Thanks again to Dean for running the tipping comp. If you would like to get involved just enter your tip each day on here. Please make sure to follow the rules below:


Here are the winners from Mays competition:

1st = Ziltiod = 12
2nd = Greg = 8.48
JohnG = 6.25
Graham = 5
Joseph = 3.25
Henry = 2.1

So congratulations and well done to Ziltiod.


Here are the rules:

- 1 bet only per day

- Must be posted on here before the start of the first race of the day

- UK Racing only

- If you post AFTER the start of the racing then you will incur a 1pt loss

- 1pt loss if no bet is posted at all

- 1pt loss if your horse loses

- No Each Way Bets allowed

- NAP only

- Prices are calculated to SP



708 thoughts on “Tipping Competition June”

  1. is there a better place to have a cup of coca than sitting on the [Windsor 7.20] Stone of Folca.

  2. Good morning all,
    a raft of winners yesterday so congratulations to Ralph 10/1 lee 7/2 Sandra and Fred 11/8, john Mc 5/1 and Greg 7/2.

    had great fun converting all the odds into decimals!
    After the first seven days the leader board is as follows
    1. Ralph 8.5
    2.James Sid 4.25
    3.Ziltoid 4.00
    4. Colin 2.5
    5.Fred 2.43
    6.Andrew 2.25
    7.Peter RJ 1.5
    8.Sandra 1.38
    John Mc is neutral and the rest are in various stages of negative territory despite some unlucky and good priced seconds. Good Luck today
    Cheers jane

  3. Posted
    At 11.39 this morning just noticed saying awaiting moderation hope this still counts ?

    1. Hi Fred
      I have also had that problem and you did get your choice in before the race in question so included your win in the table above,

      1. Hey Mr wiseman you slipped up there,but your lovely,and that’s what counts,love Sandra

        1. Did make it choice between wiseman&a.spirit but chose bigger price as always
          but keep an eye on a.spirit as Timeform even called it dangerously well handicaped today
          still it might just be like all of us getting too old !!!

    1. i’m slightly sulking, to be honest i think it’s me who needs a hug after last two days with two seconds at 33/1,20/1 so don’t give up, will be better days ahead to ask me to spoil you xx

      1. 33/1 & 20/1 2nd`s don`t beat a 11/8 winner does it ,and Mr Harding`s a lovely jockey , Love Sandra.

        1. True with betinfo but E/W at mr bookie I know which I rather have luvly jubbly.xx

  4. Good morning all from sunny Devon,
    Two winners yesterday Fred, his second at 5/6 and Ziltoid at 11/1. I will put up the leader board after today’s racing.
    Good luck all and have a great day.

      1. Thanks, I actually had it in my lucky 63 which mirrors my scoop six entry on a Saturday and took 11/1 which is where the happy mix up came from. Adjusted in table above.
        Ta Jane

    1. Morning Jane in sunny Devon, i’m going to sunny[hopefully] Blackpool tomorrow till Friday. Settle for it keeping dry. Any chance of a new page. Cheers.

      1. Hi Colin,
        Have a great time in Blackpool ( fish and chips much better up there) Hope the weather stays sunny.
        I will e mail Jason later …..but if you are reading this could you put up a july page please.
        all the best

  5. Good morning all
    Congratulations to Colin for his second win on the bounce 6/4 and Sandra 3/1. Short update today as I have to set up some scaffolding should be interesting as I have never done it before but as I frequently tell my Dad “it can’t be that difficult….men do it”! have a good day and Good luck

  6. NELSONS BAY 20.40 CARLISLE ,a tip going around at work so will chance this one

  7. Early shout for Saturday, as I will be swinging my golf bats early tomorrow.
    Sandown 1.30 – Mawfoor

  8. Good morning all
    Another three winners yesterday so congratulations to Andrew with his second win @7/4, Colin 4/1 and Jarold 11/4.
    Re non runners please see my response to James Sid I hope that this is fair and that any competitor can take advantage.
    Not so sunny here in Devon this morning but I need the rain for my crops!
    Good luck today


