Please find Deans selections posted below. Dean gives his full ratings, Top picks and value picks. You will find them under: Dean Shields.

The ratings system and top picks are used to best effect when early morning odds are taken, as with any system getting VALUE is very important, the selections are usually on site by 8am to allow members the best chance to take these prices.

The Value selections arent affected as much by early odds as they are usually higher priced selections and not subject to large bets.

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553 thoughts on “Pro Form Ratings February”

  1. Managed to lose just the one point backing all value and top pick selections on betfair between 12 and 1 pm Straight 1pt per selection for speed due to work commitments. Some I win some I lose odds-wise.
    Got 13 on Grassfinch.
    Double to 2pts on NAP.
    what is relevance of NB selection?

  2. 28/02/13
    Top Picks = -pt
    Values = -4pts
    Top Rated = -1.5pts

    I don’t know how yesterday was a losing day?!

    The top picks started well with Grassfinch winning the second race at 9/1 BOG but couldn’t find another one after that.

    The Values drew a blank with Hill of Dreams well backed into 7/1, finishing best of all coming 2nd.

    The Top Rated had two winners (if you include Rightcar) and I backed this to 1pt so finished just 1.5pts down on the day with those.

  3. Out of curiosity, with non runners in a dutch selection (top rated) how does everyone else play these – omit it; lay it back if the other becomes a NR or let it ride.

    I’m in the first camp or back it to a full point if I like it.

  4. Can someone please just confirm that the reversed forecasts are all the “no Bets” from the 2 top rated…..Thank you

  5. Top picks

    2-55 nby Sew On Target 9/2

    3-30 nby Savant Bleu 7/1

    3-40 lin Charming 10/1

    3-50 don Lucky Landing 10/1

    4-00 nby Explained 9/2

    4-35 nby Midnight Tuesday 5/1

    4-50 lin Al’s Memory 6/1

    5-20 lin Darkest Night 13/2

    5-30 don Dirty Deal 12/1

    6-40 wol Hazard Warning 8/1

  6. Value selections

    2-10 don Easydoesit 8/1

    3-40 lin Charming 10/1

    3-50 don Lucky Landing 10/1

    4-50 lin Kickingthelilly 11/1

    5-00 don Catawollow 5/1 place

    5-10 nby Lady Charisma 14/1

    5-30 don Dirty Deal 12/1

    8-10 wol Baan 15/2

    8-40 wol Hyde Lea Flyer 9/2 place

  7. Good morning guys, I still dont know how we only had 1 winner yesterday, i was so very confident of a good day.

    Eamon it was purely value reasons there were only 9 points between them.

    Top 2 rated

    1-50 nby Handazan 5/1 0.4
    Gassin Golf 3/1 0.6

    2-00 lin Paphos
    Cyflymder NO BET

    2-10 don Easydoesit 8/1 0.5
    Sharivarry 6/1 0.5

    2-20 nby Rydon Pynes 16/1 0.3
    Silver Eagle 9/2 0.7

    2-30 lin Flamborough Breeze
    Electrician NO BET

    2-45 don Lets Get Serious
    Ballybriggan NO BET

    2-55 nby Sew On Target 9/2 0.5
    Keki Buku 9/2 0.5

    3-05 lin Fulgora
    Mirth NO BET

    3-20 don Call Me A Star
    September Blaze NO BET

    3-30 nby Savant Bleu 7/1 0.5
    Representingceltic 5/1 0.5

    3-40 lin Charming 10/1 0.4
    Desert Strike 9/2 0.6

    3-50 don Lucky Landing 10/1 0.4
    Brunswick Gold 7/2 0.6

    4-00 nby Explained 9/2 0.5
    Flaming Charmer 5/1 0.5

    4-15 lin Jimmy The Snooze
    Gabrial The Boss NO BET

    4-25 don Cockney Sparrow
    Elenika NO BET

    4-35 nby Midnight Tuesday 5/1 0.5
    Reginaldinho 5/1 0.5

    4-50 lin Al’s Memory 6/1 0.6
    Kickingthelilly 11/1 0.4

    5-00 don White Diamond 9/2 0.5
    Catawollow 5/1 place 0.5

    5-10 nby Tenmoku 11/2 0.7
    Lady Charisma 14/1 0.3

    5-20 lin Darkest Night 13/2 0.5
    Scepticism 7/1 0.5

    5-30 don Dirty Deal 12/1 0.4
    Definite Ruby 5/1 0.6

    5-40 wol Sommersturm
    Turjuman NO BET

    6-10 wol Windforpower
    Hiddon Coin NO BET

    6-40 wol Hazard Warning 8/1 0.4
    Hannahs Turn 7/2 0.6

    7-10 wol Ifan 4/1 0.5
    Zainda 7/2 0.5

    7-40 wol Lean On Pete 11/4 0.6
    Bert The Alert 11/2 0.4

    8-10 wol Scribe 11/4 0.7
    Baan 15/2 0.3

    8-40 wol Lytham 3/1 0.6
    Hyde Lea Flyer 9/2 place 0.4

  8. Thank for the heads up mate. I was doing the same thing myself. But cannot see a MArch link and I cannot see anything here yet either. I will keep an eye open for both options.

  9. Morning Oscar,

    Been looking for a new page for March although it hasn’t appeared yet?, selections may be on here instead for the time being.. don’t get caught out eh?

  10. however, today has been VERY encouraging so far.. would be interesting to know for how long Dean was tweaking with his system beforehand?

  11. How many seconds are we going to have today 🙁 Today could have been such a great day damn AP if he wasnt on board that horse we may have won that race. Lets hope we still have one or two winners left in there.

  12. Damn you AP! Always love having him on my side but always nervous being against him as he’s so strong in a finish!

  13. Not the result we wanted but hats off to Graham Gibbons. Brave and strong ride between our two selections in the 2.20.

    And at 16/1…that would’ve been nice.

  14. Dean – just curious but you you’ve napped Lucies Diamond and then put up a value in the same race.

    Can you explain your reasoning behind that other than Sylv Pank represents value at the odds. What’s the rating difference as I sometimes look at that on the Sunday to see how close the 3rd is to the top two rated?


  15. Thanks Daniel im sure it will.

    Seven selections in the RFCs today but if you are looking for fewer selections i think the first 2 have a cracking chance, short prices but should turn a profit.

    2-20 sow Kabbaas
    Apache Rising 0.5rfc

    3-40 tau Jupiter Rex
    Decimus 0.5rfc

    4-10 tau Teshali
    Thunderstorm 0.5rfc

    4-20 sow The Lock Master
    Ascendant 0.5rfc

    4-40 tau Cave Hill
    Swansbrook 0.5rfc

    5-20 sow Our Ivor
    Caledonia Prince 0.5rfc

    6-30 kem Bouyrin
    Sally Bruce 0.5rfc

  16. To be fair I’ve been following your top picks for six weeks now to ten pound level stakes and am only £92 down. If this is your worse run ever then its really not that bad. I’ve been on far worse runs following other systems before so am sure things will pick up soon.

  17. Thanks guys, I know the system works and works well but we have never had a run as bad as this and the doubts start to creep in. Eamon it wasnt either of those, Vavite was the first one, Valrene was the highest rated horse in the race but what the people who receive the ratings dont see are my notes next to the rating, Vavite was rated highest in nearly every category but not overall, usually that would be enough to be a top pick but because of where we are at the moment i stuck with the overall top rated and it was a no bet. Anyway it has taught me a lesson and i wont be changing anything again. There are quite a few short priced faves around today but also some good looking races and hopefully we will do ok.

  18. 27/02/13
    Top Picks = -3pts
    Values = -1pt
    Top Rated = -0.25pts

    A small losing day but nothing serious.
    The top picks had two winners although I was only able to get 9/4 on Byroness so most of you will have lost slightly less, I imagine.

    The values had a nice saving winner in the last race with Debdebdeb winning at 11/2 (I got 6’s). if you got the early 7’s you would’ve finished scratch for the day. It was nearly a winning day with both Jayo and Alnoomaas both finishing 2nd but if we’re knocking on the door our fortunes will change. I’ve seen it all before – one month they’re nearlies and the next month they’re justs!

    The Top rated finished with a flurry of successful dutches with the last at Bangor and 3/6 of the evening races at Kempton.

    Onwards and upwards and let’s hope for a decent end to what’s been a miserable month.


  19. Oscar,

    either that or the 25/1 winner at Kempton.. what an E/W double that would’ve been eh?

    Thanks Dean for your honesty, I do share Oscars sentiments though, ‘don’t fix what’s not broken’ etc, I’m no expert but I think if you kept tweaking or changing here and there we don’t get the benefit of the initial successful system in the first place, i.e. profits getting eaten up by the ‘tweaks’ etc.

  20. Ok cheers Dean, couldn’t understand the low return myself. Im new to this R/F game so i wasn’t sure how they calculated the odds. Will give it another whirl today and hope for better luck!

  21. Dean mate,

    If it isnt broken dont try to fix it. No tweaks needed mate. I hope that lingfield 100/1 horse was not one of those two horses you mentioned cause otherwise I am gonna have to put you on my black list lol Just kidding. Take care mate

  22. Top picks

    2-10 tau No No Trident 9/1

    3-00 lud Grassfinch 7/1

    3-20 sow Lucies Diamond 4/1 NAP

    3-30 lud Grove Pride 7/1

    4-00 lud Giveitachance 9/2

    4-10 tau Teshali 7/1

    4-30 lud Island Life 9/2

    4-50 sow Marshall Art 13/2

    5-10 tau Posh Emily 7/1

    6-00 kem Gower Rules 12/1

    7-00 kem Russian Ice 5/1 NB

  23. Value selections

    2-10 tau No No Trident 9/1

    3-20 sow Sylvia Pankhurst 11/1

    5-30 kem Blue Noodles 7/1

    6-00 kem Gower Rules 12/1

    8-30 kem Hill Of Dreams 12/1

  24. Top 2 rated

    2-00 lud Bullet Street
    Whos Cross NO BET

    2-10 tau No No Trident 9/1 0.4
    Bellflower Boy 7/2 0.6

    2-20 sow Kabbaas
    Apache Rising NO BET

    2-30 lud Arthurs Pass
    Carrigmorna King NO BET

    2-40 tau Garryleigh
    Fox Run NO BET

    2-50 sow Hillbilly Boy
    Krupskaya NO BET

    3-00 lud Grassfinch 7/1 0.4
    Floral Spinner 4/1 0.6

    3-10 tau Jump City
    Nobunaga NO BET

    3-20 sow Lucies Diamond 4/1 0.7
    Sylvia Pankhurst 11/1 0.3

    3-30 lud Grove Pride 7/1 0.5
    Buck Mulligan 6/1 0.5

    3-40 tau Jupiter Rex
    Decimus NO BET

    3-50 sow Bapak Bangsawan
    Antonio Gramsci NO BET

    4-00 lud Giveitachance 9/2 0.5
    Ifyousayso 7/2 0.5

    4-10 tau Teshali
    Thunderstorm NO BET

    4-20 sow The Lock Master
    Ascendant NO BET

    4-30 lud Island Life 9/2 0.6
    Lady Myfanwy 6/1 0.4

    4-40 tau Cave Hill
    Swansbrook NO BET

    4-50 sow Marshall Art 13/2 0.4
    Hellbender 9/2 0.6

    5-00 lud Dropzone
    Flash Crash NO BET

    5-10 tau Posh Emily 7/1 0.4
    Lady Bridget 7/2 0.6

    5-20 sow Our Ivor
    Caledonia Prince NO BET

    5-30 kem Blue Noodles 7/1 0.4
    Rightcar 4/1 0.6

    6-00 kem Gower Rules 12/1 0.3
    Fire In Babylon 16/5 0.7

    6-30 kem Bouyrin
    Sally Bruce NO BET

    7-00 kem Russian Ice 5/1 0.5
    Ocean Legend 11/2 0.5

    7-30 kem Dr Livingstone
    Thecornishcockney NO BET

    8-00 kem Close Together 7/1 0.5
    Spirit Of Success 11/2 0.5

    8-30 kem Qeethaara 4/1 0.7
    Hill Of Dreams 12/1 0.3

  25. Good morning guys, before i post the selections i want to say this.

    Another losing day yesterday but i took a lot of positives out of it, not for the 2 skinny winners or the couple of near misses but the 2 long odds winners we would have had if i hadnt got a bit concerned over the recent form and made a few tweaks, i wont name the horses and say look at what we shoulda won but i know to leave it alone from now on.

    Daniel, It is the way it has worked out over the last six months, there are some short odds but most days some of the longer ones come in aswell, i must admit there arent usually that many NO BETS. You should have got £18.90 return for a £10 stake. I can send anyone the full results if you would like them

  26. Dean, id be interested to get your views on these reverse forecasts as trying to work out if theres any point following them. Only one winner today (8pm still to come) and for that i won £3.80 for a ten pound total stake. The odds were around 8/11 and 3/1 from memory. That seems a diabolical return and not really worth the effort of putting them on. All your other selections seem to place “value” above everything else, can we not get the reverse forecast tips reduced in number a little to whittle out these odds on shots. Theres been a number of other odds on forecasts today that havent even gone close, seems more effort than its worth to follow these types of selections. Obviously they have been making profit but surely not from such short priced horses? Be interested to hear your views. Cheers.

  27. Phil,

    I’ve spent this afternoon trawling the web with regards January & February in the horse racing calender.. these two months are notorious for poor racing, been on ‘The Racing Forum’, and it clarifies it on there, have a look – google it?, I’ll renew on here that’s for sure, you’ve just joined at a sticky period, unfortunate but we will get through it – just grit your teeth and we’ll reap reward

  28. Renew or not to renew that is the question, have a few days yet definitely in the balance. Have been with price power on previous occaisions and made money, even an each way return gives you a bit more optimisim,not saying this doesnt and wont make good profits, just hasnt for me so far

  29. Ok now a couple more to finish the day with a big turn around would be nice 🙂 I will keep asking and I may get my wishes granteed lol 🙂

  30. OK, so we’re having a really bad time of it on here at the moment.. can anyone on here put it down to anything?.

    Generally speaking, (or typing even), from July last year through to maybe the 3rd week of January we were absolutely smashing, I mean SMASHING it, unyet from the turn of the year it’s been shocking, how can this be?, and it’s not just Dean’s service to be fair.

    However John Lewis on the ‘inside info’ section seems to be reasonably successful on thin prices, (14 winners from 32), highest priced winner 7/2, lowest price winner 1/3, don’t use him however as I don’t see any value in his selections.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking Dean’s efforts because it works, but why the sudden downturn?, just trying to be constructive & positive and the same time that’s all..

  31. Its not going our way today either. Hopefully things will turn around. There is still five selections left for today.

  32. Well Andy, I hope your ‘good feeling’ for Kempton proves accurate as not promising at the mo although Home Run looked on course until the jockey decided to jump ship!!

  33. On bet victor mobile it doesn’t tell you what the total odds are for a reverse forecast. They were best odds i could get. Won’t be betting on anymore that’s for sure! 1 to 3 odds on – you’re having a laugh!

  34. er, Daniel, why did you bet on it then?, didn’t you look & check the odds or the return.. to see if it was worth it?, or did you bet SP?, if so, why?

  35. That first one just came in and for a £5 reverse forecast, total of £10 stake, i won £3.90. What is the point in tips like this Dean where is the value in that!?

  36. Hi guys, quite a few selections for the RFCs today as most no bets were qualifiers.

    2-00 win Grand Exit
    Oscar Amy 0.5rfc

    2-10 lin Irish Buccaneer
    The Informant 0.5rfc

    2-40 lin Grace And Fortune
    Hannah’s Silk 0.5rfc

    2-50 ban Valrene
    Cevaro 0.5rfc

    4-40 lin Penmore Mill
    Swallows Delight 0.5rfc

    5-10 lin Giveagirlachance
    Magic Money 0.5rfc

    7-00 kem Flamborough Breeze
    South Cape 0.5rfc

    8-00 kem Gabrial’s Wawa
    Countess Lovelace 0.5rfc

  37. I missed the value on Call me Sir as it tumbled to 6/1 – the jockey is a positive for me. Her claim is reducing and she’s won at the course and distance with similar conditions to suit although this gelding would prefer it more on the soft side of good. Sue Gardner holds strong claims in this race with Orion Express, another CD winner and she has a respectable SR at this course (16%). In handicaps she’s 5/26 so a nice 19% SR. Fingers crossed for these two runners – as I’ve backed both!

  38. Dean – I hope you’re right about the Top Picks. In the words of Soccer AM we could do with some bouncebackability!

  39. Yes I see what you mean Andy. I think she fell the last time around. I rather have an experience jockey on a competitive race like that one. But the main factor is usually the horse not the jockey although a good jockey is always an advantage of course

  40. Top picks

    2-30 win Call Me Sir 12/1

    3-10 lin Rosoff 9/1

    3-20 ban Corrin Wood 11/4

    3-30 win Home Run 7/2

    4-10 lin Monsieur Cadou 6/1

    4-50 ban Tara Rose 3/1

    5-30 kem Askaud 6/1

    6-00 kem Katy Spirit 4/1

    6-30 kem Alnoomaas 9/1

    9-00 kem Byroness 7/2

  41. Value selections

    2-30 win Call Me Sir 12/1

    3-10 lin Rosoff 9/1

    3-20 ban Simarian 16/1

    4-00 win Cnoc Moy 14/1

    4-30 win Jayo 15/2

    6-00 kem Tregereth 9/1

    6-30 kem Alnoomaas 9/1

    7-30 kem Debdebdeb 7/1

  42. Good morning,

    Thanks Andy and thanks Eamon our daily sumariser.

    Just about break even with the RFCs yesterday.
    Four meetings today and its still poor especially the top 2 rated but i see profit in the top picks today and i dont usually say that.

    Top 2 rated

    2-00 win Grand Exit
    Oscar Amy NO BET

    2-10 lin Irish Buccaneer
    The Informant NO BET

    2-20 ban Ciceron
    Diocles NO BET

    2-30 win Call Me Sir 12/1 0.5
    Orion Express 9/1 0.5

    2-40 lin Grace And Fortune
    Hannah’s Silk NO BET

    2-50 ban Valrene
    Cevaro NO BET

    3-00 win Sustainability
    Father Probus NO BET

    3-10 lin Rosoff 9/1 0.3
    Goring Two 9/4 0.7

    3-20 ban Corrin Wood 11/4 0.8
    Simarian 16/1 0.2

    3-30 win Home Run 7/2 0.5
    Xaarcet 4/1 0.5

    3-40 lin Killimore Cottage 7/2 0.6
    Promised Wings 9/2 0.4

    3-50 ban Milo Milan 7/2 0.5
    Storm Survivor 4/1 0.5

    4-00 win Gizzit 9/4 0.7
    Cnoc Moy 14/1 0.3

    4-10 lin Monsieur Cadou 6/1 0.5
    Camden 6/1 0.5

    4-20 ban Coverholder
    Koultas King NO BET

    4-30 win Quedillac 4/1 0.6
    Jayo 15/2 0.4

    4-40 lin Penmore Mill
    Swallows Delight NO BET

    4-50 ban Tara Rose 3/1 0.6
    Volcan Surprise 5/1 0.4

    5-10 lin Giveagirlachance
    Magic Money NO BET

    5-20 ban Sealous Scout
    I’m Fraam Govan NO BET

    5-30 kem Askaud 6/1 0.5
    Hilali 9/2 0.5

    6-00 kem Katy Spirit 4/1 0.7
    Tregereth 9/1 0.3

    6-30 kem Alnoomaas 9/1 0.5
    Fortrose Academy 7/1 0.5

    7-00 kem Flamborough Breeze
    South Cape NO BET

    7-30 kem Debdebdeb 7/1 0.5
    Spring Tonic 6/1 0.5

    8-00 kem Gabrial’s Wawa
    Countess Lovelace NO BET

    8-30 kem Asia Minor 7/2 0.6
    Evergreen Forest 9/2 0.4

    9-00 kem Byroness 7/2 0.6
    Prom Dress 11/2 0.4

  43. Must admit the pound signs flashed before my eyes whilst at work with Deans reverse forcasts so was trying to follow those quickly online before being spotted at work….as you do

  44. philip with the return you’ve got it looks to me like you’ve ticked the any order box for £10,if you’re backing £10 per point then that’s the correct way to do it with b365.
    you also get bog on f/c with them so you might be better putting 2 sept f/c on instead.

