Welcome to the new BetInfo24 blog layout. We have been updating the blog over the last week and we will continue to add some great new features over the next month. We want to make this your portal for all things betting, and we want to provide as much free information and tools as we can. I will be re-structuring the blog this week to make it easier to navigate around and I'll start to add more contact, such as 'How to' guides, systems, stats etc...

I also want to hear your feedback and if there is anything you would like to see introduced to the blog then just let me know by posting a comment below. Together we can make this a great betting community and I will strive to provide whatever it is you want.

(Still a few teething problems, no comment form is showing below yet)

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17 thoughts on “New Blog Layout”

  1. Hi Keith/Jason
    Thanks for allowing us into your Place Bet pro selections and they have been fantastic with 11 wins,however, I feel that a sizeable bank would be required to give a head start in picking your selection or a few people getting together to finance the the bank.

  2. Hi Jason

    Keith mentioned on the free tips page that he hoped to start using his “Placebet-Pro” again that he had purchased from you. He was saying it was a good system and that we should consider buying it, and I asked although he had bought it if he would consider giving us some of his tips from the system for a few day’s to “let us test the water”. but he felt he would have to run that past you before he would do anything as it was your system. How do you feel about this?


  3. hi Jason new to the sight I think it is brill mate at least on this sight u get decent tips and good for your money.

  4. I know these ” gambles” are exactly that Jason-but I was expecting a decent run for my money-as I’m
    Sure u were mate.The reason I haven’t posted the name of the horse in question was in case connections
    Will be going for a touch next time out….
    I will be having a go next time it runs-and I’d suggest u do the same as it clearly didnt give its true running for
    One reason or another.
    If-as u say-the next 11 bets all lose but are huge prices-this is fair enough,
    But by the 12th horse I doubt u would have many people following u in mate!
    How many tips have u had from these people before Jason-and what sort of prices& success rate do
    They have??

  5. the Ante Post gamble was a big flop finishing around 17th with no visible reason for the horses placing. If the tipster was looking for clients I think that he/she have blown it big time.I am sure there were lots like me who went in big time on the back of how much of a certainty this horse was,according to your write up this horse “only had to turn up to win”. Now we know better.


    1. Im as disappointed as you and I also lost a lot of money on this horse! but we have to remember this was a ‘Gamble’. Everything surrounding the horse was good. It was going great in training and the yard was very confident. The horse was been backed in up until the day of the race. There was also a feature in the Racing post last week which also emphasised its chances of winning! It just didn’t work out. Lets not forget, these are animals, not machines!!

      We got on at 25/1. If the next 10 horse lose and then the 11th horse wins at 25/1 then we have still made a great profit overall!!

  6. I have added a ‘Betting Tools’ section in the sidebar which includes a very useful betting calculator and Odds conversion table. I’ll be adding more tools over the coming weeks!