If you would like to get involved just enter your tip each day on here. Please make sure to follow the rules below:

I'd like to say a big thank you for Dean for running the comp over the last few months and I would like to thank Jane who will now be running it!


Here are the winners from Junes competition:

1st = Henry = 24.50
2nd = Colin = 20.83
3rd = Woody = 9
4th = JamesC = 8.5

So congratulations and well done to Ziltiod.


Here are the rules:

- 1 bet only per day

- Must be posted on here before the start of the first race of the day

- UK Racing only

- If you post AFTER the start of the racing then you will incur a 1pt loss

- 1pt loss if no bet is posted at all

- 1pt loss if your horse loses

- No Each Way Bets allowed

- NAP only

- Prices are calculated to SP


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421 thoughts on “Tipping Competition July”

  1. Good afternoon from sunny Devon
    Another sole winner today James C @3/1 which has changed the leader board
    1st Ralph 18.07
    2nd James C 9.25
    3rd James Sid 5.40
    4th Ronaldoh2.88

    Sorry James C should have been on last nights leader board but I had failed to reimput his 4 stake points back in (5) today.
    last day of this months competition so I expect lots of last ditch long odds like Paul H today 200/1 You never know!!!
    As a final reminder the winning stake will not be added to tomorrows final board.
    Good luck all

  2. Frank sinatra stood on a burning deck,he was all a quiver,he gave a cough, his !####! fell off and floated down [Goodwood 4.15] Moon River.

  3. Good morning all from sunny Devon,
    Congratulations to James C with the only winner @8/1
    On the penultimate day of the competition the leader board is as follows:

    1st Ralph 19.07
    2nd James Sid 6.40
    3rd Ronaldoh 3.00
    4th John Mc 188
    5th Sandra 1.82
    6th lee 1.5
    Enjoy today’s racing and good luck

  4. Good morning all from sunny Devon,
    Two winners yesterday so congratulations to Sandra @ 5/6 and Joseph 12/1
    The leader board is as follows
    1st Ralph 20.07
    2nd James Sid 7.40
    3rd Ronaldoh 4.00
    4th John Mc 2.88
    5th Sandra 2.82
    The start of the Goodwood festival today so enjoy the racing and good luck

    1. Morning my lover ,as they say in our neck of the woods ,keeping it all ship shape and Bristol fashion, and not really wanting to SOUND off, did I have a BIG winner yesterday as well as Sandra and Joseph , your doing a grand job Peter x x x

      1. Peter,
        I am really sorry, you are absolutely right ,no excuses just did not circle your 10/3 winner..after computer problems have decided the back of an envelope is better! so human error I am afraid.
        laters my luvverrrr!

  5. square wheels and powered by monkey poo that sure is one [Lingfield 5.45] Crazy Train.

  6. Good Morning from sunny Devon,
    Apologies again but the system that i had on my old computer did not survive the transfer (it did but produced garbage! So I had to start again manually.

    The Leader board is as follows
    1st Ralph 21.07
    2nd James Sid 8.40
    3rd Ronaldoh 5.00
    4th John Mc 3.88

    The competition is not over yet as demonstrated by Ronaldoh who is having a late surge including a 20/1 winner on Saturday so get those long odds hats on in the final few days.
    will update tonight.

      1. Hi Ralph ,
        A non runner = minus 1 point and if there is a non runner replacement that loses its also minus 1 point. Also if you do not put up a selection then there is also a point taken off.
        Hope this clarifies if there are any questions re my calculations please get in touch.

        Just to be clear to all the winning stake will not be added back into the points tally after the final days racing in this months competition.
        Good luck with the rest of the competition.

