need to agree on a conservative figure per day and stick to it then as our banks grow we can think about moving up. Dean

  37. i’ve gone for it Dean,see how it goes for a while,i’m amazed you can sleep at night with all these figures and ratings in your head!

  38. if anyone else wants to jump on the sell eur/usd mines already +33 pips @12233and another strong indication is it may drop as low as 12175 but be careful

  39. closed sell gbp/usd@15593@£50pp +17pips+£850
    on the verge of closin sell eur/usd currently 22 pips up@£50 pp but my indications say its gonna drop a lot more what to do

  40. i’ve closed out Dean,15 quid up on one,and 13 up on the other,that’s a great return on 50p a pip,probably a bit premature but i’m happy with it,many thanks 🙂

  41. Hi Steve,i had a look at fxcm,but i sort of know my way around the IG set up,so played safe.

    @Dean- some good introductory bonuses there,really looking forward to it,and have a great hol,its my 20th wedding anniversary when we’re away, i must remember to get a card over here,she won’t be able to read spanish 🙂

  42. Chris first deposits are completely up to you guys everybody will be playing different stakes tha £100 you get free you need to play through so yo play with the £100 and any profit you make is yours plus if you turn £100 into profit you get £100 bonus aswell so yr getting£200 really plus any deposit bonus and dont worry its soo easy to clear did mine in about an hour yesterday so even if you were gonna paper trade to start you will have a £100 to play with.

    I fly out on saturday we havent booked returns yet but should only be a week

  43. Hi johnny/ dean

    I’ve also set up an account with IG and also got a demo account with fxcm which seems ok but let us know about Your new company, il be happy to join.

  44. sounds good Dean,i’m away for 2 weeks from this Sat,hopefully should be back in time for the live feed 🙂 when is your break starting?

  45. Morning dean

    Is it this week you fly great rebound yesterday trading cable at the moment things going well thanks

  46. Well theres quite a new company around and as ive just deposited a large amount if i can get 20 members to sign up they will all get £100 no deposit bonus +30% of first deposit bonus i lso get £100 for everyone that signs up which i thought i would put in a seperate account i’ll trade it and we will share it out just before xmas. but i’ll let you know nearer the time jason said it would take a couple of weeks to set the live feed up.

    1. I am in just need to bag a few more bookie bonuses first will 1000 be enough to get started or do i need to hit the poker tables aswell
      ps i hope it goes better than my options trading did

  47. I opened an account with IG index a few years back,and i’m still eligible for the 50p pips,so its not quite paper trading but nearly,or would you recommend a different one?

  48. closed gbp/usd at a loss of 6 pips ive got strong signals both ways gonna wait untill it settles down a bit if it drops to 15610 sell if it goes up past 15635 buy its such fine margin this morning

  49. to be honest johnny while im sitting here watching it i dont. most would recomeend 1% of your bank but if it has a sudden dip then quickly recovers yr trade has gone so i prefer to keep an eye on it if i think its going the wrong way ill close and counter.

  50. Good morning Dean,yeah,its a rollercoaster when children and grandchildren come along,glad you got the guts of it back yesterday,i’d been listening out on the news for any domestic trouble around the Catterick area 🙂

    Thanks for the trade,i’ve put it on,what sort of stop loss do you do?

  51. Morning johnny we di try a n spend as much time over there as possible but weve just got a grandaughter and its hard to leave her and yeah got most of iy back yesterday.

    9-12 am bought eur/usd@12276@£20 per pip hoping its gonna hit 12315 possibly 12330

  52. Can’t take the wrap for that one Dean,if any jinxing kicks in,it’s from tomorrow 🙂

    If i had your talent for this,i’d be getting a flight into the UK from my pad in the sun,not the other way around! No worries with the time,i’ll keep checking from 8.45 on,hope you get the 1460 back soon as.

