Matched Betting Offer (Free Money)


Earn yourself £30 risk free this weekend!!


This is our latest article on matched betting which shows how you can make risk free guaranteed profits for very little work. Today's free bet offer is courtesy of Paddy Power and it is a generous one.

If you open a new account, deposit and bet up to £50, they will match this with a free bet.

First of all we need to register our new account and deposit the £50. No we need to find a bet to use this £50 on (qualifying bet) to enable us to then have the £50 free bet. Qualifying bets need to be placed at odds of at least 1.5 (1/2). We want to find a bet that is as near to this price as possible and then also lay the outcome on Betfair. The lower the odds the better for our qualifying bet as this will ensure the loss on this part is kept to a minimum.

Walsall v Doncaster in League One takes place on Saturday 12th September and Walsall are 1.85 to back with Paddy Power and 1.94 to Lay with Betfair. Therefore we go ahead and place our £50 qualifying bet on Walsall with Paddy Power. We then need to calculate how much we need to lay Walsall for to ensure the same outcome no matter what the result. This can be done by using an odds calculator which can be found just using a Google search. If we lay Walsall on Betfair for £48.94 our liability on this bet would be £46 and would mean no matter what the outcome of the match, we would lose £3.50 on this qualifying bet.

After we have placed the qualifying bet with Paddy Power, we will be credited with our £50 free bet. We now need to look for a selections to use this free bet on. I like to look for selections that are odds of at least 3.0 as this will ensure will have a healthy return on the bet.

Man Utd v Liverpool takes place at 17:30 on Saturday and we can back the draw with Paddy Power at odds of 3.5. We can then lay the draw with Betfair at 3.65 for a total of £34.72 (liability £92.01) meaning that whatever the outcome of the match, our profit will be £32.99. If we then deduct the £3.50 we lost on the qualifying bet, we have made a risk free guaranteed profit of £29.49 for a few minutes work.

There are hundreds of these kinds of opportunities for opening new accounts and after working through all of these there are constant reload bets to be taken advantage of. It is easily possible to generate over £2,000 a month by doing this and it isn't time consuming either.




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