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301 thoughts on “Deans Tips August”

  1. Hi Malcolm, we are having a few issues with some people not being able to join. I’m going to contact paypal now. If you want you can simply send the payment manually to contact@betinfo24.co.uk and then email me and I’ll set a username and password up for you


  2. Hi Jason,

    Not sure how soon you will find/read this, posted 22.23 BST.
    I would be delighted to try Dean’s New Service,
    unfortunately you have chosen to use ‘Paypal’ who I never found user friendly, no, that is diplomatic, I have always found them a waste of space.

    I have an account, I have the current card registered, I have the correct/current password but they cannot ‘verify my account’
    even though I pay for other recurring services through them.
    I am not wasting my time and money (calls chargeable through my phone provider) on overseas calls to try and fix this.

    So, if you can offer an alternative method of payment, which works I will be delighted to get on board from day one of the ‘relaunch’, if you cannot then I regret that I will not be along for the ride.

    Best Regards


  3. Thanks Jason. You provide a great service and i have no issue at all with everything as you are doing a great job.

  4. well not bad to day regal tramp 10/1 saint by day 4/1 and a 25.1 winners new post tommorow and a new page oooooooo lol night shift to night early post tommora later all

  5. thanks tony about time first one in a lucky 15 3more and am not going to work to night lol rigaletto as well luck must be changeing

  6. na cabims
    el torres
    take of shoc
    orians express mumbles bay
    gazbaloo or ereka
    celtic sultan
    drawnfromthe past
    silken thoughts
    dundalk calm bay
    leitir mor
    seeking luck
    armed guard
    saint by day
    regal tramp

  7. yes bad day first i have had dont like that phoooweee lol put it down to saturday feaver ,you no what thay say try try again ,still gotta stick with system been winning all month ,still trying to narrow the system down ,,good luck all dog wants walkie post later

  8. bev
    2.05 summer dream
    2.40 polish word
    3.15spirit of the law
    3.45 fear nothing
    4.15 ponty acclaim
    4.50 elegant girl
    5.25 sangar

    eastern magic
    5.10 prime excibert
    6.10 night carnation
    6.40 i see you
    7.10 huricain in dubie
    7.40 musically
    1.55 becky lou
    2.30 area fifty one
    3.05 viva ranaldo
    3.40 mariay layla
    4.20 head space
    4.55 teak
    5.30 middleton flyer
    2.50 master of war
    3.25 clinical
    4.00 tinshu
    4.30 law enforcement
    5.05 scruples
    5.55 ice buster
    4.45 spanish fork
    5.20 piment d estruval
    5.55 la panta rosa
    6.25 persian gates
    6.55 night valliant
    7.25 dark energy

    2.10 tandem
    2.45 lord jim
    3.20 cest notre gris
    3.50 harrison cave
    4.25 silver chief
    5.00 bessie lou
    5.30 captain ocona
    6.00 dumlister

    1 pound luck 15 is 4.35 bath earstern magic
    5.10 bath prime exhibit 6.10 night carnation 6.40 i see you

  9. just want attain in the last for mey lucky 15 12/1/nd 11/1 winner haway attain ..going to have a save on zain glory g butler in form trainer night alll

  10. hi guyes sorry didnt post all ratings had to go to work early but did a cheeky 10p lucky 15 five winners chookie hamilton 2nd 12/1 nocked me 4,500 got 326 quid from now on ill try and post all rating,s iam just a punter like all of you never tryed just singles prob make a profit .. but i,am a gambler and wanna win big and not work even though i have a good job since i started this rating,s i have did great think its just a matter ov time before i get the big one ,well thik i will catch the last 2 at wolv later all

  11. Morning All, Here’s a few for today.
    Sand. 4.00 Space Ship
    4.35 Barwick
    Thirs 4.55 Karaka Jack
    5.25 Dance for Georgie
    Lucky 15 or Yankee

    Bang 2.30 Clarion Call
    Thirs 2.40 Solar View
    Bang 3.35 Sud Pacifique

    Sal 6.05 Ronaldinho
    7.40 Burnham
    Wol 8.20 Aubretia

    Wol 6.20 Baby Driver
    8.20 Purley Queen
    Sal 7.40 Abundantly
    E.W Treble

  12. hi all trying these to day
    thirsk 2.40 gordonsville
    9.20 attain
    8.50 dens machine
    5.30 marchwood
    1 pound lucky 15

    7.10 trend is my friend
    7.50 coconut kisses
    7.20 charlie m
    1 doubles 2 treble

    6.10 distant memories
    2.30 clairon call
    3.00 zhukov
    3 1 pound doubles 2 teble

    2.10 master ming
    3.25 rock god
    4.00 sanjuro

    as above

    6.35 califante
    5.05 fulney
    as above

    good luck all

  13. Ian, thanks for your comments, I understand that some people use the selections as a bit of fun and cannot afford the monthly fee. We will be posting our own speed figures on the blog for free so you can follow them from now if you wish to do so.

  14. Hi all as an ardent follower of both Dean and Brian I was a little dismayed at some of the flack that was thrown at Dean,however, as one who was with Dean from the outset on this thread I am sad to hear of his decision to start charging for his tips from next Monday.
    I can only wish Dean well in his new venture as it would not be feasible for me to enter into paying for tips as betting to me is purely for fun and my outlay would not cover 1 months payment.

    Cheers Ian

  15. opps forgot killarny
    4.15 sweet lightening
    4.45 nurpur
    5.20 benalex park
    5.50 gold plated
    6.25 ocean bright
    7.25 bishops lane
    7.55 kelpt

  16. hi kevin ithink doudles trebles or a lucky 15 a great idea that will also be a lot of fun played at small stakes yet the chance to win big hope you can do it for the weekendi think it will create a lot of interrest thanks peter

  17. hi all going to leave the 5/4 and odds on shots out think i have a canny system still need working on though ok to days tipps
    5.40 osmosia
    6.10 arumn
    6.40 e major
    7.10 heezagrey
    7.40 motou
    2.40 rock canyon
    3.40 shes a character
    4.45 finity run
    5.15 dynamic drive
    her an capall more
    5.00 top benifit
    5.30 dantari
    6.00 callisto moon
    7.00 phonix eye
    7.30 present me
    6.20 get away car
    6.50 plum bay
    7.20 intimidate
    7.50 safarjal
    8.20 kames park
    8.50 weapons of choice
    9.20 golden tempest
    also at this meeting noticed g butler got 3 running he,s had a few winners round here so worth a stab at
    2.30 joyful spirit or essen
    3.00 formidible guest
    3.30 dubi glory hawridge king
    4.35 hadeeth
    5.05 hatts streem
    5.35 pashan garth
    2.30 ranjo panjo
    3.20 olympian
    3.50 iheardu
    4.50 crazybold
    thats all folks 1 hour to do all the ratings
    iam gonna tinker with the rating.s week end try and do trebles and doubles and a big lucky 15 or should i try the singles and stop at a profit well be back on at ten to watch racing ,,hi ho hi ho its off to work i go lol

  18. thanks all few winners and hit the bar couple of times ,back them any way you want ..are we men or women so much bitching lol and if i had the chance i would sell my tipps ,, you all would so good luck dean ,i will post tommorow just finished 2/10 nackered just chillin with a gin ,, hic up .and never gamble when intoxiated and i carnt ,,,,speel either lol i couldnt give a forex lol get it

  19. I appreciate your comments, but this is still is a free tipping site and there are still plenty of free tips to have, and we are always looking at new free systems and strategies that we can share.

    Some people need to understand that a lot of work goes into this site and providing you free info and it takes up a lot of time, Dean also spends many hours per day compiling his ratings. Im sure there will be people happy to pay for Deans tips and there will be people that won’t. if you don’t thats fair enough, it’s not a problem.

    the BetInfo24 site will always provide free tips


  20. got to agree with Gary, most people find a free tipping site for free tips and will go straight to Brian now for his excellent freebies.
    40 quid a month or free tips mmm know what i`ll do, hopefully Brian will stay faithful to the free ones, seems like he`s got integrity to me.

  21. Forgot to say “Thanks Jason!” – mainly for not just giving up. I take my proverbial hat off to you, sir!

  22. Count me in.

    And, I guess, count out all the people leaving negative comments. Which makes everyone happy.

    Happy? In some cases less happy than we were, mostly through no fault of our own, but nobody said life was going to be fair. When one month of sticking tenners on a horse will pay for 2.5 years of subscription, I for one will look forward to seeing what the other 29 months bring, given that it would in that scenario be pure profit.

    Time, as always, will tell….

  23. Hi Kev
    Great tipping today. After all the issues lately on here which i have stayed well clear of its nice to see some great suggestions. Well done mate i will be keeping a close eye.

  24. Not really interested in all the arguments that have ensued over the past couple of weeks, no disrespect to Dean but it goes against the grain for me to charge £40 a month on a free tipping website.
    But good luck to Dean and whoever follows him.

    @Dave there are plenty of people who are really interested but bet for a bit of sporting fun who have said nothing whilst all this has gone on but will miss out on the free tips because they don’t bet heavy enough to invest nearly £500 a year on Dean’s tips! Surely it would have been better to just ban the ones who were shouting the loudest in the first place?


  25. After todays dismal effort my career as a tipster is over.Having a very profitable day at Catterick thanks to Brian the mans a genius !!!!!

  26. Nothing against Dean,but charging £40 a month in my opinion goes against the spirit of a free
    tipping site.It all seems a bit iffy from the start.Its up to the individual but seems crazy paying £40 a month when you can follow brians tips for free.

  27. Jason / Dean

    Just come from holiday to read all this carry on. It was inevitable and just a matter of time really, Dean puts many hours into a free service and doesn’t need the grief. I will support the new initiative and look forward to receiving Deans posts.

    Welcome back sir.

  28. Many thanks Jason…

    The sooner we can get back on track with a few of us really interested guys the better..

    Thanks also to Dean for giving us another crack and lets all move this thing forward in a professional manner…

  29. Thanks for your efforts Jason – much appreciated, and thanks Dean for reconsidering.
    How do we sign up for his subscription service ?

  30. Ok guys, here’s an update on what is happening. I have managed to get Dean to stay with us. There are a couple of other sites that were after him that wanted to use his tips for a paid subscription service. Now Dean enjoyed working on this site and would prefer to stay with us. Although Dean was happy posting his top picks for free on here, I have decided that the best way to move forward is to charge a monthly fee. This way we won’t get any idiots posting comments and we will only have serious people joining.

    Dean will be posting all of his ratings for every race/horse as well as the top picks. he will also write a daily forex column as a bonus, it wont be a live feed and you don’t have to follow it, but’s it’s there if you want it.

    Everything will be the same apart from you will need to login to Deans page.

    the charge will be £40 per month, which I think is fair as Dean will be putting a lot of hours into it everyday, and you will be getting all of his ratings, and as we know, they are very profitable.

    Anybody who posts inappropriate comments from now on will be removed

    If you are happy with the subscription service then great..

    If not then I’m sorry, Im sure dean will have a new system up his sleeve in the future that he will post for free.

    hopefully it will be ready for next week, so I’ll let you know closer to the time.


  31. Well said Sean, 100% behind your comments.

    Thanks too to Kevin and Norman for taking the time to post your selections on here.

    Good luck to both of you and to any who give them a go.

  32. NORMANS NAGS.220 WORCESTER NODFORMS VIOLET.320 MISTER HENDRE. 330CARLISLE. SAMARKAND. Off to Catterick now with umbrella at the ready. Will be following Brians tips as it looks a tricky card especially with the rain. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE TODAY.

