Dean has very kindly offered to post his system selections on here for us. Dean uses his own ratings and his system produces and average of £65 per day from £10 stakes with a 30% strike rate.

His results are very impressive. With over £1600 profit from £10 level stakes. I have created a page for the results for June HERE

Dean will post his selections on this page for you..


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193 thoughts on “Deans System”

  1. easiest way to win, watch the horses perform yourself guys….look @750 ripon as a sample, watch the last run….and those previous groups he races on ….im sure hes going to win @4/1 AL MUJEER £) easier than 10/10 lol

  2. Very sorry thought i had posted them

    Monday 9/7/12

    2-30 ayr headspace 13/5 £10 win

    3-00 ayr spruzzo 6/1 £10 win

    3-30 ayr distant sun 6/1 £10 win

    5-00 ayr baltis sister 4/1 £10 win

    6-50 rip bondesire 2/1 £10 win

    7-10 win viscount vert 9/4 £10 win

    7-20 rip scarlet whispers 9/2 £10 win

    7-50 rip satanic beat 4/1 £10 win

    8-10 win billy red 7/2 £10 win

    8-40 win whipcrackawy 11/2 £10 win

    8-50 rip sunnybridge boy 8/1 £10 win NR

    9-20 rip horatio carter 3/1 £10 win

  3. Dean, I’ve been following this for the past week and have to say it is superb. I’m currently following the top rated, financial constraints mean only small stakes, little acorns and all that. Have I missed anything today because I can’t see your top rated? I apologise in advance if I am missing something obvious.

  4. Dean, on the 2 race selections with NO BET, is this NO BET for both selections in each race, ie in the 200ayr both at short odds – leave both this figures, but in the 850 ripon, sunnybridge boy seems value for £5 @8/1, would you do this one or leave it, as your system is designed to optimize results with 2 bets per race???
    Oh and Thank You greatly for putting up your £10 split stakes, it is a big help, i agree, it is still gr8 to get the bigger priced winners when they come along!

  5. I would be interested in doing the millionaires pool, i’m sure we could find enough people on here to join in. having a central paypal account seems the best way of doing it, then only email those involved the account name and password.
    Hope we can get this idea off the ground.
    Another good day yesterday considering this diabolical weather we’re having.

  6. @ Alan i think you have been very unlucky coming in when we have two bad days on the top picks it was a tear yr hair out day yesterday as quite a lot of the top picks lost to the second picks. If you are at all unsure just paper trade untill it picks up again and you feel more confident. Dean

  7. Dean
    Thanks for the break down on your staking. i will try this today as it makes more sense.

  8. Good morning i have include my stakes in the ratings today just to give you a better idea the way i look at it if you dutch yr getting same profit wether a 4/1 or 20/1 comes in so when you do have a big price winner your not winning as much as you should i’d much rather go £6/ £4 then if the big odds come inyou have a nice profit.

    Monday 9/8/12

    2-00 ayr megamunch 7/5
    opt out 6/4 NO BET NO VALUE

    2-30 ayr headspace 13/5 £6
    haajes 6/1 £4

    3-00 ayr spruzzo 6/1 £5
    nay secret 8/1 £5

    3-30 ayr distant sun 6/1 £4
    chookie royale 4/1 £6

    4-00 ayr amazing blue sky 11/2 £5
    gala casino star 9/2 £5

    4-30 ayr monsieur ponthaven 16/1 £3
    luctor emergo 5/2 £7

    5-00 ayr baltis sister 4/1 £4
    regal acclaim 2/1 £6

    6-10 win valmina 4/1 £5
    interakt 4/1 £5

    6-40 win king dragon 3/1 £5
    whipper snaper 4/1 £5

    6-50 rip bondesire 2/1 £7
    throwing roses 13/2 £3

    7-10 win viscount vert 9/4 £6
    takeitfromalady 9/2 £4

    7-20 rip scarlet whispers 9/2 £5
    equity card 7/2 £5

    7-40 win hummingbird 9/2 £4
    all time 11/5 £6

    7-50 rip satanic beat 4/1 £6
    honeymead 6/1 £4

    8-10 win billy red 7/2 £5
    knocker knowles 7/2 £5

    8-20 rip athenian 11/4 £6
    kyleakin 11/2 £4

    8-40 win temuco 12/1 £4
    whipcrackawy 11/2 £6

    8-50 rip sunnybridge boy 8/1
    cathedral 8/11 NO BET NO VALUE

    9-20 rip horatio carter 3/1 £6
    izzet 13/2 £4

  9. @craig there were actually 3 running yesterday script 2nd, distant sun 3rd and zalan 5th

    About the footie it costs £2 a ticket and i would think between 10-20 people would be manageable does anyone know if a paypal account that we can all pay into is allowed.

    @ Ted sorry cant email you the system dont mind sharing the selections on here but after 2 years developing and 8-12 hours a day doing the ratings i cant just send the system to everyone. all selections are posted on here between 8-9am

  10. Digger i dutch. started by using the top selections obly but dutching seems to be more profitable for me


  11. Hi Dean

    Thanks for doing the research on horses who have run within the last five days. There was 1 contender today and it placed. Went off at 9-1 for the win.


  12. Oops sorry, forgot to say how you split stakes would be very helpful/informative as you know what the actual rating are and how much difference is between the two etc.
    So thanks for the help and on-wards and upwards 🙂

  13. It sounds a good idea about the football pools idea.
    If all money was put into paypal account ok by me, would you be interested in overseeing it. That way if only you put money on etc then no chance of wires crossed and bets not put on etc. The money could be put in for say 3 weeks in advance so then no-one misses out if forget to pay one week and pool wins million and arguments break out etc. the pool being administered by Dean then there is no temptation in the event of a win someone runs off with all the money (not that I believe anyone would) leaving other 19 in the UK whilst they are on the beach in Rio supping cocktails etc….
    What would the cost be?
    I hope no-one takes offence at my suggestions, as we all appear to be an honest, trust worthy bunch trying to help each other out (LORNA excluded of course!)

  14. Hi Dean,

    Thanks for sharing your’re selections. I started backing the top picks to level stakes from yesterday and after today am showing a loss of 15.4 pts.

    I just want to make sure I’m making best use of them? I am only using small stakes and hoping to build my bank slowly.

    Any advice to improve chances would be greatly appreciated.



  15. Your CommentsHi Dean, Could you e-mail me your system, cant seem to access it for some reason. Did e-mail Jason, but still no joy. Many thanks Ted.

  16. Hi Dean
    Just for the record everyone except that ignorant PIG LORNA fully appreciate all you do for us soI think we should all try and find a place for her in the loony bin of course it may be a tranny posing as a woman
    anyway I HOPE SHE FS

  17. Your Comments

    Dave , do you dutch , or just do the top picks, i prefer just backing one horse per race , but obviously it needs to be profitable


  18. If you could include your stakes with the ratings that would be excellent, even if just for a while til we get the hang of it. Hope not too much trouble tho. Many Thanks.

  19. Hi Dean
    The football coupon sounds interesting. What would the cost per person per week be if 20 people got involved? Keep up the great work. Ive been following your tips for a couple of weeks now and have made a very happy return


  20. Football coupon sounds good my mate does one not the millions one but he uses a similar thought process of using the same numbers! His costs £12 a week and twice last season it scooped over a grand twice!

  21. Stephen if you copy and paste selections onto notepad or something then print from there.

    Sounds like an idea johnny maybe we can sort it out befrore the season starts if there are enough people interested

  22. Hi again Dean if you could and not too much work that would be great,ive put all your picks on now,as ive gotta watch tennis.Come on Murray.I also backed him to win(being optomisti now).
    3-1 6.8
    3-2 8 on the daq.

  23. @ stephen- it may be easier to open up another window on the computer,then click between your betting site and the selections,or if you don’t bet online,cut and paste onto a Word document?

