Join our monthly tipping competition. Dean is running the competition and I will donate £20 to the winner and £10 to 2nd place. There was some great tipping again last month and here the winners:

1st = Joseph = 27.53
2nd = Kaz = 25.08


Here are the rules:

- 1 bet only per day

- Must be posted on here before the start of the first race of the day

- UK Racing only

- If you post AFTER the start of the racing then you will incur a 1pt loss

- 1pt loss if no bet is posted at all

- 1pt loss if your horse loses

- No Each Way Bets allowed

- NAP only

- Prices are calculated to SP



813 thoughts on “Tipping Competition March”

  1. Well done to this month’s winners, some great tipping all month.

    For tomorrow:


  2. Today has been very interesting and I know you have all been waiting to hear the results.
    Firstly, let’s congratulate today’s winners – Johnz, me, and JohnG had the biggies with 13/2, 11/2 and 6/1 respectively. This made no difference to the leaders though. Then, in the last race, Sandra said Never Never and she was right not to Never Never give up at 6/4. Finally, the early leader Palerider took a punt on a good horse which steamed the markets from 5/4 down to a very short 1/2 – however, this has created a dilemma at the top….

    But the winner of March, after holding on from his big 50/1 winner, is super poet Graham – who has earned his £20 prize by finishing with exactly 20pts profit.
    In 2nd place, we have the dilemma (which will be down to Jason to decide the outcome) – there are TWO runners-up – both on 18.5pts are Lee (with pic) and Palerider.

    So this is how it all finished –

    1st = Graham = 20
    2nd = Lee (with pic) & Palerider = 18.5
    Then the other profiteers were –
    Ziltiod = 16.5
    Jarold = 15.25
    JohnG = 7.75
    Andrew = 3.64
    Ray = 2.75
    Ronaldoh = Evs
    The rest of us were spread between -1.25 and -31.

    I have already contacted Jason and asked for an April page to be added.

    Well done to everyone this month, congratulations to the winner/runners-up and good luck next month.

    1. nice pick is one of my lucky 31 selections today ,so if i lose here i might still be winning !!!!
      good luck.

      1. I do like this one too. Its one of my fivers lol 🙂 I think Jarold may end up winning the competition by a nose here 🙂

  3. monday mornings don’t you just lov’em with all my electric gone
    it’s afternoon and leckie boys have done their thing and now it’s back on
    the end of the month and with some relief,for tomorrow i will be able to turn over
    a {Kempton 4.30} New Leyf.

    1. seams a strange pick today me old cocker ?,got really good chance to win but SP could be to small {odds on at the moment }might drift if your lucky,probably still singing along with shirley bassey after yesterdays fiver !!!!good luck.

      1. It was 6/4 this morning and I thought I would go for a banker today. I think it will win but as you said the odds are very short and getting shorter so it will probably only be good enough for a 2nd place on the competition at best. I did like a couple of juicy ones but I never seem to get the right one posted here so I save those for my fivers lol 🙂

    1. Sorry Dean,
      Can I change my selection:
      Kem 5.00 – Ordensritter.
      Nearly did it for me last time!

    1. just seen your reply, with one winner would be a bit flukey i guess in a way
      and no doubt you think tomorrow my favourite day.once a fool always a fool.!!!
      many thank’s.x

  4. Firstly, apologies to Lee for missing his winner on Friday. I looked at the wrong post and gave you the same selection as Greg. Well done for winning and spotting my error. I hope you had a good round of golf with your Mum today.
    Secondly, sorry to Andrew for making you jealous – I played at a local course called Downshire in Berkshire. I came 2nd after countback. It was a great day for a round.

    Finally, the latest results. I may be wrong again but as far as I have recorded, no winners were selected on Saturday which means today could change everything or it could be down to the wire tomorrow.
    Me being a donut forgot to post again, but I wouldn’t make a difference anyway.
    So there were 2 winners today and 1 has made a big difference at the top.
    Well done to Lee (with pic) and William with their big winners today.

    So here is the penultimate leaderboard before the final day tomorrow and it’s still anyone’s to take –

    1st = Graham = 21
    2nd = Lee (with pic) = 19.5
    Palerider = 18
    Ziltiod = 17.5
    Jarold = 16.25
    Andrew = 4.64
    Ray = 3.75
    JohnG = 1.75
    Ronaldoh = 1

    The first race tomorrow is at 14.10 from Hexham.