  33. or i forgot worcester not so good on the jumps ?
    2.20 majic marmalade
    2.50 royal charter
    3.20 henry parry morgan
    4.20 trendele burg
    4.50 small fry
    5.20 gos country

  34. car ,,2.30 bachovthe que
    3.00 rock cannyon
    3.30 hot rod mamma
    4.00 comr here yew
    4.30 silly gilly
    5.00 prophesy

    5.25 bits and bobs
    5.55 learn
    6.25 purple
    6.55 maundy money
    7.25 lady lyrata
    7.55 roja dove
    5.40 mandi lexi
    6.10 million aire
    6.40 fleetwoodsands
    7.10 emrald witness
    7.40 shamdarly
    8.10 enthustic
    8.40 dazzling valantine

    worked out this system post this week see how in goes won 600 the othe day best i have won .. any comments preferbly sarcastic comments please lol

  35. kem 5.50 silver alliance
    6.20 contradict
    6.50 titiled gent
    7.20 some moyhersdoav em
    7.50 moment ov time
    8.20 esprit de midas
    8.50 sir mike
    2.10 chasing dreams 2.40 cone donkey
    3.10 amire pasha
    3.40 lady layla
    4.10 restless bay
    4.40 brassingham eric
    5.10 tongalooma
    on the high tops

  36. I fully agree with Dave’s comments…..surely the reason people have engaged with this site (well its certainly my own reason) is with the intentions of trying to make money…..ALL help in that regard should therefore be really appreciated and valued. Deans selections and results were very impressive and also were historically proven over a 2 year period, from memory ( ie 600-700 average weekly profit to 10 stakes)…..and even more importantly were being provided Free of Charge…… I sincerely hope that the very small MINORITY of twats on here, who expressed the recent negative comments, will disappear and go away…..their negative comments and sentiments DO NOT REFLECT the opinions of the vast majority of people on this site. I also sincerely hope that Jason can resolve this ‘misunderstanding’ with Dean for the ultimate benefit of us all and that a ‘helicopter’ view can be taken of recent events which will show that the vast majority of people on here really really appreciated Dean’s work and advice and would very much welcome him and his selections back..I personally saw in Dean’s selections and methodology a really genuine LONG TERM proposition for making a go at this..I think I speak for most when I say to the few ‘twisted’ begrudgers to GO AWAY permanently and let the rest of us get on with it…..we need neither you nor your negativity…..

  37. Definitely no point crying, just switch over to Brians tips, great long term results and a guy that genuinely wants to see other people make money from racing.
    Long may he reign!

  38. Hi Jason,great advice but just a simple thing to me would work.Ban the idiots who abuse people on here.My goodness sometimes its like a chatroom from years ago.We shouls all have 1 objective,to win what we can from the bookies.

  39. Having said earlier that I don’t usually post on sites I now find myself posting a second comment today..!!

    Jason thanks for your efforts. Hopefully we will see Dean back on here soon, in whatever capacity, paid or otherwise.. I would be more than happy to cough up a monthly sub. Have a look at the results for June guys.. 30% strike rate and 1300 odd notes profit for £10 stakes.. It was FREE MONEY…!!

    Brian, as I said this morning I won’t slag anyone off for having the balls to put tips up, but… why get involved in this debate? It’s nothing to do with you. You have your own page and don’t need to be involved. I saw the link you posted, but most of us had probably looked at that when one of the guys mentioned it last week… Dean goes away for a weekend and said on here he’d HOPEFULLY be back on the Monday.. He wasn’t… so what…!! He wasn’t on the other site on the Monday either. He posted selections on there 3 days last week, but again.. so what..!! He’s a free agent. There were no lies. He doesn’t have to justify to any of us where or how many sites he puts his tips up. He then quit to come back only to be ambushed by a few crass comments by one or two “hard done by” people on here. Hopefully Jason can get him back, after all it’s good for the site, and us, to have successful guys on here…

  40. Brian, fair enough but just leave it now. When have I lied about anything? I’ve been totally up front about everything, and so what if it ends up being a paid site or not.

    This is getting daft.

  41. I’ve just spent the last half hour reading the entire thread. My neck’s hurting from shaking my head in despair.

    I’ll now stand back and await the next round of “Well, he started it!”

    It is, quite simply, unbelievable and unfathomable that this debate is even happening on a freebie site. Victor Meldrew wouldn’t be saying “I don’t believe it!” any louder than I’ve been doing.

    Jason, the very best of luck to you, sir. If I can contribute towards the cost of the olive branches you are having to buy despite being totally innocent of any crime, please let me know. This is a great site, and the cynic in me is wondering if a bookie has infiltrated it with the view of getting us to fight among ourselves.

    FOR GOD’S SAKE, PEOPLE, PLAY NICE!!! How hard can it be?

  42. Jason if someone directs personal insults at me, I with stand toe to toe with them, I pointed out the lies he told, and where the information is available, is that wrong?. I personally do not care as long as its transparent, and that is it end of, but I am correct as I said from the start, it will be a paid site! But that is no problem, but be transparent and do not lie.

  43. As a backer of both Deans and Brian’s tips can we please have some common sense back on here, any one who has a go at somebody giving free tips well the mind just boggles. Jason thanks for everything you do love this site, Dean and Brian you both do a fantastic job
    so let’s get the olive branch out and beat the old enemy the bookie

  44. Brian what are you getting at. Just leave it. There is no need for all this at all. As Deans tips were posted for free, he can do whatever he likes.

    To other people that are knocking deans tips then I ask you to please keep it to yourself. I have to deal with idiots everyday, I get abuse and threats for giving out free tips, so I know how it feels. You probably wouldn’t find a better tipster than Dean anywhere, so why criticise him when he’s been giving his tips for free is ridiculous.

    I know that the majority of you understand and are very grateful for Deans input, so I am currently speaking with Dean now to come to some sort of arrangement. Hopefully I can get him back a.s.a.p.

    A few have mentioned a paid service. Although Dean has always given his selections for free and was happy to carry on doing so until all of this happened, I don’t think its a bad idea. At least that way, we will only have serious people following him.

    Anyway, I will have a think what is best and try to get Dean back on board.

  45. Hi Guys,
    Only a quick question, what is about knobheads, who on seeing a good thing, something that will benefit all in their ongoing crusade against the bookies, want to screw it up in the name of petty jealousy.Perhaps i’m wrong but are’nt we all in the same boat ? I want to improve my standard of living for my family and if i can take a few quid off the bookies to do that, then so be it. I repeat those that cannot accept a gift in the spirit thats its given…….Knobheads.

  46. Hi Dean,

    Thanks for all of your tips and hard work. I followed you because let’s face facts I enjoy betting on the horses but I do not have the intelligence or experience to come up with ratings or the successful results you do.

    When the horses won I was grateful, if they lost then I put it down to experience. Show me any system or tipster that never experiences a bad run!

    For all those that were critical of you I would say if they can do better they should ignore your posts and go and do their own thing, it’s not difficult is it?

    As per Jim’s comment maybe a subscription website is the answer although I feel that you genuinely didn’t seek to profit from us guys.

    Good luck in the future and by all means contact me if there are any developments.

    Thanks again,


  47. could jason have a word with dean to get him back on board as he was much appreciated by most people on here.he made most people money on here and dont forget when he was away he didnt lose you any so it was win win win.in my opinion if dean does want to post his tips he should dedicate himself to one site whether its this one or others and stick with that and build relations with people on that site.as we know most peoples problem with betting is they dont have enough time to study and this guy was doing all the hard work for us.i hope he reads some of the positives and returns.i deff would welcome him back.

  48. Just great come back after a couple of weeks holiday looking forward to Deans tips and read all this s@*t what is it with people who get something for nothing and still feel it is right to complain beats me. Best of luck Dean in whatever direction you choose to go I foe one would welcome you back anytime.

  49. Well that’s just fabby…!!! I don’t generally post on sites but I read a lot and any info, ESPECIALLY freebies, is gratefully received. These guys don’t have to help out. You can bang on all you like about ulterior motives, but who gives a shit.. The guy posts selections for free.. Use them or not.. It’s a free world, it’s my money and I may or may not follow the selections. No one on here has the right to criticise a guy who has the balls to put up selections… Then, to cap it all, when he stops for a bit he gets shit from one or two who think they have a right to expect daily updates…!!! ANY updates should be received in the spirit they are given as frequent or infrequent as they are. Dean does not have to justify shit to anyone on here.. Who cares where he was over the last few days….!!! We hoped he was coming back, but obviously one or two comments have pissed him off and rightly so.. If I was him I’d have said f##k you too..!! It’s the usual story.. Seen it time and time again, one or two people think they have the right to demand answers to questions they should not be asking…!! It spoils it for the rest of us, the unvocal majority…!! Grow up people and get a life….!!!!! Good luck Dean.. Hopefully you’ll surface again somewhere soon.. Preferably without all this bollocks…

  50. had just started paper trading your tips
    i hope you can rise above this petty criticism and come back.
    Hope i got the page this time as it
    is my first time posting.

  51. Well said Stewie and Stephen. I would echo your comments entirely. I would like to think that Dean will be back again soon after the dust settles and all the idiots have gone away. Thank you Dean for all the hard work you have put in over the past months.
    Best of Luck in the future.

  52. Bets tips I have ever known off! Will miss you Dean, please please consider re-thinking and staying on this page, people like you give us punters a chance against the bookies

  53. Please reconsider Deane – a really good ‘community’ was beginning to develop on here – so sad for it all to end

  54. @ Dean,

    Very sad to read that the door has closed, it was becoming increasingly likely as the days passed and the number of negative comments increased. Thanks for what you did, wish it had lasted longer.

    People can get cranky when there is money involved and fail to show the level of understanding that they would in other situations.

    Good luck and best wishes for your new ventures.


  55. Well said Stewie
    Not only have we lost a very good tipster but someone who would probably have made us a lot of money free of charge to begin with on the forex.


    Dean if your still reading these maybe you could talk to Jason and try and set something were by its invites only.I for one certainly made a lot of money off your tips, many many thanks

  56. Well, that’s just great. A guy comes along offering free tips and we manage to piss him off for disappearing for a few days. Brilliant.

    If you didn’t like his work, couldn’t you have just ignored both him and the thread? It’s one thing if you’ve paid for it, quite another if you haven’t. If in doubt, paper trade. The ONLY thing it would have cost you was a few minutes of time each day.

    If (like me) you liked his work, you’re probably now more than a little annoyed. Brian’s tips remain excellent (I finished up again today – thank you Brian) but, as I said recently on here, I can think of no reason why I couldn’t use Dean’s tips as well. I could only follow his tips a few times and thought they looked very promising.

    Now, alas, there is a very good reason why I can’t use them in tandem with Brian’s – they are, I presume, not going to appear here again. I hope he pops up again somewhere soon.

    If something’s costing and not working out, I’ll be the first one looking for ways to put it right. However, if it’s free (and how much is really free these days?), I’ll take it if I think it’s useful and pass politely (there’s another word that seems to be becoming rare) if I don’t. The one thing I wouldn’t do would be piss off the provider, not least because even if I wasn’t finding his work useful there might well be someone else who was. The ease with which we’ve managed to do just that (piss off the provider) here leaves me shaking my head in bemusement. He owed us nothing. Why have we done this? I’d really like to know the answer to that one, not least in case a similar situation crops up again in the future.

  57. Dean, I wasn’t knocking you, your tips are outstanding, amazing strike rate!
    I was just trying to put my view across, the people on here have/are becoming to reliant on your tips. Whilst you haven’t been here the site has been as quiet as a church mouse, every one wondering when you’re back.
    All I meant was people should put the fun back into there picking, use your tips as a helpful guide rather than as ‘set in stone’.
    I couldn’t do what you do, as you can see from my selections today! But I had some fun trying to pick the winners, tried to work it out for myself ! Maybe thats what others should do, if you win it’s a bonus, a bit of fun.
    Good Luck in all you do.

  58. Looks like it was all just an ego thing…really thought we had something special on here but I guess it was not all that it seemed shame about the Forex idea to as if Dean was as good as he stated in that market with it being so big everyone could have played without losing the rates oh well as they say if something seems to good to be true it probably is!!!!!!!

    For anyone who hasnt read it this is what was posted on the other tipster site from Dean “The God” …think he was just taking the **** out of us

    At the moment i am posting my selections for free on a website called betinfo24.co.uk and to be honest when i first started posting for other people it was a lot harder and I think I was over analysing the ratings. Anyway it’s all going great on there now and with it being profitable and free they treat me like a god and i can see you laughing your a*** off now but just have a look at the comments on the site. I have to quote you this one as if this doesnt get me in nothing will.

    “Hi Dean,

    “If/when you read this. A Homage. Missing you already!

    “Your performance yesterday was off the scale, the best I have EVER seen across the cards, such consistency would be hard to beat if you had tomorrow’s paper. Applying my own filters and not subbing N/R left 15 races. Applying £10.0 L/S to each horse @ BSP produced a (net) profit of £435.84 for T/O of £300, ROI 242%.

    “If you have achieved that before or can do it again I will believe you can walk on water!