  24. Your Comments

    Hi Guys – please be gentle with me – but is there a way of printing out just the post with todays selections on it ?
    At mo- i,m printing off several pages with all the posts…….wasteful on paper and I know……thick !


  25. Sean/Mark yesterday backing both selections on the ratings i was +6points probably my fault that i didnt explain that i dont use the exact dutching method

    a couple of examples from yesterday

    3-45 san farhh 7/2 £5
    nathaniel 4/1 £5 won +15

    even though farhh was slightly lower odds i thought they had equal chance so i placed £5 on each

    1-55 bev yorkshire icon 4/1 £6 won +20
    naughtybychoice 5/1 £4

    with this one i thought yorkshire icon had better chance so it got more money

    Would it help if i included my stakes with the ratings??

  26. Hi Rob M

    Thanks very much. Yes I dutched selections yesterday and was slightly down but on Friday, wow, made a very nice profit, which more than compensated for yesterday. I will keep on dutching. I also like the idea of backing each way as Dean mentioned. I will have an experiment with that too. Have a good one!!

  27. @Mark i dutch deans picks,and now depending on prices i will back his top picks eahway.As im sure you know the prices will change as Dean posts his picks.
    I keep my own records too like yesterday.
    -6 points dutching.
    -6 points eachway,but i aint gonna throw my toys out the pram.Onwards and upwards to today.
    Good luck all

  28. Hi guys another thing i would like to get your thoughts on if you are into football bets is ladbrokes millionair coupon now i know the odds of winning the million are very slim but if we concentrate on the numbers as appose to trying to predict the teams i seriously think it can be done for those not familiar with it you basically have to predict the outcome of 20 games by selecting home away or draw now rather than looking at the coupen and trying to predict them all we join together (around 20 people if we can get them and stick to the same predictions every week regardless of the 2010 the same combination came out 3 times and 2011 twice dont know how we would go about pooling our stakes but does anyone have any thoughts. Dean

  29. something else a few of us were talking about the other day (last race within 5 days) well after some research it seems like backing horses that have placed in the last 5 days has a 96% percent strike rate (last 3 years) to place next time out 34% win 62% place so backing all of them to place even though a lot of the odds were very short looks like would be very profitable

  30. Hi guys gonna try an answer as many question as possible if i miss anything please let me know

    @amosffb to be honest this is the first time ive posted naps and nb in my selections and will only do so if i have supreme confidence probably only a couple of selections a month. and i have no definitive stats but i will keep an eye on the stats and let you know soon

    @ johhny dont think it was even a woman johhny just someone trying to wind me up.

    @ paul/stuart yeah paul the selections could definately be done Ew or place betsas long as theres value. Stuarti cant see where ive put in 2 selections in same race in top picks.
    Small stakes building up yr bank is definately way to go

    1 NR sofar redriverman replace with highland love 8/1

  31. Hi Mark, i think doing all of Deans’ selections is a gr8 policy, i am experimenting, yesterday i dutched and lost slightly, if i had done str8 £10 betting i would have been well up and this on a mucky day – well impressive, i think this is the way to go as Dean in fact does say!

  32. Your Comments

    Hi Dean

    I only joined the site three days ago. I want to say many thanks for offering your tips foc. They are really excellent even given the rank weather we have been having. Hate to think what you might do when the weather improves. A big Thanks

    Mark R

  33. Just come across this and excited at giving it a go. Thank you so much for sharing it and thanks to Jason for letting it happen. Greatly appreciated.

  34. Hello Dean, cheers for the tips!

    I’ve just noticed you have a nap and NB in your top picks, do you know how are they doing if you just follow your naps and Nb’s?

    cheers for now

  35. Morning Dean,thanks once again for the selections,just looked back through yesterdays postings,hell fire,she hit the gin bottle a bit early didn’t she?!

    Good luck today 🙂

  36. Todays top Picks

    Sunday 8/7/12

    1-45 mar red riverman 11/2 £10 win

    2-15 mar talk of saafend 13/5 £10 win

    2-30 ayr emeralds spirit 4/1 £10 win

    3-00 ayr petrocelli 7/1 £10 win

    3-15 mar dipty doo dah 4/1 £10 win

    3-30 ayr silvery moon 10/3 £10 win

    3-45 mar lion on the prowl 15/8 £10 win

    4-15 mar silent snow 11/2 £10 win

    4-30 ayr dylans dream 18/1 £10 win

    4-45 mar blue hills (nb) 9/2 £10 win

    5-00 ayr distant sun 6/1 £10 win

    5-15 mar be devious (nap) 14/5 £10 win

    1. Hi Dean.

      I have just come across this page and your results are very impressive. Well done!

      Just a quick question, you list your top picks, which are straight forward win bets. Could these also be done E/W, or is it not worth doing this?

      Secondly, lower down you have two horses listed in the same race. Should these be done as ‘dutch’ bets?

      I’ll give your system a go for the first time today with small bets, then work my way up as profit increases.

      Many thanks

  37. Good morning guys WOW what a response to the “Lady” my experience there,s always at least one idiot. the stupid thing is that anybody on here who isnt 100% sure what they doing i know either me or one of you guys would give them all the help they needed everyone has to start somewhere but a little bit of courtesey costs nothing anyway we wont let her (or him i have my suspicions) spoil our forum and jason if your reading this i agree we could do with a new page. On to today and here are todays ratings. Thanks again guys support is much appreciated.

    Sunday 8/7/12

    1-45 mar red riverman 11/2
    stravita 9/2

    2-00 ayr elnadancer 8/5
    burning blaze 16/5

    2-15 mar talk of saafend 13/5
    lawgiver 7/1

    2-30 ayr emeralds spirit 4/1
    goninodaethat 3/1

    2-45 mar lucky landing 11/10
    forgotten symphony 20/1

    3-00 ayr petrocelli 7/1
    tazaamub 7/2

    3-15 mar dipty doo dah 4/1
    king mak 6/1

    3-30 ayr silvery moon 10/3
    northern fling 20/1

    3-45 mar lion on the prowl 15/8
    fennis boy 3/1

    4-00 ayr the oil magnate 11/4
    quiet appeal 15/2

    4-15 mar silent snow 11/2
    delganey gunner 8/1

    4-30 ayr dylans dream 18/1
    dartrix 11/4

    4-45 mar blue hills 9/2
    endeavor 11/1

    5-00 ayr distant sun 6/1
    toffee nose 6/1

    5-15 mar be devious 14/5
    langley house 11/1

  38. Lorna, do not add anymore posts on this page unless you have anything decent and respectful to say you are the ignorant one who needs to grow up..

  39. Just in case Lorna is married can we have a whipround for her husband the poor bastard!!! Dean thanks again keep up the good work…………..

  40. I think that Lorna is a bit loopy, its people like her that spoil it for the rest of us who are trying to have a bit of fun and hopefully win a bit of money doing it. I suggest she P….. Off!

  41. sorry …. meant to say a big thanks for all your efforts put into selections and posting.
    I am starting small stakes and hoping to build up to £10 like yourself – heres hoping !!!!!!

  42. Hi Dean,
    May i take the liberty of suggesting you take Betinfo’s advise and turn over a new leaf and start a new page.
    That way i we won’t see that nasty comment each day as we scroll down to the days successful selections!
    Thanks again Dean

  43. Hi Dean.
    Thank you you was not offended by Lorna and stopped posting, but responded maturely and sensibly like a normal human being.
    Thankfully you realise that 99% of us behind you, it’s just the odd 1% that try and stop you.
    As one of the 99% thanks for all you do. 🙂

  44. Lorna.. Dean is doing this for free and is offering a very good service. So please have the decency to have a bit of respect. He clearly said that he will give results each week or month. What is the problem with that.

    If you want up to the minute results then simply check the results yourself on the racing post site, otherwise wait until Dean publishes them on here.