  45. 26/02/13
    Top Picks = -7pts
    Values = -5pts
    Top Rated = -2.25pts

    The top picks had a stinker again today with Caulfields Venture going closest getting 3rd.
    The values nearly had a great winner with Ballyman who went 1.15 in runing and looked the winner jumping the last but the french raider did a number on our selection and the switch to Charlie Longsdon’s stable and a tongue tie looked to have worked wonders! Annoyingly I managed to get 17 on Betfair, nearly double Dean’s early price but laid off a few points in running.
    The ratings fared best of all suffering a small 2pt loss with three winners. I managed to get 6.2 BF for Botten who went off at 5/1 and won by the minimum margin.

    Let’s hope things pick up tomorrow with two jumps cards and two AW ones to have a go at.


  46. Followed the top picks another poor day and the forecasts, can someone confirm if im doing it correctly please, on bet 365 ticked the in any order box whilst in a rush at work.So from my £5 stake on each at winning odds of 9/2 & 10/11 my return was £45.45, should I have ticked the 1st and 2nd boxes instead?

  47. Dante’s Frolic in the 2:50 at Catterick, I don’t know what told me to do it but looked at Deans Top 2 Rated and it just stood out at me, so I plonked £50 on it, and it won on a head bob on t’line.

  48. Wayne,

    Yup, 0.5, (half a point) on each, i.e.

    2-40 Lingfield 0.5 Straight Forecast
    1.Misleading Promise

    2-40 Lingfield 0.5 Straight Forecast
    2.Misleading Promise

  49. I’m gonna stick my neck out and say that that’s feasible.. less variance on the AW, no dismounts, falls et al.

    Keep you posted

  50. Thats a fair question Andy and 1 i have no idea about. To be honest i didnt delve that deep, i took out under 5 runners unless they were decent prices and took out all races where the fave was below 8/13 unless the other horse was decent price (6s-7s) and that gave us a decent profit but if you have time to do the stats from now on please do, maybe we can narrow it down a bit more.

  51. Dean,

    Would it be fair to say that the RFC’s are more successful with sprints up to 1 mile on the AW or is it really spread across the board.. results wise?

  52. OK guys here are my selections for The RFC system, it has been tested but is still a new service so if you are at all unsure please paper trade for a while.

    2-40 lin Misleading Promise
    Entrapping 0.5 rfc

    2-50 cat Toubeera
    Dante’s Frolic 0.5 rfc

    3-50 cat Buthelezi
    Somerset Island 0.5 rfc

    4-00 lei Howard’s Legacy
    Volador 0.5 rfc

    4-30 lei French Canadian
    Robin Will 0.5 rfc

  53. Wasnt moaning just interested to know how various members have done, saw some one said they were 60 or 70 down on top picks since jan, realise we are all getting various prices.

  54. So as you can see it pays off to be patient and consistent and to see the whole picture rather than to panic and moan. This is the worse time of the year not only for Dean but for every other great service out there and we just need to keep cool and be patient and things will go back to normal sooner rather than later. Keep the faith guys!!

  55. Ok these are my personal records. I have recorded all races from November 23rd. I have used BOG and bet365 for all reaces and I have used ew on the bets where Dean uses place since place bets are rarely allowed on bet365. I would recommend using place bets on betfair if available rather than the EW on bet365 cause it would probably pay off much better or else leaving them out all together cause they usually place but dont win. But those are very few and would not make much of a difference anyways.

    My Results:
    November (23rd to 30th): 48.5 points in barly a week (great to start like this)
    December: 63 points (great month)
    January: 1 point ( an even month)
    February: -14 points (after yesterdays results. a bit of rollercoaster)

  56. Hi Guys, you might have seen me and andy talking about reverse forecasts on here before, well i want to tell you a bit more.
    Ever since we started the system we have noticed on the top 2 rated selections that i mark NO BET have a high strike rate on RFC’s and when i did the stats they are actually better when the racing is poor, so this should be ideal for now. I had planned to launch this system on its own later in the year but i dont think it can do any harm to use it for a few weeks untill our other systems pick up. I did ponder the idea of starting it yesterday and wish i had as it had over 12 points profit

    Here are the last 6 months results

    September £560 staked £1047.40 returns +£487.40

    October £1200 staked £1629.75 returns +£429.75

    November £1200 staked £1140.10 returns -£59.90

    December £1230 staked £1350.24 returns +£120.24

    January £1010 staked £1187.40 returns +£177.40

    February £600 staked £1067.55 returns +£467.55

    Total £5800 staked £7422.44 Returns +£1622.44

    These are based on using £10 as our 1 point but obviously you can use whatever you choose.
    We dont use all of the NO BETS, we have to narrow it down a little so i will be back a bit later with the selections when we have a bit better idea what the SP’s will be.

  57. Top picks

    2-10 lin Poetic Verse 5/1

    2-30 lei Caulfields Venture 5/1

    3-00 lei Noble Witness 4/1 PLACE

    3-30 lei Persian Herald 10/1

    3-40 lin Mack’s Sister 5/1

    4-20 cat Carmela Maria 8/1

    5-00 lei Quinte Du Chatelet 6/1

  58. Value selections

    2-20 cat Andy Vic 12/1

    3-00 lei Noble Witness 4/1 place

    3-30 lei Petit Ecuyer 10/1

    4-10 lin Laudation 12/1

    4-20 cat Carmela Maria 8/1

    5-00 lei Ballyman 8/1

  59. Good morning

    Top 2 rated

    2-10 lin Poetic Verse 5/1 0.4
    Gabrial The Duke 5/2 0.6

    2-20 cat Stormy Morning 4/1 0.7
    Andy Vic 12/1 0.3

    2-30 lei Caulfields Venture 5/1 0.5
    Be My Deputy 4/1 0.5

    2-40 lin Misleading Promise
    Entrapping NO BET

    2-50 cat Toubeera
    Dante’s Frolic NO BET

    3-00 lei Noble Witness 4/1 place 0.5
    Nom de Guerre 7/2 0.5

    3-10 lin Fonterutoli 5/2 0.7
    Lieutenant Dan 13/2 0.3

    3-20 cat Rapidolyte De Ladalka
    Makethe Mostofnow NO BET

    3-30 lei Persian Herald 10/1 0.5
    Petit Ecuyer 10/1 0.5

    3-40 lin Mack’s Sister 5/1 0.4
    Spin Again 9/4 0.6

    3-50 cat Buthelezi
    Somerset Island NO BET

    4-00 lei Howard’s Legacy
    Volador NO BET

    4-10 lin Laudation 12/1 0.3
    Botteen 9/4 0.7

    4-20 cat Carmela Maria 8/1 0.5
    Ifyouthinkso 6/1 0.5

    4-30 lei French Canadian
    Robin Will NO BET

    4-40 lin Star of Rohm
    Silca’s Dream NO BET

    4-50 cat No Way Hozay
    The Fox’s Decree NO BET

    5-00 lei Quinte Du Chatelet 6/1 0.6
    Ballyman 8/1 0.4

    5-10 lin Broxbourne
    Beat Route NO BET

    5-20 cat Ivan Boru 16/5 0.7
    Viking Chief 7/1 0.3

  60. 24/02/13 (Sun)
    Top Rated – 8pts
    A F/C with Shoegazer & Poungach but only Musical Wedge could do the biz yesterday.

    Top Rated = -7pts
    Values = -5pts
    Top Rated = -7.5pts

    A loss across all three systems and the rot continues, unfortunately. John Potts went closest of all but was just touched off by a 14/1 shot.

  61. It looks like February will end up in losses for the first month since I joined unless Dean pulls out a magic megaproffit day out of his hat in the next three days but even so in the long run we know that this is the place to be so we just need to get pass the rough and into the green. Lets hope for a big March with the weather improving and the flat season getting a little closer. Im keeping my stakes level and my 100 point bank just as I always have.

  62. I keeping small for now until the fog clears!
    I will be doing only small change and trebles in any case on top ticks, when things get back to normal, hopefully when Cheltenham comes by.
    If you guys remember Monday when there was a few winners 10p trebles for under a £10 I made nearly £300, so when things get back to normal its easily recouped, but lets stay calm for now. Maybe the enemy are here and somehow throw a spanner in the works, I don’t know!!!

  63. the disheartening thing is that another proven system I’m using is not paying off either, it’s demoralising, I don’t get it..

  64. At the moment the value selection for the 4.10 at Plumpton is an apt name for the Top Picks selections so far! Lets hope there is better to come for the last two!!

  65. what really annoys me is when you look at a race and a name of a horse stands out at you, a horse where you think, yeah I fancy a punt at that one, I’ve a mate called Dan.. you look at the following:

    Draw: 10
    Form: 6-3558
    Price 14/1 12/1

    Goes off at 12/1

    You think ‘Nah, I know better than to do that’..



  66. woke up late this morning and after missing most prices i decided to go through the form and speed ratings and other tipsters i get messages from and compare them to all the top and value picks.
    i came up with these four and have backed them single double treble and an e/w acc4.
    something different for a change.

    3-10 plu Just Beware

    3-20 kem Athwaab

    4-40 plu Romney Marsh

    5-30 wol John Potts

  67. Top picks

    2-30 wol M J Woodward 13/2

    3-10 plu Just Beware 13/2

    3-20 kem Athwaab 12/1

    3-50 kem Hierarch 11/2

    4-10 plu Stop The Show 3/1

    4-40 plu Romney Marsh 13/2

    5-30 wol John Potts 6/1

  68. Value selections

    2-10 plu Little Dutch Girl 7/1

    2-30 wol M J Woodward 13/2

    2-50 kem Shirataki 12/1

    3-20 kem Athwaab 12/1

    4-10 plu Absolute Shambles 12/1

  69. Good morning, i was away from home over the weekend so apoligies if anyone didnt receive the ratings yesterday and i hope you found them ok on here.
    Racing is pretty poor today but i think there should be enough value in the selections for us to make a profit.

    Top 2 rated

    2-10 plu Little Dutch Girl 7/1 0.4
    Asker 9/2 0.6

    2-20 kem Celtic Charlie
    Tidy Affair NO BET

    2-30 wol M J Woodward 13/2 0.5
    Cardinal 5/1 0.5

    2-40 plu Viloin Davis
    Southway Star NO BET

    2-50 kem Shirataki 12/1 0.4
    Bridge That Gap 4/1 0.6

    3-00 wol Flashlight
    Loulou Vuitton NO BET

    3-10 plu Just Beware 13/2 0.6
    Right Stuff 8/1 0.4

    3-20 kem Athwaab 12/1 0.4
    Dressed In Lace 9/2 0.6

    3-30 wol Waving
    Wordiness NO BET

    3-40 plu Quartz Du Montceau
    Jupiter Rex NO BET

    3-50 kem Hierarch 11/2 0.4
    Alhaban 3/1 0.6

    4-00 wol Silver Alliance 5/2 0.7
    Faithful Ruler 6/1 0.3

    4-10 plu Stop The Show 3/1 0.7
    Absolute Shambles 12/1 0.3

    4-20 kem Guest Of Honour
    Loyalty NO BET

    4-30 wol Hes A Striker
    Majeed NO BET

    4-40 plu Romney Marsh 13/2 0.5
    Little Roxy 11/2 0.5

    4-50 kem Line Of Reason
    Poets Prospect NO BET

    5-00 wol Mumeyez
    House Of Orange NO BET

    5-10 plu Anteros
    Sonoftheking NO BET

    5-20 kem Athletic
    Greek Islands NO BET

    5-30 wol John Potts 6/1 0.5
    Kieltys Folly 6/1 0.5

  70. i lay all my flat horses at 1.02 i/r as i’ve had way too many beat at 1.01 over the years,i usually get better odds than sp and also usually have a lay bet ready at 2.02 for all nh races.i like to think i can read a race well and that one yesterday looked like it was done for and i thought i was lucky to get my stake back but you can’t get it right all the time.

  71. Sunday 24/2/13



    Seebright 230
    Uncle Jimmy 213
    Beforeall 154
    Royal Native 135
    Letemgo 131
    Perazzi George 127
    Firey King 96
    Thefriendlygremlin 76
    Whatagoa 70
    Ruby Kew 65


    Shoegazer 255
    Poungach 236
    Tenor Nivernais 161
    Scampi Boy 146
    Orvita 127


    No No Bingo 199
    Cypress Grove 183
    Princely Hero 169
    Time To Think 162
    Kind Of Easy 158
    Financial Climate 154
    Plum Pudding 130
    Meet The Critics 112


    Meister Eckhart 268
    Dark Lover 256
    Prospect Wells 237
    Bergo 207
    Valmari 196
    Brampour 194


    Radetsky March 190
    Bleuvito 173
    Prince Massini 146
    Keel Road 130
    Gidam Gidam 124
    Blinding Lights 50
    Man From Moscow 50


    Thundering Home 218
    Farbreaga 218
    Invicta Lake 211
    All Annalena 192
    Kambis 187
    Ya Hafed 186
    The Bishops Baby 178
    Sun Quest 172
    Bathcounty 140
    Morestead 138
    Priest Island 136
    Lava Lamp 112


    Somchine 101
    Jammy 88
    Business Mover 60
    Alfie Alexander 50
    Freddie Mael Duin 50
    Major Milborne 50
    Sergeant Mattie 50
    Unowhatimeanharry 50
    Rose Of Marron 50




    Cayman Islands 211
    Clowance House 186
    Darkestbeforedawn 170
    Rain Mac 153
    Otterburn 142
    Bowie 124
    Oyster Shell 124
    Ballyculla 103
    Classical Twist 100
    Bob’s World 92
    Devil’s Province 86
    Silver Panther 82


    King’s Road 210
    Prince Pippin 192
    My Viking Bay 187
    Lady Romanza 173
    Nicky Nutjob 164
    Aureate 162
    Crack At Dawn 161
    Chilbury Hill 145
    Lodgician 137
    First Morning 133
    Mount Welcome 122
    Emerald Glade 74
    Kingston Tiger 60
    Cosavita 55


    Topaze Collonges 213
    Pyracantha 192
    Pensnett Bay 190
    Join The Navy 179
    Father Shine 174
    Orang Outan 170
    Valley View 168
    The Sawyer 158
    Speedy Bruere 116
    Handsome Buddy 102


    Hazy Bay 206
    Duneen Point 188
    Earcomesthedream 175
    Bravo Riquet 174
    Tarabela 169
    Whatsabillion 155
    Top Benefit 152
    Heezagrey 148
    Starlight Air 144
    Waywood Princess 138
    Go Amwell 130
    Sacco D’oro 117
    Nouailhas 114
    Westwire Toby 109
    Midnight Choice 82


    Musical Wedge 222
    Badgers Cove 215
    Milans Well 208
    King’s Grace 180
    Ballyhilty Bridge 170
    You’re So Vain 144
    Elite Beneficial 119
    Captain Scarlett 114
    Endofdiscusion 92


    Act Four
    Bump Start
    Catching Stardust
    Generous June
    Malibu Rock
    Volt Face

  72. No probs Thomas / steven. Tho andy might not appreciate guaranteed winners im sure most people do. Id rather have a guaranteed winner at 2/1 any day of the week than a good hunch at 6/1. I pay a lot to be in these syndicates but most of the tips are guaranteed wins. We strike when the horses are down in the weights, deliberately ridden to lose in the last few outings. Obviously can’t share all my information but will post some more on here at some point. Happy to share the wealth around a bit, we’re all in the same boat here afterall.

  73. 23/02/13
    Top Picks = +4pts
    Values = +4pts
    Top Rated = -1.5pts

    The day started so well and I’m sure everyone thought it was going to be a repeat of last Saturday.

    After the 2.10 race I worked out that I was +24pts up and considered calling it a lovely day but having recently done a stock take on the systems I realised I had a bit of catch up to do as I’m -73pts down on the Top picks since Jan. I’m finally back in profit again on the Values and only a few points down on the top rated.

    Today’s results meant a +6.5pt so I’m not complaining and to round it off I had a 33/1 winner with Such A Legend in the last at Kempton for a little micro system that I picked up from Paul Ruffy at bettingprofitsbulletin.

  74. pmsl and happy to get 11/1
    the reason i put that on here is because everything i’ve putting on here has been wrong.
    thus garuanteeing it would win/

  75. If you gents want to earn some money get on grandioso 2.40 kempton. Don’t worry i know this is not a tipping forum or we could all put random tips we hear on here but just thought id share a little weekend joy with you all.

  76. Good Morning Daniel,

    Very good judgement on your part.. well done, amongst Deans Top Picks for today, I just wondered where the ‘stinkers’ lurk within the selections?

  77. Don’t worry Neil I’ve been in this game years, make a substantial second income off it. Im in several syndicates and we were all over that horse like a rash, problema tic never stood a chance. Had £500 on at 7/1 – was a real BOOM moment!

  78. Daniel, The thing about ratings systems is that they rate the horse for all sorts of reasons, and the final rating is what it is. If you start going off track to see what everyone else thinks then you will fail, simple as that. Don’t forget only about 30% of favourites win – so that means that ‘everyone’ is usually wrong! It is essential to stick with what the system tells you. Tis is why you will get good priced winners and ‘value’ bets, and a good profit over time. The only problem with all ‘systems’ is that the horse and jockey are unlikely to know and don’t always perform as expected. Onwards and upwards eh!

  79. Problema Tic was a real stinking choice yesterday, think one man and his dog knew about Ballynagour, won me a small fortune!

  80. 22/02/13
    Top Picks = -5.5pts
    Values = 0pts
    Top Rated = -3pts

    Not a great day yesterday with the top picks performing worst of all. The values did best of all finishing level for the day, for me as I only got 7/1 on Carole’s Legacy. If you got the early 10/1 these would have finished in profit.

