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Matt has kindly offered to provide his personal Speed ratings on here on a 1 month trial basis. After that he will provide his service on his site at a monthly cost. Matt is a lawyer by professional but like most of us on here, has a love for horse racing and most importantly.. Profit!!

Matt has spent many months perfecting his selection criteria and has now produced a profitable approach to horse racing. Like the Speed ratings we used to supply on our blog, Matt will provide the top 2 rated horses for each race. It's up to you how you use them. It does throw up some big priced winners so any bets over 5/1 maybe worth doing each way.

I will let you decide on the best approach to take. Matt will post his ratings on here each day, so please keep this page free from other tips and use it only for discussing matts service.

I hope you enjoy the free trial!


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1,166 thoughts on “Matts Racecard Ratings – Trial”

  1. Matt, I asked for stats but what you sent me was odd/diff to follow. Looking at yours of the 21st message 9 ? thats exactly what i’m looking for but over a decent period of time which I hope would convince me and others who are looking at your kind of service to join as members…….

  2. Matt i understand all of that,i just have one problem.When claiming a certain amount of winners then if you are rating two horse per race surely the amount of races should be doubled (unless they are all 1st rated)
    Im not trying to have a go at your selections just the way you advertise your results.

  3. Roger what you must understand is I am NOT a tipping service. So you have to decide to use 1st or 2nd rated or a combo of both – the idea is to focus your mind to two selection in the race.

    I suggest you don’t bet on every race and lots of members filter races so they only bet on a handful.

    The majority of members are making reasonable profits from a structured strategy and staking plan. We have a strategies page for members to post their strategies to help other members.

    The forum is full of happy members. I accept its not for everyone. If you want 1-2 tips, and don’t want to do any work yourself then its definitely not for those people.

    We continue to get stronger and members are happy. I want it to be the biggest and best and that all members see it as one big community.

    Admittedly it was a month or so ago, but one member posted his thanks in making over £6700 in one day….


  4. Ok mate,thanks for that does that then apply to the other meetings today in that all winners were 1st rated.

  5. Roger
    5 from 7 at NA were all first rated
    2.20 dreams of theatre
    2.50 kilbree kid
    3.20 changing the guard
    3.50 bright abbey 3rd
    4.20 aikidean 2nd
    4.50 dardanella
    5.20 chilbury hill

    All 1st rated and came 1st save for where indicated

  6. roger;
    hi yes…a first rated and 2nd rated

    There’s a BBOTD, Value Selections – today we had a 16/1 when advised 2nd, there are hot picks, a double, a nap, and doubles and patents also recommended

  7. Reasonable day for the Ratings Service. 5 winners from 7 at Newton Abbott, 6 from 8 at Redcar and 4 from 7 at Stratford.

    EW BBOTD finished 2nd 1/2 length from taking the spoils….

    If you want to join…..log into the website and hit the subscribe button. Any questions, let me know
    Thanks guys

  8. Hi Guys

    if you go to and go to the subscription page.

    Its £9.99 until the end of the month, and then the monthly price is payable, but should you wish to cancel, just go to your paypal account and follow the instructions.

    The Trial started yesterday and we’ve had winners after winners on the Service.

  9. Ryan / Ash


    Sorry I haven’t replied till now – don’t check this as often as I should.

    The £9.99 is a trial offer and payable via paypal. The service automatically renews your subscription unless you cancel which you are free to do at any point.

    Please note that the trial price is until the end of the month and then it will resort to the full monthly price.

    24 winners today

    Another storming day for the Ratings.

    if you want more info, email me on

    I hope you both decide to join.


  10. Hi matt really interested in taking you up on your £9.99 t rial just wondered if I did want to cancel. How do I do it.

  11. hi if i sign up for 29.99 a month is it a direct debit or a pay as you go service per month i don;t like direct debit

  12. 4/1 nap wins today

    5 winners from 7 at Notts including a 12/1 winner

    Ratings going well.

    Want to join? Get in touch

  13. Hi matt was wondering if you could tell me how I go about joining you’re service I don’t know you’re website
    Many thanks darren

  14. See Shameless plug in Junes Tips.

    The Service is on fire – one member won over £6700 yesterday alone!

    22 winners over 5 meetings yesterday.
    20 winners so far as at 7.55 tonight.

    1st advised Nap won 9/2
    1st advised Nap won 6/5
    Double advised at 3/1 and 9/2 Won (returned 21/1)

    If interested – please drop me an email!


  15. Hi guys

    Ratings are outperforming the other Speed Rating site left right and centre.

    BBOTD won again and with 22 winners with prices from 10/1, 8/1….we enjoyed another strong day.

    Get in touch via email if you would like to discuss the service 😉

  16. Hi Jo

    Sorry to hear that. BBOTD won yesterday at 3/1 and we had a fair few Rated winners. Also a Value selection at 12/1 came placed for profit as well.

    Happy punting! 😉

  17. Tried to join but at 23h30 the option changed to £34.99a month…
    Any chance this can change?
    I went to do it at 20h00 tonight but got way layed, a few hours later I lifted up laptop lid to subscribe (still on same page which I left it on at 20h00) and when clicking to pay it changed when I tried to higher price, despite the promise of it remaining till midnight at the lower price…
    David J

  18. Hi Jo

    Sadly the rates increase tomorrow. We left the promotional rates open for a month. They close at midnight tonight. The yearly rate is as you say good value at 32p a day and now you get Williams nap, double and lay bets.

    The yearly subs will go up to £299.99 – still only 82p a day – less than a price of coffee for everything we provide on the site is still good value.

    We cant extend the offer so i hope you decide to join before it closes. We would love to have you on board. As a taster….i advised 3 selections at 13/2,10/1 8/1 as win place and we got 1 winner and 2 seconds so a decent return, even with all the rated winners we got. A good day today. Better tomorrow 😉

  19. morning matt. i see william is teaming up with u for his lay tips. I have been monitoring your results comtemplating joining. if i do i think your yearly offer is outstanding and works out at .32p a day. i would like to know if u can make this rate available still in june as i would want to join this way later when flat season settles down a bit more and after seeing how your results fare thru june.

  20. Brian Bates – Can you email jason please with your query. He sorts out all the admin and will be able to assist.

    Mark – I am sorry you missed the trial. As you can see it produced some good results and this month we continue to go well with the Ratings continuing to produce decent results.

    The introductory offer closes at midnight tomorrow. Its up to you whether you join – even for a month to see if its something for you. At 64p a day, it is in my opinion good value.

    Brian G – I wouldnt recommend betting on every race personally. I would consider other strategies – lots of members have posted their views on strategies and lots are making decent profit. I am not a tipster. Whilst I would love every rated horse to come 1-2 Its not going to happen.

    So far this month we’ve had a 33/1 winner, a few 20/1 winners, 18/1, 16/1 plus a few decent placed at 25/1 and we also advised whatsabillion recently who was 50/1 (3rd) at 25/1 sp.

    Its a matter for you how you decide to use the Ratings. But we’ve been hitting 15+ winners a day relatively frequently and on occasions 22+

    Hope the above assists

  21. Matt,

    If you were betting 1 point win and 1 point place on each of the top 2 rated for every race what bank size would be required to start using the service.

  22. I have paid for 3 months for. Proffesioal syndicate but for the last 2 days I have not been able to get on to your site for rating I use my usual name as above and password could you kindly check this for me Brian bates28 5 13

  23. Hi MARK,

    I DONT KNOW Maybe i will try your services say a month and see how it works then take it from there.
    let me know what you think mark.

  24. Whilst the Ratings have been really consistent the BBOTD has suffered from come-second-itis but today we got back to winning ways with a 4/1 winner.

    Big day of winners today with the Ratings with the pick being 10/1, 8/1, 7/1, 6/1, winners plus lots of 9/2 5/1,4/1 and slightly shorter. Several big RFCS,

    onwards and upwards

  25. Stuart
    Thank you and yes I will continue to post by 12.30 as it does help with consistency.

    William. I do check the form and factor that in as i do form lines across all the rated selections. For example, Hillstar was the BBOTD and in my opinion should have won yesterday had it now been for very strange run from the front tactics. It was beaten by a 25/1 High Troja. Both Hillstar and High Troja ran previously in the same race as SOVIET ROCK who won at York earlier in the week and was a selection. Following the form lines, i confidently predict 100 out of 100 would have Hillstar ahead of High Troja on form not to mention other key factors.

    I do like your lays though William. I will watch out for them and check them against my ratings form in future. I may have to tweak that part of the Ratings System – could you email me your calculations for deciding Lay bets please?

  26. Matt, if I can give you a piece of advice. Your ratings are obviously excellent, so continue to post them at 12.30pm. Don’t try try to compromise or weaken the quality by posting them the night before or early in the morning. So much can happen in the meantime that affects the selections. I know of several tipsters etc, that brought their notification time forward in the same way, and their results were nowhere near as good. The best ones leave it as late as they are able to, to take in as many factors that may have developed. Better to have 100 happy clients with potent results than 300 with not so potent results. Once your results start going, so will your clients. Whilever they remain good you will keep them. It’s just unfortunate for those that cannot access them at 12.30 pm, but if they want them say the night before, and they are not as good because of it, what’s the point. It defeats the whole object. Don’t compromise by risking the strength of your selections. Build up a good reputation and you will suddenly find plenty of clients that will be to access them at 12.30pm or anytime for that matter.

  27. Matt

    Sorry mate But I guess you will not be having a House Party Now


    Good Luck with the rest of your selections

    When you select the horses do you check the form

  28. Ian

    The Ratings, BBOTD and Outsider of the Day are all included in the Subscription Price. The Hot picks continue to be included until the end of the month.

    The extra £ has not yet been fixed but it will still be exceptional value whatever it is fixed at.

    Keith – the selections are all posted by 12.30

    I am working on posting them either the night before or early a.m. but with the inclement weather and so many NRs its been better to wait as long as possible for obvious reasons. Yesterday for example I posted the evening races early and both original selections in one race were NRs. Luckily I re-calculated the ratings and the new selection duly went on the win

    Posting later increases consistency of selection and results.

  29. Hi Matt,
    Can you tell me what time the selections are up on your site? Also an idea of how much extra your top picks will be next month?

  30. hi matt will you be able to get bbotd and hotpicks seperate or will you av to get the hole package i think somebody else asked and was no reply thanks ian

  31. Stuart

    Hi, yes it is that site and yes this site used to publish them on here. The site in question has its past results since January. You can compare their results since the trial started on here and onwards into my site and month on month my ratings are more consistent than theirs. We got 24 winners today including 16/1 Half a Billion. We also got the winner of the Lockinge Stakes – We had our BBOTD annoyingly beat by 1/2 length BUT the OUTSIDER of the DAY won at 7/1 (advised at 8/1)
    3 from 6 HOT PICKS won.

    I think people still think the Ratings are Tips, and expect them ALL to win. I wish they did and I try to choose them on the basis that they do, but 24 winners and 23 placed today including 7 RFCs.

    I remain confident that month on month my Ratings will produce more winners than that site or any other Speed Ratings site. Thats my aim and I work VERY hard every day to try to achieve this.

  32. Matt, just as a matter of interest, when you said you wiprd floor with other speed ratings site, which one were you talking about. Without naming names was it the one this site used to use? I ask because I am new on here and became aware of that speed ratings site. Subscribed to it free, just to get Wednesday’s ratings only. Got them this Wednesday and have to say they were not too good. However you cannot go on just one day. Would just like to know what you and other users think.

  33. BBOTD won – Sir John Hawkwood 9/4 when advised.

    Directorship won at 20/1

    Mihjaar won at 6/1

    plus 9 other winners and 16 placed efforts.

    Hot picks produced a 9/2 2/1 4/7 winner and a 8/1 placed effort to give big profits

  34. Matt

    My Lay Bets for today Results

    Lay bets for Today
    Salisbury 16:15 – Millers Wharf- Win Bet
    Perth 17:45 – Craiganee – Win Bet
    Newmarket 17:55 – Tartan Gigha – N/R – Void Bet
    Newmarket 19:00 – Sir Bedivere – – Win Bet
    Newmarket 20:05 – Ice Pie – – Win Bet
    Ludlow 20:45 – My Wigwam Or Yours – – Win Bet

  35. Thanks both Matt and Gary for clarifying the situation. Am not exactly flushed with money at present and am trying to build a bank up the best way I can. From what I have read about them, have identified the hot picks as the best way to do this. Could you give me some idea how much they would cost after the end of the month on top of the normal subscription, if I join, which I think I will. At present I don’t think I could afford both.

  36. Matt

    I fully understand why you post when you do, I also wouldn’t sacrifice consistency for the sake of putting them up early there are far to many variables in this game. My circumstances have changed and I will be joining you.


  37. Gary

    I am also sorry I cant post as early as you would like. Its hard to post so early in case of going change and non runners.

    The last few days have highlighted this and it has paid to hang on.

    Completely wiped the floor with the other speed ratings site today which is all my aim has ever been. Consistency is the key over the long term.

    Shame you’re not with us, but i completely understand.

    Happy punting bud

  38. Gary

    Thanks for posting. I dont mind in the slightest and you are right in what you posted.

    I am sorry Stuart if I wasnt clear. Tim had questioned the added cost of hot picks after 7 days so after consideration i left them free for the rest of the month.

    Yorks results today:
    1.45 1st 3/1 and 2nd 5/1 RFC
    2.15 3rd 10/1
    2.45 1st 5/6 and BBOTD
    3.15 1st 10/1
    3.50 2nd 25/1
    4.25 1st 9/4 2nd 7/2 RFC
    5.00 Steel river (20/1) 5th/ Dream maker (20/1) 6th in blanket finish.

    Not a bad set of results!!!

    We didnt fare too badly at Uttoxeter and Fontwell either.

  39. Stuart

    They are free on Matt’s site for the rest of the month when you subscribe to his service! I think they are going to be a separate subscription service which Matt is proofing to his members.What would say is the trial Matt provided was excellent and produced some great results and the only reason I myself haven’t subscribed is because a lot of the time I can’t be around when Matt puts his selections up!



    Not meaning to interfere just trying to help Stuart out as he his a new member, if I am wrong Matt please correct me!


  40. Fair does Matt, but it was just that on Monday you said that the Hot Picks were free until the end of the month and I could not find them anywhere.

  41. Guys
    Thanks for the messages.

    Firstly I provided a free month (in fact 6 weeks) of Ratings plus BBOTD with produced 10 from 15 winners which included a 25/1 winner, I also provided 2 from 3 RFCS, one of which returned odds to 22.5/1

    The Ratings are now subscriber only and work out at 0.64p a day. The introductory offer is £19.99 a month, you can cancel after the month if you don’t like the Service.

    I can’t offer free info on here now it is a subscriber site.

    In addition the Ratings are to be used as you see fit. I do not recommend you bet on every single selection BUT if you choose to ignore my advice, then to give you an accurate profit/loss you need to bet them both as a win and place (so 4 points a race)

    The Ratings are not tips. They are carefully worked out selections which to focus on and from the Forum on the Site quite a few people are well in profit using the Selections.

    To indulge me further there is a quote on there from a member which reads
    “….The ratings we receive are excellent, way above anything I have found in 20 years….”

    the profit and loss you seek is individual based on how you use the ratings.

    In the trial there were 1050 win/place from 1193 races.

    We are up to 100 winners after 6 days and over 100 placed with odds as big as 16/1 etc. all in very tricky inclement conditions

    HOT PICKS produced 6 from 7 on day one and today 4 from 8 which still made a profit.

    We also had outsider of the day kilrush win at 8/1 the other day. Todays was 20/1 and just finished outside the places.

    You get ALL this information on the site for 64p a day.

    If that doesnt convince you then it may be better you dont join as I doubt the information on the site will live up to your expectations.


  42. Just to say when I posted my last message my previous one that I would like addressing had disappeared. Then after I posted it suddenly appeared again, as if by magic. Can anyone shed any light on it, as I don’t understand.

  43. I left a query on here earlier in the day, but for some reason it has now disappeared. Basically what I was saying Matt, was that I am a recent subscriber to Betinfo 24 and as such am only recently aware of your service, I am interested in it but would like to sample your hot picks first, which you said would be free until the end of the month. However I have been on your site and can’t find them anywhere. How do I access them?

  44. Matt, I am a recent Bet Info 24 subscriber, and as such have only just seen your service. I am interested in your service, but would like to sample your hot picks first. You state that you are going to provide them free whilst the end of the month. However I have been on your site and cannot find them anywhere. How do you access the hot picks?

  45. Hi Matt, I’m afraid all this talk of numbers of winners is meaningless to me. What matters is profit and loss figures. Please can you provide these figures for the free trial month? And please mention what prices have been used e.g. SP or Betfair SP.

  46. Message for TIM

    Despite showing a healthy profit over the last 5 days, I have decided to keep the HOT PICKS free for at least the remainder of the month!

    I thought you’d be pleased to know.

    There is an update on the Site. 🙂

  47. Barry

    I am really sorry about that, i would love to post earlier but look at tomorrow for example, there is severe weather warnings out for torrential rain. If I posted tonight, goodness knows what the ground will be like come 3.30 tomorrow not to mention a plethora of NRs – the strike rate of the System would fall off a cliff.

    We’ve had 82 winners in 5 days in quite difficult conditions. I try to minimize the variables as far as I can. Cant control jockeys mind you, and one cost me the BBOTD today by letting the horse wander all over the track to lose it with 100 yards to go by a length. So frustrating at times.

    We had 14 winners and 30 placed horses with a good deal of those with odds greater than 9/2 – the best being 12/1 and a few at 10/1, 9/1, 8/1 and 7/1.

    Decent enough day all in all, but will be trying even harder to perfect it. Better conditions under foot and horses having had a run or two will help. Stronger Ratings mean even more consistency!!

  48. Thanks matt for your reply I am afraid your posting time of mid morning makes it difficult to take advantage of you excellent info.
    anyway good luck dude.

  49. Hi barry

    the BBOTD was to coninue up to the Service going live. I’m sorry if i didnt make it clearer. The service went live on the 9th May, hence no BBOTD since.

    You’ll need to sign up to access the info 😉
    Works out 0.64p a day.

  50. hey matt dude I am pleased your ratings serv ice is doing well you always have seemed to me to be a honest sort who loves finding winners.can you tell me if your still offering your bet of the day free to all I thought I read in your post you were going to continue doing this after you offered your paid service for a while.although I have looked at your website I cannot find this information anywhere.
    rock on matt barryx

  51. WI III

    I’m sorry you missed the trial.
    The subscription rates are as stated on the Site.

    After 31st May the subscription rates will be increasing and the Subscription page will be updated.

    I hope you decide to come on board, we’ve had 68 winners in 4 days and you’ll see from the Forum posts of John that the BBOTD, HOT PICKS and Outsider of the Day are making huge profits.