      1. Hi Greg,
        No problem also see my response to James Sid below.
        Good luck

    1. Hi James,
      Sorry i can’t take your change after the days racing has started but as your selection did not win its a slightly moot point. I understand the frustration of non runners especially if work and commitments exclude you from getting a second bet in before racing starts. I would be quite happy to accept a second choice from anyone ONLY to be used if your first choice is a non runner and if it was posted before the start of the days racing. If any one wants to take advantage of this just ensure that you mark your second choice as NR BACKUP.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Yeah was a work Jane only found out 5 mins before race thanks for clearing it up

  9. see how complicated it gets when you get clever and pick winners,i say stick to losers and make life simple and easy,talkin’ of which heres another for ya [Haydock 3.20] Rich Again…..if only!!!

  10. Morning Jane
    Your running the comp so you run it has you wish , I was just pointing it out
    All the best

  11. Good morning all
    Firstly congratulations to the three winners yesterday Peter RJ 11/2 James Sid , for the second day in a row 7/4 and Fred at 5/4.
    I am messing around with an Excel spread sheet at the moment in an attempt to automate this somewhat so bear with me for the “leader board” for the next couple of days whilst I try and refine it (unless Dean Keith or any one else has one they would like to share)
    Keith I understand the name of the game is profit but when someone in profit loses I take a point off their total point score but the winners have not lost their stake point until the end of the month when I would deduct a point (stake) from each to give a correct profit figure. Does this seem fair?
    Another beautiful morning in sunny Devon and good luck to all competitors today

  12. had a choice of two today PH(guru) has gone for one of them so i go for the other one.
    btw when your as good as me at picking losers it does’nt matter whether you return stakes or not just add minus 1 to my score easy . !!!!….[Kempton 8.50] Buckland.

  13. Good morning all,
    Three winners on the first day James Sid 11/2, Andrew 7/2 and Ralph 6/4. There were also a couple of decent priced placed horses but as only winners count all you get is my commiserations!
    I assume that the winners also have their stake point returned and added to their total could any one correct me if this is wrong, thanks.
    Bright sunny morning here in Devon so hope the weather stays fair for today’s racing. Have a good day everyone and good luck.

        1. Hi Keith and Colin,
          Thanks for that clarification!!!! The reason I asked is that I noticed that Dean did not return stakes but imo that seems a little unfair especially for those who have consistent winners eg were someone to have ten short priced wins over the month they would lose 10 points when in the real world they would not. Perhaps the competitors should have a vote

          P.S Colin whilst I love my TINY home and en suite mushroom growing! it is definitely not the glamorous picture postcard version of Devon and therefore not holiday worthy! however if any one is ever going to Exeter or Newton Abbot races let me know and we can have a beer there.

          1. Hi Jane’ i’m back again just to clarify that Dean definitely returned stakes on a winner.

    1. Hi Jane,you shouldn’t have told us you live in Devon, everybody will be wanting to come and stay with you for a cheap holiday.

  14. Helloa Jane welcome onboard hope R DEAN (no not that one) TAYLOR manage to see yea !!
    newa montha gota goa fora [Stratford 6.30) Hanga Roa.

    1. michael caine uninteresting fact #127. hanga roa. name of main town of chile easter islands.

  15. Well done Dean, and thank you!
    Jane – excellent of you to take over 🙂
    So, a new month:
    Brighton 2.30 – Birdie Queen ( seems very appropriate today!!)

  16. Well done to Colin & Henry.

    Big thanks to Dean for his excellent work on the updates over the past months.

    On to July:


  17. It was a final day war between Colin and Henry and a fantastic finish to June.
    Final day winners were JamesC, Peter RJ and, unlucky for Colin, Henry, making it change at the top.

