Discipline and Betting Banks

If you are following any kind of system or tips, or even if you rely on your own selections it is vitally important to have a separate designated betting bank. I have mentioned in one of my posts previously that I would recommend anyone following the selections posted on the daily blog to use a betting bank of 50 points.

So as a for instance, if you were able to set aside £500 for your betting bank then each point staked would equate to £10 (£500 divided by 50 points). The stakes I moorland suggest range from one to three points generally, and very occasionally five points if there is a selection I am really confident on.

This is where discipline is a vital component of anyone that wishes to make consistent profits from betting. There are always going to be losing runs, however it's how we cope with these losing runs that will define how successful we are. If we stay disciplined and use our recommended stakes per our betting bank they we will be in a  prime position to come out the other side with the majority of our bank intact.

Now obviously you need a system or service that provides good value selections that can make you consistent profits over the long term, and that is what we are aiming to provide here. My aim to is make them points profit each month, which is no mean feat, and so far since the beginning of July we are on target.

This might not seem like a huge amount, however when you consider the impact of compounding, things will quickly add up. If you start with the £500 bank that I mentioned, and at the end of each month recalculate your stake based on your new betting bank size, the profits will quickly add up. See the example below for an illustration of what I mean.

Initial bank £500 - 10 points profit in the first month = £100.

Bank at the start of the next month £600 - therefore each stake based on the new bank £12 (£600 divided by £50).

If things continued in this way for a year, then you bank at the end of the year would be a little under £4,500, almost nine times your starting bank. This is an excellent example of the power of compounding and how, if you stay disciplined, you can make good regular profits from betting. After only a year you would have an extremely powerful betting bank and be capable of making a substantial second income from it. Of course profits won't always be as linear as ten points a month and there will be down times, but that is when the importance of betting to a plan comes in.

Please leave a comment below if I haven't been particularly clear on any of this or if you have any questions.


England v Australia - 4th ODI

We go to Headingly for the fourth ODI with England trailing the Aussies 2-1. It was an impressive performance by Enlgand at Old Trafford to get themselves back into the series and the way the pitch turned there will have given them a lot of encouragement. During the test series Headingly wasn't particularly quick but it will swing early on, therefore I think it will suit England's bowlers more. The more it turns the better as well as England have the strongest spin options.

Australia still have a powerful looking batting line up though so I would expect them to come back strongly here. The match is really evenly poised and although the team batting first has won the first three matches, the early start tomorrow could favour the team bowling first with the movement on offer first thing in the morning.

The prices look about right with Australia still just about favourites, however it is the end of a long tour for them and it sounds like Mitchell Starc is going to be rested so I think England will take this match and level the series. I am not going to suggest them as a selection however as it's too close to call and I don't want to put up a bet for the sake of it. We have plenty of opportunities over the weekend so we will wait for that.


Doncaster 13:55

Richard Hannon's Gutaifan looks a seriously good prospect and looks the one to beat in this Group 2 at Donny. He has three of his five races to date including a Group 2 and has the look of a Group 1 winner before long. He has some big entries, including the Juddmonte Middle Park and the Dewhurst so I think he has what it takes to win this.


Today's Selections

Doncaster 13:55 Gutaifan - 2 points @ 15/8 (Paddy Power)

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  1. You made a valid point i agree i am not a big time punter any tips wether winner or loser it happens horses wins and lose its part of gambling i appriciate your tips
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