    Keep up the good work Dean

    Do you want a new page creating as this one is getting rather long?

  45. Your Comments hi Dean,
    well done with your ratings,thanks for taking the time to share them with us. i dont want to offend any one, but i can not believe the post you have recieved from lorna.
    best regards.

  46. A lady??? Really your question was and i quote “are any results posted daily, similar to the june posting?,”which i answered honestly without any attitude i was just stating a fact. Ive never boasted about anything nor do i need to im not trying to sell anything or get anything from this apart from the satisfaction of helping people. 99% of the guys on here know what they are doing and know there are many ups n downs with any system untill they tell me they dont like what im doing or how im doing it then i will carry on and i notice you found it easy enough to check the results.

    1. I have been quietly following your system and I am very pleased with it please ignore the lorna comment some people haven’t got a clue

  47. dean I asked you for results and your reply is ”lorna i dont post daily results simply because everyone on here follows it and knows the results will post weekly or monthly whatever people want”
    Simply put I do not follow as I had just received the email, your arrogance and attitude in your reply is just ignorance of people’s needs for an answer, or when I check I see it is not doing as well as you are boasting about. now go away and grow up little boy and learn some manners when replying to a lady.

  48. A few replacements

    2-30 bev summer dance NR replace with brave battle 10/1

    4-20 san mount athos NR replace with cavalryman 7/2

    4-55 san dreams of fire NR replace with oojooba 4/1

    5-40 hay lady gibraltar NR replace with tioman pearl 7/2


  49. Todays Top Picks

    Saturday 7/7/12

    2-20 hay esprit de midas 4/1 £10 win

    2-40 san trade commissioner 11/4 £10 win

    2-55 hay set to music 9/2 £10 win

    3-00 bev blue cumber 2/1 £10 win

    3-25 hay lexis boy 11/4 £10 win

    4-00 hay steer by the stars 7/2 £10 win

    4-10 bev its a priveledge 7/4 £10 win

    4-35 hay willie wag tail NR

    4-45 bev mistress of rome 4/1 £10 win

    5-10 hay morache music 11/10 £10 win

    5-20 bev elegant girl 4/1 £10 win

    5-40 hay sonko 11/2 £10 win

  50. Good morning here are todays ratings

    1-30 san ivors princess 9/1
    rocky reef 12/1

    1-55 bev yorkshire icon 4/1
    naughtybychoice 5/1

    2-05 san judge n jury 15/2
    spirit quartz 5/1

    2-20 hay esprit de midas 4/1
    imperial djay 5/1

    2-30 bev horatio carter 7/2
    summer dance 10/3

    2-40 san trade commissioner 11/4
    spas dancer 11/1

    2-55 hay set to music 9/2
    great heavens 9/2

    3-00 bev blue cumber 2/1
    mount seymour 13/2

    3-10 san arsaadi 15/2
    starscope evs

    3-25 hay lexis boy 11/4
    number theory 11/1

    3-35 bev caranbola 8/1
    noodles blue boy 11/2

    3-45 san farhh 7/2
    nathaniel 4/1

    4-00 hay steer by the stars 7/2
    bayan kasirga 11/1

    4-10 bev its a priveledge 7/4
    captivity 3/1

    4-20 san chiberta king 11/2
    mount athos 4/1

    4-35 hay gabriel the great 10/3
    fleeting image 14/1

    4-45 bev mistress of rome 4/1
    lady advocate 14/1

    4-55 san dreams of fire 10/1
    sabhan 10/1

    5-10 hay morache music 11/10
    alben star 10/3

    5-20 bev elegant girl 4/1
    legal bond 9/2

    5-40 hay sonko 11/2
    lady gibraltar 5/1

  51. Gaz
    If you open up at the top right under sign up it says tools click on it and all sorts of calculators are there click on dutching and enter the odds for number of horses your dutching and enter total stake then press recalculate it then displays the amount for each horse hope this helps.

  52. @ johnny Ew!!!!! on jarrow have you no faith in me Lol but seriosly glad you got your profit for the day at this rate you’ll never get back to work

    @ adamski only ever use betfair

  53. you’ve done it again,brilliant Dean.

    Rosairlie winning has hit the 6 point mark for me,thats me done,nice one with the e/w on jarrow,you’ll have to jinx yourself every day….now then,where’s me marigolds…. 🙂

  54. @ lorna i dont post daily results simply because everyone on here follows it and knows the results will post weekly or monthly whatever people want

    @gaz i think johnny has explained it perfect just £10 between 2 horses £5/£5 £6/£4 depends on the odds

    @ Johnny taking a leaf outta your book today backed the first ten today 16.7 points up plus an extra sneaky £20 ew on jarrow just before the off so think i’ll get the hoover out lol (5points bah)

  55. @lorna-Apologies,i didn’t mean to confuse you or anybody else,i didn’t back mrs greeley on Deans ratings,i was just explaining how i’d already won a decent amount yesterday,following on from the posts about stopping if you’re ahead.

    I split the £10 stake between Dean’s 2 rated horses if they’re a similar price,otherwise i’ll do £6 and £4 or £7 and £3,and aim for the same return for each.

  56. Hi Dean i have to say i only paper traded first but so far very impressed indeed.I will be looking more into this and look to follow you for small stakes.Keep up the good work.
    Pity about Beverly tonight.

  57. Hi Dean,
    Just discovered your free tips and on reading through all the comments decided to give them a go wow first 3 winners fantastic what a start.
    I Thank you for providing the tips long may it continue.
    Cheers JD

  58. Excuse my daftness Dean. But how do you split the stake? If you bet the £10 over the 2 ratings picks, how do you know how much to put on each?

  59. Discovered these the other day , gotta say Dean good stuff !! Keep up the great work , and cheers for posting , its much appreciated .

    Good luck today mate

  60. thanks Gaz you too think we’ll need it
    heres a few replacements for NRs

    4-10 don varnish,certal NRS replace with sula two, jaaryah

    4-45 don bright applause NR replace with kingaroo

    5-05 san calisto moon NR replace with knightly escapade

    5-15 don quaroma NR replace with beauty paegant

    8-15 hay requested NR replace with deauville prince


  61. johnny, where did you get your winner (mrs greely) as I cannot see it on the ratings anywhere?. are any results posted daily, similar to the june posting?, it seems very strange that there is none, any reason?. whats the best way to follow these ratings?

  62. Hi Gaz the ratings were the original system and still the one i use. The top picks only came about because betting every race is too much for some people. Dean

  63. Your Comments
    is there any difference in the profits if you dutch the selections in the top picks section using your ratings.if i understand you base your profits on a single selection only in the top picks section.great results thanks for your time and effort

  64. Hi Dean,

    Just read this entire thread and seems to be very much worth following. Firstly, thank you so very much for sharing you thoughts, your system/ratings and your daily tips.

    Secondly, I would acho Adamski in wondering (although I’m sure you do say in your thread, I’m not convinced I’ve comprehended it correctly) if you yourseld back only your top tips or your two choices (ratings picks) for the races? I know you talk about profits for both, but wondered which you follow yourself?

    Cheers in advance!!

  65. Hi adamski its from both some people prefer to only use the top picks others use the ratings and a point can be anything you want in this case yes i bet to £10 stakes but it can be 10p to as much as you can afford. Dean

  66. Hi dean do u calculate profit for the day off the days top picks or all the picks? And doea 5 points profit mean £50? New to horse racing lol cheers

  67. Doncaster noon inspection

    Beverly 2pm inspection

    Haydock 3pm inspection

    If i hadnt already posted i wouldnt have bothered today.

  68. Cheers Dean,and for yesterday,if it wasn’t for the posts about stopping when you’re up,I’d have probably carried on yesterday..and would,ironically,have had a brilliant day!

    Best keep an eye on any changes in the going today lads,I live oop north and it’s been battering down since 6 this morning,could be a fleet of non runners.

