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  1. Ok, I am now removing the reply box to this page to put an end to it. Brian I was very happy for you to continue posting your tips on here for FREE. Deans service had nothing to do with you, yet you turned on me and threw your toys out. And as I said before, we do not allow outbound links or any links promoting other sites on here.

    There was really no need for all of this fuss, I don’t know why you couldn’t just carry on posting your selections, but its your decision.

  2. Brian,

    really sorry to hear you leaving the site, you are a man of integrity when it comes to helping people make money without asking for a penny yourself.
    Can you tell a prat like me who can`t turn on a computer properly exactly how to get on your f/book and twitter pages.

    all the best

  3. hi,jason, can you put brians new address back up please.it has been taken down.i will still be using betinfo24,buti would still like to follow brians picks.i have not made up my mind yet in so far as joining dean on his pay service. i will probably join in time.
    best regards.

  4. The new page is now on the blog for anybody that wishes to share their horse racing tips. ‘Free daily horse racing tips (september)’

  5. Thanks PJN, appreciated. I’ll set up a new page so anyone that wishes can post their tips on here. I’m sure we can come up with a few winners between us!

  6. Hi everybody,lets all calm down,forget whats gone,and get on with giving each other a helping hand to beat the enmeny,been in the game before betting was legal so ive seen a lot believe me,i have made a decent living for the last 12 yrs,I will try to post a few selections each week,gave 3/3 last week 9pnts profit,you do not needto sit at your computer all day long trying to bet 2 horses in 12 plus races, you just need to be patient and wait for the good bets to come, hope i have not offended anybody, good luck from a wise old man,REGARDS.

  7. Wow all of this other stuff is vefy interesting but back on the lucky 15 which i dont yet use by the way i syarted back testing some past results and compared to singles or doubles it does come out in front small samples so far does anyone know of somewhere i might be able to get hold of a study of this type ps cant wait to have a look at thespeed ratings

  8. To everyone. I’m fairly new to this site and quite frankly I’m stunned. I thought I and other subscribers had a winner here but suddenly it’s gone tits up. If two people wish to leave then fine. Why don’t we all draw a line under past events and see what comes up next, it’s free and should be fun. I like backing winners so let’s wind this up and see what the site can offer in future.

  9. Thank you Stewie. Exactly my thoughts too. Who ever said there wasn’t room for both of them, and anybody else for that matter who would like to share their tips. Introducing a paid section to part of the site does not mean it’s not a free site. We offer plenty of free info and tips and always will do.

    Tony, what are you talking about? I haven’t backed Dean over Brian or over anybody. I was and am very happy for both of them to post there selections. I really don’t have a problem, and I don’t care who’s said what. Dean and Brian both contributed greatly with their tips which were very profitable.

    If I want to introduce a paid service to part of my site, then I can. A lot of time and effort goes into this site and as like you, I have to make a living and put food on the table. The site will and always will be a free tipping site and we will always have free info on the blog, in fact, we are introducing our speed ratings and tips this week, again this will be free. Something I will be doing for your benefit, not mine.

    I said it before and I will say it again, what has me introducing a paid service with Dean got to do with Brian or this page.

    Stewie, you are right mate, there are a lot of toys being thrown out of the pram here. It’s ridiculous

  10. Could someone please explain to me why there wasn’t/isn’t room for both of them? *

    As far as I can see, it’s still a free site where there is a subscription section coming as well. Note the “as well”. Nobody’s going to make you, me, or anyone else pay if you don’t want to (are they?)

    I must be missing something here. I think the problem is that the hard hat I need when coming in the vicinity of this particular pram must be obstructing my view.

    This is my last post. Life’s too short to waste it dodging the falling toys. And, man, do they rain on this site. Thanks for the tips, one and all, thanks for the comments and inspiration, thanks for the knowledge, and thanks for …. well, I guess that’s about it.

    Too many people seem to think golden geese should be shot for my liking. This all started on one thread that you/we all could have simply avoided reading if we’d so wished. Quite why it had to spill into this one is beyond me. Ah well, all good things come to an end, I suppose. Sad though.

    * Actually, don’t bother. I’m pressing “post comment”, closing this window, and erasing the bookmark, so it would be a waste of your time answering. Although …. given the amount of energy wasted over the last few days, by many of you as well as me, I doubt if that will come into anyone’s thinking. Strange place, this. A lot of people (including me) were getting something for nothing yet wanted more and moaned (loudly) when they didn’t get it. I hope I leave a little wiser, but am not sure I will, since, at the end of the day, I simply don’t understand what happened here. Perhaps I’m just too naive. A little sadder? Yes. Definitely. Alas. Anyway, my other half’s been nagging me for weeks to spend less time on the computer and less time on the geegees, so at least she’ll be happy with all of this.


  11. jason we all know this game is full of sharks,shysters,and conmen but i always had you down as one of the good guys, never trying to sell us your own products and supplying us with free bets,but i think you backed the wrong horse when backing dean against brian.Dean lied to us and then posted comments on the other site saying we all thought he was god (his words)and he could walk on water,not my thoughts by the way,you say you dont understand brians reaction to dean and why he didnt like him well maybe its because he could see dean for what he is and i for one think he was right,i dont care if you ban me after writing this but just wanted to get it off my chest.
    tony s

  12. John/Brian… I have not lied about anything and have always been up front. When Dean started his tips they were free and were always going to be. Dean has never asked to charge or start a service. That was entirely my idea after all that went on last week. There was never any intention to charge and I have no reason what so ever to lie about that. Brian you say this is a free site and I have changed all of that. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this still is a free site and we give out free selections and post free tips on our blog.

    Me starting a paid service with Deans tips has nothing to do with you what so ever. You say that you ask for nothing and share everything, yet you have left the site. I was very happy for you to post your selections for free on our blog and always have been. I really don’t see what Deans service has to do with you or how it affects your blog post in anyway.

    As I said, this is all very childish.

    What have I ever done to you Brian? apart from offer you the chance to share your selections on our blog?

  13. Why all this ”woo is me” attitude?, This was a free site, you changed that Jason, be upfront and honest, say this is for 4 weeks trial and then we charge, its that easy. Thing is, I know exactly this sales ploy, I spoke my mind and I follow my heart, I will not lie to anyone, My selections do not suit everyone, but they do make profit, I win competitions, but I do not think I am am ”god” or say so when I enter and do well in any competition your fellow business partner does, do I care NO!!, I am not bitter, I am not afraid, I ask for nothing, I share everything, I care. Do not point your finger as there is three pointing back at you!!( Have you worked that out yet!!)

  14. Jason, the first time dean posted,
    Brian called it right that he was after a paid service.
    He denied it says his tips would be free!!!
    Brian suggested time would tell! Well his crystal ball was correct! It is your site, and dean can charge for his service, but be up front about it…. I have been a regular on here for a long time and seem people come and go… But if speaking the truth and calling a spade a spade then he is being childish !!!!
    Best of luck with the new subscription to deans!
    Until the next subscription comes along!!!

  15. Ok guys, just to get things straight on here. I have no idea why Brian has left the site. He has had a grudge with me for some reason and has been very bitter with me. I have not changed anything what so ever. I was very happy for him to continue posting his selections on here as you will all agree, they were were very good tips, and we all appreciated them.

    Brian has sent me some emails that have expressed his anger with for whatever reason I don’t know. I personally think the whole issue was very childish and immature, but Brain had his views and stuck by them. As I said, he left on his own accord and I still don’t know the reason behind it. It seems very strange and Brian was being very bitter with me. Brian was being very strange and angry. I havn’t got a clue why. I know alot of you followed him but Brian was not as nice as he made out. for some reason he was very bitter about Dean (which had nothing to do with him) and then he turned on me. It just shows that not all people are made put to be what you think they are.

    I really don’t understand the reason behind Brian leaving. It’s ridiculous and childish.


  16. Hi Ian
    Lol your right! Have you got on there Ian the link does work but you need to change the **** to book.

  17. Hi! Gary H I think the sooner you and i find where Brian has gone to the better because if we are depending on our own tips we will be bankrupt in no time.lol

  18. Hi Norman / JD
    it should work when the **** is changed to book, make sure you aren’t leaving any other spaces in the address.

  19. Have tried and tried but cannot get a link to brian on either site if anyone connects can you post how to do it cheers.

  20. Brian so sorry you are leaving this site but fully understand the reasoning behind your decision,Your integrity has shone like a beacon and that is why I for one had complete confidence in your work . This site will be the poorer for your departure and I wish you the very best for the future. Have not as yet been able to view your new location but hope some one here will figure it out and tell me how I log on to your new feed. GOOD LUCK REGARDS NORMAN

  21. Hi Brian,
    Dissapointing you have left, but can understand your reasoning.
    Thanks for all the great tips.
    How do we find you on this bird singing page?

  22. Hi Brian,

    Real shame to lose a genius tipster – but I can understand your reasoning! What sites are you posting to now?

  23. Hi Ian
    I fancy the Roger Charlton trained Rosslyn Castle in this race btw it’s the 2:30.
    It has won at Chester in the May meeting albeit that was a class 3 and this is a listed race.

  24. Hi Guys
    Well that is me finished with this site as I believe when your offering something FREE, it is exactly that.
    *************************************************************, FREE AS ALWAYS AND FOREVER.
    I am not interested in breaking up any of the forum, but I will be no part of any site that takes money for offering ‘tips or ratings’ after a few weeks. Just think about this IF they are so good why do they need to sell them??? they can make there millions and always get a good price on the horses as well!!.
    It has been a blast and I want to meet up at the racetrack with some of you guys, so we can take more money from the bookies. But you will need to search for me on that site or the one the bird sings on!.
    Best of luck with whatever you do, but always paper trade everything, as past results are no indication of the future success of any tipster/ratings.

  25. hi folks looking forward the racing some great action on its way a few good winners for the weekend peter d

  26. Hi! Brian Icon Dream from the the Goldie stable ran down the field in the Ebor last Saturday,he runs it today in the 3:20 at Chester today and he feels it has a big chance.

  27. Alex
    I personally don’t do lucky 15’s because if one selection goes down so do more than half of your bets!! A double without the bonus would be better than triple odds as you would have 2 singles and a double e.g. 5-1 winner at triple the odds 15-1 winner = £16 to £1 stakes whereas the same 5-1 winner and a 2-1 winner would give you £6+£3+£18=£27 again to £1 stakes.
    Also these days there are few bookies that give treble the odds for 1 winner most I believe only offer double the odds correct me if I’m wrong I think Betfred still offer treble the odds but can’t think of many others!
    Most bookies love this bet because the odds are stacked massively in there favour you get 75% of your selections right but you have still lost about 56% of your bets, narrow it down further you get 2 winning selections so 50% of your selections won but you have lost 12 of your bets which is 80% of your bet!

  28. On the lucky 15s i would have thought that if you are still getting the best odds a lucky 15 that paid triple the odds for just one winner and or ten % extra for four correct selections would give you a sizeable advantage in the long term. If i have got the maths wrong please correct me. any double without a bonus is no different to making two singles. the reason bookies like lucky 15 are not the bet but the type of person using it and the way they use it

  29. Hi guys, looking to do the HCP backs, could anybody tell me is it the saddle cloth number i.e the top number that you go by on betfair.
    Thanks for your help.

  30. JD – I wrote my post earlier in a bit of a rush – just read it and saw I might have seemed somewhat accusing. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way and certainly not at you or, indeed, anyone on this thread. I have beef (actually a lot of beefs) with various people on Dean’s thread who I think need their collective heads testing over losses and what they expect, but you are not one of those.

    Just got in after being out for two hours and saw Fieldgunner romped home first. Wow! Brian, you’re the man, as our American friends might say! Thank you (again)!

  31. Fieldgunner Kirkup goes in for the Offical selections!

    And posted by Jason too for the win/place.

