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This is the latest of our matched betting articles and this week we will be taking advantage of the excellent sign up offer from Coral. If you open an account and place a bet of £5, they will credit your account with a free bet of £20. We can then use this free bet to make ourselves a risk free profit of £14.60 for very little work.

The first thing we need to do is open an account and deposit the £5 ready to place the qualifying bet. When we have done this we need to look for a bet with low odds to minimise the loss on this bet. Please note that to ensure your account is credited with the £20 free bet, the qualifying bet must be at odds of at least 1.5.

HHelsinki play against FK Krasnador today at 6pm and Krasnador are available to back with Coral at 1.85, and they are 1.86 to lay on Betfair. So we go ahead and place our back bet with Coral and then we need to calculate how much we need to lay the selection with on Betfair ensuring that the overall outcome will be the same. This can be done using the variety of betting calculators found on Google. If we lay the bet for £4.39 we ensure that the overall loss on this bet no matter what happens is £0.15.

When this bet has been made we will be credited with our free bet of £20. We then need to find a suitable selection to use this on, I normally look for odds of at least 4.0 to ensure the return is as good as it can be. Wolves v Charlton is on Friday evening and Charlton are available to back at 5.0 with Coral and to lay on Betfair for 5.2. If we lay Charlton for £15.53 on Betair (meaning our liability on this bet will be £65.23) and back them with our £20 free bet, we will be guaranteed a return £14.75 no matter what the outcome.

We take off the £0.15 we lost on the qualifying bet and it means we have generated ourselves a risk free £14.60 for a few minutes work. There are lots of these opportunities with new accounts and then every month with reload bonuses and it only takes a little while each day to be able to generate a substantial second income from doing this. it is highly possible to make over £2,000 a month using these strategies.


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