  53. @johnny or anyone else who wants to follow sory i cant give an exact time when i will be on its just whenever i finish the horse ratings between 9-10 usually

  54. Ahh ok so it was your fault Johnny. As i said before wife nag nag nag to go to our holiday home so just before we go to book flights i set another trade to buy eur/usd and of course i never forget to set my stop loss, yeah right i come back and ive lost £2800 just shows how easy it is to do currently got £1340 back but she,s still got £1460 to answer for

  55. Dean,your trades are uncanny,looks like you were born to do it 🙂 hope i don’t jinx you,i’ll be following from tomorrow,paper trading of course

  56. That`s great, away from the ratrace, i`m in a rural part of essex don`t see too many people, thats the way i like it.
    Going to have a crack at eur/usd see you after holiday, thanks Dean.

  57. Think that’ll do me for this morning i’ll be back this afternoon. Dean

    eur/usd more than likely continue to rise to around 122325 if anyone wants to have a go

  58. Hi Dean, i missed the trades this morning, packing for holiday and all that, i keep saying it but really looking forward to the live feeds, have a great hols if you go away and i`ll be in touch.
    What part of the country are you in.

    1. i dont know what scares me more the fact that you get nearly every trade right or that every time you get one wrong you just reverse it and WOW

  59. Sorry digger that answer was meant for you not shane also yes most trades i like to dip in and out quick but some you just cant and have to wait it out.

  60. @shane a lot of companys do let you trade pipettes (thats the 5th decimal place) but it wont make any difference to the way we trade and dont worry about going away looks like i will be too constant nagging from the missus about time spent on here she,s going to book flights today says i can come if i want lol so looks like i’ll be gone for a week too.

  61. Dean, that is brilliant news on the live feed mate, back on the 27th and i`ll be straight on here to have a look if it`s live then, you are a pioneer in this field mate and deserve all your success.
    Thanks to Jason too for helping and letting the development of this.

  62. Your Comments

    Dean your quotes are always to 4 decimal places but the fxcm demo shows them to 5 ….does this make a difference


  63. @shane Well the idea were closest to agreeing on is providing a live feed (i must be crazy) so you can all be instantly up to date with ehat im doing but when its all finalised i’ll let jason explain.

  64. Great taken off the table on eur/usd funny the reversal for the open today see if the yanks want some action

  65. stop loss was activated at 12205 lost 15 pips@£20 per pip -£300
    countered with sell at 12205 @£50 per pip

    sorry guys in a rush this morning try and get back asap

  66. your Comments

    Dean im semi retired and have time and money to invest to make money, My question is im not good at studying due to dyslexia and wondered if ok just to follow your tips. Could you lay out a step by step procedure of exactly what to do , including stop loss set up and anything else necessary, like when to get out ect, as an example , so placing your tips is clearer. I take it this way would work also without need to study?
    Appreciate your help and honesty, rgds Jo

  67. Good morning guys until we get somesort of live feed or something so i can see who is on here i will just give you my first tip for the day

    eur/usd strong indications that it will carry on rising for a while yet i bought at 8am @1220 its around 1225 at the moment im hoping to close around 1260.If it does happen to go the other way my stop loss is set at 1205 and i would counter and go short(sell). I doubt this will be a quick dip in and out but i will let you no later.Dean

  68. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys its always appreciated.

    @Shane now thats something we should definately look at lol

  69. Hi Dean

    I have been a silent observer for a while now but just like to congratulate you on both your forex tips and horse racing selections.

    I have considered Forex for a while now but it seems such a mine field, but I must say you defo seem to know your stuff and I would be interested in enlarging my bank thru your knowledge.

    I have also looked at PreRace Horse Trading on Batfair but again its a jungle. Have you ever had a dabble at Betfair Trading?

    I know that Betfair have introduced a Premium Charge of 60% to Shaft Traders and just wondering if Forex is now the way forward for alot of traders.

    But you have a lot of years of knowledge under your belt, honestly, how easy is it for newbies to learn from scratch and get invoved with Forex?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

  70. Hi dean/jason
    Count me in on this one, just woundering if you had a chance to look at the 4xsolutions that mentioned in a early message and give us your thoughts..


  71. Hi all

    Yes Dean count me in. Like others just made redundant have a start bank , albeit small but to make £50 per day would be awesome. Will study the sites mentioned. Any other direction to learn you could point me in. I come from a financial background last 30 years!

