Fancy joining in our Monthly Tipping Competition? Keith has kindly offered to run the comp and I will donate a £20 free bet to the winner and £10 to the runner up each month!

Some great tipping last month!

Here are the rules:

- 1 bet only per day

- Must be posted on here before the start of the first race of the day

- UK Racing only

- If you post AFTER the start of the racing then you will incur a 1pt loss

- 1pt loss if no bet is posted at all

- 1pt loss if your horse loses

- No Each Way Bets allowed

- NAP only

- Prices are calculated to SP

766 thoughts on “Tipping Competition December”

  1. A great start for 2 nappers on day 1 of 2014. Well done to Raymond Watson and Barry for their winners today.

    Raymond = 9
    Barry = 7

    1. Hi Greg, please remember to post BEFORE the first race of the day. As your selection didn’t win, it’s not an issue this time.

  2. Congratulations to Paul and Sandra for some great tips in December.
    Happy New Year to you all.

    As I am running the comp this month, I can’t compete, but I will try and get some decent selections in anyway just for fun.

    Today’s selection – Southwell 14.00 Tax Free

    Good luck everyone

  3. Final update
    PAUL 24 wINNER
    I will email Jason the result and he will get in touch with you about your free bets
    Good luck Dean running comp any probs just let me know
    Once again HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!

  4. many thank’s to DEAN for keeping the show on the road.
    HNY to all, may your troubles be little and your winners be big
    if all else fails just follow the guru paul h !!!!

    last loser of the year
    Lingfield 2.00- Titan Triumph.

  5. Update
    Paul h 25
    Sandra 18.36
    Good luck on the last day
    Dean will be running the tip comp from January
    Have a great night and HAPPY NEW YEAR

  6. Well done to everyone for another good month of tipping.
    Keith/Jason, will there be a new page set up for the January selections? Thanks

    My last selection for 2013 (Dec 31st) – Lingfield 14.30 Commanche

    Happy new year everyone!

    1. Hi Dean
      Jason should set up another page for January but chech this page as well people may still post on
      here by mistake at first

  7. i am STILL going nowhere fast but price to short this time
    thought of going for trainers other runner in race but instead

    Lingfield 3.15
    Rock Diamond

    1. Nicely done again Paul. Your horses always come close or win. Do you pick them yourself and if so would you mind giving me some hints as to what to look for first cause I dont seem to find the consistency I would like. Thanks mate.

      1. Thanks just pick my own but read a lot racing post website and racing and football outlook weekly paper no set rules follow certain trainers who are in form

  8. Lingfield 3.20
    Al Aqabah

    it’s a city in Jordan and a vilage in the west bank.
    there end todays middle eastern lesson.
    happy holiday kid’s !!!

    1. Sandra, that is a fantastic selection today. What a biggie!!! Well done and hope it gets you on the leaderboard.

      1. Know you won’t believe this given my selections but backed e/w a/p 25/1
        but super selections form you in last week expose/mr david and v.unlucky
        with g.tufto 2nd.really brilliant well done.

  9. Hi Keith

    My score should be 12 – you’ve added 1 instead taking it away for 22/12.

    Merry Xmas.


  10. Update
    James c 14
    John g 8.54
    Paul h 4

    1. Hey Keith,
      As you have not heard from anyone, and the comp should continue, I’ll take over from you for January.
      I know you said that whoever takes over will not be able to participate but would it still be OK to advise a nap anyway just to see how I would have done?
      When scoring everyone, I just won’t include my own.

      On another note, as there isn’t any UK racing now until Boxing Day (26th), I want to wish everyone and their families a very merry Christmas.
      Have a good one.

        1. Cool. Thanks Keith.
          I will take over from Jan 1st – can you let me know where you get the starting prices from please?
          I use Sportinglife and just wondered if that’s ok. Or would Betfair SP be better?
          Also do you include the stake in the return? Ie. does 4/1 equal 4 or 5 returned?
          Thanks and merry Christmas.

  11. 2:05 no planning /ballytober
    12;30 no3
    2:00 no1
    2:35 no8
    3:00 cedreblue
    3:35 no12
    …two winners and a place 20/1 … hope to get more today
    good luck all

  12. BHA website Wyatt Earp
    12.49 Declared N/R
    Reason – Retired
    know how he feels, happy retirement old pal !!