    Nice returns

  32. Another good shout PJN. Took on Jason’s bet of the day, LOL!
    I had an RFC on Sud Pacifique/Churchfield Champ, D’Oh. Battlecat ran a good race and Adam Wedge’s claim nearly made all the difference

  33. Thanks Norman, really appreciate the feedback.
    Totally agree with you on the lucky 15 type bets as they never seem to pay out anywhere near what doubles, etc. do.

  34. Kevin,this is my first entry on this site although I’ve been following it for some time. re. your question how do you use Brian’s info. I go to a website called “UK Horse Racing” they offer a free Dutching Calculator. If you want to back both horses simply enter amount you wish to win or amount you wish to stake, enter horse prices press enter and total you need to lay on each horse comes up like magic! Foolproof…as long as one of them wins!!!

  35. Kevin.Iuse Brians selctions by splitting my stake on the two back bets always putting the largest part on the first selection and the smaller part on the second for example horse 1 16/1 £12 horse 2 5/1 £8 I win witch ever horse wins and Brian has selected the horses in the order he thinks they will finish.A small reverse forecast is always worth a go as there have been lots of good ones over the last few weeks and it is an added bonus to your overall profit.Iwould never dream of doing Lucky 15 these are the bets the bookies love you to have and even offer you incentives to have them you never see them offering bonus on solid E.w bets.GOOD LUCK .

  36. Hi all, I’m new here … please don’t blame Brian for yesterday as it’s all my fault. I’ve been looking back at Brian’s stats (…and am very impressed!) and yesterday was the first day I went for the ‘complete set’ of suggestions (as it was my birthday)…with predictable results … blame me and go with the footie on future Aug 30th’s!

  37. Just looking for a general response here.
    How do you bet Brians back selections?
    I know some do lucky 15s, etc in multiples and some do reverse forecasts but does anyone back both brians selections to say 2pt win for the main selection and 1pt win for the second selection? All feedback welcome thanks Kev.

  38. Stewie, Cheers for taking the time to answer it’s just as I thought that you hadn’t played all the horse’s I also don’t complain it’s my decision if I put my money on or not I take the good with the bad and look at things long term.
    I would also like to say to Brian fantastic that you provide all this free of charge well done and keep em coming cheers JD

  39. Brian, where there’s only 1 of your selections running eg 2.20 Sandown, do you still play the remaining selection?

  40. Cheers Brian,

    I do like Bollin Felix too and at much nicer odds. That was one of the LTO winners I was referring to and a CD winner to boot. He’s also up in grade today but he carried 7lbs less the last time he raced at Newcastle in a C4 race and was well beaten that day. Admittedly that was on heavy ground and LTO at Newcastle he had slightly better conditions although 2f less. They’re my 2 main reasons for opposing him with Solar View but I heed your warning and will be playing your two selections separately as part of your system so good luck.

  41. Not brilliant yesterday, I will offer no excuses but it was only a couple of points loss if you played the selections till the end, compared to the last week,poor!.
    Today I would advise caution, Solar View from the Hcp King himself, a usual from this stable rattles up a few wins over a short period of time then off to the knackers yard, I fancy mine actually as he won well last time, and an outsider for extra interest.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.40 9,5,11 – 4,7
    2.50 6,8,11 – 2,5
    4.35 6,10,8 – 1,7
    4.55 3,5,11 – 1,2
    5.35 13,7,11 – 5,4
    6.05 10,3,8 – 2,5
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.20 8,6,4 – 7,1
    3.50 4,6,7 – 2,3
    4.25 8,7,5 – 6,2
    5.25 12,11,10 – 4,2
    6.20 6,9,11 – 1,2
    7.10 8,10,5 – 3,1
    7.40 13,9,6 – 7,8
    9.20 4,12,7 – 2,9
    Good Luck

    Never rely on one source of information for your bets guys, I use my ‘method’ a lucky pin! for the bets you have, but here is another bet I am having today

    3.25- No 8 – Rock God
    4.40- No 13 – Faustina Pius
    4.50- No 3 – Everything Zain
    5.05- No 4 – Fulney
    5.40- No 12 – Lord Of Isenay
    6.10- No 3 – Double Double
    An ew multiple, play anyway you think best.

  42. JD

    Then I got lucky. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I get unlucky. My work often gets in the way of the first 2-3 hours of these tips, and it did yesterday. Then, if I see I am going to be offline again I enter bets on Betfair or Betdaq a tick or two above where they are (or a tick or two below the current lay price). Most get filled, usually all of them, but admitted some don’t. That may have happened yesterday too – I’ve not checked details.

    I work on £5 per horse or £10 per race. Yesterday I had £5 on 18 horses in total, and I lost 67p, which is as close to flat as I think it would normally be possible to get.

    As I said, I didn’t check, but from your figures I assume I missed a string of losers first thing or mid-afternoon, entirely by good fortune. On the downside of my work getting in the way (I spend a lot of time in meetings where being online is not an option), there have been days when I’ve got most of Brian’s losers and, say, one out of four of his winners.

    Luck evens itself out, whatever anyone thinks. If Brian’s system makes money over time, any method of randomising from it (which I’m forced to do, in a way) will also work. When I’m online, I am on every horse he tips.

    If the method is sound (which I firmly believe it is), picking just say the first six horses of the day and then turning the machine off will profit over time. There are ways of interfering with Brian’s selections (e.g. I could reject all tips over 6/1 or something), but I would see that as folly. I suppose my method of entering prices if I know I won’t be around later is also risky, as they might not be taken, but I’ll take that chance. Unlike some on this site, I won’t be online moaning at “these crap tips” if I have a bad week – I look long-term, and Brian’s method WILL work long-term. I’ll believe that until proved otherwise, and am very grateful to him.

  43. @JD I think Stewie must’ve just followed the official selections as my losses were the same as yours plus -4pts on the Irish selections (which have been a great source of recent profit)

  44. Stewie just curious you say that you finished dead flat yesterday do you mean you broke even/didn’t lose any money if so can you explain how you done it.
    because I followed the card and lost about £70

  45. I agree PJN. Solar View is flying at the minute, with three 1sts and a 2nds in his last four rides and in the race he finished 2nd, he was only beaten a nk and that was with Chris Catlin on board as opposed to Luke Morris, who in my opinion is not as good in a finish.
    He’s up in grade today but goes well on any ground but today’s ask is a tougher one with three other LTO winners and some placed horses today. He’s on the upgrade and although slightly short at 2/1, off bottom weight and with my favourite flat jock back on board I’m sticking with this gelding until he’s beaten!

    All the best,


  46. Hi,everybody i watched SOLAR VIEW a couple of days ago and i think it won with a bit in hand,not a big price 2-1,but ive backed it,good for todays racing.

  47. Poor racing yesterday and Istopped playing after the winner just had a negative feeling about the cards. Thanks once again Brian for your input to this site.

  48. Totally agree Stewie, if thats a bad day then I can live with that 🙂 !
    Please keep em coming Brian.

  49. I finished dead flat for the day. If that’s a bad day, then fair enough. I’ll cope, and so should we all.

    One of Brian’s good days is well worth waiting for, and more than makes up for any bad days with a fair rate of interest tacked on!

  50. Hi Brian
    Tough day today, few none runners around and looking at the fields at Bangor tomorrow looks like it must have affected the ground there a 6 race card with 2 x 6 runners,1 x 5 runner, 2 x 4 runners and 1 x 12 runner and that’s before tomorrows none runners!
    Keep up the good work

  51. At 1.06 Brian said there is no unofficial 4.15 bet so I personally am betting on 4.15 Irish with back numbers given.

  52. For all the answers to Brians System to new people, just read the older posts on this blog – it is all explained. Hope that helps.

  53. 6 times and it wont post the selections
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.30 13,8,2 – 4,1
    3.30 6,5 10 – 2,4
    3.40 7,3,1 – 5,8
    5.05 11,6,10 – 1,2
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.50 6,1,4 – 5,2
    4.15 7,8,2 – 1,5
    4.35 11,3,9- 5,4
    5.00 5,2,7 – 1,3
    6.00 11,10,5 – 4,1
    6.40 7,6,3 – 4,2
    Irish Selections
    4.15 6,1,8 – 4,3
    5.50 5,1,7 – 8,6

  54. Peter Iam starting to panic no word from our Master tipster hope he hasnt decided not to post today just when I am getting near my first half million l.o.l

  55. Gaz,
    As Gary says lay for 1 point but a point can be any amount you are happy with eg. £2/£5/ £10 bearing in mind that If you lay a horse at 11 for £2 and it wins your liability is £20 so bet which ever amount remembering the liability you are comfortable with losing

  56. bhav has posted so has kevin but there is no chatter or anything from brian he is the star so have to wait to put my bets on peter d

  57. Hi Brian
    Another good day some nice priced winners, thanks also for the golf tips, i will enjoy watching that with a little bit on them.
    Thanks again.

  58. Great day again Brian. I baled out early after the first 3 wins icluding Rusty Rocket at 6’s, which saw me make great profit for the day but 2 more 4-1’s for everyone else after that was sheer genius from you again. Thankyou.

  59. Some more good results today Brian, well done!

    5pts up for me backing both selections but splitting stake to achieve same return!

    Any selections for tonight?

  60. Brian

    Took your advice and 1pt on Blue Shoes 7/2 great, unfortunately got carried away and done the 3pts on Come On Dave, even better at 5/1 Well done mate thanks

  61. Hi Brian,

    thanks for the golf tips, still sticking with your selections and as i said on the other blog, long may you reign as the top free tipster.

  62. For the golfers here is a punt

    Omega European Masters
    ALEX NOREN- 1.5pts e/w 20/1
    MATTEO MANASSERO- 1.5pts e/w 22/1
    HENRIK STENSON- 1.5pts e/w 28/1
    RICHIE RAMSEY- 0.5pts e/w 80/1
    GARY BOYD- 0.5pts e/w 100/1
    FERNADEZ CASTANO- 0.5pts e/w 55/1
    HEBERT BENJAMI- 0.5pts e/w 20/1
    Big prices but value I think.

  63. Wed 29th AUG
    Please guys do not get over confident because of a few winners, stake within your budget, I suggest 1 point level stakes on the 2 back selections ONLY, leave the lays, there included for clarity with the results.
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.00 12,9,11 – 5,1
    3.10 7,6,10 – 1,8
    3.40 4,8,9 – 7,2
    4.00 11,10,7 – 1,3
    4.40 7,8,12 – 2,6
    5.10 10,9,11 – 3,4
    5.45 10,2,9 – 1,4
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.20 2,6,5 – 1,3
    4.10 6,12,11 – 4,3
    4.30 7,1,5 – 2,3
    Irish Selections
    5.55 6,1,8 – 4,3
    6.55 1,7,4 – 6,5
    7.25 7,9,1 – 2,4
    7.55 3,6,5 – 1,7
    Good Luck
    The time here never changes for the ‘season’ always the same, so now 4 hours behind you, 3 hours in your winter, my summer, Be Lucky

  64. Peter.s
    To do the lucky 31 Select 5 horses, on the betting slip select lucky 31 and tick the EW box. It will cost £15.50 if stake 25p EW.
    For Reverse Forecast , select the race card, then the forecast option, select Brian’s 2 selection, these are the two numbers at the end of the line. Select to finish 1 or 2 in any order. Enter the stake 10p rfc would be 20p total stake.
    Hope this has helped.

  65. Cheers JD & Gary H.

    When we are advised to use the lays, how much do you lay them at? Cheers again.

  66. Hi Gaz

    JD is exactly right about the lays, when we are advised to start laying them do not lay anything over 11s on Betfair about a minute before the off!



