It’s not over till the Fat Lady Sings

Well, Mancini thought it was all over in his post-West Brom match interview – not encouraging to his team for him to throw the towel in like that – ‘Is finished, all over’. I doubt that anyone had any money on Wigan for 3-0, or even a point, at all. It’s livened up the title race, to be sure, but there hasn’t been much movement in the odds with Man U still at 1/5 and City at 7/2. Mancini’s job seems more secure at 6/1, though the interview looked like a resignation statement. He certainly wasn’t singing, though he cheered up when he heard the Wigan news.

What a weekend for football though, with the FA Cup semis – a Merseyside derby and a London derby. The form book goes out of the window, with Liverpool at 8/5 and Everton 2/1; Spurs 17/10 and Chelsea 15/8. And the winning region (Final) – now there’s a thought! London 4/6 and Merseyside 6/5. All in all, too close to call.

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