    “My own staking plan, applied to the same selections produced a ROI of 160%. normally I would have been delighted with that but you found so many winners it does not stand comparison.

    “Hope you are having or had a great time.


    “From Alex…

    “I dont think walking on water would be much of a challenge for dean at the moment. i want to see him pick two winners in the same race when he gets back.”

    Sport: Horseracing
    Bet type: Dutch and single bets
    Number of bets: 12-40 a day
    Starting bank: £1000 to £10 stakes
    Stake: 1 point singles and Dutch stakes advised with the ratings

    Results will be updated weekly here…

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  59. omg i have just read the comment left on this site and i think its shocking dean has earned you all money on here with his FREE tips and now that his not giving them your all up in arms well i dont think he should have to explain his self to anyone what he dose is up to him the hours he works doing this is unreal and he was doing for free to help people not knowing how good it was going to be i think theres 1 or 2 ppl on ere want to put ther hand over ther mouths or keep ya nasty comments to themselfs wish you every success dean in every you do

  60. For the people on here who know me and have supported me thanks guys its much appreciated for the rest of you who havent got a clue what yr talking about When over the weekend that i WAS on my anniversary did i post any tips anywhere???? NOWHERE. When i came back i had loose ends to tie up with a competition i was in on another site not that its anyones buisness. I posted on here cos it was a good site nice people now its gone to shit And jonnyd if you think its so easy working 13 hours a day to produce ratings to get them 2 horses then yr more than welcome to take over. And the last thing then you dont have to listen to me anymore Brian you have had a problem from day 1 with me just because you were king dick on here werent you then i came along and you didnt like it well ive never asked for a penny from anyone and never suggested a pay site NOT my idea at all if it was the site would be up now and not scrapped cos i said i wouldnt charge. Thats it. To all the good guys on here Good luck for the future. Dean

  61. Here’s some for today,
    2.45 Commend–nap
    3.20 The Cheka
    2.20 Mister Marcasite
    3.30 Ypres
    3.05 Mount Mayday–nb
    3.40 Konstantin
    4.15 Imaginary Diva
    2.10 Stonescrabtomorrow
    3.20 I’m So Glad
    5.00 Chokidar
    4.05 Party Line
    4.40 Yojojo
    5.10 Holy Angel

  62. @Brian-think the forex blog came about by a random question by myself asking if Dean made his living off the nags,and a few other folk said they’d be interested in following his trades,and it mushroomed from there,if Dean goes ahead with it,great,if not,at least i’m now a bit wiser after reading up on the subject

  63. Hi Everyone, I’ve not been on for a while, how you all doing without Dean, panic aboard ship by the sound of things! You’ll all be getting charged for his tips when he comes back!
    Better to pick your own horses, beat the bookie and get the satisfaction of knowing that it was your own judgement and luck that done it. We could all make a profit by posting two horses for every race, try it, pick two from each race and the next day look at results and see where you would have been up if you had stopped at this race or that race.

  64. @ Johnny i agree mate what is the most important thing to think about is this.
    At no point does Dean tell you to back a horse does he?Its YOUR choice so if he chooses to come back we should all welcome him,i for one will.
    Bear this little saying in mind.
    “Knowledge is power”

  65. Everyone who gives a positive input and assists as much as possible on a FREE SITE should be encouraged.
    But I personally think that too blatantly lie and have a long weekend for an anniversary and no contact since whilst networking on other sites is wrong, remember also his ‘holiday’ followed another poor run with his ratings.
    Its a FREE site so why give information about ‘Forex’ dealing then say they are starting a site to charge for it??.
    As I said about 2 months ago, I can ‘see’ these guys a mile off, they bring a few ‘names’ to the blog to create interest and the ”sheeple’ follow to the slaughter.
    Every success whatever the outcome.

  66. ditto Arnie,Dean (and Brian) have been putting FREE tips up,no doubt after hours of analysing each day,and thanks to them both people can make a profit most days,if they went to the moon tomorrow without telling anyone,that’s fine wth me after what they’ve done for the last couple of months,many thanks lads,its much appreciated 🙂

  67. Pardon my french , but this is getting ridiculous. He(Dean) doesnt have to give anyone a reason (apart fron profits on his FREE tips)> His tips here are the same there and hes giving it free, you are not obliged to follow them so why we asking questions on what he does with his spare time. these are the little annoyances that make tipsters angry and when they stop providing the free service we come back and complain.

  68. i think we need to know why Dean is giving tips on another site and not here. I,m not suggesting anythings wrong, but why not just tell us.
    In the world of tipping TRANSPARENCY is absolutely everything

  69. @Malcom, let me explain below is your selections and results –
    16.00 2nd 3.42 9.50
    17.05 Won 2.75 -17.50
    17.10 3rd 3.98 9.50
    17.40 2nd 3.15 9.50
    19.15 Won 2.80 -18.00
    Total – 7.00
    So you lost £7 today with your 5 selections, now I have used them in the same order and done EW Doubles
    3.42 x 2.75 for a £10ew Double (same stake as LAYS) profit is +3.08.
    3.98 x 3.15 a £10ew Double , profit is 6.82

    So we have a profit of £9.90 from the 2 bets and still didn’t risk the 5th LAY!.

    This is one bet that the bookies hate and will reduce your stakes very quickly if you do them, use betfair if you can.
    Anyway I wish you well but if you follow what I say you will have a very successful thread, best of luck.

  70. @ Stephen,

    Sorry, my presentation is getting sloppy.
    That should read ‘£9.50’.
    It is the profit on the successful £10.00 stake after deducting Betfair commission @ 5%.


  71. Norman, if both have a profitable system, why choose between them? I really hope Dean comes back, but if you are in any doubt then paper trade his work for a while. If you’re more comfortable with Brian and his efforts, fine, there’s nothing wrong with that. But Dean should be welcomed back too.

    There’s room on this site for both of them. If both make money, why not use both sets of tips? If you can’t bear the thought of backing four horses in one race, open a separate account. Betfair will allow you to have several (I have four), and there’s always Betdaq. It might be a bit more work, but if you have two systems that are making money, who cares?

  72. Hi Malcolm – probably a thick question – but what are the 2 numbers after the result of the race i.e 16.00 2nd 3.42 9.50.
    3.42 9.50 ?

  73. @ Tom et al,

    This system only applies to selected horses so JF issue n/a. I have quoted odds when I last looked before posting, only indicative as constantly changing. As for results I will work with BSP as everyone can get that.

    This approach might complement Brian’s system better than Dean’s. Dean’s selections are sometimes favourites whereas Brian’s rarely are. This would avoid the dilema of one system saying ‘back’ when another says ‘lay’ if you were following both.

    As for today @ £10.00 stakes
    16.00 2nd 3.42 9.50
    17.05 Won 2.75 -17.50
    17.10 3rd 3.98 9.50
    17.40 2nd 3.15 9.50
    19.15 Won 2.80 -18.00
    Total – 7.00

    I made a mistake with the 17.05, My Sharona,
    Horse did not qualify, I overlooked something. If I had not messed that up result would have been +£10.50 net.

    Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

  74. @Malcom, No problems at all( I think there was a thread previously),,,,,its a difficult call you will find, here are a few stats that will help you add to your filters for selections
    1. Just 20% of racehorses win 80% of races.
    2. 33% of 1st favorites win their races (25% handicap, 39% non hcp).
    3. 18% of 2nd favorites win their races (16% handicap, 20% non hcp).
    4. 13% of 3rd favorites win their races (12% handicap, 14% non hcp).
    5. 9% of 4th favorites win their races (8% handicap, 10% non hcp).
    I wish you luck,your working with Betfair with commision, your about 15 -30% behind already.
    Try this instead, an E.W. Double with shorter priced selections you will have a better return long term, forget the ‘yankee’ or lucky 15.
    Good luck tho and if you need any help I am just across the page!!..lol

  75. Why is Dean telling us he is going away for a break for his anniversary then tipping on another website using this website to promote himself.All seems a bit iffy to me.Think Iwill stick to BRIAN not a good day today but he is genuine and consistant and I somehow feel more comfortable with him.Anyone else agree?

  76. Just to let everybody know, Dean will be finishing on the other sites and will be dedicated to this site. He will be giving you something a little extra, I’ll let you know more in a couple of days.

  77. Malcolm , does this apply to ALL races or only certain types ? Are the odds just before the off ? What happens with more than one horse meeting the criteria ie joint favs ? Like the look of this as a possible extra string to the bow , thanx Tom

  78. Hi Guys,

    Been away and working on another project.

    As things have been soooo difficult this summer I thought a new approach was required, My usual method doesn’t work on Saturdays. The new way seems better every day.

    As they say ‘If you keep doing what you have always done you will continue to get what you always got’ or at least until the going gets back to normal – whatever that is. Maybe it will not happen this year at all?

    I have been laying short priced horses, don’t find selections every day but usually about four, got 8 yesterday and………..
    this is where it looks interesting……..
    a very high strike rate………..
    100% on two days, including yesterday.

    So, to put the curse on it, here is what I have for today:-

    16.00 Nmkt. Minilisa 3.25
    17.05 Gwd. My Sharona 4.0
    17.10 Nmkt. Macdillon 3.7
    17.40 Gwd. Looks like Rain 3.7
    19.15 Win. Fireship 3.8

    Yes, I know that the 16.00 has already run and come 3rd but you will just have to trust me on that one.

    Min. 6 runners
    Min odds 2.20
    Max odds 6.0

    Have fun and good luck if you decide to play.


  79. Put me on the list of people who miss Dean.

    I’ll also happily help out with any search parties you put together for him!

  80. Had a couple of nods for Bated Breath in the 3.40 (York),big field tho,so i’ve gone e/w,good luck if you go for it,and please don’t blame the ferryman if it’s out of the frame 🙂

  81. I think today may well be a day to avoid at york now as the going is going to be very different with the amount of rain they have had. A tricky looking card even before that if you ask me.Sometimes the best bet is a no bet

  82. Going to share what ive backed today. On Monday i had £280 profit of £10 deposit. This was helped by having Fellaini first goalscorer @18/1 £5stake though.

    2:00 york Body and Soul
    2:30 york Newfangled
    3:05 york Kahruman
    3:40 york Was (NAP)
    4:15 york Sequence (NB)
    Im just a casual gambler so dont kill me if none come in. Just trying to bring some life back to the page

  83. Hi All, guess Deans not back. Hope everyone is doing well. Loads of races today, any chance for a quality Yankee Malcolm.not at my computer often today so can’t look at the races in details.

  84. Hya all just to let you know Jason has started a football blog for anyone who is interested to share their tips or systems for football bets.

  85. Arnie,

    I have an e/w double for this evening, 2nd sel was a better price but N/Rs have left it fav. so maybe too short for you now:-
    19.45 Cat. – Spirit of Coniston 5.50/2.68
    20.05 Nmkt. – Elusive Flame 4.2/1.67

    Good Luck


  86. Hi Arnie,

    Sorry, I cannot find 4 for a Yankee today.

    I am winning one/losing one today.
    Having a double on Grandiloquent 15.25 and Rosdhu Queen 16.00.

    Good Luck.


  87. 17/8/12 I am on the right day for Dean’s tip but can not find the tips listed, can anyone help please? Time now is 14:26pm

    Thank you.


  88. Hi all, back to winning ways, so gutted I paper traded yesterday, had 5 winners, just if only if , lol.

    Anyway in the absence of Dean, thot maybe Malcolm with his insight and depth analysis of the horses could fill the void with his Yankees till Dean gets back on Monday. Or what say you Malcolm

  89. Been watching your top tips for a while and whilst some of your naps dont always come in. Thought i would have a go today as i like Mick Channons horses. Put £50 on it at bet365 got best odds, put it on this morning at 11/2. 9/1! Seriously happy Dean. £450 off my one and only bet of the day.