  67. Don’t worry about the time difference, Peter. There isn’t a delay of an hour between Brian posting and the message appearing (or everyone else’s for that matter). I’m pretty sure the posts all show British Standard Time (or GMT) as this doesn’t change when we put the clocks forward and back. When the clock goes back in October, the posts should show the correct time.

  68. Gaz,
    At the moment nobody should be laying brian’s lays as he has suggested that you shouldn’t
    regarding backing I use software (betting Assistant)to dutch the tips for an equal profit whoever of the 2 wins £10 split between the 2 horses.

  69. The time-lag / delay thing is a geographical (timezone) issue, isn’t it?

    As I write, it’s almost 12.55 Central European Time, but that’s 11.54 UK time (BST) and I think only 10.54 GMT. I don’t know what server is based where, but if the difference is an hour +/- a minute, blame the shape of the planet!

  70. Peter, they should appear straight away. Brian has not posted his tips yet. Your last post was fine

  71. Hi guys,

    Just wondering what stakes (points if you like) and what backs you guys use on Brians tips – Brian, what do you use? I see you give 3 lays and 2 to win, but does anyone back all these? If say, how much on each lay and how much to win?

    Cheers everyone.

  72. Great results Brian. Been out of the loop for the last few weeks, hols etc and nice to come back to continuing success!

  73. Hi Brian
    Stunning day today i had personally bowed out after the success of the 3:55!
    I was sticking with my principles of if i make 3-5 points it’s a job well done! I am beginning to question myself if that’s best! Lol
    Once again many thanks.

  74. Hi Brian,
    I have used your tips for week. After missing your early gold rush yesterday, I backed all your selections in combinations of 25p ew lucky 31 and 10 rfc doubles and trebles and made tidy profit of over £150. Thanks you also proved that quality prevails over quantity. Well done and keep up the good work.

  75. Brian well done been away for a few weeks having to work away from home no internet but it looks that you are still doing the biz well done
    Regards from sunny scotland i wish

  76. Brian Ican remember Frankies magnificant 7 but today was Brians magnificant 7 and from only 10 selections .Can only join the rest of the guys in saying THANK YOU .

  77. Evening Brian, Had busy day today so didnt get on early winners.However just home on time to get on the 15/2 winner.well done and thanks again.

  78. How do you do it Brian?
    Perfect at the 19.10
    Vey comforting to have your tips, wish there were more.

  79. @Tony, don’t be silly its good for others to post selections that have some ‘theory’ behind them,was a good race but I was at the pay out window from the moment the stalls opened!.
    @Malcolm, where are the lays?, come on no slacking!!lol

  80. Cheers guys,
    @Malcom, SP calculation is a mystery to all known men!its formula was devised by the bookmaking industry, here is the link for the formula, it is mind numbing, not my idea of fun!https://www.flatstats.co.uk/images/horse_racing/csf_formula_1.gif
    As you know I look at value, if there is no value in 2 short prices at race time, I do not do them, look for a better return in the next race.

    @Ian, number of winners never bother me, I look only at profit, I could pick more races but for me there is no value, it would suit
    Fav backers, but not for me. I do not know who is out there playing them Ian, I only answer the guys that write in so hopefully there happy enough.

    @Bazzla, you do right mate bank the profit, it does not matter what else happens in the day, there is always tomorrow.

    @Jamie, the guys all bet different and only they can answer that one, worst day ever I had was last Tuesday, could not hit a mule on the ass with a banjo!, but on the Thursday we bounced back with 50+points, also a nice 20/1 winner on the Wed for starters!, normally over the last 3 years I have produced at least 100 points profit a month, which is my lays as well, if you take them out add an extra 30 to 50 a month.Best ask some of the guys that have been with me over the last few months on here, difficult times for everyone, but we did well considering. Always be careful with bank and stake management, that is the downfall of a lot of ‘punters’

  81. well done Brian, i bow to your wisdom
    My tips will be very few and far between, didnt even get close

  82. I have to say Brian, I have only used your tips for under a week and already I am looking to double my stakes (started small as I was unsure.) I do have a couple of questions though, open to answers from anyone on here. What profit are you guys at for August and at what stakes?
    Do you generally bet on winners only, each ways and forecasts? If so has all been profitable?

    Brian, These questions are for background on your results and what has been most profitable as after today and your previous I do not doubt you are an excellent tipster.

  83. Debating Society Wins!

    No discussion about it!
    Shame about the temperamental withdrawl @ start
    delayed race and rule 4 deduction meant BSP 4.10.
    Isn’t that a bit too short for you to bother with Brian?

    Many thanks.


  84. Hi Brian 3 good winners so far,I hope you are happy with your followers and have no thoughts of abdicating. Great picking once again mate.

  85. And another one goes in!
    Enery does the business @5.44
    (and I was on this one!)

  86. Brian,

    I left the 7 runner 14.15.
    14.50 won BSP 10.39
    15.55 Won BSP 7.45
    16.15 Won BSP 9.60
    Sadly I had nothing on the last, G Lee had never ridden the horse and rarely rides for yard; I had doubts about Barren Brook on the ground and you pull another forecast out of the hat, both @ 8/1!!

    As an aside, with your background, would you please explain how to manually calculate the return on a forecast?

    Many thanks


  87. Genius Brian! Voodoo Prince wins at 8-1 and Barren Brook 2nd at 8-1 – Dream forecast! Fantastic! Well done to all those on them.

  88. Great tipping Brian! x2 9-1’s coming in today. That’s it – I am done for the day!Best of luck for the rest of the selections, but I will papertrade those and probably end up kicking myself – but I don’t like to be greedy!

  89. Brian, I was also worried about the 2.50 race thinking I was going to leave this one. glad I didn’t. Glad I trusted you. Well done, A good start.

  90. Brian,
    Re. 14.50 Eps.
    That was amazing! Inspired!

    I wish SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much I had done the forecast!

    I did back both win and place though.

    Many thanks


  91. Brian,

    Re. Eps. 14.50
    Is it courage or incisive judgement?
    No 4 Sanders, losing run 34 (4th)
    No 2 Mongan, losing run was 51 (1st) just won 14.15 race. I was going to leave this race alone but think I will now dabble for small stakes.


  92. Tuesday 28th August
    Not a lot for me that represents value, I think Ripon will be a dangerous from a punting prospect, too many non runners and soft ground, hello summer!?.
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.50 7,14,9 – 4,2
    3.55 9,4,3 – 6,7
    4.30 10,5,1 – 11,2
    4.45 10,9,6 – 1,2
    7.10 13,3,14 – 8,10
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.15 7,6,2 – 3,4
    4.15 11,4,14 – 2,5
    5.00 12,11,6 – 7,2
    6.20 2,5,4 – 1,8
    Irish Selections
    6.00 1,7,5 – 6,2
    Good Luck

    @Tony, He ran well after his knackers were cut last time,but only a maiden, no value for me at his price, anyway best of luck again, may the best horse win.

  93. Hi brian i am with you on the bad situation on the other page, leaves a bad taste but i for one appreciate what you do for us on this side,keep up the good work and thank you.

  94. @Malcolm, yes mate I am following them, just stick them in the ‘bot’, a bit of tweaking and you will have it sorted, although the max I would suggest is 2 points on the lay place with 1 on the win.
    @Tony, what happened to the horse as no race at that time?.
    @Mick H, good stuff, what is your criteria? share the wealth!lol
    @Stewie, well work is good in moderation but were having fun and winners here!.
    @Gary, aye good wee run at it, more to come, love the bigger prices tho.
    @Norman, aye the mothers grandparents were from Cork, moved to Scotland late 1890’s, so I suppose you could say so!!.

  95. Hi Guys,

    Here are results for anyone that followed these today. I only ran these in place market today and lost £1.70 after BF commission.

    Recommend 1 pt win and 4 pts place except where shown (Min. prices 2.0 win 1.25 pl.)
    I neglected to add that I apply a max. odds too, today this was 2.20, this helps eliminate those that drift a lot, as you will see:-
    14.30 Eps. Lunar Deity 1.58 pl. only. Won 4.2/1.72

    15.25 Ncl. Excellent Mariner 1.82 pl.only. No bet pl.BSP 2.37 finished 9th (last)

    16.00 Ncl. Loukoumi 5.7/2.04
    Bot matched @ 2.22 (?) still running.

    16.20 Hun. Bennys Quest 4.31/1.82.
    4th 4.0/1.75

    16.55 Hun. Reve du Nuit 2.08/1.23
    No bet, too short 2.09/1.19

    17.20 Rip. Miss Ella Jade 5.6/1.99
    3rd 5.67/2.05. The last 2 races were put back 30 minutes, bot matched @ 2.20 at scheduled race time.

    I missed a couple today, which both won,
    Opt Out 14.45 War and Maverick 17.25 Eps.
    Too many meetings and not enough time!

  96. As much fun as all the bitching is, as this is a free tipping service, heres my free tip.

    14.50 epsom Signor Sassi. Win

    Consistent over 6 furlongs, won well last time and should win this too!
    Thanks for your tips brian, hope your not planning to pack up and go as well

  97. Well done Brian.
    Nice to blog on an uncontroversial site !!!
    I,personally, find your selections, in almalgamation with my system, quite profitable.
    I transferred from “the dark side” a few weeks back as I could see where it was going.
    Roll on the jump season !!

  98. I missed the first few races due to w*rk commitments, so probably had to sweat a bit more than Gary. Still finished the day well up though, so thanks again Brian – great job!

  99. Hi Brian,

    I suspect that the tide may have turned yesterday but with meetings abandoned for water-logging (in August) it may just have turned back again. Am running a series of lays on the Bot, will see how they go. No time to prepare selected lays today as have to take CLB out (bank holiday you know).

    However here are some selections.
    Recommend 1 pt win and 4 pts place except where shown (Min. prices 2.0 win 1.25 pl.):-
    14.30 Eps. Lunar Deity 1.58 pl. only
    15.25 Ncl. Excellent Mariner 1.82 pl.only
    16.00 Ncl. Loukoumi 5.7/2.04
    16.20 Hun. Bennys Quest 4.31/1.82
    16.55 Hun. Reve du Nuit 2.08/1.23
    17.20 Rip. Miss Ella Jade 5.6/1.99

    Have fun if you decide to play.


  100. Thanks for yesterdays results .You may be from Scotland but I suspect you have a drop of Irish blood as well the way you keep coming up with the Irish winners.thank you also for all todays hard work with so many meetings.REGARDS NORMAN.

  101. Monday 27th August
    About level with the Hcps and 8 points profit with the Irish, lots of racing today, the ‘NEW’ is Newcastle as in the wisdom of HRB they have races going off at the same time today to add to the confusion.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.10 14,6,15 – 3,10
    2.30 8,9,4 – 3,2
    2.35 7,4,11 – 1,3
    2.40 9,8,1 – 2,6
    2.45 9,8,2 – 1,7
    3.00 5,9,3 – 1,7
    3.05 10,4,12 – 1,11
    3.20 2,8,9 – 1,6
    3.25 New 1,9,7 – 3,2
    3.35 4,1,8 – 3,6
    4.00 New 9,7,8 – 1,3
    5.10 New 7,3,8 – 4,5
    5.25 5,2,6 – 3,4
    5.35 9,8,11 – 1,4
    5.45 New 6,5,8 – 2,3
    6.05 10,4,9 – 5,2
    6.10 6,7,12 – 2,1
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.05 5,1,6 – 3,4
    3.25 2,3,5 – 1,4
    4.00 7,5,3 – 1,2
    4.50 7,2,6 – 4,1
    Irish Selections
    3.05 5,7,6 – 1,4
    5.25 10,7,4 – 5,3
    Good Luck

  102. Sunday 26th August
    Poor show yesterday, and it wasn’t drink!,anyway here are today’s offering’s
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.55 8,4,6 – 1,5
    3.05 6,3,1 – 2,5
    3.20 4,5,9 – 3,6
    3.30 4,10,5 – 3,1
    4.05 4,10,6 – 5,1
    4.40 13,10,7 – 3,5
    5.00 3,8,10 – 11,9
    5.10 9,6,10 – 4,1
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.30 6,10,9 – 1,3
    2.45 1,7,2 – 3,4
    4.30 6,7,5 – 1,3
    Irish Selections
    2.40 12,5,10 – 1,2
    4.20 3,6,1 – 7,2
    4.55 8,2,5 – 3,6
    Good Luck
    @Agree Malcom, different viewpoints, I have my own portfolio of strategies that I use to achieve my daily target, will paper trade you!, all the best.