  7. Good Morning all from sunny Devon,
    I am really sorry that I have not been able to update but when the computer goes its more than a pain.
    Firstly let me congratulate all the winners since my last update they are as follows
    James Sid 11/8, 9/2, 2/5.
    Sandra 13/8 and 11/10
    Ronaldoh 7/2 and 5/2
    James C 9/4 and 7/1
    Jarold 11/4 and 6/4
    Greg 7/2
    Andrew 11/8
    Ralph 12/1
    Lee 12/1 and
    Peter RJ 5/4.
    I will update the leader board tonight after racing and keep a daily board for the remainder of this months competition.
    Good Luck with todays racing

  8. Hi all,
    Sorry that I have not posted results but have had major computer issues which I hope are now fixed. Will update leader board later today.

  9. hope she’s got something to shout about from the mountain top [Carlisle 8.40] Heidi’s Delight.

  10. i don’t wanna say goodbye for the summer.but darling i promise you this.i will send you all my love everyday in a letter [Windsor 6.55] Sealed with a Kiss…x

  11. Hope some of you may of remembered my reply to ADE on june 27th if so 20/1 with ladbrookes v.nice. !!!

  12. 4:10 Redcar – Hadaj, if thats a NR then 2nd choice is 3:20 Newton Abbot – Zarzal

  13. 2:55 Market Rasen – Springinherstep ….. seems a ridiculous price for this stable and a stone lighter ….. GET ON!!!!

  14. Creevytennant 15.30 Market Rasen .

    Jane this will be my last selection for this month ,off to florida with the kids ,be back next month ,be lucky everyone

  15. I’m going for a real longshot today guys, but it’s the only selection of the day thrown up by a system that I use, so I’ve got to run with it

    Newbury 3.15 Trader Jack

  16. you’ll like this……,not a lot………… but you’ll like it
    Paul Daniels 200mph on back of motorbike doing a card trick.now thats [Haydock2.40] Fast Magic.

  17. Good morning from dull Devon!
    four talented tippers yesterday:- Greg 9/2, John Mc 9/2, Joseph 8/1 and James Sid 2/1 Well done all.
    Good luck today and have a great day.

  18. Good morning all,
    At least 3 and possibly 4 winners yesterday! Dave and Daveh Izzthatright! (as relative newbies are you one and the same, please advise Ta) @11/4John Mc and Henry different horses but both 8/1.
    A huge cheer for the venerable Tony McCoy equalling Martin Pipes record ….apparently he is now 6/1 to get 5000 winners.
    Have a great day and good luck with your selections.

      1. Thanks Daveh, I sort of figured but needed confirmation as I did not want to upset any one. Congrats on your win.

  19. Naked nipples a possibility but no need to fret as i put my last shirt on [Sandown 8.15] Best Kept.

  20. Good morning all from drizzly Devon,
    A load of 2nd’s yesterday but no winners.Lets hope for better results today.
    Good luck all

  21. 6-35 sand. White Russian. IfNR. Hall beck. 8-50 sand Thurs 7-0 Doncaster. Lashkaal. If NR. Corporal Maddox 7-35 Doncaster. Fri. 2-30 Newbury. Fret. If Nr Woolston Ferry. 5-05. Notts. off a few days so posting all now

  22. 3:00 Beverley – Knockamany Bends (if thats a NR then i’ll have 5:00 Beverley – It’s All A Game)

  23. Good morning all,
    Ralph was again the only winner yesterday 10/11.
    Have a great day and enjoy the racing and hopefully I can report a few more winners tomorrow.
    good luck

    1. Hi Greg,
      hope you get this before today’s racing. My psychic abilities are limited (hence my low betting bank!) so could you please give me the name of the horse you are backing in the 8.30.at thirsk. If you get this after the start of racing I will use your NR back up as your selection.

      1. Sorry Greg was just checking to see if there was a horse called tomorrow only to discover that there is not a race at 8.30!!!!

  24. keeping cool sitting in the fridge hopefully cheering on [Windsor 9.00] Treasure the Ridge.

  25. Good morning all from sunny Devon,
    At the end of the second week the leader board is as follows:
    1. Ralph 11.10
    2. James Sid 9.5
    3. Sandra 8.26
    4.Ziltoid 7.00

    Plenty of time and opportunity to make some changes so put your best betting caps on and good luck with todays racing.