  90. I am going away for a long weekend today (anniversary) so will be back monday hopefully will have same affect as last holiday and i will come back all guns blazing lol Good luck guys

  91. Top Picks

    Thursday 16/8/12

    1-50 sal botanica 11/5 NB

    2-30 bev dean iarracht 3/1

    2-50 sal dream tune 13/8

    3-05 bev yorkshire icon 8/1

    4-20 nwm im so glad 11/2 Nap

    4-30 sal represent 11/4

    5-45 bev no know fear 12/5

    6-20 chp supheart 9/4

    6-30 fon le grand chene 5/1

    7-40 str proud times 10/1

    7-50 chp taste the wine 9/4

    8-00 fon floral spinner 15/2

  92. Good morning guys its pointless me saying another disapointing day you all aready know that so ill just get on with it and it will turn around soon. Good luck all

    Thursday 16/8/12

    1-50 sal botanica 11/5 £7
    poor duke 11/2 place £3

    2-10 nwm frege 11/4 £6
    choristor choir 5/1 £4

    2-20 sal swift cedar 4/1 £7
    clear loch 16/1 £3

    2-30 bev dean iarracht 3/1 £6
    valentino oyster 6/1 £4

    2-40 nwm sequence 11/4 £7
    ellemujie 13/1 £3

    2-50 sal dream tune 13/8 £8
    love tattoo 10/1 £2

    3-05 bev yorkshire icon 8/1 £4
    must be me 4/1 £6

    3-15 nwm chosen charachter 6/1 £5
    zacynthus 5/1 £5 BF6-22am

    3-25 sal shesha bear 15/2 £4
    adeste 11/4 place £6

    3-35 bev avec rose 11/8
    march 15/8 NO BET NO VALUE

    3-45 nwm luhaif
    timoneer NO BET NO VALUE

    3-55 sal tullius 3/1 £7
    highland night 9/1 £3

    4-10 bev mojolika
    moon trip NO BET NO VALUE

    4-20 nwm im so glad 11/2 £5
    nawaar 9/2 £5

    4-30 sal represent 11/4 £7
    red hot secret 8/1 £3

    4-45 bev rios girl 9/2 £6 Bf7-03am
    wicked wilma 7/1 £4

    4-55 nwm rebecca romero 6/1 £5
    sunny side up 5/1 £5

    5-00 fon ivan vasilevich 7/2 £5
    cabimas 3/1 £5

    5-05 sal suzis a class act 5/1 £6
    vexillium 8/1 £4

    5-15 bev kyle of bute 17/2 £3
    heroine chic 14/5 £7

    5-20 chp dream cast
    silvericca NO BET NO VALUE

    5-25 nwm pilgrims rest 7/1 £4
    angel gabrial 9/2 £6

    5-30 fon catch the rascal 16/1 £4 Bf 7-42am
    zhukov 8/1 £6

    5-40 str piment destruval 7/2 £5
    sud pacifique 3/1 £5

    5-45 bev no know fear 12/5 £7
    ice blast 10/1 £3

    5-50 chp tanforan 9/2 £4
    volcanic jack 14/5 £6

    6-00 fon arbeejay 10/1 £4
    geanie mac 4/1 £6

    6-10 str rano pano
    choisirez NO BET NO VALUE

    6-20 chp supheart 9/4 £7
    autumn fire 17/2 £3

    6-30 fon le grand chene 5/1 £5
    escardo 9/2 £5

    6-40 str ballyvesey 4/1 £5
    double chocolate 9/2 £5

    6-50 chp one last dream 9/1 £4
    marah music 9/2 £6

    7-00 fon the lemonpie 7/1 £6
    hi note 10/1 £4

    7-10 str crazy bold 5/1 £5
    laudatory 4/1 £5

    7-20 chp tae kwon do 9/5
    zarosa 3/1 £5rfc

    7-30 fon perpito collonges 12/1 £5
    free falling 9/1 £5

    7-40 str proud times 10/1 £4
    silver coaster 5/1 £6

    7-50 chp taste the wine 9/4 £6
    kittens 4/1 £4

    8-00 fon floral spinner 15/2 £4
    rich maid 4/1 £6

    8-10 str western approches
    miss tilly oscar NO BET NO VALUE

    8-20 chp corrib 16/1 £2
    critical point 13/8 £8

  93. Well done Gary, started late today and got the last 3 winners at Kempton, all singles and a decent price in the last, a wins a win. Thanks

  94. @Gary-yeah,read through baby pips a couple of times,simplifies everything (as the name implies),picked up a few tips about the psychology of it aswell,very interesting stuff,how our subconscious minds can be trained into a winning mentality…my first exercise is seeing if my subconcious can grow me my fringe back 🙂

  95. 1st leg of the Yankee wins @ BSP 5.61
    Fingers crossed….

    Disappointed with the 16.40, backed South Cape for a place under Ryan Moore, looked a better prospect with form on the revised going, came 4th.
    Did anyone see the race?

  96. Afternoon all,does seem a bit quiet lately,personally,been keeping my head down,reading up on forex,ahead of Deans up and coming live feed,hope its going well with the hosses,but this weather really is the pits,must be playing havoc with Dean and Brians selections

  97. Thanks Malcolm, guess my post was in the air when u were writing yours. Here’s to more money today, good luck.

  98. common guys, a few losing days and everyones enthusiasm is in the gutters. it happens

    Losing days don’t last forever.

    Guess no Yankee today, going with the top picks today then.

    Cheers guys

  99. Hi Guys,

    The Yankee is back!
    Especially for you, Arnie.
    16.55 Bev. – Saint Thomas 5.0
    18.05 Kem. – Kiplami 3.90
    19.15 Sou. – Whisky Bravo 4.10
    19.45 Sou. – Choice Pearl 4.10
    A £1.00 Yankee returns £735.59 at those prices, if all win.

    Good Luck if you decide to play.


  100. A few NR replacements

    4-55 bev auto mac NR replace with saint thomas 9/2

    5-10 sal tidals baby NR replace with the names frank 6/1

    7-35 kem london citizen NR replace with ocean applause 4/1

    8-35 kem paphos NR replace with afkar 12/1 (ratings only no replacements for top picks)

  101. Top Picks

    Wednesday 15/8/12

    2-15 bev violent velocity 7/1

    2-30 sal jillnextdoor 9/4 NB

    3-00 sal black monk 85/40

    3-15 bev bogsnog 11/8 NAP

    3-50 bev fear nothing 9/4

    5-15 sow omid 7/4

    5-25 bev arashi 7/2

    5-35 kem dane king 10/3

    7-15 sow only ten percent 13/8

    8-35 kem paphos 4/1

  102. Good morning all i think this is the worst run weve been on since i started posting on here dont know whats happened nothings changed in the system and cant really blame bad luck as much as i would like to it does tend to even itself out but it will change soon im sure of that just hope it begins today Good luck guys.

    Wednesday 15/8/12

    2-15 bev violent velocity 7/1 £5
    lindoro 5/1 £5

    2-30 sal jillnextdoor 5/2 £6
    king oliver 4/1 £4

    2-45 bev signature dish 5/1 £4
    claim 4/1 £6

    3-00 sal black monk 85/40 £7
    its only business 8/1 £3

    3-15 bev bogsnog 11/8 £8
    lucy minaj 15/2 £2

    3-35 sal discoverer 4/1 £6
    kaafel 7/1 £4

    3-50 bev fear nothing 9/4 £7
    select committee 8/1 £3

    4-05 sal love your looks
    emirates queen NO BET NO VALUE

    4-25 bev certral 5/1 £7
    brockfield 11/1 £3

    4-40 sal south cape 8/1 £4
    monopoli 7/2 £6

    4-55 bev tribal myth 6/1 £5
    auto mac 16/5 place £5

    5-10 sal george thimsby 16/5 £5
    tidals baby 3/1 £5

    5-15 sow omid 7/4 £8
    williams way 11/1 £2

    5-25 bev arashi 7/2 £7
    maybeme 10/1 £3

    5-35 kem dane king 10/3 £6
    moment in time 9/2 £4

    5-45 sow stripped bear 9/1 £3
    first serve 9/4 £7

    6-00 bev judicious 14/5 £6
    jonny lesters hair 9/2 £4

    6-05 kem atlantis crossing 16/1 £3
    kinglami 3/1 £7

    6-15 sow myboyalfie 7/1 £4
    henry allingham 4/1 £6

    6-35 kem tropical song
    caramel sundae NO BET NO VALUE

    6-45 sow queen cassiopeia
    greek islands NO BET NO VALUE

    7-05 kem trusting 7/2 place £5
    travelling 9/2 £5

    7-15 sow only ten percent 13/8 £8
    opus dei 28/1 £2

    7-35 kem glass office 4/1 £4
    london citizen 5/2 £6

    7-45 sow gracies gift 6/1 £4
    choice pearl 4/1 £6

    8-05 kem intransigent 3/1 £7
    flashbang 16/1 £3

    8-15 sow ghazeer 13/2 £6
    medam 10/1 £4

    8-35 kem paphos 9/2 £6
    scottish lake 11/1 £4

  103. Hi dean,

    Nice work! Is it worth just sticking £10 on each of your top picks most days as I don’t get alot of time to sit down prior to races and get my bets on??


  104. Drat!

    Should have put Kyllachy Storm in a Yankee!
    Just backed it win and place under Prince Phillip
    Er! That should read Phillip Prince..
    Bet his parents had fun with that.
    Wonder how he feels about it?

    Horse loves it round Bath.

  105. Hi Guys,

    I have been out all morning (incl. CLB tying me up) so no Yankee today.
    Never bet in a hurry, you will regret it.


    Thanks for comment on Yankee.
    I know Betfred offer triple odds on one winner and did just as you said about 10 days ago and made a small profit with 1/4 winners. Problem is that they will only take about 20p per line on my yankee; goes up to about £2.30 on an e/w bet!

    If you know any other Bookies with similar offer please advise.

    Best Regards


    Good Luck today

  106. Hi Dean re the syndicate would it be possible to have it on Ladbrokes site and each member would have to pay their contribution onto ladbrokes and failing to pay say 2 or 3 weeks would lead to expulsion. Don’t know just a suggestion.

  107. hi dean,regarding the football syndicate,why notset a price per share and then members can buy the amount of shares that they feel they can afford.

  108. Hi Malcolm
    I know you do your Yankee on betfair but have you ever thought of doin it at a traditional bookies as a lucky 15 I know it adds another 35% to the stake but with triple the odds on one winner it might help to recover stake a bit. E.g yesterday daddy warbucks 10-3 trebled to 10-1 would have returned the majority of the stake and on the days where there is only 1 winner as long as its priced at even money or above you would recover the extra stake that had been invested.

  109. Hi Dean,
    Good to see 5 of my picks for places today are in your top picks, gives me hope !
    Hope you had a good holiday and congratulations on the addition to the family. Hope all are doing well.
    Good Luck for today.
    Mark w.

  110. @ Shane sorry i havent had time to get back on here with Nr replacements recently but theres no replacements on the top picks anyway.

    Im sure i seen another comment about the football on here but its gone now.
    Anyway the idea was to form a syndicate for ladbrokes millionaire coupon ive been keeping an eye on this for a couple of seasons now and i know the odds of pulling it off are staggering but last season the same combination of results came out twice so it is possible i just dont know how we would work it pooling our money together if anyone has any thoughts please chip in.

