1) Open up the Racing Post Website,Open the Cards and select 'Order all races by time'


2) Make a note of the first 6 Races of the day,Kemp 200 Ling 210 Wolv 230 and so on


If say Wolv 230 was an odds on fav ignore this race and continue until you have 6 Races


3) Now using Templegates Tips make a note of his selections next to them races you have already made a note of


4) A great staking plan I use myself is 10,10,20,20,40,40 Stop! Max Liability £140 But you can use
2,2,4,4,8,8 or what ever you feel comfortable with


5).Only UK Racing applies and a minimum of 2 meeting must be going ahead


Set your target for the day,and once you have reached it STOP!


I personally only play the first 6 Races,However If I have only made £20 I will continue onto the next 6 Races as my daily target is £75+


The Logic behind this is we are using the Brains of a pro,Using a sensible Staking Plan and and making a nice tidy profit


I will be posting the last fortnights results shortly,And Im happy with what Im seeing so far


Thanks Jason


Good Luck Guys

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60 thoughts on “Rays Templegate system”

  1. just back from holiday myself…so no bets while away

    just a couple of thoughts… still think slow and steady with place betting could be better option.
    or how about a 3rd tipster… maybe racing post spotlight?
    bit more selective,using only tips all 3 select?

  2. Not a great week,
    Tuesday only 1 bet.
    Thurs/fri very poor
    Overall down 108 on week
    But that’s where staking plan comes in 10,10,20,20,40,40
    Keeps risk under control to fight another week..

  3. Cheers Lee. I’m very interested in this. I go on holiday tomorrow but will defo try to keep tabs on it. Will pop back here too for your updates if you’re ok with that?? Thanks buddy.

  4. hi gaz,
    tom pepper tips are only in the sun paper, cant find them online.
    if 8 bets in one day all above 5/4 start the 6 leg staking plan.10,10,20,20,40,40….. as soon as a winner, go back to leg 1,if no winner after 6 legs,start again at leg1, keeping control over loss,rather than chasing,exactly same as rays templegate system.
    last week of 323 was starting on monday, ending friday last selection. no weekend bets
    sunday would work ok, but saturday to many races
    make a note on paper for the week see how it goes…
    think templegate is great tipster used his selections all time, think rays system is spot on with staking and risk, but just think using both tipsters just being bit more selective

  5. Hi Lee, Sounds like a good/decent variation you’ve got going on there. So you match up Tom Pepper and Templegate tips and if they match, and are above 5/4, you back them on the 10,10,20,20,40,40 staking plan? What if you have 8 in one day? Do you back all 8 and then leg 3 is the first match of the next day? Do you include all racing that day (i.e. including evening racing). Do you include Saturdays and Sundays in your weekly profit of £323?? Cheers.

  6. Just another thought….
    Don’t want to confuse anyone!!

    How about doing a separate system with selections under 5/4
    How about just betting those to a place… Or even place double and trebles to reduce risk even more.
    Could be a steady addition to the betting bank

  7. Hi ray,
    Week over of following just tips that templegate and Tom pepper both select…..
    Ignoring anything 5/4 or under using 10,10,20,20,40,40 staking.
    Starting on Monday,ending on Friday.. Carryover to next day if no winner. Ie, Monday 8 tips,1 n/r 3under 5/4..4 bets no wins, carried over to Tuesday at leg 5. If win start back at 10 again…

    323 up on week with 20 going on free art in 7.25
    So could be more 🙂

  8. For understanding my questions, this rule from system confuse me:

    2) Make a note of the first 6 Races of the day,Kemp 200 Ling 210 Wolv 230 and so on

    If say Wolv 230 was an odds on fav ignore this race and continue until you have 6 Races


  9. Hi,

    Two questions here, please:

    1. If Templegate picks from a race indicate the fav skip the race?

    2. Even if a winner come say at 20 points stake but target profit not reached you continue betting with staking plan or restarting staking plan from 10?


  10. exactly Gaz,Soon as you stop,Boom!! In it comes lol

    Your getting the hang of it now mate,I did’nt follow the second block myself

    And I generally back anything @ Evs and above

  11. Out of curiosity – did anyone follow the second block? I presume the “2nd block” is just the next 6 available races? But you discount short priced faves right? How short do you discount Ray?

  12. Yeah, last two of the first block came in right?? Netted a tidy profit. I guess that’s a classic case of “Shit, I’m £100 down” and then boom! “I’m minted” haha.

  13. Its just getting used to it Gaz

    It will come,Paper trade for a fortnight until your comfortable and can see results

    People get disheartened when there over £100 down (myself included) and think Shyte,Im gonna stop there before I lose anymore,But the trick is to keep going,But only do this when your comfortable enough

    BTW £225 Today


  14. Ok Ray, so on the 11th May then, in blocks of six of 10,10,20,20,40,40 bets you ended up £90 in profit off the 2nd block, even though you would have been £40 down going into race 3 of block 2? I have to admit I didn’t fully see it through (and was only paper betting in any event).