  103. Brian,

    It is exchanges like this that demonstrate the value of sites like this, giving one a different perspective. Looking at my published results yesterday I can certainly see the benefits of the approach you suggest, it would have worked splendidly yesterday.

    However, the method is designed to find losers; on Friday I found 8 and none of them placed…Nevertheless I will look over previous results too and see which approach suits best.

    Todays selections (intended as Lays) are :-
    14.10 Gwd. King Vahe 5.5
    14.30 Yar. Enriching 3.5
    14.55 Bev. Sandsend 3.8
    15.40 Yar. Green Howard 2.28
    16.30 Gwd. Priestlys Reward 4.0

    I place bets just before the scheduled ‘off’ time. This lends itself to using a bot so you are not tied to your P.C etc.
    I find that the BSP is normally shorter than I am quoting, which is great if you are laying.

    The 15.40 is a bit speculative with only 5 runners but I will be laying if price is >2.0.

    Remember, recommended price range 2.20 – 6.0 and minimum 6 runners.

    Have fun if you decide to play.


  104. @Malcom, let me explain below is your selections and results –
    16.00 2nd 3.42 9.50
    17.05 Won 2.75 -17.50
    17.10 3rd 3.98 9.50
    17.40 2nd 3.15 9.50
    19.15 Won 2.80 -18.00
    Total – 7.00
    So you lost £7 today with your 5 selections, now I have used them in the same order and done EW Doubles
    3.42 x 2.75 for a £10ew Double (same stake as LAYS) profit is +3.08.
    3.98 x 3.15 a £10ew Double , profit is 6.82

    So we have a profit of £9.90 from the 2 bets and still didn’t risk the 5th LAY!.

    This is one bet that the bookies hate and will reduce your stakes very quickly if you do them, use betfair if you can.
    Anyway I wish you well but if you follow what I say you will have a very successful thread, best of luck.

  105. @ Brian,

    Many thanks for the info. and encouragement (posted on Dean’s page). This search for a different approach arose from a thread I started a couple of weeks ago when I suggested that Saturday was a more difficult day for backing…
    We are at cross purposes on one point, my suggestions are LAY bets, so the e/w dble will not work and I am left with Betfair..

    Best Regards


  106. Hi Guys,

    If any of you regulars (or Newbies) are trawling sites on here I have posted something new on Deans site.

    I didn’t like to copy onto here out of respect for Brian.

    Many thanks


  107. Sat 25th August

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.20 7,3,8 – 5,1
    2.30 3,12,16 – 2,10
    2.45 9,11,6 – 2,14
    2.50 8,10,3 – 2,1
    3.05 6,9,7 – 2,5
    3.25 5,10,1 – 7,8
    3.40 3,15,16 – 2,7
    4.50 11,6,13 – 9,4
    5.05 8,9,3 – 2,6
    5.10 10,8,4 – 5,7
    5.45 5,9,3 – 1,8
    7.00 15,4,14 – 10,2
    7.15 5,9,10 – 6,3
    8.00 10,13,14 – 4,5
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.45 7,2,6 – 4,3
    4.55 5,7,1 – 4,3
    7.30 9,11,12 – 1,3
    7.45 10,2,8 – 1,5
    Irish Selections
    2.10 7,4,10 – 2,1
    4.55 16,17,13 – 4,6
    Good Luck.

  108. Hi Brian,
    I am new to the site and also your goodself and find it absorping however can you explain your system for me?
    When you give info such as:-

    4-55 13,8,7 – 3,5

    What exactly does this mean?
    Any pointers would be welcome.


  109. Hya Brian did neither, did not even see Dandy’s runner and I felt that Hillview Boy was the one to be on.I am not going to say I wish In had taken your advice,you had your reason for picking your choice and the system was obviously the pick for that race.I hope a few were still getting on by that time and had remembered your advice on Dandy Nicholl’s earlier in the week.Good picking Brian!

  110. @Ian, hope you were on my winner of the ‘Silver Bell’? and Dandy’s as well?.
    @ Gary, didn’t get to the bar either, the boss has gone shopping again!.
    @ john f, I understand and agree with where your coming from, I felt the same way to be honest when I read the comment, my initial thought was no bank or stake management.It can be difficult to express what you mean and you curse your luck, the range of emotions that we all feel at times.

    Without ‘preaching’ the selections are there to use as you wish, any other opinion that I offer is just that, the only objective is have more money at the end of the day/week/month than you started with.

  111. Mick h/Peter s

    If my comments have offended anyone then I apologise however I stand by what I said.

    It sounded to me as if peter was questioning the profitability of the selection! To me everything is transparent.

    If people are going to profit from gambling they must address 3 issues. they must have the correct mind set, ie beable to accept losses and move on. Also u need correct staking, if u don’t budget correctly your bank will get wiped out very quickly when u hit a losing spell.

    This is why most people fail, they start off staking too high and there banks can’t absorb the losses.

  112. @Jay always level stake, so if its £10 you have, stake £5 on each horse, that way you take advantage, if we get a big priced winner, I know it can be daunting if I have a bad run, but then all I ask is your betting no more than 3% of your bank on any one race. Best of Luck.

  113. Thanks Brian. How do you stake? Is it 50/50. Example. £10 stake. £5 on each. Or do you stake differently?

  114. @ Jay, the 1st 3 numbers in your example 3.30 8,4,9 – 6,1
    3.30 is time of the race 8,4,9 are potential LAYS if under 11 on betfair, if not ignore( Please do not lay at the moment, although they are included in the results) The next 2 numbers 6 and 1 are the winner and runner up, in my opinion!, The strongest being 6 in this instance. Hope that clears it up for you.

  115. Well, now this will be interesting, there you have a 11/1 sp or 12.6 Betfair winner in the first, after yesterday who will play on and who will pocket the cash and head down the pub(I will stay sober…honest!).

  116. Hi I’m new to the blog. Could someone give me an understanding of this. 3.30 8,4,9 – 6,1… What dies this mean?


  117. @Ian, personally I think Jim needs a few pounds off its back for it to be competitive, he’s booked Graham Lee so ‘place claims’ at best.

    @Allan, worst ever was on Tuesday, 15 races without a winner, previous was 9, we had 6 winners on the trot yesterday, I have had 13 previously), WORK hard and you will be lucky no matter what is my personal opinion.

    @Peter S, think I have covered it, but 3% maximum on any bet, now I have 2 back selections so split the 3% evenly over the 2 backs, bank is covered any eventuality long term. (My results include the Lays, PLEASE NO NOT LAY until we get over the summer)

  118. Hi! Brian Silver Bell At Hamilton tonite @7:05
    Jim Goldie is very quite about Hillview Boy but this must have a great chance,unless of course you know better?lol

  119. Friday 24th August

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.00 17,19,13 – 1,5
    3.20 10,5,8 – 3,2
    3.30 8,4,9 – 6,1
    3.40 15,20,2 – 1,19
    4.30 8,7,5 – 3,4
    4.50 17,15,7 – 4,1
    5.15 13,6,10 – 1,7
    5.20 8,1,3 – 9,4
    5.50 8,4,6 – 2,1
    6.05 9,8,10 – 2,6
    6.35 6,8,9 – 2,4
    6.55 16,15,13 – 3,1
    7.05 6,11,10 – 2,9
    7.20 7,8,2 – 1,3
    7.30 9,10,8 – 4,2
    8.10 8,5,7 – 1,2
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.05 5,1,6 – 4,2
    4.40 9,8,3 – 1,5
    5.40 8,2,7 – 4,6
    6.15 6,7,5 – 1,2
    7.50 7,5,6 – 1,4
    Irish Selections
    5.45 8,6,3 – 4,1
    Good Luck
    Results for ALL qualifying bets
    Aug Official -70
    Aug Unofficial +52
    Aug Irish +14

    Cheers guys and well done to those that have been the long haul with me through the toughest summer I can ever remember.

    My selections will not suit everyone as I look for VALUE, I bet to LEVEL stakes risking 3% of my bank adjusting after every race, for example on a 1k bank I would have 15 quid on each selection for the first race and alter the stake for the next and so on.

    Let’s just be sensible and not get carried away because we had a few winners.

  120. Hi all,

    Well done Brian, keep up the bookie bashing.

    John F – I think you are a little unfair on Peter S. If he`s only playing on with small “bank” and on a particularly bad day he gets wiped out, then sometimes you have to step back and take stock.
    I know gambling has it`s peaks and troughs ( I`ve been there enough times !!)but maybe Peter S wasn`t in a position to take advantage of Brians brilliant comeback.

  121. Once again thanks to Brian for continuing to post his selections, and congrats to everyone who was quids in on yesterdays successful tips. Question for Brian what suggested betting bank pointage would you recommend in following your selections bearing in mind i’m looking to back the win only selections?

    Had an unsavoury experience last month when i started following the selections with which in hindsight was an inadequate betting bank of 100 points. managed to dodge a few winning lays aswell lasted around 8 days withdrew my remaining 30pts at one stage needless to say if i’d continued following the tips that would have went aswell i appreciate it was an atrocious month weather wise!

    Also any LLR & LWR Stats with the official & unofficial win tips as when i follow any tipster/system i like to jump in after a losing sequence..

    Any feedback to the above would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Allan..

  122. Hi Brian.

    Good work yesterday. they are all coming out the woodwork now after u tip a few winners but do they have the mentality to stick it out thru the lean periods.

    Everyone should think long term and not just day today.


    Brian updates his results regularly for everyone to see so not quite following where your coming from regarding p&l.
    Gambling always has its ups and downs but if u chop and change from system to system/tipster during the bad spells then u will miss out on the turning point and the winners.

    Keep up the good work Brian.

  123. Hi Brian,
    Great day’s work. You have proved that form is temporary and class is permanent. I had a great with combinations of lucky 31s with small stakes. Over 140% profit. Keep up the good work.

  124. Great job, Brian. This week has convinced me of two things:
    a. You know what you are doing.
    b. Staking plans are dangerous tools.
    c. Good spells follow bad spells, and vice-versa.

    Two things? Curses, I can’t even add up…. no wonder you’re better at this than I am! ;o)

    Seriously, great job this week. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s very grateful for the regular tips and the occasional insight.

  125. Very satisfying day, well I did say I would work hard to repair the damage on Tuesday!. Over 50 points profit(BSP), depending on how you bet of course.
    All I will say is, if you do not ‘know’ a tipster always paper trade, never believe any previous results as invariably you will hit a ‘bad run’!.
    Manage your bank and stake accordingly to allow for that ‘bad run’ which you will have experienced when you followed by paper trading.
    Never be judgmental after one day, never miss a day, remember if you have paper traded you will know how the ‘tips’ average out.
    Well done to my followers and welcome to the new ones.

  126. i have stopped for a few days after tue 30 points lost, but if i had bet on every race today as i did tue i would have made 47 points profit, cant win any thoughts, surly i would lose to much if i bet every day on all brian tips.

  127. Brian
    Stunning day today brilliant! Sadly I stopped after the 2nd race when we had the 25-1 winner!! Lol
    Thanks again

  128. Phenomenal tipping! Well done.
    9 winners including the last 6 in a row of the unofficial.
    And some big ones too: 16-1, 15-1, 7-1, 25-1.

