How YOU Could Get $53,310

As Compensation For A Big Bank Cover-Up

“I just banked $1,730, $1,960, and $752.50 in a single month”


Hello! My name is Richard Jones, and what you’re about to read won’t make me popular amongst my peers for saying what I must say here to you, but that’s just too bad…

You’re about to discover what I consider a big cover-up by the establishment, a huge lie forced down the throats of the people by the big banks, all in the name of legally robbing the little guy…


And I’m going to show you how to get a compensation as a result of this, by simply following my specific advice……..

And you will NEED this advice because it’s business as usual on Wall Street, and that means you could be at risk of rapidly losing your standard of living if you don’t do something different…

More Scandals Affecting You? 

Please ensure you’re reading this in private. It’s very important you take time to read this very carefully.


The following pages are going to get a bit edgy, so fair warning: this report isn’t for the kids or anyone easily offended by playing the system by LEGALLY bending a few protocols.


I emphasise though: this is 100% legal. So, if you don’t have a problem sticking it to the banks, and you want to get compensated for their ongoing shenanigans, brace yourself. I promise that at the very least you’ll learn some shocking but profitable truths in what you’re about to read…

"Massive Amounts of Money just “Lying in the Corner”

The amount of money that’s involved in this cover-up is simply beyond the average person’s comprehension. It’s more than you could spend in your lifetime even if you were trying as hard as you could to get rid of it.

And the small piece of that action I want to carve off for you is enough to go and stare at the sea or whatever for the rest of your days. Happily ever after...


How does $4,442.50 a month Sound?

beachI just banked $4,442.50 in a single month...

Could YOU retire on that? At the very least, it would take the pressure off, wouldn’t it?

If so, please allow me to explain how YOU could bank this kind of money, how you could get compensated for the cover-up of a powerful and lucrative secret…

So what’s the secret you’re being lied to about? Well, there’s a famous quote from a legendary money-man that’s always stuck with me:


“I just wait until there is money lying in the corner, and all I have to do is go over there and pick it up. I do nothing in the meantime.”

This quote refers to the very same secret that’s been covered up, the same secret I’m going to give YOU in just a

Don’t you think it’s high time that YOU were one of those people getting this “money lying in the corner”?

Yes? Then please read the next section very carefully and I’ll show you how…


Get Compensated for this Cover-Up

If you want to become wealthy, the fastest way there is through Wall Street, by playing the big banks at their own game.

Now, here’s the huge secret that, in my opinion, ‘they’ are covering up:

“You can DOUBLE your money on big-name, safe investments. You don’t need to take big risks to get big profits. Just wait for big-name companies to fall low enough to bounce back.”


Shares of IBM or Walmart or MacDonald’s are hardly going to go to zero, are they?! At a certain point, the only way is UP. For example, Goodyear Tires doubled in value recently, bouncing back after hitting rock bottom. Goodyear Tires is hardly a risky company! I made $5,677.34 in a month on that trade alone!

That’s what I mean by “money just lying in the corner…”


The big banks don’t want you knowing this, so they cover it up by only offering you low returns with ‘safe’ investments (go speak to your local bank for proof of this).


If you knew about this secret, then you could get rich with relatively LOW risk, and you wouldn’t need to buy the banks’ overpriced investment products for your retirement plan!


How does that make you feel? I think you should be compensated for this cover-up… you should be compensated by using the power of this secret for yourself, by defying the big banks…

And anyone can use this secret…

I banked $4,442.50 in a single month from a single company.

Here are my receipts below, money received on the right hand side. As you can see, I got three different payments of $1,730, $1,960, and $752.50:






That’s the equivalent of $53,310 a year!


The company I got this money from was Freeport McMoran, a HUGE copper and gold miner, and a big and relatively safe bet, not some risky, small penny stock. The chances of a giant like Freeport McMoran going out of business are virtually ZERO. Freeport recently bounced up after being an unloved stock for months… money just lying in the corner waiting to be picked up.

Huge upside, virtually ZERO downside.

Make sense?