    So the final leaderboard for June, and from me, looks like this –

    1st = Henry = 24.50
    2nd = Colin = 20.83
    3rd = Woody = 9
    4th = JamesC = 8.5

    It has been a pleasure producing these updates but it’s now time to hand it over to the lovely Jane.

    Congratulations to Henry, commiserations to Colin – I was rooting for you buddy.

    I wish everyone the best of luck with their tipping in the coming months. 🙂

    And finally, COME ON MURRAY!!!!!

    1. Good morning Dean and all,
      Thanks Dean for all your work and updates I hope that you have a well deserved holiday and enjoy the golf tournament.
      To Henry and Colin congratulations on winning Junes Comp,
      and to all others I will do my best to update daily either late or (generally) very early the following morning.
      Good luck all

  18. Ive got to do mine for tomorrow as sadly its back to work for me now
    So im going for my old mate
    5-00 BRIGHTON

  19. 2 winners on Sat from Colin and John Mc, and only 1 winner yesterday from JamesC, but going into today, there is no change at the top of the leaderboard.

    1st = Colin = 21.83
    2nd = Henry = 19.5
    Woody = 10
    Johnz = 0.5

    I’ll post a final update after the last race tipped this evening.

  20. compo chasing in his wellies and her wrinkled stockings going like the clappers i must be going completely [Windsor 7.00] Nora Batty…………..really should wait till she runs in 1m+ h’cap.

  21. Sorry guys the time was wrong on my selection it should be windsor 3.30 not 3.00

    Windsor 3.30 Cayman Dancer

  22. Will need wiggo’s bike to win but i’ll stick on my sideburns and cheer on [Uttoxeter 3.50] Bradley

    1. no need to apologize don’t think JAROLD was meaning you !!
      had same BT problem but betinfo was ok for me,nightmere on other sites though !!

  23. Makhfar 5-55 Donc. If I was chasing i Would go for my old friend Flying Power

  24. Even after the winners from JamesC and Sandra today, there is no change in the leaderboard –

    1st = Colin = 22.33
    2nd = Henry = 21.5
    Woody = 12
    Johnz = 2.5

  25. Hey everyone, apologies again for not posting an update for a whole week. It’s been a nightmare trying to get everything done.

    Firstly, Jane, sorry for not coming back to you sooner but YES, YES, YES please take the reporting and updating over 🙂 thank you.

    Secondly, well done to all the winners since my last update and up until yesterday – Lee, Henry (4), Paul, JamesC, Colin (2), Peter RJ (2), Ronaldoh and Johnz (2)

    It’s tight at the top but there is a clear leader –

    1st = Colin = 23.33
    2nd = Henry = 22.5
    Woody = 13
    Johnz = 3.5
    Jarold = 0.7

    As this is up until the end of yesterday, I will try to post an update after today’s racing and then over the weekend so you all know where you stand leading into the last day on Monday.
    Thanks for your patience – and Greg, what are you doing tipping while on holiday?…haha

    1. Hi Dean, thanks for what you have done in the past and i can understand that it can take too much of your time and good luck to whoever takes over. If it was possible to change just one rule i would like to be able to post at anytime. This would give regulars more time and shift workers a chance.It would also open up for people who work and can only get involved in evening racing. Just a thought but will continue whatever the rules.

  26. Probably what our GREG been doing after one to many sangria’s last couple of weeks.
    [Newcastle 8.50] Sunrise Dance.

  27. Why isn’t my post showing i’ve done it twice already. Anderiego 8-20 Newcastle

  28. Hi gang. Lemon(ADE) me old cocker while i ‘m up for picking losers in any sport i see a couple of problems with sport tipping contest EG..if i pick rory mcilroy to win the open on thursday we wont no result until sunday. so there will need to be more rules regarding contest.

    Plus (dont take this wrong way guru PH) but my voye goes to JANE to run comp as a tender hand of a female needed to guide betinfo24 though the mad summer sun/rain !!