  111. Top Picks

    Tuesday 14/8/12

    2-10 wol sojoum 7/1

    2-20 ayr alwilda evs NAP

    3-00 bat fire king 14/5

    4-20 ayr fourth generation 4/1

    4-30 bat lucky diva 9/4

    4-50 ayr sovereign street 7/2

    5-25 ayr imperial legend 5/1

    5-35 yar danios 2/1 NEXT BEST

    7-05 yar miss polly plum 3/1

    7-50 not masamah 7/4

  112. Good morning guys another poor day seems like weve hit a bit of a bad run after an excellent start to last week ive been through many of these over the years and im sure we will come through it quickly but paper trading for a few days might be something to think about. Good luck all

    Tuesday 14/8/12

    2-00 bat trade centre 14/1 £3
    kylachy storm 7/2 £7

    2-10 wol sojoum 7/1 £5
    lucy bee 13/2 £5

    2-20 ayr alwilda evs
    elegant silk 5/2 £5rfc

    2-30 bat cashels missile 5/1 £4
    kodatish 13/5 £6

    2-40 wol lea valley black 7/2 £5
    buckstay 7/2 £5

    2-50 ayr chookie avon 11/2 £5
    star city 11/2 £5

    3-00 bat fire king 14/5 £6
    ocean legend 4/1 £4

    3-10 wol angel cake 10/1 £2
    silken satinwood 7/4 £8

    3-20 ayr santefisio 11/2 £6
    take it to the max 8/1 £4

    3-30 bat khefyn 9/2 £5
    emperors daughter 9/2 £5

    3-40 wol universal
    prince alzain NO BET NO VALUE

    3-50 ayr hawdyerwheesht 7/2 £6
    kai broon 9/2 £4

    4-00 bat million faces 16/5 £6
    cockney fire 13/2 £4

    4-10 wol throwing roses
    need you now NO BET NO VALUE

    4-20 ayr fourth generation 4/1 £6
    raleigh quay 11/2 £4

    4-30 bat lucky diva 9/4 £7
    galiotto 15/2 £3

    4-40 wol venegazzu 4/1
    porgy 13/8 £5rfc

    4-50 ayr sovereign street 7/2 £6
    namwahjobo 5/1 £4

    5-00 bat croquembouche 10/3 £6
    jewelled 5/1 £4

    5-05 yar oscars journey 5/1 £5
    ostralegus 7/1 £5

    5-10 wol avon supreme 6/1 £5
    princess gail 6/1 £5

    5-20 not mighty clarets 5/1 £7
    harare 10/1 £3 bf 7-23am

    5-25 ayr imperial legend 5/1 £5
    meccas team 4/1 £5

    5-30 bat lisselan pleasure 3/1 £5
    chapter nine 4/1 £5

    5-35 yar danios 2/1
    elusive hawk 13/5 £5rfc

    5-50 not asker 4/1 £6
    getabuzz 13/2 £4

    6-05 yar dark orchid 13/2 £5
    selinda 5/1 place £5

    6-20 not mister marc 7/2
    exceptonelle 9/5 NO BET NO VALUE

    6-35 yar exopuntia 7/2 £5
    danceyourselfdizzy 3/1 place £5

    6-50 not ziggys secret 9/2 £4
    lady moonlight 3/1 £6

    7-05 yar miss polly plum 3/1 £6
    simple rhythm 11/2 £4

    7-20 not memphis man 8/1 £5
    ridgeway sapphire 7/1 £5

    7-35 yar amoya 13/2 £4
    play street 9/2 £6

    7-50 not masamah 7/4 £6
    noble storm 3/1 £4

    8-05 yar curly come home 9/2 £5
    kashgar 5/1 £5

    8-20 not bilash 6/1 £3
    selfara 15/8 £7

  113. Hahahahaha Thanks a lot Malcolm, yea gotta keep my bank ticking over, though Mcilroy and Keegan did me a big favour yesterday to my bank and am reinvesting in your Yankee ( pressure right) though I was envious of your 40/1 winner. I could have retired for the month with a £100 stake there, hahhahahah
    Thanks though much appreciated

    Use this chance to ask Dean about the footie talk, seasons starting so i dunno if he’s seeing the comments there.

  114. Hi Guys,

    Let’s try again with the Yankee, got to keep Arnie’s bank ticking over.

    15.50 Fos. – Red Rhythm 3.45
    16.50 Fos. – Astra Hall 2.9
    17.50 Thi. – Lupin Pooter 4.8
    19.20 Thi. – Daddy Warbucks 4.9

    A £1.00 Yankee (cost £11.0) at those prices returns £576.84 if all four win.

    Good Luck if you decide to play.


  115. Morning Dean, been following for a few week now, along side my own choices and getting some reasonable returns. Thank you

    What staking plan are most using with your selections?

    Keep up the good work

  116. Top Picks

    Monday 13/8/12 All 1 point wins

    3-20 fos wind star 7/2

    3-30 kem new falcon 7/1

    3-40 lin halling dancer 6/1

    3-50 fos red rhythm 16/5

    4-40 lin tango sky 13/5

    4-50 fos astra hall 5/2 NAP

    5-30 kem spartan spirit 11/4

    5-50 thi lupin pooter 5/1

    7-20 thi daddy warbucks 7/2 Next best

    8-20 thi dr finley 10/3

  117. Good morning guys what a terrible weekend ive been considering dropping sundays for a while now and yesterday has just confirmed that, its always been my worst day but not usually that bad.

    @Tom i have always placed all bets early morning and been quite happy with returns but theres nothing wrong with stop at profit if you have a set target for the day

    @steve Just good old fashioned bad luck i guess a lot of the time the top pick is getting beat by my 2nd selection which really does my head in.

    Well thats enough moaning back to winning ways today.

    Monday 13/8/12

    2-10 lin somethingboutmary 9/4 £6
    iris blue 6/1 £4

    2-20 fos its taboo 7/1 £5
    jubilant queen 13/2 £5

    2-30 kem sorella bella 17/1 £4
    alhaarth beauty 9/2 £6

    2-40 lin spithead 13/5 £7
    garmelow girl 17/2 £3

    2-50 fos alraased 4/1
    miss cap estel 6/5 £5rfc

    3-00 kem buzkashi 4/1 £5
    caphira 7/2 £5

    3-10 lin labienus 7/4 £7
    empowerment 6/1 £3

    3-20 fos wind star 7/2 £7
    lady percy 11/1 £3

    3-30 kem new falcon 7/1 £4
    mowhoob 4/1 £6

    3-40 lin halling dancer 6/1 £4
    watheeq 4/1 £6

    3-50 fos red rhythm 16/5 £5
    my meteor 16/5 £5

    4-00 kem purley queen 15/2 £4
    macy anne 7/2 £6

    4-10 lin rodrigo de freitas 16/1 £4
    secret era 6/1 £6

    4-20 fos diamond vine 11/1 £4
    jack my boy 5/1 £6

    4-30 kem hannibal hayes 12/5 £7
    dvinsky 8/1 £3

    4-40 lin tango sky 13/5 £7
    billy red 10/1 £3

    4-50 fos astra hall 5/2 £8
    pandorica 13/1 £2

    5-00 kem alsadaa 9/2 £4
    jamarjo 16/5 £6

    5-10 lin khazeena
    merry jaunt NO BET NO VALUE

    5-20 fos filatore 9/2 £6
    anginola 6/1 £4

    5-30 kem spartan spirit 11/4 £6
    tilsworth glenboy 4/1 £4

    5-40 wol corvette 7/2 £5
    arctic wings 7/2 £5

    5-50 thi lupin pooter 5/1 £6
    elusive bonus 6/1 £4

    6-10 wol chookie hamilton 11/5 £6
    locum 4/1 £4

    6-20 thi stand of glory
    dance off NO BET NO VALUE

    6-40 wol mac tiernan 7/2 £6
    imperial wave 13/2 £4

    6-50 thi annie gogh 13/2 £3
    dr phibes 7/4 £7

    7-10 wol echo of silence 9/2 £4
    excuse to linger 2/1 £6

    7-20 thi daddy warbucks 7/2 £6
    regal acclaim 5/1 £4

    7-40 wol missile attack 14/5
    asian trader 5/4 £5rfc

    7-50 thi whispered times 11/1 £5
    mahadee 11/1 £5

    8-10 wol medicoe 8/5
    effie b 4/1 £5rfc

    8-20 thi dr finley 10/3 £4
    bijou dan 4/1 £6

    8-40 wol know no fear 4/1 £5
    satwa laird 16/5 £5

  118. @Gary
    Thanks for response on Saturday/Sunday racing.
    Anecdotally I would say that around half of my worst losing days have arisen on Saturdays.
    It is interesting to hear the experience and opinions of others. I suspect that there is a greater volume of betting (on horses)at the weekend and that bookies make a disproportionate part of their profits on Saturdays. I think that they also employ more questionable practices on Saturdays, more profitable and less easily detected or is that just me being cynical?

    All contributions welcome.


  119. Malcolm

    I have long toyed with the idea of not bothering punting on the racing over the weekends due to there being so many meetings and extra effort to drag the public in and with nearly 5 or 6 handicaps at each meeting usually its nearly impossible at times! Sundays are generally low grade racing in the UK in my opinion after the Saturday meetings and I wonder whether to concentrate on the week only!


  120. Well done Malcolm
    I was at Folkestone today, wish I read your posts earlier, hughesy was on good form pity I didn’t back him in all the races. Hayley turner did well also but unfortunately didn’t back her. Ah well good day out tho.

  121. This is more like fun!

    Applying the same logic as applied to the 4.15, I backed ‘Moose Moran’ win and place in the 4.30, came 3rd @ 7.30 in pl. mkt.

    In the 4.45 I layed Two Turtle Doves and backed Maltese Ah win and place, won @ 12.5/2.91.

    Shame all the backs were £2.00 bets but recouped some of the recent losses.


  122. Some good news! – at last!

    Leic. 16.15
    If any of you followed my advice on Cynthia Calhoun you would have been rewarded with a second place. BSP was 16.6/3.15

    I looked at race again just before the off, I couldn’t see any of the runners I had examined winning. This lead me to the conclusion that it had to be one of those that I hadn’t – so I backed Forest Edge win and place. It won @ 40.4/7.0.

    I wish that I had done the forecast……

  123. Dean, 4th or 5th Nap on the trot has just lost. I wonder if the way you calculate your ratings or the way you pick your Naps has changed? Apart from that, thanks for the good tips.

  124. Hialcolm.. Interesting perspective re Saturday betting.. I have been punting for years and no doubt Saturday is competitive..does this mean we can’t make profit? For me yes.. Is it more difficult? Yes.. Sometimes in lower grade racing I find it more predicable, what I do know, I make less profit on Saturday… Role on Sunday racing!

  125. Hi Guys,

    There will be no Yankee today, sorry Arnie, just not enough ammunition.

    If you are looking for something to dabble in for small stakes you could do far worse than follow Richard Hughes at Folkstone. He has rides in 6/7 races (3 for Hannon) He is 2F in all 3 rides for Hannon, so better odds. Both Hannon and Hughes have excellent strike rates in both win and place markets at this course.

    He is on the fav. in the (6 runner) 4.00 and you can get evens in the place mkt. try playing 1 pt. win and 4 pts to place for small stakes. In the 16.15 Leic. I fancy Cynthia Calhoun to place (14.5/3.05) On the fav. the Jock has only ridden cse 3 times and never placed.

    In the 4.45 Leic Turtle Doves, Kelly Harrison may have done well 1st time out on last run and improve this time but is 0/18 at this cse and Trainer is 1/31.

    I like Dean’s RFC in the 2.15 and will be doing the same in the 3.15.

    Good Luck to you all.


  126. Malcolm, I always believe Saturdays and Sundays have the best prices for horses, and would be the best days to best? Unlike the weekdays , though more races but not too great prices.

    (No Yankee today??)

  127. No worries Dean , we stick by you , we were bound to have some losing days but like you said we still in Profit for the week, and with the yankees , still in good profit.

    Thanks Malcolm for your contribution , really appreciated with all your work and stuff. you know i will be here with you when we hit the big one , soon , i feel it.

  128. Dean , In your opinion is it best to do all the Top Picks or just one at a time and stop at a winner ? You know the long term better than anyone else so your advise would be much appreciated , thanx

  129. Top Picks

    Sunday 12/8/12

    2-15 lei lord of the garter 13/8 Nap

    2-45 lei mitie mouse 7/4

    3-15 lei minalisa 3/1

    3-30 fol links drive lady 2/1

    3-45 lei kenyan cat 6/1

    4-00 fol triple dream 4/1 NEXT BEST

    4-45 lei two turtle doves 13/5

    5-15 lei may be some time 9/4

  130. Good morning guys a terrible day yesterday been having it so good lately i forgot what a losing day was like and i know its all about the long term and overall the system is still around +60 pts for the week but i still hate losing days especially when i know you have your hard earned on them aswell.Todays racing is pretty rubish and im personally having the day off but here are the selections and you can decide if you want to back them. Good luck

    Sunday 12/8/12

    2-00 fol master ming
    stiff upper lip NO BET NO VALUE

    2-15 lei lord of the garter 9/5
    flow 5/2 0.5rfc

    2-30 fol annes rocket 9/2 0.5
    maverick 9/2 0.5

    2-45 lei mitie mouse 15/8 0.8
    clowance keys 9/1 0.2

    3-00 fol lisas legacy 7/4 0.8
    hartwright 8/1 0.2

    3-15 lei minalisa 3/1 0.5
    ihtifal 13/5 0.5

    3-30 fol links drive lady 2/1 0.6
    my own way home 4/1 0.4 bf7-49am

    3-45 lei kenyan cat 6/1 0.4
    night and dance 4/1 0.6

    4-00 fol triple dream 9/2 0.5
    knocker knowles 10/3 0.5

    4-15 lei come hither 2/1 0.6 bf 7-57am
    kashmiri star 9/2 0.4

    4-30 fol peachez 5/1 0.5
    romantic 9/2 0.5

    4-45 lei two turtle doves 13/5 0.8
    overwhelm 17/2 0.2

    5-00 fol sigurwana 3/1 0.6
    cape joy 4/1 0.4

    5-15 lei may be some time 9/4 0.5
    mayo lad 5/2 0.5

  131. Arnie et al,

    Sorry to be late to the party, out all morning.
    Took a loss on the Yankee yesterday, one won, 2 lost, 1 x NR -82%.
    On to today:-
    15.25 Hay. – Licence to Till 7.8
    16.20 Redcar – Annie Walker 1.84
    17.35 Ayr – Cheeky Wee Red 3.8
    19.35 Ayr – King of Windsor 3.65
    A £1.00 Yankee returns £528.73 @ those prices.
    Good luck if you decide to play.