  26. whatever the weather were always on the lookout for [Stratford 3.20] Spanish Treasure.

  27. Good morning from sunny Devon,
    Lots of placed horses yesterday but only one winner so congratulations to James Sid back to winning ways with a showgirl from a posh hotel at 6/1!
    Good luck all with today’s racing

  28. 1:40 York – Braidley ….. if thats a NR then second choice is … 4:40 York – Gabrial’s King

  29. Hi all,
    Apologies for not giving an update yesterday but my internet connection was not connecting!
    there were two winners on Thursday:- James C 7/1 and Andrew 9/2 and only one winner yesterday Fred @15/8.
    I will update the leader board after Sundays racing.
    have a good day and enjoy the racing.

  30. Hi all,
    Apologies for not giving an update yesterday but my internet connection was not connecting!
    there were two winners on Thursday:- James C 7/1 and Andrew 9/2 and only one winner yesterday Fred @15/8.
    I will update the leader board after Sundays racing.
    have a good day and enjoy the racing.

  31. Not posted. Should be Trending 7-05 Chep if abs Ladies are Forever 2-20 York

  32. way my luck’s been going if i would find one it would be [Newmarket 3.15] No Leaf Clover.

  33. luckily for me and country never needed to do this [Newmarket 5.30] National Service.

  34. Good Morning from sunny Devon,
    Only one winner yesterday….Ralph (the consistent) @4/6. Start of the July meeting at newmarket today so plenty of good quality horses lets hope for some good quality winners today.
    Off for a romp with my dog before dragging my aching body back to the greenhouse project!
    Have a great day and good luck all.

  35. TOMORROW 5-30 NEWM

  36. 6:50 Kempton – Galatian
    if thats a NR then i’ll go for 8:40 Worcester – Iguacu

  37. Noble Witness 4-15 Worc. if abs Storm 3-20 Ling for todays lucky 15 add Little Buxted 8-50 Kemp and Almanack 9-20 Kemp. I’ve done all the work so follow me and fill your boots. We might be lucky today.

  38. Good morning from sunny Devon,
    Only two winners yesterday Ralph @6/4 and Ziltoid @ 8/1 well done to both. As demonstrated yesterday there were several non runners but no one who had a non runner actually put up a replacement horse.
    Having finally cleared at least 40 years of ivy and weeds my task today is to dismantle what is left of a late victorian lean to green house so that I can have it in production from the autumn (hence the scaffolding). Its 75 feet long and in places the back wall is 3 feet thick so shall be up a ladder for some time! not to mention having to do my lumberjack impression to chop down the trees that have grown in and around it.
    Hope you all have a great day and good luck to you all.

      1. Hi Sandra,
        I have had too many tarzans eg men yelling and beating their chests whilst relying on Cheat(ing)ah’s to get them out of a tight spot in my life to wish for any more!!!!!

    1. Hi JANE, BTW i don’t know if your aware but i’ve always wanted to be a…… LUMBERJACK !!
      I cut down trees. I eat my lunch.I go to the lavatory.On Wednesdays I go shoppin’ And have buttered scones for tea.also..
      I cut down trees. I skip and jump.I like to press wild flowers.I put on women’s clothing And hang around in bars.also..
      I cut down trees. I wear high heels,Suspendies, and a bra.I wish I’d been a girlie,Just like my dear Papa……………….

    1. Ahhhhhhh…ahh..ah..ah…ah…ahhhhhhhhh……….(not quite sure how you wright tarzan call ?)

  39. Bright beautiful day and sat upon my knee ended with a soggy trouser leg and sock when little
    [Lingfield 5.45] Sweet Lily Pea.

  40. Good morning all,
    Another four winners yesterday :- Sandra 6/1, James Sid 9/4 Greg 6/4 and Peter RJ 3/1.
    Thanks Jason for putting up the new page.
    Good luck today

  41. Good morning from cloudy Blackpool.
    Tiger’s Home 5-40 Brighton if abs China In My Hands 7-40 Brighton

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