Betting diary Issue 2:

  • Free tips show profit
  • Chile to good to miss
  • £197 Profit

This only my 2nd week of publishing my betting diary and it turned out to be a profitable one. Most of my betting activity came early on as I was away most of the weekend playing golf, so my weekend bets were minimal.

I was very picky with my selections this week and I only really bet on something that I was very sure about. I know it can be difficult 'Not to have a bet' sometimes, especially when there are big events on, bit I suppose that's where discipline comes in.

BetInfo24 Free Tips Produced +7pts Profit

A good week for Betinfo24 free tips. I always bet £10 stakes on them and it turned into a +£70 profit + a lot of happy members, so I was pleased about that!


Stephen Hero too good to resist

Last Thursday when looking through the cards I spotted a horse called Stephen Hero at 10/11. The Dan skelton horse did enough on his previous outing and the Skelton yard seem very good at spotting weak races which they can exploit. Also a first time tongue tie applied!

I stuck £100 on the horse with confidence and he lived up to expectations with a victory!

+£90 Profit

Later that day I had spotted another horse that took my fancy. The horse was 'Fast Exit' and it was Richard Johnsons only ride at Worcester. It was an average class 5 race so I was gearing up for another big bet until I saw the market move against it which put me off going for another £100 stake.


Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 14.07.12


As you can see here, the horse drifting throughout the day.

I decided to reduce my stake to £20 and got on at 4

The horse Lost but I was glad I waited and this is good lesson in why you should be fully confident in your selections and this is the reason I always wait until closer to the off before making my decisions.

You maybe wondering why I didn't include these horses in our daily emails.

We send them out during the mornings and sometimes its just not enough time to gauge a feeling for a particular horse. This is why I keep the Betinfo24 bets to £10 stakes and I bet larger stakes on horses I pick out throughout the day.


Chile bankers to open with a victory (Another £100 Stake)

It was the start of the Copa America and Chile were kicking off the opening game as hosts. They faced Equador and the bookies were offering 4/7 which I though was pretty generous, considering their display in the World cup and they were hosting this tournament.

Of course Chile went on to win comfortably

+£57 almost felt like stealing money!


Forgot to play my Winner £200 bonus

Last week I signed up to Winner and received my £200 free bets. Stuck it all on Turkey (who won) and then forget to bet on anything this week. Stupid me!!

I think I still have a week to play through the deposit so I will get cracking on that.

You can get you £200 in FREE bets Here


Weekly Profit/Loss

Overal a quiet week in terms of number of bets but it was a successful week producing a +£197 profit

So happy days!!

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