  15. Cheers Arnie
    Here is the link https://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/other_sports/racing/1142207/Templegates-racing-tips-Grand-National-tips.html

    Any problems just type in Templegate Racing Tips via Google

    Gaz you are not following the system correctly,Remember you only normally have to play the first 6
    And I STOP at my target using my staking plan,

    If I have not made my target on the first block of 6 i would move onto the next block of 6

    On the 11th May we went into the 2nd block of 6 and using my staking would have won you £90.00

    Interesting Lee, Id be worried they would only agree on short fav’s £10’s & £20’s @ 5/4’s etc wont get ya far


  16. How about using the same staking plan, 10,10,20,20,40,40 but using only tips that both templegate and Tom pepper select???

  17. Hi,

    Been following this thread with interest. If I’ve followed the system correctly, then I think only 1 out of the first 8 runners today won (11th May).

    I do think this is a good system with potential, but there’s definitely cause to be wary, not expect DAILY profits and so not to go chasing when you don’t get them on any given day.

  18. Hi Ray,
    your staking plan is the bomb. I have been using Temps and Goodfellow, what I do is compare both tips, and if they tip the same 6 horses, I use those tips. Good one, but is it possible u have like a Temps page and list the races for use also, I apprecaite this as most of us may not be able to get on the racing post early enough so

  19. Hi Ray, ur staking plan is the bomb. I have been using Temps and Goodfellow, what I do is compare both tips, and if they tip the same 6 horses, I use those tips. Good one, but is it possible u have like a Temps page and list the races for use also, I apprecaite this as most of us may not be able to get on the racing post early enough so

  20. In the first session yesterday we had 2 horses traded at 1.19 & 1.57 which you would expect to win but didn’t, so hard luck with that, but the day ended brightly enough +27 now at LEVEL stakes and +220 on the staking plan.
    Please remember I play these in sessions all the way through the cards to Ray’s rules and do not stop after a ‘winner’ or ‘target’, I think there is mileage in this but keep stakes to a minimum until your happy yourself with it.
    I do lay out at 1.3 (1 pound more than stake)as I have said, my profit is over 300 now which is not bad since the 1st, on 2,2,4,4,8,8 staking.

  21. Good luck Ray spoke to a lad earlier he went Chester yesterday said it should have been abandoned and they have had another 5mm of rain overnight! So it will be pretty desperate there today so perhaps a good thing there aren’t 2 meetings to play the system today!

  22. Right Chaps

    You should know by now there can not be an afternoon of Templegates system due to Goodwood being abandoned leaving only the one meeting

    So what Ive decided to do Is play this evening instead

    The card should look like this

    Yar 520 Great Heavens
    Yar 555 Khun John
    Win 605 Sendin Post
    Kel 615 Sam Patch
    Yar 625 Kai
    Win 635 Dualla Lord


  23. Its gotta be done Gal

    I know where your coming from

    But as with anything,paper trade for a bit see what suits you and then only go in if your happy enough

    But Im always here if they have questions

  24. Ray

    Yeah i understand that your in it to make money and when its your income you need to do something! its early days as you say and its each to there own! I tweak it myself ray to suit i was thinking of new punters really or punters who want to try a system and follow it to the letter.


  25. 4/6 LOL

    Yeah I can understand that Gal,But remember Im new to it aswell so Im always gonna make tweaks here and there If i feel its needed

    I think as its been going so well the tweaks have not been needed but your right I did say that, But when you find yourself £140 down i cant sit down and take it on the chin

    And Im that confident Temps will eventually come good,a perfect example was today in the 2nd leg

    But alot of it Gal is also upto the individual,My preferences are to normally play the first 6 because I normally hit my target in between there,Some people may want to play right through the card Its all down to the individual mate


  26. Ray

    Ah yes i get the 4 races out of 6 now Doh! Ray if the case is that you carry on if the initial 6 lose the system is flawed or the rules at the top at least need to be changed as rule 4 would mislead a lot of people.
    Im not pouring cold water on the system Ray but it needs to be clear really!


  27. Gary

    If i dont make nothing in the first 6 I have to carry on to try and recoup my losses and make some form of profit or at least break even,

    And i think Brian was talking about 4 races outta 6 not 4/6 Lol

  28. Ray

    I thought you packed up after the first 6 if they had all lost? I thought you carried on if you were in small profit and wanted to hit your target? I’m confused now!


    As i understand it odds on shots are never played am i missing something here?


  29. Not all doom n gloom Chaps

    Crap Leg One agreed,so I had to carry on to recoup my losses and got a £10 @ 5/1 & £20 @ 11/4

    And other little bits n pieces I use Im actually up today !!