    1. Ha ha graham I agree needs a woman’s touch and I don’t take owt wrong way just like this comp page

      1. Hi Graham and Paul, Thanks for the vote … sort of selfish as I don’t want to lose your winning tips! Am waiting for Dean to get back to me.
        Good luck with the rest of this months competition.

          1. gowd knows what wrong today,can’t type or spell this morning . meant wrong person,must have fat finger syndrom !!!

  29. Another big EW tip today 3rd but took 50/1 so not complaining
    My tip for Tomorrow is PASHAN GHAR 9/1 now but im expecting it to go on the slide

  30. Hi guys would people be intrested in doing some kind of sports tipping competition monthly? I have spoken to Jason and he has said it ok to put this depending on intrest. Please just a little comment so I know if it b worth it

    1. And if no one wants to run the comp I will do it for July If ok with others

        1. Ok ade but I meant this one running know I think Dean is looking for someone to do it next month if you can do it fine great idea


  32. i see both my beau’s giving it another go today but a chance i taker with [Newcastle 4.30] Printmaker.

  33. Holidaying and better half nagging me to get a move on so King of Eden 8-50 Ham. Not very original but a winner’s a winner.

    1. couldn’t resist mini get away, got a caravan Lyme Regis , nice to be missed thanks xx

  34. Choc a Moca 4-45 Bev.The Cornishcowboy looks stuck on but should be odds on. Anyone fancying a lucky 15 today could do worse than Kakapuka 4-30,Emman Bee 6-20 Prim And Oroper 8-00 and Choc a Moca. Best of luck if you have a go.

  35. After waking to a heavy mist this morning (now raining) on the sunny island
    of Lanzarote there can only be one horse for me today and thats
    6-00 LINGFIELD

  36. some people say i’m unsociable,don’t know why, i just say please [Ascot 5.00] Dont Bother Me.

  37. WAIT!!!!! cried the nurse you should learn first before you use that syringe
    here why not give it a try and practice on this [ASCOT 5.00] Big Orange.

  38. I can only apologise for the lack of updates and selections recently. Time just slips by so fast at the moment and I have finally caught up.
    But speaking of time, or a lack of it, I will soon need to pass the baton on as in August I will be taking a holiday at some point and at the end of September I will be spending 10 days in Scotland when working on a massive golf event 🙂
    Are there any takers to being the new tipster reporter? I can probably cover July if no one can start immediately but ideally I would need someone to take over after the end of this month.
    If you can offer your time please add something to your next few posts when you send your selection in and if there is more than one volunteer, maybe it can go to a vote by the rest of you 🙂

    Now onto the update –
    There have been some good winners in the past couple of weeks and we have a very surprising leader.
    Well done to all the winners so far this month – Andrew, Colin (2 including a big 25/1 today), Henry (2), JamesC, Jarold (11), John Mc (6), Johnz (3), Joseph, Lee (2), Dean (2), Paul H (2), Peter RJ (3), Ralph (2), Ronaldoh, Sandra (2) and Woody (3)
    Commiserations to last months winner Ziltiod, who is yet to score a result this month.

    And onto the leaderboard –

    Joint 1st = Woody & Colin (he has gone from leading layer to co-leading backer) = 20
    Jarold = 7.7
    Johnz = 2.25
    Henry = 2
    John Mc = 0.92

    11 days left – what can Woody or Colin do to edge that lead away from the other? I look forward to posting the next update.

    1. Hi Dean,
      I follow the tipsters but dont offer up my choices as I have long since discovered that the surest way of a horse losing is if I suggest it as a tip. If no one else wants to take over i will happily do a daily results service without the hindrance of putting up any tips(safer all round!) can take over from July if every one is in agreement.

    1. See you are a follower of UKRN he is going for 3 in a row.He is in form . Good luck with your picks today.

  39. i expect now GREGS gone from bronze to [Hamilton 2.20] Gold Beau.

    i hope it’s not number 7 in the 5.55 hamilton just yet for GREG. !!