  81. Top picks

    1-30 kem Lexicon Lad 15/2

    1-55 lin Jack My Boy 11/1

    2-20 ncl Lady Bluesky 13/2

    2-30 lin Piscean 11/2 NB

    2-45 chp Cheat The Cheater 9/1

    2-55 ncl Master Overseer 15/2 NAP

    3-20 chp Oh Crick 13/2

    4-15 lin The Holyman 11/2

    4-30 chp Bonoman 4/1

    4-50 lin Triple Dream 12/1

  82. Value selections

    1-30 kem Lexicon Lad 15/2

    1-55 lin Jack My Boy 11/1

    2-20 ncl Stormy Weather 8/1

    2-30 lin Capone 10/1

    2-45 chp Cheat The Cheater 9/1

    3-15 kem Fair Trade 10/1

    3-50 kem Nacarat 10/1

    4-25 kem De Blacksmith 14/1

    4-50 lin Triple Dream 12/1

  83. Good morning,

    Top 2 rated

    1-20 lin Aryal
    Huffoof NO BET

    1-30 kem Lexicon Lad 15/2 0.4
    Milarrow 9/2 0.6

    1-35 chp Pay The King
    Annacotty NO BET

    1-45 ncl Fentara
    Real Milan NO BET

    1-55 lin Jack My Boy 11/1 0.4
    Temple Road 7/2 0.6

    2-05 kem Irish Saint
    L’unique NO BET

    2-10 chp Safran De Cotte 9/4 0.7
    De La Bech 11/2 0.3

    2-20 ncl Lady Bluesky 13/2 0.5
    Stormy Weather 8/1 0.5

    2-30 lin Piscean 11/2 0.7
    Capone 10/1 0.3

    2-40 kem Molotof
    Grandioso NO BET

    2-45 chp Cheat The Cheater 9/1 0.5
    Virginia Ash 7/1 0.5

    2-55 ncl Master Overseer 15/2 0.5
    Tarquinius 7/1 0.5

    3-05 lin Planteur
    Harry Buckle NO BET

    3-15 kem Brick Red 11/4 0.7
    Fair Trade 10/1 0.3

    3-20 chp Oh Crick 13/2 0.4
    Dunowen Point 10/3 0.6

    3-30 ncl Little Glenshee
    Corrin Wood NO BET

    3-40 lin Big Sylv
    Chambles NO BET

    3-50 kem Wyck Hill 3/1 0.8
    Nacarat 10/1 0.2

    3-55 chp Landscape
    Shammick Boy NO BET

    4-05 ncl Supreme Asset
    Firth Of The Clyde NO BET

    4-15 lin The Holyman 11/2 0.4
    Stentorian 9/4 0.6

    4-25 kem Quaddick Lake 11/2 0.7
    De Blacksmith 14/1 0.3

    4-30 chp Bonoman 4/1 0.6
    Kap West 13/2 0.4

    4-40 ncl Billy Cuckoo 7/2 0.5
    Quincy Des Pictons 7/2 0.5

    4-50 lin Triple Dream 12/1 0.4
    Picansort 5/1 0.6

    5-00 kem Doctor Harper 13/2 0.5
    Carlton Jack 168 0.5

    5-05 chp Allow Dallow
    Turoyal NO BET

    5-15 ncl Moss Cloud
    Tough Trade NO BET

  84. Just joined today and gone over the past few days bets from Dean. Not hugely encouraging but will hold my pen to see how a month goes. I have a 100pt bank and plan to follow the system for the month. By sounds of things it should prove profitable. I am encouraged by Andy’s posts. His reality would be mine if the system really does work. I am a self employed bookseller who has reached pension age and would like to add to the state pension with a nice little punter income (or even a big one!) Reading the facts since last September is what persuaded me to sign up. May the trend continue…though it doesn’t appear to have done recently. Today Top Picks is currently 4.5pts down and Values are 1pt up – still a few races left, so here’s hoping…

  85. got most prices including the place bet,wouldn’t be taking the 7-8/1 that was on offer on caroles spirit,surely this will drift out to 14-16’s nearer the race.

  86. Eyes down look in.. these are the prices I’ve managed to snaffle for later, gonna be a good day today 🙂

    Lord Singer @ 9/2
    Hab Reeh @ 8/1
    Berlusca @ 11/2
    Lord Of The Dance @ 10/1
    Turjuman @ 6/1
    Problema Tic @ 4/1
    Sail Home @ 7/2
    Al’s Memory @ 5/1
    Sweet Ovation @ 7/1
    Cyflymder @ 13/2
    Imperial Circus @ 9/1

  87. Top picks

    2-20 san Lord Singer 5/1

    2-30 lin Cyflmder 7/1

    3-05 lin Sweet Ovation 7/1

    3-40 lin Als Memory 11/2 NAP

    3-50 war Problema Tic 9/2

    4-30 san Imperial Circus 9/1

    4-50 lin Sail Home 7/2

    6-00 wol Turjuman 13/2

    7-30 wol Lord Of The Dance 11/1

    8-00 wol Berlusca 7/1

    8-30 wol Hab Reeh 8/1 NB

  88. Value selections

    1-30 lin Royal Etiquette 10/1

    1-45 san Sir Fredalot 9/2 place

    2-40 war Crazy Bold 8/1

    3-50 war Niceonefrankie 15/2

    4-40 lin Ogaritmo 8/1

    5-20 war Carole’s Spirit 10/1

    7-30 wol Lord Of The Dance 11/1

    8-30 wol Hab Reeh 8/1

  89. Top 2 Rated

    1-30 lin Yourinthewill 4/1 0.7
    Royal Etiquette 10/1 0.3

    1-45 san Sir Fredalot 9/2 place 0.5
    Thundering Home 6/1 0.5

    2-00 lin King Bertie
    Fearless Lad NO BET

    2-10 war Broadway Buffalo
    Heronshaw NO BET

    2-20 san Lord Singer 5/1 0.4
    Nozic 11/4 0.6

    2-30 lin Cyflmder 7/1 0.5
    Titan Triumph 15/2 0.5

    2-40 war Crazy Bold 8/1 0.5
    Drawn Free 15/2 0.5

    2-55 san Shotavodka
    Lord Protector NO BET

    3-05 lin Sweet Ovation 7/1 0.4
    Waterloo Dock 9/2 0.6

    3-15 war Gorgehous Lliege
    Sandynow NO BET

    3-25 san Fago
    Kapga De Cerisy NO BET

    3-40 lin Als Memory 11/2 0.6
    Dr Red Eye 8/1 0.4

    3-50 war Problema Tic 9/2 0.6
    Niceonefrankie 15/2 0.4

    4-00 san farbreaga 9/2 0.5
    Leader Of The Gang 5/1 0.5

    4-10 lin Keep Kicking
    Full Swing NO BET

    4-20 war Roc D’apsis
    Masters Blazing NO BET

    4-30 san Imperial Circus 9/1 0.5
    Ringa Bay 13/2 0.5

    4-40 lin Sail Home 7/2 0.6
    Ogaritmo 8/1 0.4

    4-50 war Mon Mome 6/1 0.5
    Reblis 6/1 0.5

    5-05 san Doctor Harper 9/2 0.6
    Somerset Lias 6/1 place 0.4

    5-20 war Taradrewe 11/4 0.7
    Carole’s Spirit 10/1 0.3

    5-30 wol Flaxen Lake 4/1 0.5
    Athaakeel 4/1 0.5

    6-00 wol Turjuman 13/2 0.5
    Daring Damsel 5/1 0.5

    6-30 wol Rightcar 11/2 0.4
    Ches Jicaro 3/1 0.6

    7-00 wol Impeccability
    Yellow Mountain NO BET

    7-30 wol Lord Of The Dance 11/1 0.4
    Hail Promenader 6/1 0.6

    8-00 wol Berlusca 7/1 0.5
    One Scoop Or Two 13/2 0.5

    8-30 wol Hab Reeh 8/1 0.5
    Sunrise Dance 6/1 0.5

  90. Good morning, very disapointed with top picks yesterday as it looked like decent quality and i really thought we were gonna have a good day. I know the place prices can be very different early on, i actually got 6/1 but 5/1 was available just before i posted but its something we maybe need to luck at.
    It looks decent again today hopefully the results will be better.

    These are very early again so if i could ask Andy again if he wouldnt mind publishing the prices he gets and we will work from them.

  91. Its a bit of a rollercoaster at the moment but I am sure things will even out in the long run and what we should be looking at is overall proffit in a monthly bases. We are a few points down again but we came back from over 40 points down before into 20 up so I am sure Dean can pull it off again. No time to lose confidence now. yes of course it would be easier to make a couple of points a day and go steady but this is not how this system works and we need to accept that if we want to make proffit and not lose sight of what is important

  92. 21/02/13
    Top Picks = -8pts
    Values = +6pts
    Top Rated = +4.25pts

    The values fared best with the top rated delivering just over 4 pts. Top Picks didn’t have a winner and only one of them placed!

    Overall just over 2pts profit if following all three systems.

  93. Dan..

    Have thought about it, LOL

    Trying times that’s for sure.. still in profit over the past fortnight though, onwards & upwards eh?

  94. Only the Top Picks are under performing. Both the Values and Top Rated dutches are in profit.

    Seven is Lucky has ensured at least a B/E day for the values if you got 7/1 or better.

  95. I’m still hanging out on Gentle George.. can only get 5/2 at the moment, with what you say on the place selections I may just back them to win in future, depending on what else is in each race etc

  96. whoops but i know i’m right in the long run.
    these place bets are a joke when it comes to prices and it might be better if no price was marked against them.(just a thought)

  97. layed the top pick win +place and backed the winner after reading this, Circus Star has been held up with the snow for 12 days since his last run so we will see how we go. I think we will make plenty of use of him.”
    and i certainly wont be baccking Runswick Royal at 6/4 to place(5/2was the biggest available)

  98. Top picks

    2-00 hun Circus Star 5/1

    2-30 hun Mentalist 11/2

    2-40 sed Highland Love 6/1

    3-10 sed Frontier Boy 5/1

    4-20 ayr Lady Bluesky 10/1

    4-30 hun Gentle George 3/1

    4-40 sed Sam Patch 6/1

    5-10 sed Vardas Supreme 6/1

    6-30 kem Sherjawy 7/1

  99. Value selections

    2-10 sed Runswick Royal 5/1 place

    2-30 hun Cruchain 15/2

    2-50 ayr Seven Is Lucky 9/1

    4-20 ayr Lady Bluesky 10/1

    4-30 hun How’s My Friend 14/1

    4-50 ayr Predateur 7/1

    5-00 hun Award Winner 16/1

    5-30 kem Royal Acclamation 6/1 place

    6-30 kem Sherjawy 7/1 £5

    7-30 kem Qeethaara 6/1 place

  100. Good morning,

    Oscar sorry i didnt get back to you yesterday mate,ed the quality has defo gone up a notch today so hopefully we can get back to winning ways.

    Top 2 rated

    2-00 hun Circus Star 5/1 0.6
    Flash Harriet 13/2 0.4

    2-10 sed Doyly Carte 9/4 0.7
    Runswick Royal 5/1 place 0.3

    2-20 ayr Dreams Of Milan
    Shanen NO BET

    2-30 hun Mentalist 11/2 0.6
    Cruchain 15/2 0.4

    2-40 sed Highland Love 6/1 0.5
    Stanley Bridge 6/1 0.5

    2-50 ayr Spirit Of A Nation 3/1 0.7
    Seven Is Lucky 9/1 0.3

    3-00 hun Tetlami
    Act Of Kalanisi NO BET

    3-10 sed Frontier Boy 5/1 0.5
    Angel Sun 11/2 0.5

    3-20 ayr Ros Castle
    Grouse Lodge NO BET

    3-30 hun Easter Day
    Nataani NO BET

    3-40 sed Sparkling Hand 11/2 0.5
    Umadachar 9/2 0.5

    3-50 ayr On Broadway 10/3 0.5
    Papamoa 3/1 0.5

    4-00 hun Floral Spinner 2/1 0.8
    Fairey Delta 9/1 0.2

    4-10 sed Master Red
    Berkeley Avenue NO BET

    4-20 ayr Lady Bluesky 10/1 0.4
    Simply Ned 5/1 0.6

    4-30 hun Gentle George 3/1 0.8
    How’s My Friend 14/1 0.2

    4-40 sed Sam Patch 6/1 0.5
    Twice Lucky 13/2 0.5

    4-50 ayr Kudu Country 5/2 0.7
    Predateur 7/1 0.3

    5-00 hun Award Winner 16/1 0.3
    Majorica King 7/1 0.7

    5-10 sed Vardas Supreme 6/1 0.3
    No Way Hozay 2/1 0.7

    5-20 ayr Greensalt
    Frankie’s Promise NO BET

    5-30 kem Blue Noodles 5/1 0.5
    Royal Acclamation 6/1 place 0.5

    6-00 kem Emperor Julius
    Viva L’inghilterra NO BET

    6-30 kem Sherjawy 7/1 0.5
    Steel City Boy 13/2 0.5

    7-00 kem Mr Optimistic
    Slatey Hen NO BET

    7-30 kem Flamborough Breeze 4/1 0.6
    Qeethaara 6/1 place 0.4

    8-00 kem Great Demeanor
    Al Enbess NO BET

    8-30 kem Wildomar 4/1 0.4
    Mawaakef 11/4 0.6

    9-00 kem Jake The Snake 4/1 0.6
    The Guru Of Gloom 6/1 0.4

  101. eamon you will go skint in the long run taking 2.62 about a 5.0 shot it’s better in my opinion to not back them if the price is too low especially on the value tips.

  102. There is a lot of negativity posted about Dean here. I have posted two such comments myself.
    I have to add to this that I admire Dean’s conduct. He honestly publishes his highs and lows for all to see and criticise. I have signed up to many tipsters and many are most dishonest at best. They do not publish or mention losing runs. Many tipsters I subscribe to do not publish their results on-line, instead you request their results by email. Now I keep a record of the progress and it is well documented. A few months later I get one of my friends to request their stats by email. The results that they declare are always so drastically inconsistent with my records! I have found this time and again with tipsters. Of course they would never let the betting public comment openly on their websites – as Dean does.
    It takes a greater man to be honest in this business – I commend Dean for his business ethics. He always takes it on the chin and deals with each negative comment with dignity. You have balls of steel Dean – Good luck. I’m sure you will get another winning run shortly.

  103. 20/02/13
    Top Rated = -8.5pts
    Values = -4.5pts
    Top Picks = -7.5pts

    A disappointing day today with a loss across all three systems and the values faring best of all. Let’s hope for a better day tomorrow.

    Tom, I only got 2.62 on BF but it was available at 3.6 when I looked. What I sometimes do is ask for a price around what Dean’s got, say 4.5 depending if there’s any NRs. Some you win, some you get matched. B265 do a Tote place option.

  104. the place winner in the first was only ever available for £4 @3.97 so i don’t know where 4/1 comes from and because i couldn’t get near the price i never backed it.
    3.65 £19
    3.70 £7
    3.79 £24
    3.88 £4
    3.97 £4

  105. We did get that place on the first race but unfortunatelly bet365 only allows for place betting on very few selected races and EW betting does not work equally well so for me today is not being the best day unless it all changes with a late winner. Fingers crossed


  106. Andy,

    Send me an email mate I dont want to fill this up with comments. My goal is also to be a full time punter but I am not there yet. Maybe you can help


  107. Andy,

    Mate I do not rely on this for a living I have a job but I have to say it is a nice second income for sure. You seem to be here most of the day watching like a hawk so I was wondering if you are a member like me or something else and if you have anything to do with the site lol. Im around most of the time so if you want to send me an email sometime Ill be glad to change impressions

  108. Hope so Oscar..

    Just wondered how many guys on here consider themselves ‘full time Pro Punters’, like how many people on here rely on these selections for a living like I do? 🙂

  109. Dean,

    What sort of day do we have today cause you are usually spot on when you say it is a poor day it usually is but today I saw no comment so Im hoping that means good prospects for today 🙂


  110. Top picks

    2-30 lin Reginald Claude 4/1 PLACE

    2-50 don Corkage 17/2

    3-35 lin Hard Walnut 6/1

    3-45 lud Drussell 4/1 NB

    3-55 don Harvey’s Hope 7/1 NAP

    4-05 lin Shaolin 15/2

    4-15 lud One More Dinar 6/1

    4-40 lin Dubai Applause 4/1

    5-05 don Minellaforleisure 9/1

    6-00 kem Conducting 9/2

    7-00 kem Tinkerbell Will 11/1

  111. Value selections

    2-40 lud Saga De Tercey 9/1

    2-50 don Corkage 17/2

    3-15 lud Tarkari 11/2 place

    3-25 don Valdez 12/1

    3-55 don Dawn Twister 4/1 place

    4-05 lin Shaolin 15/2

    4-40 lin Schottische 9/1

    5-05 don Minellaforleisure 9/1

    7-00 kem Tinkerbell Will 11/1

  112. Good morning,

    Top 2 rated

    1-30 lin It’s Only Business
    Misleading Promise NO BET

    1-45 don Talkonthestreet
    So Fine NO BET

    2-00 lin Hamoody
    Drawnfromthepast NO BET

    2-10 lud The Stout Italian
    Utopian NO BET

    2-20 don Swnymor
    Aazif NO BET

    2-30 lin Reginald Claude 4/1 place 0.5
    Valdaw 4/1 0.5

    2-40 lud King Massini 9/2 0.7
    Saga De Tercey 9/1 0.3

    2-50 don Corkage 17/2 0.4
    Marufo 11/2 0.6

    3-05 lin Can You Conga
    Two No Bids NO BET

    3-15 lud Last Shot 5/1 0.5
    Tarkari 11/2 place 0.5

    3-25 don Minella Forfitness 7/2 0.7
    Valdez 12/1 0.3

    3-35 lin Hard Walnut 6/1 0.4
    Upavon 7/2 0.6

    3-45 lud Drussell 4/1 0.5
    Ultimate 4/1 0.5

    3-55 don Harvey’s Hope 7/1 0.4
    Dawn Twister 4/1 place 0.6

    4-05 lin Shaolin 15/2 0.4
    Azma 5/1 0.6

    4-15 lud One More Dinar 6/1 0.7
    Tin Pot Man 12/1 0.3

    4-30 don Rumbury Grey
    Dante’s Storm NO BET

    4-40 lin Dubai Applause 4/1 0.7
    Schottische 9/1 0.3

    4-50 lud Bai Zhu 6/1 0.6
    Fairwood Present 12/1 0.4

    5-05 don Minellaforleisure 9/1 0.3
    Purple Bay 2/1 0.7

    5-20 lud Faultless Feelings
    Deciding Moment NO BET

    5-30 kem Danziger
    Even Bolder NO BET

    6-00 kem Conducting 9/2 0.7
    King Olav 12/1 0.3

    6-30 kem Hurricane Spirit
    Spinning Ridge NO BET

    7-00 kem Tinkerbell Will 11/1 0.4
    Spirit Of Gondree 7/2 0.6

    7-30 kem Clear Praise
    Free Spin NO BET

    8-00 kem Scribe 4/1 0.7
    Guards Chapel 11/1 0.3

    8-30 kem Rigid 9/2 0.5
    Compton Crofter 9/2 0.5

  113. Cheers Tom – that was all the booze buddy!

    Top Picks = -8pts
    Values = -3.5pts
    Top Rated = -7pts

    Back to earth with a bang today lads with a loss across all three systems. A poor day for me to return to action and Dean’s comment ‘looks more like the rubbish we have had the past few weeks with a lot of short price faves’ looks justified.

  114. that’s correct John, free bet up to the same value.. I’ve looked at Deans Top 2 Rated for this one & gone for Bernard!

  115. Free bet to your stake yesterday if you backed billy cuckoo with bet365, think there is a limit on the stake though.The race is the 2.30 at taunton,good luck.

  116. Cheers Tom,

    Hope the hangover’s not too bad this morning!

    Looks like we’re down to a management number of subscribers and things are settling down. Sorted the wheat from the chaff and as Tom said it proves the importance of bank management.

    Andy and Dean are bang on though, keep your heads and sensible staking is the order of the day.

    Good luck today.


  117. Top picks

    1-40 wet Prickles 11/2

    2-10 wet Weston Lodge 6/1 NB

    2-50 sow Kingaroo 8/1

    3-05 tau Big Jer 12/1

    3-25 sow Abi Scarlet 11/2 NAP

    4-00 sow Very First Blade 10/1

    4-15 tau Posh Emily 7/1

    4-25 wet Noble Legend 4/1

    5-10 sow St Ignatius 12/1

  118. Value selections

    1-40 wet Prize Fighter 5/1 place

    2-10 wet Eyre Apparent 7/1

    2-40 wet Dawn Ride 9/1

    2-50 sow Kingaroo 8/1

    3-05 tau Big Jer 12/1

    3-25 sow Imprimis Tagula 16/1

    4-00 sow Very First Blade 10/1

    4-15 tau Posh Emily 7/1

    5-10 sow McConnell 4/1 place

  119. Good morning,

    Great couple of days thanks for the comments,
    Andy is spot on though please dont get carried away, i dont wanna put a downer on it but what we have to work with today is nothing to what we have had the last couple and looks more like the rubbish we have had the past few weeks with a lot of short price faves but thats the way it works and we can just hope the big price winners continue for us.