  52. Shane

    Email sent re stats from Feb to date

    84% strike rate in feb
    52% in March
    66% in April/May re trial.

    Hope the info is helpful

    May 9th onwards, we have a 50% strike rate.
    but in addition the Outsider of the day Kilrush won at 7/1 sp today and we had 2 7/2 hot picks wins.


  53. Hi Matt,
    I did not take part in your trial. If I subscribe for 1 month and then if I am happy, can I upgrade for 1 year at the offer price?

  54. Shane

    I’ll send you the info later tonight if thats ok?

    Busy the remainder of the day but will post you an email when Im updating the Site results later.

    Have a good day.

    2 from 3 BBOTD since Thursday 3/1 and 1/1 winner. other was beaten into second- the winner was my 2nd rated selection winning at 10/1 (ironic really!)


  55. I didnt appreciate your stats went back that far but that would be great together with your ongoing picks to say the bank holiday b4 the month end if thats not too cheeky. I’d planned to join there’ish if all went well. Too be honest, I’ll join sooner if your success rate remains the same. You could email daily or in blocks of days – whatever suits you Matt.

  56. hi Matt, just a suggestion, pleasegive race card numbers beside your selections, if it is atall possible. Thankyou

  57. Roddy, you have to login to the site to access the selections. you should have registered a username after completing payment

  58. 21 winners today and 22 placed.

    61 winners in 3 days in very changeable conditions

    BBOTD won backed in from evens to 4/6 and won by 3 lengths eased.

    HOT PICKS 1 winner, 2 placed, 1 UP and 1 NR

    5 RFCs

    Winners at 11/1, 9/1 13/2, placed at 14/1 (lost by a neck!), 6/1, 5/1 and several 9/2s

    Very pleased that the Selections are going from strength to strength and we’re on course to beat the 509 winners enjoyed during April.

    If you want more winners please consider joining the service.

  59. 21 winners today and 22 placed.

    61 winners in 3 days in very changeable conditions

    BBOTD won backed in from evens to 4/6 and won by 3 lengths eased.

    HOT PICKS 1 winner, 2 placed, 1 UP and 1 NR

    5 RFCs

    Winners at 11/1, 9/1 13/2, placed at 14/1 (lost by a neck!), 6/1, 5/1 and several 9/2s

    Very pleased that the Selections are going from strength to strength and we’re on course to beat the 509 winners enjoyed during April.

  60. Hi Matt,
    I have just been looking at your website and subscriptions. I have only just found it and have not been on the trial.If I subscribe for 1 month and i’m happy can I then upgrade to 1 year subscription?

  61. Shane

    Do you want me to provide you with the selections and SP for all the BBOTD? If so from when?

    On the trial it produced 10 from 15 including a 25/1 winner (Golden Game) and 2 from 3 RFCs with the very first one winning at 22.5/1

    P/L will depend on staking plan (ie level stakes/10% betting bank etc.)

    Happy to supply the info Shane. Might be tricky to post on here though as you can appreciate. However, perhaps I can email you? if so address?

  62. Thanks for letting me know Matt, I want to profit/loss your BBOTD’s and then decide b4 your incentive driven month end deadline as to whether I join or not. Looks good so far…..

  63. Hi Stephen. Have a great holiday and I look forward to welcoming you to the Service.

    22 winners today on a tough day plus 21 placed including 25/1 West Brit.

    SHANE> Annoyingly the BBOTD came second today it was beaten by my second rated selection which won at 10/1 !!!! I dont know if I should be happy or sad?

  64. Hi Matt – goin on hols, but impressed with the results and your helpfulness and honesty – will be joining you when I come back.

  65. Tim

    The introductory subscription of £19.99 is for the Ratings and BBOTD and works out aronud 64p a day for the selections.

    The HOT PICKS will be an additional service which again will be offered at a reasonable introductory rate.

    If you had used the BBOTD and the HotPicks yesterday your annual subs would have been paid for and you would have still been in profit not to mention the 18 winners and 17 placed Ratings selections.

    Overall the Service offered represent good value for all the Selections given and the work invloved to produce the selections.
    The trial showed the level of consistency and with a clear strategy it can be used to make regualr profits.

    Just using the BBOTD should repay any monthly subscription cost and leave you in decent profit

  66. Andrew

    HOT PICKS will be provided each day as an additional service which will sit alongside the Ratings.

    Threre will be between 5-8 selections generally to which you can choose to bet on all or put them in ACCAs, Patents, Doubles etc. You could also choose Stop At First Winner (SAW)

    Today there are 5 selections alongside the BBOTD.

  67. Hi Matt
    I am interested in joining your service ,do you give the hot picks each day ,or do we decide which to back .it will help if the best bets are identified ,especially for me a novice in placing my bets

  68. Matt are you saying that if we join your service we will get the ‘free’ hot picks for 6 more days and will then be asked to pay more!!!

  69. First day of Launch and bagged 18 winners and 17 places. The BBOTD won (RIBBONS) at 3/1 and The HOT PICKS returned 6 from 7 winners (the 7th came 2nd) So close to picking up a tidy ACCA. EW would have still returned a decent profit.

    Onwards and upwards – more BBOTD and HOT PICKS tomorrow!

    If you haven’t joined please consider doing so within the special offer period. HOT PICKS will only remain free for 6 more days. Just one winner will pay back your subs for the month!!!


    I’m going to avoid Chester though I really like Countrywide flame in the feature race.

    4.35 Southwell – DECANA 15/8 Generally

    Beat Neighbourhood over C&D on reappearance when strong at the finish, taking record on Fibresand to 2-3 and giving this inexperienced rider his first winner; may have more to offer on the surface and should go well despite 5lb rise.

    I am banking on the 5 lb rise not enabling Neighbourhood to reverse the placings and Im hoping this selection is open to further improvement.

    Good luck if you back it.

  71. thanks and good luck with everything you do I’ve enjoyed your daily post will miss it but hopefully we may be able to continue in the near future when we know the investment required
    good luck again

  72. Rose, John, Jo

    Thank you for posting.

    I am so pleased you found it helpful and managed to find a few winners along with way. I sincerely hope you consider joining the Service.

    As you no doubt saw, I put a lot of effort into the Selections and the win/place ratio is extremely high.

    With the BBOTD winning 10 from 15 and 2 from 3 recommended RFCs it really could be a service that makes a tidy profit each month and which will more than cover the small outlay.

    Keep in touch guys

  73. Followed your speed ratingson your trail period,It looked profitable.Have you got figuers for the months trial.
    When are you providing this and at what cost.
    Many thanks,very pleased with months trial.
    Regards John.

  74. thanks Ketchy. Hope you did one or either or both.

    I’lll post another BBOTD tomorrow. Maybe I’ll just do one bet a day?! ;)I think i am 10 from 15 in BBOTD plus now two recommended RFCs from 3.


    4.50 Yarmouth FOCAIL MAITH – WON at 10/11 but was 6/4 advised and as predicted was followed home by DAZZLING VALENTINE at 11/2 beating the 2nd Favourite Gabriels hope (15/8) for the Forecast which paid 5.94/1

    Hope you were on it.


  76. OUTSIDER of the DAY

    8.40 Catterick – IMPERIAL LEGEND 8/1 BOG

    Ignore last two runs as both were on soft ground. He is back over his best trip and on ideal surface. Place/EW claims if getting a good run from the rail draw.

  77. As promised I shall continue to put up the

    4.50 Yarmouth – FOCAIL MAITH 6/4 generally BOG

    I also think DAZZLING VALENTINE will follow the selection home.

    A small RFC is also therefore suggested. The RFC relies on Gabrials Hope being less effective on turf and the recent extra 6lbs being enough to thwart his progress in this contest.

  78. William

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I hope that the free trial has convinced a few of the guys and gals here to carry on receiving them

    KWM did have at times a quite exceptional strike rate and between us we werent far away and very rarely out of the places. I will still post here my BBOTD and other selections if they leap out at me until Jason decides to pull the page.

    Good luck and with your website.

  79. thanks Matt. I had a few winners with you and enjoyed following your BOTD. I have enjoyed following you William and Keith. hopefully William and Keith will keep going.

  80. Matt

    Sorry your trial is over

    Had fun matching up with your selections

    Keith you and I had a good strike rate
    Let us know how your service is going and keep in touch
    A lot of people on here will miss your selections

    Good Luck mate

  81. Matt

    Thank you very much for this mate… Great service and been real fun following you over the trial period.

  82. Matt tks for your free trial to date, I was trying to judge by just following your personal bets (which u only posted a few times so far) to see how profitable with less selections, I find impossible to decide what to bet on with u all KWM picking the 2 top rated on every race, I would like to see your personal picks making a profit before joining. If u could post just these now your trial is over I will follow , good luck.

  83. Can I just say thanks for all of the fun of the past month. I would love to share with you a word document and a couple of spreadsheets of all of your results – but not sure how to – maybe I can send them to your website when it is up and running. I only bet for fun with my largest bet being 25p win – and most being 5ps or 10ps – so I wish you continued success.

    Best Regards

  84. The trial has now come to an end. It has now been over a month and I hope you will agree that save for one or two days the overall results have been extremely consistent which is what the Speed Ratings tries to achieve.

    Today highlighted that with so many winners including 10/1, 6/1, 5/1, 4/1, 7/2 etc.

    Yesterday Economic Crisis won at 14/1 and we also had 14 winners.

    Jason will soon be emailing you with details of how to continue to access the Ratings.

    I really hope you’ve seen what I can do.

    I will provide the Ratings each day, Best Bet of the Day, Outsider of the Day and will also offer doubles/patents etc.

    It will be the most comprehensive service offered.

    Thank you for following and I sincerely hope you’ll stick with me.

    Whilst we finalise the Service I will post the BEST BET of the DAY here until further notice.

    Best wishes

  85. Some fantastic results today

    22 winners across the cards including a few decent priced winners.

    8 RFCs

    1 trifecta

    Countless placed horses and even the BBOTD won albeit Dead Heated

  86. Matt I’ve just checked todays results against your selections..very well done..hopefully some goog selections tomorrow too


    3.25 Beverley Saint Thomas 15/8 – 2/1

    There are question marks over pretty much all except for SAINT THOMAS, who is thoroughly proven over C&D on fast ground and went close last time out.

    BBOTD been a tad unlucky over the past few days, lets get back to winning ways today.

  88. FFOS LAS

    2.20 houndscourt
    2.50 petropetrov
    3.20 Sparville
    priment d estruval
    3.55 Strumble head
    Western king
    4.25 Eleven fifty nine
    kayaf aramis
    4.55 my lad percy
    old pals act
    5.25 full shift
    rolling maul


    2.25 Spiceupyourlife
    2.55 Tumblewind
    Monsieur Royale
    3.25 Saint Thomas
    Tartan Gigha
    4.00 Toto skyllachy
    shadow time
    4.30 ofcoursewecan
    lion beacon
    5.00 birdy boy
    art mistress
    5.30 Llewellyn
    Fayr Fall

  90. BATH

    2.10 Bird of Light
    Hedy/Mister Mayday *same rating
    2.40 Diamond Lady
    Gin Time
    3.10 Red Orator
    Callisto Moon
    3.45 Sharp and Smart
    4.15 Estiqaama
    4.45 Dustland Fairytale
    5.15 Tooley Woods
    For Shia and lula
    5.45 Dreams of Glory
    Arch walker


    2.30 Illustrious Prince
    Cocohatchee/courageous *same rating
    3.00 Nocturn
    Flexible Flyer
    3.30 Gallena
    4.05 I say
    Capellas Song
    4.35 Hipster
    Goodwood mirage
    5.05 Mean it
    Open water
    5.35 Omar Khayyam


    2.05 Duke of Destiny
    2.35 One Chance
    Memory styx
    3.05 Shirley’s pride
    Balatina/batchworth lady *same rating
    3.40 Maggie Pink
    4.10 Breccbennach
    Mazaaher/paris rose *same rating
    4.40 Kohlaan
    Order of service
    5.10 Astrum

  93. Early Selections for tomorrow as I am out all day. Good luck…..


    2.15 Meritocracy
    2.45 Storm moon
    Ask The Guru/Angus Og *same rating
    3.15 Mango Diva
    3.50 Shavansky
    Idol deputy/rees rascal *same rating
    4.20 Disclaimer
    Ronaldinho/Sizzler *same rating
    4.50 Scribe
    5.20 Charlotte Rosina
    Ray of Joy


    4.35 Hamilton FRASERS HILL 1/1 generally

    FRASERS HILL has run well in two competitive maidens thus far and if he´s in the same form as when chasing home a pair of subsequent winners last time, he will be hard to beat

    Suggested double with

    3.50 Newmarket HOT SNAP

  95. For Jo et al

    Selections I shall be putting in win/place together with patents/doubles/trebles

    2.15 Keep a Dark
    3.25 Smoothtalkinrascal
    4.00 O ma lad
    4.35 Frasers Hill
    2.05 stencive
    3.50 Hot Snap
    5.35 Soviet Rock
    1.50 Apricot Sky
    2.20 Sun Central
    3.35 Pethers moon

  96. Morning Keith

    I agree. Lots of difficult races and the ratings are producing some strange selections not to mention a few multiples.

    Going to be a tough but hopefully rewarding day. Can you get 100% over the race cards?

    Here’s hoping buddy 😉

  97. Hi William

    I managed 14 winners from the ratings and nearly all of them placed. Highlight, managed to get the 2000 Guineas

    Onward and upward today buddy


    1.50 Apricot Sky
    Lady Verneer
    2.20 Sun Central
    Castilo Del Diablo
    2.55 Alutig
    Fig roll/lady frances *same rating
    3.35 Pethers moon
    swing easy
    4.10 Baihas
    4.45 Fleeting Smile
    5.20 Aciano
    Billion Dollar Kid


    1.40 Legal Bond
    Windygoul Lad
    2.15 Keep it dark
    Economic crisis
    2.45 Paradise Spectre
    3.25 Smoothtalkinrascal
    annuciation/lucky begger *same rating
    4.00 O Ma Lad
    The Tiger
    4.35 Frasers Hill
    Carthaginian/pacific heights
    5.10 Eutropious
    Joshua the first
    5.45 Choc a moca
    Here now and why


    2.05 Stencive
    Willie Wag Tail
    2.35 Shirroco Star
    Thistle Bird
    3.10 Hamza
    3.50 Hot Snap
    What a name/
    * just the judge (Decent EW selection)
    4.25 Anjaal
    5.00 Cruck realta
    Lady Nouf
    5.35 Soviet Rock
    High Troja/Makafeh *same rating

  101. Jo et al

    A number of selections I’ll be putting up as win/place as well as doubles/trebles/patents/yankies

    2.15 Thirsk CLASSY LASSY
    2.45 Thirsk ICE PIE
    3.20 Thirsk YOU’RE THE BOSS
    3.00 Uttox HARRY HUNT
    4.50 Uttox RICH BUDDY
    2.35 New PEARL SECRET
    5.00 New WINDHEOK
    4.05 Good SENTRAIL
    4.40 Good GRAND DENIAL
    5.40 Donc THUNDER STRIKE
    6.10 Donc FLOATING ALONG
    6.45 Donc ENROL

    I will also be having a few £££ on some of my rated (2) selections at decent prices.


    4.35 Thirsk – SANTESFISIO 14/1
    Finished strongly to land Kempton handicap in November and good second in conditions event at the same track later a fortnight later; series of respectable efforts in the face of some tough tasks in Dubai and returned to Britain with good third to York Glory at Pontefract 12 days ago, keeping on well. Definitely overpriced on the ratings.


    5.10 Thirsk – CHANCERY 2/1 generally BOG

    Decent bumper performer who finished runner-up in both Flat maidens last year and showed a similar level of form when third behind a couple of unexposed 3yos on his return at Haydock (1m4f, good to firm; RPR 84) a week ago;

    Represents a decent chance to get off the mark. Main rivals Street Artist and chief executive all have a question mark over the conditions and Renew has a bit to find on the figures. The possible danger is the other stable runner Tetbury but as long as he remains luke warm in the betting, I hope Chancery can get off the mark here.

  103. HEXHAM

    5.20 Surprise Vendor
    Gavroche Gaugain
    5.55 Milano supremo
    6.25 golden sparkle
    * outsider with top rating: Leish Oscar (12/1)
    7.00 Barachois Silver
    Senor Alco
    7.35 Dont tell sailor
    Pensnett Bay
    8.05 Balding Banker
    Jut Punjabi
    8.35 nodsform violet
    Wolf shield


    5.05 Moment in time
    The blue dog
    5.40 thunder strike
    6.10 floating along
    can you congo
    6.45 enrol
    7.20 Ebn arab
    7.50 knightly escapade
    tartan jura
    8.20 el mirage
    summer dream


    1.55 Cloud Creeper
    Deep trouble
    2.25 Smooth Classic
    Want no more
    3.00 Dancing tempo
    Harry Hunt
    3.40 Billy Twyford
    4.15 Patsy finnegan
    Firm Order/oddjob *same rating
    4.50 Rich Buddy
    Spoil Me
    5.15 Genny Wren
    Midnight Whisper


    1.50 Larsen Bay
    2.20 Coquet
    2.55 The Confessor
    Shamaal Nibras
    3.30 Duke of Firenze
    4.05 Sentrail
    hippy hippy shake
    4.40 Grand Denial
    5.15 Knights Parade
    Star of Mayfair


    2.05 Danchai
    Whispering Warrior
    2.35 Sole Power
    Pearl Secret
    3.10 Dandino
    Noble Mission
    3.50 (Guineas) Dawn Approach
    Christoforo Columbus
    4.25 Fils Anges
    Jamesbos Girl/shahdaroba *same rating
    5.00 Windhoek
    High Octane
    5.35 Country Western

  108. Matt

    I think saturdays are a lottery when it comes to racing.

    Hope to get some winners today though.

  109. William,

    I didnt fare too badly. Chepstow was my stand out meeting with 6 winners on the card. Let’s hope we get it nailed today, Saturdays havent always been the kindest day for us over the past 3-4 weeks!

    Good luck Buddy 🙂

  110. Busy days racing today. Lots of midnight oil burnt. Good luck Jim (Thirsk) and Roger (Newmarket – I usually go to the Guineas every year. First in a while I’ve missed it. Newmarket certainly comes alive during this weekend! Good luck. Fantastic days racing!!!

  111. Morning Matt

    Lets get some winners today mate.

    Yesterday was not very good for me.

    Hope to do better today

    Good Luck

  112. hi matt i really appreciate this hope its as good as last week then i dont mind the hangover tomorrow good luck for today and thanks again

  113. Jim, let’s hope we can achieve the same results as last week. Here are a few selections for you to consider


    2.15 Secret Applause/Blades Boy/Classy lassy
    2.45 Ice Pie/Shesastar/Jaaryah
    3.20 You’re the boss/chernalgris/Off Art
    4.00 Mont Ras (may be a NR!)/Imperial Day/Roniski
    4.35 Two for two/santefiscio/lord aeryn
    5.10 Chancery/street artist
    5.45 chunky diamond/whozthecat/bosun breeze

    Good luck mate!


