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22nd July


Free Ratings Wednesday certainly proved a bumper day for winners!

We hope that as Betinfo24 subscribers you took up the chance to sample the Ratings today! That was just a  taster to what regular members of the BEST Speed Ratings Service  are exposed to on a daily basis.  Just check out this impressive list of winners! The Ratings found no less than SEVEN 1-2s and even scooped a 1-2-3!


2.00 Valko 2nd / Carlovian

2.30 Cuppatee WON/ Planetaria 2nd

3.00 Montsarrat WON/ Hibou NR rfc

3.30 Johnny B Goode 2nd/ Kyrenia Castle WON rfc

4.00 Captain Dunne WON / Tumblewind NR

4.30 Iggy 2nd / Thornaby Princess 3rd *Beauty Forte identically rated to TP

5.00 Surround Sound 2nd / Pertus WON (nose between them!)



2.10 Azure Amour WON / Forgiving Glance 2nd

2.40 Phyillis Maud NR / Hoorayforhollywood WON

3.10 Captain Ryan / Babyfact UP

3.40 Adham  WON / Silver Wings

4.10 Pixeleen  WON / Equally Fast 2nd

4.40 Senor George / Strictly the One UP

5.10 Flutterbee NR / El Duque

5.40 Harry Bosch / Omotesando 2nd 




2.20 Faster Company / Im Just Saying UP

2.50 Davids Beauty WON / Mary Parmenter

3.20 Important Message WON / Pure line 2nd rfc

3.50 Exoplanet Blue WON/ Lucky Di

4.20 Magical Daze NR / Birdie Queen WON

4.50 Risky Rizlova 3rd / Pharoh Jake

5.20 Strait of Magellan 2nd / Azilian 3rd




5.45 La Havrese / Jebel Tara 2nd (nse)

6.15 Lolita / Amber Crystal UP

6.45 Je T’aime Encore / Royal Blessing WON

7.20 Pull the Plug 2nd  / Surety

7.55 Xinbama WON / English Summer 2nd

8.25 Rashash WON/ Zain time

9.00 Spring Dixie 2nd / Cape Rosie




6.05 Daisy Boy WON  / Dalmarella Dancer 3rd *Jack of Diamonds 2nd live 3rd rated (1-2-3)

6.35 American Artist WON / Wekeyll *only 0.0622 split them on Speed – market informative!

7.10 Under Attack / Blackout UP

7.45 Doctor Bong / Big Chill 2nd

8.15 Satellite 2nd/ Mystery Drama

8.50 Brazen Spirit NR / Elensis 3rd


Yet again The Professional Syndicate smashed its leading competitor for winners! Members also enjoyed a winning Best Bet of the Day and 2 impressive winners and a 2nd from 4 in the LUCKY 15, which gave those following the selections a decent profit.

Whilst we'll be providing these Ratings for Free each Wednesday, think about all the winners you'll be missing in between!


Matt offers his own strategy of how he uses the Ratings and today if you followed it your profit on the day would have been £162.00 for 90 minutes work! Not bad at all!  A few days ago it was in excess of £300.00

If you want to join arguably the BEST Ratings Service available and all for the price of a cuppa each day, then what more convincing do you need?  It really was a case of "winner winner, chicken dinner!" and with Goodwood round the corner, grab yourself an invaluable tool guaranteed to bash your bookies on a regular basis!





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