    Top 2 rated

    1-40 wet Prickles 11/2 0.5
    Prize Fighter 5/1 place 0.5

    1-50 sow Gods Gift
    Roc De Prince NO BET

    2-00 tau Edmund Kean
    Upswing NO BET

    2-10 wet Weston Lodge 6/1 0.5
    Eyre Apparent 7/1 0.5

    2-20 sow Stand Guard
    Kazbow NO BET

    2-30 tau Bernard 6/1 0.4
    Starlet Mandy 4/1 0.6

    2-40 wet Dawn Ride 9/1 0.4
    Agglestone Rock 7/2 0.6

    2-50 sow Kingaroo 8/1 0.4
    Candelita 11/4 0.6

    3-05 tau Big Jer 12/1 0.3
    Highland Retreat 3/1 0.7

    3-15 wet No Secrets
    Good Order NO BET

    3-25 sow Abi Scarlet 11/2 0.7
    Imprimis Tagula 16/1 0.3

    3-40 tau Home Run 7/2 0.6
    Meganisi 6/1 0.4

    3-50 wet Deise Dynamo
    Whispering Gallery NO BET

    4-00 sow Very First Blade 10/1 0.3
    Masked Dance 9/2 0.7

    4-15 tau Posh Emily 7/1 0.4
    Man Of Leisure 4/1 0.6

    4-25 wet Noble Legend 4/1 0.5
    Be Definite 5/1 0.5

    4-35 sow Armada Bay 5/1 0.5
    Rosie Future 6/1 0.5

    4-45 tau Shadow Cruise 3/1 0.7
    Torgamah Lad 8/1 0.3

    5-00 wet NO FORM NO BETS

    5-10 sow St Ignatius 12/1 0.4
    McConnell 4/1 place 0.6

  120. Yes well done Dean an absolute quality couple of days. Certainly put a few of your knockers, including myself, in our place! Guess its a lot easier to be more positive like andy when youve got “cash in the bank” so to speak. Though one swallow does not make a summer there’ll be no more negativity from my quarter now, as andy has preached, patience is a virtue!

  121. Well done today guys. I missed them all unfortunately as I was up and out for 6.30 this morning and then in meetings until late afternoon so couldn’t get to a computer…gutted!

    Can someone do the results for today as I don’t think I can face it, LOL!

    Let’s hope the upward curve continues.

    All the best,


  122. Phil,

    No worries, you simply joined up when we were on a ‘downer’, I have the following bookmarked to remind me to keep my head during tough times etc..

  123. Great couple of days,must admit was starting to wonder what the fuss was all about,so thanks Dean and thanks Andy for making it your business to encourage us newbies to continue.

  124. i make that +3 since i joined on 5th feb and going through my figures which i think are correct but not spot on i was -56 at one point which shows the importance of having a 100 point bank as i only had a 50 point and missed at least a 7/1 winner.these are from value and top picks only

  125. great day thanks dean, i make it +37 between top picks and value on my prices.
    even managed to chip in with 12 points on my own bets.

  126. Ok guys bring out the beers cause there should be a party going on here LOL What a cracking day mate. We were around 40 points down last early last week and in a couple of days we are up 20 points for the month. Amazing. When I said the tide was turning I didnt think it was turning 180 in 3 days lol. Great Stuff Dean!!! and great to all those who like me kept their cool and trusted the captain to ride off the storm. The men are now on board and ready to sail… Bring out the grog 🙂

  127. nearly a head in hands man required for billy cuckoo.
    i’d have been better off if it had been beat though,laid it at 1.01 to win a grand after watching it’s last race.

  128. great start and another that doubled in price on betfair,but you run the risk of other good tipsters putting it up and the price collapsing if you don’t take an early one.

  129. Andy all the top picks and values are from the top2 but they are usually on here within seconds of each other its only this morning they werent.

    2-40 wol Silver Marizah 7/1 NAP

    3-15 wol Nant Saeson 4/1 NB

  130. Maybe something like this.. just a thought?

    Top 2 rated

    1-50 sow Midnight Macarena
    Overnight Fame NO BET

    2-00 car Madam Lilibet
    Moscow Presents NO BET

    2-10 wol Turjuman 9/1 0.3 (TP) (V)
    Red Mystique 11/4 0.7

    2-20 sow Top Benefit 12/1 0.4 (TP) (V)
    Kilvergan Boy 9/2 0.6

    2-30 car Charlie’s Vic
    Bollin Fiona NO BET

    2-40 wol Silver Marizah 7/1 0.5 (TP)
    Carlton Scroop 6/1 place 0.5 (V Place)

    etc etc..

  131. Good Morning Dean,

    Would there be any chance you are able to advise if any of the Top Picks or Vale Selections are shared with the Top 2 Rated?, it’s just that I think that as the Top 2 Rated are announced first those who just place bets on the Top Picks & Values lose out on price as there’s several on here getting on the decent prices on those that feature on all three selections?, maybe put a (TP), or (V) or both?, or an asterisk perhaps?, may be I’m spitting hairs here but every little help?, i.e. I’ve got Turjuman @ 9/1, and also the NAPs & NBs no longer displayed?



  132. Top picks

    2-10 wol Turjuman 9/1

    2-20 sow Top Benefit 12/1

    2-40 wol Silver Marizah 7/1

    2-50 sow Titchwood 8/1

    3-15 wol Nant Saeson 4/1

    4-00 sow Mr Puck 4/1

    4-10 car Billy Cuckoo 15/2

    4-30 sow Meet Me At Dawn 9/2

    5-25 wol Tyrur Ted 7/1

  133. Values

    2-10 wol Turjuman 9/1

    2-20 sow Top Benefit 12/1

    2-40 wol Carlton Scroop 6/1 place

    3-15 wol Unlimited 15/2

    3-40 car You Know Yourself 9/1

    4-00 sow Always Waining 12/1

    4-10 car Billy Cuckoo 15/2

    5-00 sow Fergal Mael Duin 9/2 place

    5-25 wol Scamperdale 10/1

    5-55 wol Boxing Shadows 7/1

  134. Good morning,

    Top 2 rated

    1-50 sow Midnight Macarena
    Overnight Fame NO BET

    2-00 car Madam Lilibet
    Moscow Presents NO BET

    2-10 wol Turjuman 9/1 0.3
    Red Mystique 11/4 0.7

    2-20 sow Top Benefit 12/1 0.4
    Kilvergan Boy 9/2 0.6

    2-30 car Charlie’s Vic
    Bollin Fiona NO BET

    2-40 wol Silver Marizah 7/1 0.5
    Carlton Scroop 6/1 place 0.5

    2-50 sow Titchwood 8/1 0.5
    Saints And Sinners 9/1 0.5

    3-05 car Veloce 16/5 0.7
    Fleet Dawn 15/2 0.3

    3-15 wol Nant Saeson 4/1 0.6
    Unlimited 15/2 0.4

    3-25 sow Abbraccio 4/1 place 0.5
    Mixologist 11/2 0.5

    3-40 car Markadam 15/2 0.6
    You Know Yourself 9/1 0.4

    3-50 wol Movementneverlies
    Scent Of Roses NO BET

    4-00 sow Mr Puck 4/1 0.7
    Always Waining 12/1 0.3

    4-10 car Billy Cuckoo 15/2 0.4
    Armedanddangerous 9/2 0.6

    4-20 wol Red Somerset
    Saharia NO BET

    4-30 sow Meet Me At Dawn 9/2 0.7
    Saddlers Mot 16/1 0.3

    4-40 car Imjoeking
    Nowurhurlin NO BET

    4-50 wol Autrisk 13/2 0.5
    Shockingdancer 7/1 0.5

    5-00 sow Dance Of Time 11/4 0.6
    Fergal Mael Duin 9/2 place 0.4

    5-25 wol Tyrur Ted 7/1 0.6
    Scamperdale 10/1 0.4

    5-55 wol Lead Role 5/1 0.6
    Boxing Shadows 7/1 0.4

  135. Dean,

    Cracking result for me today with a straight forecast in the 2.20:

    Whisper 237
    Rydon Pynes 176

    I was unconvinced but the top two were well clear on your ratings. Look who came 3rd – your third rated Rocknrollrambo at 14/1.

    A nice 20pts from that one alone for me but the tricast paid a whopping 92pts!

  136. Good morning,

    A pretty depressing week but hopefully the turnaround friday/saturday is a sign of things to come, it defo helped the look of the ratings and even managed to put top picks into small profit. The values had a bad week but they have longer losing runs and are quickly turned around.

    Weekly results

    Ratings 84.4pts staked 78.95pts returns -5.45pts

    Top picks 49pts 52pts returns +3pts

    Values 40pts staked 20pts returns -20pts

  137. 16/02/13
    Top Picks = +14.5pts
    Values = +4pts
    Top Rated = +21pts

    A cracking day for all three systems with a cumulative 40pts!

    Top Picks and the Values got off to a great start with the first two winners for the Top Picks and a final winner with harry buckle. At BSP there was a further 16pts to be had.

    The Values had a lovely winner to start the day in Billy Red, who won at 16/1 SP and went close with Old Tricks but couldn’t get another winner.

    The star performer was the Top Rated and finished with +21pts, finding the winner in the large majority of the races.

    Dean, stand up and take a bow. A nice winning Saturday to recoup a large chunk of the losses incurred this week.

  138. Old Tricks just couldn’t get past when looking the winner. Didn’t trade out, despite going 1.17 IR. Top Rated going great guns.

  139. Thought id died there for a minute, woke up in Leeds train station to find a bearded old tramp giving me mouth to mouth, not sure why he had his tongue in my throat though! Deano is the man andy i told you that a thousand times you just need to listen more! And please be patient! 🙂

  140. Top rated doing well with 4 of the first 5 races coming in and two nice RFCs in the 1.20 and 1.45 races, if anyone did those?!

  141. have u stopped doing ur daily naps dean . because when u advice no betting I just back ur nap horse for the day ?

  142. 15/02/13
    Top picks = +3.75pts
    Values = -0.75pt
    Top Rated = -4.25pts

    2 final winners for the top picks ensured a winning day for those although Unwanted gift came a close 2nd in the opening race.
    Values finished more or less even with Teophillip doing the business in the last to negate the previous losses.
    The Top Rated had a shocker with the first 9 races losing before Barry Geraghty drove Herony home to stop the rot. A final flurry of dutching winners lessened the damage but still finished just over 4 points down.

  143. Ni finish yesterday Dean. I think the tide is turning now. Yesterday we were very unlucky with 4 2nds in a row and still made proffit with those two last winners. hopefully another big day today with a a few juicy prices on the board. Fingers crossed


  144. Top picks

    1-45 hay Only Orsenfoolsies 4/1

    2-15 lin Billy Red 11/1

    2-30 win Old Tricks 14/1

    2-40 asc The Rainbow Hunter 9/1

    2-50 lin Dark Lane 9/1

    2-55 hay Cannington Brook 9/1

    3-15 asc Bourne 14/1

    4-00 lin George Guru 15/2

    4-15 win Diamond’s Return 5/1

    4-35 lin Harry Buckle 4/1

  145. Value selections

    2-15 lin Billy Red 11/1

    2-30 win Old Tricks 14/1

    2-40 asc The Rainbow Hunter 9/1

    2-50 lin Dark Lane 9/1

    2-55 hay Giles Cross 9/1

    3-15 asc Queens Grove 14/1

    3-30 lin Avertis 12/1

    4-15 win Arrayan 14/1

    4-35 lin Strike Force 10/1

    4-40 hay Nagpur 9/1

  146. Good morning,

    John we are at an ok level now, we only had so many because of the free trial.

    Top 2 rated

    12-40 lin Napinda 4/1 0.5
    Lady Lunchalot 3/1 0.5

    1-10 lin Hamla
    India’s Song NO BET

    1-20 win Minella Definitely 7/2 0.7
    Master Todd 12/1 0.3

    1-30 asc Aaim To Prosper 11/4 0.5
    Up And Go 5/2 0.5

    1-40 lin Princess Cammie 9/2 0.4
    Holley Shiftwell 3/1 0.6

    1-45 hay Only Orsenfoolsies 4/1 0.4
    Zamdy Man 9/4 0.6

    1-55 win Alder Mairi
    Definite Ruby NO BET

    2-05 asc Rocky Creek
    Real Milan NO BET

    2-15 lin Billy Red 11/1 0.5
    My Own Way Home 9/1 0.5

    2-20 hay Trustan Times 5/2 0.7
    Across The Bay 10/1 0.3

    2-30 win Old Tricks 14/1 0.3
    Benvolio 5/1 0.7

    2-40 asc The Rainbow Hunter 9/1 0.4
    Vino Griego 9/2 0.6

    2-50 lin Dark Lane 9/1 0.5
    Proper Charlie 7/1 0.5

    2-55 hay Cannington Brook 9/1 0.5
    Giles Cross 9/1 0.5

    3-05 win Holmwood Legend 10/1 0.3
    Minellahalfcentury 3/1 0.7

    3-15 asc Bourne 14/1 0.5
    Queens Grove 14/1 0.5

    3-25 hay Shotgun Paddy
    Two Rockers NO BET

    3-30 lin Toga Tiger 7/2 0.7
    Avertis 12/1 0.3

    3-35 win Zarkandar
    Raya Star NO BET

    3-50 asc Captain Chris 5/2 0.6
    Finian’s Rainbow 7/2 0.4

    4-00 lin George Guru 15/2 0.4
    Solar Deity 9/2 0.6

    4-05 hay Achimota 8/1 0.4
    Cloudy Too 9/2 0.6

    4-15 win Diamond’s Return 5/1 0.7
    Arrayan 14/1 0.3

    4-25 asc Far West
    River Maigue NO BET

    4-35 lin Harry Buckle 4/1 0.7
    Strike Force 10/1 0.3

    4-40 hay Quartz De Thaix 7/1 0.6
    Nagpur 9/1 0.4

    4-50 win Xaarcet 4/1 0.5
    Bamboleo 9/2 0.5

    5-00 asc Captain Cutter
    Red Sherlock NO BET

    5-10 hay Cloudy Lane
    Cottage Oak NO BET

  147. BOOOOOM! BOOOOOM! BOOOOOM! Teophilip brings home the bacon for the first time this week! Where andy goes we will follow!

  148. Saved the best till last,patience is a virtue. On a different note Dean would it be advisable to cap the number of members so we can attain the best possible prices or nearabout, it would be wise not to flood the market if you know what i mean.

  149. Well i was gonna come on here moaning and whinging but i thought no lets give the guy a break, its still early days yet. And low and behold jezza comes steaming in to save the day. Andy you have taught me patience and tolerance and through you i really feel im becoming a better person each day. Amen!

  150. Thomas at 7-06am masalak was 9/1 on betfair then at 8-22 am when i placed my value bets i got 8/1

    Steve i think your right, it was when we had the free trial then a lot stayed on for the month, but we are back down to a more manageble number now.

  151. steve what was happening was people where taking betfair odds and driving the bookies prices down.
    same thing happening with stat of the day on

  152. This is what I have achieved vs Deans stats since October. What’s interesting is that in October and November, I actually made more profit than Deans official stats but in December and January, dramatically less profit than Dean. At a guess, I’d conclude that taking on the extra clients has driven down prices and so had a damaging effect on profits. I can’t think of any other reaason.
    Recently, I’ve noticed that I’m getting good prices again so maybe some of the new clients have left, stopped betting or reduced stakes. Unfortunately, this hasn’t made much difference yet as most have been losing anyway.


    Top picks 271pts staked 306.625pts returns +35.625 Mine +35.80 Diff +0.175

    Top picks 203 staked 252.45 returns +49.45
    Mine +60.99 Diff +11.54

    Top picks 199 staked 306.5 pts returns +107.5pts
    Mine +38.48 Diff -69.02

    Top picks 209pts staked 228.3pts returns +19.3pts
    Mine -21.05 Diff -40.35

  153. JD here are the monthly totals since we started the service in september


    Ratings 556.2pts staked 525.82pts returns -30.38

    Top picks 231pts staked 245.658pts returns +14.658

    Ratings 555.7pts staked 588.16pts returns +32.46

    Top picks 271pts staked 306.625pts returns +35.625

    Ratings 361.5 staked 395.06 returns +33.56pts

    Top picks 203 staked 252.45 returns +49.45

    Values (from 22/11/12) 29pts staked 58pts returns +29

    Ratings 373.5 staked 434.686 returns +61.186pts

    Top picks 199 staked 306.5 pts returns +107.5pts

    Values 189 staked 253.5 returns +64.5pts

    Ratings 359.4pts staked 426.46pts returns +67.06pts

    Top picks 209pts staked 228.3pts returns +19.3pts

    Values 200pts staked 274.25pts returns +74.25pts

  154. Top picks

    1-10 fak Unwanted Gift 7/1

    2-25 san She Ranks Me 4/1

    2-45 fak Three Chords 7/1

    3-00 san Fine Parchment 5/1

    3-05 lin Patavium Prince 5/1

    4-05 san Regal Approach 10/1

    4-15 lin Two No Bids 13/2

    4-50 lin Maslak 9/1

    6-00 wol Jezza 11/2

    7-30 wol Teophillip 7/1

  155. Value selections

    1-50 san Theres No Panic 10/1

    2-45 fak Three Chords 7/1

    3-20 fak Malapie 9/1

    3-40 lin Gabrial The Boss 12/1

    4-05 san Regal Approach 10/1

    4-50 lin Maslak 9/1

    5-30 wol First Rebellion 8/1

    6-00 wol El Bravo 10/1

    7-30 wol Teophillip 7/1

  156. Good morning,

    JD there isnt anything you can download but you can go to each months tips page and find the P/L.

    Top 2 rated

    1-10 fak Unwanted Gift 7/1 0.4
    Dalrymple 3/1 0.6

    1-20 san Captain Cardington 4/1 0.6
    Sash Of Honour 13/2 0.4

    1-30 lin Discovery Bay
    Reasons Unknown NO BET

    1-40 fak Ballypatrick
    Bucks Bond NO BET

    1-50 san Theres No Panic 10/1 0.4
    Mountainous 7/2 0.6

    2-00 lin Minimee
    Aryal NO BET

    2-15 fak Everdon Brook
    Tick Tocker NO BET

    2-25 san She Ranks Me
    Utopie Des Bordes NO BET

    2-30 lin Azrael
    Not My Choice NO BET

    2-45 fak Three Chords 7/1 0.5
    Honest John 11/2 0.5

    3-00 san Fine Parchment 5/1 0.4
    Railway Dillon 7/2 0.6

    3-05 lin Patavium Prince 5/1 0.5
    Welsh Inlet 6/1 0.5

    3-20 fak Malapie 9/1 0.5
    Seedsman 7/1 0.5

    3-30 san Tominator
    Master Of The Game NO BET

    3-40 lin Gabrial The Boss 12/1 0.5
    Great Demeanor 9/1 0.5

    3-55 fak Bob N You 3/1 0.5
    On Borrowed Wings 3/1 0.5

    4-05 san Regal Approach 10/1 0.4
    Heronry 11/2 0.6

    4-15 lin Two No Bids 13/2 0.5
    Lively Little Lady 6/1 0.5

    4-30 fak Free Thinking
    Supreme Present NO BET

    4-40 san Herecomesthetruth
    Rash Move NO BET

    4-50 lin Maslak 9/1 0.4
    El Libertador 9/2 0.6

    5-00 wol Dangerous Age
    Magic Ice NO BID

    5-30 wol First Rebellion 8/1 0.6
    Fantasy Fighter 12/1 0.4

    6-00 wol Jezza 11/2 0.6
    El Bravo 10/1 0.4

    6-30 wol Yourinthewill 7/2 0.5
    Faithful Ruler 7/2 0.5

    7-00 wol Hes A Striker
    Secret Advice NO BET

    7-30 wol Teophillip 7/1 0.4
    Street Battle 3/1 0.6

    8-00 wol Rosies Lady
    Broxbourne NO BET

  157. 14/02/13
    Top Picks = -2.5pts
    Values = -5pts
    Top Rated = -2.5pts

    The day started well with Rolecarr winning the opening race. The Top rated had 4/5 but then faltered in the latter races finishing the day in the red. Overall, a poor day but not too much damage done (if taken on its own).

  158. 13/02/13
    Top Picks = -2.5pts
    Values = -9pts
    Top Rated = -8pts

    A loss across all three systems with top picks faring best of all. I only managed to get 6.6 on Med Sea but this actually went off at 9.05 BSP! At SP you would have finished level with the TPs.