  129. Hi Brian, New to the site – but what a day today so far – 25/1 16/1 7/1 and 11/4. I know there will be bad days (Tuesday!) but today was sheer genius! Thankyou

  130. Hey Brian, Great day already with Divine Call at 25/1 and now Idarah at 16’s> I owe you a beer!!

  131. Thursday 23rd August

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    1.50 2,9,11 – 12,1
    2.20 11,4,1 – 7,2
    3.05 18,20,9 – 2,7
    4.50 10,9,8 5,7
    5.05 8,4,3 – 2,6
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.40 4,1,5 – 2,6
    4.15 4,2 5 – 1,3
    4.25 3,1,6 – 5,4
    4.55 7,4,2 – 3,1
    5.10 7,5,6 – 2,1
    5.25 6,8,5 – 4,2
    6.40 7,6,4 – 5,1
    7.15 3,2,5 – 1,6
    7.45 6,1,7 – 3,2
    Irish Selections
    5.45 6,5,4 – 2,3
    6.50 8,1,6 – 2,3
    7.55 8,5,6 – 1,2
    Good Luck

  132. Nice priced winner after such frustration of the last day or so, it takes big balls and sometimes banks to keep on level stakes as the confidence goes when you see a few not running as you/I expect, for myself its getting you guys the big banks so you can trade them as well, but glad your all using your own strategies and generally staying in front, in what has been such a difficult summer turf season so far, anyway no more midweek midnight beach parties for me!!.

  133. Working with win, place and win/place depending on odds on brian’s tips, i’m still having a decent week. really good day monday, small loss tuesday and again today but still well ahead on the week so far.
    But who was the idiot who missed out on the irish race ! Me – maybe ’cause it was the only evening bet, somehow i forgot all about it, otherwise i would have been “plus” for the day – must stay awake in class!
    Anyway, well done to Tony who picked out Tax Free. I know it’s easy to “blog” after the event but i was on at 10’s and then added brian’s pick, Mass Rally, for a place. I know the owner of Tax Free and made a few bob on a place bet at the weekend when it was 2nd at a great price.
    Keep up the good work, Brian – I’m sure the day’s not far off when you and the rest of the guys will will be laughing when two or three 20 or 25/1 shots come home aand I will be on at place prices !
    Good luck, all.

  134. Well done Gary & co for sticking it out, I personally bailed after dazanski failed but things have been so good of late we can’t really complain can we. I think brian still has the mother of all hangovers, lol. On to tomoz,
    Keep going Brian normal service will prevail.

  135. As I said last week, wrote the story but expected to beat him, still done well out of the race tho, well done all that profited, much needed.

  136. hi Brian the 1st at york i had a look to see what you had picked,I had decided I was taking No.10 after what you said when we were discussing the Scottish trainers and u told me to watch Dandy Nichols i bet this horse at the W/End so my pick today 10-11 1st & 2nd.

  137. Wed 22nd Aug
    Speachless sums it up
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.00 8,9,4 – 1,10
    2.15 9,12,1- 4,5
    3.20 3,8,7 – 2,5
    3.40 5,9,1 – 3,2
    3.55 9,6,8 – 2,1
    4.15 7,2,8 – 9,16
    4.50 17,1,15 – 4,6
    5.05 5,10,2 – 9,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.45 4,7,6 – 3,5
    3.05 3,6,1 – 4,5
    Irish Selections
    7.40 5,7,3 – 1,10

    Tax Free, I said last week to watch for Dandy to hit form for this meeting, but a very open race where the most potent pace looks to be situated in the bottom half of the draw with Lexi´s Hero [4], Zero Money [6], and Captain Dunne [8]. From it’s draw in 11 Tax Free should be able to tuck in close up with the field likely to run slightly to the low side of the middle. York is a quirky course where speed often hold up,you don’t want to be too far away also previous course form is important. Although a 10yo, he’s in cracking form having finished 2nd in the Great St Winifred at Ripon last weekend, ‘winning’ the race on his side by 3 lengths. I will ‘trade’ him but not the winner!. Best of luck anyway.

  138. Worst ever I have endured, 15 races without a winner is shocking,
    Off -22, Un off -15, irish +1, in the Unofficial(8 races) we had 35/1,16/1,18/1 winning lays that do not count to compound the misery( the other counted and is in the results).
    Yes no more late parties for me, and some hard work needed to sort that mess out.

  139. Thanks for your daily tips Brian.

    Tax Free is 10/1 at the moment for the 14:00 at York tomorrow, seems like huge odds to me for a good sprinter that can surely win.
    Whats does everyone else think?

  140. Hi Brian
    Rough day today, i cant recall a day like it in the 2 months i have been following! Lets hope for a better day tomorrow!

  141. Hi Brian

    I think you need to stay off the calypso’s mate,
    I can’t remember the last time you didn’t hit a winner or decent place all day,determined role on tomoz

  142. Hi Brian.

    Just back from holiday. Just like to thank you for continuing to post your selections.

    Keep up the hard work.


  143. Tuesday 21st August
    Too many meetings with lower class races, hopefully find a few good ones.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.35 5,9,3 – 1,2
    2.45 9,7,4 – 5,1
    3.15 9,5,10 – 1,3
    4.35 12,7,6 – 3,1
    4.45 10,9,5 – 2,4
    5.05 5,7,6 – 1,3
    7.00 5,4,3 – 1,2
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.55 5,4,6 – 1,2
    3.35 2,7,1 – 4,5
    4.05 1,3,7 – 2,5
    4.15 10,1,9 – 2,5
    4.55 2,7,6 – 4,5
    5.15 7,3,6 – 1,2
    5.00 12,5,9 – 2,3
    5.25 2,5,7 – 4,1
    7.50 17,18,5 – 1,3
    8.00 9,13,5 – 4,7
    Irish Selections
    2.30 5,8,6 – 2,1
    Good Luck

  144. Agree totally guys, a bit of a sqeaky bum day if honest!!, we were unlucky with a couple of nice juicy priced outsiders, whom ran a good race but no cigars!. One of these days they will all hit the net I assure you, anyway thanks for the support, I am off to a party, be a little late in the morning,or afternoon to you!!..Have a great evening.

  145. Decided on a cautious approach today and did place bets on the “backs” where the price was evens or better. Turned out to be a success, with a decent profit on the day.
    Cheers, Brian.

  146. Hi Brian
    They must have got the dates wrong for the bank holiday!! or maybe just shoved extra fixtures in coz of the weather to make up the levy!!
    Good luck today

  147. Monday 20th August
    Why is there 7 race meetings today?.
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.00 5,14,15 – 4,2
    4.00 15,4,14 – 6,1
    4.30 3,2,1 – 5,6
    5.00 13,15,11 – 2,3
    5.30 7,4,2 – 1,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.10 13,7,8 – 4,6
    3.30 9,8,12 – 3,1
    3.40 7,1,6 – 3,2
    4.20 9,12,1 – 2,5
    5.50 10,8,2 – 5,1
    7.00 3,8,6 – 2,1
    7.50 8,6,5 – 7,1
    8.00 3,7,4 – 6,1
    Irish Selections
    3.25 2,4,6 – 1,5
    5.40 6,7,3 – 5,1
    6.10 4,8,7 – 2,1
    7.40 8,1,7 – 4,5
    Good Luck

  148. @Steve D as it says
    Results for ALL qualifying bets
    Aug Official -20
    Aug Unofficial +13.5
    Aug Irish +11
    I include ALL bets that qualify, LAYS do count under 11 BSP, I do not advise the lays at this moment, but for continuity I will keep the results the same. So everyone’s results may differ, just depends how you use the selections. Hope that clears it up for you.

  149. Brian, how do you calculate profit/loss? Yesterday, you had unofficial as +4 and today the running total is +13.5, meaning a gain of +9.5 yesterday. I scored it as +3.25, as follows:

    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.25 5,6,7 – 1,2 L L 4.4 9.2 -2 Storm Moon Forray
    5.15 7,4,5 – 2,6 L w 5.2 6.5 4.5 WaseemFaris Chooseday
    7.10 3,4,7 – 2,1 L w 3.38 2.75 0.75 RioDeGarde BallyboughGorta

  150. Sunday 19th August
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.45 8,7,6 – 2,4
    3.30 2,4,9 – 3,1
    3.45 5,1,6 – 11,10
    4.15 8,5,7 – 2,3
    5.45 9,5,3 – 2,4
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.15 10,8,6 – 2,3
    5.00 11,4,1 – 3,8
    5.15 6,7,3 – 1,2
    5.30 6,1,2 – 7,8
    Irish Selections
    3.20 4,6,3 – 2,5
    Good Luck
    Results for ALL qualifying bets
    Aug Official -20
    Aug Unofficial +13.5
    Aug Irish +11

    @Gary, after a tough start to the day we had a few winners which was good, 1 poor lay wasted the figures, or they would have about broke even!.
    @Ian, it’s difficult at times because I know the frustration of not getting the winning bets, just the losing ones, I never believe any previous information about any ‘tipster’ and always follow on paper, then made my adjustment or usually binned them after 6 months, I do my selections based on what I think is value and will get a return, if it means doing them all I will, if I’m happy I stop.
    I will try and look at giving a top 3 for the day,difficult as its not my sort of thing to be honest.
    Yes I see there is a football thread now, that will be interesting!.Also I think it would be better with a ‘live’ blog on this site to share the information as the races/matches develop. Maybe do that on say Twitter, just an idea.
    Have good day.

  151. Hi Brian/all
    It’s been hard going the last couple of days Brian in the H”cap backs I know you have had some winners,but either I have missed them or they have been too far down the list and I have given up by then. I know it is my own fault for not sticking with the selections. Brian is there maybe a way from all of the “backs” which I know have an equal chance, you could pick 5 or 6 of your choosing where if pushed you would say I really like these today. then if I choose to follow them then it would be my choice and I could “back” either some or all of them in advance prior to the start of racing without having to outlay every back in the system. I realise Brian that this is maybe giving you additional work in your already extended workload, but if you could give it some thought I would be obliged. Also Brian I was asking about some tips for the football it is coincidental that Jason has started a blog today on “Football Tips” that will be open to the weekend and no doubt midweek football where everyone is encouraged to share their tips and selections. So if you felt like having an input that again would be appreciated. I hope you don’t feel I am putting on to you and feel free to tell me to get lost.
    Thanks Brian.

  152. Hi Brian
    Hard day today, so competitive but the later racing provided some good runners and a forecast. Thanks again

  153. As long as we all make money that’s the main result at the end of the day/week/month, here is today’s top tipsters selections for you..see how they fare!!