  132. Hi Dean , nice one there, i will go with your value selections today but emerald wilderness is a NR today , any subtitution.

    Malcolm, any chance of a Yankee today. thanks for your effort

  133. Dean… My first day yesterday backing the top picks.. Blame me! I can have the effect on tipsters. Anyway, I like what your doing..so let’s get on today….

  134. Hi Guys been a hard couple of days maybe things maybe get better today.I think its the class of horses that are the problem. Just been reading trainer Jim Goldie on his runners at Ayr tonite and he is bullish about “Goninodaethat” in the 7:05 race.

  135. Top Picks and a few value selections

    Top Picks

    Saturday 11/8/12

    2-00 red reconsider baby 21/20

    2-05 asc taajub 15/2

    2-20 hay sir graham wade 3/1

    2-55 hay gabrial 11/4

    3-25 hay licence to till 9/1

    3-45 red ingleby exceed 12/1

    3-50 asc heeraat 5/1

    4-20 red annie walker 11/10 NAP

    4-55 red sabore 21/20

    5-35 ayr cheeky wee red 13/5 NEXT BEST

    6-35 ayr izzy boy 7/4

    8-05 ayr bandanaman 13/5


    Value selections (small ew)

    Saturday 11/8/12

    2-20 hay three bards 16/1

    2-25 nwm emerald wilderness 33/1

    2-40 asc last shadow 33/1

    7-45 ayr rub of the relic 15/1

  136. Good morning guys very disapointed with top picks yesterday first time for ages theyve had a losing day and ratings only made just under 7 points hope we can do better today.

    Good luck

    Saturday 11/8/12

    12-55 asc boom n bust 16/5 £7
    arabian star 10/1 £3

    1-30 asc ermyn lodge 8/1 £4
    lyric street 5/1 £6

    1-45 hay secret look 15/1 £3
    equitania 6/1 £7

    2-00 red reconsider baby
    dil laney NO BET NO VALUE

    2-05 asc taajub 15/2 £5
    steps 6/1 £5

    2-20 hay sir graham wade 3/1 £6
    stencive 13/2 £4

    2-25 nwm unex el graco 11/2 £4
    assizes 10/3 £6

    2-35 red diggory delvet 6/4 £7
    scentpastparadise 13/2 £3

    2-40 asc sun central 4/1 £6
    rule book 13/1 £4

    2-55 hay gabrial 11/4
    jet away 7/4 £5 rfc

    3-00 nwm highland colori 9/2 £6
    cape classic 17/2 £4

    3-10 red act your shoe size 13/1 £3
    pearl nation 10/3 £7

    3-15 asc life and soul 10/1 £4
    john biscuit 11/2 £6

    3-25 hay licence to till 9/1 £5
    barren brock 15/2 £5

    3-35 nwm sky lanter 5/2 £5
    savanna la mar 11/4 place £5

    3-45 red ingleby exceed 12/1 £5
    joburg 8/1 £5

    3-50 asc heeraat 5/1 £6
    springinmystep 13/2 £4

    4-00 hay irish histort 2/1 £8
    ladys first 11/1 £2

    4-10 nwm valley of queens 7/2 £7
    followeveryrainbow 17/2 £3

    4-20 red annie walker 11/2
    ebony clarets 13/8 NO BET NO VALUE

    4-30 hay rio cobblo 13/2 £4
    willbeme 3/1 £6

    4-45 nwm toptempo 3/1
    uriah heep 11/8 £5 rfc

    4-55 red sabore
    bond style NO BET NO VALUE

    5-05 hay postscript 15/2 £4
    famous poet 11/2 £6

    5-20 nwm moon trip 16/5 £6
    purification 15/2 £4

    5-30 red little red minx 7/2 £5
    dean iarracht 4/1 £5

    5-35 ayr cheeky wee red 13/5 £6
    mr chocalte drop 5/1 £4

    5-45 lin la confession 5/1 £6
    collectable 8/1 £4

    5-55 nwm rugosa 9/2 £6
    princess of orange 7/1 £4

    6-00 red stormy morning 4/1 £4
    scarlet prince 9/4 £6

    6-05 ayr paradise spectre 4/1 £7
    blown it 14/1 £3

    6-15 lin al janadeirya 2/1 £7
    palmette 9/2 £3

    6-35 ayr izzy boy 7/4 £7
    greeleys love 9/2 £3

    6-45 lin desert strike 13/2 £4
    rocket rob 9/2 £6

    7-05 ayr goninodaethat 5/1 £5
    chookie royale 11/2 £5

    7-15 lin lord of leitrim
    blue wave NO BET NO VALUE

    7-35 ayr king of windsor 11/4 £7
    watts up son 10/1 £3

    7-45 lin jack of diamonds 4/1 £4
    baheeja 2/1 £6

    8-05 ayr bandanaman 13/5 £6
    ney secret 9/2 £4

    8-15 lin edraaq 3/1 £5
    tiger cliff 11/4 £5

    8-35 ayr distant sun 8/1 £3
    irish girls spirit 11/4 £7

  137. Hi Malcom i dont do multiples but am going to watch with interest and papertrade.Youve been hitting the bar mate and good luck.I might open another account aand follow yours,hope your lucky mate.

  138. Deans tips might not be right for you his strike rate is well below 50 and he makes a lot more than 15 points per month. i dont think any of us have been following long enough to see a losing streak. The past history is pretty accurate have a look through that

  139. Hasty Yankee.
    17.50 Hay Stock Hill Fair
    14.40 Bri. Funcheon Vale
    15.30 Mus. Bradbury
    17.10 Bri. Laser Blazer
    Projected win on BF for £5.0 Yankee £1,604.70.
    Good Luck.

  140. New to the site and would like to know which selections are the best to follow, what im looking for (ideally) is a decent strike rate (50% ish) no long losing runs and a 10-15 pt profit per month, any ideas?

  141. Top Picks

    Friday 10/8/12

    2-10 bri bornean 7/5

    3-10 bri kingswinford 11/8 NAP

    3-30 mus bradbury 2/1 NEXT BEST

    4-00 mus al muheer 4/1

    4-10 bri dance for georgie 9/4

    4-20 lin ereka 9/2

    5-40 nwm oasis dancer 2/1 TREBLE

    5-50 hay dancing primo 4/1

    6-10 nwm ouzinkie 6/4

    6-55 hay tussie mussie 4/1

    7-15 nwm red shuttle 13/5

  142. Good morning all very disapointed with the Top picks yesterday especially the nap and nb,only just managed small profit.Good day if you back the ratings just short of 20 points up.

    Todays top picks have 3 top selections as i just couldnt seperate them and i think theres a really good yankee chance today but i’ll leave that for malcom to disect. Good luck

    Friday 10/8/12

    2-00 mus multisure 3/1 £6
    american impact 4/1 £4

    2-10 bri bornean 7/5 £7
    imperial spirit 5/1 £3

    2-20 lin ask the guru
    hairy rocket NO BET NO VALUE

    2-30 mus schmooze 6/1 £3
    luctor emergo 3/1 £7

    2-40 bri simple rhythym 9/2 £5
    imaginary diva 11/2 £5

    2-50 lin hardy blue 7/2 £5
    napinda 10/3 £5

    3-00 mus cosmic chatter
    liber NO BET NO VALUE

    3-10 bri kingswinford 11/8
    efistorm 3/1 £5rfc

    3-20 lin illustrious lad 7/1 £3
    yes its the boy 9/2 £7

    3-30 mus bradbury 2/1 £7
    artisan 7/1 £3

    3-40 bri another citizen 5/1 £5
    prodigality 5/1 £5

    3-50 lin dr yes 20/21
    bank bonus 17/2 NO BET NO VALUE

    4-00 mus al muheer 4/1 £5
    green howard 4/1 £5

    4-10 bri dance for georgie 9/4 £7
    siouxperhero 13/2 £3

    4-20 lin ereka 9/2 £5
    isingy red 7/2 £5

    4-30 mus partner 15/8 £7
    go go green 6/1 £3

    4-40 bri essell 17/2 £4
    garzoni 7/2 £6

    4-50 lin chandrayaan 17/2 £3
    patavium prince 3/1 £7

    5-00 mus millitary call 13/5 £6
    last destination 4/1 £4

    5-10 bri laser blazer 10/3 £6
    hilfiger 5/1 £4

    5-20 lin mollyow
    bowdlers magic NO BET NO VALUE

    5-40 nwm oasis 2/1 £7
    freeport 13/2 £3

    5-50 hay dancing primo 4/1 £6
    call of duty 11/2 £4

    5-55 lin welsh nayber 6/1 £4
    neige dantan 5/1 £6

    6-10 nwm ouzinkie 6/4 £8
    silk scarf 14/1 £2

    6-20 hay ribaat 2/1 £6
    caramack 4/1 £4

    6-45 nwm ashdan 3/1 £7
    tamarkuz 6/1 £3

    6-55 hay tussie mussie 4/1 £5
    capo rosso 4/1 £5

    7-15 nwm red shuttle 13/5 £7
    my guardian angel 15/2 £3

    7-25 hay professor 11/8
    ayaar 11/2 NO BET NO VALUE

    7-50 nwm clare island boy
    kingsdesire NO BET NO VALUE

    8-00 hay magic destiny 11/2 £4
    burkes rock 12/5 £6

    8-20 nwm picabo 4/1 £6
    fratellino 11/2 £4

    8-30 hay brockwell 4/1 £6
    now my sun 11/2 £4

  143. Yankee

    Only 2 candidates so far:-
    14.40 Bri. Funcheon Vale 2.88
    17.50 Hay. Stock Hill Fair 2.92
    If I dont get time for 2 more it might be worth
    adding these to Dean’s top two picks to create a Yankee.


  144. Good morning all,

    There may be no Yankee today.
    I have three meetings this p.m, (have put plumber off till next week)and need to prepare and spend a couple of hours with CLB this morning.
    I may get some time around 12.00 but will not rush out something for the sake of it.
    Good Luck.

  145. hi

    Yea i thought about just backing the NAP but where would be the fun in that might as well be arbing its that certain to come in profit. I like to look over the dutching and wonder what would have happened if i had backed them for a place and or staked differently and the double and the yankee add another level of fun to the whole process. (and they almost always come out in front probably helps) Will be on all of deans selections for the full ten quid tonight for the first time (if i get the bets on before my wife gets home) and the yankee and double for half a point i reckon bring on todays dutches. good luck today everyone

  146. Evening Guys,

    I thought I would share a little perspective with you all. Dean is very busy right now but is still delivering outstanding performance.
    He has been bold and confident enough to put up selections for every race, only Bookies have to price every race, punters can be selective. He has then selected his 10/12 best selections and since 11th July his NAP and Next Best.

    We have been spoilt this week, with the top two winning twice. These selections have been posted on 14 days, the Next Best have only won three times (21%)a loss of 11pts @ BSP; but the NAPS have won 9 times (64%)a profit of 14 pts @ BSP.

    The Win double might have broken your heart unless you had total faith and were still following after 11 losing days, days 12 and 13 delivered and if you had done every day you would be 9.82 pts up right now.

    However, for those of you still with me, the most profitable angle might be to simply back the NAP to win. If you had started with £1,000.00 on 11th July and backed the NAP @ BSP for 10% of that bank it would now be worth £3,576.10.

    Todays Yankee had 2 winner and 2 losers but still showed a 16% profit.I plan to persevere with these, If I can break even with them each week eventually one will come in….

