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14 thoughts on “Rays, Free Horse Racing Tips 24th April”

  1. Yeah he says it works for him Ray by focussing on one meeting but yeah he has got deep pockets a 7 race card and if you have lost the first 6 your 630 down and have to hold your nerve to put 640 on the 7th one!! Yeah I understand your system Ray.

  2. I did send these to Jason @ 9am this morning but he has not put them up,Not sure where he is

    Catt 415 Jack Dawkins
    Perth 405 Selection Box
    Kemp 620 Qeethraa
    Kemp 755 Luck Henry


  3. Morning Gal

    Yeah I know what you mean i personally don’t play odds on,I should of explained that you place the bet as each race comes

    ie Per 200 Khuzlin 4/7 – no play
    Catt 205 Amourous £10 @ 9/1 Lost
    Eps 215 Lost In Paris £10 @7/2 Lost
    Per 230 Talkonthestreet @ 10/11 – no play
    Catt 240 Trial Blaze £20 @ 7/4 Lost
    Eps 245 Aiken £20 @ 3/1 = Won £60 – £40 = £20 Profit

    If you continue through the card it mounts up mate

    Hope that makes sense Gal
    And those are just made up prices by the way lol

    I done exactly the same as your mate last year and it can be great!!,but them rare days of a fav not coming in can hurt!! & A massive bank is needed cos if you get to the 6th Race and it finally comes in @ 5/4 its a bastard cos you have lost most of your money on the first 5 races,but it can be very profitable at times


  4. Ray that will only work as long as its not an odds on shot won’t it? Unless its the first winner and you stop. My mate uses the system of backing favs at one meeting a day. Starts at 10 then doubles up until he gets a winner and it returns a profit as long as the winner is not odds on, then stop till tomorrow.

  5. An update on Templegates little thing I mentioned earlier on today in this post

    From 220 – 755 Made £73.80 not as good as yesterday but not too shabby


  6. Morning Barry Lol

    Ive been experiencing some technical difficulties the past week but the selections will be up on here no later than 10:30am every morning from now on


  7. Your Comments hi ray,
    ive not been able to follow your tips over the last week or so? is there a direct site i can go to so i can keep up with your tips? im losing money not following you!!!!.

  8. Morning Guys

    I have been experiencing some technical difficulties over the past few days,So full apologies and Thanks for your patients

    Just to say thanks Id love to share this little something……..

    Using (The Sun) Templegates tips write them all out in Race order and back them all using the following staking plan
    10,10,20,20,40,40 then start again

    As soon as you hit a winner,start the staking plan again or stop at a winner what ever you feel comfortable with

    Yesterdays Results

    Race 5 £40 @9/2 = £140 – £60=£80
    Race 6 £10 @11/8 = £13.60
    Race 3 £20@3/1 = £60 – £20 = £40


    Best Of Luck