    5.30 FONTWELL – CITY PRESS – Fell…

    Only two of the four runners managed to complete and it´s likely the finish would have played out differently had the strong traveling City Press not taken a crashing fall three out.

    What a shame the BBOTD fell after traveling like a good thing. That’s jump racing and we’ll have to put that right tomorrow.

    If you backed it and watched the race I hope you understood that a clear round and you’d been collecting the winnings.

    As to the others I posted – only Valdaw let me down. 2 winners, and all the others placed to make a decent profit on the EW doubles/trebles/patents and win/place singles. Hope that helped a few people today.

  115. Matt
    Had 2 winners from your selections and one other winner at 5-1 also had your rev f/cast in the last but backed the wrong one to win! Lol.

  116. Hi matt off to thirsk tomorrow if you get the chance will you have a quick look for me please,leaving at 9 30 if not no probs last week was brill thanks

  117. Please scroll down further for the BANGOR Selections as posted early this morning.


    5.00 Phantom Prince
    Catch the rhythm
    5.30 city Press
    6.00 Dormouse
    Dubai Glory
    6.30 fiftyonefiftyone
    Free world
    7.00 Psi
    Master Cardor Visa
    7.30 Stormy island ahead
    Might as well
    8.00 On the buckle
    Java Rose

  118. thanks John – blinking NR’s Drives me mad they are allowed to take them out so late. Affects odds with R4s and also place claims reducing fields.

    Replace with JARROW in the 3.50 at Chepstow

  119. Matt, you maybe spoon feeding but many of us appreciate you sharing your own views/own bets with us. Info like this can only increase the number of subscribers i hope you eventually get…….

  120. Specifically for Jo and a few others here’s a few horses I will be putting in patents and singles (win/place) plus doubles / trebles / acca’s all on EW basis

    3.10 Ling KING OLAV
    3.50 Chep GO NANI GO
    4.00 Muss GANDALAK
    4.10 Ling VALDAW
    8.15 Bang TIME GENTLEMEN

    Plus: the BBOTD

    Outsider of the day:

    7.45 Bangor: MARLEY ROCA
    Clear-cut 2m4f chase winner off 5lb higher mark at about this time last year, dropped in class on first hurdle run since March 2010.

    Currently 9/1. As long as there are no NRs places paid first 3.


    5.30 FONTWELL – CITY PRESS 11/10 generally. Odds not helped by the non runner Aikidean but still odds against and may drift slightly as money comes for HAAR. Bet with BOG.

    The selection goes well on good ground over hurdles and, returning to fences for only the third time, he won with fair bit in hand at Huntingdon (3m, good) five days ago, having travelled with real purpose throughout; drop in trip not a bother and clearly well treated with his penalty.


    2.00 Ragooned
    Cracking Choice
    2.30 Captain Midnight
    3.00 Froniter Fighter
    Gala Casino Star
    3.30 king of danes
    London citizen
    4.00 Gandalak
    Powerful Prescence/discression *same rating
    4.30 Brasingaman Erci
    La Bacouetteuse
    5.05 West Leake Hare
    5.35 Drive Home
    Bassett Road

  123. CHEPSTOW -updated (thanks William)
    Aaman a non runner in the 5.20:

    2.20 Abundantly
    Jupiter Storm/Kayalar *same rating
    2.50 Our Phylli Vera
    Play Street
    3.20 Musikhani
    3.50 Go nani go
    Divine Call
    4.20 Guilded spirit
    Secret Art
    4.50 Duke of Orange
    Polish Crown
    5.20 BEYEH
    5.55 Captain Sharpe
    knox overstreet


    2.10 total obsession
    Indian Violet/Karate *same rating
    2.40 Sutton Sid
    Lilly May
    3.10 King Olav
    Elegant Ophelia
    3.40 Arctic lynx
    Rowe Park
    4.10 Valdaw
    Peace seeker
    4.40 Spicy Dal
    5.10 Matraash


    2.20 Abundantly
    Jupiter Storm/Kayalar *same rating
    2.50 Our Phylli Vera
    Play Street
    3.20 Musikhani
    3.50 Go nani go
    Divine Call
    4.20 Guilded spirit
    Secret Art
    4.50 Duke of Orange
    Polish Crown
    5.20 Aaman
    5.55 Captain Sharpe
    knox overstreet

  126. Matt

    Many thanks for these, much appreciated, thanks for all your efforts.

    Win or lose Matt there still appreciated.



  127. I picked up a message that someone was off to Bangor today and asked for some early selections. So just for you (the updated selectiosn will appear mid afternoon)here’s the early selections

    5.45 Well Mett
    Laughton Park
    6.15 Coeur De Fou
    Peak of fire (RFC?)
    6.45 Tick Tocker
    Venceremos (RFC?)
    7.15 Temple Lord
    7.45 Fujin Dancer
    Marley Roca
    8.15 Time Gentlemen
    Findlays friend (RFC?)

    I hope these do the business for you later. I gave Jim (LEEDS) 6 winners and a few RFCs previously so lets hope you have the same outcome.

    Additional notes:

    Vencermos has run in Listed company in Ireland so bare from should be ignored. Highly progessive and at 11/2 is a good outside bet for place money at least.

    Marley Roca is dropped down in class and is 5lb below last years winning mark. Negative is form over hurdles and the race is very trappy with 3-4 others weighted to win (according to the system) 10/1 does represent value however.

    Coeur De Fou and tick tocker strongest in ratings – You could decided to put those two and Time Gentleman in a patent.

    Hope this extra info assists

  128. Hi Jo.

    I always bet on my BET of the DAY and I often have singles and a few RFCs on the ones I identify as RFC.

    For example I had the RFC in the first at Lingfield, the 2.30 at Redcar and the 8.20 at Taunton. I also had RFC in the 3.30 at Redcar (1st/3rd) and the 6.20 at Taunton (1st only with Australia Day)

    I will do as you ask, but I do stress that these are Speed Ratings rather than tips. I am putting up 2 selections (rightly or wrongly) based on a system which derives from the speed ratings previously posted by Jason.

    The system betting suggestion is to bet each selection on a win/place basis – 1 point per bet so 4 points per race. It is advised by speed ratings dot net and its how they base their profit/loss charts.

    I will however either put an asterisk next to the selections or (which is more likely) I will put up in separate posts those horses I am betting personally on.

  129. Keith

    I’ve just logged in and read the comments.

    You had a great day today – in fact you’ve had a run of great days since I joined here a month ago. I find it very interesting to pitch our selections against one another. The KWM selections have a really good strike rate overall and between the 3 of us we are always there or thereabouts.

    I for one am sad that you’ve decided to leave. I hope you reconsider.
    Email me and stay in touch


    Small profit made if you backed Frozen Over EW, coming 3rd at 9/2 – I agree with William, he remained off the pace throughout and did all his good work late on.

    Shame really as his form and mark made him nailed on.

    A reasonably good day was had on the selections today. Some very nice big priced placed horses with a 22/1 second, Rajnangan, Burren View Lady 14/1, Frontier Boy 16/1 and others at 8/1, 7/1 etc.

    13 winners over the cards but frustrating with so many of the bigger priced placed horses finishing less than a length from the winner.

    More tomorrow.

  131. Hi matt
    Getting shite from people on the other page ( free tips may ) had enough of it mate I give my time and selections for free and still they moan so I am not going to bother posting anymore good luck with your ratings and make sure you get a lot of winners ! Or face the drivel from the idiots GOOD LUCK MATE

  132. Matt hi , is it poss to put a asterisk on selections you decide to put money on please, would be very helpful, cheers for now. Jo

  133. Chepstow 19:10 – Frozen Over – MW – 3rd -9/2 (Neede Further)
    Started the run too late mate

  134. TAUNTON

    5.20 Captain Kelly
    According Exhibit
    5.50 Courtesy call
    sir dylan
    6.20 Passato
    Australia day
    6.50 Ted spread
    7.20 Am I blue
    7.50 Storming Island Ahead
    Street Dance
    8.20 The Pirate Queen
    Luci di mezzanotte

  135. Sorry I am late. Problems uploading this site!!


    5.50 Centrality
    Mr Dandy Man/Hedge End *same rating
    5.40 Macdonald Mor
    Fred Willetts
    6.10 Bold Cross
    Jumbo Prado
    6.40 Descaro
    Admirable Duque
    7.10 Froven Over
    Falcons Reign
    7.40 Peak Storm
    8.10 Falasteen
    Sole Danser

  136. William, lets hope you’re right.

    My outsider of the day (picking up on your theme) runs in the 3.40 Sedgefield – Launchpad. Horrendous figures of late but really well weighted on the pick of his Irish form and at 33/1 could be anything. He could be and probably is a 33/1 rank horse, but in quite an open contest there’s no reason he cant sneak a place with some positive riding tactics.

    I’ve “wasted” £10 EW on him so wouldnt mind a spirited effort a la Golden Game on the 26th Arpil.

  137. In my system selection
    Frozen Over was the only one left after discarding the rest for not meeting the criteria set by my system

    So it should win by at least 2 lengths

  138. William,

    Yes I was aware you had a decent 3rd for your BBOTD.

    I’m loathe to put up odds on chances as BBOTD and where possbile always look at better priced ones. Did you see I put up a 25/1 suggestion a few days ago?

    Golden Game won after 2 years off the track. its little nuggets like that which makes me happy. Fingers crossed Froven Over does the business for us today. Your thoughts on him?

  139. Best Bet of the Day

    Please go EW on the following:

    7.10 CHEPSTOW – FROZEN OVER currently 5/1, 9/2 BOG

    There are slightly stronger selections today but all at really bad prices and its too easy to put up odds on selections.

    Frozen Overs form has been franked by horses behind winning next time out. Well treated on form and conditions to suit. There are 2 dangers in the race but alot is taken on trust with them and at 5/1 Frozen over is too big not to back.

  140. Morning William

    It was nice to enjoy a few winners yesterday between us. The KWM show firmly back on the winning trail. it was also nice to bag the BBOTD too.

    Let’s hope for more today.


    2.20 Honest Strike
    Broughtons Bandit (RFC?)
    2.50 North star Boy
    Al Aqabah
    3.20 Arabaah
    3.50 Mr Maynard
    tornado force
    4.20 If So
    Avonvalley (RFC?)
    4.50 Ready
    5.25 Portmonarch

  142. REDCAR

    2.00 Princess Pheeny
    Lady Captain
    2.30 Haajes
    dorback/Chloes dream *same rating
    3.00 Cara Gina
    burren View Lady/Magic Ice *same rating
    3.30 Mont Ras
    4.00 Hamoody
    4.30 Corn snow
    5.00 Just paul
    5.35 Sorcellerie
    Spivey cove


    2.10 Birzali
    2.40 Cape Explorer
    honour System
    3.10 Ballyvoneen
    Frontier boy
    3.40 do the bookies
    4.10 Bellorphon
    Mr cardle
    4.40 Tahiti Pearl
    5.10 Manger Hanagerment
    Monarchs Way

  144. KEMPTON

    5.50 Love Maramalade
    Codebreaker/magika *same rating
    6.25 Suite
    Twist and shout/Go Glamorous *same rating
    7.00 grand theft equine
    7/35 String Theory
    8.05 Where’s susie
    bahrains storm
    8.35 Hands of time
    Dark Templar
    9.05 Mambos spririt


    5.05 Rash Move
    Speed Steed
    5.40 Harbour Court
    forest Walker
    6.10 coobes Hill
    Divine intrevention
    6.45 surenaga
    7.20 Fruit Fayre
    Lucette Annie
    7.50 Dammam
    Special portrait
    8.20 Rebel Du Maquis


    4.45 Ascot ROCKALONG currently 7/2 BOG

    Big field with 20 runnners and some luck in running required but form lines suggest hif he runs to his mark he will win and move onto bigger and better races.

    Good luck.

    If thinking about a double:

    1.40 Southwell Caulfields Venture


    1.40 Caulfields Venture
    Over and Done
    2.10 Callmewhatyouwant
    Kayfton Pete
    2.40 Kings Grey
    Cross of honour
    3.10 King Mak
    Storm to Pass
    3.45 Lord Luso
    Around a pound
    4.20 Red courtier
    4.55 Midnight Macarena
    Agent Fedora
    5.30 Napoletano
    I can run can you

  148. PONTY

    2.20 If we can
    2.50 Boite
    3.20 Alluring Star
    Talent Scout
    3.55 Star Lahib
    Eastern Destiny
    4.30 Theodore Gericault
    5.00 Sand Boy
    5.35 Gold Show
    Blades Lad


    2.20 If we can
    2.50 Boite
    3.20 Alluring Star
    Talent Scout
    3.55 Star Lahib
    Eastern Destiny
    4.30 Theodore Gericault
    5.00 Sand Boy
    5.35 Gold Show
    Blades Lad

  150. Back today……sorry about yesterday.

    Busy days racing so lets pick a few winners today.


    2.00 Justice Day
    Master Carpenter
    2.30 Chat
    Pearl Sea
    3.00 Stipulate
    Sovereign Debt/Pasterol Player (same rating)
    3.35 Estimate
    Steps to freedom
    4.10 Hasopop
    Zanatto/Snow King (same rating)
    4.45 Rockalong

  151. No escaping yesterdays poor day at the office. We couldnt buy a winner on the ratings system with most of the top rated horses finishing second or just plainly not running to their form/rating.

    No selections today.

    I am off to a funeral and wont be able to post the selections before the off. I will use today however to go over the cards from yesterday and analyise the data.

    Given the consistency of the Ratings over the past 30 days I am sure its just one of those days (which happens) but it wont stop me looking through each race such is my dedication to getting every day right.

    I shall be back tomorrow to post Wednesdays selections

    Have a good day.


    4.55 Piccolo Mondo
    Rock Anthem
    5.25 Carina Palace
    Whatever you do
    5.55 Reqaaba
    Little Choosey
    6.25 Dream Wild
    Clear Pearl
    6.55 Highly likely
    El Libertador
    7.25 Net Whizz
    Jack of Diamonds
    7.55 Alphine Mysteries
    Flamingo Beat

  153. WINDSOR

    5.40 Steventon Star
    6.10 Caramack
    6.40 Afictionado
    Jazz master
    7.10 Henseatic
    7.40 Cousin Khee
    Sulta Two
    8.10 Mallory Heights

  154. That would do for Norman

    Weekends at the races tends to be a lottery

    Weekdays are better for profits I think

    As long as we do not get any fallers today I will be happy mate

  155. William

    Just put 0.50p ew 10 fold on with Bet 365 and it pays £1m if it comes in. Hilarious!

    I feel however that I may now have jinxed all our selections for the day. Fingers crossed I havent! Eek! 🙂

  156. Matt

    bad enough trying to 4 or 5 in an ACCA never mind 10

    But you never know

    Freddiy came 4th in my system selections

    We shall see.

    Good Luck to You and Norman today

  157. William

    Trying to keep everyone happy. THose that like the Ratings and those that like one or two.

    Interesting re your selection in the 2.40 at Kelso. Good luck. Certainly a masterful stroke if it wins. Both my rating selections are better than form lines suggest and especailly freddie Brown who if bouncing back could run a decent race. Soul magic versus Freddie Brown 😉

  158. Matt

    Trying to steal my thunder now by doing Patents

    We agree on 10 races today

    Good Luck

    My Best bet of the day is

    Kelso 14:40 – Soul Magic

  159. Not my usual form, but looknig through the card:

    PATENT Number 1 Win

    4.00 Towcester TWELVE ROSES
    5.10 Kelso BUCKSTRUTHER
    7.10 Windsor HENSEATIC

    PATENT Number 2 E/W

    2.10 Kelso THINGS CHANGE
    2.20 Wolves UNLIMITED
    5.25 Ling CARINA PALACE

  160. BEST BET of the DAY

    7.10 Windsor HENSEATIC currently 6/5 BOG

    Second, third and fourth all won since and this well-bred colt should have plenty more to offer over a trip that should suit.

    sorry its so short, but realyl does look a decent selection and very little by way of negatives.

  161. KELSO

    2.10 Things Change
    2.40 Freddie Brown
    Against the Wind
    3.10 Corkage
    Tornado Bob
    3.40 Storming Gale
    You know yourself
    4.10 Diocles
    4.40 Waltz Darling
    War on
    5.10 Buckstruther
    Senor Alco


    2.00 Western Kate
    Chilworth Screamer
    2.30 Able Deputy
    Tresor De L’isle
    3.00 Jameel
    Farbreaga (*Mccauley speculative selection e/w 20/1 current price)
    3.30 Jolly Boy Outing
    Atherstone Hill
    4.00 Twelve Roses
    Jeano De Toulouse
    4.30 Henok
    5.00 Dungarvan Lass
    Je t’aime
    5.30 No Pushover
    Bonnets Vino


    1.50 Striker Torres
    2.20 Moss Hill
    2.50 Dark Lane
    desert Icon
    3.20 The Blue Dog
    Keep Kicking
    3.50 Viva Vettori
    Officer In Command
    4.20 Call Ahead
    4.50 Midnight Dream
    Bluegrass Blues
    5.20 The Noble Ord

  164. Guys and Gals

    The trial will continue for the remainder of this week as a minimum.

    Ratings will continue to be posted on this page as usual.

    A further update will be posted either later in the week or the first part of next week

    Todays selections will be posted later as usual.

  165. Hello people, I’m doing a bit of research at the moment, I’ll ask this across the boards on this blog..

    Do any of you guys on here use an odds comparison site like OddsCheckers or BestBetting or whoever?, if so what do you like or dislike about using whoever you use, is there anything they do or don’t do that you find useful or annoying?

    Thanks in advance

  166. Hi Shane

    Sorry, no BBOTD. There just isn’t the selection today in what is quite trappy racing. Keep the pallet dry today and we’ll steam into one tomorrow.

  167. Matt

    I did OK at Punchestown yesterday

    12/1 Winner
    20/1 Winner
    and Odds on Fav

    We agree on 12 races today.

    Hope we can get Norman a winner

    Good Luck Matt

    keith not posted yet
    Posted my selections with the agreed races for you and I

  168. William

    Good morning Sir. Hope you are well??

    It was good we were able to find Jim a few winners yesterday. I managed to bag 22 winners over the UK card yesterday and would love over 20 today.