  147. Hi Malcolm, we are almost there, now we sorted the other half of the YankEe, the NAP and NB let us down today, that’s very strange. Decent profits though (BOG) helped today, looking forward to tomorrow
    Thanks to you and Dean, am having fun once again with this

  148. Good day with 5 points up from the top tips and a bit of consideration when staking. Congratulations on the great news Dean very exciting with a new family member.

  149. thank you for that dan have found it, just put a tenner on tidal run.IT WON!!! brilliant tipping again from dean. really appreciate with what dean and the other guys are doing.

  150. just got on site in time to catch your yankee tips Malcolm
    small 10p ew to start to build up betting bank

    regards Andrew

  151. Dean,

    Let me congratulate you, on something other than your tipping prowess.

    Thank you for the encouragement on the Yankees.


  152. Good afternoon all,

    Apologies to those of you awaiting the Yankee,
    leaking pipe in solid floor to get sorted today, then delayed by CLB. I have struggled to find the fourth selection today, but here we go:-
    3.00 Yar. Yes, its the Boy 3.0
    3.10 Hay. Touch Gold 3.15
    4.50 Bri. Picture Dealer 2.44
    5.20 Bri. Daffydowndilly 6.4
    A £10.0 Yankee (costs £110.0)at those prices returns £4,065.80, one day!

    Good luck if you decide to play.


  153. Congrats on the second grandchild hope all is well. I look forward to getting the tips every evening. i might try one of these yankers today just had a quick look at how to put one on.
    PS you are probably the worlds best tipster i assume you won that tipping comp you were in

  154. new to site hoping to make a profit i saw your info malcom on yankees,would like some help as am a novice golden oldie trying to win some money istead of subsidising bookies holidays
    deans tips helped yesterday ,didnt get the order right tho

    regards to all

  155. @Dean, Hi mate. Long time no speak. Congratulations on your excellent news! Must be a very proud grandaddy!! And you ARE the Daddy!! haha. Mate, you keep on banging them in day in day out! Thanks as always, Gazza!!

  156. Hi dean, you are the king of tips been paper trading for two months now, started betting one week ago and the results are excellent. Thank you for your time and effort, much appreciated

  157. Thanks for getting back Dean, really appreciate it, congratulations on the new arrival i can see where all your earnings are going now!

  158. Many thanks Dean for posting such good info.. Really encouraging that you are prepared to share this, says a lot about you and the team.

  159. Hi Dean Just want to say thanks for your time and effort with your tips,
    even your bad days seem to be good

  160. Top Picks

    Thursday 9/8/12

    3-00 yar yes its the boy 7/4 NEXT BEST

    3-10 hay touch gold 2/1 NAP

    3-50 bri varnish 10/3

    4-10 hay cruisetothelimit 5/1

    4-55 sow mad jazz 7/1

    5-10 hay nadeema rose 6/1

    5-20 bri daffydowndilly 6/1

    5-45 hay cape rising 11/4

    5-55 br tidal run 9/4

    8-30 chp mayan flight 9/2

  161. Good morning all not the best of days yesterday top picks letting us down a little but just under 9.5 pts profit in total means it wasnt the worst day either. Sorry im not on here much to answer questions at the moment but just soo busy with the ratings also developing another little system that i will let you all in on soon and my daughter gave me my second grandhild yesterday aswell so there really isnt enough hours in the day.
    I must give a word to Malcom excellent work one of them is defo gonna come in soon. yesterday i had the 1st 2 tp,s with edmaaj(had a lot of confidence in this 1) in the 4pm in a treble soo close.

    Shane i will get back to you as soon as i have more time.

    On to today here are the ratings good luck to all.

    Thursday 9/8/12

    2-10 hay disclaimer 6/4
    authorship 11/2 £5rfc

    2-20 bri scommertrice
    billy red NO BET NO VALUE

    2-30 yar living desert 11/2 £4
    exotic guest 3/1 £6

    2-40 hay social rhythm 5/1 £5
    oddysey 4/1 £5

    2-50 bri olney lass 5/1 £6
    baby driver 9/1 £4

    3-00 yar yes its the boy 7/4 £8
    conowen 9/1 £2

    3-10 hay touch gold 4/1 £4
    satanic beat 2/1 £6

    3-20 bri noble bull 13/8
    emell evs NO BET NO VALUE

    3-30 yar future wonder 11/8
    poetic power 9/5 NO BET NO VALUE

    3-40 hay coolminx 5/1 £6
    jack luey 15/2 £4

    3-50 bri varnish 10/3 £7
    layline 8/1 £3

    4-00 yar confluence 14/1 £2
    sheenas dream 8/5 £8

    4-10 hay cruisetothelimit 5/1 £5
    julius geezer 4/1 £5

    4-20 bri sound hearts 3/1 £5
    forgive 3/1 £5

    4-30 yar moorhouse girl 13/2
    quaroma 11/4

    4-40 hay ambitious icarus 9/1 £3
    orwellian 3/1 £7

    4-50 bri picture dealer 7/4 £7
    evanescent 6/1 £3

    4-55 sow mad jazz 7/1 £5
    bear totem 9/1 £5

    5-00 yar kelpie blitz 7/1
    mac tirnan 5/1

    5-10 hay nadeema rose 6/1 £4
    gold show 7/2 £6

    5-15 chp temuco 7/2 £5
    hamilton hill 7/2 £5

    5-20 bri daffydowndilly 6/1 £5
    cha ching 7/1 £5

    5-25 sow relight my fire 4/1 £4
    jumeirah moon 2/1 £6

    5-30 yar akula 8/1 £3
    zarosa 2/1 £7

    5-40 san winning express 6/1 £5
    take the lead 13/2 £5

    5-45 hay cape rising 11/4 £6
    blazing field 11/2 £4

    5-50 chp silvas romana 5/1 £4
    shes rosie 14/5 £6

    5-55 br tidal run 9/4 £8
    jordaura 10/1 £2

    6-00 sow NO BET

    6-10 san santefisio 4/1 £5
    mr david 5/1 £5

    6-20 chp smart daisy k
    dawn catcher NO BET NO VALUE

    6-30 sow laylas boy 7/1 £4
    standpoint 9/2 £6

    6-40 san evangelist 9/2 £5
    excess knowledge 4/1 £5

    6-50 chp mrs warren 7/2 £5
    must be me 4/1 £5

    7-05 sow come on dave 5/2 £6
    argentine 4/1 £4

    7-15 san angel gabrial 11/2 £6
    deia sunrise 7/1 £4

    7-25 chp cityar
    keyaadi NO BET

    7-40 sow majestic breeze 3/1 £7
    big sylv 10/1 £3

    7-50 san keepax 4/1 £7
    my lord 14/1 £3

    8-00 chp set to go 15/2 £6
    memphis man 16/1 £4

    8-10 sow its a mans world 7/4 £8
    spin a wish 15/1 £2

    8-20 san hip hip hooray 17/2 £3
    cathedral 11/4 £7

    8-30 chp mayan flight 9/2 £6
    captain oats 7/1 £4

  162. Thanks Dean 23 points up after 1st 3 races this included a 1/2 a point double. I am glad you are allowing us to share your tips.Also thanks to Malcolm it will b good when the FOUR is landed.
    Successful punting to everyone who gets involved. Ian

  163. Hey Malcolm, thanks for the Yankee tips,very much appreciated, it just brightens my day apart from the tips. Almost given up on you today, I just managed to lace my bets. I don’t do EW unless the odds are above 4/1.

    Can’t wait for tomorrows Yankee, am sure we will hit the big four soon


  164. Hi Arnie,

    Yesterday 1 win and 3 place, lost all if you did win only, profit if you did e/w.
    Today, 2 wins and one 2nd.
    Wins only profit + 48%
    E/W profit + 9%
    One day!

  165. sean thanks for the comment but i would rather hear from Dean, if its a paid for service in the future then great, but as far as i`m aware it`s a free tips site with a community and other members tweak the system as well, which Dean seems happy with.

  166. Arnie et al,

    Here is the Yankee you wanted.
    2.50 Kashmiri Star 2.42
    3.10 Wold Sauce 3.55
    4.40 Emily Hall 4.2
    5.45 Batgirl 3.75
    Prices current on Betfair at time of posting, if you do BF multiples you get SP which may be more or less. If you got those prices and all won the Yankee returns as follows:-
    £2.00 (costs £22.0) £738.87
    £5.00 (costs £55.0) £1792.18
    All these races pay 3 places today on BF and the largest field is only 10 runners so you
    might want to go each way, at double the stake. All selections have placed last two days, despite some small fields.
    Good Luck if you decide to play.

  167. @Shane if you think Dean will give you that info i doubt it very much.
    Dean missed a couple of days hope hols went well mate and well deserved as im sure most on here agree.
    Will be joining you soon once ive mastered the forex and the markets.
    Good luck all today.

  168. Some people (Malcolm) have forgotten that they now have a duty to post a Yankee from the top picks nowadays:o)) (LoL)

  169. @ Colin M- NAP means the best/strongest bet of the day,and next best is 2nd best bet of the day..(i’ll save Dean answering,he’ll be making a mint on the forex),hope that helps 🙂

  170. Hi Dean, as you know i`ve been following for a while now and what a great job you`re doing, hats off mate, and i think you told us all on the old blog site at bet info but could you tell me how you work out your ratings stats so i can learn to fish! Thanks mate.

  171. Dean, only just found your blog a few days ago, paper trading and looks impressive. New to this and need an explanation. Can you explain the ‘NAP’ and ‘Next Best’ you add after the listings in your Top Tips.

  172. Top picks

    Wednesday 8/8/12

    2-50 bri kashmiri star 13/8 NEXT BEST

    3-10 ncl wild sauce 11/4 NAP

    3-20 bri hazzaat 3/1

    4-00 pon edmaaj 12/1

    4-40 ncl emily hall 7/2

    4-50 bri emperors waltz 3/1

    5-10 ncl ursus 7/2

    5-15 yar batgirl 10/3

    5-30 pon sujet bellagio 8/1

    7-30 kem jubilee brig 2/1

    9-00 kem shaunas spirit 4/1

  173. Good morning all
    i think most of you are just backing the top picks so another good day but the ratings didnt perform well at all yesterday so just over 1 pt profit overall (-75 ratings +76.5 tp) lets hope for a bit better today.

    Wednesday 8/8/12

    2-10 ncl requested 6/1 £4
    old man clegg 4/1 £6

    2-20 bri hot secret 2/1
    danz choice 9/4 £5 rfc

    2-30 pon skyfire 2/1
    the ducking stool 5/2 £5 rfc

    2-40 ncl the sixties
    hoofalong NO BET NO VALUE

    2-50 bri kashmiri star 13/8 £8
    kaylee 10/1 £2

    3-00 pon titus titan 3/1 £6
    bapak pesta 5/1 £4

    3-10 ncl wild sauce 11/4 £6
    one kool dude 4/1 £4

    3-20 bri hazzaat 3/1 £7
    corn snow 11/1 £3

    3-30 pon watt broderick 11/5 £8 miss ellany 3/1
    green mitas 20/1 £2 sabhan 4/1

    3-40 ncl eastward ho 6/1 £6
    no quarter 12/1 £4

    3-50 bri fire king 19/1 £3
    great shot 4/1 £7

    4-00 pon edmaaj 12/1 £2
    sir graham wade 6/4 £8

    4-10 ncl red tyke 7/1 £7
    maybe i wont 16/1 £3

    4-20 bri ermyntrude 9/1 £4
    chasin rainbows 5/1 £6

    4-30 pon commanche raider 10/1 £4 bf6-51am
    steelcut 11/2 £6

    4-40 ncl emily hall 7/2 £6
    oakbrook 9/2 £4

    4-50 bri emperors waltz 3/1 £5
    weybridge light 16/5 £5 bf 6-59am

    5-00 pon woolston ferry 9/1 £5
    pendragon 13/2 £5

    5-10 ncl ursus 7/2 £6
    bartley 9/2 £4

    5-15 yar batgirl 10/3 £6
    hierarch 5/1 £4

    5-20 bri the new black 16/1 £4
    represent 6/1 £6

    5-30 pon sujet bellagio 8/1 £5
    half a billion 9/1 £5

    5-40 ncl pattern mark 5/1 £7
    kians joy 13/1 £3

    5-45 yar indigo lady
    poor duke NO BET NO VALUE

    5-50 bri pharoh jake 16/5 £6
    langley vale 4/1 £4

    6-00 kem hurricane spirit 7/1 £3
    rawaki 3/1 £7

    6-20 yar albaspina
    rivas rhapsody NO BET NO VALUE

    6-30 kem gallipot 7/2 £5
    sky khan 7/2 £5

    6-50 yar amosite 13/2 £5
    big wave 13/2 £5

    7-00 kem pompeia 3/1 £7
    star pearl 9/1 £3

    7-20 yar stans delight 7/2 £4
    sarah berry 11/4 £6

    7-30 kem jubilee brig 2/1 £8
    london citizen 8/1 £2 bf 8-05am

    7-50 yar al karlovyyh 8/1 £3
    astroscarlet 4/1 £7

    8-00 kem register 9/2 £7
    sir francis drake 16/1 £3

    8-20 yar seven veils 6/5
    jenifer j 14/5 £5rfc

    8-30 kem scrupel 5/1 £4
    niger 4/1 £6

    9-00 kem shaunas spirit 4/1 £5
    west leake 4/1 place £5

  174. first time folowing these tips is it just win bets with the stake advised.

    and can anyone say if they think these tips are any good thanks

    and good luck

  175. Hi Arnie,

    Here are the four of Dean’s Top picks that I like best, I will be putting them in a Yankee.
    Good luck if you decide to play.