  72. sorry Dean i forgot to ask, will i miss what you and Jason are setting up as going away for 2 weeks and obviously would like to keep in on the system.

  73. Ditto that Johnny. I’m very keen to go on this journey and look forward to more info. Im off now to read baby pips and learntotradethemarket

  74. It sounds very interesting Dean,many thanks to yourelf and Nellie for your good advice,you can definitely count me in,meanwhile,i’ll be in the study room 🙂

  75. Tim yeah it certainly seems like he knows what he is talking about.

    @Everyone i think i have to explain even though i strongly recomend you absorb as much info as you can, i didnt do any of that as ive said earlier my father worked for one of the biggest investment banks. i started working there at 16 in 7 years i went from skivvy to junior financial analyst to prop trader which is about as high as you can go.

    So to Johnny from a £4000 starting bank i can easily make your £50 -£60 per day target. no disrespect to you nellie i understand exactly what you are saying but the way i trade and the way me and jason are thinking of setting this up you WILL be able to set and achieve daily targets. Also with this way of trading you can safely use 5% of your bank per trade.
    Right i think thats all i wanted to explain either me or jason will keep you informed about how we are going to do this but it will also depend on how many people are interested in making a serious commitment to this.

  76. Cheers Nelly,i know what you’re saying,the 3 months/target per day are just an overview on my part,i’m looking at that amount per month combining a few things,but my study head will most definitely be on 🙂

  77. Johnny

    Don’t be concerned in chasing the daily total with a limited period of 3 months it just doesn’t work like that it is knowledge and experience and it takes years look at dean since age 12 yrs never use more than 1% of your pot in stop loss and expect down days as livewithoscar says stops are in emotions are out take care buddy and study study study

  78. Morning all, been studying baby pips site most of the day yesterday,as i’m very much a novice with forex and the like.

    The long and short of it for me is i have around 4k to use after being laid off work 3 weeks ago,and if i can make the average of 50/60 quid a day for 20 days a month,i’ll be more than happy.I will study whatever i need to study and put the effort in whenever anyone’s kind enough to post advice,if it helps me avoid joining the rat race again.

    If my cunning plan goes belly up in 3 months,then at least i’ll know i gave it a go.

    I’m very interested in anything that helps me reach that goal,so count me in 🙂

  79. Yep profit in off the table count me in been tradin for a lifetime since they opened it up for all. Its been a great tradin day with Yankee sentiment Friday glory after 6 days of selling will they take the profit due to the weekend time for the bar!!!

  80. Ok guys ive emailed jason to see what he can come up with cos i would rather leave that side of things to him after all it is jasons ite so i will wait till he gets back to me and we will go from there
    BTW did anyone get on any of the trades today??

  81. Hi Dean, Forgot to say ,once back i`m around everyday in the week as i run an internet business so will be able to place bets quick, let me know.

  82. Sounds great Dean, well interested, i`m on holiday from tuesday but will be straight back into it after then and will be well up for it,
    thanks Dean,

    i missed the last tip but am willing to give you my no. for text tips to be a guinea pig, i can then verify they work to others on here and it will be worth a small fee to everybody, what do you think Dean.

  83. Hi Dean

    4xsolutions trade copier service is probably the way to go. If you make a trade everybody elses account would automatically copy your trade to his or her set trade amount, it cost about £30 pounds a month i think.

  84. this way of doing things is too slow by the time i write it out and send it it can be too late gonna speak to jason see what we can do please leave a comment if your interested cos i dont think its gonna work like this. Dean

  85. Sorry shane i couldnt even put a price on it its basically about 16 hours a day for the last 12 years of my life plus its not something somebody else could just pick up and use its took me years of studying to identify the signals.

