Start from the very 1st Race of the day

UK Handicap Races only!!

Must be between 7.0 - 9.0 on Betfair @ the Off ( If there are more than one,Back the shortest Price (ie) 7.2, 7.8, 8.2, These all qualify but we would use 7.2 as this is the shortest

Again I will be using 10,10,20,20,40,40 Staking

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Paper Trade for a bit as Ive only just come up with it and not sure how it will go in the long run

Just keep your eye on it and hopefully watch a few 6/7/8/1's Romp Home
Best Of Luck Guys


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36 thoughts on “Rays New System…. 6’s – 8’s”

  1. Good morning all,

    I have two LAY Systems in action at the moment which have been 100% successfull up to yesterday however I cannot divulge the two systems as I have agreed with my friend, however he has given me permission to Post the selections on the Forum. Here is system 1.

    LAY FAVOURITE horses to LOSE on the following races set out below.

    Ayr 4.35 p.m.

    Ling 5.35 p.m.

    Newb 5.20 p.m.

    Wolv 9.00 p.m.

    In each of these races you LAY THE FAVOURITE to LOSE the race. Please note my recommendation is PAPER TRADE or stake only £2 on the Actual Favourite in the race. If you are unable to do that the alternative is the Forecast FAVOURITE of a reliable newspaper such as the SUN, DAILY MAIL or DAILY EXPRESS. The Best one is the SUN and the paper is the cheapest at 40p on weekdays and Saturday 50p. Do not do any on Sundays as there my friend has a break of recording on Sundays and even betting. The second system I will post selections for later on today time permitting. Your comments will be appreciated after the results of the races. Thank you.

    1. Think its a good way to make some good money why not just play a six race block with what you agree on its all about luck using the papers is just a heads up maybe a horse dropped in class in a poor race cos as you say two days before ya don’t. Know how the weathers gonna be

    2. A little tip from me today have a look at York especially the 3 45 and look for the low stall numbers from maybe 3 to ten anything over tens worth each way for less runners look at 4-7 maybe a long shot but worth a try.

  2. Norman, What you said about newspaper tipsters certainly came true in Templegate’s case today – one winner out of 30 tips (2 were non-runners) and that winner came in at evens!
    Now I know we can all have bad days but ….. !

  3. ROUGH day as ‘temps’ won the 1st race at 11/10 and that was it from 32 selections!!, Red ink now!, how is this hcp system doing?

  4. Norman , just to add to your comment about not using a newspaper tipster , Temps has just lost 28 races in a row today ! Has anyone thought about laying off his ‘ tips ‘ ?

  5. Red ink for today, ”temps” had 1 winner, priced @ 2.10, in all day racing!, Robin Goodfellow has had 6 winners during the same races priced at : 2.1, 8.8, 3.5, 1.97, 3.3, 6.4, …………..The winner for ”temps” was in the 1st race, so infact depending how you play, you could have doubled your money and stopped!!. Tough times for these systems at the moment.

  6. Would just like to add to my previous comment and explain why Iwould not use a system that involved newspaper tips.One of the big advantages we have over the bookmaker is we can from the days racing choose which races we want to bet in which is a considerable advantage. follow a newspaper tipster you lose that advantage and can find yourself betting £40 on a18 runner maiden or a low grade selling event races that you would normally avoid like the plague. It is worth remembering that Temlegate like all Newspaper tipsters has to tip in every race at every meeting everyday resulting in probably 200 tips a week. would you seriously buy tips from someone offering as many tips? there are not enough hours in the day to study so many races and i am afraid they are just like the guy who writes the horoscopes if the predictions dont come true there is always tommorow.

  7. Cheers Norman, I actually thought it was an ‘old’ system but had no knowledge of it.
    Raz yes you can get mileage out of it as before you need to know when to stop yourself as no hard and fast rules about that, again if you want here is what I do I back using the 224488 staking lay out the win part at 1.28 and LAY in the PLACE MARKET for the stake, if the horse wins you lose about 25% ish of the winnings, more often than not they are not placed, and the ones that go 1.02 ect and get beat (21) so far well that gets your win stake back. Will give results at end of month without my ‘filters’ but it is -4 on level stakes and +49 on staking system at the mo.

  8. I think a lot of the trouble with newspaper tipsters is that they are picking selections 2 days in advance due to printing schedules etc and as we all know with the great British weather this can change dramatically in the course of a few hours never mind a couple of days!

  9. Hi all,

    I think Ray has done quite well on the whole and at least he has been sharing the info with us. And I see from previous comments you all have chipped in to make the Templegate’s system better.

    We all need to work together to get a decent system running so we all can make profits 🙂


  10. Norman, thanks for giving us the benefit of your experience using systems like the Templegate one – this is exactly the kind of info needed. I will continue playing the system for the present as I have had some success but with a very cautious approach in the light of your comments!
    And, Ray, I agree with the chaps posting here – your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve strike rates would be greatly appreciated, so please come back from exile!