  176. Hi Arnie,

    I’m back.
    Later than planned, one job became three as someone has tried stripping lead from library roof. Will try and find four or so in the next hour.


  177. cheers Dean,had somewhere to go yesterday afternoon,so i did a smash and grab,in and out with my 6 points early,sounds like i missed all the fun!

    best of luck today everyone

  178. Top Picks All 1pt wins

    Tuesday 7/8/12

    2-00 bat tregarth 14/5

    2-30 bat waspy 9/4

    3-50 cat mohawk ridge 15/2

    4-00 bat crimson queen 6/4

    4-10 wol sigurwana 3/1

    4-50 cat eijaaz 9/5

    6-35 rip dusty storm 7/2

    7-05 rip kunegunda 7/2 NEXT BEST

    7-25 kem brave command 9/5

    7-55 kem awesome pearl 7/5 NAP

    8-55 kem lady mango 7/2

    8-05 rip choisan 11/2

  179. Good morning all great start to the week Top picks really flying at the moment hope thats not the kiss of death. anyway on to today a lot of short prices which means we need a high strike rate so have to advise caution.
    Good luck everyone
    Tuesday 7/8/12

    2-00 bat tregarth 14/5 £5
    our three graces 16/5 £5

    2-10 wol jet acclaim 7/1 £5
    modern lady 7/1 £5

    2-20 cat medicoe 21/20
    excellent mariner 16/5 NO BET NO VALUE

    2-30 bat waspy 9/4 £5
    zuzu angel 13/5 £5

    2-40 wol almaty express 6/1 £4
    invigilator 7/2 £6

    2-50 cat behtarini 4/1 £7
    commander veejay 15/1 £3

    3-00 bat the noble ord 9/2 £4
    sir trevor 13/5 £6

    3-10 wol little perisher 10/1 £2
    irie ute 13/5 £8

    3-20 cat ferdy 4/1 £5
    oakbrook 5/1 £5

    3-30 bat kyllachy storm 8/1 £5
    spic n span 6/1 £5

    3-40 wol courtesey call 12/5 £7
    cape savanah 7/1 £3

    3-50 cat mohawk ridge 15/2 £4
    bute hall 12/5 £6

    4-00 bat crimson queen 6/4
    ginzan 16/5 £5rfc

    4-10 wol sigurwana 3/1 £5
    junior diary 3/1 £5

    4-20 cat irish girls spirit 11/5 £8 bf 6-36am
    drumpellier 12/1 £3

    4-30 bat mollyow 10/3 £7
    waldsee 10/1 £3

    4-40 wol remember rocky 7/1 £5
    miss socialite 6/1 £5

    4-50 cat eijaaz 9/5 £6
    croftamie 3/1 £4

    5-00 bat shades of grey 2/1 £6
    reset city 16/5 £4

    5-10 wol bavarian princess 11/2 £4
    dance company 7/2 £6

    5-20 cat mick slates 4/1
    eastlands lad 4/1

    5-30 bat the quaterjack 16/5 £6
    april ciel 9/2 £4

    5-40 wol this is nice 15/8 £6
    red refraction 4/1 £4

    5-55 kem darling grace 9/2 £6
    conducting 8/1 £4

    6-05 rip melody of love
    moviesta NO BET NO VALUE

    6-25 kem if i were a boy 7/2 £7
    sedgewick 11/1 £3

    6-35 rip dusty storm 7/2 £5
    our diane 4/1 £5

    6-55 kem moment of time
    anychanceofabirdie NO BET NO VALUE

    7-05 rip kunegunda 7/2 £4
    lady kashaan 13/2 £4

    7-25 kem brave command 9/5 £7
    intimidate 15/2 £3

    7-35 rip bosun breeze 10/1 £5
    noodles blue boy 12/1 £5

    7-55 kem awesome pearl 7/5 £8
    ctappers 14/1 £2

    8-05 rip choisan 11/2 £6
    riptide 11/1 £4

    8-25 kem sir maximillian 9/4 £7
    intransigent 6/1 £3

    8-35 rip madame blavatsky
    zanotti NO BET NO VALUE

    8-55 kem lady mango 7/2 £6
    liberal lady 9/2 £4

  180. Alex R,
    RFC is Reverse Forecast (not Rugby Football Club). You will note that Dean does not quote Dutching Stake proportions against those selections. I did the 3.00 which lost (1st and 3rd)but not the 19.20, which won (1st and 2nd)as the latter was too short a price, 2.08 and 2.55 when I was looking.

    If you want a ‘how to’ find my post from last month.

    Good Luck.


  181. Good morning Dean,
    I expect you are nearly ready to post, have to go out to look at a job but will rush back mid morning to check your selections.Brilliant again yesterday, I suspect you were practicing walking on water while you were away.
    I don’t know how you found ‘Angelic Upstart’- I just couldn’t see it and sadly wasn’t on, shame it was penultimate race as many followers would have stopped for the day. Have a good day and thanks again.

  182. Hi great work sorry for my ignorance but a couple of races have rfc next to them is that some sort of quinella or race forecast or something like that.
    Thanks for the help cant wait for tomorrows tips

  183. well dont know how you do it but results are outstanding.my betfair account is moving upwards.think its great that you are sharing your tips with no reward.keep up the good work its much appreciated.

  184. SHAMOAN DEAN!!!!!! you the man,
    Picked up the last 3 races on your top picks for 18 points profit, bring on tomorrow


  185. oh yes Malcom, definitely but funny enough i have always been here (very long), lol

    I await tomorrows selections

  186. Hi Dean,

    Many thanks. Three of the four selections in my post @ 12.22 won (other came 2nd).The £2.00 Yankee returned a profit of £59.18 @ BSP.
    Will look to find another one tomorrow, when the racing looks better.

  187. Malcom, just wanna thank you for those top tips, did a lucky 15, 3 wins out of 4 still some top cash, cheers

  188. Quite excited about having Dean’s selections again today.
    My filtered ‘Top Picks’ are:-
    I was already on the 3.00 and 4.45 sel. so it is good to have some expert confirmation.
    Hope I feel as positive when the results come in. I think I will go for a small Yankee on these four.

    Good Luck to you all.

  189. Good morning one and all,
    This looks and feels like a re-launch, lets hope for a highly successful one.

    @ Dean, Welcome back, hope you had a great time and are full of enthusiasm!

    @ Jason, I don’t care if we go up or down the page and don’t even mind the green boxes. You might wish to consider if having the latest post at the top and the ‘Post a reply’ box at the bottom is practical, particularly when we get to 400+ posts.

    Best Regards


  190. The comments are organised a little different as you will have noticed, as the ‘newest comments’ are now at the top. I’m still working on it to make the post look a bit more appealing and less cluttered. I don’t like these green boxes either, so that will be changed too!!

  191. Thanks for the welcome back had a great holiday then when i came back the site was down and i had also received an invitation to enter a tipping comp on another site so ive missed the last couple of days on here but feels good to be back. After a great weekend hope it carries on through the week.
    Good luck. Dean

  192. Top PIcks

    Monday 6/8/12

    2-45 rip elusive bonus 4/1

    3-00 kem venetian view 9/5

    3-45 rip spinatrix 6/1

    4-30 kem gunner will 7/2

    4-45 rip ace of valhalla 7/4

    5-00 kem fleur de la vie 5/2

    7-05 car bid for gold 6/1

    8-35 car bavarian nordic 15/2

    8-50 wol angelic upstart 14/1

  193. Good morning everyone nice to be back glad to see the site back up n running.

    Here are todays Ratings

    Monday 6/8/12

    2-15 rip inchy coo
    royal aspiration NO BET NO VALUE

    2-30 kem atraction ticket 11/4 £7
    smart affair 11/1 £3

    2-45 rip elusive bonus 4/1 £5 bf 5-54am
    come on dave 9/2 £5

    3-00 kem venetian view 9/5
    its a privelage 11/5 £5rfc

    3-15 rip johnny lesters hair 17/2 £3
    gala casino star 2/1 £7

    3-30 kem abriachan 7/2 £6
    paphos 7/1 £4

    3-45 rip spinatrix 6/1 £5
    powerful presence 13/2 £5

    4-00 kem letstalkaboutmoney 11/8 £8
    bentleyoysterboy 10/1 £2

    4-15 rip rusty rocket 11/1 £3
    majestic manannan 9/5 £7

    4-30 kem gunner will 7/2 £7
    admiralty 15/2 £3

    4-45 rip ace of valhalla 7/4 £8
    chancery 14/1 £2

    5-00 kem fleur de la vie 5/2 £7
    our philly vera 6/1 £3

    5-15 rip song of the siren 5/2 £6
    fossgate 5/1 £4

    5-30 kem catwalk 4/1 £5
    oblitereight 4/1 £5 bf6-47am

    6-05 car just lille 15/2 £5
    kay gee bee 15/2 £5

    6-20 wol noble jack 14/5 £7
    resplendant ace 11/1 £3

    6-35 car red scintilla 12/1 £4
    distant sun 15/2 £6

    6-50 wol ghazeer 4/1 £6
    mother jones 15/2 £4

    7-05 car bid for gold 6/1 £5
    needy mcredie 5/1 £5

    7-20 wol contradict 21/20
    pipers lass 6/4 £5rfc

    7-35 car cool baranca 13/2 £5
    tarantula lady 13/2 £5

    7-50 wol restless bay 6/1 £7
    going french 14/1 £3

    8-05 car im super too 7/2 £5
    cyflymder 9/2 £5

    8-20 wol intent 11/4 £6
    eponastone 7/2 £4

    8-35 car bavarian nordic 15/2 £4
    talk ofsaafend 4/1 £6

    8-50 wol angelic upstart 14/1 £4
    centrifugel 10/3 £6

    9-20 wol strongman 7/2 £5 heroine chic 9/2 £5

    1. Hi Dean hope u had a good holiday and u spent a few sheckles which will mean u need a few good winners to recoup.

    1. Peter Dean is still on holiday and this will b his site when he returns,meantime it might b profitable to follow Simon.

  194. 2 NR’s yesterday


    3.15 – Gala Casino Star @ 2/1
    7.05 – Soopacal @9.4
    7.50 – Another Citizen @5.5

  195. Tried posting on my phone earlier to no avail, there was four qualifiers today:

    8:45: Schmooze NR
    3:45: Mister Matt 1st @ 5/1
    5:45: Roys Legacy 1st @ 8/1
    5:40: Landaman 1st @ 11/8

    Treble: 130/1

    Grr – wish i played..

    Slight ammendment to prev system, removed days since second last run restriction. Replaced with eMR > all.

    Every horse is privately handicapped, MR = Mastery Rating. eMR = Estimated Mastery Rating – based on the distance, going, etc.

    2 tommorow

    3:40 Chester – Galician @ 4/1
    4:45 Chester – Gold Rules @ 3/1

    1. Simon how did your system go while tje blog was down.
      And i think you have told us before but what is the name of your software package you use for your research and where do i get it