    Lets hope we (the KWM boys) have a good day today. 😉


    2.00 Fair Trade
    Sea Lord/Life and soul * identical on ratings
    2.30 Oloif
    Well hello there
    3.05 Majestic Bull
    Long distance
    3.35 Twirling Magnet
    Time For Spring
    4.10 Silver Eagle
    Radio Nowhere
    4.45 Drumlang
    Along Came Rosie
    5.15 Akaim
    Noble Jack


    2.00 Fair Trade
    Sea Lord/Life and soul * identical on ratings
    2.30 Oloif
    Well hello there
    3.05 Majestic Bull
    Long distance
    3.35 Twirling Magnet
    Time For Spring
    4.10 Silver Eagle
    Radio Nowhere
    4.45 Drumlang
    Along Came Rosie

  171. LUDLOW

    2.10 Rayvin Black
    Breaking Bits
    2.40 Oscargo
    Victor Leudorum
    3.15 Lemon drop Red
    Red skipper
    3.45 Fiendish Flame
    4.20 Midnight Tuesday
    4.55 Baddam
    Coin of the Realm
    5.25 MyWigwamoryours
    High Stratos

  172. LUDLOW

    2.10 Rayvin Black
    Breaking Bits
    2.40 Oscargo
    Victor Leudorum
    3.15 Lemon drop Red
    Red skipper
    3.45 Fiendish Flame
    4.20 Midnight Tuesday
    4.55 Baddam
    Coin of the Realm
    5.25 My Wigwam or yours
    High Stratos


    2.20 Taradrewe
    2.50 See you Jack
    Persian Herald
    3.25 Shernando
    3.55 Keltic Rhythm
    Knock House
    4.30 Haar
    the mad robertson
    5.05 triolo d’alene
    5.35 city press
    global flyer

  174. Hi matt just surfaced after s great day went for hello beautiful in first got 6 s for ardlue 3s for shearing and 6/4 for art of racing thank you mate going to thirsk next Saturday so il be in touch also got a tip for two for two so a brill day left before last so missed another winner so again thanks

  175. 22 winners today across the cards
    14 seconds
    11 thirds
    8 RFCs and in fact a Trifecta in the last at Ripon.

    BBOTD won

    Hopefully a few of you made a few ££££ from todays selections.

  176. Another Winner for the BEST BET OF THE DAY.

    4.40 Ripon ART OF RACING 2/1 generally backed into 5/4

    In fact it just headed the second system choice Angus Og which came in second at 13/2.

    Hope you were on the winner today.

  177. JIM (Leeds)

    Well I hope you had a great day out. 5 from 7 winners together with an RFC and in the final race I suggested there wasnt anything to choose between the Harbinger Lass and Heroine Required along with top rated Havana Cooler and the Trifecta came in.

    Well done if you did follow the selections

  178. JIM (Leeds)

    As I go out for the afternoon I’ve just looked at the first 3 races at Ripon and I sincerely hope you are well up.
    LEXINGTON ROSE won in the first at 8/1 with Ventura Mist 3rd at 13/2

    A blip in the second but Ardlui winning in the 3rd at 9/2

    I hope the rest of the Card is kind to you.

    I’ll post later this evening or early morning as we’re off to a friends BBQ…..Now where’s my umbrella?? 😉


    5.10 Pearl Nation
    5.40 Hakbidiac
    Ocean Storm
    6.15 jubilante
    Tomitoul Magic
    6.45 Love Magic
    Ingleby Symphony
    7.15 Oddysey
    7.45 Las Verglas
    Status Symbol
    8.15 Boonga Roogeta
    Four Leaves

  180. HAYDOCK

    5.25 Chancery
    Prairie Ranger
    5.55 Ximbama
    6.30 Iffraaj Pink
    7.00 Tribal Path
    7.30 Es que Love
    Cape Classic
    8.00 Tres Coronas
    Icebuster/Idepub (difficult to split so have left them in)

  181. BEST BET of the DAY

    4.40 Ripon THE ART OF RACING. 2/1 – 6/4 Generally.

    Had just the four starts, with two attempts at 5f representing clearly his best form, namely York maiden win and narrow defeat at Nottingham on stable/seasonal debut (tongue-tie fitted, first run since being gelded); winner followed up next time; still unexposed at trip and big player off just 1lb higher.

  182. Hi William

    I’ve just trimmed and updated the Ripon Card following another quick check through the system.

    Hope we all have a decent day

    Good luck Bud

  183. HAYDOCK and DONNY will be posted later.

    I am off out for a few hours so sadly I may not be able to post alternatives to Non Runners.

    BBOTD will be posted shortly.


    1.55 Watered Silk
    Asteroid belt
    2.30 Cool Baranca
    3.05 Keeverfield
    Autumn Spirit
    3.40 Be My Deputy
    Flaming Gorge
    4.15 Knockanarrigan
    Conbustible Kate
    4.45 Diamond Frontier
    Riguez Dancer
    5.20 Oscar Hoof
    Oscar Tanner


    2.10 Intrigo
    Santo Prince
    2.45 Sleepy Joe
    Larson Bay
    3.20 Blue Wave
    Cafe Society
    3.55 Ajamaaheer
    Majestic Myles
    4.30 Tenhoo
    5.05 Umoothaj
    Just Darcy
    5.35 Seeking Magic
    Crew Cut

  186. SANDOWN

    1.30 Ptit Zig
    Leo Luna
    2.05 Minella forfitness
    Black Thunder
    2.40 Sanctuaire
    Finan’s Rainbow
    3.15 Al Kazeem
    Thomas Chippendale
    3.50 Hadrian’s Approach
    Michel le bon
    4.25 Nichols Canyon
    Pasaka Boy
    4.55 Mister Music
    Fire Ship
    5.30 Fabled City
    Key Appointment

  187. RIPON

    1.50 Hello Beautiful
    Ventura Mist
    2.20 Snow Trooper
    Dubai Dynamo
    2.55 Manyriverstocross
    3.30 Shearian
    Availed Speaker
    4.05 Cardinal Walter
    Highland Castle
    4.40 The Art of Racing
    Angus Og
    5.15 Havana Cooler
    Harbinger Lass/Heroine Required (identical rating)

  188. Thanks Gary its s great day out breakfast beer betting then finish with bowling then bed hopefully with money in my pocket it’s not the day to do a Norman

  189. Hi matt just came in after night out thank you very much for your selections gl to everybody tomorrow

  190. JIM

    I’ve gone through tomorrows card and although I haven’t finalised the selections (I can only do that tomorrow morning) here’s, where applicable, 2-3 selections on each to concentrate on. Good luck and enjoy your day out.

    1.50 Hello Beautiful
    Ventura Mist/Lexington Rose *similar on ratings.
    2.20 Dubai Dynamo/ xilarator
    Snow Trooper (if money comes for him on course) Early tissue price is 7/1.
    2.55 Ardlni
    Manyriverstocross. Of interest in Crackentorp (watch in the betting – York specialist but very decent horse and high on ratings)
    3.30 Shearian
    Availed Speaker
    4.05 Highland Castle
    Cardinal Water
    4.40 The Art of Racing
    Angus Og
    5.15 Havana Cooler
    Harbinger lass/heroine required *similar on ratings.

    Jim this is my early, rough and ready assessment of the RIPON card.

    Happy Racing!

  191. Wizzy!

    I really hope you were on it. It was speculative because he’s been off the track for over 2 years but hit all the right notes in the system.

    I watched the race and he hammered it.

    I am happy as I had a little £10 EW on him.

    A good end to the Day.

    JIM> I will take a look through the card for you tonight and try to post some selections for you.

  192. Hi matt need a favour off to Ripon in the morning leaving at 9 any chance of a quick at Ripon for me no problems if you can’t gl everyone

  193. Matt, I remember going to N’Mkt years ago armed with a red hot tip for a Frankie D. horse, went wit a load of mates and hit the sauce a bit as we had some winners. hen we got to my race Frankies horse was a silly odds on price, I was gutted, but somehow my befuddled brain remember someone once told me to back the 3rd favourite each way in an 8 horse handicap (which this was). So went to the nearest bookie with my mate and slurred £50 each way on horse number 3, my mate followed my bet. We went back to our party, at which point we realised we hadn’t backed the 3rd favourite, but a rank outsider horse number 3 which went of at 40/1. It duly won the race beating Frankies horse by a short head. The 3rd favourite came 3rd ironically. These things happen!!!


    4.50 Kilmury
    5.20 Crazy Bold
    5.55 Carrigmorna King
    6.25 Weekend Millionair
    7.00 Findlays Find
    Books Review
    7.35 Dimpsy Time
    8.05 Kauto D’Aloes
    Red Admirable.


    4.40 Midnight Appeal
    5.10 Smooth Classic
    5.45 Vintage Tea
    Brilliant Barca
    6.15 Inner Steel
    Nothing but the truth
    6.50 Princely Hero
    7.25 Chestnut Ben
    Sawpit Supreme
    7.55 Kijvu
    (* spectulative: Golden Game 25/1)

  196. I suspect that “hard luck” story might set a dangerous precedent today.

    To those that backed the BBOD – Im sorry he was backed off the boards and ran terribly. I thought he was beaten half way.

    How typical for the scratched one to win. Lessons learnt!

    *grumble grumble grumble*

  197. Tim

    I dont know what to say???? I’m speechless.

    Scratch haffaguian for that horse and it only goes and wins……sorry guys…!!!

  198. UPDATE –
    2.10 SANDOWN

    please take out Haafaguinea (wrong selection)
    Replace with FEHAYDI

    Sorry for the confusion.

    SANDOWN as amended

    1.40 Smoothtalkingrascal
    Barracuda Boy
    2.10 FEHAYDI
    Red Avenger
    2.45 Trumpet Major
    Highland Knight
    3.15 Al Waab
    Eyeof a storm
    3.50 Queensburys Rules
    4.25 Auld Alliance
    5.00 Blue Jack
    Cruise to the limit

  199. PERTH

    2.20 The Cockney Mackem
    Jimmy the Hat
    2.55 Opera Og
    Quinto Du Tresor
    3.25 Settledoutofcourt
    Tokyo Javilex
    4.00 Chatreux
    Swift Arrow
    4.35 Soudain
    Bally Sands
    5.05 Dawn Commander
    5.35 Greensalt
    Winged Crusader

  200. SANDOWN

    1.40 Smoothtalkingrascal
    Barracuda Boy
    2.10 Red Avenger
    2.45 Trumpet Major
    Highland Knight
    3.15 Al Waab
    Eyeof a storm
    3.50 Queensburys Rules
    4.25 Auld Alliance
    5.00 Blue Jack
    Cruise to the limit


    *My system has thrown up several selections on some races so its been a little difficult to get an accurate read. If choosing Doncaster, please do so with caution*

    1.30 Fred willets
    Rough Rock
    2.00 Mutafaakir
    Relentless Harry
    2.30 Takealookatmenow
    Celtic Sixpence
    3.05 Aryal
    3.35 Seamless
    4.10 Lieutentant Miller
    4.45 Line of Reason
    Foxtrot Jubilee

  202. Hi AJ

    The problem with putting up the selections in the evening is that it doesnt take into possible ground changes, Non Runners etc. Yesterday we had a NR Take the Lead, it was replaced with Final Elivery and it won at 4/1.

    Given I don’t do this as my main job and to ensure the selections are as accurate as they can be I wont be able to post the final selections until late morning and for late afternoon/evening cards, I tend to post mid afternoon if my schedule allows.

    Perhaps as a subscriber I will have access to your email address and would be able to post them individually to you but its that kind of detail I am yet to discuss with the powers that be.

    I certainly understnad your point though but with consistency my main aim I am sorry that I wont be able to post the previous evening/early morning.

    I am sure there will a way of conveying the selections to you.

  203. Hi Matt,
    Just wondering when the free trial period ends and it moves to a paid service if you factor in even more theories/factors to increase your strike rating that you are currently not letting us guys know about presently. Not saying that your current strike rate is bad or anything cause as it stands it looks pretty damn good.
    Just with other services they only ever let on to half the info till they have you signed up. I’m def keen but pricing tbc obv and the other thing would be to have the posts up either night before or pre 9 so punters can do it before work commences.
    Thanks in advance

  204. MATT


  205. I think going forward I’ll resist suggesting RFCs unless I really am confident over the ratings.

    BBOTD won and I’ll just stick to putting that selection up with perhaps a e/w patent for those who like to have a few selections.


    5.15 M’selle x
    Vine De Nada x
    5.45 Extraterrestrial x
    Its a Mans world 3rd 4/1
    6.20 King of Eden 2nd 9/2
    Alejandro x
    6.50 Cross the Boss 2nd 3/1
    William Van Gogh x
    7.20 Naburn 1st 7/2
    Petella x
    7.50 Mr Snoozy 2nd 12/1
    One of a pear x
    8.20 Boxing Shadows x
    Bogsnog 1st 7/1

    Needed Bogsnog to win the last
    2 winners and several near misses with 3 seconds including a 12/1 shot with Mr Snoozy.


    4.55 Limegrove 1st 5/4
    Fine and Dandy 2nd 6/4 RFC
    5.25 Bloodsweatandtears
    Nibani * non betting race NO BET
    5.55 Poetic Lord 1st 11/4
    Rezwaan 2nd 5/1 RFC
    6.30 total Obsession 2nd 5/1
    Napinda 3rd 4/1
    7.00 Light Burst (poor)
    Seek the fair land x
    7.30 Amis Reunis x
    Mary’s Pet poor
    8.00 Keep the Dream x
    secret of success poor

    2 Winners 1 not bet and 2 RFCs several placed


    2.25 lady frances 1st 4/5
    lilo lil 2nd 2/1 RFC
    2.55 haadeth (poor frankly!)
    jake the snake 1st 5/2
    3.25 Laylas Dancer x
    Blackstone Vegas
    3.55 Noguchi 1st 8/13
    Just lille 2nd RFC
    4.30 Exceedingexpections x
    Rakaan x
    5.00 Delightful Sleep
    Final Delivery 1st 4/1
    5.35 Point North x
    Diamondhead x

    4 winners and 2 RFCs
    Disappointed with Haadeths run. Should have walked it and ended plum last!

  209. Thanks Norman. Really appreciate the words of encouragement.

    Started to post results and computer went down. Will resume presently.

    Lets do it all again tomorrow 😉

  210. excellent results today no one could expect more than that and to top it off bbod won …if people cant make money from these selections they should pack it in

  211. PERTH

    2.15 Looking On 3rd 9/4
    Yes Daddy x
    2.45 Tweedo Paradiso x
    King Brex x
    3.15 The Musical Guy 3rd 9/2
    Fiddlers Reel 1st 3/1
    3.45 Abbey Storm x
    seebright RFC 1st 11/4
    4.15 Michael Flips 2nd 9/2
    Rody PU
    4.45 Sotovik x
    Tommy Steel x
    5.20 Matthew Riley x
    Now this is it 2nd 8/1

    Just 2 winners but several placed including an 8/1.


    2.05 Tatlisu 2nd 10/11
    la sylphe 1st 3/1 RFC
    2.35 How’s Life 1st 4/1
    Izzy Boy
    3.05 Marshland
    asgardella 2nd 2/1
    3.35 Fennell Bay 1st 9/4 – 7/4 (BBOD)
    high Office 3rd 9/4
    4.05 Apache Glory 1st 8/1 – 7/1
    4.35 Nine Iron 3rd 6/4
    Of course we can 1st 8/1
    5.10 Awake my soul 1st 5/6
    Manchestar 2nd 4/1-9/4 RFC

    6 from 7 with very decent odds
    2 RFCs and a placepot to boot.
    BBOD also obliging

  213. I was Matt put my free £20 bet on it. Now trying to do a Norman and walk away for the day. Not sure if I will manage it but gonna give it a go. Good luck for the rest of your selections, keep up the good work.

  214. Hope NORMAN was on the first MW selection.

    La Sylphe winning at 3/1.

    £60 profiott to go with his £200 yesterday.

    Well done Norman!!!!

  215. Not that I do IRISH racing but looking at the Ratings etc in the big one today I have SOLWHIT to come out on Tops.

    11/8 generally.

    Make of that what you will.


    5.15 M’selle
    Vine De Nada
    5.45 Extraterrestrial
    Its a Mans world
    6.20 King of Eden
    6.50 Cross the Boss
    William Van Gogh
    7.20 Naburn
    7.50 Mr Snoozy
    One of a pear
    8.20 Boxing Shadows


    4.55 Limegrove
    Fine and Dandy RFC
    5.25 Bloodsweatandtears
    Nibani * non betting race
    5.55 Poetic Lord
    6.30 total Obsession
    7.00 Light Burst
    Seek the fair land
    7.30 Amis Reunis
    Mary’s Pet
    8.00 Keep the Dream
    Take the Lead

  218. A decent RFC where ratings are similar:

    2.55 Wolverhampton HAADETH/JAKE THE SNAKE

    Riskier RFC:


    If it remains dry and the track dries out a tad (we wont know how the ground is riding until the first few races)
    If ground remains softer side of good probably diregard the RFC as Tommy Steels form is mangified on good ground. I would expect his odds to shorten sigificantly if the track dries.


    3.35 Beverley FENNELL BAY 9/4 BOG.

    Down to the same mark he was when winning at Royal Ascot and dropped in Class today.

  220. Jo

    The horses Norman selects are when Matt and William match. e.g. La Sylphe in the 2.05 Beverley
    However he ignores the race if it is a maiden or if the selection is odds on
    He might ignore the race if there a 5 or less runners but I’m not sure hence my example above

  221. hi matt its jo
    i notice your selections help norman and i wanted to try s a w as seems less stressful than trying to pick winners and less time consuming but as yet not heard from norman re his selections, can i ask do u know his picks? tks. jo

  222. 5 at Beverley
    4 at Perth
    2 at Wolverhampton

    Have not done later meetings yet but will let you know

    The first race we agree on is

    Beverley 14:05 – La Sylphe – KWM


    2.25 lady frances
    lilo lil
    2.55 haadeth
    jake the snake RFC
    3.25 Laylas Dancer
    Blackstone Vegas
    3.55 Noguchi
    Just lille RFC
    4.30 Exceedingexpections
    5.00 Delightful Sleep
    Deal me in
    5.35 Point North

  224. PERTH

    2.15 Looking On
    Yes Daddy
    2.45 Tweedo Paradiso
    King Brex
    3.15 The Musical Guy
    Fiddlers Reel
    3.45 Abbey Storm
    seebright RFC
    4.15 Michael Flips
    4.45 Sotovik
    Tommy Steel
    5.20 Matthew Riley
    Now this is it


    2.05 Tatlisu
    la sylphe
    2.35 How’s Life
    Izzy Boy
    3.05 Marshland
    3.35 Fennell Bay
    high Office
    4.05 Apache Glory
    4.35 Nine Iron
    Of course we can
    5.10 Awake my soul

  226. On the whole a rather strange day.

    12 winners but the odds at SP (op prices bigger)


    Placed horses also in abundance and several RFCs

    I am disappointed with the BBOTD losing.
    The Racing Posts comment:
    Phase Shift: held an obvious chance but just didn´t seem quite at the top of her game for whatever reason. She´d been going the right way and this mark may not be beyond her another time.