  11. well said norman,brian has also made some good points on this forum,as every system needs to be tested .i too want ray back,and as said before this is a place to discuss and improve ,with everybodys thoughts ,dont take it personnally ray ,maybe something good will come out of this ,i have been following templegate and goodfellow and just doing tips that they both go for,in the last week its shown a 15+ profit using rays staking plan and stopping at a winner,of course i will paper test for at least 3months then see how it goes

  12. Have been following this forum with interest and am disapointed that RAY has decided not to share his thoughts and systems anymore . however I can tell everyone that the templegate system has been around for a number of years and was previously sold as the Daily Mail system using Robin Goodfellow .Long term neither system was profitable because of the poor strike rate of newspaper tips. Templegate is always near bottom of the Racing Post Naps table and while Goodfellow is at the top neither have a good enough strike rate to support a system Today is agood example 0/12 . For any system to work you must have a consistent strike rate. Ishould know have tested dozens . Maybe if we all work together we can find the Holy Grail !!! Come back RAY all is forgiven GOOD LUCK

  13. Brian, I still think there is something in Ray’s Templegate system IF you time it right to stop betting each day. Not easy to get the timing right, I know, but I made a decent enough profit last week and stopping after Leg 1 today gave a pretty good return.
    I no longer do evening racing – is this where the system is falling down?

  14. Glenn, I was merely trying to find out how much actual research and what resource was being used, as you know, I have since the beginning of the month followed and kept all the stats on the ‘temps’ system, including doing all the day’s racing to see if it merited putting hard earned cash down, which I have.

    So many people are duped when they see a ‘system’ on a reputable website all I am trying to do is see if it has long term viability.

    I do not see that as being negative, I am trying to protect you and your hard earned cash, I have nothing to do with this website and only wish to help others, but I prefer to look on the positive side and know that you are saving money at the moment by not following ‘temps’.

  15. Your Comments I wouldn’t like to think that one negative attitude might have negative impact Ray on your generous contribution to this forum.
    I thought forums were areas for Ideas to be re-find and shared .
    I for one am curious about your thinking and where it might lead in the quest to solve the connundrum of racing,more power to you and any one else who would like to share.
    I always have the choise if I want to show any interest and if I can contribute I will.

    1. You had Morocco moon @28 then brave to put in fourfold was at York had 50 win on it nearly fell over when found rule 4 lost a small fortune:(

  16. Hello Ray, hello all,
    The way forward is each way fourfolds, I picked up £910 in the last 6 days. My largest stake was £1.50 e.w,that was yesterday, return was £184.19. Friday got £245 for a 50p e.w fourfold, and that had a 30p in the pound Rule 4. Give it a go.

  17. It is not a matter of a chill pill, its a simple question, as you evade the answer and throw your toys out the pram, I assume I am closer to the real answer as in my statement above.
    You suggest ‘Paper Trade’ which indicates you do not know as ”you have only just come up with it”.
    As for ”temps” just tell me how many points profit using your system the last 5 days?, you will not know, I do and its struggled every single day, 2 winners from 30 selections is how good it is!………..
    Like to share the secret then of how your doing well?.

  18. Ermmmm Chill Pill Brian

    Who’s abandoned Temps,Im still playing Temp’s and doing well Thank You Very Much.So No I aint abandoned nothing!!

    How would I know about the 6/1s – 8/1’s having a decent return if I did not do any research, Think About It!!

    It’s the last time you will hear from me,All I try and do is help others,And give people an insight of what I come across

    Well,See Ya Later
    I wont be sharing my thought’s anymore

  19. Where do you get your stats for this to make this a long term ‘system’ ?, as you seem very ‘fickle’ as you now seem to have abandoned your ‘temps’ system after a few poor days, its still well in profit if you followed the suggested ideas.
    I follow this site and have done for a few years, but Ray you seem to me to a bookies ‘best’ customer as your just trying to find an edge without really doing any homework or research.

  20. Hi Ray.

    Just a quick question regarding the logic of your staking plan. Is there any reason for using a progressive 1,1,2,2,4,4 staking plan regardless of the previous outcome?

    For example, you don’t know when a 7/1 winner is coming along so is it not a bit random to just use a progressive staking plan regardless of the previous result? If you win on the first bet this could all be wiped out by bet 6.

    This applies to the Templegate picks aswell. Would it not be better to revert back to initial stake after a winner?

    Would be interested to hear your views.

    Cheers, Mike

  21. hi there

    sorry for the end of last message…

    typing error.

    by the way keep up the good work… u doing brilliant…


  22. This might be a stupid question but for today 20th May 2012 are these the handicap races…

    2.30 M Rasen
    3.00 m rasen
    3.10 ripon
    3.20 strat
    3.30 m rasen
    340 ripon and so on…

    3.00 M Rasen

  23. There is logic Bazza,the results go a bit wayward when looking at 3s-4s, 4’s-5’s 9’s- 10’s But a high percentage of 6’s-7’s & 7s- 8s romp home, if you use a smart staking plan I can see it doing well

    This is not some shot in the dark Ive put together I have done my research & homework

    Ive written above Baz,Between 7.0-9.0 ‘@ The Off ‘

  24. A good start indeed.. I feel that there’s no logic behind it though and everybody could have completely different selections depending on what time they make their selections unless you were to advise making the selection just before the race starts.

  25. Race 2 Sabhan £10 @ 7.2 = £58.90

    2/2 Mmmm Am I onto something……….Let’s Hope So

    Total after 2 Races = £129.20

  26. So it’s the first horse that is odds of between 7.0 and 9.0 in the first race of the day. And then the second race the first horse between odds of 7,0 and 9.0 etc. stop at a winner?
    I will watch with interest but it looks risky on paper.