  86. 12-48 closed gbp/usd@1.5497 +22 pips @£50 per pip +£1100 signs are it may well cary on climbing but im quite happy with £1100

  87. Shane you should be fine with that for a while i just wanted out quickly because i have another strong signal which should materialise very soon

  88. Was initially gonna let this one run expecting to drop as low as 15380 but its looking very volatile may close early with small profit i will post as soon as i know

  89. So sorry i didnt get you my tip this morning i only had time to get on quickly as i had so many races to rate on my other page

    7-35am bought eur/usd@12189
    10-10am closed @12216 +27 pips@£20 per pip

    10-32 am sell gbp/usd@1,5546

  90. Morning all, been following racing and just a quick glance at forex (not for me, too thick) but I can’t find the football pools idea that Dean has, can you point me to it? Cheers

  91. Hi Dean
    I sort of know the forex basics but as just made redundant have some time on my hands and would like to read up and learn it throughly before going live any pointers? reading material or tuition sites you would recommend?

    1. Its dropping off a bit Nelly, I hope you closed at 122.10, that would have been a very nice profit. do you know of any software that shows signals to trade before we head off to the daily grind for those of us on here that carn’t get the trades during the day.cheers dan

  92. You have to listen to dean and train train train paper trade and never chase your bet if it goes against take a break I know a trader that lost everything dean has 25k has a safe house cos if it turns you get burnt big time the markets are not like the horses you have a stop loss on the bet money you put on but with trading unfortunately you have to goto bed or go for a pee etc you get stuck to the screen please please take care the only one accountable is yourself I don’t apologise for this as I’ve seen kids go without Xmas presents an a family broken up take care take small

  93. just understood what you meant by baby pips in the top message im currently going through preschool will repost when a graduate sorry for spamming happy trading

  94. Adamski please please go through baby pips it will teach you all you need to know its fine just thinking you can follow what i do but i think nelly will tell you the same there are so many ways you can lose money. by the sounds of it nelly knows what he or she is doing but if i post a message to close by the time you read it then figure out what to do the oppertunity will most likely be gone please dont think im putting you down in any way but this is something that only comes with lots of learning and experience.

  95. right think ive got it all im struggling with is what forex trader to use and how to use there site any suggestions sorry to be a pain?

  96. Topping out breakout needed was long on dj -100 was taken will it play out like last nite and take the short route 2 hrs yet great trades thou what time r u off tonite

  97. Digger other people may direct you to sites where you can trade at a penny a pip or something like that but the honest answer is the only real way of limiting your liabilities is to learn learn then learn some more as i said in previous post babypips is invaluable i woildnt recomend anybody starting trading without going through it at least twice.

    Adamski 99% of my trades are £2000 x100 leverage

    nelly starting to get a few negatives may close soon

  98. 122 looking good you still in what is the overnight schedule 16 hours work ur not wrong with the Asian trade when oil was 140 and the weekend oil market was open that was a killer no Covent garden that Friday nite

  99. hi dean managed to find a site that explains it just registering for a demo what do you use as your base currency maximum leverage and amount?

  100. Your Comments

    Dean/anyone , i’m really interested in forex, and know it can be risky, but is there a way of limiting your liabilities


  101. Hi guys just got back home and 21 pips up at the moment moved stop loss up to +£200 not worried at the moment but sceptical wether it will hit 12232

  102. Hi dean what is this forex thing your referring to I’ve tried googling it but nothing makes sense I no u said its for pros but could u just explain it in Lehmanns terms for me cheers pal

  103. you`re the man, balls of steel and all that, thanks for putting your tips on here Dean, will definitely follow you, and let you know how i do


  104. Your Comments
    Hi Dean
    Looking at some of the comments I agree with you that some of the guys should paper trade or use baby pips. Its quite staright forward short or long are just names for buying and selling and putting stops limits losses. The art is getting out at the right time and not being too greedy, shown by you with your change in the USD/JPY trade. I will be looking with interest, is there a specific website or link to follow?
    Best wishes

  105. sorry if im not explaining everything but im writing on 2 forums and trying to get my trades on

    12-55pm eur/usd bought @12173 for £2000/£20 per pip set take profit at 12232 which will give £1000 profit may close early if i get other indications

    1. HI Dean
      Do you know of any good software that produces signals so we can possibly make trades before we head off to the daily grind for those on here that can’t always get on the trades. Cheers dan