  159. I can see there is a lot of hesitation with this service now. I also just joined few weeks back and I guess I am just used to it because it must be Murphy law for me, when I joined almost every service hits the crapper streak. Dean and Andy mentioned this is profitable in long run but I checked the website and can’t find any xls file or list or statistic with any P/L figures to how this service does perform in long run. Could someone point me to the right direction where I can download it?

  160. I got those same odds also. Haven’t placed bets for a while now as wasn’t confident so saved a fair bit but thought I would give it another go today.sods law Leicester had gone …..maybe another bad day but here’s hoping!

  161. Leicester’s been abandoned..

    Here’s the prices I managed to get for today for the remainder

    Calculated Risk @ 4/1
    Pas Trop Tard @ 5/1
    Harvest Mist @ 5/1
    Rysbrack @ 5/1
    Diplomatic @ 6/1
    Rolecarr @ 10/3
    Current Event @ 5/1

    ..and as for the abandonments I had

    Kilvergan Boy @ 13/2
    Current Event @ 5/1
    Full Ov Beans @ 14/1

  162. Top picks

    2-00 lei Full Ov Beans 14/1

    2-10 kel Rolecarr 7/2

    2-30 lei Current Event 11/2

    2-40 kel Pas Trop Tard 6/1

    3-10 kel Calculated Risk 5/1

    4-00 lei Ballyboker Boy 8/1

    4-30 lei Kilvergan Boy 13/2

    5-30 kem Diplomatic 13/2

    7-30 kem Rysbrack 11/2

    8-00 kem Harvest Mist 5/1

  163. Value selections

    2-00 lei Full Ov Beans 14/1

    2-10 kel Zitenka 8/1

    3-40 kel Circus Clown 7/1 place

    4-00 lei Ballyboker Boy 8/1

    4-30 lei Kilvergan Boy 13/2

    5-00 kem Flaxen Lake 7/1 place

    6-30 kem Spin Again 11/1

    7-30 kem The Absent Mare 8/1

    8-00 kem Dvinsky 16/1

  164. Good morning guys, im sorry this is so early but im finding it hard to get the selections done at the usual time while the wife is in hospital and im there most of the day, the prices i just got probably wont be available by the time you try to get on so hopefully Andy can oblige us with the prices available when he gets on.

    Tatjana the system has always had that amount of selections and has always been profitible long term, we have had a bad run but it will turn around, it always does, i have seen it so many times. It becomes difficult to resist the urge to try and change the way i do the ratings but i know from experience these runs happen and i have to stick to the plan and it will come good. Dont get me wrong i know its frustrating if you recently joined and didnt have the good times but it will come back.

    Top 2 rated

    1-40 kel Conquisto
    Poole Master NO BET

    2-00 lei Full Ov Beans 14/1 0.4
    Sawpit Supreme 7/2 0.6

    2-10 kel Rolecarr 7/2 0.7
    Zitenka 8/1 0.3

    2-30 lei Current Event 11/2 0.4
    Arthurs Pass 9/4 0.6

    2-40 kel Pas Trop Tard 6/1 0.3
    Duke Of Navan 2/1 0.7

    3-00 lei Bleuvito
    Penmore Mill NO BET

    3-10 kel Calculated Risk 5/1 0.4
    Totalize 2/1 0.6

    3-30 lei Grandioso
    Howards Legacy NO BET

    3-40 kel Funky Munky 8/1 0.5
    Circus Clown 7/1 place 0.5

    4-00 lei Ballyboker Boy 8/1 0.4
    Hoare Abbey 11/2 0.6

    4-10 kel Sacred Mountain
    Tartan Snow NO BET

    4-30 lei Kilvergan Boy 13/2 0.5
    Oranger 6/1 0.5

    4-40 kel Brijomi Queen 3/1 0.5
    Bobs Lady Tara 16/5 0.5

    5-00 kem Flaxen Lake 7/1 place 0.5
    Royal Envoy 6/1 place 0.5

    5-30 kem Diplomatic 13/2 0.5
    Jake The Snake 7/1 0.5

    6-00 kem Lily Edge
    Floralys NO BET

    6-30 kem Bowstar 11/2 0.7
    Spin Again 11/1 0.3

    7-00 kem Irene Kennet 7/1 0.4
    Asia Minor 3/1 0.6

    7-30 kem Rysbrack 11/2 0.6
    The Absent Mare 8/1 0.4

    8-00 kem Harvest Mist 5/1 0.7
    Dvinsky 16/1 0.3

  165. Had a dabble today on the speed rating site which is free on a wed,some very nice priced winners out of the top 3 selections,made a nice £55 pound profit on the day.

  166. Hi,
    Can anybody seriously think they can make money out Dean’s service? Between ‘top picks’ and ‘value selections’ he gives about 20 horse tips a day. Of these, only a couple of them will win (if you are lucky). Compare this to the free service on the web site. They usually give 3 tips a day from which they usually gets a winner.
    Today we had 20 horse tips from Dean, between ‘Top Picks’ and ‘Value Selections’ and this ended in tears. In contrast, the free service had 2 tips and one winner – phew!! Yesterday the free service had 2 winners out of 4 tips.
    What is this all this about?

  167. Maybe Phil, only you can decide that eh?,and who’s to say they won’t, incidentally Hugh Taylor the renowned ‘At the Races’ Tipster backed a horse today..

    ..and it finished second within the final 75 yards, Dean had some unlucky second places yesterday and also today

  168. On and off for 15 years mainly as a hobby using rfo for antepost picks and just the dailies for my own selections.
    I realise its not a get rich scheme was just expecting a much better strike rate with the number of selections advised, yes their have been a few close seconds but whose to say it will turn around.
    Maybe your right, I might not be cut out to be a pro punter!

  169. Phil,

    Just stay with the system, you’ll be fine.. it ain’t a get rich quick scheme, how long have you been making bets on horses can I ask?

  170. Can I tell you a story about one of the most widespread problems in Horse race betting today and people who try to bet for a living. Imagine you’ve done a little research on horse racing systems and come up with this one. It is nothing more than a strong hunch that your, (this) strategy will be profitable but you are very confident. You have set aside £5000 as your betting bank that you are “prepared to lose” and your stake is £100 per bet so you are never betting more than 2% of your betting bank, or in my case 1%

    But you go on a short down swing of £500 and now your betting bank is only £4500.

    Suddenly and without warning you cease operations because the £500 loss has scared you. If you do this then at no stage did you ever have a £5000 bankroll! It is clear in this instance that £500 was your own personal stop loss limit and the point in which you suffered enough psychological pain to get you to stop.

    It is never a bad thing to stop but if you look closely at this situation then you can see that you’ve stood little chance of success from the very beginning. This was to do with the level of variance that is in built into all gambling activities. The reason why you need a bankroll is so that you can ride these almost certain fluctuations. In actual fact you’ve actually only dropped by no more than 10% of your bankroll.

    It’s not the figure of 10% that scares you, it was the figure of £500 which was more than you’re maybe mentally prepared to accept. It’s almost certain to go on a run like this but if you were to stop every time that you lost in this way then you would simply be losing a succession of smaller amounts of money over time.

    Imagine your betting bank of £5000 was an illusion even though you physically had the money. As soon as the going became even semi-rough then you turn and run and you’ve never given yourself a chance. Only in the very rare event of you having huge initial wins and a very powerful opening winning streak will you achieve the confidence levels to go ahead.

    This is a big problem with many gamblers because at the very outset then they lack perhaps the greatest asset that a gambler can have and that is confidence in a method that works in the long run. It is amazing how confidence can and does evaporate in ones own methods when you start to lose money. This for me is the greatest obstacle that people who gamble or try to gamble seriously need to overcome.

    Dean system is a good winning method but you are not going to have the confidence to know this until you have a long history of doing it. I have always maintained that until a gambler experiences a bad negative run and comes through the other side then they are simply not qualified for a career as a regular or professional punter. 🙂

  171. 5.0 KEM – Sommersturm
    5.30 kKem – Sir Dylan
    6.0 Kem – Picansort
    6.30 Kem – Studfarmer
    7.30 Kem – ERMYNTRUDE
    8.0 kEM – Teen Ager
    8.30 Kem – Hidden Link
    Come on Dean…

  172. 12/02/13
    Top Picks = -5.5pts
    Values = -5pts
    Top rated = -8.5pts

    A poor day again, unfortunately. Let’s hope for some nice priced winners today.

  173. Top picks1-30 lin Temuco 13/2

    1-50 sow George Fenton 7/1

    2-10 mus Thimaar 5/1

    2-40 mus Markadam 7/2

    2-50 sow Mediterranean Sea 5/1

    3-10 mus Goldtrek 4/1

    3-30 lin Story Writer 6/1

    3-50 sow Copperwood 9/1

    5-30 kem Landesherr 7/1

    6-00 kem Roy’s Legacy 13/2

    7-30 kem Commercial 13/2

  174. Value selections

    1-10 mus Copper’s Gold 9/1

    1-50 sow George Fenton 7/1

    2-30 lin Boston Blue 14/1

    2-40 mus Civil Unrest 9/1

    3-40 mus Ultimate 15/2

    3-50 sow Copperwood 9/1

    4-30 lin Conducting 7/1

    5-30 kem Landesherr 7/1

    7-00 kem Al’s Memory 15/2

  175. Good morning, a little unlucky yesterday but we cant rely on luck, some good quality racing in parts today.

    Top 2 rated

    1-10 mus Be My Deputy 9/4 0.7
    Copper’s Gold 9/1 0.3

    1-30 lin Temuco 13/2 0.4
    Electrician 7/2 0.6

    1-40 mus Peddlers Cross
    Cue To Cue NO BET

    1-50 sow George Fenton 7/1 0.4
    Greenhead High 9/2 0.6

    2-00 lin Close Together
    Poetic Verse NO BET

    2-10 mus Thimaar
    Cayman Islands NO BET

    2-20 sow Sweetie Royale
    Mister Bob NO BET

    2-30 lin On The Feather 5/1 0.7
    Boston Blue 14/1 0.3

    2-40 mus Markadam 7/2 0.7
    Civil Unrest 9/1 0.3

    2-50 sow Mediterranean Sea 5/1 0.5
    Admirable Duque 9/2 0.5

    3-00 lin Jimmy The Snooze
    Fearless Lad NO BET

    3-10 mus Goldtrek 4/1 0.6
    Takaatuf 11/2 0.4

    3-20 sow Hiddon Coin
    La Sylphe NO BET

    3-30 lin Story Writer 6/1 0.4
    Harlestone Wood 3/1 0.6

    3-40 mus Ultimate 15/2 0.4
    Cry Of Freedom 4/1 0.6

    3-50 sow Copperwood 9/1 0.5
    The Lock Master 13/2 0.5

    4-00 lin Honey Of A Kitten 5/1 0.4
    Ellie In The Pink 5/2 0.6

    4-10 mus Granaruid
    Buckstruther NO BET

    4-20 sow Hab Reeh 4/1 0.5
    Alpha Tauri 9/2 0.5

    4-30 lin Conducting 7/1 0.4
    Mcvicar 4/1 0.6

    4-40 mus Amisfield Lad
    Spitz NO BET

    4-50 sow Dewala
    Easydoesit NO BET

    5-00 kem Lytham 11/4 0.6
    Brave Decision 5/1 0.4

    5-30 kem Landesherr 7/1 0.5
    Spirit Of Gondree 15/2 0.5

    6-00 kem Roy’s Legacy 13/2 0.5
    Bubbly Ballerina 11/2 0.5

    6-30 kem Windforpower
    Sand Boy NO BET

    7-00 kem Light From Mars 3/1 0.6
    Al’s Memory 15/2 0.4

    7-30 kem Commercial 13/2 0.4
    Ermyntrude 9/2 0.6

    8-00 kem Teen Ager 5/1 0.6
    Compton Crofter 13/2 0.4

    8-30 kem Beau Select 7/2 0.5
    Hidden Link 7/2 0.5

  176. Another loss today but i have to say that was an unlucky day, plenty of seconds and a couple unlucky with it. Don’t mind losing when the horses are there or thereabouts. Im soaking in the rays of andys positivity, TOMORROW THE SUN WILL SHINE and we WILL have some big price winners, the winds are changing i can feel it. Hallelujah brothers!

  177. Paul,

    Well said although it’s easier when the profits are in the bank from before.

    Let’s hope for a turn of fortunes for everyone soon and we’re all singing Dean’s praises.


  178. Hi Mike, I’ve been signed up since October. It’s the best tipping service I’ve ever followed. Having said that, I’ve made over a years subscription from these superb tips, using only a modest 200 point bank.

    You have to stay focused and maintain patience and discipline. Detach yourself from all emotion and just keep following the advice, machine like. It’s very difficult I know, especially when you’re still trying to get off the ground, or even out of the red. But it’s not a quick fix is it, if it were easy everyone would do it, nobody would work for a living! It’s long term that counts. If someone said to you, “give me a thousand pounds and I’ll give you ten thousand back after a year”, you’d take that wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t be bothered if that thousand pound dropped to just two hundred after the first month, you wouldn’t even know! It wouldn’t make your smile at the end of the year any smaller. As with a share price, the value of your investment can go down as well as up. But the general trend is always an upward one. If you buy the right share of course, which we all have, I’m sure.

  179. You don’t inspire me with confidence today Dean? Lets not get desperate about this – if you don’t think the selections are that strong then say so and we won’t bet. No point betting for the sake of it, we don’t have to bet every day surely?

  180. Top picks

    1-30 lin Highland River 9/1

    1-40 sow Mataajir 4/1

    2-20 ayr Talkin Sence 9/2

    3-05 lin Miss Fleur 9/1

    3-15 sow Nazreef 4/1

    4-00 ayr Lord Of Drums 7/1

    4-10 lin Radetsky March 4/1

    4-30 ayr Rich Lord 11/2

    4-50 sow Day Of Destiny 11/2

  181. Value selections

    1-30 lin Highland River 9/1

    1-40 sow Tenancy 12/1

    3-05 lin Miss Fleur 9/1

    4-10 lin Sole Agent 7/1

    4-50 sow Kingaroo 14/1

  182. Good morning,
    very poor yesterday, the weather and postponement didnt help but there are no excuses and i had to think long and hard as to call No bets today and if we were in a rich vein of form i probably would have but in the situation we are in i think we have to give it a go.
    Yes yesterdays stats will count.
    Richard i cant change the clock you will have to speak to jason

    Top 2 rated

    1-30 lin Highland River 9/1 0.4
    Midnight Charmer 10/3 0.6

    1-40 sow Mataajir 4/1 0.7
    Tenancy 12/1 0.3

    1-50 ayr Deepsand
    Hallmark Star NO BET

    2-00 lin Ballygarvey
    Dark And Dangerous NO BET

    2-10 sow Ifan
    Makinson Lane NO BET

    2-20 ayr Talkin Sence 9/2 0.5
    Milano Magic 7/2 0.5

    2-30 lin Richo 3/1 0.6
    Owner Occupier 5/1 0.4

    2-45 sow Flying Pickets
    Fluctuation NO BET

    2-55 ayr See The Legend 4/1 0.4
    Academy 11/4 0.6

    3-05 lin Miss Fleur 9/1 0.4
    Massini Sunset 6/1 0.6

    3-15 sow Nazreef 4/1 0.5
    Kickingthelilly 5/1 0.5

    3-25 ayr Tap Night
    The Tracey Shuffle NO BET

    3-35 lin Rydalis
    Preuty Boy NO BET

    3-50 sow Tartan Jura
    Inside Knowledge NO BET

    4-00 ayr Lord Of Drums 7/1 0.5
    Bene Lad 13/2 0.5

    4-10 lin Radetsky March 4/1 0.6
    Sole Agent 7/1 0.4

    4-20 sow Apache Rising
    Gebayl NO BET

    4-30 ayr Rich Lord 11/2 0.4
    Nuts N Bolts 5/2 0.6

    4-40 lin Bobbyjack 5/2 0.5
    Jimmy Sewell 11/4 0.5

    4-50 sow Day Of Destiny 11/2 0.7
    Kingaroo 14/1 0.3

    5-00 ayr Fine Rightly
    Hidden Discounts NO BET

  183. Hate to mention it, but is there anybody else on here that has been following deans service for a while, lets say since september or october, apart from Andy? They don’t seem to be speaking up, I’m probably wrong though!

  184. 11/02/13
    Top Picks = -5pts
    Values = -3pts
    Top Rated = -7pts

    Not a good day today and some of you may or may not have played the values given the Plumpton abandonment, in which case if you didn’t you’ll be a few points better off.

  185. Andy yes i signed up to another tipster who had a “legendary” reputation called Paul Ruffy. Low and behold as soon as his system went live the results went down the pan and i ended up losing a grand. Stopped following him now as i think has every other person who signed up. Asked him for a refund but as is the same with most of these people theyll take your money but when their system proves to be a load of rubbish and loses everyone money they won’t give you anything back. This has nothing whatsoever to do with Dean and his tips so why bring it up? What relevance does it have? I find it incredibly sad youve even mentioned it, do you want me to recommend a dating website sir!??

  186. PROBABLITY:::::::you all pick 10 runners a day that you think will win nothing below 4-1 at the end of the week u see Howmany winners u managed to pick & I bet u will do ok ,try this on paper only, I guarantee u will be surprised then u might be able to save ur self £40 a month. Because that’s what I’m thinking this system is PROBABILITY::::::::…….

  187. Yes I was logged into Bet 365 at 07.42, saw their were no prices at Plumpton so presumed it was off, but still got the remaining selections on bar one that hadnt been priced up, shouldnt affect another track if it has already been advised….in my opinion

  188. No we dont, but if I were making my own selections deciding whether to bet or not then I wouldnt be paying for the service.
    I thought the idea was to get the selections as early as possible whether they be called top picks, values or numerous other things I could call them at the minute, which I did. Fair enough plumpton being off was nobodys fault, but I had already got the other selections on when I came on here to find different information, surely you cant have it both ways!

  189. Something to bear in mind.. I didn’t bet today for a reason,

    Didn’t look at the Values today as I bet near enough daily on the Top Picks, however..

    With Plumpton being pulled I felt that with looking at the prices over the two remaining cards (Wolverhamton & Catterick) there wasn’t any value over the 5 remaining selections:

    For example:

    2-05 cat Tipsy Gypsy 4/1
    2-30 wol Miserere Mei 4/1 NAP
    3-00 wol Frequency 4/1 NB
    4-10 cat Brave Sparticus 3/1
    5-00 wol Mick Dundee 4/1

    Bearing in mind that I’ll lose either half a point or a point by the time I get to place a wager on each selection, for me it wasn’t worth placing any money on any selections. you don’t have to bet every day, you really don’t

  190. Arguments aside, another crap day and yes 1 meeting was abandoned so could have been worse we’ll never know.
    Andy you have seen the so-called good times with this system many of us haven’t so this is obviously making us sceptical, we all subscribed through our own choice on the back of the hype which hasnt so far produced.Without telling us to go elsewhere, pack up etc we have a right at this moment in time to be sceptical. As I said in a previous post if i stick around and its a 50/50 if at present hopefully I’ll be proved wrong.

  191. The hole I’m digging for myself just got a little deeper what I’m worried about is that TRAVIS PERKING won’t sell a long enough ladder for me to get out of this hole….

  192. Daniel,

    as I said earlier I was just asking..

    By the way, here’s what you wrote on another betting advising website:

    Paul. While i thank you for your honest assessment of your systems since you sold them to the general public, previous performance is still no comfort to those of us who have lost 24 points worth of money following your tips plus the several hundred pounds it cost to subscribe in the first place. Im well over a thousand pounds down in total. I calculated you earned close to £40,000 through selling this system. Considering the terrible results and losses that have ensued do you not feel it would be morally appropriate to issue at least a part refund to all subscribers who have put faith in you?