    I’ll get my selection in early – Kempton 15.30 Dazzling Valentine

    Who will take the spoils?

    1. My bloody selection lost by a s.h. today damn lol I told you I always hit the front early and then run out of steam. Last shot tomorrow. At least I played a fiver on Heybigspender and it paid off too bad I didnt put that one as a selection today.

  5. i know i should be serious at this stage of the month, instead of having larks
    so i better seek advice from my old friend {Doncaster 3.20} Doctor Parkes.

  6. bought a dog from mike,i said what’s it name,i don’t know i won it in a game, you can
    {Doncaster 3.15 } Nameitwhatyoulike.

  7. Not much of an update to give for the past 2 days.
    Well done to yesterday’s winners who were Paul, JamesC and Lee.
    Today’s only winner is me.

    But none of these wins changes anything at the top –

    1st = Graham = 23
    2nd = Palerider = 20

    It’s the first day of flat racing tomorrow and the first race is at 13.30 from Doncaster.
    Don’t forget the clocks go forward tomorrow evening/Sunday morning.

    I am out golfing with the chaps tomorrow so making an early selection tonight –
    Kempton 14.55 Grendisar

  8. Supposedly retired for the month but i won’t cry so i’ll make a quick comeback and join all the poets.
    I’m a few points down and at the month end,
    so i need good luck and an outsider to send,
    i,m looking for one with odds a plenty
    one that needs to start at twenty
    but Graham’s winner brought me to my knees
    so i’m looking for one at thirty threes
    i don’t suppose it’s likely to show
    but one thing about racing you never know.
    Blazing Knight 4-05 Ling. Come on Hayley, you can do it.

      1. owned a few, but all duck eggs lately so wont bother anymore unless i have a windfall.Did own one about 35 year ago that won at Redcar.. Had 20 quid on it one Saturday[ worth a bit in them days]. It lost and then won on the Monday at 11/1 and i didn’t have a penny on it.

  9. I’ll post an update from yesterday shortly but for now I’ll add today’s selection –

    Lingfield 14.30 Divine Rule

  10. I forgot to post a selection yesterday so making sure I get today’s in nice and early.

    Southwell 14.00 Harvest Mist

  11. After the lords mayors show is a hard call,but i try not to be a {wolverhampton 5.25} Odd Ball.

  12. The end of another day of great tipping and a big 50/1 winner from Graham. Well done to him and the other winners – Palerider, JohnG and Ronaldoh.

    1st = Graham = 25
    2nd = Palerider = 22
    Ziltiod = 21.5
    Jarold = 20.25
    Andrew = 8.64
    Lee (with pic) = 8.5
    Ray = 7.75
    JohnG = 5.75
    Ronaldoh = 5
    Joseph = 3.75

    First race is from Ffos Las tomorrow at 13.50.

    1. Yes i pick it last 4 runs .me and caoline (where she gone ? we miss her)picked it the same day
      I quite fancid it today back in trip and better ground could’nt belive price this morning 66/1
      so had small e/w bad luck for 5.00 it’s one of those things when it’s got a bold ring !!! thank’s.

      1. I almost always follow JIM best when he has only one ride on the day , saw the price and was frightened away ,don’t look at the price just have a small bet, then unlike me you’ll never regret,

    1. whats those pills your taking I want some 50/1 I hope you put your odd change on it, WELLdone xx

      1. Lucky I did’nt take the whole bottle so I be back with my usual loser tomorrow.
        many thank’s xx

        1. Well done to Graham, on getting in a big 50/1 shot, this changes things again at the top, and leaves behind all us lot!!!

          Great result mate

    2. Well done Graham, r u the person who tipped this horse in January. You have made me retire for the month unless mine wins the 5-00 o’clock.C u all in April

  13. It seems the horses are making it hard, and keeping success at bay, but some are defiant, as there were 2 winners today.
    With a big 16/1, Ziltiod got the ball rolling, and then came Lee (with pic), with a 6/4F following.

    We had a new leader after Saturday, with Jarold taking the top, now Ziltiod rises from the ashes, will the changes ever stop?

