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45 thoughts on “Rays Templegate update”

  1. Well a months figures and you would be -30 at level stakes and -121 at the suggested staking system, if you did it all day -63 and -219, so as always PAPER TRADE everything because if it sounds too good to be true IT IS!.

  2. Hi Ray, like Fred Smith in the “Lay” comments, I’m on the pension so I have to be a bit more cautious than you chaps! At the moment, I do 2,2,4,4,8,8 but hopefully the system will continue to build up my bank and I can look to increase my stakes.
    A run of bad choices also wiped out my Betfair account so I’m working with Bet365 at the moment. Again, if (when!) my bank improves, I can shift some money back over to my betfair account and just work with it.
    Do you bet just before the off in each race? It’s a difficult one – on tuesday, I backed all 6 horses in Leg 1 in the morning with Made in the Shade (5th horse) bet at 8/1. Betting before the off would probably have paid out at 5/1. Normally I would have stopped after that win if betting before the off, thus saving a losing stake on the 6th horse. However, the difference with the early price meant the losing final horse was more than compensated for.
    I reckon everyone will come up with different profits (or losses) with the system. Another example was the race before Made in the Shade’s. I backed Court in Session in the morning at 11/8 but it went off at 8/11. If betting before the off, you would have ignored this race and that would have changed how Templegate’s selections fitted into subsequent Legs.
    I’ll be out for the rest of the day and won’t see any racing so, today at least, I will have to get all my bets on this morning.
    Let’s hope Temps keeps up his side of things – he’s had a couple of decent priced winners this week.
    Good luck.

  3. No Worries Raz,Your more than welcome

    You aint seen nothing yet!!

    Let me know what you have made at the end of the month

    What staking are you using?

  4. I should have stopped after Gatewood as well but playing 3 legs this afternoon still showed a small profit, Ray, so with the last 3 days producing profits each day, I’m more than pleased with the system. (last bet of the afternoon was beaten a neck at 10/1).
    Still early days, I know, but thanks for sharing it anyway !

  5. Swithered about stopping after 1st race, 1st leg (Gatewood) but continued betting. Was beginning to regret that decision when Woolston Ferry saved things late in the day.

  6. Raz
    Thanks, yeah I have been backing in lots of 6 myself but what you do makes really good sense!


  7. Gary H – I tend to bet all 6 tips in the first leg in the morning to take advantage of early prices but if, say, one of the early runners in that leg is a decent price, i will hang fire on the remaining races in that leg so i can decide whether to stop or not if it wins.
    Well done getting 12’s on Made in the Shade !

  8. I managed to get the early 12’s for that Raz but someone knew something it was battered in to 5-1!

    Ray how you doing? Do you back at SP so that if you hit your target after 2 or 3 races you can stop rather than completing the block of 6?

  9. Another good day for the system, Ray.
    Happy with the profits from Leg 1, so stopped for the day (Made in the Shade backed at 8/1 earlier in the day!).

  10. Totally agree Ray, I do now, I just wanted to try and refine it a bit better to be honest and see if there is merit in ‘blindly’ following such a tipster. It still does excellent and I will still produce the results of ALL DAY PLAY until end of the month.

  11. Thats It Raz

    Learn from your mistakes and make some Wonga!!

    Hi Brian

    I think I’m gonna stick to a target as soon as Ive hit it instead of playing through the entire card


  12. excellent finish to today’s 1st leg, Ray, so will bank the profits and just watch how the 2nd leg works out (lesson learned from a few days earlier!)

  13. BANG on the money today, with +84 points and + 8.1 to level stakes, running total is now at +217 and 28.4 to level stakes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  14. Hi well yesterday again had 2 horses trade under 1.3 and got beat!, the last horse in block 2 was one, which would have made all the difference to the days profits, anyway we seem to be treading water at the moment +20.3 at level stakes and +133 at the staking system, which is still good but been a poor week overall. I suggest with the amount of horses that run under 1.3 and fail you lay out for 1 quid above your stake at that price, will make a massive difference to the profitability.

  15. Well the total now stands at +19 at level stakes and +127 at staking system, using blocks of 6 as per Ray’s advice, but doing all the races.

  16. Cheers Brian

    Might be worth considering

    Its would of been OK today Brian,

    Ling 210 £20@9/4=£45-£20=£25.00
    Nott 215 £20@3/1=£60.00



  17. Ray last Sat produced a profit of 31 points on your staking system, only have 1 Sat so far and this one has not started too good.