  30. Ray

    Dire day again today with all 6 beaten and sadly the 7th one winning at a good 5-1!
    Lets hope for better luck tomorrow!


  31. Example of what I was saying in the 2.05, our horse went as low as 1.19 and was beat, I made a quid, as I layed out at 1.3, but the system lost 4 on that bet!, worth doing, but imagine all these horses winning!!

  32. Yes a very poor day indeed, even the best have them, the running total, remember this is ALL day using 6 race sessions are at LEVEL stakes +19 and using the staking plan +180 points.

    There has been 12 horses that have traded under 1.3 and have NOT won the race, I lay out at that price for a pound extra on my stake, gave me an extra 12 points, but cost 68 points in stakes lost to the system!.

    Better today today please!.

  33. Your Comments Can you tell me where to find your templegates tips please and your detail system not sure how it works thanks

  34. Good On Ya Gal

    I cant really complain Ive had two blinding weeks and well up,So could afford this,Dont want too many days like this though Lol

  35. Yeah rough day today Ray but thats the way it goes! Ruben Cotter has just got me out of the sticky stuff!

  36. Bloody Ell Temps………..Were you on the piss today,Poor Poor day but Rough with the smooth and all that!!

    How we looking after today Brian?


  37. Yes good day all round, yesterday was poor tho, anyway to 2,2,4,4,8,8 staking you have 230 points and to LEVEL stakes 42.8 profit. These results are doing ALL the races and not just the first 6 as Ray’s system.

  38. No Worries Mate

    I strongly suggest setting yourself a target Damien and stopping once you have reached it

    Keep me posted and defo let me know how you get on


  39. Happy Days Ray cheers for sharing your system, I cant wait to try it myself.
    Ill let you know how I get on.

  40. Blinding day for Temps

    Bloody Shame I Only Play The First 6 (Leg 1)

    But Im happy with my £91.00

    Leg 1 = £91.00
    Leg 2 = £40.00
    Leg 3 = £184.00



  41. Cheers Brian

    Thanks for the update,It seems to be working well at the moment made £91.00 after the 230 @ Winds and stopped for the day so Im a happy chappy

    Hi Kev

    Peppers Ok but if you look over the past 3 weeks of me starting this,Temps will always come out on top in my book( I maybe wrong),Its just a preference I have with Temps


  42. hi ray how u doing been looking at your system templegate ? should of went with tom pepper had some pretty good winners . good prices any way been looking at bottom weights OR RATINGS ON THE RACING POST works with top weigts to ..3.15 kem bookiesindexboy .5.20 fade to grey 4.50 ashva 2.55 towbee 3.10 salontyr .5.35 kleitomacho.4.15.feaver pitch.4.55 naked cowboy bee lucky

  43. Hi Ray
    Thought I would give you an update for the last 6 days, which includes all the meetings, to LEVEL stakes it has 25 points PROFIT, which for 6 days is pretty good, but using your staking(2,2,4,4,8,8) it would have produced 142 points PROFIT, well done .

  44. Hi Joe

    just follow the instructions at the top of the page

    Hi Damien

    its that simple mate 10 10 20 20 40 40

    i suggest working to a target then stopping though


  45. Alryt Ray mate,
    using your system, is it keep the stake the same no matter if the tips win or lose?
    For example if the 3rd tip gets beat you start again at a 10r or keep the stake the same??
    or it is as simple as 10 10 20 20 40 40 suggests lol

  46. Great Distraction Tommo,The Missus was Horny Lol


    Im not mad on evening racing and dont play them, But I can see a long term profit here with Temps

  47. Would look to be a good ‘system’ as such, again for example if you did Friday nights 2 evening meetings, the 1st 6 races you have no winners!, but if you carried on for the next 6 you have an evening profit of 8 quid if using the 2,2,4,4,8,8 staking. I have been paper trading and it shows a profit although I would not consider using large stakes until a bigger sample were available. Good spot Ray, its similar to FP, where they take 9 races subject to price and back the fav and stop at a winner, I did that a few years back did fantastic for 4 months, then lost 2700 quid on one afternoon!, so kept my small profit and reduced stakes to 5 quid.

  48. Hi Guys

    Those who know of me know I like to share when Im doing a good thing and here it is


    23rd April £133.60
    24th April £73.80
    25th Day Off
    26th April £147.60

    Stopped for the week


    30th April Abandoned
    1st May £80.00
    2nd May £21.30 (Got distracted so stopped)
    3rd May £170.20
    4th May £115

    £386.50 (may play Sunday)

    So in just 2 weeks we have made £741.50

    Not too shabby aye?


    1. Hope was a good distraction:):) why not saturdays? Would be the only day I van do it and am really liking the sound of it.