  69. Todays Top Picks

    Friday 6/7/12

    3-00 don raheeba 12/1 £10 win

    3-35 don gouray girl 15/2 £10 win

    4-35 san chain of events 14/1 £10 win

    4-45 don bright applause 4/1 £10 win

    5-15 don quaroma 3/1 £10 win

    6-30 bev violent velocity 13/8 £10 win

    6-45 hay choca moca 4/1 £10 win

    7-00 bev liber NB

    7-15 hay snow hill 8/1 £10 win

    7-45 hay jamesbos girl 2/1 £10 win

    8-00 bev bada bing 5/1 £10 win

    8-45 hay estebsaal NB

  70. Well that was more like it thanks everyone

    @johnny nice one always good to get a good days pay for sitting at home
    @dave i try to leave the odds on alone there is very rarely any value and plenty of them get beat

    Another meeting gone today here are the ratings good luck guys

    Friday 6/7/12

    2-00 don pashan garh 13/2
    moodhill 15/8

    2-20 san fair value 6/1
    jarrow 20/1

    2-30 don kay gee bee 9/4
    abidhabidubai 6/1

    2-40 war NO BET

    2-50 san NO BET

    3-00 don raheeba 12/1
    bunraku 5/1

    3-25 san royal skies 5/2
    caramack 4/1

    3-35 don gouray girl 15/2
    green howard 5/1

    4-00 san farhaan 6/1
    tazahum 15/2

    4-10 don varnish 7/2
    certral 11/1

    4-35 san chain of events 14/1
    silken thoughts 17/2

    4-45 don bright applause 4/1
    fossgate 6/1

    5-05 san calisto moon 10/1
    roseairlie 9/1

    5-15 don quaroma 3/1
    pivotal prospect 10/1

    6-30 bev violent velocity 13/8
    shotley mac 2/1

    6-45 hay choca moca 4/1
    fol hollow 11/2

    7-00 bev liber 4/5
    marys daughter 5/1 NO BET NO VALUE

    7-15 hay snow hill 8/1
    dancing primo 9/1

    7-30 bev on the hoof 17/2
    regal acclaim 9/2

    7-45 hay jamesbos girl 2/1
    lexi the princess 9/2

    8-00 bev bada bing 5/1
    alpha arion 12/1

    8-15 hay miss you too 15/8
    requested 4/1

    8-30 bev baltic bomber 6/1
    chosen one 12/1

    8-45 hay gladsome
    estebsaal NO BET NO VALUE

    9-00 bev carlitos spirit 16/1
    dispol diva 6/4

    9-15 hay elspeths boy 12/1
    ambivilent 2/1

  71. Well done yesterday Dean, Thank you for sharing your tips. It’s very much appreciated.

    I’m near Beverley this morning, very heavy rain and more forcast throughout the day.


  72. Hi Dean
    Im really impressed so far with your tips and am slightly up overall this month going off your top tips which is great. I was wondering if its still a bet if its odds on or not? Keep up the great work

  73. iro touch gold . have faith in the system as you say it is profitable in the long term.
    Thanks for all the selections and don’t worry about a few bad days . Stick with the system and the money will come. 🙂

  74. i’ve been very disciplined today Dean (makes a change),won 60 on mrs greeley at Yarm. and backed Williams to win in the tennis,98 up early doors,so i switched everything off and hoovered the whole house,what a rocknroll lifestyle!

    Just had a look now,i always feel a bit happier whenever i have 2 in a race 🙂

  75. Thats exactly what i mean about over analysing the ratings touch gold was clear top pick this morning and a month ago would have backed it but i discounted it thinking the fave had better chance brb just gonna bang my head on the wall

  76. Well said johnny. I agree it’s very much appreciated what you do and as you say it may be up and down but long term it is up up up.
    just doing it for yourself and posting selections as a bonus for us to do with as we will so there is no pressure on you is fine.
    Just enjoy your racing/betting otherwise there is no point if it’s a burden!!
    All the best for todays selections Dean.

  77. yeah,suppose there is that factor when you’re aware some people are following the selections,just crack on as if you’re doing it for yourself,there won’t be any negative posts from me,regardless how it goes,that’s the nature of gambling,it’s very much appreciated you’re taking the time to post them up daily.

  78. Your welcome johnny just wish it was a bit more consistant at the moment.
    its very up and down lately like good day bad day and its soo much harder when posting selections for other people think i might be over analysing the ratings.Dean

  79. Godd morning guys sorry i didnt get back to answer questions yesterday

    @Martin no i would never day trade or advise it as you have experienced yourself it is usually very hard to predict. I do sometimes close the same day if required profit or stop loss is triggered but dont set out to deliberately do so.

    @mark Obviously not gonna give you that advice now (bit late) but when the ratings are compiled the going is a big factor and i do look at the forecast for the day and horses removed if thought to have no chance on that ground but you just cant factor everything in.

    @bleeping hell £71.25 (7.125pts) on top picks £18.50 (1.85pts) on the ratings.

    @kevin/mark/craig i will keep an eye on it and do some figures over the next few weeks see if its worthwile.

  80. Todays Top Picks

    Thursday 5/7/12

    2-40 yar tiger sunset 3/1 £10 win

    3-50 hay best trip 2/1 £10 win

    4-50 hay magic destiny 11/4 £10 win

    5-10 yar camera shy 5/1 £10 win

    6-20 new beat route 4/1 £10 win

    6-35 eps martial art 3/1 £10 win

    6-50 new equitania N/B

    7-10 eps baldemar 5/1 £10 win
    italian tom 7/1 £10 win

    7-45 eps klynch 7/1 £10 win

    8-20 eps infinitum N/B

    8-35 new bank bonus 11/2 £10 win

    8-50 eps john biscuit 13/2 £10 win

    9-05 new biographer 13/5 £10 win

    sorry about having 2 in the 7-10 i just couldnt seperate them on my ratings but odds high enough that there is still value

  81. Good morning here are todays ratings selections

    Thursday 5/7/12

    2-10 yar hasopop 9/5
    ajmany 16/5

    2-20 hay mighty clarets 13/2
    brockwell 5/1

    2-40 yar tiger sunset 3/1
    iffley fields 5/1

    2-50 hay inchy coo 9/1
    mollyvator 5/2

    3-10 yar spin again 20/1
    takitwo 12/1

    3-20 hay capo rosso 4/1
    yourartisonfire 2/1

    3-40 yar ooi long 13/2
    irish girls spirit 11/4

    3-50 hay best trip 2/1
    magic secret 7/1

    4-10 yar strada facendo 11/4
    ocean tempest 16/1

    4-20 hay dont call me 2/1
    kinloch castle 6/1

    4-40 yar five hearts 7/1
    tis rock n roll 11/2

    4-50 hay magic destiny 11/4
    finella fudge 5/1

    5-10 yar camera shy 5/1
    the ducking stool 9/2

    5-20 hay dropzone 11/2
    key gold 3/1

    6-05 eps sesha bear 2/1
    reggie perrin 9/2

    6-20 new beat route 4/1
    eagle nebula 11/2

    6-35 eps martial art 3/1
    well aquainted 9/2

    6-50 new equitania 10/11
    bountybeamadam 14/1

    7-10 eps baldemar 5/1
    italian tom 7/1

    7-25 new scarf 14/5
    dimension 14/5

    7-45 eps klynch 7/1
    henry allingham 7/2

    8-00 new my sharona 9/1
    ma quillet 13/2

    8-20 eps infinitum 4/5
    adeste 8/1

    8-35 new bank bonus 11/2
    guarantee 2/1

    8-50 eps john biscuit 13/2
    tidal way 5/1

    9-05 new biographer 13/5
    ultimate destiny 9/2

  82. Good morning,that was a bit of a rum day,after a good start,( i also had a wager on qalinas at worcester,when he stopped for a rest before the last fence),this weather’s the pits..ah well,onwards and upwards!