    I think if you look at the type of races / racecourse there will be a pattern, ie his ‘maidens’ are terrible as is the results at the AW, maybe a filter there, but nothing too complicated as will be difficult to follow for some.

  18. Morning Chaps

    I could not agree more with ya Brian,Soon as the profit is there bank it, Game Over then its just fun from there on

  19. Yes in leg 3 there was no winners but in the last leg of the session Mr Mac Coy was onboard the fav @3.2, he traded at 1.02 and lost, I made a quid from that as I lay out at 1.3 as I have said previously, If you played the 3 sessions you would have been level, always best to bank the profit when it arrives, I know I did, as the ground does produce silly results at the moment, so paper trade for the rest of the day.

  20. The thing i love about this system,is there’s no real need to get disheartened as you know something is GONNA come in eventually..Perfect example just when you think the chips are down BAM ZITENKA comes in @ 11/2…

    So £20 @11/2 = £110 – £40 = £70 are we understanding now chaps?


  21. (John’s)

    Make a not of the Races in Race TimeOrder and note the first 6,If your happy stop,if your not start the whole process again for the next 6

    See what Templegate’s selections are for these races (see below)

    back them using my staking plan 10,10,20,20,40,40 or your own Simples

    LI 145 DYNASTIC LOST-£20
    MK 155 ENROLLER LOST -£20
    CH 205 KINGSDESIRE -£40
    LI 215 LADY PHIL £40 @ 3/1 =£120 – £100 = £20

    now start again on the next 6 and start the staking plan again

    As you can see ive made £20,but not happy,so I will continue with

    mk 225
    ch 235
    li 245 and so on

    Hope that helps


  22. Hi chaps, i wasn’t around last night to make adjustments to kelso being abandoned until the last couple of races but this turned out to be a bit of luck as i ended up with a (very) small profit on the system.
    As well as that though, jason gave us a cracking winner in Resurge (win + place) and another favourite of mine, BetFan, gave Mickdaam, so a good day all round.
    Only down-side was me betting Mickdaam early in the day with Totesport at 9/2 and that was what I was paid out on rather than an S.P. of 8’s – my own fault as i should have read Totesport’s small print but they’ve just lost themselves a customer!
    And a word of appreciation to Brian for providing the sort of stats we need.

  23. Hi Ray, yes daytime only is profitable with + 18 points at Level stakes and + 137 at Staking system, using only complete blocks of 6, also I think the weather does play a part in the results, a word of warning tho on 3 days there has been NO winners in the 1st 2 sessions of the day but the 3rd /4th sessions depending on qualifying races have put it back into profit. Also I notice Kempton and Southwell give a poor return, we just need to keep notes for the month and ‘filter’ the system to suit. Sorry about the delay in replying, but I live in Brazil (x-bookie, accountant, publican) and we are 4 hours behind UK time.

  24. Your Comments
    hi ray,
    started following templegate yesterday.i take it that i can buy the sun, and just follow the rules,rather than racing post and sun on line.also i dont back odds on,is there a min price, and only one day meeting is a no bet day, are day and evening not to be mixed ?.
    all the best.

  25. Hi ray I still don’t understand templegate thing bud if I pick 6 horses and look at templegate ones what do I do next? Pls help bud I think I must be think lol

  26. Hi Pete

    Its still early days mate and were still working out whats going to be more profitable

    I come up with only playing the first 6 If Ive met my target which is £75+, However Im thinking of playing through the entire card as Brian My Maths genius has been keeping records since we started a couple of weeks back and its well in profit

    So to be honest Pete we are not sure yet,But starting again at the 7th race you have spot on

    Now I hope that makes sense Lol


  27. Hi Ray &/or Brian
    Do you play in blocks of 6? if going through the card or not reaching a target or a profit, ie going back to the starting stake on the 7th selection. I hope that makes sense

  28. Yes very poor tonight Brian

    I think I will stick to the day Racing

    Im thinking of playing right through the card

    What was the figures playing through the card Brian using my staking?

    (Day Racing Only)

    Thanks Brian


  29. Right Chaps

    You should know by now there was no afternoon Racing using Templegates system due to Goodwood being abandoned leaving only the one meeting

    So what Ive decided to do Is play this evening instead

    The card should look like this

    Yar 520 Great Heavens
    Yar 555 Khun John
    Win 605 Sendin Post
    Kel 615 Sam Patch
    Yar 625 Kai
    Win 635 Dualla Lord