    Alex Gorrie 5.35 Doncaster Libretella e/w
    Alex Gorrie 4.55 Newbury Divine Quest e/w
    Winners Enclosure 2.55 Ripon JoBurg e/w
    Trading Post 3.40 Newbury Rakaan Nap
    Pricewise 2.20 Ripon Prodigality 1 win
    Pricewise 3.30 Ripon Colonel Mak 1 win
    Pricewise 3.30 Ripon Barnet Fair 1 win
    Pricewise 3.20 Newmarket Priceless Jewel 1 win
    Inside Gambler 3.05 Newbury Soul win
    Inside Gambler 3.40 Newbury Jacob Cats win
    Inside Gambler 5.25 Newbury Shades Of Grey win
    Insider Gold 3.55 Newmarket Fury (daily) 3 win
    Insider Gold 7.10 Market Rasen Roi De Garde (daily) 3 win
    Pricewise Extra 4.25 Doncaster Frattellino Win
    Trading Post Extra 3.20 Newmarket Amadeus Wolfe Tone Win
    Price Power 1.35 Doncaster Restless Bay 5 e/w
    Price Power 4.20 Newbury Valais Girl 5 e/w
    Price Power 5.00 Doncaster Stock Hill Fair 5 e/w
    Middleton 4.45 Perth Kellys Brow 2 e/w
    The Turftalker 3.05 Newbury Strong Suit max win
    Helen Carberry 7.45 Tramore Bishops Lane win
    Cashbuilder 6.40 Market Rasen Aneyeforaneye 100 win
    Peter Sandrovitch 3.15 Doncaster Dubai Celebration e/w
    Willie Mcfarland 5.20 Perth Bobowen 1.25 win


    DWC Racing System 2 3.10 Perth Hawkhill 1 win
    DWC Racing System 2 3.10 Perth Cadore 1 win
    DWC Racing System 2 4.20 Newbury Jillnextdoor 1 win
    DWC Racing System 2 4.20 Newbury Malilla 1 win
    DWC Racing System 3 5.05 Newmarket Gabrial The Hero 1 win 1 place

    This is a new section of the grid where we will try and highlight the best bets of the day (small stakes advised)

    RM Nap of the Day 4.55 Newbury Commend RM Nap of the Day
    RM Double 6.00 Lingfield Beat the Bell RM Double
    RM Patent 5.35 Doncaster Standpoint RM Patent
    RM Lucky 15 2.25 Chester Storm Moon RM Lucky 15

    Daily Lay
    The Daily Lay 4.20 Newbury Jillnextdoor The Daily Lay

  154. Stewie,
    Thanks for your replies, just interested in how other people make their choices

  155. Stewie / Lee
    I think at the end of the day it just comes down to personal choice, the selection don’t deteriorate during the day as the same methodology will be used for all selections i am sure.

  156. Sat 18th Aug
    Lots of action today
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    1.35 8,10,6 – 4,1
    2.15 12,6,5 – 7,1
    2.20 6,9,19 – 17,1
    2.45 9,19,17 – 6,4
    2.55 12,11,9 – 1,3
    3.05 9,2,3 – 6,4
    3.15 12,6,11 – 4,2
    3.20 14,6,15 – 7,4
    3.30 7,1,12 – 5,2
    3.35 9,10,1 – 2,4
    3.40 13,2,9 – 10,6
    3.50 11,18,16 – 3,2
    4.15 11,4,1 – 2,3
    4.25 17,3,14 – 1,5
    4.30 9,3,6 – 2,1
    4.35 3,2,9 – 1,5
    4.45 9,3,7 – 2,8
    4.55 10,3,6 – 4,5
    5.00 4,7,1 – 8,10
    5.05 5,3,9 – 2,4
    5.10 8,9,6 – 4,2
    5.20 8,1,7 – 5,3
    8.10 5,6,9 – 2,8
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.25 5,6,7 – 1,2
    5.15 7,4,5 – 2,6
    7.10 3,4,7 – 2,1
    Good Luck

    Results for ALL qualifying bets
    Aug Official +3
    Aug Unofficial +4
    Aug Irish +11

    @Stewie, the selections I choose are based on the value I see at my time of selecting them around midday
    The variables I mentioned before do come into play,and something you need to consider,ie the persistent rain is just one example at the start the ground could be good, by race 6 its soft and heavy in places, or if its an evening meeting good ground could then be good to soft before a race is run on it.
    Choosing winners is not as easy as flipping a coin where if its a genuine coin we have a 50/50 chance with the bookie offering 5/6!.
    I know what I do is profitable, I have retired on it early, (x-bookie, x odds compilier,x-hotelier,x-racehorse owner) and share it freely with you, there are many highs also many lows, I like the edge of taking the money when you hit a juicy price winner rather than playing on, that’s where you need to decide if there is value in doing so.
    On balance I would say that after the ‘day meetings’ I should re evaluate the evening meetings to take that into account, but hey, I am retired!.
    @Ian, I could post a few selections for you but what are you looking for?

  157. Lee, I always use level stakes.

    Unfortunately, I’m not always at a computer every day, so I sometimes have to decide all or nothing in the morning. If I have the time then, of course I choose “all” and check later. Sometimes much later.

    The concept that the picks might “deteriorate” during the day has worried me – I hadn’t considered that before this discussion kicked off, and would welcome Brian’s opinions on that. Does it often happen? Could the same reasons for any deterioration of some picks also improve the quality of others?

    There have been days when I’ve been out for most of the time and got back to the Internet with, say, half a dozen races left in the day. I use several different systems, one or two my own and more recently Brian’s and especially Dean’s (both of which seem to be better than mine, lest you were wondering), and I’ve always piled in to the markets then at my usual level stakes and done reasonably well.

    This was partly the reason behind my initial query. If I come in with, say, five races left and on balance do well, I can’t for the life of me see why someone who’s made money earlier shouldn’t do exactly the same – assuming the earlier wins haven’t made them “cocky” (which, from the tone of the comments on these threads, I would suggest is unlikely) or (worse) drunk!

    “Mental/psychological reasons” I accept and fully understand, of course – if you know that giving back what you’ve made one day will make you do silly things the next then you’d be an idiot to do it. I’d even argue that if such a loss, one day a week, cost you a single hour of sleep, you’d still be mad to do it – even if you “knew” that on the other six days you’d more than make it back.

  158. stewie can totally understand what your saying.thats why im interested to see the results.
    guess the question is,how much is enough?
    are you betting each race at a time or you placing all level bets at the start and checking results later?

  159. By the way, I strongly agree with George about Saturdays. They suck, imho, and are well worth avoiding!

  160. “…if your presented with a weeks profit early in the day, why carry on?”
    Because, to my mind, the next 25/1 winner, is equally likely to be the next race today as it is one of the first races tomorrow. Or the next day, come to that.

    I hadn’t considered that your tips might be more negatively affected as the day wore on – obviously if that’s the case then you should ALWAYS stop asap.

    But to return to the biased coin analogy (6/10 times it will land on heads, with the bookie offering 2.00), if I bet three heads in a row and win 3 points, why should I stop? The fourth coin toss is just as likely to be heads (and just as likely to be tails) as the first toss tomorrow morning. Isn’t it? Now, if the coin becomes less biased in my favour as the day wears on, you’re right, I should stop. Otherwise, I disagree. But there’s little point in arguing about this – we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    I really don’t think greed comes into it though. I’d prefer the word logic. As we stand, If your first five tips all lose one day, I’d still be carrying on, at level stakes, assuming that I still have an edge. By your way of thinking, surely the best thing to do is stop and try to get it back tomorrow? If I carry on, aren’t I asking to lose more? I don’t buy that at all. But, as said, I’ll agree to disagree – each to his own and all that.

  161. Great start again Brian.
    2.30 bet 2 back selections laid party line@1.3
    2.40 jade won
    6 pts profit on day in under 30mins
    Job done

  162. interesting debate about stopping at a good winner early in the day. The problem with that system is all the days are not the same at all. For example I never punt on a Saturday as I find many of the cards way too competitive-give me a monday low grade southwell AW card or a weak Ballinrobe irish midweek card anyday when I often hit 4/5 out of 7. Many punters with horse racing I find confuse a good race with being a good betting proposition when often the reverse is true.
    I’m sure many people will view otherwise though!

  163. Hi Brian/Guys Brian do you do anything on the football maybe fixed odds or the likes.I know you are tied up with the horse racing but maybe some of the others have something successful in that field.

  164. Friday 17th August

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.30 6,5,7 – 3,2
    2.40 12,10,2 – 4,6
    3.00 12,6,7 – 2,3
    3.15 11,12,5 – 2,6
    3.35 7,9,11 – 1,4
    3.50 9,1,2 – 4,6
    5.40 10,13,14 – 5,2
    5.55 18,15,17 – 1,7
    7.35 10,16,11 – 3,6
    8.05 11,10,9 – 5,3
    8.15 9,15,13 – 1,4
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    4.30 3,7,1 – 2,4
    4.55 12,8,10 – 2,6
    5.15 11,12,9 – 1,6
    6.35 1,2,5 – 3,4
    6.45 3,1,5 – 6,4
    7.00 11,6,7 – 3,10
    8.55 8,3,6 – 1,4
    Good Luck

    @Stewie, I suggest taking early profits such as presented with the 25/1 winner because the average day over 3 years is around 3-5 points, if your presented with a weeks profit early in the day, why carry on?

    The variables that come into play when you carry on are, jockey change, withdrawals, ground change, stall draw, I do my selections around noon, looking for value, now if the race is 5 to 8 hours later will it be the same race?. I hope so but want you bank the maximum, yesterday for example the results Official +19 Unofficial -15, so why carry on for 4 points when its possible you could have been up around 10 points earlier in the day as Gary was?.
    It is a personal thing but I always found that GREED is the punters enemy.
    @Lee, good point mate, would be interesting to see what different results people get using the selections as I only post what I have done for 3 years so I have a similar record.
    @Gary, lets gets another few double figure winners today, before the weekend.

  165. Some good points stewie and Gary. Said it before we can get great tips from Brian and yet we all get different results in our accounts. It depends how it’s played out. I personally do the 3 or4 points a day and out and that’s only betting the win selections on level stakes.
    Would be very interested in how they both performed over the month. I’m sure everyone has there own take on things though

  166. Fair enough, Gary, we’re all different. If you’re happy doing that, only an arrogant fool would say you were wrong. I was just worried I might be missing something statistically – I’m fairly new to this lark.

    If I’m not missing anything, your method wouldn’t work for me. It would break my heart, even if I averaged 3 points a day, to know that although I might well give back my 3 points back today, I would be more likely to double it up to 6. I’ll take 0+6+6 over 3+3+3 any day of the week, even if the first day would irritate me. I should point out it wouldn’t keep me awake at night, nor would it make me do anything stupid on Day 2 – if either of those scenarios were likely, I would then suggest your idea is right on the money.

    I guessed this was a mental thing, and (as I said), if you’re happy, then good luck to you – long may this system earn you (and I) a return like that! 3+3+3 is, after all, a damned sight better than putting it in the bank. So is 1+1+1 come to that…. so THANKS BRIAN! :o)

  167. Hi Stewie
    I cant speak for anybody else but for me personally i have a target of 3-5 points a day on the system so thats 90-150 points a month, if i hit this target i am happy to bank the profit and stop for the day rather than potentially give it back to the bookies, then fight another day tomorrow.

  168. I’m intrigued to know why you think we should stop at a winner.

    Suppose you had a coin that was biased 6:4 in favour of heads and your bookie was giving you 2.0 on heads, we all know you would win over time as you have an edge.

    Presumably, your system is also designed to have an edge. The later selections don’t know if the early ones won or lost, so presumably they too have the same edge. Why shouldn’t we use them?

    Sure, some days we’ll give back our profit. But on other days we’ll double our profit. If we have an edge, shouldn’t there be more days doubling than there are losing? If not, what am I missing? But those odds on the coin don’t change, regardless of whether we’ve just won or lost.

  169. Brian
    Well done again! Nice 11-1 winner in the 4.20 along with 2 other winners thats me wrapped up for the day! Feet up and watch them on the box betting over!
    Thanks again

  170. OK Brian, I understand, only trying to help mate.

    Take care.



    Thanks for the input.

    Cheers mate.

    Pete B

  171. Thursday 16th August

    Nice priced early winner yesterday, I do hope you guys stop after a winner and do not just fritter away profit?.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.40 10,9,8 – 2,1
    3.15 8,3,1 – 4,2
    3.25 4,8,2 – 1,3
    3.55 8,7,9 – 5,4
    4.20 6,8,4 – 2,3
    4.30 2,4,8 – 1,3
    4.55 8,11,10 – 2,3
    6.50 14,8,11 – 6,5
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.30 11,10,5 – 1,6
    3.05 11,9,10 – 4,6
    5.25 7,5,6 – 1,3
    5.50 10,5,11 – 3,6
    6.20 4,6,5 – 2,1
    7.00 10,16,8 – 5,13
    7.20 5,4,8 – 2,1
    Irish Selections
    6.25 13,12,6 – 4,10
    7.55 9,2,7 – 5,3
    Good Luck
    @Gary, cheers mate always best to have a return if your just beat on the line and you know from experience following, it does pay long term.
    @Ian, never worry Ian, it’s your opinion and you need to go with that, I put my head on the block and put my selections here and hopefully a few ideas on how to retain profit.
    @Pete B, Electronic Security?, I have a 3m wall, electric fence, alarms, cctv, and that don’t stop bullets my friend, had two armed robberies in as many years. But thanks anyway.