    I was going to suggest the RFC on this one and though OVERPRICED came in at 12/1 second its cold comfort when the best horse seemingly doesn’t pick up.

    More luck needed given she was 5lb well in and had everything in her favour.

    Bounce back tomorrow.

  227. TAUNTON

    4.50 Midnight Whisper 1st /1
    Aim x
    5.25 Flugzeug x
    The Good Guy x
    5.55 Suerte Al Salto 2nd 5/6
    King of Dudes 1st 11/8(RFC) *little between them on figs
    6.50 Speed Steed 2nd 8/13
    Nether Stream
    7.05 Castlemorris King 1st 9/2 – 7/2
    Bobs legend x
    7.40 Escort’s Men x
    Manager Hanagment 1st 12/1 – 10/1
    8.10 Molly Maid x
    Blue Buttons 2nd 11/8

  228. PERTH

    3.00 Thevallyofmilan 2nd 11/10
    Standintheband 1st 14/1 – 12/1
    3.30 golden sparks 1st 9/4
    streamtown x
    4.05 utopie des bordes 1st 7/4
    Imperial vic x
    4.35 Upsilon Bleu 2nd 7/4
    Private Equity (RFC) 3rd
    5.05 Grey area 3rd 6/1- 4/1
    Delightfully x
    5.35 Pigeon Island x
    Chatreux 2nd 13/2
    6.10 Platinum 2nd 6/4


    4.40 Its Oscar 3rd 6/1 – 9/2
    5.10 House Party 3rd 5/2
    Travis County 2nd 9/4
    5.45 Minella Theatre 2nd 15/2
    Gulf Punch 3rd 14/1 – 11/1
    6.20 Gin Gobbler x
    Sparkling Tara x
    6.55 French ties 2nd 7/4
    Tahiti Pearl 1st 9/1 – 7/1
    7.25 Gullible Gordon 3rd 9/2
    Lackamon 1st 6/1 – 11/2
    7.55 Phase Shift 3rd
    Overpriced 2nd 14/1 – 12/1


    1.35 Viking Warrior x
    West Leake Hare x
    2.05 Greenhead high 3rd 3/1
    Nomoreblondes x
    2.35 Eastern Dragon x
    Berandino x
    (EW higher risk: Alexandrakollontai)
    3.10 Nurpur 3rd 6/5
    Go Far 2nd 4/1
    3.40 Alta Lilea 1st 2/7
    Gabrial The Master 2nd 11/4 (RFC)
    4.15 Alhaarath x
    Shirleys pride 2nd 8/1 – 13/2
    4.45 King Kurt x
    Roc De Prince 3rd 6/1 – 4/1
    5.15 Silvio Dante x
    Red Style x


    2.20 Sacrosantus
    Ajjaadd 1st 16/1 – 12/1
    2.50 Beyond Conceit 1st 5/1 – 3/1
    Brockwell x
    3.20 Mister Impatience x
    Gabrials Kaka 3rd 6/1 – 9/2
    3.55 Validus x
    Kings Warrior x
    4.30 Legal Waves 2nd 1/1
    Storming/Arctic Admiral (identical rating)
    5.00 Lionheart x
    Colmar Kid x

  230. Good evening to all.
    There is a system that you can use to build your methods and systems and its only £6 a Month and if this is to much per Month, so or just subs. For week days as its free, the fee basically is for weekend. Its called cherry bets . Com for some make very good out of it, use it filter out the rubbish and pick your cherry and eat it.

  231. Matt
    Your right and I think you probably have a better strike rate than speedratings. net,that’s why I don’t rely on just one set of ratings (never put all your eggs in one basket in this game), my comment was more about the price and what time the ratings come out , if your going to try and compete with the other ratings sites
    I will keep a check as I think your doing a good job and could be useful in the future

  232. Brian

    Thank you for your comments.

    A good example of how my ratings differs from speedratings.nety can be highlighted in the 4.05 at Perth.

    They applied a rating of 0.00 to Utopies des Bordes. It came top in my ratings and duly obliged at 7/4. A simliar story in the 3.30 where I had Golden Sparkles and it only rated as 6th best.

    I can only compare their selections on a Wednesday when its free to access the site, but week after week my selections are far more consistent than theirs.

  233. shane
    yeah shane ,speedratings .net,i dont follow all there races as they suggest ,i use it with other ratings to get my own selections,like i said ther offering 6 mths for £69.99 (£11.50mth) at the moment

  234. hi matt,id just like to chip in,ive been on this site for 7 odd years and seen many come and go
    your ratings are decent on there own, but made much better with william and keiths ratings,as said by bryans post ratings on there own are abit hit and miss,i also use a couple of other ratings,none are over £12 a month and often cheaper if taken in 3,6or 12 month options,speedratings are offering a deal at the moment 6mths for £69 (£11.50 a mth),so cant see how you could charge any more than this ,also these other ratings have a big advantage over yours as they come out the night before which is a massive plus for most people,i manage to make about 50pts profit a month doing what im doing so will stick with it( if it aint broke dont fix it),i like your idea of BBOTD and r/fc,i wish you good luck as you sound very genuine and are doing your best to please,keep up the good work


    7.55 Sedgefield PHASE SHIFT

    5lb well in and 7lb claimer on his back with trip and ground to suit.


    4.05 Perth Utopie Des Bordes
    6.30 Taunton speed Steed
    7.55 Phase Shift

    Add 8.10 Taunton Blue Buttons for ACCA for a 20.04/1 chance.

  236. I subscribe to speed ratings and two others, Speed Ratings is the most expensive @ £19.99 a month. I think it is a mistake to use a stand alone ratings site because how do you make selections. the sites I use give full ratings on all horses in all races and from them I select between maybe 6 – 10 bets a day. I also subscribe to The Racing Post which I think is essential. I have been following your selections and I think you are very good, used in conjunction with William & Keith even better. I will carry on with what I do because I am happy with that.
    Perhaps you and William and Keith should get together and work out something between you. I wish you and all who use your ratings the very best of luck.

  237. I am not posting for PUNCHESTOWN. I had a go yesterday but without much success. I don’t have enough info to make selections. Follow Keith and William!

  238. TAUNTON

    4.50 Midnight Whisper
    5.25 Flugzeug
    The Good Guy
    5.55 Suerte Al Salto
    King of Dudes (RFC) *little between them on figs
    6.50 Speed Steed
    Nether Stream
    7.05 Castlemorris King
    Bobs legend
    7.40 Escort’s Men
    Manager Hanagment
    8.10 Molly Maid
    Blue Buttons


    4.40 Its Oscar
    5.10 House Party
    Travis County
    5.45 Minella Theatre
    Gulf Punch
    6.20 Gin Gobbler
    Sparkling Tara
    6.55 French ties
    Tahiti Pearl
    7.25 Gullible Gordon
    7.55 Phase Shift

  240. Sorry Matt

    Posted in wrong section

    Head up arse today

    Thought of having to go into office for a couple of hours

  241. PERTH

    3.00 The Cockney Mackem
    3.30 golden sparks
    4.05 utopie des bordes
    Imperial vic
    4.35 Upsilon Bleu
    Private Equity (RFC)
    5.05 Grey area
    5.35 Pigeon Island
    6.10 Platinum

  242. Epsom 14:20 – Sandfrankskipsgo – E/W on Ajjaadd – MW
    Epsom 14:50 – Beyond Conceit – MW – E/W on Brockwell – KWM
    Epsom 15:20 – Mister Impatience – MW
    Epsom 15:55 – Lady Loch – KW
    Epsom 16:30 – One Pekan – Double Discount – RFC
    Epsom 17:00 – Mumeyez – Magical Rose – E/W on Both

  243. EPSOM

    2.20 Sacrosantus
    2.50 Beyond Conceit
    3.20 Mister Impatience
    Gabrials Kaka
    3.55 Validus
    Kings Warrior
    4.30 Legal Waves
    Storming/Arctic Admiral (identical rating)
    5.00 Lionheart
    Colmar Kid



    1.35 Viking Warrior
    West Leake Hare
    2.05 Greenhead high
    2.35 Eastern Dragon
    (EW higher risk: Alexandrakollontai)
    3.10 Nurpur
    Go Far
    3.40 Alta Lilea
    Gabrial The Master (RFC)
    4.15 Alhaarath
    Shirleys pride
    4.45 King Kurt
    Roc De Prince
    5.15 Silvio Dante
    Red Style

  246. Ha ha Paul absolutely right, Matt its your call obviously but what I would like to see is every race rated, with maybe an asterisk by the stronger ones, the market price will guide a lot of people. Bet of the day is a good idea as a good strike with that and a sensible betting strategy will help the bank. It would be good to hear other peoples comments

  247. Hi,

    I only use speed ratings on the flat from May onwards myself, so I think extending the trial period is a good idea too.

  248. Tim

    thanks for your input. Much appreciated.

    I was planning to open up the debate on value over the coming days. So if anyone else wishes to comment on price then please do so.

    Tim, I was also considering narrowing it all down. Picking certain races where the ratings are higher but in doing so there will be the odd higher priced winner missed.

    Plus Bet of the day.

    It would still be 2 horses but instead of every card, it would just be a selection of them over the various cards.

    Generally with the system Handicapped races produced higher priced winners/placed horses

    Maybe I should offer a two pronged service. Higher risk/higher reward selections versus lesser risk but higher rated service.

    What do people think?

  249. Matt
    Cheers for your reply. I have been following Speed ratings for about 3 months now, some days there selections are outstanding with some huge priced winners, this makes it difficult to ‘cherry pick’ their selections as you don’t want to miss out on the ‘big one’ but if you back all their selections in all races you get big loosing days as well. I agree your results are far more consistent, you often give the same selections that win (and lose) as speed ratings but when your selections differ you hit the more winners than they do, they however get the bigger priced winners so its swings and roundabouts, but, for consistency and building up a betting bank and non-losing days, you come out on top
    As for price…I think something around the £20 or just under mark would be reasonable, I do however see a conflict on Jason’s behalf if he’s trying to sell Dean’s service at a higher price than yours. I’m not sure how many subscribers Dean has or how good his service is. He also offers a Forex service so I suppose he’s slightly different to you
    One thing you (and Jason) may wish to consider, is to extend your trial period by say a further two weeks into May so that the results of the flat season settling in can be shown
    Cheers Tim

  250. Tim

    I wholeheartedly agree with your commetns as I do with Ketchy’s.

    I value all input good and bad and certainly don’t take any criticism to heart. I am striving to give value.

    If you follow speed ratings . net I hope you find the comparable between their selections and mine favourable. I strongly believe my selections are far more consistent than theirs.

    Agreed there have been blips but its the results voer a set period that count and there have been more good days than bad.

    I agree its all about perception. Speed Ratings charge £250 a year or thereabouts. I offer an identical service do I not but with far better consistent results – whilst I havent discussed “price” as yet I wouldnt be seeking to charge particularly a lot for a Service which is modelled on one which several sign up for and undoubtedly use.

    I will also offer the best bet of the day which has a very good strike rate and the odd RFC where applicable.

    What “value” or in other words “price” would you consider reasonable?

  251. Ketchy you make a very good point about the negative feed back on Matt’s selections in that they will have to be paid for if we wish to continue receiving them. Matt I note you are at pains to reiterate that you are a rating not a tipping service, I understand that, but peoples perceptions differ, if you pay for something you expect something back of value! The big question is how much is Jason going to charge for your service. Dean already has a page that is charged for at £40 a month, its called Pro Form RATINGS (Deans TIPS). I don’t know how Dean’s service works but I presume he rates every race like yourself, there will no doubt be a lot of races where your selections differ (as you differ with the Speed Can Jason justify two ratings service on his site offering say 4 different horses in a race and charging £80 a month for the privilege, assuming of course he offers your service at the same price as Dean’s. This is not a dig at you Matt, I think your ratings are quite good, there have been a few blips, but as I said earlier its a perception of value. I look forward to your comments

  252. BBOTD

    Racing Post comment:

    “Third Act, brother to a useful bumper/hurdle/chase winner, was popular in the market and travelled well, but he appeared to jink suddenly, and then clip heels before stumbling. This cost him any chance of winning, but he did well to get back on the heels of the leaders before fading. He can improve markedly on this..”

    Travelled really niceley and then stumbled really badly and our race was lost.

    So frustrating!

    Better luck tomorrow.

  253. hi mat thanks for punchestown selections hard card to day won yesterday thanks to your selections late starting to day best of luck to all

  254. Ok Matt. Had a flutter on Royal Guardsman anyway and have backed the two selections for the 3.20 at Wolves. As an observation, negative feedback for yourself rather than Keith could be that your system is a trial before followers have to pay for it. My understanding is that William and Keith both put up their tips on the Free Tips page and take plaudits as you do on the basis that they just enjoy putting up horses that win. It gains them respect and a following and a buzz I am sure, and followers have the knowledge that their service will not be withdrawn free of charge after a limited period. Thats as I understand it at the moment anyway.

  255. UPDATE

    4.05 NEWTON ABBOTT. Please replace Hello George with THIRD ACT (1st Choice)

    Sorry for the error. I just went over my notes and the astrisk was by THIRD ACT and not Hello George.

    I say this on the basis that I am putting this up as the belated BBOTD

    THIRD ACT 4.05 NEWTON ABBOTT. 2/1 generally.

  256. Sorry I wasnt able to post my BBOTD

    Nothing else looks worthy.

    I will tentatively suggest however a small EW double on

    WORLD MAP in 3.20 Wolves
    MERIDIEM in 4.50 Towcester

    21.5/1 EW

    High risk given both are decent contests but worth a fiver EW 😉


    * please note this is a guide only. I usually steer clear of Irish Racing. This is what my system has thrown up*

    3.40 Near Perfection
    Keep on Track
    4.20 Champagne Fever
    Rule the World
    4.55 NO BET
    5.30 Sprinter Sacre/Sizing Europe
    6.05 Moyle Park
    Wrath of Titans
    6.40 Back In Focus
    Harry Topper
    7.15 Some Hawk
    Western Boy.


    4.50 Meridiem
    5.20 Quipe me Posted
    5.55 Weather Babe
    6.30 Queen of Mantha
    Entertain me
    7.00 Red Rouble
    7.35 Bleuvito
    Shrewd Investment
    8.05 Act Four
    I am Colin


    4.40 Whisky Bravo
    One Kool Dude
    51.0 Cockney Bob
    Marilyn Marquessa
    5.40 Chester Row
    6.15 Shamdarley
    6.50 Pats legacy
    Lady Layla
    7.25 Spirit of Law
    Handsome Ransom
    7.55 Iridescence
    short Squeeze

  260. Guys

    BBOTD already ran. Royal Guardmans – tried to post earlier but system crashed around me. Couldnt load this site until now.

    I will look for an alternative. Bear with me.

  261. Ketchy

    Its interesting that I receive negative feedback given Keith on here offers 2 or sometimes 3 selections per race and the site speed ratings also offers 2 selections.

    I am at pains to point out that I am not “tipping” these nor do I make grand gestures of each one will win.

    The system is pretty consistent across the entire range as I have developed a system which attributes different figs for different races/types etc. So jumps have different figs to flat.

    BTW this is the first message (I hope) that has come up on here since this morning. I have wanted to place my BBOTD message since midday! 🙁

  262. Matt since you have been doing your system have you noticed any trend in results eg do you fare better on all weather, they are all different surfaces so does your system work better at one track than others. Again do you compare chases to hurdles results. Flat turf results are hit and miss this early in the season. Just interested as you get some negative feedback for the number of picks, but if you get better results on this basis it may help your followers to focus on certain meetings


    2.20 Strategic Strike
    Florida Beat
    2.50 The Maxi Missle
    Harrogate Fair
    3.20 No Truth
    World Map
    3.55 Almost Gemini
    4.30 Mia’s Boy
    5.05 An Cat Dubh
    5.35 Sweet Vintage
    Maises Moon

  264. FFOS LAS

    1.40 Westward Point
    Whisky Yankie
    2.10 No to TRident
    Dark and Dangerous
    2.40 Hodgson
    Tin Pot Man
    3.10 Brockwell Park
    Kindly Note
    3.45 Midnight Haze
    4.15 Leader of the Gang
    Mister Bricolage
    4.45 Audacious Plan
    Chill Factor


    1.30 Royal Guardsman
    2.00 rocky Bender
    Moorland Street
    2.30 Empire Levant
    Theatre Guide
    3.00 Rum & Butter
    Zelkova Island
    3.30 Balbriggan
    Thomas Wild
    4.05 Howlongisafoot
    Hello George
    4.35 Lion on the Prowl

  266. Simon

    Good to hear you made a few £££ on the BBOTD.

    I would however err on the side of caution. Perhaps bet the BBOTD to level stakes or even 10/20% of your Betting Bank. I wouldnt roll it all up. Only takes a stinker of a run to undo all those previous winners.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  267. Hi matt been following your tips for a while when able to get a bet on and up a few bob now ! Lumped on your botd yesterday thanks for that today I’m gunna let it roll on today’s tip ! Woulnt usually do this but I have confidence and at the end of the day it’s my decision so Who dares wins mate ! Thanks once again

  268. Ketchy

    You can create a reasonably reliable system but there are still lots of unknown factors which you have no control over.

    Hopefully over the past 3 weeks or so the selections put up on this page show a decent level of consistency.

    When I started this all I did was try and improve on the speed ratings picks. When Jason was prevented from posting I saw a opportunity to offer that service.

    It would be wonderful if every 2 selections came 1st and 2nd, but as you say if I could guarentee that I’d be millionaire!

    What the system has should (I hope) is that on any one day it can produce a fair few winners across a race card. Lingfield the other day was 7 from 7. There have been plenty of 6 from 8, 6 from 7 etc. Also there have been a few 1 from 7 or 2 from 7 etc.

    All I can say is I work tirelessly to work out why some fail and work also on why the selections win so I can conitually improve the service I offer.

  269. thanks for your reply. I have been following your picks from the start and you had a good RFC at BOTD very early on. For what its worth I do look at your tips and Williams and Keiths. As well as using my own system and have a bet or two a day. Usually go for races no more 6 to 10 runners where front 2 are 6/4 against or bigger and a bit bigger than the rest of the market. Then bet on both. EG Wolves 8.20 last night 7 runners Misfer tipped by MWK at 2/1 so backed it plus 2nd Fav Enzal at 11/4 and made a profit.Like you said it is impossible to tweek a system where you get 100% winners. If you could you wouldnt be on here you would be lying on a beach somehwere in retirement 🙂

  270. Hello matt
    i found your posts by chance
    as a senior citizen who likes a small flutter
    it seems you find lots of winners,ive paid for some tips in the past but they dont win so am out of pocket
    i will certainly sort through yours and hopefully profit

  271. Matt, today I decided to do your tips Keith’s and Williams ,I dutched the races with all celections ,no bet if fav was odds on,had a very good day thanks all of you.

