Bhavik has kindly offered to post his tips on here. Previous results are very impressive. It is based on 1pt win and 2pts place. He has 2 systems that produce high odds.

Pick of the day - produces 1 bet most days

Daily picks - producers around 4-5 bets per day






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85 thoughts on “Bhav’s Tips August”

  1. Evening all

    another experiment on my part.

    09/09/2012 – York 14:55 Freezone
    Placed at 3.25 = 4pts profit return

    10/09/2012 – Newton Abbot 15:10 Sizing Santiago
    Won at 12 = 14.50pts profit return

    Call is karma, call it want you want.

    I think its time i bowed out. Thank you for all your support and encouragement.


    Jason…Thank you for allowing me to use your platform

  2. @Bhavik, don’t be silly mate keep going, you make your own luck and the more you try the luckier you will be, been doing just fine myself, finished the week with a 80/1 golf winner, flying this week and golf posts are up again. Keep going if your process is sound it will turn around. Byeeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Afternoon all

    Tips for the day…

    Hereford 15:10 Glan Lady
    Hereford 15:40 Chilworth Lass
    Lingfield 16:30 Handsome Randsome
    Hereford 16:40 Bet Lynch

    Good luck all

  4. Hi Bhav. Karma i think is a two way street. Good and Bad Karma battle to find balance. What you are doing represents Good Karma as its a selfless act for the benefit of others, and certainly helps to mitigate the abundance of bad Karma we find in our world today. Best of luck and thanks for the tips.

  5. Afternoon all

    Im gonna keep posting for a few more days.

    Pick of the day…
    Goodwood 17:15 Masai Moon
    21 Sky Bet
    5 Ladbrokes

  6. Bhavik
    It takes great nerve to post your tips on here I always look and if I think they have a chance ibet them did the same with dean and Brian if you have confidence then keep posting I’m sure they will come good and I’m sorry that Brian has left to as he was a class tipster

  7. Afternoon all
    Shame to see Brian leave. Whatever the Mis understanding was, I wish Brian the best of luck and keep up the good work.

    Apologies for not posting yesterday’s pick.
    I believe in karma, and it’s something I mentioned to Jason before I started posting on here.
    As soon as I started sharing my tips, it pretty much went down hill. Yesterday’s tip came in 2nd at 4.33

    For this reason, I am going to stop posting my selections. I wish everybody the best of luck, and look forward to chatting to you on here soon


  8. Afternoon all
    Pick of the day…
    Chester 1430 meganisc

    Others that qualify too are…
    Beverley 1440 majuro
    Chester 1505 bannock
    Chester 1620 mappin time
    Market rasen 1755 call at midnight
    Market rasen 1855 ring ozzy
    Sandown 1525 falls of lora

  9. Afternoon all
    Apologies. Busy day for me today. Only just looking at the cards now.
    Horse that stands out for is….
    Sandown 1735 Top Billing

  10. Mark, take a look at my posts from the start of this threat. It will give you an idea.
    I started my system on the 4th July 2012

  11. Hi Bhav

    I have just joined the site and was wondering how long you have been operating your system and any idea how profitable it has been in the past?

    Many thanks


  12. Afternoon all
    Struglling today with terminal man flu…hence the delay in getting my picks to you.

    Pick of the day…
    Stratford 16:20 Drummers Drumming
    15 Stanjames
    3 Ladbokres

    another that i like too is…
    Stratford 16:50 Dark Oasis
    12 Sporting Bet
    3 Ladbrokes

  13. Afternoon all
    Thank you for the support…yet again. Its much appreciated.

    Pick of the Day…
    Catterick 16:10 Bunce

  14. Nice place money with Agricultural.

    Playing at the higher-priced end of the market, you’re always going to have more losers than winners so -5 points in 3 weeks is not that bad and can be turned around easily as you well know. 1-2 big priced winners in quick succession will give you a nice cushion to build on.

    It’s just around the corner, Bhav!

    Keep up the good work.

    Much appreciated.


  15. Stats since 09/08/2012. Unfortunately doesnt quite show my system in a great light

    20 Days
    17 Bets
    Average Win Odds – 9.9
    Average Place Odds – 2.74

    Win Only – 5pts Loss
    Place Only – 5.51pts Loss
    Combined – 16.02pts Loss

  16. Afternoon all

    Pick of the day…
    Epsom 15:05 Sandfrankskipgo

    Ps…As asked, i will try and publish the results since this blog started in the next day or so.
    Im away from home until wednesday morning

  17. hi all has anyone bought and more importantly made any money with the bookies loophole system for sale on this site. thanks andy

  18. Morning Mac
    I am out for most of the day today. I will try and post the stats you want over the next couple of days

  19. Stats so far on my system…

    52 Days
    38 Bets
    26% Strike Rate (Win Only) – Average Odds 9.11
    58% Strike Rate (Place) – Average Odds 2.66

    73.5 Win Only Profit Points
    37.33 Place Only Profit Points
    148.16 Combined Profits Points

  20. Coral are a joke!
    apparently i have won too much money, so i am not allowed to bet on any sport with them.
    The sad thing is, usually they offer the best odds on place bets
    I have just had to close the account

  21. Hya all just to let you know Jason has started a football blog for anyone who is interested to share their tips or systems for football bets.This can be found under the news section.

  22. Irony indeed
    I know for a fact there are tipsters out there that don’t put their own money on the systems they peddle.
    I am one of those that puts his money where his mouth is. Each bet costs me £100. I assure you I hate losing as much as the next person.
    For those tracking my system….today’s bet brought in an 18.5pt profit. Much that it doesn’t make up for the recent bad run, it’s a start.
    Thank you to those who are giving me a chance, and I appreciate Your concerns too.