  193. My top picks results:
    Jan -21
    Feb -31 (to date)
    Total -52 (half my bank gone).
    Over 253 tips. Significant sample size.
    Shorter prices today – same result.
    Worrying times.

  194. Andy why would you think the results weren’t official? How does one abandoned meeting affect the chances of the other horses that are running at other meetings? Not sure i understand your thought process on that one?

  195. Forgot to ask earlier, are all today’s selections & ratings ‘official’, are they to be counted at the end of the week.

  196. Tell me about it.. even I can’t my post entries right, both my bets finished 2nd, and not second & third as I posted yesterday

  197. Well isnt that just typical, both white fusion and athakeel have been top picks in the last few days and did nothibg then today they didnt look like they had a chance.

  198. Just spent this morning updating my P/L balance sheet, down just over 40 points for the year so far, but I did do the values for the first time Saturday and it was a complete blank so that didn’t help.

    Looking forward to March though, the bad weather should be out of the way by then, thinking that February may be as dour and inconsistent as January.. hope I’m wrong but I’m expecting it.

    Even Hugh Taylor has gone down as low as 5/1 for today’s tip, and I would think that’s shortened by now.

  199. Me too Thomas i may look to lay in running if i get time otherwise we only need 1 winner and i think exning halt has a good chance.

  200. Yeah i just heard,i thought Sircozy had a cracking chance today, but our NAP and NB are still there so even though im now hopefull instead of confident my bets are on.
    But dont blame you if your sitting out today Andy.

  201. Thanks for all the well wishes.

    Top picks

    1-50 plu Shady Lane 9/1

    2-05 cat Tipsy Gypsy 4/1

    2-30 wol Miserere Mei 4/1 NAP

    2-50 plu Petit Ecuyer 7/1

    3-00 wol Frequency 4/1 NB

    3-20 plu Sircozy 9/1

    4-10 cat Brave Sparticus 3/1

    4-20 plu Bathwick Junior 4/1

    5-00 wol Mick Dundee 4/1

  202. Value selections

    1-50 plu Shady Lane 9/1

    2-50 plu Petit Ecuyer 7/1

    3-20 plu Sircozy 9/1

    3-40 cat Amir Pasha 7/1

    3-50 plu Upton Mead 5/1 place

    4-20 plu Just Beware 9/1

    4-30 wol Exning Halt 8/1

    4-50 plu Wah Wah Taysee 14/1

    5-30 wol Fleetwood Sands 7/1

    6-00 wol Kieltys Folly 10/1

  203. Good morning guys,
    For a monday in february its not the worst card ive ever seen so hopefully we can get back on track.

    Top 2 rated

    1-50 plu Shady Lane 9/1 0.4
    Alder Mairi 11/2 0.6

    2-05 cat Tipsy Gypsy
    Imperial Vic NO BET

    2-20 plu Malt Master
    Ohio Gold NO BET

    2-30 wol Miserere Mei 4/1 0.5
    Fantasy Fighter 9/2 0.5

    2-40 cat Trend Is My Friend 5/2 0.6
    Amok 6/1 0.4

    2-50 plu Petit Ecuyer 7/1 0.4
    Scoter Fontaine 7/2 0.6

    3-00 wol Frequency 4/1 0.6
    Mother Jones 11/2 0.4

    3-10 cat Balding Banker
    Rudemeister NO BET

    3-20 plu Sircozy 9/1 0.4
    De Blacksmith 11/4 0.6

    3-30 wol Full Swing
    Suffice NO BET

    3-40 cat Fairynuff 6/1 0.5
    Amir Pasha 7/1 0.5

    3-50 plu Groomed 9/2 0.5
    Upton Mead 5/1 place 0.5

    4-00 wol Naru
    Diletta Tommasa NO BET

    4-10 cat Brave Sparticus 3/1 0.6
    Lease Lend 13/2 0.4

    4-20 plu Bathwick Junior 4/1 0.7
    Just Beware 9/1 0.3

    4-30 wol Noble Jack 4/1 0.6
    Exning Halt 8/1 0.4

    4-40 cat Legacy Gold
    Delta Forty NO BET

    4-50 plu Wah Wah Taysee 14/1 0.3
    Chill Factor 7/2 0.7

    5-00 wol Mick Dundee 4/1 0.5
    Taxiformissbyron 3/1 0.5

    5-30 wol Spinning Ridge 4/1 0.6
    Fleetwood Sands 7/1 0.4

    6-00 wol Nant Season 11/4 0.8
    Kieltys Folly 10/1 0.2

  204. this is the type of luck I’m having at the moment.. did three bets today:

    1 non runner
    1 second placed 10/1
    1 third placed 11/1

    Got me money back though

  205. Hi Dean,
    You are correct, I did not know they were place bets only when stated .
    Hope your wife gets well soon.

  206. Karl my wife has been ill so i didnt get a chance yesterday, so i just started again now but you need to go through and check again it looks like you have missed all the placed bets out and thats where you have probably gone wrong

  207. Hi Guys, ive done the stats and i think its the worst week we’ve had on top picks, The ratings and values scraped into profit for me but i know it may be a small loss for some as the odds we get are always different.

    Weekly totals

    Ratings 89.5pts staked 108.915pts returns +19.415pts

    Top picks 47pts staked 28.5pts returns -18.5pts

    Values 44pts staked 48.5pts returns +4.5pts

    If Kevin from betting rant is reading this can you please check your stats for friday and saturday, i have left you a message on your site but i dont have an email for you.

    Just a thought

    We can all vent our anger and frustration at each other on here but at the end of the day every single one of us is here for the same reason.

  208. The choice that you have is whether to bet on 1, 2 or all 3 systems. I suggest paper trading and hopefully my daily results will help you make a decision on which, if any, most suits your betting style.

    Dean has taken to posting his NAP for the day and also next best (NB) so essentially you have 4 systems to choose from by just betting on these two every day, if you feel that there are too many selections.


  209. Daniel

    Daniel, I initially shared your concerns but Dean’s results speak for themselves.

    What he offers is effectively 3 systems, based on his ratings that he spends hours on – top picks 8-10 horses per day; values (my fav) and a dutching system for the top two. Obviously he makes money from us subscribers but if the winners come in, long term then I don’t care and I don’t begrudge him that. Dean’s obviously using the selections himself so he’s putting his money where his mouth is and feeling the pain too, albeit our sub fees will buffer that.

  210. Daniel

    Daniel, I initially shared your concerns but Dean’s results speak for themselves.

    What he offers is effectively 3 systems, based on his ratings that he spends hours on – top picks 8-10 horses per day; values (my fav)and a dutching system for the top two. Obviously he makes money from us subscribers but if the winners come in, long term then I don’t care and I don’t begrudge him that. Dean’s obviously using the selections himself so he’s putting his money where his mouth is and feeling the pain too, albeit our sub fees will buffer that.

    The choice that you have is whether to bet on 1, 2 or all 3 systems. I suggest paper trading and hopefully my daily results will help you make a decision on which, if any, most suits your betting style.

    Dean has taken to posting his NAP for the day and also next best (NB) so essentially you have 4 systems to choose from by just betting on these two every day, if you feel that there are too many selections.

    All the best and lets hope for a return to the winners tomorrow.

  211. 9/2/13
    Top Picks = -6pts
    Values = -11pts
    Top Rated = -1pt

    Not a great day yesterday, giving back most of the profits from Friday but that’s racing. The top rated fared best of all with the later races doing the business for a more or less level day on those.

    Petroupetrov went closest of the values, finishing 2nd and trading 1.42 in running, getting beaten by a 16/1 outsider. Had that won, it would have been a different story and a win across all three systems…some you win, some you lose.

  212. I’ve just been through your ratings for today Dean & now I can see why you don’t suggest or advise any wagers on a Sunday..

    Let’s forget about the rotten luck we’ve had over the start of the year and STAY POSITIVE, I hope Dean forgives me for posting a link on here but here’s an example on how losing runs can quickly be turned around by sticking to a system.

    Here’s to tomorrow, weather permitting.. there’s some snow around at the moment so could quite possibly see a meeting pulled, hope Dean bears this in mind.

    Here’s to tomorrow! 🙂

  213. I had a change of betting Saturday and backed his ratings ew. I backed one horse twice by MIsTAKE but it Duly won..So on the day i made a little profit. Thats better than losing

  214. Daniel,

    You can do or say what you want, I don’t really care to be honest, just find it odd that you’re paying £40 a month to annoy people.. oh well, whatever floats your boat I suppose

  215. Good morning,

    Daniel, i try and answer all questions on here, if i have missed one i apologise but the page sometimes takes i while to update and i miss them.

    Mike, yes the NO BET selections have a very high strike rate and a good RFC strike rate, they are only no bets because the odds are too low to dutch so they will often be favourites.

    A pretty poor week on top picks,one of the worst we’ve had but this happens its a very up and down game were in, we had 4 great months from the start of the service in september and its unfortunate that we are having a downturn now when there are so many new members, this i suspect is why Andy is defending the system he has been here a long time and made good profits. Long term this system has always worked, yes we have losing runs who doesnt? but it always turns around. As for fewer selections, i have started to do a NAP and NB as requested but trying to grade selections in order of preference is never gonna work, we will have the one graded last wining as often as the first.

    Just a reminder for any new members we dont advise any bets on sundays but the ratings are available if you leave your email.

    I will be back later with the weekly stats.

  216. Andy are you Deans dad or what!? Why are you being so defensive you strange strange man? Neither me nor Phil are being the least bit offensive just offering so decent advice and posing some questions. We are deans paying customers and entitled to ask questions as such. If you consider Dean has say 200 customers paying £40 a month he’s earning £96 grand a year. He’s a business man you dope he’s not doing this out of the goodness of his heart. As such me and Phil and whoever else sign up to this service are fully entitled to ask any questions we like, as long as were not abusive. Sadly Dean hasn’t had the common courtesy to answer one of my queries so far so for that reason alone may not sign up for another month you’ll be glad to hear, disregarding results. So pull your head out of deans bottom and see the bigger picture please.

  217. Decided to do some thing different yesterday for a little bit of interest, did a five fold of the top ratings where dean states NO BET choosing the horse which I really felt had the best chance of winning, it came in making 14 pts profit, so tried again today with a 5 fold and a 4 fold of them, only one horse didn’t win today out of them 9, the five fold lost then the 4 fold came in, I each wayed that one though as I was a bit uncertain about it. Anyway 33pts won from 3pts staked, not bad ay? 14 horses 13 winners. What i would like to know is as I don’t normal follow the ratings at all is do one of those top two rated horses which has been given a “no bet” come in a heck of a lot or have I just been quite lucky?! The good thing is while the top picks are loosing at the moment and pulling it back and a bit more with my own football bets.

  218. Andy
    I have followed various systems/tipsters over the years some good/some bad,so i dont expext to win every day,as you say you have made good profits,if I carry on 6 months down the line I could be 200 points up going on past comments but the question is do I risk it, yes as you say its up to me, BUT not sure why your so protective over this service?

  219. Phil,

    I’ve experienced the results over the past 3 months and it’s all good, have you beared in mind everything over the past 6 to 8 weeks?, for example the weather, the fact that stable yards are unable to school or use their gallops to full potential?, horses are being rested due to poor ground?, having jabs here & there.. there simply ain’t enough horses around at the moment for various reasons..

    I ain’t no expert but I take variances into consideration and I don’t bet every day and I don’t think anybody is holding a gun to your head and asking you to do the same?, if you don’t like the system offered then look elsewhere.

  220. Harsh about what Andy?
    Andy, you have raved about this service since I have been involved with it.I have been with the service a month or so and have not moved above my starting bank.I am frustrated but prepared to give it a while longer.
    With regards to Deans missus, he stated he would be late with the selections due to his missus being ill, I would have completely understood if he couldnt put any selections up today.
    Not sure what you are asking me whats harsh?

  221. Daniel,
    If you don’t like the system then stop using it?, it ain’t hard.. cease acting like a troll before you make yourself look like an idiot and get booted off of here, if you had any idea of how to cope with losing runs then you wouldn’t come on here shouting your mouth off.

    Please Daniel, if you don’t like it then use a different system elsewhere, don’t come on here abusing someone’s hard work.

  222. Daniel,

    If you don’t like the system then stop using it?, it ain’t hard.. cease acting like a troll before you make yourself look like an idiot and get booted off of here, if you had any idea of how to cope with l

  223. A case in point today of too many bets. Deans nap romped in, with the others we had a few unlucky seconds and the rest nowheres. Nobody else may agree with this but for my tastes i really don’t want to be betting on twelve horses a day. Id rather you rank your tips in order of preference and id double my stakes on your top four or five. Sure i may miss out on some winners from your lower fancies some of the time but i believe over the course of time your real strong fancies would come to the fore and result in a bigger profit. But that’s just me, im a busy man and find it hard getting time to place bets and check results for so many. I believe youve got talent which is why I’ve joined but for me id prefer some form of ranking system to allow me to reduce my betting output.

  224. As I have said before all I have seen with these selections is 1 step forward, 2 steps back…….
    PS Hope your missus is ok Dean more to life than betting and all that

  225. John..

    Not chasing losses my friend, just employing my new strategy, I know Deans had a stinker of a week Top Picks wise, Values were getting a decent return, haven’t ever entertained Value Selections before, thought I’d do it today as off the cuff I think on the Top Picks have only resulted in 3 winners this week, typical though.. start doing Values only to blank, still going to sick by Dean though, his last quarters results are outstanding..

    Form is temporary and all that eh?

  226. it’s only money John LOL

    I’m down £1400 at the moment on Top Picks & Values LOL

    I’m expecting a result from GCD at Uttoxeter at 4pm though.. got £80 at 25/1

  227. With that method I would advise a betting bank of maybe at least 200 Top Pick points to combat the potential long losing strings on the values, having said that over two days Dean should come up with at least one winner on the values..

    By the way, Warwick faces an inspection at 10:30 due to that pesky snow.. GRRR 🙁

  228. Thomas,

    Agreed, but as long as I beat the SP and get 5/1 or better I’m happy, Dean’s selections for the values mean have a good chance of running well, so I guess I have more than a 50/50 chance of getting my stake back should it not win

  229. only one problem with that andy is if you wait till time of race and don’t get on early the price will usually be gone and therefor is no longer value

  230. Gonna stay with Top Picks, but had one of those ‘Eureka’ moments last night with regards the Value Selections..

    As from today I’m not going to bet on all the Value Selections but going to employ them one by one on the old ‘Rule of 72’ betting strategy and stop at a winner, (for the day), with using the cover bet offered on Bet365, should my selection not win but finish in the cover places offered, (depending on race) then I get my stake back.

    For example:

    Top Picks has 12 selections for the day, at £10 per point the total outlay for the day is £120.

    Spread the £120 over the values, Google ‘Rule of 72 betting’ and have your daily profit margin the same as your total outlay for the Top Picks, (in this case £120), all you need is one winner on the Values to recoup your total outlay for the day on the Top Picks.

    You follow? 🙂

  231. Top picks

    1-30 war Swincombe Flame 6/1

    1-50 new Sivola De Sivola 9/1

    2-05 war Hey Big Spender 9/1

    2-15 utt Petroupetrov 12/1

    2-35 lin Sole Danser 5/1

    3-00 new Majala 7/1

    3-10 lin Sister Guru 9/1

    3-15 war Duke Of Monmouth 10/1

    3-25 utt Hassadin 17/2

    4-15 lin Emerald Wilderness 4/1

    4-35 utt Anay Turge 17/2

    4-40 new Oscar Rock 9/2 NAP

  232. Value selections

    1-50 new Monetary Fund 13/1

    2-05 war Hey Big Spender 9/1

    2-15 utt Petroupetrov 12/1

    2-35 lin Dishy Guru 14/1

    3-10 lin Sister Guru 9/1

    3-15 war Duke Of Monmouth 10/1

    3-25 utt Award Winner 16/1

    3-45 lin Profile Star 11/1

    4-00 utt Lindsay’s Dream 14/1

    4-15 lin Cayuga 8/1

    4-35 utt Anay Turge 17/2

    4-40 new Joanne One 8/1

  233. Good morning, well the system is working well as we are having some good winners, but im obviously putting them in the wrong place at the moment as i know most of you follow Top picks. There is some good racing today so hopefully we can finish the week with a bang.

    Top 2 rated

    12-50 lin Handsome Molly 11/2 0.5
    Fire In Babylon 6/1 0.5

    12-55 war Flaming Charmer 5/1 0.5
    Dormouse 9/2 place 0.5

    1-05 utt Awbeg Massini
    Fourovakind NO BET

    1-15 new Chatterbox
    Lac Fontana NO BET

    1-25 lin Lady Who 9/4 0.7
    Bubbly Bailey 17/2 0.3

    1-30 war Swincombe Flame 6/1 0.6
    Silver Gypsy 9/1 0.4

    1-40 utt Westlin’ Winds 5/1 0.4
    Stow 3/1 0.6

    1-50 new Sivola De Sivola 9/1 0.6
    Monetary Fund 13/1 0.4

    2-00 lin Danziger
    Island Express NO BET

    2-05 war Hey Big Spender 9/1 0.3
    Molotof 16/5 0.7

    2-15 utt Petroupetrov 12/1 0.4
    Landenstown Star 9/2 0.6

    2-25 new Silviniaco Conti
    The Giant Bolster NO BET

    2-35 lin Sole Danser 5/1 0.7
    Dishy Guru 14/1 0.3

    2-40 war Majala
    Fago NO BET

    2-50 utt Sandynow 17/2 0.4
    Victoria Rose 11/2 place 0.6

    3-00 new Majala 7/1 0.4
    French Opera 7/2 0.6

    3-10 lin Sister Guru 9/1 0.4
    Jack My Boy 5/1 0.6

    3-15 war Duke Of Monmouth 10/1 0.4
    Dream Again Boys 6/1 0.6

    3-25 utt Hassadin 17/2 0.7
    Award Winner 16/1 0.3

    3-35 new Petit Robin 13/2 place 0.5
    Lyvius 8/1 place 0.5

    3-45 lin Woolfall Sovereign 7/2 0.7
    Profile Star 11/1 0.3

    3-50 war Godsmejudge
    Grouse Lodge NO BET

    4-00 utt Scholastica 9/4 0.8
    Lindsay’s Dream 14/1 0.2

    4-10 new Hadrian’s Approach
    Unioniste NO BET

    4-15 lin Emerald Wilderness 4/1 0.7
    Cayuga 8/1 0.3

    4-25 war Salmanazar 4/1 0.5
    Drum Valley 10/3 0.5

    4-35 utt Anay Turge 17/2 0.3
    Greywell Boy 11/4 0.7

    4-40 new Oscar Rock 9/2 0.6
    Joanne One 8/1 0.4

    4-45 lin Triple Dream 5/1 0.5
    Gorgeous Goblin 5/1 place 0.5

    4-55 war NO FORM NO BETS

    6-20 wol Arabian Flight 5/2 0.6
    Justcallmehandsome 4/1 place 0.4

    6-50 wol Maypole Joe
    Hillbilly Boy NO BET

    7-20 wol Spark Of Genius
    Al Freej NO BET

    7-50 wol Empowermentofwomen
    Hamla NO BET

    8-20 wol Good Evans
    Bix NO BET

    8-50 wol Blazing Desert 9/2 0.4
    Pahente 7/2 0.6

    9-20 wol One Scoop Or Two 4/1 0.5
    Outlaw Torn 9/2 Place 0.5

  234. Andy i live quite far from Sunderland now so no dont know anyone, its a shame they are just gonna be wasted.

    Selections should be on time ive done most of them tonight.


  235. Daniel Wilkinson. Im sorry but you say you have NO concerns with results, you are in profit since you started and you don’t know what the past results are!!! If you hadn’t noticed, this is a ‘ratings’ service. Dean produces ratings on every race using his formula. Nowhere on this site does it say ‘YOU MUST BET ON ALL TIPS’. There are Top picks and value picks that you can choose from. It seems the value tips are going well at the minute so just stick to them. (6-12 bets per day)

    If there’s more to life, then why have you subscribed?

    sorry if Im going off on one, but I don’t know what it is with some people this month!! Ive had people telling me the free tips are useless and all sorts, yet we are well in profit so far this year. Some people just cant be pleased no matter what I suppose.