  272. Matt,i appreciate that you are providing the service for the punters benefit,if i did not pose the question, and did not get any response from you,i would’nt have understood your selection process.thank you so much for your prompt reply

  273. Hi Matt/Keith,

    I’ve been following your free trial for almost the complete month now. Well done I must say overall you have had some very good days. Although when I’ve bet I’ve some now always picked the loser. My fault. Anyway is their any chance of picking your top 4-5 horses for lucky 15’s/31’s. I can’t decide between your 2horses every race & sneaking out to the bookies just doesn’t work. I like you have a very demanding job. How you do it I just don’t know. WELL DONE anyway on all your horses btw.

  274. Roy

    Honestly, there is no need to apologize. I appreciate your comments.

    I am trying so hard to produce a more consistent system and always try to work out why a certain horse doesn’t perform.

    I guess its the nut I will never crack as they are horses at the end of the day and can be unpredictable. Look at the news breaking tonight over at Godolphin!

    All I am offering is a system which rates 2 horses for you to concentrate on.

    All I want (and its the reason I spend hours on this) is to make you money.

    If you bet 4 points per race today on Betfair on each selection you (win/place) you would have made money today.

    With Keith and Williams selections overlapping the strike rate is definitely in the high 60s/70%

    I know Norman Stops at first winner. Others cherry pick KWM selections. Others look out for the Best Bet. (which i will post daily now regardless of price)

    I am here to help the best I can.

  275. Roy

    There was also a 16/1 winner, 2 (I think) opening priced 33/1 places including one – Poole Harbour that was touched off by a nose.

    I appreciate there are two selections a race, but overall the consistency of the selections is there to see. Ok, some don’t place, some run badly, some get hampered, some don’t like the change of ground etc., but over the past 3 or so weeks save for the odd day, the two selections given have been there or thereabouts and further analysis of some of the placed horses (those finishing second) have lost less than a length.

    If you want I will email you the list of 2nds losing less than a length. There are well over 50 selections.

  276. ROY

  277. Roy

    I take your point but it is 14 winners from 21 races.

    I am not misleading anyone. Apart from 14 winners there were numerous placed finishes throughout the day including several RFCs.

    Please remember that I am not “tipping” or suggesting for one moment that you bet on every selection. This is a RATINGS page. I am offering 2 horses rated from the race card for you to concentrate on.

    Keith operates a similar system as does William although he chooses one selection and 2 if closely matched.

    Did you look through the cards today? Did you see the results? If so, then its not “misleading” its simply informing you of the outcome – i try to post each race card afterwards and highlight the winners, placed and losing selections.

    I am not promoting a system which picks winner/2nd in each and every race. That would be in my opinion impossible. Speed Ratings dot net offer up two selections like I do. They highlight their winners/placed as I do. Keith on the other page does like wise.

    I strive for consistency – My results versus Speed Ratings is far superior.

    I am not sure what more I can say. If you find it misleading then I’m sorry, that clearly is not my intention, but overall I hope you can see from some of the price of the winners/placed horses that the system works


    5.50 The Yank x
    Jordaura x
    6.20 rose garnet 2nd 11/4
    spic and span x
    6.50 Abated 2
    Smokethatthunders 1st 9/2
    7.20 Red Orator 3rd 7/2
    Porgys 2nd 7/1
    7.50 Larghetto x
    Romantacize NR
    8.20 Misfer 3rd
    Nautilus x
    8.50 Ssafa 1st 5/2
    Waveguide 2nd 11/4 RFC

    2 winners on the card, 1 RFC and several placed horses.

    Night races not as great as during the day. Will be analyzing the evening races to see why but overall 17 winners over the 5 cards

  279. Matt,i find it misleading when you claim 14 winners from 21 races whereby it should be 14 winners from 42 selections


  281. WINDSOR:

    5.30 Jive x
    Hoku 3rd 2/1
    6.00 Zamoyski x
    St Paul de Venice x
    6.30 Elusive Flame x
    Poole Harbour 2nd 33/1 into 20/1 (lost by a nose!!!)
    7.00 Persepolis 2nd 2/1
    satwa story
    7.30 Super Say
    Angel Gabrial 2nd 17/2
    8.00 poetic verse 1st 7/2
    El Massivo 2nd 7/2 RFC

    Only 1 winner on the card, but almost a 33/1 into 20/1 winner with Poole Harbour being beaten by a nose! 4 seconds (frustrating!)
    and a 3rd, plus a last race RFC.

  282. Save for Windsor and Wolves (yet to complete) today’s racing – 3 meetings

    14 winners from 21 races including a 16/1 and several other decent priced winners. Lots of decent placed horses.

    BBOTD also won at 7/4

  283. KEMPTON

    2.20 Idle Curiosity x
    Black Truffle 2nd 3/1
    2.50 Secret Talent 1st 4/5
    Perfect Calm 3rd 7/4
    3.20 Mushaakis 3rd 100/30
    Day in day out x
    3.50 Pether’s Moon BBOTD 1st 10/11 out to 7/4
    Thatchmaster 2nd 9/2 RFC
    4.20 Bright Strike 1st 9/4
    Kimberella 3rd 33/1 into 16/1
    4.50 Monopoli x
    Foxhaven 1st 15/2
    5.20 King Olav 1st 7/1 into 5/1
    5.55 West leake
    Midnight Feast 1st 9/4

    6 from 8 winners including at some decent prices including those placed.


    2.10 Mops Angel 1st 5/1 into 4/1
    Heskin 3rd 100/30
    2.40 Blue Wave 1st 2/1
    Dorfman NR
    3.10 Head space x
    Galician 2nd 11/2 into4/1
    3.40 Kazbow 1st 5/1 into 4/1
    Riptide 3rd 7/1 into 6/1
    4.10 Anderton x
    Mayaasem/Bastion (same rating)1st 3/1 2nd5/2 RFC
    4.40 Frontier Fighter 1st 6/1 into 7/2
    Green Howard x

    5 from 6 winners and an RFC at some very decent prices (opening)

  285. HEXHAM

    2.30 Calculaite x
    Gold Cygnet x (wish I had put up Twentypoundluck which was identical rating)
    3.00 Flaming Arrow 1st 10/11
    Moscow Presents
    3.30 CaraCourt
    Pegasus Prince
    4.00 My Idea
    4.30 Lady Verona 3rd 11/8
    Hidden Horizons 1st 6/1 into 3/1
    5.00 Palos Conti fell
    Ocarina 1st 25/1 – 16/1
    5.30 Poweronthebonnet 2nd 4/1
    Clan gathering

  286. Ketchy

    Ive resisted putting up BBOTD beacuse of the odds, but so many have won at odds against even if it has been 6/5, 5/4 or evens. so today I decided to put one up each day regardless of their odds.

    Glad we got off to a good start.


    5.50 The Yank
    6.20 rose garnet
    spic and span
    6.50 Abated
    7.20 Red Orator
    7.50 Larghetto
    8.20 Misfer
    8.50 Ssafa

  288. WINDSOR:

    5.30 Jive
    6.00 Zamoyski
    St Paul de Venice
    6.30 Elusive Flame
    Poole Harbour
    7.00 Persepolis
    satwa story
    7.30 Super Say
    Angel Gabrial
    8.00 poetic verse
    El Massivo


    I havent been puttign these us because the odds have often been too short, but from now on I will put up the best bet(s) of the day regardless.


    3.50 Kempton Pether’s Moon 1/1 or 10/11 BOG

  290. HEXHAM UPDATE!!!!

    Guys and Gals,

    William and Keith’s selections do not seem to tally with mine so perhaps tread carefully if considering using any of my selections today at HEXHAM

    Good luck!

  291. William,

    Really? I must admit the system was throwing up some unusual selections.

    I had to make a decision on some of them because the ratings were so similar.

    eg went for Gold Cygnet over twentypoundluck
    and Clan Gathering over New Academy.

    Calculaite and Pegasus Prince are strange ones, but there you go. I’ll live and die by them I guess. It was the only card that I did twice to see if the slections were different.

    If you and Keith have agreed on a few, I guess Im staring down the barrel of a 0 from 7 🙁

  292. I think everyone has been struggling last couple of weeks my friend but as you say hopefully settled down now with some great results ahead.

    Thanks again

  293. BOB,

    thank you for your comments. Its been a tough 3-4 days with many horses simply not running up to their mark/form/RPR etc.

    Turned a wee bit of a corner yesterday with 14 winners from 23 races and a good few decent priced placed horses, so I am hoping for better as the weeks progress and the flat season settles down.

  294. KEMPTON

    2.20 Idle Curiosity
    Black Truffle (RFC?)
    2.50 Secret Talent
    Perfect Calm (RFC?)
    3.20 Mushaakis
    Day in day out
    3.50 Pether’s Moon
    4.20 Bright Strike
    4.50 Monopoli
    5.20 King Olav
    5.55 West leake
    Midnight Feast

  295. Matt thanks again for these not been on much recently but your selections are Appreciated. The racing has been bizarre last month or so nothing to do with your selections mate they are spot on.


    2.10 Mops Angel
    2.40 Blue Wave
    3.10 Head space
    3.40 Kazbow
    4.10 Anderton
    Mayaasem/Bastion (same rating)
    4.40 Frontier Fighter
    Green Howard

  297. HEXHAM

    2.30 Calculaite
    Gold Cygnet
    3.00 Flaming Arrow
    Moscow Presents
    3.30 CaraCourt
    Pegasus Prince
    4.00 My Idea
    4.30 Lady Verona
    Hidden Horizons
    5.00 Palos Conti
    5.30 Poweronthebonnet
    Clan gathering

  298. Much more like it today. 14 winners from 23 races including 6 RFCs and plenty of very decent odds placed horses including swingbridge coming second at 25/1.

    Let’s hope we’ve now turned a corner – I hope that you were on a few of these today and weren’t too wary about following given the past few days.


    2.20 Lord Wishes x
    Swingbridge 2nd 25/1
    2.50 Harraboru x
    Streams of Whiskey x
    3.20 riskier 1st2/1
    Lord of Drums
    3.50 Platinum 2nd 4/1
    White Fusion
    4.20 Full Speed 1st 7/4
    All that Remains 2nd 16/1 RFC
    4.50 Beneficial Reform x
    Railway Dillon 3rd 3/1
    5.20 Dr Da Dalwhinney/Gold Future 2nd 10/1 (cant split them)
    5.50 Izzini 1st 11/8
    Thunder and rain 2nd 11/2 RFC

    3 winners including 2 RFCs and a 25/1 second!


    2.10 Tamanacho
    Bright Alley 1st 7/1
    2.40 Royal Guardsman NR (Sound Investment would have been the alternative)
    Henryville 2nd 7/2
    3.10 King Edmund 1st 9/4
    Elenika 2nd 11/4 RFC
    3.40 Lower Hope Dandy NR
    Hand on Bach x
    4.10 Sidney Melbourne 1st 4/6
    4.40 Fair Trade 1st 1/2
    Kalami King NR
    5.10 Rocky Bender NR
    The Big Freeze x
    5.40 Cup Final x
    The Skyfarmer 1st 9/4

    6 from 8


    2.00 Landscape 3rd 13/8
    Houndscourt 2nd 7/2
    2.30 Sentimental Journey 1st 7/2
    Gemini Ahhs 2nd 5/1 RFC
    3.00 Bow to no one 1st 11/4
    Wilde Ruby 2nd 6/1 RFC
    3.30 Gentleman Anshan 1st 11/2
    Dashing George x
    4.00 Sir De Grugy 1st 30/100
    Silver Commander NR
    4.30 Notafbad x
    Bab Al Salam x
    5.00 Marky Bob 2nd 7/2
    Regal Rumpus/presentandcorrect 1st 3/1 (identical ratings)

    5 from 7 including 3 RFCs.

  302. I had some nice winners yesterday
    But just not enough of them

    My acca for today is

    Newcastle 14:20 – Lord Wishes
    Newcastle 14:50 – Hurraboru
    Stratford 17:00 – Regal Rumpus – MW
    Newcastle 17:50 – Izzini – MW

    Accumulator (4)

    1 Lord Wishes
    2 Hurraboru
    3 Izzini
    4 Regal Rumpus

  303. William

    As per my last post to Gary. I wouldn’t mind if all of a sudden the selections were coming plum last, but a quick analysis of the last 4 days results and its a case of there or thereabouts.

    How can Wolverhampton produce 5 from 7 including a 20/1 winner whereas Newbury struggles to produce 2 winners and very few placed? Its the same system, same calculations, same criteria. So frustrating!!

    Let’s hope the KWM combo hits as when it does the ACCA’s, patents etc will be fantastic.

    This little run cant carry on! Surely?

  304. Gary,

    Thanks for the kind words. I think your friend might have the right idea.

    I think funnily enough I’d be far more ambivalent about it if the selections were 12th and 14th all the time. It’s because they are there or thereabouts its so frustrating.

    With so many 5/1 + placed horses all I need is few of the more higher rated ones to also come in and we’d have RFCs coming out of our ears.

    Lets hope we have a turn around of luck today.


    2.00 Landscape
    2.30 Sentimental Journey
    Gemini Ahhs
    3.00 Bow to no one
    Wilde Ruby
    3.30 Gentleman Anshan
    Dashing George
    4.00 Sir De Grugy
    Silver Commander
    4.30 Notafbad
    Bab Al Salam
    5.00 Marky Bob
    Regal Rumpus/presentandcorrect (identical ratings)


    2.10 Tamanacho
    Bright Alley
    2.40 Royal Guardsman
    3.10 King Edmund
    3.40 Lower Hope Dandy
    Hand on Bach
    4.10 Sidney Melbourne
    4.40 Fair Trade
    Kalami King
    5.10 Rocky Bender
    The Big Freeze
    5.40 Cup Final
    The Skyfarmer (RFC?)

  307. Matt

    Keep the faith, it will come good again when the flat settles, my mate doesn’t bet anything on the turf flat until the guineas meeting it makes you wonder.



    2.20 Lord Wishes
    2.50 Harraboru
    Streams of Whiskey
    3.20 riskier
    Lord of Drums (RFC?)
    3.50 Platinum
    White Fusion
    4.20Full Speed
    All that Remains
    4.50 Beneficial Reform
    Railway Dillon
    5.20 Dr Da Dalwhinney/Gold Future (cant split them)
    5.50 Izzini
    Thunder and rain

  309. Thanks John.

    I just get disappointed after working through the cards. Seeing several really good form picks, high RPR’d tailed off, or pipped less than a length makes me mad. I came in last night to see so many 12/1, 9/1, 8/1 and 7/1 horses finish in the places, but less than a length from first. I counted 8 or 9 such races.

    And worse, the “good things” ie the shorter odds horses having a nightmare. I’ve lost count of how many that have finished second over the past 4 days. There must be over 30!

    Still onwards and upwards

    Have a good day!

  310. Mat

    Between you and I we selected the 1st 3 for the national at Ayr

    What a tricast that would have been mate

  311. Hi Matt

    You put yourself down too much. The card at Wolverhampton was really good 5 out of 7 winners and 1st and 3rd in the big race in fact the ones you picked were practically the only ones who finished in that race! Looking forward to today’s selections

  312. Another difficult day at the office so to speak. Still horses not running to their form with so many decent types being pipped to the post.

    Saving graces, picking the Scottish National 1st and 3rd placed horses. Ending the day with a decent Wolverhampton card of finishes including a 20/1 winner. 5 winners from 7.

    Spread amongst the day were some other decent priced winners/placed horses but I accept it’s not up to scratch.

    Must try harder!

  313. AYR

    1.30 Reaping the Reward 3rd 15/2
    Rhymers Ha x
    2.05 Tap Night 2nd 6/4
    Rajhani Express 1st 3/1 RFC
    2.40 Court Minstrel 1st 4/1
    Grumeti x
    3.15 Petit Robin
    His Excellency 2nd 9/1
    3.50 Mister Marker 3rd 25/1/Always Right/Godsmejudge 1st 12/1
    Rival D Estruval (Scottish National – all similar on ratings so included them all)
    4.45 Kians Delight x
    Saphir River x
    5.00 The Druids Nephew x
    Buddy Bolero NR
    5.35 Trade winds 2nd 4/5
    Honour a Promise x

  314. THIRSK

    2.15 Areodynamics x
    Sardanapalus x
    2.50 Nordikhab 3rd 4/5
    lord ashley 1st 13/2
    3.25 Osteopathetic Remedy x
    Lightening Cloud 3rd 5/1
    4.00 Easy Terms x
    Crackentorp NR
    4.35 Effie B x
    Dream Maker x
    5.10 Arnold Lane 1st 100/30
    Pintura x
    5.45 Azzurra Du Caprio 3rd 20/1
    Tango Sky
    6.10 Viva Ronaldo x
    Paramour x

  315. BANGOR

    1.55 Witness in Court 3rd 5/4
    willobouby Hedge
    2.30 Peckhamecho x
    Kruzhlinin 2nd 7/2
    3.05 Switched off x
    Cheat the cheater x
    3.40 Double Dash 2nd 13/2
    Carpincho x
    4.15 Flash Harriet 2nd 12/1
    Lord Navits
    4.50 Diamond King 1st 11/8
    When Ben When
    5.20 Thats rhythm 1st 5/4
    Cool mission

  316. NEWBURY

    1.15 Cactus Valley 2nd 7/1
    Robin Hood
    1.50 Noble Mission 3rd 5/4
    2.20 Educate x
    Global Village 4th 9/1
    2.55 Rosdhu Queen
    Agent Allison 2nd 7/1
    3.30 Olympic Glory 1st 8/11 (opening price 6/4)
    4.05 Kyllachy Rise 2nd 6/4
    Cape Peron 1st 8/1 RFC
    4.40 Squire Osbaldeston
    Circus Turn

  317. NOTTS

    5.30 Wickenhambrook x
    red pike 2nd 8/1
    6.00 Clubland x
    Mr Man in the moon x
    6.30 Hannahs turn x
    Chasing dreams 3rd 7/2
    7.00 Lilac Tree x
    Camachoice x
    7.30 Thourwa x
    Brass Ring x
    8.00 Love Marmalade 1st 6/1
    Standing Bear

  318. WOLVES
    6.15 annes Rocket NR
    Lujeane x
    6.45 Eastern Dragon 1st 4/1
    shes ellie
    7.15 Saharia 1st 4/9
    satwa laird 2nd 4/1 RFC
    7.45 Azma
    Of course darling 1st 3/1
    8.15 Elik 2nd 5/6
    8.45 Officer in command
    idol deputy 1st 20/1
    9.15 Gabrials Hope 1st 15/8

    5 from 7 winners including a 20/1 winner.