    1st = Ziltiod = 22.5
    2nd = Jarold = 21.25
    Palerider = 19.75
    Andrew = 9.64
    Lee (with pic) = 9.5
    Ray = 8.75
    Joseph = 4.75
    Ronaldoh = 2

    First race comes from Lingfield, starting at 2pm tomorrow, so will the horses be stubborn again, or will the winners flow?

  14. With all the kind words, I have a tear in my eye, I love the banter in this comp, it’s why to find a winner I continue to try.
    Long shot tested, without any joy or success, so today I choose Marmalade Man (Font 14.10), and hope for the best.

  15. i thought what i started for sure,the other tipsters would start to find it a bore
    i was going to bow out with this last shout {2.30 Chepstow Thundering Home}
    and head for the exit door………but now good grief there’s more and more.

  16. dear husband my darling , just what have I done, I joined this man`s compo ,well it`s only for fun, I got carried away with all winners I`ve seen, and I`m putting it all down to that lovely man DEAN ,—-AUTHERS OAK 3-10 FONT

  17. I built a machine to help pick me a winner, I need all the help being a beginner, anyway i went and pulled the lever, and it came up with ‘Imaginary Diva’ !(Stl 3.25) Oh dear!

  18. I don`t know what`s up with that wife of mine , she keep`s on talking to me in rhyme, I said give me a winner your driving me mad ,she said ok my darling try VENETION LAD (2-40 Font)

  19. No update to give today as no winners were selected. Everyone minus a point – all standings remain the same.

    First race tomorrow is at 2pm from Chepstow.

  20. My update – as promised.

    For the 2nd day running, Saturday, there weren’t any winners.
    And I thought this was going to happen for a 3rd day until, at 16.15, the race went off at Wincanton where Jarold and Peter RJ both successfully tipped the only winner of the day.
    And this changed everything at the top –

    1st = Jarold = 23.25
    2nd = Palerider = 21.75
    Andrew = 11.64
    Ray = 10.75
    Lee (with pic) = 9
    Ziltiod = 7.5
    Joseph = 6.75
    Ronaldoh = 4
    Peter RJ = 1.25

  21. I am sorry for not posting an update yesterday and for being a little behind. It was a busier weekend than I thought it would be and an early night came so welcome.

    I have just briefly looked through the comments below and I am loving the rhyming – keep them coming, it makes good reading for all.

    I’ll post an update shortly (promise) but I just wanted to get my outsider selection in for today.

    I think there will be an upset in this race so I am going for the jockey and trainer with best percentages in the race (and maybe the odds appeal too…haha)

    Taunton 14.50 Miss Dimples (a bargain at 100/1)

    1. a man called dean,gone mad it seams ,by tipping 100/1 miss dimples
      i could’nt resist ,43p e/w loose change i risked, as meerkats say it simples !!

      1. Dear Graham your getting better at this ,tell me should I stay home or go out on the pi — , Dean`s enjoying the fun , he`s picked an 100/1 ,this is something I don`t want to miss

  22. it`s cheesey I know, but the jockey he said, you put a little on COMICAL RED 5-20 TAUNTON

    1. I thank you my man she did cry, it`s the thought and not something you buy and if I had a clue, I would surely tell you ,because you seem such a really nice guy

  23. Musical Wedge if abs Princely hero 3-45 Win. Musical Wedge non runner yesterday.

    1. while giving betinfo24 a gander
      a lady tipster i try not to panda
      win or lose,you can choose
      to follow the tips of SANDRA !!!
      thats the best i can do to spoil you !!

  24. Thanks for the joint effort Joseph but I think I jinxed your selection with my bad form against your current good form.
    I need to make another early selection for tomorrow –

    Wincanton 15.45 Nom Du Guerre

    I’ll post an update tomorrow evening.

  25. No update to give today because despite all the close 2nd and 3rds, there were no winners – except maybe Graham if he was actually Indepub on a Friday afternoon.

    But as I won’t be able to advise tomorrow, I am selecting early again.
    Another winning jockey and trainer combo – Viewpoint @ Lingfield 17.35

    There are 5 meetings tomorrow – first race is at 13.30 from Kelso – get your selections in by then and have a good weekend all.