    Daniel, If you want there to be just a couple of bets per day then just ask Dean nicely and maybe he can come up with something that Gives the top 3 rated horses of the day or something like that.

    This is proving a tough time of year for everyone, but we just have to get through it.


  236. 7/2/13
    Top Picks = +4.5pts
    Values = +8pts
    Ratings = +8pts

    A welcome winning day yesterday across all three services.

    Top Picks = -3pts
    Values = +14pts

    A cracking day for the values, getting 14 on betfair for Farbreaga and 11 for Prince Of Pirates – good old AP!

    I was in a rush this morning(hungover and slept in!) and didn’t place any of the ratings today but I imagine that they fared well too.

    Well done Dean and congrats.

  237. sorry to hear of your wife being ill mate, don’t you know of someone who’s already going that can get rid of them at the ground for you?

  238. Hi guys, im gonna apologise in advance if the selections are late in the morning, ive beean at the hospital all day with my wife and im only just starting them now.

    Do we have any members living in the north east who could use to tickets to the sunderland V arsenal game i have two but as my wife is ill we cant go so i have no use for them. If anyone wants them and could pick them up email me

  239. Who in the world can afford to bet on 25 to 30 horses per day!? And quite frankly which saddo would want to? Surely theres more to life? I only joined this service a few weeks ago so can’t comment on previous results and whilst i don’t have any major concerns results wise as im twenty pound up from ten pound stakes on all the top picks, not great but certainly no disaster, i have to say the sheer number of tips is quite incredible. There is no way one man can be an expert on all the different types of races you tip on, all the hundreds of horses. What this service needs for me is a serious rationalisation where you give maybe a maximum of five tips a day, your real “good things” that you have in-depth knowledge of. A combination of prices maybe. But at the moment it seems like you’re just throwing around tips willy nilly, Im sure you know your stuff but its impossible to know everything about almost every race at every meeting. Maybe if you explained the rationale behind your tips it might help me understand more?

  240. Damn,

    It looks like the values are getting all the goodies these days and nothing left for the toptips. I may have to split my money too. I hate missing on all those big price winners 🙁

  241. Looks to me that it might be worth having a betting bank on the top picks and values as both seem to show profits in the past.

  242. think I’m gonna have to bite the bullet & open up another betting bank for the value selections from Monday.. eggs ‘n’ baskets an’ all that

  243. Guys we used to always do a placepot from the top 2 rated and it proved very profitible, we havent done it for a while as i dont have time these days. I was wondering if anyone has experience with place pots and is willing to put together a few from our selections.

    It used to have 2 selections in 2 races and 1 in 4 at 0.25 pts per line making 1pt bets.



  244. Top picks

    1-10 kem Thundering Home 7/1

    1-20 ncl Political Paddy 7/1

    2-15 kem Lucy’s Legend 7/1

    3-00 ncl Armedanddangerous 9/2 Ladbrokes still available

    3-45 ban Peaks Of Fire 8/1

    4-00 kem Moleskin 8/1

    4-10 ncl Prince Tam 15/2 NB

    4-20 ban Molly’s A Diva 9/2 NAP if running

    4-40 ncl Copt Hill 5/1

    5-30 wol Whipphound 6/1

    7-30 wol Flying Power 7/1

  245. Value selections

    1-50 ncl Blazing Diva 14/1

    2-15 kem Lucy’s Legend 7/1

    2-35 ban My Flora 10/1

    2-50 kem Farbreaga 10/1

    3-45 ban Peaks Of Fire 8/1

    4-00 kem Prince Of Pirates 9/1

    4-10 ncl Prince Tam 15/2

    5-00 wol Perlachy 14/1

    5-30 wol Almaty Express 12/1

    6-00 wol Sweet Ovation 12/1

  246. Good morning, Only Top picks letting us down yesterday, Good day for the values,

    Top 2 rated

    1-10 kem Thundering Home 7/1 0.5
    Adiynara 5/1 0.5

    1-20 ncl Political Paddy 7/1 0.5
    Mini The Minx 11/2 0.5

    1-30 ban Blackwater King
    Golden Hoof NO BET

    1-40 kem Ericht 9/1 0.6
    Polly Peachum 16/1 0.4

    1-50 ncl Blazing Diva 14/1 0.3
    Samson Collonges 7/2 0.7

    2-00 ban Violin Davis
    Tara Rose NO BET

    2-15 kem Lucy’s Legend 7/1 0.4
    Kie 11/4 0.6

    2-25 ncl Firth Of The Clyde
    Broadway Buffalo NO BET

    2-35 ban Dungeel 4/1 0.7
    My Flora 10/1 0.3

    2-50 kem Farbreaga 10/1 £4
    Wings Of Icarus 13/2 £6

    3-00 ncl Armedanddangerous 9/2 0.5 ladbrokes 7-15 am
    Tipsy Dara 4/1 0.5

    3-10 ban Alderluck 7/1 0.6
    Acrai Rua 10/1 0.4

    3-25 kem Champion Court
    Domtaline NO BET

    3-35 ncl Little Glenshee
    Lady Of Verona NO BET

    3-45 ban Peaks Of Fire 8/1 0.4
    Lean Burn 9/2 0.6

    4-00 kem Moleskin 8/1 0.5
    Prince Of Pirates 9/1 0.5

    4-10 ncl Prince Tam 15/2 0.4
    Avanos 9/2 0.6

    4-20 ban Molly’s A Diva 9/2 0.5
    August Hill 7/2 0.5

    4-30 kem Carole’s Destrier 10/1 0.5
    Tradewinds 8/1 0.5

    4-40 ncl Copt Hill 5/1 0.4
    King Kalium 10/3 0.6

    4-50 ban That’s Rhythm
    Marky Bob NO BET

    5-00 wol Shawkantango 13/2 0.6
    Perlachy 14/1 0.4

    5-30 wol Whipphound 6/1 0.7
    Almaty Express 12/1 0.3

    6-00 wol Romanticize 7/2 0.8
    Sweet Ovation 12/1 0.2

    6-30 wol Newstead Abbey
    Batchworth Lady NO BET

    7-00 wol Tingo In The Tale 7/2 0.6
    Waving 5/1 0.4

    7-30 wol Flying Power 7/1 0.5
    Illustrious Forest 5/1 0.5

    8-00 wol Pereira
    Lignum Vitae NO BET

    8-30 wol Media Jury 8/1 0.4
    Cut The Cackle 10/3 0.6

  247. Sad to hear that Stephen if u backed them all at level stakes & listen to dean when he says NO BET today u would be up yes I agree it’s been hard but nobody not even dean can make the sun shine all the time stick with it if u can it will come good….

  248. After nearly two months since I joined I am nearly £200 down, (£80 subscription) and I have had enough. I will not be throwing any more money down the drain.

  249. Off to the pub to have a good few pints of Guinness cause I know that all good things come to those that wait…

  250. Nahh no luck on that I am not Dean lol. I must appologize since I realized I should not put any bets on this page so sorry for that but I just couldnt help myself. It was only a fun bet anyways. I will keep to myself from now on. Come on Dean one more winner today and back on the positive trend 🙂

  251. What did I tell you guys 🙂
    Im playing a forecast on the next at 14/1
    17:05 Wolverhampton
    1) Norwegian Reward
    2) Landown Littlerock

    Just a fiver but I like this one lets see if I am lucky today and the tide is turning for us 🙂

  252. Its not always going to be hunky dory 10 points a day proffit. There has to be bad runs too. We are through one at the moment but we did have one in January and Dean got us through so lets give him a bit of margin guys. He does recommend a 100 points bank and we are not even 20 points down from the start of the month yet. Keep cool. If you are not ready to play the way it should be played then it would have been better never to start playing the horses to begin with. A winner should be around the corner anytime now.

  253. There was a horse last week that dean put in top picks I think it was called MEJERMIT at 6-1 it drifted out to 9-1 & won easily if there ready to win they will win at any price..

  254. dean wouldn’t it be a good idea to hold back the selections on races where the bookies haven’t priced up until 9am.
    we’re never going to get anywhere near 9/1 mollys diva unless there is a significant drift and then we shouldn’t really be backing is also only forecast 4/1 on the atr site (haven’t got any more tissue prices for this race)

  255. Top picks

    1-35 hun Go Amwell 16/1

    2-05 hun Lough Coi 7/2

    2-30 don Wings Of Smoke 9/2

    3-05 don Who Owns Me 11/1

    3-35 don Off The Ground 12/1

    3-45 hun Quaddick Lake 13/2

    4-35 don Qoubilai 13/2

    4-45 hun Molly’s A Diva 9/1

    5-35 wol Lieutenant Dan 14/1

    6-35 wol Basingstoke 5/1 NAP

    7-35 wol Blazing Knight 4/1 NB

    8-05 wol Athaakeel 8/1

  256. Value selections

    Thurs 7/2/13

    1-35 hun Go Amwell 16/1

    2-40 hun Maringo Bay 8/1

    3-05 don Who Owns Me 11/1

    3-15 hun Chris Pea Green 12/1

    3-25 tau Mangonel 7/1

    3-35 don Off The Ground 12/1

    3-45 hun Bakbenscher 13/2

    4-45 hun Molly’s A Diva 9/1

    5-35 wol Lieutenant Dan 14/1

    8-05 wol Onceaponatime 9/1

  257. Good morning,

    Karl you can send to

    Very unlucky with modern lady, 4 decent meetings today hopefully its a good one,

    Top 2 rated

    1-20 don Goat Castle 6/1 0.4
    Coverholder 4/1 0.6

    1-35 hun Go Amwell 16/1 0.4
    Seymour Eric 13/2 0.6

    1-45 tau Oscar Gogo 5/1 0.4
    Red Jade 7/2 0.6

    1-55 don African Gold
    Close Touch NO BET

    2-05 hun Lough Coi 7/2 0.6
    Rouge Et Blanc 9/2 0.4

    2-15 tau Bright Abbey 9/2 0.5
    Shotavodka 9/2 0.5

    2-30 don Wings Of Smoke 9/2 0.4
    Tahiti Pearl 3/1 0.6

    2-40 hun Maringo Bay 8/1 0.3
    Arbeo 3/1 0.7

    2-50 tau Home Run
    Mr Mole NO BET

    3-05 don Who Owns Me 11/1 0.4
    Midnight Oscar 10/3 0.6

    3-15 hun Chris Pea Green 12/1 0.4
    Seventh Sign 15/2 0.6

    3-25 tau Wild Ground 7/2 0.6
    Mangonel 7/1 0.4

    3-35 don Off The Ground 12/1 0.4
    Harris Hawk 7/1 0.6

    3-45 hun Quaddick Lake 13/2 0.5
    Bakbenscher 13/2 0.5

    3-55 tau Xaarcet 6/1 0.5
    Niki Royal 6/1 0.5

    4-05 don Pine Creek
    Ubaldo Des Menhies NO BET

    4-15 hun Tricky Trickster
    Flaming Gorge NO BET

    4-25 tau Horizontal Speed
    Fountains Mary NO BET

    4-35 don Qoubilai 13/2 0.4
    Sacre Toi 9/4 0.6

    4-45 hun Molly’s A Diva 9/1 0.4
    August Hill 3/1 0.6

    5-05 wol Fighter Boy
    Tyrur Ted NO BET

    5-35 wol Lieutenant Dan 14/1 0.4
    Amosite 8/1 0.6

    6-05 wol Run It Twice
    It’s Only Business NO BET

    6-35 wol Basingstoke 5/1 0.5
    Strike Force 5/1 0.5

    7-05 wol Hand In Glove
    Lady Calantha NO BET

    7-35 wol Blazing Knight 4/1 0.5
    Hazza The Jazza 9/2 0.5

    8-05 wol Athaakeel 8/1 0.5
    Onceaponatime 9/1 0.5

  258. Hi Dean, I have worked out a spreadsheet of your January 2013 results for ”Value Selections ” and would like an email where I can send them to you. There seems to be a difference in my figures as against your posted results. Maybe I need to go back to school ? I stand to be corrected !

  259. 06/02/13
    Top Picks = -6.5pts
    Values = -8pts
    Top Rated = +1pt

    Not a great day today but knocking on the door with some of these. Modern Lady was just touched off by a head at 7/1.

  260. This may sound negative and yes I am a newbie….but every good day I have had has been preceeded by 1 or 2 bad days and been followed by 1 or 2 bad days, dont seem to be moving away from my initial bank…its decreasing!!

  261. Think betting rant have got their wires crossed and it’s Jasons part of betIinfo24 they are reviewing as he made 25pts profit last month and it’s free.I have just received the email from them

  262. Thanks for that Hillary think someone needs to have a word

    Tatjana, most members choose either Top picks or values or both and they are advised 1pt wins, there is a short explanation at the top of the page.

  263. Hi Dean I have just been on the Betting Rant site and they are going to carry out a review on your service which they say is a FREE betting service. Thought you should know.

  264. regarding prices got most matched,a few just under and a few just over but only 0.2 either side. but had to use betfair for 14/21 selections.
    wont get matched on danandy for a place though unless leave it in running.
    all they’ve got to do is win now lol

  265. If “no bets” is advised I’d like no selections put up, failing that an e-mail advising “no bet” would be appreciated.

  266. Morning people,

    We were discussing prices this week, just been awaiting a couple to be priced up.. these are what I’ve managed to get on just the Top Picks

    Minortransgression @ 9/4
    Caledonia Prince @ 7/2
    Danandy @ 25/1 (E/W)
    Fortrose Academy @ 11/2
    Modern Lady @ 13/2
    Corrin Wood @ 11/1
    Rebel Swing @ 8/1
    Cootehill @ 11/2
    Mickie @ 5/1
    White Fusion @ 5/1
    Atlantic Beach @ 11/1

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  267. Top picks

    1-30 sow Minortransgression 3/1 NAP

    2-00 sow Atlantic Beach 12/1

    2-10 lud Danandy 11/2 PLACE

    3-15 lud Mickie 6/1

    3-30 car Rebel Swing 9/1

    3-40 sow Caledonia Prince 4/1

    3-50 lud Cootehill 7/1

    4-05 car Corrin Wood 11/1 bet365 7am

    4-45 sow White Fusion 6/1

    6-05 kem Modern Lady 7/1

    8-05 kem Fortrose Academy 6/1

  268. Value selections

    2-00 sow Atlantic Beach 12/1

    2-10 lud Danandy 11/2 place

    3-15 lud Silver Gypsy 11/1

    3-30 car Papamoa 9/1

    3-50 lud Cootehill 7/1

    4-05 car Corrin Wood 11/1

    4-35 car Saddle Pack 7/1

    4-45 sow Neil’s Pride 8/1

    5-05 kem Deveze 10/1

    7-35 kem Rosie Future 10/1

  269. Yeah we will be fine, i thought it didnt look so good when we lost sedgefield.

    Top 2 rated

    1-30 sow Minortransgression 3/1 0.6
    Bladewood Girl 4/1 0.4

    1-40 lud Khazium
    Priors Gold NO BET

    1-50 car Eduard
    Gymdoli NO BET

    2-00 sow Atlantic Beach 12/1 0.4
    Elusive Warrior 7/1 0.6

    2-10 lud Danandy 11/2 place 0.6
    Red Rouble 12/1 0.4

    2-20 car Vulcanite
    Ballybriggan NO BET

    2-30 sow Little Dolly
    Tight Knit NO BET

    2-40 lud New Year’s Eve
    Celtic Abbey NO BET

    2-55 car Hidden Identity
    Lucematic NO BET

    3-05 sow Honest Strike 7/2 0.5
    Bocamix 10/3 0.5

    3-15 lud Mickie 6/1 0.6
    Silver Gypsy 11/1 0.4

    3-30 car Rebel Swing 9/1 0.5
    Papamoa 9/1 0.5

    3-40 sow Caledonia Prince 4/1 0.7
    Imprimis Tagula 9/1 0.3

    3-50 lud Cootehill 7/1 0.4
    Valmari 3/1 0.6

    4-05 car Corrin Wood 11/1 0.4 bet 365 7am
    Knockara Beau 5/1 0.6

    4-15 sow Naalatt
    Taming The Tweet NO BET

    4-25 lud Bermuda Boy 4/1 0.5
    Bob ‘n’ You 9/2 0.5

    4-35 car Billy Cuckoo 7/2 0.7
    Saddle Pack 7/1 0.3

    4-45 sow White Fusion 6/1 0.6
    Neil’s Pride 8/1 0.4

    4-55 lud One Conemara 6/1 0.5
    Three Kingdoms 5/1 0.5

    5-05 kem Miserere Mei 6/1 0.6
    Deveze 10/1 0.4

    5-35 kem Lytham 6/1 0.5
    Five Hearts 4/1 0.5

    6-05 kem Modern Lady 7/1 0.4
    Marvelino 7/2 0.6

    6-35 kem Prom Dress 7/1 0.5
    Wotabooty 5/1 0.5

    7-05 kem Ashamaly 5/1 0.5
    Black Dave 5/1 0.5

    7-35 kem Rose Ransom
    Rosie Future NO BET

    8-05 kem Fortrose Academy 6/1 0.4
    Captain Kendall 11/4 0.6

  270. 5/2/13

    Top Picks = -5pts
    Value Sels = -1pt (a different story if O Crotaig was to win at 20/1 instead of place, unlucky!)
    Top Rated = -2.7pts

  271. We did try a few Andy and i have to admit my knowledge base isnt as strong, and today i thought we would be ok, sedgefield was only precautionry. As i speak thats the 2nd top pick lost to the 2nd selection, i really fancied Ocrotaigh this morning but thought there may be a few to strong.

  272. on Top Picks alone over the past fortnight, (and I didn’t bet yesterday following Deans advice) my SR is 22.1%.. AND I missed a day which landed 7 points either last week or before..

    Seriously if you want it enough and you pick out the best prices available from all online bookmakers available then you can make some decent loot, yes January was a bad month but if you weigh it all up this service is invaluable

  273. another thing people could look into as well regarding the amount of horses finishing second is that if you backed at bog price and it’s bigger by a couple of points you could always try laying off in running on betfair at 2.02-2.5 for your stake back.

  274. An E-mail to say NO Bets Today would be sufficient
    If subscribers want to see the ratings they can go on site and see them there

  275. dean i just think people need to be aware of the pitfalls off diving in too early on the betfair market before the market has propperly formed

  276. take wake your dreams as an instance
    at 7.40 the bookies hadn’t priced the race 12/1 is advised but 11 11.5 12 12.5 where either taken or placed as back bets in the que,this allowed bet 365 to open up at 8/1 instead of at least 11/1 in my opinion.
    this would then have forced the layers on betfair to offer odds of 12/1 -13/1

  277. Thomas i agree with a lot of what your saying, getting Value is very important but there are a lot of members on here who make good profits and dont get the same prices i do early doors, Andy is a prime example he has been with me for a while now and i think he will tell he makes good profits.

  278. If everyone leaves a comment i can count them up but i think a better idea could be for me to email the selections to those that want them on days where no bets is advised.

  279. reading through all of the posts for the last couple of months it’s important for people to know that you must obtain the prices quoted or you’re on to a loser long term if it’s not been such a good should be getting on with bookmakers that offer best odds guaranteed as if you can nick a couple of points here and there on a few winners it will help at the end of the months total.
    looking at the markets on betfair this morning i noticed that there where back bets being put up at lower than the price on here and waiting to get matched or taking the shorter odds ,this will not work in the long term for two reasons a)if you get matched you’re stuck with the price and even if it’s only 1/2 a point shorter at the end of the month 30 winners x 1/2 point =15 points off the total.
    b)if the bookies haven’t priced up yet you are only marking their card for them and allowing them to open up shorter than the price should be.
    i also read some posts about hugh taylor and he doesn’t make a profit at sp,in fact he makes a large loss.he’s the same as this site you have to get the price quoted.hope this makes a bit of sense it’s all about value.