  319. WOLVES
    6.15 annes Rocket
    6.45 Eastern Dragon
    shes ellie
    7.15 Saharia
    satwa laird
    7.45 Azma
    Of course darling
    8.15 Elik
    8.45 Officer in command
    idol deputy
    9.15 Gabrials Hope

  320. NOTTS

    5.30 Wickenhambrook
    red pike
    6.00 Clubland
    Mr Man in the moon
    6.30 Hannahs turn
    Chasing dreams
    7.00 Lilac Tree
    7.30 Thourwa
    Brass Ring
    8.00 Love Marmalade
    Standing Bear

  321. NEWBURY

    1.15 Cactus Valley
    Robin Hood
    1.50 Noble Mission
    2.20 Educate
    Global Village
    2.55 Rosdhu Queen
    Agent Allison
    3.30 Olympic Glory
    4.05 Kyllachy Rise
    Cape Peron
    4.40 Squire Osbaldeston
    Circus Turn

  322. BANGOR

    1.55 Witness in Court
    willobouby Hedge
    2.30 Peckhamecho
    3.05 Switched off
    Cheat the cheater
    3.40 Double Dash
    4.15 Flash Harriet
    Lord Navits
    4.50 Diamond King
    When Ben When
    5.20 Thats rhythm
    Cool mission

  323. THIRSK

    2.15 Areodynamics
    2.50 Nordikhab
    lord ashley
    3.25 Osteopathetic Remedy
    Lightening Cloud
    4.00 Easy Terms
    4.35 Effie B
    Dream Maker
    5.10 Arnold Lane
    5.45 Azzurra Du Caprio
    Tango Sky
    6.10 Viva Ronaldo

  324. AYR

    1.30 Reaping the Reward
    Rhymers Ha
    2.05 Tap Night
    Rajhani Express
    2.40 Court Minstrel
    3.15 Petit Robin
    His Excellency
    3.50 Mister Marker/Always Right/Godsmejudge
    Rival D Estruval (Scottish National – all similar on ratings so included them all)
    4.45 Kians Delight
    Saphir River
    5.00 The Druids Nephew
    Buddy Bolero
    5.35 Trade winds
    Honour a Promise

  325. Both teams to score

    5 Fold

    Premier League: West Ham vs. Wigan (Saturday)
    Premier League: West Brom vs. Newcastle (Saturday)
    Championship: Derby vs. Peterborough (Saturday)
    Premier League: Tottenham vs. Man City (Sunday)
    Premier League: Liverpool vs. Chelsea (Sunday)

  326. BATH

    5.00 Beau Nash
    5.30 Zhiggy’s Stardust
    6.00 Shrimpton
    space Artist
    6.30 Jwala
    7.00 Moment In Time
    Destiny of Dreams
    7.30 Our Folly
    Lakota Ghost
    8.00 Steel Rain
    Celestrial Dawn


    4.50 Haar
    Noble Witness
    5.20 Night force
    the milan horse (RFC?)
    5.50 Sparville
    6.20 Double mead
    Miss vivian
    6.50 Makari
    Stormy oscar
    7.20 Riddlestown/Zava River *cant split them
    Captain Clayton
    7.50 Reverb
    Four shuck men/troyan *cant split them

  328. BATH and SOUTHWELL will be posted around lunchtime.

    Just finalising/working on the Southwell card now. Work is getting in the way!! 🙁


    1.50 Definite Ruby
    Jean Fleming
    2.20 Theatrical Star
    Financial Climate
    2.50 Occasionally Yours
    3.25 Peut Etre Sivola
    Emma Soda
    4.00 Bright Light
    4.35 Meirigs Dream
    Legend Erry
    5.05 Venetian Lad
    Lord Singer
    5.35 Mongonal

  330. AYR
    1.10 Discovery Bay
    King of Worlds
    1.40 Jonny Delta
    Red Inca
    2.10 Seymour Eric
    Walkabout Creek
    2.40 McMurrough
    Bold Sir Brian
    3.15 Rebel Rebellion
    3.50 Kenford Grey Lady
    4.25 Amigo
    Andhaar (28/1 currently)
    4.55 Pure Science
    Fine Rightly

  331. NEWBURY

    2.00 Rock Choir
    At a Clip
    2.30 Cap O rushes
    3.05 Ribaat
    Baltic Knight
    3.40 Steventon Star
    4.15 Lieutenant Miller
    4.45 Magic of Reality
    5.15 Heeraat

  332. Mark, Gary, Barry

    BET Of The DAY will be posted when the system idenitfies one but recently the odds are eiother too skinny (odds on) or I have not posted as the form has been abit hit and miss. I need to be confident before putting up the best bet.

    I agree the earlt Flat form is very much hit and miss and I will persevere.

    Thank you for your comments. All appreciated.

  333. hey matt are you no longer posting your bet of the day when your ratings system identifies one?
    Also i am not surprised you are not finding quite so many winners as i have found untill mid may the flat season form is not established is this bourne out by previous ratings in other years.
    thanks barryx

  334. Matt

    It’s your system but personally I wouldn’t tinker with it just yet as your ratings didn’t take into account last years Craven meeting as you say you have been running them for 8 months so you have no comparison with last years just a thought.

    I don’t think it’s your system that is wrong I think it’s more the start of the flat system, horses not running to form, trainers not hit form yet etc.

    Keep up the great work



  335. Well thanks to yourself keith and william i’ve not had to top up my account in weeks … you must be doing something right 🙂

  336. Mark,

    I think thats where it finished today.

    Not one of my better days and 2 days now in a row where the ratings have been off kilter. I’m loathe to tinker as it has proven so consistent over the past 8 months.

    Back to it tomorrow following an 8 from 8 tonight. We can hope!


    5.20 Jawking
    5.55 Confidential Creek
    Marmot Bay
    6.25 Blanc De Chine
    Royal Bajan
    6.55 Requested
    Fantasy In blue
    7.25 Shea
    Cape Alex
    7.55 Birdy Boy
    Excellent Puck
    8.25 Sannibel
    The Mongoose
    8.55 Amis Renuis
    Jonnie Skull

  338. RIPON

    2.10 Withernsea
    2.45 St Moritz
    The Bull Hayes
    3.20 Mappin Time
    Chunky Diamond
    3.55 Dusky Queen
    Pure Excellence
    4.30 Baccarat
    Queens revenge
    5.05 Right Touch
    Street Battle
    5.35 Brookes Bounty
    Future Reference
    6.05 Come on Dave
    Alaskin Bullet


    2.00 Ma Fillenle
    Hidden Identity
    2.35 Marie Des Anges
    3.10 Prima Porta
    4.20 Big Easy
    First Fandango
    4.55 Aquetta
    Mister Matt
    5.25 Fabrinka
    6.00 Velator
    thanks for coming


    1.45 Fire Blaze
    Our Queenie
    2.20 Shes late
    2.55 Ghurair
    Havanna Beat RFC?
    3.30 Move in Time
    4.05 Tornado
    Havannas Gold
    4.40 Bonfire
    5.15 Invincible Cara
    Call Ahead
    5.45 Hillstar
    Mystery Bet RFC?

  341. 7 winners across 4 cards is a bad day at the office. Countless placed efforts with lots of 2nd and 3rds. 2 RFC’s and a 25/1 2nd still doesnt leave me happy.

    Comfort is taken that the majority of the selections are there or thereabouts and closer inspection of the results shows that placed horses are losing by the narrowest of margins. Most were less than a length.

    Testing few days for the Ratings and I’ll again be pouring over the results and re-watching the races to analysis it further.

    Whilst I fully accept it was a bad day at the office, I have just checked Speed Ratings results and I had more winners and placed horses than them to if anything its proof of better consistency.

    However, I accept its not good enough.

    Better day tomorrow……I hope so!!

  342. 1.45 Estifzaaz x
    Balad x
    2.20 Split Rock 3rd
    M’Selle 2nd 11/2
    2.55 Victrix Ludorum x
    Tamayuz x
    3.30 Emell 2nd 4/1
    Garswood 1st 5/2
    4.05 Sky Lantern 2nd 11/4
    Lady Nouf
    4.40 Intello 1st 6/4
    Keraaj *same mark for King George River/Spaceship. KGR 2nd
    5.15 Battalion Withdrawn n.u.o
    Demonic 3rd
    5.45 Professor 4th
    The Taj x


    2.00 Eeny Mac 3rd 9/2 – backed to 15/8
    Kingswinford NR
    2.35 Nice Story 2nd 25/1
    Arthurs Secret x
    3.10 Captain Midnight 3rd 7/4
    Atlantic Affair x
    3.45 Vine De Nada 1st 6/4
    Tyrsal x
    4.20 Caranbola x
    Last Sovereign 2nd 8/1 (shd)
    4.55 Skytrain 3rd 7/4
    Admiral of the sea 2nd 6/1
    5.25 Naru 2nd 5/4
    Gabrial the Master 3rd
    6.00 Adorable Choice 3rd 9/2
    Ssafa 2nd 7/2

  344. CHELTENHAM – revised.

    2.10 Puffin Billy
    Whisper 1st 9/4
    2.45 Handy Andy x
    African Broadway x
    3.20 Edgardo Sol x
    Clerks Choice x
    3.55 Menorah 2nd 9/1
    Hunt Ball
    4.30 Italian Master 4th 6/1 (opening price)
    5.05 Goulanes 2nd 9/4
    Ackertac 1st 13/2 RFC
    5.35 Mr Mole 3rd 5/2
    Solaras Exhibition PU

  345. KEMPTON

    5.55 Permeate – 2nd
    Nellie forbrush 3rd 7/1
    6.30 Leitrim Pass -x
    Emperor Julius x
    7.00 Town Mouse 3rd
    7.30 Zeus Magic x
    Jathabah x
    8.00 Australia Day x
    Tappanappa 3rd 6/1
    8.30 El mirage 1st 7/2
    Jubilant Queen
    9.00 Rewaan 1st 6/4

    Dainel Thomas

  346. KEMPTON

    5.55 Permeate
    Nellie forbrush
    6.30 Leitrim Pass
    Emperor Julius
    7.00 Town Mouse
    7.30 Zeus Magic
    8.00 Australia Day
    8.30 El mirage
    Jubilant Queen
    9.00 Rewaan
    Dainel Thomas

  347. Sorry guys. Can you replace in the 4.30 CHELTENHAM

    Take out Sgt Dick and replace with ITALIAN MASTER
    Qalinas should be 2nd choice.

    CHELTENHAM – revised.

    2.10 Puffin Billy
    2.45 Handy Andy
    African Broadway
    3.20 Edgardo Sol
    Clerks Choice
    3.55 Menorah
    Hunt Ball
    4.30 Italian Master
    5.05 Goulanes
    5.35 Mr Mole
    Solaras Exhibition


    2.10 Puffin Billy
    2.45 Handy Andy
    African Broadway
    3.20 Edgardo Sol
    Clerks Choice
    3.55 Menorah
    Hunt Ball
    4.30 Qalinas
    Sergeant Dick
    5.05 Goulanes
    5.35 Mr Mole
    Solaras Exhibition.


    2.00 Eeny Mac
    2.35 Nice Story
    Arthurs Secret
    3.10 Captain Midnight
    Atlantic Affair
    3.45 Vine De Nada
    4.20 Caranbola
    Last Sovereign
    4.55 Skytrain
    Admiral of the sea
    5.25 Naru
    Gabrial the Master
    6.00 Dance for Georgie

    Day 1 of the Craven Meeting. Some highly regarded horses on show today – many with Dante/Oaks/Guinea entries. Big fields and lots of first time out horss, so tread carefully today.

    1.45 Estifzaaz
    2.20 Split Rock
    2.55 Victrix Ludorum
    3.30 Emell
    4.05 Sky Lantern
    Lady Nouf
    4.40 Intello
    Keraaj *same mark for King George River/Spaceship.
    5.15 Battalion
    5.45 Professor
    The Taj

  351. Kah

    Go to latest posts/news and click onto Aprils Tips. You’ll find K and W’s selections on that page. William often posts where all 3 of us agree. The strike rate between us has been quite high in recent days.

    Tough days racig today, so tread carefully

  352. Matt

    It’s been a tough couple of days, thanks for all your efforts and hard work with the selections.

    Much appreciated.


  353. Keith,

    Thanks, 9 winners over the 3 cards, and almost every selection win/place at Southwell.

    Another tough day though and the Craven Meeting begins tomorrow.

    Lets hope the KWM acca comes in tomorrow.

    Keep up the good work Keith

    Keep up the good work William


    2.10 Glacial Age 1st 1/1
    Solarmaite 3rd 7/1
    2.40 Mata Hari Blue 1st 6/4
    Economic Crisis 3rd 9/1
    3.15 Jacobs Son 2nd 2/1
    tornado force (RFC?)3rd 15/2
    3.50 Tanjeed 2nd 4/5
    Whiskey Bravo 1st 9/4
    4.25 Hellbender 3rd 7/1
    Half a Billion 4th
    5.00 Day of Destiny 1st 11/4
    Thereabouts 3rd 7/2
    5.35 Linroyale Boy 3rd
    Decana (RFC?)1st 6/1

    Far better results with 5 winners, and all but one placed in the top 3. Half a billion coming fourth (you were right John!!)

    Place pot of £84.00

  355. EXETER

    2.00 Foundary Square x
    Return Spring 2nd 5/2
    2.30 Fourovakind 2nd 3/1
    count guido delro
    3.00 Double Dizzy
    Global Power 2nd 5/1
    3.35 Helium
    Thundering home 2nd 6/1
    4.10 Ice N Easy 1st 7/2
    Coole River (RFC?)
    4.45 Lucette Annie 1st 1/1
    Euro Farmer 3rd 8/1
    5.20 Deputy Dan 1st 11/4
    Harry’s Farewell (RFC?) 3rd 5/2
    5.50 Morito Du Berlais 3rd
    Know more oats

    Card of 2nds and 3rds with 3 winners
    Place pot win of £37.50.

  356. KEMPTON

    1.50 Shooters Wood x
    Whos Jeff x
    2.20 Run Along Boy 2nd 9/1
    Miss Tenacious
    2.50 Master of the Game 3rd 4/1
    Sky Watch
    3.25 Milgen Bay x
    Last Shot x
    4.00 Call Me a Star 2nd 13/2
    Unika la Reconce (RFC?)x
    4.35 Oscar Prairie x
    Romeco Americo x
    5.10 Shuil Royale x
    No Loose Change 1st 11/4 (was 7/1)
    5.45 Benedictus 1st 11/4
    Rear Gunner x

  357. Well Done Matt at Southwell you had every selection in the frame! 5 Winners 2 Seconds 6 Thirds and 1 Fourth! First Time in the trial 100%

  358. Anita

    Let’s hope we have some luck in running and all our similar selections duly oblige.


    ACCA looks decent for a £1 EW – lets hope we have some luck. Good lukc with your Selections.


    Good luck Sir with your Selections.

  359. Hi Matt..I uaually post on th eother page as you may know..great fan of you William and Keith..I’ve got a few similar selections to you today, dont know whether thats good or bad..thanks for all the time you guys put into this..we all appreciate it..although for some reason whatever profit I may make soon gets wiped out by loses..dunno..I’ll keep at it..well done though

  360. Thanks for that Matt – yes I usually avoid those horses anyway, well in fact don’t do any Flat races for a month or so, until we have some settled form to go on.

  361. Thanks guys for the mesasges. Appreciate it and makes it all worthwhile especially when I’m burning the midnight oil.

    Will, The ratings I use take into account and give an allowance to each surface etc, so it should be pretty consistent. I think from yesterday the only thing that emerged was first time out horses which score highly on pedigree/trainer/jockey strike rate etc should be bet carefully as the horses like BURNHAM, DESTINY BLUE, REGAL SWAIN PORTMONARCH all died on their hooves –

    Hope that helps

  362. Hi Matt, Do you have any stats or just a gut feeling as to whether your ratings fare better at certain courses or race types like all-weather for example?
    Thanks for a great service by the way!

  363. KEMPTON

    1.50 Shooters Wood
    Whos Jeff
    2.20 Lemon’s Gent
    Miss Tenacious
    2.50 Master of the Game
    Sky Watch
    3.25 Milgen Bay
    Last Shot
    4.00 Call Me a Star
    Unika la Reconce (RFC?)
    4.35 Oscar Prairie
    Romeco Americo
    5.10 Shuil Royale
    No Loose Change
    5.45 Benedictus
    Rear Gunner

  364. EXETER

    2.00 Foundary Square
    Return Spring
    2.30 Fourovakind
    count guido delro
    3.00 Double Dizzy
    Global Power
    3.35 Helium
    Thundering home
    4.10 Theatre Guide
    Coole River (RFC?)
    4.45 Lucette Annie
    Euro Farmer
    5.20 Deputy Dan
    Harry’s Farewell (RFC?)
    5.50 Morito Du Berlais
    Know more oats


    2.10 Glacial Age
    2.40 Mata Hari Blue
    Economic Crisis
    3.15 Jacobs Son
    tornado force (RFC?)
    3.50 Tanjeed
    Whiskey Bravo
    4.25 Hellbender
    Half a Billion
    5.00 Day of Destiny
    5.35 Linroyale Boy
    Decana (RFC?)

  366. Gary

    The selections are put up on here for people to use as they see fit.

    If you choose to bet on each race selection the suggestion is to win/place each selection ie a total of 4 points per race.

    You’ll see from yesterday whilst there were only 7 winners, there were quite a few placed horses so your point stake would make a return. There were also a few RFCs .

  367. Matt

    It happens mate, we know we can’t have loads of winners everyday, some strange results today!

    Matt do you use any kind of stake recovery with your selections?


  368. This is the name of the game Matt, I had bad day
    Too but try to get back on terms and will make
    Few quids with your help… Good Luck

  369. Hi matt frigging hard today like you say horses
    Not running to form don’t know exactly why early in the season prob better results Tomo mate

  370. Matt,

    To be fair a lot of horses coming back from long lay offs with the new flat turf season?, so don’t be so hard on yourself bud 🙂

  371. Only 7 winners today over 3 cards. Quite a few seconds and an analysis of the results will show a few lost out by hd,shd and necks. On another day we could have had 16/1 winner, 11/1 12/1 and a couple of 7/2s.

    I will be working hard to find us some better selections tomorrow.


    2.30 Robynelle x
    Lexington Rose x
    3.00 Edith Anne x
    Cracking Choice 2nd 7/2
    3.30 Carragold 1st 3/1
    Waltzing Darling
    4.00 Regal Swain x
    Gran Maestro x
    4.30 The Oesteopath 1st 13/2
    West End Lad
    5.00 Severiano
    Big Johnny D 1st 7/2
    5.30 Dick Bois x
    Clockmaker x
    6.00 Naburn 3rd 7/1

    3 winners with the highlight being Osteopath winning at 13/2, a good 3/1 and 7/2 winner (at least they weren’t odds on) but again not happy about today. A bad day all round. Lots of selections not living up to their breeding/ratings today.

