I'd say September was a great month for BetInfo24


It's been a busy month here at BetInfo24. As you have probably noticed, we have updated our blog and brought a new design which I hope you all like. I have tried to make the blog easier to navigate and more attractive when browsing around. There are still more features that I plan on adding and this will be done in the near future, But here are some of the new features you can find on our blog right now to help you in your quest to beating the bookie!! This monthly review is one of them! I'll update you with results, new systems, articles and a general feel for how our site is performing!


New Features

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 11.48.55

Down the right hand side menu you will see 2 new Categories:

1. 'Betting Tools - Here you will find some very useful betting calculators and a odds conversion table

2. Free Systems - As this is a free site I thought I would give away some systems. Feel free to download them. There is some great info in these systems. They are not crappy 1 page systems. They are full betting guides.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 11.53.33









Top Menu

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 12.25.49

If you look at the Top Navigation menu you will see a few options, one being 'tips'. This shows a drop down menu for different sports, Horse racing, Football, Golf and Greyhounds.



As you know, we have improved the overall look of our emails. From the feedback I have received it seems that everybody likes the new look so we will continue with it for the foreseeable future



Results - A bumper month for BetInfo24


I know this is the one you are most interested in, so here goes.....

Considering the amount of 'moaners' we've had this month it turns out that we have made a profit of +31.55pts  from our Horse Racing selections. Probably beats most paid tipping services!!


Number of Bets = 47

Non Runners = 3

Won = 19


Total Profit = +31.55pts

Very happy with the results with a couple of nice priced winners. From the 47 bets there were 3 Lays, 15 E/W bets and 29 straight win bets. Included in the results were a couple of nice priced winners at 8/1. The results have been calculated using BOG prices. I always recommend you use 'Best Odds Guaranteed' as its proven this month. Horses can go off at a higher price and still win!


Golf Bets

The only thing I can say about our golf bets is that they have been Fantastic all year, with some massive winners. At the start of the month we bagged another 32/1 win with Henrik Stenson! The season has come to an end but there are still some tournaments over the winter and we may have a few more big winners!



Since we launched the new blog we have seen an increase in visitors to the site. Increasing visitors is very important because the more people we can get to the site the more knowledge and experience we will have on here. It will also help to keep the site going and to grow it even further, which means we can offer you more free information! A couple of things that I have done to help increase the number of visitors is to include the link to our blog in the daily emails more often. I have also introduced a social share lock on the free systems we give out, so to get a free system you have to simply click on one of the social buttons. The idea behind this is to spread the word and get more people to our site.... Hopefully it will work!

Here are the stats for this month:

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 08.34.15



When I do next months review I want to see this graph showing even more visitors, and I can only achieve that with your help, so if you are on Twitter or Facebook, or you are a member on other betting forums, then give us a shout out! you can recommend our free systems or tell them about our profits this month! Every little bit helps so lets make this a better blog together!


Whats Coming Up......

Here is round up of what I have planned for October. Firstly I will be adding a 'How To' section to the site where I will post articles on various betting articles. 'How to use Betfair' 'How do Lay bets work', How to become a better punter' etc.....

Advertisement - I will be allowing a few ad spots in the sidebar, obviously these will be betting related, so if you have a site or product that you would like to advertise on Betinfo24 then just drop me an email

I shall be away for a few days during the middle of October but the service shouldn't be interrupted too much


Tipster Comp Winners


Here are the results of the September Tipping comp:

1st... ALLAN FREW +29.13

2nd... DAVE +25

A great tip from Dave on the final day, winning at 33/1 which shot him up to second place!

If you would like to get involved in Octobers Tipping Comp the click here


Well that sums up September, lets hope for more of the same in October!!




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5 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up and Results”

  1. hi had the two from yesterday magic but youve got me into football accies did one last sat sun a £5 returned £1527.15 what more can i say thanks is not enough

  2. Great free service Jason, i personally think it`s the best out there now with a great variation of spoerts to bet on, onwards and upwards mate.