  280. Lorraine i know what you are saying but members pay for selections and some like to bet even when i advise no bets thats why i still post but advise no bets.

    If we could get some input and we will go with the majority.


  281. Hi Dean,

    I would advise not putting up selections if your advising No Bets, as i,ve just joined i,m new to this service and have put on all selections,Would have a wee think about that in the Future!

  282. Top picks

    1-50 sed Prince Blackthorn 5/1

    2-00 mar Wake Your Dreams 12/1

    2-20 sed Sam Patch 11/2

    3-20 sed Emirate Isle 7/1

    3-30 mar The Magic Bishop 7/1

    3-40 sow Waking Warrior 5/1

    4-10 sow Una Bella Cosa 7/2

    4-20 sed Tara Royal 5/1

    4-40 sow Stanley Rigby 6/1

  283. Value selections

    1-40 sow General Tufto 7/1

    2-00 mar Wake Your Dreams 12/1

    2-50 sed Oniz Tiptoes 12/1

    3-10 sow Village Green 14/1

    3-30 mar O Crotaigh 9/2 place

    3-40 sow Bandstand 10/1

    4-10 sow Holding Fast 8/1 Betfair 7-14am

  284. Good morning, Its up to you guys to decide if you want selections on days where i advise no bets, i only provide them because thats what you have paid for.

    A bit better today.

    Top 2 rated

    1-20 sed Up And Go
    Phoenix Returns NO BET

    1-30 mar Our Phylli Vera
    Bordoni NO BET

    1-40 sow General Tufto 7/1 0.4
    Angelena Ballerina 4/1 0.6

    1-50 sed Prince Blackthorn 5/1 0.5
    Copt Hill 6/1 0.5

    2-00 mar Wake Your Dreams 12/1 0.3
    Up To Something 3/1 0.7

    2-10 sow Boy The Bell 5/1 0.5
    Pipers Piping 9/2 0.5

    2-20 sed Sam Patch 11/2 0.4
    Cilliseal 7/2 0.6

    2-30 mar Gallox Bridge 4/1 0.4
    Avoca Promise 2/1 0.6

    2-40 sow Stand Guard
    Princely Hero NO BET

    2-50 sed Gwladys Street 8/1 0.6
    Oniz Tiptoes 12/1 0.4

    3-00 mar Winds And Waves 4/1 0.5
    Beckhani 7/2 0.5

    3-10 sow Black Rider 3/1 0.8
    Village Green 14/1 0.2

    3-20 sed Emirate Isle 7/1 0.5
    Vardas Supreme 8/1 0.5

    3-30 mar The Magic Bishop 7/1 0.4
    O Crotaigh 9/2 place 0.6

    3-40 sow Waking Warrior 5/1 0.7
    Bandstand 10/1 0.3

    3-50 sed Salto Chisco
    Teaatreids NO BET

    4-00 mar Current Exchange
    Alfoisin NO BET

    4-10 sow Una Bella Cosa 7/2 0.7
    Holding Fast 8/1 0.3 Betfair 7-14am

    4-20 sed Tara Royal 5/1 0.4
    Riskier 9/4 0.6

    4-30 mar Hellorboston
    Even If NO BET

    4-40 sow Stanley Rigby 6/1 0.4
    Goldmadchen 7/2 0.6

  285. Don’t know how others feel but in my opinion if a no bet is advised would be better if no selections were actually put up,especially for top picks and values then their is no confusion or temptation, but as we have all paid people may expect bets every day, but I would vote no bet = no selections put up.

  286. Hi Lorraine, in todays first post we actually advised NO BETS today, but a 100 point bank is advised for each system.


  287. Hi Dean,
    I,ve just joined your service and was told by Jason that a 20pt Bank would be enough but after todays selections and not 1 winner can you advise what Bank we require as i am down 12 pts already!


  288. **Just so you all know, Deans service has been renamed ‘Pro Form Ratings’. We felt it was time it had a proper name. Nothing regarding the service has changed**

  289. John, No Bets on all three and no they wont count.
    John M, think thats a good idea John i cant see where the profit is gonna come from today, yes one of the big price top picks could come in but for me its too much of a risk today.

  290. Hi guys,
    For this month I’ll post my results based on what odds I managed to achieve

    Sun 4/2/13

    Ratings +4.25pts



  291. Hi Dean
    Please could you just confirm if your No Bets reccomendation includes Top Picks and Value Selections.

    Also if todays bets will count towards offical results. Personally I do not think they should.

    Regards John

  292. Value selections

    3-20 wol Yungaburra 17/2

    3-30 don Luccombe Chine 18/1

    3-50 wol Khajaaly 9/2 PLACE

    4-05 don Peak Seasons 18/1

    4-25 wol Smalljohn 12/1

    5-25 wol Toreo 8/1

  293. Top picks

    3-30 don Luccombe Chine 18/1

    3-20 wol Yungaburra 17/2

    3-50 wol Zing Wing 9/2

    4-35 don Share Option 5/1 PLACE

    5-25 wol Toreo 8/1

  294. Good morning, Ok cheers Graham

    After making decent profit last week im not willing to risk it on todays short prices and cavalry charges, at first glance it may look like good racing but there are just too many short priced faves. I have tried to find a little bit of value but im still reccomending No Bets today.

    Top 2 rated

    1-20 don Utopie Des Bordes
    Call Me A Star NO BET

    1-50 don Minella Fofitness 5/1 0.4
    Zuider zee 7/2 0.6

    2-25 don Vintage Star
    Ruben Cotter NO BET

    2-45 wol Easydoesit
    Scribe NO BET

    3-00 don Darlan
    Rock On Ruby NO BET

    3-20 wol Yungaburra 17/2 0.4
    Russian Bullet 5/1 0.6

    3-30 don Luccombe Chine 18/1 0.4
    Giveitachance 11/1 0.6

    3-50 wol Zing Wing 9/2 0.5
    Khajaaly 9/2 place 0.5

    4-05 don Mujamead 6/1 0.7
    Peak Seasons 18/1 0.3

    4-25 wol Haftohaf
    Smalljohn NO BET

    4-35 don Share Option 5/1 place 0.5
    Mississippi Blues 9/2 0.5

    4-55 wol Desert Vision
    Faithful Ruler NO BET

    5-25 wol Toreo 8/1 0.4
    Annelko 5/2 0.6

    5-55 wol Bathcounty
    Wybone NO BET

  295. Hi Dean, I don’t blog often but thanks for the daily information. Not been a bad month despite conditions and desperate quality of racing. I understand that you text info also, my address is thanks and keep ’em coming. Allan.

  296. I dont usually do this because a lot of members who dont come on site that much will miss out but in the 3-00 mus my top rated horse Swift Arrow would have been a top pick on any other day and also received a tip for it from a good source,so ive had a few quid on it.

    Good luck

  297. Raj, ive sent them. Adam we dont advise any selections on sundays but the actual ratings are available if you leave me your email.

    Andy, turned out to be a pretty good week,glad you made some good profits, thanks for sticking with it.

  298. sorry Dean, it was pub, rugby, football, more pub then curry yesterday 🙂 anyways for me I was up 20.5 points up on the week just doing Top Picks, a handsome tidy profit, huge thanks for your hard work

  299. A more or less even day for me across all three systems. Well done with the Top Picks, Dean.

    I’ve gone through the Values for January using BSP. Here are the winners:

    02/01/2013 5.20 Kempton Alnoomaas 12/1
    03/01/2013 12.50 Lingfield Roy’s Legacy 13/2
    03/01/2013 2.05 Wolves Gaelic Wizard 10/1
    03/01/2013 3.35 Wolverhampton Murcar 11/2
    03/01/2013 4.35 Wolverhampton Dhhamaan 10/1
    04/01/2013 1.50 Lingfield Ballygarvey 7/1
    04/01/2013 2.40 Mussel Any Given Moment 12/1
    05/01/2013 2.05 Wincanton Old Tricks 7/1 pl
    05/01/2013 3.00 Sandown Lord Of House 12/1
    07/01/2013 4.00 Kem Tinkerbell Will 6/1 pl
    08/01/2013 1.55 Chep Mauricetheathlete 12/1
    08/01/2013 5.25 Wolves Kyllachykov 10/1
    12/01/2013 3.40 Ling Destiny Of Dreams 14/1
    14/01/2013 1 2.55 Lingfield Paphos 15/2
    14/01/2013 2.20 Wolverhampton Eyeline 5/1 pl
    15/01/2013 3.05 Lingfield Edes 6/1 place
    16/01/2013 1.00 Lingfield Black dave 8/1
    17/01/2013 2.30 Lingfield Peintre Ster 5/1 pl
    17/01/2013 2.50 Wincanton Upham Atom 6/1 pl
    17/01/2012 7.00 Wolves Desert Vision 6/1
    22/01/2012 4.40 Wolves Strike Force 13/2
    23/01/2012 3.40 Ayr Too Cool To Fool 5/1 pl
    25/01/2012 4.10 Lingfield Ada Lovelace 9/1
    26/01/2012 3.00 Chelt At Fishers Cross 7/1
    29/01/2012 5.00 Wolves Prince James 11/1
    30/01/2012 4.10 Ludlow Heronshaw 9/1
    30/01/2012 5.50 Kempton Fleetwoodsands 8/1
    30/01/2012 6.20 Kemp Compton Crofter 11/2 pl
    31/01/2012 2.40 Wincanton Politeo 7/1
    31/01/2012 5.50 Wolves Midnight Bahia 15/2

    Selections 193
    Winners 30
    SR 15.5% (30/193)

    Total 29.48pts

    Generally it was more profitable taking the early price (Murcar 11/2 3.35 Wolves excepted at 18.5BSP!) and at the prices you got, you would have made a further 19.77pts.

    All the best,


  300. Just got back home after sorting out my flat tyre,incresed my usual stake on dashing george with it being in the values and NB,nice profit again today though it was spent on the repairs but hey that is what second incomes are for. Well done again Dean.

  301. Top picks

    1-10 lin Lily Edge 7/2

    1-35 wet On Borrowed Wings 11/2

    1-45 lin Fire Fairy 7/1

    1-50 san Eastlake 7/1

    2-05 fos Balder Succes 10/1 NAP

    2-20 lin Haadeeth 9/1

    2-45 wet War On 15/2

    3-00 san Dashing George 10/1 NB

    3-55 wet Lease Lend 13/2

    4-35 lin Welsh Inlet 5/1

  302. Value selections

    1-00 wet Chicklexix 5/1 place

    1-50 san Falcon Island 10/1

    2-05 fos The Romford Pele 12/1

    2-20 lin Baby Dottie 12/1

    2-40 fos Makethe Mostofnow 9/2 place

    2-55 lin Tidals Baby 8/1

    3-00 san Dashing George 10/1

    3-30 lin Aquilionius 11/1

    3-45 fos Ski sunday 12/1

    4-05 lin English Summer 8/1

  303. Good morning, some decent racing today lets hope its a good one.

    Top 2 rated

    12-40 lin One Way Or Another 12/5 0.7
    Electrician 17/2 0.3

    1-00 wet Chicklexix 5/1 place 0.5
    Rupert Bear 6/1 place 0.5

    1-10 lin Lily Edge 7/2 0.7
    Two No Bids 8/1 0.3

    1-30 fos Mister W K 9/4 0.8
    Exemplary 28/1 0.2

    1-35 wet On Borrowed Wings 11/2 0.6
    Benefit Night 15/2 0.4

    1-45 lin Fire Fairy 7/1 0.4
    Great Demeanour 2/1 0.6

    1-50 san Eastlake 7/1 0.6
    Falcon Island 10/1 0.4

    2-05 fos Balder Succes 10/1 0.5
    The Romford Pele 12/1 0.5

    2-10 wet Big Society
    You Know Yourself NO BET

    2-20 lin Haadeeth 9/1 0.6
    Baby Dottie 12/1 0.4

    2-25 san captain Conan
    Houblon des Obeaux NO BET

    2-40 fos Red Rocco 11/2 0.6
    Shaking Hands 9/1 0.4

    2-45 wet War On 15/2 0.6
    Kayf Aramis 10/1 0.4

    2-55 lin Tidals Baby 8/1 0.5
    Stepturn 6/1 0.5

    3-00 san Dashing George 10/1 0.4
    Plein Pouvoir 5/1 0.6

    3-10 fos One In A Milan 7/2 0.4
    Benheir 5/2 0.6

    3-20 wet Goulanes 3/1 0.5
    Super Duty 3/1 0.5

    3-30 lin Aquilionius 11/1 0.4
    Grey Mirage 8/1 0.6

    3-35 san brackloon High 8/1 0.4
    Mister Hyde 11/2 0.6

    3-45 fos Consigliere 4/1 0.7
    Ski sunday 12/1 0.3

    3-55 wet Lease Lend 13/2 0.5
    Gansey 7/1 0.5

    4-05 lin Harry Buckle 4/1 0.6
    English Summer 8/1 0.4

    4-10 san Ocallaghan Strand
    Kapga de Cerisy NO BET

    4-20 fos Titchwood 11/2 0.6
    Cheat The cheater 8/1 0.4

    4-30 wet Baltimore Rock
    Silver Dragon NO BET

    4-35 lin Welsh Inlet 5/1 0.5
    Spinning Ridge 4/1 0.5

    4-40 san Mon chevalier 8/1 0.4
    Christopher Wren 3/1 0.6

    4-50 fos Heath Hunter
    Internationalapeal NO BET

  304. Eamon i think ive said before on here you will find it very hard to make profit at SP, the selections are on here before 8am most days to allow you to get early prices, I think andys profits tally up about right as he said he missed one day and 8.6pts profit.

    Karl, yes they mainly win bets unless otherwise stated. I dont know how you only got 19.5 points, the first 4 days in january we had over 50 points profit and even on the 3rd we had 25 points profit.

    Would anyone like to volunteer to go through last months tips page and work out the values at BSP or whatever you choose, i just dont have time today.

  305. Hi Dean , I have worked out your results for Top Picks and Value Selections for Jan 2013 at 1pt win only and taken the prices you got.

    Top Picks 25.80 pts
    Value Selections 19.50 pts

    Can you tell me are your results worked out at win only ??

  306. Hi Dean at al,

    I’m very surprised at the results you made as mine differed massively.
    Now I’m not saying that you didn’t achieve these points tally just that mine differed quite markedly.

    I started using BSP but noted that the odds often drifted from when you posted so I started placing them a bit earlier in the day and taking a price as close to that which you obtained.

    I use three banks and bet on all your selections. Admittedly I missed a few selections but I don’t think that I missed too many.

    Anyway, Steve and Andy’s results also seem to differ quite a bit and the odds discrepancy obviously has a part to play by the looks of it but I was surprised at how much. The values were clearly the star performer for me.

    Top Rated = -7.4pts
    Top Picks = -29pts
    Values = +14.9pts

    Given the volume of bets I’m not too worried about a loss of 21pts with a 300pt bank but a swing of 181 pts is quite a difference, I’m sure you agree. Any advice, greatly received.

    Jason, perhaps a clickable spreadsheet would be beneficial for the us all to record the results and everyone can compare what they achieve?

    Please don’t think of this comment as a ‘moan’; more a statement of fact of what I achieved which is frustratingly nowhere near what Dean made this month.

    Good luck with today’s selections.


  307. Phil treat as a totally seperate system with its own 100 point bank, if the selection is duplicated back it twice.

  308. Steve i will post the weekl totals here but you will have to give me an hour to do the dailys and i will send them to you.

    2nd-5th jan

    Values 35pts staked 89.5pts returns +54.5pts

    7th-12th jan

    Values 61pts staked 53.5pts returns -7.5pts


    Values 34pts staked 49.5pts returns +15.5pts

    21st-26th jan

    Values 38pts staked 31.5pts returns -6.5

    28th-31st jan

    Values 32pts staked 50.25pts returns +18.25

    Total 200pts staked 274.25pts returns +74.25

  309. me personally for January I was 11.6 points up, should have been 18.6 but for some reason didn’t bet on one day, had a hunch that it was gonna be a stinker but that particular day landed 7 points.. (Grrr), never mind eh?

    .. it’s all about the long game folks, good luck for today but for me it’s a day off shopping with the missus, (another grrr) 🙁

  310. Dean, do you have the day by day results for January Values to hand? If so, can you post them or send them to me so I can see where Im missing out? Thanks, Steve

  311. Good couple of days for the top picks to make up for earlier in the month. If I were to start following the values aswell could someone remind what the advice is when a selection is in the top picks and the values please, ie select it twice, or half stakes etc

  312. Dean, I’m genuinely pleased for you that you achieved +70 on the Value tips. Personally, I only achieved +22. Of course, Im happy with +22 but I suppose that shows the effect on results it can have between the prices you get and the prices we get. I’d be interested to know other people’s results?

  313. Ive been doing the monthly results and i have to admit i didnt realise how well the values have done this month, i was so focused on getting the top picks back on track and all the while values where making very good profits, (over 70pts) I will post the full stats later today

  314. Top picks

    12-30 lin It’s Only Business 9/2

    1-30 lin Devout 5/1

    2-35 lin Do More Business 4/1

    2-45 cat Romany Ryme 8/1

    3-55 cat Categorical 5/1

    4-50 wol Malindi 12/1

    5-25 wol Royal Sea 9/2

    6-00 wol Goldstorm 7/2 NAP

    8-00 wol Schottische 10/1

  315. Value selections

    12-30 lin Hardy Red 9/1

    1-00 lin On The Feather 9/1

    1-10 cat Amir Pasha 8/1

    2-00 lin Dvinsky 7/1

    2-45 cat Carmela Maria 5/1 PLACE

    4-50 wol Malindi 12/1

    6-00 wol Outlaw Torn 4/1 PLACE

    7-30 wol M J Woodward 9/1

    8-00 wol Maypole Joe 8/1

  316. Good morning, Thanks for the comments on the other page guys, another good day yesterday but i have to admit the confidence i had the last 2 days isnt there today, a lot of short priced faves around and that usually means trouble so be cautious today.

    Top 2 rated

    12-30 lin It’s Only Business 9/2 0.7
    Hardy Red 9/1 0.3

    1-00 lin On The Feather 9/1 0.4
    Red Mystique 5/1 0.6

    1-10 cat Amir Pasha 8/1 0.3
    Minella Theatre 2/1 0.7

    1-30 lin Devout 5/1 0.5
    Marmot Bay 11/2 0.5

    1-40 cat Deepsand
    Hidden Justice NO BET

    2-00 lin Athaakeel 7/1 0.5
    Dvinsky 7/1 0.5

    2-10 cat Wilde Pastures 11/2 0.6
    Bridlingtonbygones 17/2 0.4

    2-35 lin Do More Business 4/1 0.6
    Mary’s Pet 6/1 0.4

    2-45 cat Romany Ryme 8/1 0.4
    Carmela Maria 5/1 place 0.6

    3-10 lin Cousin Khee
    Good Evans NO BET

    3-20 cat Special Catch 7/2 0.6
    Dreams Of Milan 9/2 0.4

    3-45 lin Gabrial The Boss 5/1 0.5
    Rangi 6/1 0.5

    3-55 cat Categorical 5/1 0.5
    Kandari 4/1 0.5

    4-20 lin Linkable 6/1 0.5
    Stentorian 9/2 0.5

    4-30 cat Midnight Minx
    Flemens Pride NO BET

    4-50 wol Malindi 12/1 0.4
    Yourinthewill 4/1 0.6

    5-25 wol Royal Sea 9/2 0.5
    Silver Alliance 5/1 0.5

    6-00 wol Goldstorm 7/2 0.7
    Exceedexpectations 7/1 0.3

    6-30 wol Aryal
    Rouge Nuage NO BET

    7-00 wol York Glory
    Piscean NO BET

    7-30 wol Cardinal 7/2 0.7
    M J Woodward 9/1 0.3

    8-00 wol Schottische 10/1 0.5
    Maypole Joe 8/1 0.5