A genuine email from one of our TPS members who thought the service was s@!t then realised how wrong he was..........................


Hi, I have been a member with you on and off for quite a long time now and I feel that the amount of e-mails you seem to be getting from disgruntled members is a little unfair. Please feel free to forward this to existing or past members should you feel the need.
When I first starting following your ratings I had not planned on how I was going to approach it, I did not have a strategy and as a result lost quite a bit of money over a very short space of time. Unfairly I then thought your site was s@#t and was cursing the fact you charge £35 per month and were providing appalling results.
I then decided to spend a few months simply monitoring your performance. I devised a spreadsheet which recorded all your first and second rated horses, the price they went off at, course, distance and an imaginary bet for each horse in each race. I would place £20 on the first rated horse, £20 on the second rated horse and then dutch (£10 on each). My idea for this was to see if either your rated 1 or rated 2 horse had more success or if it was better to dutch every race. If I didn't win then I would place £30 on the next (£15 on each if dutching), then £40, £50 and so on. When a horse won I would drop back to £20 for the next race and carry on. As this was just a test and no actual money was being spent I didn't stop betting, on some occasions I was betting £100 on a race which meant you would have needed a starting balance of well over £500.
My results over 3 months showed that while dutching gives your more winners overall is not very profitable. The way forward was to back just your 1st rated horse in every race (regardless of form, price, market movements etc) which is what i decided to do. As mentioned before I was to place £20 on the first race, if it wins £20 goes on the next. If it loses then £30 on the next, £40 and so on.
Based on the previous 3 months I new the strategy worked, yes there would be some bad days and yes there may be days when I lost a bit however I knew to stay within my limits and to persist.
Well the next 3 months were incredible for me, I managed to pay off some debts and also provided a stunning christmas for both myself and my family. This was all down to your ratings and for the work that I had done. During those 3 months on 8 days i made a profit of over £1000 and on 10 consecutive days I made over £300 profit. Sometimes I broke even and I also lost but I was determined to stick with it. I used profit to enhance my balance which would cover me during a bad streak.
The results over the last few months haven't been great but that hasn't helped with all the rain we have had over the winter so I've taken a break and will continue soon when the ground gets a little better.
Your members must understand that it is imperative to have a plan and stick to it, more importantly they must not be afraid to lose. I lost approximately £600 over 2 consecutive days (due to your poor ratings :o) ) but my bank was healthy due to previous good results. I new the system worked so even though I was disappointed at losing £600 I carried on with my system and had won it back a week or so later. Since August/September 2015 I have made over £10,000 profit.

> The Professional Syndicate

Hi Jason

Just thought I’d give you an update on my results from when we spoke last Wed (24th Feb). As I previously mentioned I have made over 10k profit since August. Well the money just keeps on rolling in.

Based on your advice I did not bet on Sat, so here are my results:

Total Races Wins Placed % Win % Placed Profit/Loss
20 9 7 45% 35% £493.38
Total Races Wins Placed % Win % Placed Profit/Loss
18 10 6 56% 33% £486.33
Total Races Wins Placed % Win % Placed Profit/Loss
43 13 11 30% 26% £109.23
Total Races Wins Placed % Win % Placed Profit/Loss
25 8 12 32% 48% £363.33
Total Races Wins Placed % Win % Placed Profit/Loss
26 7 6 27% 23% £(131.17)

Total Races Wins Placed % Win % Placed Profit/Loss
132 47 42 36% 32% £1,321.12

As previously mentioned this is all based on just your first rated horse. I have an awful lot more information which I work with but just thought I’d send you the important stuff!! As you can see, £1,300 PROFIT in just 6 days of racing.

A massive 99 out of 132 races inside the top 3. That’s a whopping 75%!!

Figures don’t lie



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