  26. taking on dean, silly i know but probably had one to many
    Indepub (hic!!) 4.30 Sedgefield (burp!!)
    show me the way to go home…….i love you…..where am i…(hic!!_)

  27. What have I started with the naming association? Yesterday was Henry selecting Saint John Henry and today Peter RJ opting for Parsnip Pete…haha 🙂
    I should have followed my own advice though and gone with my wife’s maiden name – Barlow – it duly won. Oh well.

    Despite some great tips yesterday and today, Lee with an 11/1 winner and Ziltiod at 14/1, and Joseph continuing a great run with another 2 in a row, there is no change at the top.
    Well done to you guys as well as consistent Colin and super Sandra.

    As all of today’s selections have now run, here is the update –

    1st = Palerider = 24.75 (still frontrunning)
    2nd = Jarold = 19.75
    Andrew = 14.64
    Ray = 13.75
    Lee (with pic) = 12
    Ziltiod = 10.5
    Joseph = 9.75
    Ronaldoh = 7
    JohnG = 1.75

    First race comes from Sedgefield at 13.50 tomorrow.

  28. I’ll post an update from yesterday and today later.
    No good with the name association this month. Trying something else.

    Wolverhampton 14.40 Point North

  29. it’s Friday – it’s Five to Five -it’s CRACKERJACK !!! (2.30 chepstow)
    probably won’t even get a pencil.

  30. Having to post tonight, as I am swinging the bats round the golf course tomorrow.
    Warwick 3.55 – Squire Trelawney

  31. I’ve just seen the comment from Graham which made me laugh – then I realised I had picked Harris Hawk without realising it – guess what’s running tomorrow that I will select? 🙂

    So today was about the top tipsters choosing the same, and winning, horse to keep it tight again. Well done to Jarold, Andrew and Ray for choosing Caramelita.
    And not forgetting consecutive winner Peter RJ with a great 9/1.

    1st = Palerider = 26.75 (hanging on by a thread)
    2nd = Jarold = 21.75
    Andrew = 16.64
    Ray = 15.75
    Ronaldoh = 9
    Joseph = 4
    JohnG = 3.75
    Lee (with pic) = 2

    First race is from Lingfield tomorrow at 14.00.

    And my selection is, just in case you couldn’t get it from my question above, –

    Haydock 14.10 HARRIS

  32. I could match some other selections and go with my wife’s name (Clare – for Eva Clare), but will stick to our joint name instead –

    Wetherby 16.55 Harris Hawk

  33. thought about upsetting dean by picking harris hawk but i will take on Ph.
    Exeter 2.20 ;Miles of Sunshine.

  34. As much as I want to say Handy Andy at Exeter, I am going to have to side with Raymond and Jarold.
    Stl 2.20 – Caramelita

  35. Some cracking tips today and some unlucky 2nds/3rds.
    Well done to Ronaldoh, Lee (with pic, 2nd in a row), Ziltiod, Sandra and Peter RJ.

    No changes at the top but Ronaldoh just got closer –

    1st = Palerider = 27.75
    2nd = Jarold = 15.75
    Andrew = 10.64
    Ronaldoh = 10
    Ray = 9.75
    Joseph = 5
    JohnG = 4.75
    Lee (with pic) = 3
    Paul = Evens
    The rest of us trail between -1.5 and -17

    First race is at 14.00 from Exeter tomorrow.

  36. After 2 frustrating 2nds, one 2 lengths clear on run-in, hoping for a change of luck with New Rich 5-20 Kemp.

  37. 3 winners yesterday – Ziltiod (first in the comp @ 9/1), Woody (at Evs) and Jarold (following up an 11/1 winner).
    Double that for today’s winners – Me (with a short price unfortunately), Lee (with pic, with his 3rd in the comp), Keith, Joseph and Greg (all with the same selection @ 8/1) and Palerider (who changed their selection at the last minute due to a non-runner and followed up the Gold Cup 20/1 win with a 6/1 – keeping his front-running going – but will he make all?)

    We are exactly halfway through the month and this is the leaderboard –

    1st = Palerider = 28.75
    2nd = Jarold = 16.75
    Andrew = 11.64
    Ray = 10.75
    Joseph = 6
    JohnG = 5.75
    Paul/Ronaldoh = 1

    First race tomorrow is at 14.05 from Southwell.

