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7 thoughts on “Rays Free Horse Racing Tips…”

  1. Hello, is your hosting company having any problems lately? I had to refresh the article about 4 times till the 404 error went away and I could read this post!

  2. Hello, have you been allowing any kind of ads in your website? I’d like to purchase a banner ad for a month or two advertising my personal web site that is closely related. Let me know, or give me an email address that I can reach you at. Cheers!

  3. Hopefully Iv sailed through my bad patch Lol

    Wind 230 Pettochise (take the price)
    Wind 300 Masters Club
    Wind 330 Rosslyn Castle
    Wolv 415 Love Your Looks

  4. well done Ray you got a winner lol been a long time comming . got 2 winners yesterday 5/4 and 3/1 single and double on them should of put more on lol going to follow my system this week seem to work on the flat better? will post all this week see how it works out .only one out to day . 3.15 wol cotton king its about 7/1 been reading about it need race to pan out think its worth a tenner lol well back to work to day 2/10 sun,s out been of all last week pissed down good luck all