  13. Got busy month in January can anyone take over the tip comp ?
    You will NOT be able to take part just run run it

  14. I am fighting back with another winner today. Gutted it was short in the odds. I wasn’t expecting that when advising last night. I’d rather not back odds on but if anyone profits from my advice, then I am happy.

    Early selection made for tomorrow – continuing with my fave jockey/trainer combo.
    Kempton 16.30 Wakeup Little Suzy (a great song from my childhood by The Everly Brothers)

    1. Thanks Sandra. Totally unexpected but goes to show no one is out of this yet. Caught another one today so still fighting on.

  15. Early decision for tomorrow’s selection – Wednesday 18th December

    Kempton 17.50 Quiet Warrior (pairing up my fave trainer/jockey combo again)

  16. while of course i’m horse number 4,
    i have to pick
    Catterick 3.10

    is our dave really a dauphin ?

  17. I am not doing so well this month so I am just going with a name I like today because it’s my surname –

    Catterick 14.10 HARRIS

    1. Well that was a surprise result. Gulf Punch would have been my selection if I wasn’t just putting something out there because of my name – and they both come in as a dead heat. I hope that still counts 🙂

  18. replacement for my non runner , just for Graham, BIT OF A CLOWN 2-55 PLUMPTON, you really made me laugh thanks

    1. if only it was a bit ,but it’s the hole lot i’m sad to say.
      you don’t want too know where i keep my red nose !!!

  19. Now I could go for the same trainer/jockey combo for the hat trick (Wolverhampton 18.50 Solar Deity) but I think this is a hard race to win from (especially with 12 runners).
    Therefore I am going with another great trainer/jockey combo where they only have 1 runner today and it has good odds in only a 4 runner race.

    So today’s selection is – Cheltenham 15.35 Glens Melody

  20. well done Dean I was in there at 9/4 ,we have got the losses back, now for the profit ,,as the pope would say ,bless you my son

    1. Thanks Sandra. Another great return for you, especially as it went off at 6/4. They are on fine form at the moment – do I go for the hat trick in a competitive race this evening though?
      You’ll find out shortly 🙂

  21. A great result yesterday but still a long way to go to catch the leaders with their good advice this month.
    I am going to stick with the same jockey/trainer combo in their only ride today –

    Wolverhampton 17.25 Magika

    1. Thanks Sandra. Great result and return for you.
      It was my ideal one-two as I had a place bet on Captain Cat 🙂

  22. 6-25 WOLV FRIDAY

  23. Who would have thought that an all weather venue could be abandoned?…haha
    I shall try again at Kempton today with a good trainer/jockey combo at the moment.

    Kempton 18.20 String Theory

  24. sandra’s gone for the Beckett/Crowley combo in the 5.10 kemp
    so i will go for the other one.

    Kempton 3.40
    Mercury magic

  25. Total disaster yesterday so going on a big selection today, one that was on my shortlist last week that I should have advised. I hope it follows up today –

    Kempton 18.40 Halfsin

    1. I’d like to change my selection please,as I misread my notes. NOT Monte Cassino –

      New selection for comp – Uttoxeter 13.50 Bladoun


  26. No luck at the moment. As with a few of you, nothing is coming in the way we would like them to 🙂

    Today’s selection – Musselburgh 13.45 Stitched in Time

    1. way my my luck is lately
      i have trouble picking
      my nose let alone a winner !!!

      got nice clean ears though.

  27. Nap for Saturday 7th being placed early as not able to advise on the day.
    Wetherby 15.25 Chebsey Beau

    1. Hi Keith,
      Could you check out my score please,as i do believe that i had a winner on Sunday 5-2 but i dont appear to be on the board
      thanks Greg

  28. Hi guys
    Had a very very busy weekend so will up date everything later tonight when home from work as for bet
    going to charity I don’t know will have to ask Jason but maybe if you backed a horse with it and then if
    it won you could donate the winnings yourself ?
    Catch you all later

  29. Hey Keith, I haven’t seen the leaderboard for November yet but if I finished 2nd, is there any chance the £10 prize can be given to charity instead please?

    Not a good start yesterday. Today’s selection is –
    Wolverhampton 16.05 Passionada

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