    I am making another early selection – Southwell 16.40 Good of Luck

  38. Early selection for tomorrow and I will update tomorrow evening.

    Carlisle 14.00 Voyage a New York

  39. A couple of big winners from today have changed everything again.
    Well done to Palerider (predicting the winner of the Gold Cup and at 20/1), Jarold, Colin and Woody.

    1st = Palerider = 23.75
    2nd = Jarold = 15
    Andrew = 13.64
    Ray = 12.75
    JohnG = 7.75
    Paul/Ronaldoh = 3
    Colin = 1.5

    It’s still anybody’s title.
    First race is at 13.55 from Fontwell tomorrow.

    1. Im a front runner I always go to the front too early in the month and then I am caught at the line at the end of the month lol Last month I lost the competition cause I failed to deliver after a 40/1 winner and this month will probably be the same lol but I will try to find a couple more winners and have a bit of fun in the process. There os a lot of good tipsters in here. Good luck everyone.

  40. I would be tempted by the Irish runner Last Instalment to cause an upset in the Gold Cup, but keeping it real (and safe) and waiting for the last race of the day.

    Wolverhampton 21.00 Bond Artist

  41. There were 2 winners yesterday – a big 12/1 from Joseph to clear all the losses so far this month and me, with just a 6/4F.
    There were more than that today though – Andrew, Ronaldoh, Colin, Lee (with pic) and me again.
    And with today’s wins, it’s all change again at the top –

    1st = Andrew = 14.64
    2nd = Ray = 13.75
    JohnG = 8.75
    Paul/Ronaldoh/Jarold = 4
    Palerider = 3.75
    Joseph = Evs

    I hope everyone is enjoying the Cheltenham festival. It’s the last day tomorrow with the first race again being 13.30 – is anyone going to make a selection in the coveted Gold Cup at 15.20? 🙂
    Bobs Worth is currently favourite for the Henderson yard, with hat trick winner B Geraghty on board and 10 wins out of 14 runs, including a Course & Distance win here last year. Closely following in the markets is King George winner and Paul Nicholls trained Silviniaco Conti.
    Fellow hat trick winners Tom Scudamore and Ruby Walsh are, respectively, on board The Giant Bolster and On His Own (which is chasing a hat trick of it’s own). Then there is champion jockey AP McCoy on Triolo D’alene, also for Nicky Henderson.
    Irish winner Last Instalment has won 5 of it’s last 6 starts and 8 out of 11 runs in total – the jockey on board has a 4 out of 4 100% record with the horse, so this is a contender at a much-favoured by the Irish event.
    Who will win?

  42. I was going to go with Greensalt as well as Woody, but it’s now gone odds on, so not in my favour.
    Hexham 14.20 Lady of Verona

  43. Only 2 winners today on the same selection – Palerider and Woody – well done.
    No changes to the leaderboard.

    1st = Ray = 15.75
    2nd = JohnG = 10.75

    First race from Cheltenham again at 13.30 tomorrow.

  44. Joseph, glad to hear you got your winnings and thank you to Jason for sorting it out so quickly 🙂 great service as always.

    Today’s selection – Cheltenham 15.20 The New One

  45. Another great day of tipping with 8 winners again. Well done to Woody, Ronaldoh, Johnz, Jarold, Lee (with pic), Ray (2nd in a row to keep the lead), JohnG (another with his 2nd in a row) and Caroline.

    1st = Ray = 16.75
    2nd = JohnG = 11.75
    Andrew = 9.64
    Paul/Jarold = 7
    Palerider = 4.5
    Kaz = 2.75
    Ronaldoh = 1.5
    JamesC = 1

    So early in the month and it’ll already take some big winners for the rest of us to be in with a chance.
    Cheltenham festival starts tomorrow and the first race comes from there at 13.30.

  46. The poor run continues:

    1st picks – 3 winners, 14.3% and -10.28pts

    2nd picks – 2 winners, 10% and -14.12pts

    Hoping tomorrows picks fare better.

  47. Hi Keith, Jason,
    When you see this message can you advise how the winnings are paid out please?
    Do you contact the winners directly to get their bookie account details?

    Joseph is yet to receive his winnings from last month.