  23. You could always ask for your money back, Ian?

    When someone is picking horses that go off at 5/1, 6/1, 12/1, etc., don’t you think it’s pretty likely that there will be long losing streaks? If you want winners every day, just go find a favourite backer – there are plenty out there.

    I’d be over the moon if someone threw me a 12/1 winner once every fortnight with the odd smaller one dropping in in-between. Might one politely ask what you expect on this, a free-of-charge thread?

  24. Hi Bhav as someone says dont you just love irony,that was a great pick 12/1 (WHill) I hope for your followers this is the start of a winning streak,I will continue to paper trade and see how many winners i lose?

  25. Ian, i completely accept you comments.
    The reason i am sharing my tips here is for transparency.
    Yes i am going through a bad run, cant help that.
    I will continue to post, as i know this system does work.

  26. Hi Bhav I have paper traded your selections or sometimes the lack of them,on a day when there are 34 races if you cannot have an attempt at picking 1 winner there is something wrong.Then to say no pick today because there are not enough races. On the day you pick 2 and 1 gets a place no wonder Arnie is cock a hoop.This then follows 3 selections nothing said and needles to say they are also rans.Since August the 9th and it looks like that is when you started,to date the 17th your total success is 1 2nd.Sorry Bhav but as much as you have to be admired for giving your tips I think your system if you have one seems a bit suspect,and I admire your followers who must have have money to burn for sticking with you.

  27. Yipee in indeed.
    Went out to take my little boy to watch Ice Age 4…great fun.
    just got home to find it was a very close race. Could have been a sweet 10.86 pts profit, but i’m not going to knock back 2.36pts

    Thank you for sticking with me.
    Hopefully we go one better tomorrow.

  28. Afternoon all

    Pick of the Day
    Salisbury 15:35 Juvenal
    1pt Win – 8.5 Bet Victor – 2pt Place – 2.72 Coral

    Daily Picks
    Salisbury 15:35 Juvenal
    1pt Win – 8.5 Bet Victor – 2pt Place – 2.72 Coral

    Beverley 16:25 Amazing Blue Sky
    1pt Win – 13 Bet Victor – 2pt Place – 3.45 Coral

    plus £1 Win Double and £2 Place Double

  29. Hi Barv

    Keep working at your selections be methodical and dont let any panic set in we all make mistakes. I will be having a look at your blog for the next 2 months and paper trading selections (I would usually trial with 2 pound bets but have lost too much of my bank and am out of the game until I can arb and bonus it back hard work) Good luck

  30. Evening all
    Although no consolation, i made a boo boo on my selection today.
    serves me right for rushing to get the selection out to you.
    If i had a proper look, the selection i sent you should have been
    Ayr 1650 Frequency
    I nice little winner at 6.5 and and end to losing streak. Typical.
    I apologise sincerely, and should be back to my A game tomorrow.

  31. Afternoon all
    Even with 34 races, i have no picks for today. Sorry.

    One that came close was…
    Thirsk 19:20 Mitchum
    Just watch it, it doesn’t quite qualify

  32. The stats for pick of the day are very impressive Bhav. I will placing some small bets starting tomorrow based on these. Many thanks for your time and effort

  33. A clean sweep of loses today unfortunately. I can only apologise for this dip in form.
    I will continue to follow my selection process as I do believe in its strengths.

  34. Morning all…just
    Not a great day with both selections finishing 6th.

    Pick of the Day…Stats so far…
    38 Days
    27 Bets
    125.8 pts profit

    Pick of the Day…
    Redcar 14:35 Stand N Applaude
    1pt Win (15 Blue Sq) 2pt Win (5.6 Coral)

    Daily Picks
    Redcar 14:35 Stand N Applaude
    (1 pt Win 15 SkyBet – 2pt Place 5.6 Coral)
    Newmarket 15:00 Mississippi
    (1pt Win 12 Stan James – 2pt Place 3.25 Coral)
    Ascot 15:15 John Louis
    (1pt Win 7.5 Betvictor – 2pt Place 2.5 Betvictor)
    Haydock 17:05 Mirrored
    (1pt Win 15 Boylesports – (2pt Place 4 Ladbrokes)

    £1.00 Win Accumulator 16380 Stan James
    £2.00 Place Accumulator 95.93 Paddy Power

  35. Morning all.
    Going through a slight dip at the moment, but hopefully things should go back to normal.
    Fortunately with the high odds of my selections, recouping any losses would not be difficult

  36. Sure!
    Pick of the day is a system on its own, hence the 1.12pts profit

    daily picks unfortunately did have a 1.88pts loss

    overall, if you are running both systems…it was a 0.76pt loss

  37. Afternoon all.
    Due to my own commitments, i am unable to send you my picks the day before, its more likely to be after noon. I will do my best to post my picks as soon as possible.
    Yesterday’s pick brought in a 1.12pt profit

    Pick of the Day…Stats so far…
    37 Days
    26 Bets
    128.8 pts profit

    Pick of the Day…
    Brighton 15:40 Avonmore Star
    1pt Win (15 Stan James) 2pt Win (4.33 Paddy Power)

    Daily Picks
    Brighton 15:40 Avonmore Star
    1pt Win (15 Stan James) 2pt Place (4.33 Paddy Power)

    Newmarket 20:20 Sacrosanctus
    1pt Win (23 Stan James) 2pt Place (5 Ladbrokes)


    £1 win double and £2 place double

  38. Afternoon all!
    Apologies in getting the tips out to you so late. I’m away at the moment, and scrambling with info on the iPhone.
    Thank you for the encouragement.

    Pick of the Day
    Haydock 1510 Compton
    1pt Win 2pt Place

    Daily Picks
    Haydock 1510 Compton
    Brighton 1620 Abishena
    1pt Win 2pt Place
    Plus £1 win double £2 place double