I call this powerful secret that’s being covered up, ‘The Secret of Zero’…

The people using this secret WILL make a fortune…

In a nutshell, The Secret of Zero is this:

There is a limit to how LOW a big-name stock can go, but there is no limit to how HIGH it can go. At a certain point, the only way is UP… and the few people using this secret WILL make a fortune.

After a big, safe stock falls in price, then comes the inevitable bounce upwards in price, like a golden phoenix soaring out of the ashes.

This up-and-down cycle goes on constantly, and YOU can prosper from it… on the UP side, only after a big-name stock has fallen as far down as it can possibly go.

You would make a solid fortune from doing this, you would get compensated for the big banks denying you the truth and thus you would get what you deserve…

So let’s get to it, 

I can help you get what you deserve

I can help you strike at the right moment to maximise your gains.

This is the BIG secret of tycoon investors, the real players in the global investing arena. But YOU don’t have to be a tycoon to prosper from this secret- you can start with just a hundred dollars!!


But finding those big-name stocks and when they’re likely to bounce back to their former glory takes a lot of research and intelligence, and you have to scour the globe to get it.

Which is why I’m here to help you.

I pore over intelligence reports and tip-offs, and uses it to cherry-pick those temporarily abandoned big-name stocks that are set to bounce back mightily because of The Secret of Zero…

That’s how to pick up money lying in the corner and get compensated for being denied The Secret of Zero for so long.

So you can now use that secret for yourself… OR

Or you could just let me do all the work for you and tell you what to do and when…

This information is usually reserved only for institutional clients like major banks and investment funds who gladly pay tens of thousands of dollars a year, but for a small select group I plan to give my members access to these hot tip-offs in the form of a stock recommendation service that’s aptly named, The Bounce Entrepreneurs


It couldn’t be easier for you to get access to The Bounce Entrepreneurs service. Every time the choicest Secret of Zero opportunities show up on my radar for a super-lucrative bounce, you’ll get an email from me telling you exactly what to buy or sell, along with an intelligence briefing.

These are simple ‘buy and sell’ stock trades, and you can trade with as little as $100!


Personally, I feel a tremor of excitement every time one of these stocks pops up

Have Your Cake and Eat it too

High gain potential with low risk. That’s called having your cake and eating it too. And that’s a relatively safe way to double your money. If you started with only $1,000, and were able to double your money, you’d only be ten steps from a MILLION.


If you lucky enough to be accepted as a subscriber to The Bounce Entrepreneur Service, you’ll have a powerful tool specifically aimed at getting you effortlessly through those ten steps to a million. So I hope you’ll agree that this valuable service is well worth the fee of £50 a month (that’s just over £11 a week!), with a 30-day no-risk trial, and you can unsubscribe at any time!


If you’re truly serious about protecting yourself from this cover-up, and getting to retirement as quickly as possible, you will see this subscription fee as simply buying a ticket to the big game. With guiding you as your advisor, you have the right Team to take you all the way!

But why not see for yourself with a no-risk test drive…?

Peace of Mind with our Famous Guarantee

The Bounce Entrepreneur’s 


Guarantee 1:

Take 30 days to test-drive the product. Make money from it, learn from it and importantly enjoy it. If, for ANY reason, you wish to cancel your subscription, simply inform us within 30 days from the start of your subscription to receive a FULL refund, quickly and courteously. After 30 days you may contact us to cancel your subscription at any time in which we will remove you from future billing and you will have access for the period you have paid for.

Guarantee 2:

If, after placing all the respective trades recommended during the first 12 months of subscription, when added together are not in profit combined on aggregate, receive an additional year’s subscription completely free of charge.

I always stand behind the people I recommend to you. I couldn’t do that unless I had first hand experience of how well these people would deliver. But you will need to move fast, and here’s why…

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Simply Pick Up the “Money Lying in the Corner”

Stop settling for the lies and the low returns. You’ve been kept in the dark for long enough, but now you have a real escape plan, a path that could lead you through the cracks in a corrupt system, and into perpetual vacation.

You could and should get $53,310 as compensation for this cover-up. And you can begin today by joining my service today!

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