    Better tomorrow.

    Apologies for the bad results today.
    Tarantella Lady

  373. WINDSOR

    2.20 Anticipated 1st 1/1
    Blue Anchor Bay
    2.50 My Son Max 3rd 7/2
    Noverre to go
    3.20 Gigawatt
    Dominate 1st 6/1
    3.50 Boots and Spurs x
    Rocky reef x
    4.20 Portmonarch x
    Punditry 2nd 7/2
    4.50 Shamir x
    Presbury x
    5.20 Burnham x
    Achalas 2nd 11/1

    Only 2 winners on this card with a good 6/1 winner and a 11/1 place but again I am not pleased with the results today.

  374. REDCAR

    2.10 Overdrive x
    Jazzy Lady x
    2.40 Scargill 1st 15/8
    Gin Time 2nd 11/4 RFC
    3.10 Dairam 2nd 4/6
    Serenata 3rd 9/1
    3.40 Destiny Blue x
    Two for Two 2nd 16/1 (lost by shd)
    *system produced 5 horses of similar ratings. Marginal call on 2 selections. Tread carefully
    4.10 Tribal Path x
    Apache Rising x
    4.40 Studfarmer 2nd 13/8
    Takealookatmenow 1st 11/4 RFC
    5.10 Cheers for Thea 3rd 12/1
    Miss Blink

    2 winners 2 RFCs a few decent priced place horses 16/1, 12/1 but not really pleased with the results today

  375. Matt,

    Do you have any idea of how many points you have achieved in the last year using your selections?, with that dutching each selection, (2 horse per race) with level stakes?

    Many thanks


  376. William,

    I think on my note we also agree on BURNHAM in the 5.20 –

    In any event, £2000 ACCA …. wouldnt that be nice. Can we really be that lucky?

    I think Apache Rising could let us down. Great AW figs but nto so sure on turf or the slower ground. Scores highly on the system though, so you never know. It really would be a good Monday!

    Fingers crossed.

  377. Matt

    Keith you and I only agree on 5 today

    Should make it a bite easier to get the acca up

    Redcar 14:40 – Gin Time – KMW
    Redcar 16:10 – Apache Rising – KMW
    Windsor 14:50 – My Son Max – KMW
    Newcastle 15:00 – Edith Anne — KMW
    Newcastle 16:00 – Regal Swain – KMW

    Acca pays Nearly £2,000 for £1.00 E/W

  378. NO LEOPARDSTOWN selections. I did look at them. Best I could see was short priced favourite in the 4.45 SCINTILLULA. (5/6)

    NO BEST BET OF THE DAY today. There will be a few this week looking ahead. Just nothing really high on the ratings at a reasonable price.

  379. Kah
    An example, yesterday at Wincanton Matt William and Keith agreed on their first selections in the 1.44,2.10,2.40 and 4.50. None of them where huge odds but all won, a £10 accumulator paid out £276.40 on best odds guaranteed.

  380. REDCAR

    2.10 Overdrive
    Jazzy Lady
    2.40 Scargill
    Gin Time
    3.10 Dairam
    3.40 Destiny Blue
    Two for Two *system produced 5 horses of similar ratings. Marginal call on 2 selections. Tread carefully
    4.10 Tribal Path
    Apache Rising
    4.40 Studfarmer
    5.10 Cheers for Thea
    Miss Blink

  381. WINDSOR

    2.20 Anticipated
    Blue Anchor Bay
    2.50 My Son Max
    Noverre to go
    3.20 Gigawatt
    3.50 Boots and Spurs
    Rocky reef
    4.20 Portmonarch
    4.50 Shamir
    5.20 Burnham


    2.30 Robynelle
    Lexington Rose
    3.00 Edith Anne
    Cracking Choice
    3.30 Carragold
    Waltzing Darling
    4.00 Regal Swain
    Gran Maestro
    4.30 The Oesteopath
    West End Lad
    5.00 Severiano
    Big Johnny D
    5.30 Dick Bois
    6.00 Naburn
    Tarantella Lady

  383. Kah,

    I appreciate it can be difficult. The selections are put up based on their ratings.

    My ratings were spawned from the speed ratings offered by Jason on this site previously. The ratings are designed to give you 2 best horses in each race. You then decide how to use those selections.

    I believe the Speed Ratings site use betfair and bet a win and a place on each of their Selections. So effectively 4points per race.

    Over the past 12 months my ratings have proven far more consitent than theirs as I add in a fwe other factors I know they dont.

    A few people are using mine, William and Keiths selections and where they tie up, they put them in their own bets.

    On Friday Keith hit 20 winners, I hit 19 and William was around that mark too. Yesterday Keith did 4 meetings and hit 17 winners and I did three meeting and hit 12 winners.

    Some jsut put a stop at first winner bets.

    I am not a tipster. I am not promoting that you bet on every race. I am providing a service exactly like Speed Ratings but with a higher strike rate. The months trial is to prove that statement. Thus far it has proven right.

    hope that helps

  384. Whats the best bet type for this many selections ive tried Dbls,.Trbls and only won once with acc 7
    How are you guys making money from this im not a big spender but its starting to get expensive please help…

    Top stuff Matt when does the free service run out?

  385. 9 winning days out of 10 Matt and that’s using you and William. Trying to work a system out with Keiths now.

  386. Thanks Keith. You too!! Very impressive!

    May have run you close if I had done Leopardstown 😉

    Enjoying this and with you and William in such fabulous form, I am sure the members on here are enjoying choosing a few winners or 10 🙂


    1.40 Suerto Al Salto 1st 8/13
    Bois Des Aigles
    2.10 Southfield Theatre 1st 1/1
    Kings Lad 3rd(RFC?) *difficult to split on rating
    2.40 Roll The Dice 1st 1/1
    Rocky Bender (RFC?) 2nd 6/4 RFC
    3.10 Umberto D’Olivate 2nd 9/4
    Notarfbad 1st 5/1 RFC
    3.45 Qualviro 3rd 10/1
    Den of Iniquity
    4.20 Rody 1st 3/1
    Jump City (RFC?) *little between them on ratings.
    4.50 Foggys Wall 1st 3/1
    5.20 Chase the Wind 2nd 1/1
    Dream Deal

    6 winners from 8 and 2 RFCs


    2.30 Endeavor 2nd 11/10
    Kayften Pete 1st 5/1 RFC
    3.00 Bullet Street 2nd 8/11
    Watered Silk 1st 7/2 RFC
    3.35 Lucky Landing x
    J’Adhere x
    4.10 Forgotten Gold 1st 1/1
    Balding Banker 2nd 11/1 RFC
    4.40 French Ties 2nd 7/2
    Be My Deputy 1st 7/2 RFC
    5.10 Run Runctions Run 3rd

    4 winners from 6 plus 3 RFCs

  389. FFOS LAS

    Prices at SP (some were bigger earlier)

    2.20 Bally Rone 1st 5/2
    Definite Dream 2nd 15/8
    2.50 Akarshan
    Only Witness 2nd 15/8
    3.20 My Boy Paddy
    Seigneur Des Bois 2nd 11/2
    3.55 Benheir 2nd 11/8
    Maringo Bay
    4.30 If In Doubt
    Makethe mostofit 2nd 9/1
    5.00 Ratify
    Royal Chatelier 1st 11/4
    5.30 Bringithomeminty
    Tinker Time 2nd 12/1

    Place pot £37

  390. Hi matt

    been busy last couple of days so not had much of a chance to bet. Thats me finished for the day and managed a double, a treble, and 3/4 for a lucky 15.. Many thanks again to you for your selections.
    Mixed them with William and Keith and having great success.

    Thanks again my friend

  391. Hi Stephen, no. Just sticking to the 3 meetings today. I’ve spent all morning on the 3 meetings due to NRs.

    I believe William and Keith are doing Leopardstown.


    1.40 Suerto Al Salto
    Bois Des Aigles
    2.10 Southfield Theatre
    Kings Lad (RFC?) *difficult to split on rating
    2.40 Roll The Dice
    Rocky Bender (RFC?)
    3.10 Umberto D’Olivate
    3.45 Qualviro
    Den of Iniquity
    4.20 Rody
    Jump City (RFC?) *little between them on ratings.
    4.50 Foggys Wall
    5.20 Chase the Wind
    Dream Deal


    2.30 Endeavor
    Kingdom of Munster
    3.00 Bullet Street
    Watered Silk
    3.35 Lucky Landing
    4.10 Forgotten Gold
    Balding Banker
    4.40 French Ties
    Be My Deputy
    5.10 Run Runctions Run

  394. FFOS LAS

    2.20 Bally Rone
    Definite Dream
    2.50 Akarshan
    Only Witness
    3.20 My Boy Paddy
    Seigneur Des Bois
    3.55 Benheir
    Maringo Bay
    4.30 If In Doubt
    Makethe mostofit
    5.00 Ratify
    Royal Chatelier
    5.30 Bringithomeminty
    Tinker Time

  395. That’s great news Nigel and Sajjad.

    We got a few today which is pleasing as its evidence that the Ratings System is working. Its all about consistency at the end of the day. 11 winners in today over the cards and plenty of placed efforts at half decent odds.

    More tomorrow…….

    Have a good evening. Enjoy the spoils from the bookies.

  396. William

    I’ll add Midnight Sail to mine for a patent.

    Let’s hope Private Equity lives up to its rating! Came high on the numbers. Good luck Bud.

  397. Matt

    You have now jinxed my double

    Stratford -3.05 – Midnight Sail
    Uttoxeter – 3.20 – Private Equity

    Ha Ha

  398. Again apologies for late posting of Meetings. A few late non runners and a screaming new born all made posting earlier a little difficult.

    Good luck today.

  399. Thanks William – You too. Donny Card a tad scarey today and could be another Aintree (6th April) or Chepstow.

    I was having a hard time with the ratings on that meeting.

    Lets hope Between me, you and Keith et al we’ll have a few winners. Haven’t checked your selections yet. Any similar?


    1.55 Zarzel
    Cloudy Bob
    2.30 The Bear Trap
    Red Courtier
    3.05 Midnight Sail
    3.40 Swift Lord
    Not Til Monday
    4.15 Claret Cloak
    Seventh Sky
    4.50 Western Kate
    Master Cardor Visa
    5.20 Chiquilline
    5.50 Baltimore Rock
    Rolling Maul

  401. KEMPTON

    1.35 Vodka Time
    Skye’s the Limit
    2.05 Shamaal Nibras
    Glen Moss
    2.40 Glean
    Code of Honour
    3.15 Stirring Ballard
    Lilys Angel
    3.50 Solar Deity
    Mister Music
    4.25 Zurigha
    Concise/Cocktail Queen (cant split them on ratings)
    5.00 Albert Bridge
    Woodfall Treasure


    1.50 Donny Rover
    2.20 Highland Knight
    Sovereign Debt
    2.55 Man of plenty
    Rock a doddle do
    3.30 Jack Dexter
    King of Jazz
    4.05 Beaumonts party
    Hillview Boy
    4.40 Robot Boy
    5.15 Spark of Genius
    School Fees


    1.40 Until Winning
    2.10 Neltra
    Bit of a Jig
    2.45 Glassawine
    Social Realism
    3.20 Private Equity
    3.55 Sandanski
    Rich Buddy
    4.30 Cinevator
    Gormanstown cuckoo
    5.05 Clouded Thoughts
    The Black Baron
    5.35 Tarmarina Bay
    Taffy Dare

  404. Good point..Acca would have been very nice.

    Tomorrow or should I say today is another day.

    Concerned about the rain and the NR conundrum that might present itself.


    5.50 Jontleman 1st
    Spirit of Parkes
    6.25 Scribe 1st
    Mr Plod 2nd 5/1 RFC
    7.00 Yankee Storm 3rd 8/1
    Ace Master 1st 5/1
    7.30 Tetbury
    Contenental Divide 1st 6/1
    8.00 Honest Deal 1st 3/1
    Dr Livingstone 2nd 13/2 RFC
    8.30 Harwright 1st 1/1
    Indian Affair 3rd 9/4
    9.00 Restless Bay x
    Pelmanism x

    Good finish to a good day with 7 from 8 winners and 2 decent RFCs – really pleased with a 6/1 winner, plus 3/1, 7/2 and a decent 13/2 placed effort from Dr Livingstone (I presume)

    Hope a few of you were on a few of these today.


    2.20 Discovery Bay 1st
    Cayman Islands
    2.50 Halogen x
    Deepsand x
    3.25 Overnight fame x
    Kykate 1st 4/1
    4.00 Bee Cee Pee M
    Green Wizard 3rd 20/1!!
    4.35 Blazing Bull 1st 3/1
    The Magic Bishop
    5.10 Ballyclough
    Ulys Du Charmil 1st
    5.40 Double Mead 1st
    Discussion Forum 3rd
    6.10 Long Lunch
    Oscar Fortune 1st

    6 from 8 winners today at decent prices and a nice 20/1 placed horse which is always pleasing.


    I’ve been having trouble with these posts all day. Just copied it out and posted and nothing! So simple review:

    3 winners including a nice 9/2, an RFC and 2 decent placed efforts at 8/1 and 14/1


    2.10 Hold Court 2nd
    Rockchasebullet x
    2.40 Western Jo 1st
    King Glory 3rd
    3.15 Furrows 2nd
    3.50 Fairyinthewind
    Niki Royal
    4.25 Don Pooleoni fell
    Ice n Easy 1st
    5.00 Ardlur 1st
    Bally Legend
    5.30 Loughalder 1st
    Petroupetrov 3rd 14/1
    6.00 Good Guy x
    Royal Kicks x

    4 winners including a nice 9/2 and a placed 14/1

  409. Thanks Guys. So far this week the selections have been really consistent which is what I seek to achieve. We also picked up quite a few 1-2s so I hope its helping you make a few Quid.

  410. Norman doing Ok

    Not doing every race now

    Trying to increase my strike rate

    So far it isn’t working.

    Hope for better luck tonight though

  411. Hi William

    Sorry for the late reply. Been one of those days. Thank goodness its Friday.

    Selections seem to be holding up despite the NR carnage! Happy with a 20/1 place with Green Wizard.

    I see Norman has had 14 days from 14 using our combined selections.


    5.50 Jontleman
    Spirit of Parkes
    6.25 Scribe
    Mr Plod
    7.00 Yankee Storm
    Ace Master
    7.30 Tetbury
    Contenental Divide
    8.00 Honest Deal
    Dr Livingstone
    8.30 Harwright
    Indian Affair
    9.00 Restless Bay

  413. i dont know what elese to do…..?

    2.30 Stand Guard
    Right Stuff

    3.00 Lord of the dance

    3.35 Extrasolar

    4.10 Falasteen

    4.45 Triple Dream
    O ‘gorman

    5.20 Regal Silk

  414. Matt try changing the first two lines or give it a different heading of a couple of lines, the blog thinks you’ve posted it and won’t repeat


    2.20 Discovery Bay
    Cayman Islands
    2.50 Halogen
    3.25 Overnight fame
    4.00 Bee Cee Pee M
    Green Wizard
    4.35 Blazing Bull
    The Magic Bishop
    5.10 Ballyclough
    Ulys Du Charmil
    5.40 Double Mead
    Discussion Forum
    6.10 Long Lunch
    Oscar Fortune

  416. So many NRs today – its a joke having to re rate so many races oh and have to work as well!!


    2.10 Hold Court
    2.40 Western Jo
    King Glory
    3.15 Furrows
    3.50 Fairyinthewind
    Niki Royal
    4.25 Don Pooleoni
    Ice n Easy
    5.00 Ardlur
    Bally Legend
    5.30 Loughalder
    6.00 Brockwell Park
    Royal Kicks

  417. Robbie> really pleased you are using the selections to make money. I think Norman must have closed in on his £400 by now. I think thats 12 winning days from 13 or thereabouts.

    William> Decent enough day today from the two of us and Keith also played a blinder.

    In the end Fontwell was my best meeting with 6 from 8 winners – those extra hours of study paid off in the end even if we had to jungle all the non runners. Let’s hope for more of the same tomorrow.

  418. KEMPTON

    4.55 Mr Knightly – 2nd
    Officer in Command (RFC?) – 1st RFC
    5.30 Warbound 2nd
    Rezwaan – 1st RFC
    6.00 Charles Tyrwhitt x
    Bitaphon x
    6.30 sinaadi 2nd
    Beat of the Drum (RFC?) 1st RFC
    7.00 Rockalong 1st
    Flameborough Breeze x
    7.30 Homeric x
    Takeitfromalady x
    8.00 Where’s Susie 2nd 8/1
    Honourable Knight x
    8.30 Amosite pulled up
    Big Sylv (RFC?) 2nd

    4 from 8 winners and 3 RFCs plus decent placed horses


    2.20 Up to Something -1st
    Abruzzi (RFC?) 2nd RFC
    2.50 Seebright 1st
    Serious Mixture
    3.20 Bucks Bond 1st
    Howards Legacy x
    3.50 Goochypoochyprader 1st
    Bellsguardo 2nd RFC
    4.20 Fruity O’Rooney 1st
    Niceonefrankie NR
    4.50 Farbreaga 3rd
    The Mumper x
    5.20 Upton Mead x
    Goring two 2nd
    5.50 Seven Nation Army – 1st
    Mister Vintage x

    6 winners from 8 and 2 RFCs

  420. LUDLOW

    2.10 Latest Trend – 3rd
    Descaro – 1st
    2.40 Mickie 1st
    Dancing Emily 2nd (14/1) RFC
    3.10 Green to Gold x
    Monarchs Way x
    3.40 Michael Flips – 1st 4/1
    Fiendish Flame 2nd 4/1 RFC
    4.10 September Blaze x
    Synthe Davis x
    4.40 Silverburn x
    Forest Walker 1st 15/8
    5.10 John Reel 2nd 3/1
    Robbers Roost x
    5.45 Mystifable 3rd
    Luci Di Mezzanotte x

    4 from 8 winners including 2 RFC’s
    and several good placed efforts including Dancing Emily which opened 16/1

    2.00 Pyleigh Lass -1st
    Fairey Delta (RFC?) x
    2.30 Wiffy Chatsby x
    Featherintheattic x
    3.00 Henry San 3rd
    Carragmorna King 2nd
    3.30 Addiction fell
    Goring One x
    4.00 Monte Cavallo x
    Joker Choker (fast finishing 4th)
    4.30 Rumbury Grey 3rd
    Rumbava x
    5.00 Vodka n Tonic x
    Mr Bridger x
    5.35 Resurgent x
    Sea Wall. x

    1 winner only on the card.

  422. One bet one winner today at 6-1 on betfair. 6 days out of 7 hitting and beating my target. This isn’t me. Thanks again Matt.

  423. I’m great at picking them arent I? Cant fail to lose with picking NRs!!

    I didnt even see Inner Steel had been delcared a NR. Goring Two was the replacement on ratings.