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7 thoughts on “LAY of the day 2nd May”

  1. hi think this is a different brian mate ,iv just read your earlier post about the templegate sys ,thanks ,il be brian.m from now on lol

  2. Hi Brian I did post in the other bit Lol

    Here’s what happened today

    Muss 200 £10 Tisho L
    Ling 210 £10 Pharoah Jack L
    Here 220 Shoegazer 4/11 (ignore)
    Muss 230 £20 Sylvie Parkhurst L
    Ling 240 £20 Big Wave L
    Here 250 £40 Unwanted Gift £40 @ 10/3 = £136 – £60 = £76

    £76.00 Profit And decided to stop for the Day

    Tue £80.00
    Wed £21.30


  3. Well done on the lay, but with 4 non runners, I sat it out!, for the lazy who want an easy ‘lay’ system, open betfair about 3 mins before the start time and lay the TOP horse if below 4(3/1), do it small and you will see oak trees from acorns, you can just lay blind, where is Ray and his ‘templegate system’??.

  4. Another successful LAY… I don’t claim to be some super tipster, this is a FREE service, just enjoy it and take what you want from it