  83. Dean/mark/Kevin

    I had a couple of selections place recently, then run again within a few days and win. Could be something in it.


  84. hi kevin/Dean
    i saw a system few years ago about horses running within 4 days and to bet on all of them as long as they have at least one selection by tipster in RP. selection box.
    Supposed to give about 200point profit each flat season, for last 10 years with some really crazy priced winners up to 50/1.
    System was for flat only i think….

  85. Your Comments hi dean yea think its called the 4 day rule seen some canny prices come in also good lay bet 2yo races under 2/1 lay

  86. Hi DEAN
    Just starting to use your system (best picks only).
    In view of deteriorating weather at catterick is it best to bet on the selections there?
    Or has your system factored in horses selected like that sort of going if it gets worse?
    Thanks so much for sharing your system for free, it is extremely generous of you, especially as it actually works and makes a good profit over the month!

  87. hi dean, do you day trade the forex or are you clever enough to ride longer trades. i tried spread betting the day trades with very erratic results.? exciting though.

  88. Well rather a long story but the short version i was left financially secure 7 years ago i then quit my job (financial industry) and have been trading forex independently ever since so no not main source of income its just something ive always loved.

  89. If i may ask a personal question Dean,and no worries if you don’t want to answer it,do you use the system as your main source of income?

    The reason i ask,is the company i worked for has recently gone bust,and i’m ok financially for a few months yet,so rather than rejoin the rat race,i have other irons in the fire,and i’m planning on following the selections for a while to see where i end up 🙂

  90. cheers Dean,the official going at Catt is still good to soft,and Kemp is all weather,if anything goes belly up it may be at Worcs

  91. Hi johnny be careful today mate the weather is shocking i know its the same for all horses but it does tend to throw up some strange results. Good luck Dean

  92. Here’s another mini system i came across its nothing to do with me but thought it might be of interest theres only been 2 qualifiers since i spotted it on saturday 1 won and the other was a NR i will try and post if i spot a selection. Dean

    System 1: FILLIES IN FORM (added 27/6/12)

    When?: Start of flat season until 31st August.
    Where?: UK turf flat racing only.
    What?: All fillies and mares that won in the last 5 days and are racing over 7f or further.
    Why?: 66 winners from 170 runners (39%) and a LSP of 117.61pts since 2004

    Friday 30/6/12

    4-50 chs just lille 2/1 won 4 days ago 1m2f WON


    Saturday 1/7/12

    2-35 sal circle of angels 9/2 won 1 day ago 1m1f NR

  93. Good morning Dean,couple of winners late on last night,well done 🙂 my cunning plan today,as the weather is grim,is to dutch both your selections,best of luck today

  94. Todays Top Picks

    Wednesday 4/7/12

    2-10 wor aqualung 15/8 £10 win

    2-50 cat old man clegg 6/1 £10 win

    3-40 wor nelson du ronceray 11/8 £10 win

    3-50 cat bijou dan 7/2 £10 win

    4-10 wor billy blade 7/2 £10 win

    4-40 wor stage acclaim 5/2 £10 win

    6-20 kem dancheur 3/1 £10 win

    7-25 kem sadiigah 5/1 £10 win

    9-05 kem ibtahaj 10/11 NO BET

  95. Good morning here are another set of rainsoaked windswept ratings (oh to be in brazil lol)

    Wednesday 4/7/12

    2-10 wor aqualung 15/8
    got the urge 5/1

    2-20 cat mandy lexi 11/5
    dream maker 5/1

    2-40 wor le grande chene 9/2
    dancewiththedevil 13/2

    2-50 cat old man clegg 6/1
    deepest blue 7/4

    3-10 wor NO BET NO FORM

    3-20 cat zomerlust 12/1
    miss elany 7/4

    3-40 wor nelson du ronceray 11/8
    saute 2/1

    3-50 cat bijou dan 7/2
    dans hier 8/1

    4-10 wor billy blade 7/2
    kingsfold flare 7/2

    4-20 cat doras sister 9/5
    slenningford 15/2

    4-40 wor stage acclaim 5/2
    lava lamp 7/1

    4-50 cat harare 8/1
    tinseltown 3/1

    5-10 wor whizzaar 8/1
    hurraboru 5/4

    5-20 cat eijaaz 11/4
    goodness 9/2

    5-50 kem speightowns kid 9/4
    perlachy 10/1

    6-00 chp ronaldhino 5/4
    fruity bun 16/1 Meeting Abandon

    6-20 kem dancheur 3/1
    dressed in lace 13/2

    6-30 chp going french 8/1
    bermondsey bob 13/2 M/A

    6-50 kem muntasir 2/1
    presume 2/1

    7-00 chp beau duke
    son of may M/A

    7-25 kem sadiigah 5/1
    something magic 11/2

    7-35 chp mr udagawa
    hint of mint M/A

    8-00 kem spensley 5/1
    rumh 4/1

    8-10 chp tijori
    grandad mac M/A

    8-35 kem roxy flyer 11/2
    art scholar 13/2

    8-45 chp hamilton hill
    sweet world M/A

    9-05 kem ibtahaj 10/11
    snow trooper 14/1

    9-15 chp camera shy
    captain oats M/A

  96. Thanks for the advice Brian, Johnny As the selections only average around 6.5 pts a day i would have been quite happy walking away after the first but as i always do my bets were on very early in the morning luckily another couple went in and the points were banked but i know what your saying makes sense brian and at the end of the day its all about long term profits. so i will just back the first few in the morning see how it goes .
    Johnny i have tried just backing the ones i strongly fancy in the past and you know what happens the ones you didnt so strongly fancy romp home i think its safer to stick with all or nothing. Thanks again for the advice guys. Dean

  97. It’s the eternal dilemma,whether to carry on or not,what’s to say the rest of that day’s selections are less valid than tomorrows,just because you have a winner,or as Brian says,if you’re happy with a set target,maybe take the day off,and start afresh.

    You could always paper trade the remaining picks and see if any trend happens,or check the picks to see if there are any you strongly fancy.

    1. Hi all

      If Dean’s been winning consistently over a year as he stated and averaging what’s been said, then I see no reason to change things ( stop at a winner ) if it ain’t broke then dont fix it!!

      What profit was made yesterday? I know the first one won, but what about the others?

  98. If I may post here I will answer your question this way Dean, If you walk into a bookies with say 20 quid, how much are you really expecting to win?.

    You hit a good priced winner in the 1st race(bet)15/2 so you now have 150 quid profit. why play on?, you know the long term stats on your system and can average a days profit points wise, so you should have a rough idea, today in the 1st race you have 7.5 points, compounded over a month, that is very healthy!.

    My Grandfather, Father and myself were all independent bookmakers, from that experience I know what a ‘punter’ will do, they think the have found the ‘holy grail’ and play on, until even his 20 quid has gone, (in his mind before he came into the shop he knew he was going to lose), if you want to be in the 98% do this!.

    Everyone has there own ideas, but expectations get carried away if they are fortunate to be successful for a few days, it takes a lot of discipline to know when to stop and wait for another day especially after a few less fortunate days.

  99. yeah yr right about that johnny probably just seems like a good idea at the moment as its so up an down i know it will settle down again guess i gotta just ride it out

  100. Funny enough,that was going to be my next question to you 🙂

    Bit of a toughie really,on the one hand,looking at your June results,some of the big winning days subsidised the losing days,but on the other,you could always bank on clawing any losses back through each single day.

    Not sure you’d have made 1600 last month if you’d stopped when you hit £65.

  101. Well 3 races left on the top picks and just in profit i wonder if brian has the right idea using the stop at profit method think i would have probably been happy taking 6.5 pts for the day after scommetitrice in the first anyone got any thoughts??