    In the meantime, my selection today is – Plumpton 15.00 Sudden Wish

    1. Just contact me directly and I’ll sort it out. Ive sent the winnings to Joseph and Kaz!

  48. There were no winners on Saturday but today has changed everything.
    Well done to Ray, JohnG and Kaz.

    1st = Ray = 15
    2nd = Andrew = 10.64
    JohnG = 8.75
    Paul = 8
    Palerider = 5.5
    Kaz = 3.75
    JamesC = 2

    Welcome to Ralph and William for their first selections this weekend.
    Please remember to post before the first race, which comes from Plumpton at 14.00 tomorrow.

    1. Dean, can`t get in touch with Jason re last month`s £20 winnings , any Idea if he`s,, on hol`s or anything ,are you in touch with him, Thanks STRANGE JOSEPH

  49. No luck for me yesterday so hope for better today. I’ll post an update this evening.

    Today’s choice – Warwick 14.20 LittleDEAN Jimmy

    1. Knew I would plck the wrong one of g l moore,
      I backed both so hope my selection gets placed at least for e/w double.

  50. Well done to James Sid, JohnG, Paul and Sandra for their winning tips today.
    It means a change around at the top –

    1st = Andrew = 12.64
    2nd = Paul = 10
    Palerider = 7.5
    JohnG = 7
    Ray = 6
    JamesC = 4
    James Sid = 0.88
    Colin = 0.5
    Dean = Evs

    First race is from Sandown at 13.30 tomorrow.

    No time to research for me so just going to throw a selection out there –
    Sandown 15.15 HARRISTOWN

  51. Be away this weekend so my naps are. Sat Sanddown: 3.15 Vibrato Valtat…….Sun Market Rasen: 3.10. Orange Nassau.

  52. I have a choice of 2 today and although instinct says go with the shorter odds (Ayr 14.20 Titus Bolt), I am going with my other choice –

    Sandown 14.00 Great Link

  53. Fancy Flying Power at Wolves but cant get hold of connections so i’m playing safe with Lough Coi 4-25 Leic.

  54. What a fantastic day for tipping – EIGHT winners today. Kaz, Andrew, Colin, Paul, Ben, Jarold, Palerider and me (again – I was right to change my selection).
    Well done to everyone. It certainly opens things up –

    1st = Andrew = 13.64
    2nd = Palerider = 8.5
    Ray = 7
    JamesC = 5
    Colin = 1.5
    Dean = 1
    Jarold = Evs

    The first race is supposedly from Ayr at 13.50 tomorrow, if passing an inspection at 07.30.

    1. Need to change my selection – has come up as a LAY in one of my systems…oops.

      Going for Kempton 19.25 Jolly Red Jeanz instead (it rhymes with Dean’s…haha)

  55. A good group of winners again today. Welcome back and what a return for Raymond Watson with a 12/1 winner, along with Sandra, Peter RJ and me, who all just miss out on being profitable so far this month.

    1st = Andrew = 13.5
    2nd = Raymond = 8
    JamesC = 6
    Palerider = 4
    James Sid = 0.5
    Ronaldoh = Evs

    First race is from Carlisle at 14.10 tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Dean I was called away unexpectedly ,that’s why I missed a few days
      Ray W

  56. Typical my other choice won yesterday and not my actual selection (and I deleted that one from being my choice, going for better odds – schoolboy error).

    Going with heart and loyalty today – Catterick 14.45 HARRIS

  57. NEWDANE DANCER 3.45 Catt
    ( can I put my dog nap up instead running better lol !!! )

  58. Sorry for not posting an update yesterday.
    Well done to Andrew, JamesC, Palerider and Ronaldoh for their wins – they all top the leaderboard.
    Today Andrew followed up along with new tipster James Sid. Good work for today.

    1st = Andrew = 14.5
    2nd = JamesC = 7
    Palerider = 5
    James Sid = 1.5
    Ronaldoh = 1

    First race from Lingfield at 14.00 tomorrow.

  59. I’ll post an update later as I need to catch up on yesterday’s selections.

    As for today – Southwell 16.40 Iffranesia

    (tempted to double up with Rhymers Stone in Newc 15.50 – which would have been my other choice)

  60. Well done to the only winner from both days so far and that is JohnG.
    I am now in pain after a gruelling 13mile run round Reading 🙂

    Tomorrows selection early –

    Lingfield 15.20 The Happy Hammer

  61. Need to make a selection tonight as running in Reading half marathon tomorrow and won’t be able to post.

    Sedgefield 15.10 Whiskey Ridge

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