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15 thoughts on “Rays Free Horse Racing Tips Tuesday 17th”

  1. Bring It On Kev

    I love a bit of Competition Lol

    I have a few Kev but keep mixing it up if i have a bad result & I know this is the worst thing to do

    I do have a bread n butter system and rely on that as my main income

  2. system name lol think i will call it the kev system made it up my self .its hard for me to keep to it lol though i also back my fancys i can give u a good lay system really should do it my self… right 2yo races lay any fav 2/1 or under u watch how many get beat

  3. Your Comments HI RAY have u got a system ? or just a set of darts lol i have been gambling for years . just started this system i have won more than i have lost so far all seem to be good s p anyway off to work 2/10 think iam beating u so far this week lol see how it goes beeeee lucky

  4. Great Shout yesterday Kev,Id like to the name of that System?

    Back Bets

    Newmarket 300 Samitar 3/1
    Cheltenham 310 Native Gallery 13/2
    Mewmarket 410 Pimpernel 5/1

    Rays Lay Of The Day

    Cheltenham 310 The Pier

    (I personally dont lay anything above 5/2)

  5. thanks scott 3 outa four hope u backed them ,,well hes my system horses for to day..pimpernell/compton target/dark castle/zariyna/coach bombay/

  6. Be careful Bazza

    Its only a matter of time before I turn the corner,I was waiting for someone to come out with laying my tips Lol

    Southwell 240 Da Quonde 6/4
    Exeter 330 Kaybeew 5/1
    Kempton 350 Kikos 5/1
    Southwell 440 Ostentation 5/2


  7. Hi ray keep it up mate, I have seriously been doing well laying your tips on betfair lol! you had 2 winners yesterday but they were quite short so it didn’t cost me much.

    I wont whine about your tips 🙂 (unless you start picking winners of course!)