  102. Hi Johny the main top picks system is 1 pt (£10) win the ratings part is splitting the point between the 2 as long as there is enough value

  103. Hi Dean,just come across your selections,very well done,it looks brilliant,if i may ask a quick question,on an earlier post,you were splitting your £10 bets between the 2 top rated selections each race,are you now just putting the whole tenner on your main pick?

    keep up the good work, 🙂

  104. Hi Rob if you just read a bit further up i explained that i only want 12 bets max they still qualified as top picks but i have to eliminate some to get down to 12.

    Adamski i try to post between 8-9am

  105. Todays Top Picks

    Tuesday 3/7/12

    2-15 bri scommertitrice 13/2 £10 win

    2-45 bri whiteoak lady 5/1 £10 win

    3-00 ham frequency 7/4 £10 win

    3-30 ham fine altomis 2/1 £10 win

    3-45 bri palus san marco N/B

    4-15 bri tinkerbell will N/B

    4-30 ham luctor emergo 6/1 £10 win

    4-45 bri shouda 9/4 £10 win

    5-15 bri toga tiger 6/4 £10 win

    5-45 bri big wave 11/4 £10 win

    6-20 kem glenten 12/1 £10 win

    7-10 str spock 7/2 £10 win

    7-20 kem waterford star 15/8 £10 win

    8-10 str kingsmere 5/2 £10 win

    If ground at stratford gets softer consider removing SPOCK in 7-10

  106. Good morning here are todays ratings

    Tuesday 3/7/12

    2-15 bri scommertitrice 13/2
    tenancy 11/4

    2-30 ham sandys row 11/4
    flighty clarets 11/4

    2-45 bri whiteoak lady 5/1
    perfect honour 4/1

    3-00 ham frequency 7/4
    no hubris 5/2

    3-15 bri esprit danseur 13/2
    serene oasis 11/1

    3-30 ham fine altomis 2/1
    king of paradise 11/4

    3-45 bri palus san marco 4/1
    scottish vespers 4/6 NO BET NO VALUE

    4-00 ham joshua the first 7/1
    never perfect 3/1

    4-15 bri tinkerbell will 7/1
    laconicos 17/2

    4-30 ham luctor emergo 6/1
    zalan 10/3

    4-45 bri shouda 9/4
    filun 8/1

    5-00 ham jamaican bolt 5/2
    besty 4/1

    5-15 bri toga tiger 6/4
    paperetto 11/2

    5-30 ham bid for gold 11/2
    rock canyon 8/1

    5-45 bri big wave 11/4
    amazing win 7/2

    6-10 str ivan vasilvich 3/1
    jacobs son 20/1

    6-20 kem glenten 12/1
    taizong 7/2

    6-40 str the tidly tadpole 11/1
    james pollard 14/1

    6-50 kem bay laurel
    glass office NO BET NO VALUE

    7-10 str spock 7/2
    peachy moment 11/2

    7-20 kem waterford star 15/8
    kadouchski 7/1

    7-40 str the foxs decree 22/1
    sunny spells 4/1

    7-50 kem eltifaat 5/1
    sir palomides 11/2

    8-10 str kingsmere 5/2
    thelobstercatcher 3/1

    8-20 kem amoralist 8/1
    daliance 13/2

    8-40 str azure fly 7/4
    blanchland abbey 7/1

    8-50 kem saytara 3/1
    russcello 5/1

    9-20 kem sir mozart 2/1
    dvinsky 8/1

  107. Thanks Dean, £700/wk ave, over a year is pretty damn impressive, i can see why you would slim the list down for the benefit of others, otherwise there would be approx 32 races to bet, but boy does it look worth it!

    Bloody rain is messing everything up at the moment, but i must admit you do seem to have some good system going on there, so i am going to follow you too when i am able, thanks!

  108. A few NR replacements for ratings system only

    7-25 fos maggie aron NR replace with kristallo 4/1

    7-55 fos polar auroras NR replace with eightfold 7/2

    8-55 fos magic city NR replace with secret city 11/2

  109. Another thing i need to add. On the ratings section i always replace non runners with the next best rated horse if i spot it in time and ive just realised i havent been posting the replacement selections on here. I will try to do so from now on. Dean

  110. Hi Rob it is simply that some days i have too many qualifiers. The top picks part of the ratings came about because it was thought by some that by following the ratings it was too much so i tried cutting it down to a max 12 bets a day and so if there are more than 12 i have to eliminate some.
    i personally still use the ratings section and have done for just over a year in that time it has averaged around £700 a week to £10 stakes divided between the 2 selections. currently feels like were in a bit of a slump but im sure it will turn around it always has in the past. Dean

  111. Todays Top Picks

    Monday 2/7/12

    2-15 wol compton ashdown 9/2 £10 win

    2-30 pon strike force 7/1 £10 win

    3-00 pon moody tunes 11/2 £10 win

    3-15 wol oasis cannes 11/10 £10 win

    3-45 wol bawaardi 3/1 £10 win

    4-30 pon im so glad 5/2 £10 win

    5-15 wol kieltys folly 13/2 £10 win

    5-45 wol footstepsofspring 4/1 £10 win

    6-25 fos hamilton hill 3/1 £10 win

    6-40 win hoyam NO BET

    7-25 fos tallulah mai 5/1 £10 win

    7-55 fos polar auroras 9/2 £10 win

    9-25 fos the jailer 10/3 £10 win

  112. Good morning here are todays ratings

    2-15 wol compton ashdown 9/2
    kylachy dancer 10/1

    2-30 pon strike force 7/1
    cosmic moon 5/1

    2-45 wol mother jones 7/1
    decider 20/1

    3-00 pon moody tunes 11/2
    rub of the relic 8/1

    3-15 wol oasis cannes 11/10
    aseela 5/1

    3-30 pon indian giver 4/1
    frosty berry 7/1

    3-45 wol bawaardi 3/1
    unlimited 6/1

    4-00 pon top notch tonto 17/2
    mazeppa 17/2

    4-15 wol card sweep 2/1
    angel cake 5/1

    4-30 pon im so glad 5/2
    avonrose 10/1

    4-45 wol bobs world 7/1
    ukrainian 9/2

    5-00 pon saffa hill 11/2
    rosies lady 17/2

    5-15 wol kieltys folly 13/2
    poppy golightly 8/1

    5-30 pon discression
    minalisa NO BET NO VALUE

    5-45 wol footstepsofspring 4/1
    oneoftwins 8/1

    6-00 pon count bertoni 13/2
    sir trevor 16/1

    6-25 fos hamilton hill 3/1
    tast the wine 11/1

    6-40 win hoyam
    sand and deliver NO BET NO VALUE

    6-55 fos mrs warren 7/4
    ouzinkie 4/1

    7-10 win scarlet rocks 9/4
    anjomarba 8/1

    7-25 fos tallulah mai 5/1
    maggie aron 7/1

    7-40 win dark don 4/1
    funcheon valley 8/1

    7-55 fos polar auroras 9/2
    croeso mawr 7/2

    8-10 win choral festival 15/2
    urban space 13/2

    8-25 fos henry allingham 5/2
    andalieb 5/2

    8-40 win bernisdale 7/2
    zowaina 3/1

    8-55 fos efistorm 11/1
    magic city 7/4

    9-10 win rock anthem 12/1
    last destination 9/2

    9-25 fos the jailer 3/1
    spic n span 3/1

  113. Hi Dean,

    May i ask why you put a no bet on some of your final top picks, Maarek and i think Dandino spring to mind as to good price bets, yet you still bet lower odds bets?

    Do you back both your top picks in each race in your 1st assessment?

    I must say, your system is impressive and strike rate v. good, i am mighty impressed, thanks for sharing with us, i have only just come across this on the site, for how long have you been using the system and being successful?