  172. Hi Pete
    What Brian was referring to was on Wed we had the 2nd race of the selections winner at around 8-1 then a few losers then followed up with a 19-1 winner betfair SP in the 6.05 at Yarmouth industry SP 14-1.
    The 1.08 and 1.13 that were beaten is horses we have backed that have hit those prices in running in the race and if you put a lay bet in for your stake at 1.3 you will lose a small % of your profit if the horse wins but if the horse goes on to get beat you will have not lost because you have recovered your stake. Hope this helps.

  173. Hi Brian, nice 15pt profit, I did not get chance to load my selections into the not till late but when they were load I had one losing selection and one wining selection, in & out job done, 5pt profit for the day achieved.
    Could you please advise what you were refering to on Wednesday 15th August
    “A bright start helped by a nice 19s winner later in the day, again we had a 1.08 & 1.13 beaten, so remember to lay out around 1.3ish for your stake and a bit more if you like.” Mainly the lay out part of the comment” what are the rules please?

    Sorry it is late advice, but if you need any advice regarding Electronic Security or anyone else please give me a shout, I will be only to pleased to help, I have been in the industry for over 20years.

    Pete B

  174. Hi Brian/Guys yea Brian thats why you are the tipster and me the punter lol it was hard to believe 2 trainers 1 who trains on the course doorstep could have that amount of runners and not a winner between them, I don’t know what’s happening this year so far but it will be Bahamas for the bookies holidays,I will watch Dandy Nicholl’s especially when his son is on board.

  175. @Jamie, yes Paddy Power is good with his free bets on a regular basis, as I said yesterday watch the lays until the end of the month, poorly handicapped horses are winning and gambles are paying off!, just watch the money and follow.
    @Gary, hard work this summer, this should be easy money at this time of year, no one is winning big, or if they are there giving it back the next day!, I can see with my ‘spam box’ who is selling what, amazing the free trials from ‘tipsters’ whom have been reasonably successful over the period, as unhappy punters jump ship and look elsewhere.

  176. I am playing just the backs today using paddypower as I don’t really understand how to play the lays fully. Hopefully a better day today.

  177. Wednesday 15th August
    A bright start helped by a nice 19s winner later in the day, again we had a 1.08 & 1.13 beaten, so remember to lay out around 1.3ish for your stake and a bit more if you like.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.15 9,3,4 – 10,7
    3.50 11,13,8 – 3,2
    4.55 8,11,12 – 1,4
    5.25 11,8,9 – 4,2
    6.00 6,3,9 – 2,4
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.00 5,7,3 – 1,2
    3.35 7,10,3 – 5,1
    4.05 9,2,8 – 7,6
    4.25 6,9,5 – 1,2
    7.15 5,8,7 – 3,1
    8.05 7,9,10 – 1,2
    8.35 11,10,8 – 1,9
    Good Luck

    @Ian, none of your trainers hit the net yesterday at all, watch Dandy Nicholls now, as I think he is starting to hit some form and will win a few next week at York.

  178. A few pointers for you guys who want an insight into trying to select a winner
    The attributes of Horse Racing class are these.
    “At racetracks large, medium, and small class and speed are strongly correlated; that is, better horses run faster. So speed figures do represent class differences much of the time, but not always, not by a wide margin.”
    “What kind of horses should be preferred at today’s class level?What kind of horses can be eliminated as outclassed at today’s class level?”
    “At handicap races, “the prize money to winner” is an indicator of relative class, but matters are more complicated than that. Punters must grapple effectively with rises in class and drops in class.”
    Evaluating shippers on class is partly a function of track class, partly a function of comparing speed figures, and partly a function of knowing the quality of opposition horses have beaten.
    “Three-year-olds must be evaluated on class radically differently from horses 4+ years old.”
    “Juveniles, the Two-year-olds, are best evaluated on speed, not class. Two-year-olds usually run as fast as they can for as long as they can. The fastest Two-year-olds figure to win.”

  179. Tuesday 14th August
    Bit better yesterday but annoying close with our one Irish selection, it was 1.01 on Betfair and we were beat on the line by a mule instead of having a nice 9/1 winner!.
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.20 7,10,1 – 2,3
    4.00 6,3,7 – 8,1
    4.20 6,8,7 – 1,4
    5.00 5,9,7 – 3,4
    5.20 9,4,10 – 6,1
    5.35 4,7,1 – 5,2
    5.50 1,5,8 – 3,4
    6.05 16,5,6 – 3,8
    6.50 10,11,8 – 6,2
    7.35 4,7,8 – 1,3
    8.20 9,8,5 – 6,4
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.00 16,12,14 – 1,3
    2.50 9,13,7 – 2,1
    3.00 8,7,6 – 2,1
    3.30 7,6,5 – 4,3
    3.50 8,6,7 – 1,2
    4.50 6,10,8 – 2,5
    5.25 12,11,2 – 3,5
    5.30 5,7,9 – 1,4
    7.05 9,7,6 – 1,2
    7.20 15,13,2 – 8,4
    8.05 7,10,6 – 9,4
    Good Luck

    Results for ALL qualifying bets
    Aug Official -7
    Aug Unofficial +31
    Aug Irish +13

    Cheers guys,’poor racing’ for myself personally is after looking at all the horses,trainers, ground, racecourse, prize money, entries,class of race and for me it was just poor racing. Anyway always winners in every race, finding them hopefully becomes easier, just watch the ‘lays’ until end of the month.

  180. Hi Brian/Guy’s I see the home track on today again,Jim Goldie has a few running today I think “Namwahjobo in the 4:50 is today’s nap.
    I think Linda Perrat has taken every horse in her stable she has 10 runners with 5 of those in the last race, she is sure to get her share.Still not in profit yet always seem to miss the winners?

  181. Hi Brian, when you say a poor days racing, what makes it a poor days racing? Size of field, types of race, types of races etc… It would be nice to know.

    Kind regards

    Pete B

  182. HI Brian, First time I am using your tips today. I have decided to follow the backs rather than the lays and already your 3.50 come in.

    A good start, Lets hope it continues.

  183. @Rodger
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.50 9,4,8 – 2,3

    So today for example in the 3.50 the 1st 3 numbers are potential LAYS if below 11(betfair prices only) about 30 seconds before the off, after the dash line there are 2 numbers, the 1st is the one I would like to win the race and the other is what should follow it to the post!.
    Personally I watch for any of the LAYS being backed down in price and then BACK it to win!!, but have not layed any for a few weeks until the ground remains consistent, the results include all LAYS under 11 Betfair sp that win, you will be about 40 points better off this month if you followed my advise on that!.

  184. Hi Brian,

    Can you explain what are the lay bets and what are the win bets . I see the time of the race then numbers then a – and more numbers . Can you please explain.

    thanks Rodger.

  185. Monday 13th August
    3 AW meetings on a Monday in the second week of August???, Poor quality overall, but hopefully catch a couple anyway.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.50 9,4,8 – 2,3
    4.50 1,6,11 – 9,8
    5.20 9,5,4 – 1,2
    5.50 2,4,10 – 1,3
    7.20 9,8,7 – 2,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    4.00 5,8,4 – 3,1
    4.10 4,11,8 – 9,1
    4.20 4,7,9 – 5,1
    4.30 6,5,1 – 3,2
    5.00 1,6,5 – 3,2
    7.50 16,7,11 – 1,6
    Irish Selections
    7.30 4,7,8 – 1,3
    Good Luck

    Results for ALL qualifying bets
    Aug Official -21
    Aug Unofficial +21
    Aug Irish +20

    Cheers guys, as I said its strange racing, I can always pick out a few nice juicy priced winners, but of late it’s been really difficult. Anyway keep the positivity going.

  186. hats off brian,what can we say!!!

    It was looking like a bad at the office until a certain young lady by the name of Hayley turner went over the line @ 16,s,
    that was nice enough but to drag Richard Hughes over with her for a rfc @ 22,s was sheer bliss for a profit on the day of 17pts without the lays.
    Between yourself and dean on the other blog my betfair account is swelling beautifully.
    Many thanks

  187. Hi Brian
    Well done with Mazij dont know where you found that one from took the 19-1 on Betfair and job done.

  188. Sunday 12th August
    Some strange results of late with the expected runs not happening.
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.30 5,7,8 – 3,10
    3.15 8,7,5 – 4,6
    3.30 6,8,2 – 3,1
    3.45 6,8,10 – 4,1
    4.45 5,7,9 – 1,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    4.00 5,3,6 – 2,4
    4.15 2,3,7 – 1,5
    4.30 1,9,7 – 3,4
    5.00 8,6,3 – 4,5
    5.15 6,4,2 – 1,3
    Irish Selections
    4.50 8,13,11 – 5,6
    Good Luck

  189. @ Ian, used to have a horse with Jim ”Repulse Bay”, anyway he had issues after a race with bleeding, we had him spinning round Ayr,Hamilton and Musselburgh, Jim says ”Haydock I have a plan”, we all stayed at home in my bar we watched as he romped home at 40/1 after the commentator says ”cant see this breaking his maiden at the 35th attempt”, sore heads that night, (Jim was late home!!) Fantastic trainer and I have a lot of history with him, who if moved south would be rubbing shoulders with the big guys.

  190. Hi Brian/Guys been reading Jim Goldie in the DR and he gives his thoughts on his runners tonite. He very seldom goes home without a good priced winner. His main fancy is “Goninodaethat” in the 7:05 race.

  191. Sat 11th August
    Listening to Betfair radio last night I heard the guys mention ”lay the field” quoting exact words from what we were chatting about on here!. Strange world

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    1.30 6,4,10 – 1,2
    1.45 11,9,10 – 2,3
    2.05 11,9,12 – 2,4
    2.25 11,10,2 – 4,3
    2.40 11,9,7 – 10,5
    3.00 7,12,13 – 3,8
    3.10 14,4,8 – 3,2
    3.15 3,11,4 – 8,10
    3.25 8,5,3 – 1,7
    3.45 1,10,13 – 2,7
    3.50 7,11,12 – 1,8
    4.30 14,12,10 – 6,4
    5.20 13,5,10 – 1,9
    5.55 4,6,8 – 5,1
    6.45 7,11,3 – 8,2
    7.05 8,6,7 – 2,1
    7.35 10,9,1 – 2,3
    8.35 16,12,7 – 5,1
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    12.55 10,6,7 – 1,5
    2.20 9,6,1 – 4,1
    2.35 7,6,3 – 4,1
    4.00 5,8,3 – 2,4
    5.05 2,11,10 – 5,1
    5.35 9,8,11 – 3,1
    6.00 6,5,7 – 3,1
    Good Luck
    Sorry no Irish again today.
    @Raz, no problem, hope she enjoys her night and you after she gets home!.

  192. Hi Brian, Expecting big things from you today as my missus is off to “Ladies” night at Ayr this evening with her pals. Now if I could give her a few winners (pretending they were my own picks, of course!), I would get loads of brownie points. No added pressure on you then!
    Cheers & thanks again for your tips.