  40. Top hat has’nt arrived in time so it’s off to the seaside doing wheelleez on the promenade
    [Brighton 7.30] Appellez Baileys.

  41. i swear if i’m quite i can hear GREG singing, my oh my what a wonderful day, plenty of sunshine heading my way [Newton Abbot 4.30] Dipity doo dah……………

  42. Ok another non runner again today
    So my tip for tomorrow is going to be
    9-05 Windsor
    Its just got to be after last night’s results

  43. Doing my bet for tomorrow as ive got a feeling that I may be hanging tomorrow
    after the footy tonight
    By the way I fancy a 2~1win for England
    Anyway my bet for tomorrow is

    1. I wish I was just bronze Graham but its so hot here not even factor 30 suncreams
      helping im red raw

  44. An early selection for tomorrow. Having been to Hawaii and played golf with this mountain in the background, and as I am playing golf tomorrow, I have to go with –
    Bath 17.30 Diamondhead

    1. Good Authority is in 6-15 Goodwood but I was pushing time. Undecided in that , Lady Bayside 7-15 Chep and Smarty Socks 3-40 York. Ended up taking shortest price but I think Smarty Socks will win if it jumps out on terms.

  45. I’m almost done with my selection tracking so will post another update soon. There have been some good results but it still looks wide open at the moment.

    Today’s selection – Chepstow 18.05 Sea the Bloom

  46. 3 40 york
    Dubia hills
    1st bet for a few days as im sunning myself by the pool in sunny Lanzarote

  47. trainer has had 100/1&50/1 first time out winners recently so i’ll put a stop to that [Nottingham 4.45] Dunnington..

  48. I’ll post an update as soon as I can but for today I choose – Beverley 14.50 Adiator

  49. Choc a Mocha 3-20 Bev
    If anybody had been brave enough to have laid all my tips for April, May and June to £100 they would have won over £6,000 as i have not tipped a winner. Do,nt start now because things are going to change.

  50. Newton Abbot 2.45 Moorlands Jack (Now a Non Runner).

    Please replace with Ayr 3-0 Declamation NAP

  51. June has got off to a flyer for some. There has already been a 16/1 winner, from Woody, who followed up 2 days later with an 8/1 winner.
    Newbie John Mc had 3 winners in a row from day 1, only to be ended by a non runner on day 4.
    Johnz and Henry both selected the only winner of yesterday and that was at 11/1, which followed Henry’s great start on day one of 8/1.
    Well done to all the winners mentioned above and all the others so far – Andrew, Jarold, Paul H, Peter RJ, Ralph and me.

    The leaderboard is looking interesting already –

    1st = Woody = 21
    2nd = Henry = 16
    Johnz = 7
    John Mc = 6.88
    Paul H = 5.5
    Peter RJ = 4.25
    Jarold = 1.36
    (Dean = 1.24)
    Andrew = 1

    It’s an early start at 13.35 today with the Epsom races.

    My selection is – Epsom 16.00 Tarfasha

  52. can’t believe it back in feb done ante post e/w sing/doub on Tagrooda(oaks)&Geoffrey Chaucher(derby)both16/1 and there still running unlike my guineas picks which never run but 1,000 selection running today in oaks so covering all bases i’ll go against my a/p runner and pick my guineas nonrunner [Epsom 4.00] Amazing Maria

  53. After 4 2nds in a row now surely im due a winner tomorrow so im going for
    8-30 KEMPTON

  54. Dawn Rock 4-10 Brighton
    Watch out for Don’t Have It Then 8-30 Kemp tomorrow.[Unlucky last time at Beverley.]

    1. Dawn Rock non runner already so i’ll swap to Havingotascoobydo 6-10 Southwell

      1. I had 40 pounds on at 10/1. Ran 6 furlongs and lost by 1/8 of an inch.Gone for Dansili Dutch using same method. 20 pounds at 2/1 will get my stake back for yesterday.

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