  114. Here are todays Top Picks

    Sunday 1/7/12

    2-05 sal one word more 15/8

    2-15 win gold show 7/2

    2-35 sal circle of angels 9/2

    2-45 win rees rascal 17/2

    2-55 uto irish symphony NO BET

    3-05 sal triple dream 9/2

    3-30 uto mumbles head 6/1

    3-50 win miss diva 2/1

    4-15 sal cruck realta 8/11 NO BET

    4-35 uto weybridge light 10/3

    5-10 uto blue hills 4/1

    5-40 uto graceful descent 4/1 place

    5-50 sal lady percy 7/2

  115. Good morning back into some good profits yesterday after a bad day friday here are todays full ratings.Dean

    Sunday 1/7/12

    1-50 uto prince des marais 10/1
    ghaabesh 15/2

    2-05 sal one word more 15/8
    sejalaat 7/2

    2-15 win gold show 7/2
    four leaves 12/1

    2-25 uto next exit 7/2
    inch rover 9/2

    2-35 sal circle of angels 9/2
    bennelong 9/1

    2-45 win rees rascal 17/2
    starwatch 12/1

    2-55 uto irish symphony 13/2
    viking ridge 5/1

    3-05 sal triple dream 9/2
    osiris way 5/1

    3-15 win freddy q 9/2
    glittering gold 11/4

    3-30 uto mumbles head 6/1
    ballyvesey 10/1

    3-40 sal sherman mcoy 14/1
    western prize 9/2

    3-50 win miss diva 2/1
    columella 2/1

    4-05 uto an capall mor 7/1
    mighty monty 7/1

    4-15 sal cruck realta 8/11
    ask the guru 11/2 NO BET NO VALUE

    4-25 win le king beau 14/1
    million faces 4/1

    4-35 uto weybridge light 10/3
    changing the guard 8/1

    4-50 sal pulverise 9/2
    hippy hippy shakes 5/4

    5-00 win the new black 6/1
    purple affair 8/1

    5-10 uto blue hills 4/1
    kikos 13/2

    5-20 sal zamdy man 7/2
    dynastic 14/1

    5-40 uto graceful descent 16/1
    float my boat 13/2

    5-50 sal lady percy 7/2
    stag hill 12/1

  116. Here are todays Top Picks

    Saturday 30/6/12

    2-00 nwm michaelangelo 5/6 NO BET

    2-15 ncl maarek 9/2 NO BET

    2-25 win bold prediction 5/2 £10 win

    2-55 win deepest blue 6/1 £10 win

    3-00 nwm dandino NO BET

    3-10 chs devine guest 11/4 £10 win

    3-20 ncl ill de rei 5/1 £10 win

    3-30 win sholaan 6/4 £10 win

    3-45 chs well painted 11/4 £10 win

    3-55 ncl dubai hills 6/1 £10 win

    4-40 nwm media hype 9/2 £10 win

    5-25 chs solaras exhibition 5/1 £10 win

    7-15 don khubala 9/2 £10 win

    7-25 lin tenbridge 10/1 £10 win

    8-15 don alfred hutchinson 8/1 £10 win

  117. Heres hoping for a better day today these are the full days ratings

    Saturday 30/6/12

    2-00 nwm michaelangelo
    mblish NO BET

    2-10 chs just past andover
    lady ibrox NO BET

    2-15 ncl maarek 9/2
    mayson 6/1

    2-25 win bold prediction 5/2
    strong conviction 9/2

    2-30 nwm bridge night 6/1
    tripping over 11/2

    2-40 chs hyperlink 10/1
    couttesy call 11/2

    2-45 ncl powerfull presence 5/1
    grissom 12/1

    2-55 win deepest blue 6/1
    carlton blue 11/5

    3-00 nwm dandino 8/11
    barbican 15/2 NO BET NO VALUE

    3-10 chs devine guest 11/4
    almaas 7/1

    3-20 ncl ile de re 5/1
    crackentorp 4/1 place

    3-30 win sholaan 6/4
    silverheels 14/1

    3-35 nwm majestic myles 6/1
    firebeam 19/5

    3-45 chs well painted 11/4
    all or nothin 11/2

    3-55 ncl dubai hills 6/1
    oseopathic remedy 12/1

    4-00 win coup de ville evs
    thistle birds 6/1

    4-05 nwm luhaif 14/1
    quintilian 5/1

    4-15 chs diman waters 15/2
    green park 7/1

    4-25 ncl opt out 15/8
    joeluke 18/1

    4-35 win pearl ice 4/1
    zero money 14/1

    4-40 nwm media hype 9/2
    classic punch 13/2 place

    4-50 chs just lille 15/8
    reflect 4/1

    4-55 ncl hakuna matata 7/1
    eshaab 9/1

    5-05 win ramona chase 20/1
    a boy named suzi 8/1

    5-15 nwm russian rave 8/1
    love your looks 8/1

    5-25 chs solaras exhibition 5/1
    kathleen francis 7/1

    5-30 ncl mr spiggot 4/1
    fire ship 2/1

    5-35 win choral festival 7/1
    abigails angel 18/1

    6-05 don mickstathetricksta 18/1
    bornean 3/1

    6-20 lin royal aspiration 7/4
    normal equilibrium 6/5 NO BET NO VALUE

    6-40 don main beach 16/1
    tabaret 12/1

    6-50 lin miss polly plum 5/1
    howyadoingnotsobad 7/1

    7-15 don khubala 9/2
    bop it 7/2

    7-25 lin tenbridge 10/1
    boudoir 12/1

    7-45 don beyond conceit 11/2
    bute hall 9/2

    8-00 lin oneiric 10/3
    kiss a prince 13/5

    8-15 don alfred hutchinson 7/1
    daruband 8/1

    8-30 lin astroscarlet 8/1
    bridgehampton 7/1

    8-45 don dansili dutch 5/1
    circle of angels 13/2

    9-00 lin bold cuffs 11/4
    exning halt 11/4

  118. Hi Dean just to say thank you for all the effort in sharing your selections this is just what we need in our battle with the enemy also a big thanks to jason for allowing this to happen on his website. best regards N.

  119. Here are todays Top Picks

    Friday 29/6/12 All prices correct at time of writing

    2-20 fol palmette 4/5 NO BET NO VALUE

    2-40 mus princess in exile 5/2 £10 win

    3-00 don dashing david 15/8 £10 win

    3-20 fol aye aye digby 5/2 £10 win

    3-45 mus daquonde 5/2 £10 win

    4-20 mus ponte di rosa 15/8 £10 win

    4-45 don coplow 7/2 £10 win

    4-55 mus safe house 8/13 NO BET NO VALUE

    5-50 don untold melody 3/1 £10 win

    5-55 nwm sacrilege 14/1 £10 win defo better than 14/1 maybe
    7/2 place still good value