  106. Shane if i ever get the time i will give it a go (wife threatning divorce as it is)

    Nelly waiting to see if eur/usd hits 12170 then will go long

  107. Hi Dean,
    i know it can get confusing with forex as you`ve probably found out, but try this one for one of your longer period trades which could run nicely against your scalps.
    set one SMA to 20 period, chart set to 1 hour ,candlesticks, then wait for a strong candle below or above the SMA to go short or long.
    I also use macd but that`s just personal preference.
    Give it a demo and let me know how you get on, thanks for all of your free work on here Dean.


  108. @steve i average just over £7000 a month from a £25,000 trading bank obviously it doesnt always go to plan.

    @ nelly the intention was always to go short on usd/jpy today but as it had not hit my trigger point of 79.35 when i first logged on i thought i would try an nick a few pips before going short unfortunately didnt work out that way.

    @gilley i worked in the financial industry for nearly 20 years my father also worked in the city all his life and taught me all i know

    @Arnie yes always have a stop loss the amount depends entirely on how much you can afford to lose the same with take profit if you have a set amount you would like each day stick to it even if it looks like its going to exceed your set profit dont get greedy it can change very quickly.

  109. Hi dean

    Been following your tips look very good so far, thanks for sharing. Just messaging to confirm my interest in the football pools sounds like a good idea.
    I must just say £560 up in a day From your trading is impressive. what’s your normal profit per month if you don’t mind me asking.


  110. Hi dean

    Been following your tips look very good so far, thanks for sharing. Just messaging to confirm my interest in the football pools sounds like a good idea.

    I must just say £560 up in a day From your trading is impressive. what’s your normal profit per month if you don’t mind me asking.


  111. 7-52am usd/jpy/ closed @ 79.39 loss of 3 pips @£12 per pip -£36

    7-54am usd/jpy went short (sell) @79.39 definately on the rebound expecting to drop as low as 78.90

  112. bit of a risky one this morning hoping to get in and out quickly

    7-28am bought usd/jpy@ 79.42
    expecting peak between 79.65 -79.80

  113. Dean; do you have a method for Forex trading or is it merely intuitive whereby you consider your actions in light of developing circumstances?

  114. Hi Dean , nice one i will definitely be following your trading. i think if its easier to say “sell” rather than “short” (i trade sparingly) for the ones that dont understand or just explain your lingo.

    My question is do you have stop/loss limit or what do you suggest? I am asking cos by the time you give the signal to close, it may be too late (lol), I have experienced a few of those spikes.

  115. tony c yes when trading currencies your always buying one and selling the other

    grant i have no set time frame i often leave over night. just with these 2 today i was confident the market was gonna go against me so i got out with a good profit.

  116. Hi Dean looks far too complicated for me mate,you obviously know what your doing so good luck with it.I will watch with interest.

  117. Dean , Don’t really know what you’re doing there but you make it seem so easy. To simplify it extremely you are kind of buying and selling am i right ?

  118. usd/jpy starting to look a little under pressure so gonna close at 79.74

    closed at 5-14 pm @79.74 +10 pips @£12 per pip p/l +£120

  119. Hi guys think its only fair i list my trades so you can see exactly waht i am doing


    8-15am eur/usd went short opened @ 1.2271
    2-25 closed the trade @1.2249 +22 pips@£20 per pip p/l +440

    2-35 usd/jpy went long opened 79.64

    5 pips up at the moment im expecting it to peak at around 79.90 so be closing very soon

  120. Hi everyone before i post anything i must reiterate what i said to rob unless your experienced in trading i strongly advise you to go through baby pips school it is a invaluable tool if your just starting out or even if you have some experience. I would also strongly advise starting with a demo account with fx pro,fxcm,etc etc theres loads out there i find fx pro the best for me . Its no good giving you a tip today as ive already made my money this morning and got my second trade on. Another thing is i start very early so tips will be posted between 7-8am. i know i could go on and on but i’ll leave it there for now and open it up to any questions you may have. Dean