  193. Friday 10th August

    Cheers guys, yes a few nice winners, again a couple of mules around the threshold winning!, I count them for the results but if you do not do them add on an extra 30 points!!…..
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.30 7,6,9 – 1,3
    3.20 9,4,6 – 1,7
    4.00 8,9,4 – 1,2
    4.10 8,5,1 – 3,2
    5.00 9,8,6 – 2,1
    6.55 8,9,7 – 6,4
    7.15 8,5,7 – 4,3
    8.00 9,10,6 – 4,1
    8.20 11,10,9 – 3,4
    8.30 6,9,5 – 4,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.40 6,5,4 – 3,1
    3.40 14,1,10 – 5,3
    4.40 12,1,13 – 3,8
    4.50 10,2,9 – 1,5
    5.40 5,6,3 – 1,4
    Good Luck
    No Irish today
    Results for ALL qualifying bets
    Aug Official -3
    Aug Unofficial +10
    Aug Irish +20

  194. Hi Brian
    Well done today,i personally stopped playing after the 3.50 at Brighton when Ethics Girl hit home, job done!
    Thanks again

  195. Hi Brian. Dont post very often but had to say what an outstanding day today thursday has been, I stopped playing after the 14/1 winner Ethics Girl and have been watching the rest of the winners fly in and the s.p.s today have been brilliant I just wanted to say like everyone else on the forum a massive THANK YOU. BEST REGARDS NORMAN.

  196. Thursday 8th August
    Never know 6 meetings on a Thursday before and 7 runner fields, who’s idea the bookies?.Good Irish results yesterday and 1 rouge mule spoiled the unofficial party.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.40 7,2,4 – 5,1
    3.10 7,5,1 – 2,4
    3.40 8,10,4 – 1,2
    4.10 4,5,10 – 3,1
    5.00 8,7,9 – 4,6
    5.10 7,8,5 – 1,9
    5.20 11,8,2 – 4,1
    7.15 11,3,8 – 1,2
    7.50 8,7,9 – 2,10
    8.00 11,12,14 – 1,6
    8.20 11,10,6 – 4,5
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.50 11,13,10 – 3,1
    3.00 10,2,11 – 8,4
    3.50 6,7,14 – 2,9
    4.00 6,7,1 – 3,4
    4.20 7,1,6 – 2,3
    4.30 7,4,5 – 2,1
    4.40 11,10,8 – 3,1
    4.50 2,6,5 – 1,3
    5.50 7,4,6 – 1,2
    5.55 3,5,6 – 2,1
    6.10 7,8,10 – 2,6
    6.30 9,10,7 – 1,2
    6.50 7,6,3 – 2,4
    8.30 11,10,2 – 4,8
    Irish Selections
    6.25 4,10,12 – 11,1
    6.35 9,2,8 – 7,5
    6.55 25,22,2 – 10,13
    Good Luck

    Results for ALL qualifying bets
    Aug Official +12
    Aug Unofficial -10
    Aug Irish +15

  197. Wednesday 8th August
    A few nice winners giving +12 points on the official and +2 points on the unofficial.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.10 5,8,4 – 10,3
    2.30 8,7,4 – 1,2
    3.10 8,9,3 – 2,1
    3.40 10,14,12 – 5,7
    3.50 14,10,16 – 2,5
    4.00 3,7,1 – 8,2
    4.10 9,5,2 – 6,11
    4.30 1,12,11 – 5,8
    4.40 9,6,7 – 3,8
    5.15 10,8,5 – 3,6
    5.20 12,11,10 – 1,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.50 6,8,5 – 3,11
    3.30 6,7,3 – 1,2
    5.00 8,11,4 – 1,7
    5.30 7,8,1 – 3,4
    5.40 6,9,11 – 1,3
    5.50 8,1,6 – 2,5
    9.00 2,6,11 – 3,9
    Irish Selections
    6.10 1,7,5 – 2,4
    6.40 7,6,1 – 2,3
    7.10 1,6,7 – 3,5
    8.10 13,3,2 – 5,6
    8.40 1,7,8 – 6,3
    Good Luck

    Results for ALL qualifying bets
    Aug Official +12
    Aug Unofficial +5
    Aug Irish +4

  198. Well done Brian I missed the first few races but still managed a 4 point profit before stopping for the day!

  199. Tuesday 7th August
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.20 5,6,11 – 3,2
    3.30 9,11,14 – 1,2
    7.35 10,9,15 – 3,6
    8.05 7,1,2 – 3,8
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.40 9,8,2 – 7,1
    3.50 2,8,5 – 7,4
    4.00 3,8,1 – 4,5
    4.20 15,12,14 – 6,5
    4.50 4,5,3 – 1,7
    6.35 5,7,3 – 2,4
    7.05 5,3,6 – 1,2
    8.55 9,1,3 – 2,6
    Good Luck
    @Jim, within the next few months, cannot give exact date as trying to sort out house details, but won’t be back here anytime soon, 2 years, robbed twice at gunpoint, saw 3 shot dead, enough!!.
    @Gary, yes mate just the way to do it. No sense playing on.
    @Ben, Back the 2 numbers on the right at level stakes, the first 3 are lays if under 11 on betfair about a minute before the off, if around that price just leave it, I do the results to BFSP, I do a small Reverse Forecast in the smaller fields, if only one back I just leave the race.
    @Johnny, cheers mate

  200. Hi Ben,just back both the horses to win for the same amount,say a fiver on each,if one is a non runner don’t back in that race.

  201. Hi can someone please explain how to place these bets on betfair. Great tips just not 100% sure how to do horse a to beat horse b and should i still be laying if horse is over 11. Using betfair.

  202. Hi Brian
    Hope your ok after your break in off back to Scotland this week for a wee break do you know when your coming over? would like to meet if we can

  203. Monday 6th August
    2 meetings abandoned in 2 days due to water on the course, thought it was summer?.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    3.15 1,9,11 – 6,8
    7.05 3,7,11 – 6,2
    8.05 6,7,8 – 3,4
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.45 13,12,9 – 1,4
    3.30 13,11,14 – 3,1
    4.15 6,7,4 – 2,1
    5.15 2,8,9 – 1,3
    6.50 12,8,5 – 1,4
    7.50 7,10,2 – 4,1
    9.20 8,13,12 – 1,6
    Good Luck
    Nothing of interest in Ireland.

    Results for ALL qualifying bets
    Aug Official +1
    Aug Unofficial +1.3
    Aug Irish +4

  204. Sunday 5th August

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.20 10,13,9 – 2,3
    3.05 10,9,8 – 2,1
    3.40 13,5,11 – 2,6
    3.50 1,5,8 – 4,7
    4.20 4,7,6 – 1,3
    4.45 7,10,6 – 1,8
    4.55 7,10,11 – 2,1
    5.25 2,9,4 – 1,3
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.00 4,6,5 – 2,7
    4.00 7,10,5 – 4,2
    5.15 11,7,10 – 6,8
    Irish Selections
    3.30 6,3,2 – 8,5
    4.05 9,6,4 – 2,1
    Good Luck

    Results for ALL qualifying bets
    Aug Official -1
    Aug Unofficial -7
    Aug Irish +4

      1. Results for ALL qualifying bets

        Aug Official +1
        Aug Unofficial +1.3
        Aug Irish +4

        Yes that’s the way to do it! Olympics are fantastic and well done to all concerned for their efforts to make the UK great again.

  205. Hi Brian I think it must be the day for “Hawkeyethenoo today, lets hope for a few winners today.
    Happy punting guys Ian

    1. Nice one Ian, Jim is a shrewd trainer and always seems to pick out a nice winner in a big handicap, enjoy your winnings.

  206. Saturday 4th August

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.05 20,28,26 – 4,1
    2.20 12,13,6 – 3,2
    2.40 8,14,9 – 5,6
    2.50 15,14,11 – 3,1
    2.55 19,16,15 – 14,6
    3.15 6,5,3 – 7,4
    3.35 8,1,15 – 12,4
    3.55 27,13,24 – 1,5
    4.15 16,6,19 – 1,2
    4.40 1,7,11 – 2,3
    5.15 15,11,18 – 1,4
    5.40 10,13,4 – 7,1
    6.00 12,11,8 – 3,4
    7.00 9,12,1 – 5,4
    8.15 14,1,13 – 2,8
    8.45 3,8,7 – 4,2
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    3.20 6,1,3 – 2,4
    3.25 7,1,8 – 3,4
    4.00 11,6,5 – 1,2
    4.35 5,4,8 – 3,1
    5.05 8,7,10 – 3,4
    7.30 8,9,11 – 2,4
    Irish Selections
    3.30 6,2,5 – 1,4
    4.00 13,6,9 – 2,3
    Good Luck

    1. Sorry forgot the results

      Results for ALL qualifying bets
      Aug Official +19
      Aug Unofficial -7
      Aug Irish -9

  207. First 2 Hcp races and 2 winners, at least +11 points, so bank the cash and go shopping guys!!

  208. Friday 3rd August
    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.35 15,4,6 – 7,1
    3.10 13,15,14 – 16,8
    3.45 8,2,15 – 1,10
    4.20 15,6,12 – 2,7
    5.15 15,9,14 – 6,1
    5.25 18,8,15 – 1,6
    5.45 1,3,6 – 5,8
    5.50 5,6,9 – 2,3
    6.35 10,11,15 – 5,4
    6.45 10,8,9 – 4,3
    7.20 10,2,9 – 6,1
    7.30 12,6,5 – 4,1
    7.50 8,7,9 – 2,5
    8.00 1,10,9 – 3,2
    8.20 9,11,7 – 1,2
    8.30 10,2,7 – 6,4
    8.40 9,6,8 – 1,2
    8.50 3,14,13 – 1,7
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.00 1,5,2 – 7,4
    2.55 8,5,11 – 1,6
    3.55 6,4,8 – 2,1
    4.05 10,9,4 – 1,2
    4.30 6,4,5 – 2,3
    6.00 3,6,2 – 1,4
    7.10 2,1,5 – 6,3
    7.40 4,3,6 – 2,5
    8.10 7,2,5 – 3,1
    Irish Selections
    6.50 9,8,4 – 6,1
    Good Luck

    Results for ALL qualifying bets
    Aug Official +8.5
    Aug Unofficial -8.8
    Aug Irish -3

    @Ian&Gary, Everything is fine in sunny Brazil, just looking for more consistency, nearly had Switzerland@25s in the 1st yesterday, but well held by the winner, we are near the net with a lot more, so do not forget your small lays to recover your stake. Just do not do the lays at the moment, as there running better than expected!. But again you see the benefit of taking the early profit.

  209. Hi! Brian good to see you have got onto the winners, unfortunately i did not get onto you’r site until 4:30pm but you still managed to find a few after that. I look forward to getting a few full day’s at the races.

  210. Hi Brian
    I hope you are well and everything is now sorted at home! Nice profit made today I stopped +7 points up after the 3:55 at Stratford!
    The ground should now be more consistent as Julys freak weather appears to have left us.

    Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs
    2.15 16,15,18 – 8,10
    3.05 9,7,11 – 8,2
    3.15 8,7,5 – 1,10
    3.45 2,7,4 – 8,3
    3.55 10,7,8 – 5,1
    4.55 4,9,7 – 10,1
    5.50 13,9,12 – 2,4
    7.15 4,7,3 – 5,6
    8.00 3,2,6 – 4,1
    8.15 10,11,7 – 4,1
    Unofficial Hcp Lays & Hcp Backs-
    2.45 7,4,3 – 1,2
    3.40 16,12,7 – 6,9
    4.15 9,4,6 – 1,3
    5.25 4,2,6 – 5,3
    5.40 5,7,6 – 1,2
    6.20 6,4,5 – 1,8
    7.45 5,7,8 – 6,2
    8.50 13,8,7 – 1,5
    Irish Selections
    3.00 12,2,9 – 3,1
    3.35 4,6,11 – 7,8
    Good Luck

    Aug Official +1.5
    Aug Unofficial +1.8
    Aug Irish -1

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