    7-05 nwm purple n gold 5/4 £10 win

    7-25 chs kenyan cat 4/1 £10 win

    8-25 chs silvas romana 9/2 £10 win

    9-10 nwm whozthecat 7/2 £10 win

  120. Here are todays full ratings and my stakes

    Friday 29/6/12 All prices correct at time of writing 6:30-9am

    2-00 don desert sunrise 2/1 £8
    panama cat 14/1 £2

    2-10 mus sweetnessandlight 11/1 £3
    fine altomis 11/4 £7

    2-20 fol palmette 4/5
    byton 10/3 NO BET NO VALUE

    2-30 don vizean 7/1 £4
    art form 11/4 £6

    2-40 mus prince in exile 5/2 £7
    hellolini 13/2 £3

    2-50 fol super simon 3/1 £7
    senafe 14/1 £3

    3-00 don dashing david 2/1 £7
    london citizen 9/2 £3

    3-10 mus oddsmaker 4/1 £6
    wind shuffle 11/2 £4

    3-20 fol aye aye digby 5/2 £6
    beat the bull 7/2 £4

    3-35 don nameitwhatyoulike 10/1 £3
    van der art 4/1 £7

    3-45 mus daquonde 5/2 £7
    sandwith 15/2 £3

    3-55 fol arctic lynx 5/1 £7
    close to the edge 14/1 £3

    4-10 don royal swain 8/1 £5
    luggers hall 8/1 £5

    4-20 mus ponte di rosa 15/8
    spruzzo 11/2 NO BET NO VALUE

    4-30 fol alfraamsey 5/2 £5
    clowance house 3/1 £5

    4-45 don coplow 7/2 £6
    miracle maid 13/2 £4

    4-55 mus safe house 8/13
    henry bee 13/8 NO BET NO VALUE

    5-05 fol pindar 11/4 £6
    gower rules 10/1 £4

    5-20 don new decade 13/2 £4
    picture dealer 11/4 £6

    5-30 mus jupiter fidius 5/1 £5
    goninodaethat 7/1 £5

    5-40 fol laverre 6/1
    watheeq 6/5 NO BET NO VALUE

    5-50 don untold melody 3/1 £5
    forest edge 4/1 place £5

    5-55 nwm sacrilege 14/1 £5
    hereford boy 9/1 £5

    6-15 chs lady margaeux 4/1 £6
    pira palace 7/1 £4

    6-30 nwm summer dream 9/2 £5
    testamatta 7/2 £5

    6-50 chs double cee 13/2 £6
    first bid 17/2 £4

    7-05 nwm purple n gold 5/4
    vivid blue 3/1 NO BET NO VALUE

    7-25 chs kenyan cat 4/1 £5
    reyamour 11/2 £5

    7-35 nwm bathwick street 12/1 £3
    lady kashan 3/1 £7

    7-55 chs my kingdom 11/2 £6
    beckermet 8/1 £4

    8-05 nwm hallelujah 7/2 £6
    moretta blanche 8/1 £4

    8-25 chs silvas romana 9/2
    my guardian angel 13/2

    8-40 nwm st ignatius 11/1 £5
    top diktat 7/1 £5

    9-00 chs cyflymder 11/1 £4
    viking warrior 7/1 £6

    9-10 nwm whozthecat 7/2 £6
    cardinal 13/2 £4

  121. Hi Dave when i first developed this system i was backing my top 2 rated horses in every race but it was thought by many that betting every race was too much for most people as Pat has pointed out so from them ratings i now pick out the top rated bets for the day usually between 6-12 but i will still publish the full ratings for anyone who has the time and wants to use them. it has averaged around £100 a day to £10 stakes divided between the 2 horses over the last year compared to around £65 just using the top picks. hope that clears it up. Dean

  122. Hi Dean

    This looks really interesting. Am i correct in thinking you back both selections based on your final overall results for the day or are they just your top (first in the list) selections?


  123. Hi Dean,

    Looks a very good system, The single selections
    Not to keen on the dutching, to many bets,

    Hope you continue with your selections.


  124. Well the top picks finished 2.75 points down today but had it not been for the abandonments im sure it would have pulled back i know there are 3 races at hamilton but with the state of the weather i think its best left for another day as for the full ratings that is currently +18.75 points for the day with 7 races left. Thats it for today all the ratings and the Top picks will be on here by 9 in the morning.

  125. Hi again pretty much of a washout today newcastle gone hamilton looks like its going ahead but the horses are being issued armbands so im glad the selections went out late and people arent too comitted. There are days like today when you know nothing is gonna go in and its best to just shut it down and wait for a better day. As i speak i hope at least a few have ignored me and went with the ratings as know no fear wins easily.
    Speak soon Dean

  126. Thursday 28/6/12

    2-00 ncl new pearl
    somethingboutmary NO BET NO VALUE

    2-10 war engrossing
    malih NO BET NO VALUE

    2-20 yar rocky ground 5/2
    marvelous miss 16/1 place

    2-30 ncl tigers home 9/4
    angels calling 10/3

    2-40 war celestial dawn 4/1
    betty brook 5/1

    2-50 yar danzoe 13/1
    errigal lad 11/1

    3-00 ncl prince of sorrento 9/2
    swiftly done 6/1

    3-10 war midnight rider 6/1
    perfect pastime 14/1

    3-20 yar sarah berry 7/1
    charity box 4/1

    3-30 ncl pokfulham 11/2
    rock relief 6/1

    3-40 war sunday times 6/1
    rodger sez 7/1 place

    3-50 yar multi bene 7/4
    outlaw torn 12/1

    4-00 ncl the ducking stool 6/1
    tinseltown 3/1

    4-10 war queens estate 13/2
    temuco 13/2

    4-20 yar spin again 5/1
    rough rock 4/1

    4-30 ncl miss blink 13/2
    regal swain 11/4

    4-40 war know no fear 7/1
    jake the snake 9/2

    4-50 yar viking rose 11/1
    our gal 11/1

    5-00 ncl regal acclaim 11/4
    dutch rose 13/8

    5-20 yar la pampita 9/4
    cellist 6/1

    5-50 yar cotton grass 10/2
    marhaba malyoon 8/1

    6-40 lei boucher garcon 12/1
    captain scooby 9/2

    6-50 ham asterales 11/4
    terenzium 13/2

    7-10 lei secretori 13/2
    jumeirah moon 8/1

    7-20 ham pastoral prey 4/1
    gold beau 2/1

    7-40 lei final delivery 2/5
    dougie boy 8/1 NO BET NO VALUE

    7-50 ham outback 4/1
    supreme luxury 10/3

    8-10 lei al wajba 5/2
    magic destiny 6/1

    8-20 ham madam macie 9/2
    shes a charachter 16/1

    8-40 lei crimson monarch 11/4 place
    aegean destiny 12/5

    8-50 ham distant sun 16/1
    northern bolt 4/1

    9-10 lei its a privelage 5/2

    9-20 ham crimson knot 15/2
    ballinargh girl 16/1

    9-50 ham peter anders 5/1
    botham 9/1

  127. Hi again these selections come from my own ratings think i said that before anyway when i started out i would pick the top 2 in my ratings and dutch them. Now i still do my ratings the same way picking out the top 2 in every race and some days (looks like today is gonna be one) the 2nd pick out peforms the top pick so i think i will publish the whole of the ratings aswell so you can decide for yourselves if you want to back the 2nd selections

  128. Hi guys just a quick background to the system i started developing my own ratings about 2 years ago after nearly 30 years of betting horses/sports and buying nearly every system out there with no success 9 months later i had my own system and its pretty much been profitable from the start. As jason said it averages about £65 a day with a 30% strike rate of course you are going to have losing days sometimes even losing weeks (very few and far between) but if its long term profits your after then this works.

    Any questions or comments i will try and answer as soon as possible.
    I will be back later with a bit more about the ratings.

    One more thing the selections were quite late today From tomorrow they will be on here between 8 and 9 am

  129. Your Comments hi dean,
    only just noticed your system. i have had a go today, and i hope to do so in the future. best of luck,and thanks for posting.

  130. Thursday 28/6/12 All prices correct at time of writing 7-8am £10 = 1pt

    2-00 ncl new pearl 8/11 NO BET NO VALUE

    2-40 war celestial dawn 11/4 £10

    2-50 yar danzoe 12/1 £10

    3-00 ncl prince of sorrento 9/2 £10

    3-10 war cardinal 6/1 £10

    3-50 yar multi bene 9/4 £10

    4-00 ncl tinseltown 3/1 £10

    4-20 yar rough rock 4/1 £10

    5-00 ncl dutch rose 15/8 £10

    5-20 yar la pampita 9/4 £10

    7-40 lei final delivery 2/5 NO BET NO VALUE

    8-40 lei aegean destiny 12/5 £10

    9-10 lei its a privelage 5/2 £10

    4pm inspection at hamilton

    7-50 ham outback 4/1
    8-20 ham madam macie 9/2
    9-20 ham crimson knot 9/1